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"Hades doesn't show emotions other than anger to anyone...he keeps his wife prisoner here...this is different." She said watching them.
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 246d 12h 29m 19s
Erin smiled and aww'd softly. "That's so sweet." She murmured.
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 246d 12h 31m 6s
"More like Hades just met his younger self." She said smiling before Hades showed any emotion and pulled Vic into a hug...
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 246d 12h 32m 39s
"I feel like its a mirror dimension or something similar." Erin murmured to her mom.
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 246d 12h 40m 24s
Vic stepped forward and Hades did as well...they looked so much alike it was odd.
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 246d 12h 41m 41s
Erin set Cayden down and took Ava, nudging Vic forward. "Go on."
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 246d 13h 17s
Mark and Hades both turned their attention to them. "Hades...Id like you to meet your only son....Vic Lakota." Her mother said with a smile.
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 246d 13h 4m 38s
Erin cleared her throat. "Ah mark, what An absolute pleasure."
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 247d 2h 37m 34s
Vic walked through the open doors, Ava in his arms. The scene in front of them was strange. Mark and a man who looked remarkably like Vic were arguing....actually he looked exactly like Vic but older.
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 247d 2h 40m 5s
But Vic is his son, someone he's mor likely to recgonize."
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 247d 2h 43m 12s
"Now Ava and Cayden could open it as well." Her mother said as Vic pushed open the big stone and wooden doors.
  Vic Lakota / polkadotrocker / 247d 2h 48m 9s
"Magic family." She smiled. "Guess you two are as powerful as your grandmama says." She looked at ava and Cayden.
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 247d 2h 52m 47s
"Blood as in family... meaning before Vic, only Hades and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon could open it." Her mother said and Vic looked up... "My uncles are Zeus and Poseidon? "
  Vic Lakota / polkadotrocker / 247d 3h 37s
"Like blood as in actual blood, or blood as in family?" Erin asked.
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 247d 3h 3m 53s
Vic rolled his eyes as they approached the structure. Erin's mother stepped back, "only Vic can open it, Hades has it so it can only be opened by blood from the outside."
  Vic Lakota / polkadotrocker / 247d 3h 5m 51s

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