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[center [size10 never stop being a good person because of bad people]]


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[size10 When you are on a winning streak on comp and you're about to hit diamond because you finally have time to game for a bit and then your friend invites someone they say is "decent" and they join-- and they suck. However, you're a nice person so you stick around for a few more matches and every match is a loss because she keeps playing tank characters or dps but she sucks at both no matter how much you heal a bitch-- but she isn't the only one who sucks, you got another bad random on your team but all you could do is heal on the side lines and spam thanks because you're on the bench and you shouldn't be because god knows you can carry for days but no one wants to go healer so RIP.

RIP my fucking SR.
I doubt I'll hit Diamond this season..
I should've kept playing solo, tbh.

This guy keeps inviting ppl who suck.
And just.. mada mada.]
  Sakura / 29d 14h 46m 44s
[size10 I'm content where my life is right now..
I'm very grateful for these small blessings.

Thank you, God.
You've been good to me.]
  Sakura / 43d 9h 28m 52s
[center [pic]]
[size10 [b Moonlight]..

That will never change.
[i Never.]
I learned that last night..]
  Sakura / 48d 12h 39m 53s
[center [pic]]
  Sakura / 54d 10h 39m 40s
[center [pic]]
[size10 I talked about my Sakura ring, my cherry blossom ring..
And.. I said. I used to never take it off.. but now-- now it's just
sitting in it's box.. and it stung my heart.

Because I love that ring..
I love it so much..
Though it is a promise ring--
It is proof that I have been loved unconditionally at some point.
It's from [i you] and.. I wish I could wear it..
As a memory.. that ring is so symbolic.
It's a diamond ring in my eyes..

You were my best friend before anything.
I wish I could wear it..

But I don't deserve to..
It would weigh too heavy on my finger.
Knowing I don't deserve it..

You helped me bloom into the flower I am today.
And I am trying my best to keep blooming, to not wither away..
I hope one day.. I am strong enough to wear it again.
Out of respect, adoration and appreciation..
Because you will forever be in my heart.. as my other half.]
  Sakura / 57d 15h 31m 56s
[size10 The flower that is emotion, blooms in a short moment.
With not one speck of dust, it perfectly overcomes it’s beginning.]

  Sakura / 57d 15h 46m 23s
[center [pic]]
[size10 My life has turned into a k-drama.
What is happening anymore.

W-W h a t ?!

What in the world..]
  Sakura / 59d 12h 28m 49s
[center [pic]]
[size10 You have wasted my time long enough.
Whatever [i small] feelings were there-- they are gone.
[i I told you I was different, did I not?] I will not be the foolish girl.
People are asking me to play the part of Karma on behalf of all the girls you've hurt because they see that for once, you're the enchanted one with feelings for another.
I won't do that.. but I will reject you the day you decide it's 'our' time.

I am your lesson learned.
You can't have it /all/.

What these girls find 'cute' or are attracted to-- I can't relate.
I don't play those wicked games. I am not that girl.
But you know that already, don't you?

You call me for me..
And I don't pick up.
Call me again.. but I won't pick up.

You don't deserve me.

I hope you learn from your mistakes.
Cause this was your biggest mistake yet.
  Sakura / 59d 15h 21m 4s
[size10 Dad is back home from the hospital.. thank god.
I still can't believe my mom cried at Denny's..
Our breakfast conversation got so deep.

I love my family so much..
Aha.. they are cute af.]
  ʚ ♡ ɞ / Sakura / 74d 14h 41m 8s
[size10 Really worried about my dad..
Health really is everything.

All I can do is help take care of him, do my research..
Comfort him but--

I just want him to get better.
I try my best not to cry.
But I love my dad so damn much--
he's my dad..]
  ʚ ♡ ɞ / Sakura / 81d 19h 4m 37s
[size10 Yikes.]
  ʚ ♡ ɞ / Sakura / 81d 22h 14m 30s
[center [size10 New year, hooray. 2017 was complete trash. I'm not really sure what my resolution is... hmmm.. let's see here..

Be happier? because the end of 2017 got crazy.. shit seemed to just spiral down.. dad's health declined, my relationship came to an end and other personal stuff happened.

Yeah, so.. just.. be happier.. stay strong and grow some more.]]
  ʚ ♡ ɞ / Sakura / 81d 23h 37m 11s
[center [size10 Okay, plain Jane.]]
  ʚ ♡ ɞ / Sakura / 83d 14h 45m 46s
[size10 Yass, I am so happy with my edits. I'm getting better at it as I go. Thanks to my editing sensei, Teme, also thanks to free time I will miss eventually.

I loooove editing.
It feels sooo good.
At least.. when it goes my way.

Especially when others compliment them ;w;
Not only on here but other sites, vnfjnfjnvjf!!!

Uraraka is such a cutie, god, I love her.]
  ʚ ♡ ɞ / Sakura / 84d 15h 31m 45s
[size10 I'm not gonna lie.
I want to get physical with these bitches.

I won't do it though.
I can't.

Fuck, I'm so annoyed.]
  ʚ ♡ ɞ / Sakura / 84d 18h 33m 22s

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