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Skye stayed in the trees, watching the camp with cautious curiosity as the purple sky took on a more twilight hue. Stars peaked out, and two moons, one small and blue, the other larger and green. The shed some small amount of light on the world below, but one was half full and the other was just barely a sliver. If he was going to snag a Honey Flower from the grove, now would be the time... He had to grab one before returning home. He had already wasted too much time watching the curious creatures.

Carefully, he climbed out to where he could wrap his fingers around the branch and drop gently to the branch below, slowly working his way down from the tree little by little. He was practiced, but the last branch was a little far to simply just drop. He spread out his wings as he hung from the final branch, wincing slightly at the old injury. He fluttered his wings, making the half-hearted droning noise of a dragonfly, as he gently wobbled to the ground. Embarrassment crossed his face as he thought again about the injury. His right wing was missing the bottom half of itself. There was the connective tissue, but the wing ended in a jagged, unhappy cut.

Quickly, Skye pulled his wings back in tight to his body, hiding silently in the bushes. Nothing moved. It seemed like all the wingless bipeds had gone to sleep. And he could see just the Honey Flower he needed. It was vined, with three blossoms on it. It was the only flower left in the grove, Skye noticed with heartache, but it was right in front of the opening of a smaller tent. He didn't see any movement from inside, but... Should he risk it? He needed that flower for their festival. And without it, they couldn't begin their harvest. He held his breath as he stepped out into the clearing, scampering softly out to where the flower was growing.

Skye dug his hands into the soft earth, carefully cleaning away the dirt from the flower's roots. The Honey Flowers glowed gently at his touch, and Skye flinched. He had forgotten their response to being touched. He looked up and around, but still he didn't see any of the creatures. He carefully finished cleaning off the flower, stowing it away in his pack. Skye skittered back over to the tree, looking around him one last time, before finding the familiar footholds in the bark and heaving himself back into the embrace of the boughs. He had what he came for, and he had too much information that he has to return to the tribe with. This was trouble. He only hoped that he hadn't been seen... The flower in his bag was still softly glittering in the night light.
  Skye Grenceld / Mome_Wrath / 283d 13h 56m 14s
“About time you helped you lazy ass!” Yelled a woman in a tank top and loose pants, her name was Ivy. She had thigh arms and a chiseled jaw, she was one of the ship's engineers. Everyone know she basically kept the ship flying and no one dared fuck with her fiery temper. John shrugged his shoulders and picking up a bundle of heavy rope as Habib picked up a crate holding explosives. They would need to set up camp first before he could go exploring and he was eager to get it over with so he could study the amazing planet life around them. Sighing he moved towards a smaller tent some of the men were putting up, having already cleared the surrounding brush where they planned to put the tents. The smaller one would hold supplies and protect their equipment from getting damaged. They weren’t completely sure what the planet's weather might be like, but from the readings they suspected light rains and plenty of sunshine for now as well as heavy snowfall in the coming months.

Along with the smaller supply tent they would set up a large base tent, where they would eat meals, shower, and talk over plans. It would have enough space for beds and a small communal area as well but Habib prefered to sleep alone. So those with their own small one person tents would set up right outside the base.

After they got everything situated Habib set up his own tent, it was a good size, he could easily stand up in it and it had a full bed, smiling he bent down to his trunk, pulling out his art set, and different notebooks, setting them on a small desk that he was able to lay across his lap and work with on the bed or take with him. Along with a high definition camera, his job was to document the life on a planet with details notes about his observations, along with work with a team of scientists that took samples from, what they find to take back to earth. While they did have their own lab aboard the ship it was small and could only do basic tests.

As he was getting his stuff situated he heard the bell ring, signalling dinner, smiling Habib left his tent, sipping it and locking a small lock on the zipper.then headed to the main hall, “ Habib! What do you think so far my boy? A beauty is she not?” Called an older gentleman, another engineer on the ship.

“God it is by far more beautiful than I ever imagined! I can’t wait to get out there.” He replied grabbing a lunch tray and murmured a thanks to the cook as he filled it.”The plant life has such rich and vibrant colors. It will be interesting as we venture deeper, I suspect the wild life will be just as different and fascinating! When do we head out?” Habib drug into the food, the cafeteria filling quickly with noise and laughter.

“Probably early tomorrow morning,”Cut in Ivy who sat down next to the older man, laughing at habib’s put out look,” Now now we have had a long day and need our rest first.” He shook his head, not knowing if he would be able to sleep anytime soon due to the excitement.

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Habib had been right, he had spent most of the night sitting just inside his tent and staring up at the deep purple night sky, it never failed to amaze him out many stars you were able to see from these planets. So unlike earth filled with electric light and almost constant noise. Here there was only the song of the bugs and smaller animals rustling the trees at night. Very little noise came from the camp as everyone slept. Making Habib feel very at peace and safe.
  Habib Mccall / GoldenGladious / 290d 2h 39m 12s
The purple sky glittered brightly, with the blue sun hanging happily, shedding it's brilliant light on the world below. Clouds scuttled about, high up, not causing much shade. The plants ate up the light, growing in bright jewel tones. The year was waning. All of the Sylvaen could feel it deep inside them. In their bones and in their wings. The land sang to them. Harvest was ready. Time to make preparations for the winter to come. There would be snow on the ground soon, and that was dangerous to wings. The Sylvaen retreated underground at the Time of Snows. But that was still weeks away. The festival was to be tomorrow, celebrating the changing of seasons, commemorating the harvest soon to begin.

Skye was shirking his duties. He was supposed to be collecting the Honey Flowers. He would, but... Well.. He really didn't care for the festivals. Plus, the trip to the Honey Flower grove was one that he didn't care to make. He would go, but later in the evening, when the sun wasn't so warm, when the shade wasn't so comfortable. For now, he waited in the boughs of a tree, languidly sprawled across branch. He was quite content to wait right where he was until evening. The festival didn't need the Honey Flowers until tomorrow. Plus, there were many creatures waiting in the forest. They didn't expect him back any time soon.

And then the wind kicked up, forcing his flaxen hair into his eyes. Dirt and rocks swirled into the hair, and Skye was hit by more than a few. A loud roaring, like the growling of a axocait, but louder. It made his ears hurt, pounding and thrashing inside his head. Skye covered his ears with his hands, screwing his eyes shut against the dust and his hair. And then the wind and the noise stopped. Cautiously, Skye lowered his hands, opening his eyes to look around. He didn't... see anything... But he heard something. He wasn't sure what. A soft metallic click, followed by a hiss, the angry hiss of an amenthasp. But there were no asps in this area of the land.

Cautiously, he made his way towards the sound. He should return to the village, tell them of what he felt, of what he hard. But if Skye could see what caused it, that would be better. That would allow them to prepare themselves. He stepped lightly, walking gently from branch to branch. He had to be careful. His wings wouldn't slow him much if he fell from this height. As he drew close, voices began distinguishing themselves from the background noise of the forest. The birdsong and chittering of tree animals was gone now. Strangers...? Was another tribe about to attack? The eve before the Harvest Festival? There hadn't been a war in millennia. Why would one start now?

A few more trees passed beneath his feet, and before him opened a clearing. This was... one of the Honey Flower groves... in it there were... they weren't Sylvaen. They almost looked like it. But their ears were round, their limbs thicker. And no wings. Such odd little creatures. And with them, there was a large metal... thing. Skye stayed in the trees, observing the strange people. He crouched down, pulling aside a few of the fronds to peer more closely at those below. Skye kept back, keeping his porcelain pale skin out of the light, doing his best to keep from attracting attention. Who were these people?
  Skye Grenceld / Mome_Wrath / 319d 21h 59m 55s
"McCall! Get your ass over here and give me a hand damn it." The captain shouted around the cigarette in his mouth. Habib hopped down from the ledge he had been resting on. Gripping onto the handwheel of the value he pushed, it was rather tight or rusting cause it took a great amount of effort from both of them to turn it. Habib groaned, moving his foot back and pushing more of his weight into it so finally it gave way. He smiled at the captain as he wiped sweat from his brow.

"You excited captain?"

"I am as excited as anyone to get off this damn ship." His gruff tone made Habib laugh and he nodded. They had been on this ship for three years now, venturing from planet to planet. Most weren't even suited to land on but they took extensive notes and pictures from what they could observe before moving on. But they had stumbled around a plant that seemed completely safe to land in, from afar it seemed similar to earth and the oxygen levels were high enough for everyone to breath without gear. For the first time in a long while they would be able to set foot on the planet and assess the resources. Along with whatever life forms were there. Habib expected different animal like species of all sizes and a massive rang of plant life.

He couldn't be more excited.

The loud noise of foot steps descending the stairs broke him away from his thoughts "Habib, you ready?!" Smiling he raced up the stairs after them. They were scheduled to land soon. While he felt close to most of the crew the thought of not being in such a confined space with them is rather appealing. They all stood by the large door as the ship landed all of them buzzing with excitement.

The doors opened to so many colors, the planet life was even more diverse then Habib had calculated, [i 'Jesus Christ.'] He stepped of the ship and put into the air, which felt amazing to breath. Living in the ship for so long he had forget how nice it was to breath natural oxygen. The others ran around the ship, throwing themselves on the ground and talking loudly but Habib felt almost in shock at the beauty around him. Quickly he pulled out his notebook and pen and started jotting down notes. "Already working? Do you ever take a break?" He shook his head looking back at John, a skinny man with long flowing blond hair who was one of his closest friends on the ship. He had a tendency to slack off and avoid work but he was passionate about finding new things to help humanity. So when he did work he did it thoroughly.

"Yeah well unlike you I like to work." He smiled looking back at his shipmates who had started to unpack all the equipment and supplies. They would clear as little plant growth ad they could but they had to set up camp somewhere. Plus by the look of this place there was plenty to study already." We better go back and help before I too get labeled as a slacker." John chuckled and jokingly punched his shoulder.
  Habib Mccall / GoldenGladious / 331d 23h 48m 52s

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