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[center [size10 never stop being a good person because of bad people]]
[center [pic]]


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[center [size10 Is there a place where I can hide away?
Red lips, french kiss my worries all away
There must be a sweeter place
We can sugarcoat the taste
Sweeter place
There must be a sweeter—
Place where I can
Ooh, you'll really wanna know where I've been all this time
So lemme tell ya
Ooh, got two feet on the ground and felt what real is like
What it was like
Livin' out of the scene, out in the wild
Learnin' to breathe
Up in the clouds, far from the crowds
I can't believe I can be loud
[b Holdin' hands with the darkness] and knowin' my heart is allowed~
  ʟᴀꜱᴛ / Sakura / 6d 43m 4s
[center [size10 When you stay up all night.]]
  ʟᴀꜱᴛ / Sakura / 6d 20h 36m 14s
[center [size10 I feel lost. I wish there was a map or an objective/quest list of exactly what I'm supposed to do like a game. Sometimes I wonder; am I holding myself back? do I have some unlocked potential I don't know of? I don't think this is everything, right..? Sometimes I don't know if this is where I'm supposed to be. I don't know if I chose correctly.

Are my decisions the right ones?

Am I looking at life wrong..? Is the fact that I'm questioning everything a red flag? I wish.. somebody, something would guide me.. I really do.]]
  ʟᴀꜱᴛ / Sakura / 6d 23h 14m 34s
[size10 Watched the Code Geass movie finally and wow...
I'm happy. One of my ships sailed happily at least..
Yeah, fu Shirley.

C.C. is just everything, like...
What a ride or die, what a Waifu.
Lelouch is so lucky, OTP!

Good.. tired of all my pairings ending in tragedy. </3
I hope we get the show back, the ending was for sure leading into something else. Another movie? who knows. I'll take anything.]
  Sakura / 16d 30m 58s
[size10 It's true that I asked for your help but it's just a tad annoying now. Yeah, I get it. [i Stay away] is what you're basically saying. I mean, you just don't get it. How difficult it is.

You don't know what it's like.
It sucks.

Ahh, these red roses really do make my desk look so pretty though.
But yeah, I get it.

I get it..]
  Sakura / 17d 3h 6m 2s
[center [pic]]
[center ♡]
  Nezuko / 18d 11h 57m 8s
[size10 I hope you’re well.
I can never hate you, so..

I really hope you’re okay.]
  Sakura / 18d 23h 5m 24s
  ♡(→ε←*) / Nezuko / 19d 9h 43m 29s
[size10 I think I've successfully fixed my sleep schedule. I wake up early all the time now for the most part which is BIG because I have an early schedule for this upcoming semester. I'm pretty excited, a little nervous but excited. I'm really ready to dive into it, I'm motivated af.

I will shoot for an A as I always do and just hope for the best, you know?
If only I was this motivated to work out lol which I gotta do today.]
  ♡(→ε←*) / Nezuko / 20d 14h 24m 32s
[size10 Oh no. Oh no no no no no.
I know you did not just beg me for a selfie all fucking day then pull this shit. Bitch, the only thing you're getting a picture of is my dog's shit.

These internet gangstas. Gtfo.
LMFAO Sammie trying to control the fire.

These dudes trying to hit on me then get sad and mad when I refuse to bless them with my face. Gtfo.

Another episode of BEING A GIRL ONLINE.
  ♡(→ε←*) / Nezuko / 21d 8h 16m 5s
[size10 Just a sunflower in a field of roses.

I just want to sit out, maybe even lay down and let the sun bathe me in its warmth. That relaxes me the most.

I want to vent about a few things but fuck it.]
  ♡(→ε←*) / Nezuko / 21d 16h 20m 44s
[size10 Can the semester just start already??
I'm SO fucking bored. Life is so boring.
I have nothing to do. Everything is boring me to death.

Overwatch? boring.
Shows? I'm bored.
Roleplay? Bored cuz I can't.

For fuck sake, I just want to finish up.
I want to jump start my career, I just wanna kvnfvn

Boredom is literally my number one enemy.
Fuck everything.]
  ᴜᴢᴜᴍᴀᴋɪ / Naruto / 22d 3h 15m 26s
[size10 I don't know why I'm drinking at this time..
Lol.. comp and alcohol.. let's fucking go.]
  Naruto / 23d 22h 36s
[size10 Anxiety spiking, it can't be helped though.
I'll be okay. I've been through this before and I ended up okay, right?

Going through the sasunaru tag, reading old roleplays..
just looking at stuff that screams [i us] sorta just..

You know, it's a combination of things.
I keep hearing over and over again about my crazy aunt.
On the daily, my parents will bring that shit up.
It sincerely stresses me out.
I'm also trying to get used to loneliness.

I need to tune it all out.
I have a lot of work to do this year.

I'll be okay.

Also this random but going through the sasunaru tag made me big mad. All the anti-ss/hn shit.. like... wtf SJ can go fuck themselves, they did Naruto and Sasuke dirty.. they are in love..

I am so sad...
I can't believe this shit..
Fuck SS and NH.
  Naruto / 25d 4h 29m 5s
[size10 I had a good new year's eve. I got super drunk, danced and did some twerking. God knows I don't twerk anymore cause I don't have that sort of time for it through out semesters but I did last night. House was a mess in the morning, how you know it was litty.

I don't really have a hangover but I have a small headache. Woke up to my hand being dead lmao when you pass out on the living room floor. I'm motivated now to work out, yeah I know it is cheesy and sorta basic to be like dieting-- surprise, surprise.

I don't give a shit, I gotta get my killer body back.
Gotta fit back into these bomb ass dresses I have, all the outfits I can't wear with confidence at the moment. I just want to get back to taking body selfies, my ass and thighs were so good in 2017-2018. My body was POPPIN. I want that confidence back. Good grades and killer body, let's fucking get it. ]
  Queen / 25d 12h 41m 13s

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