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She pouted. 'But its fuuun, you do it all the time to mama too!'
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 15h 56m 12s
Vic looked at her and said, "Avalon...you will stop."
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 153d 15h 59m 14s
Ava pouted. 'pleeeasssseeee, mama is being suuper overprotective.'

"Excuse me?!" Erin was shocked. "I am not!"
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 16h 39s
Vic pulled her into his arms,"And she doesn't like to listen." Hades smiled,"I understand why you want my protection and permission to train here and in the city."
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 153d 16h 4m 25s
"I'm not quite sure. I myself am half demon, thanks to my mother, and Vic is half god so..." Erin said hesitantly. Ava floated out of her arms. 'Me and my siblings are unique.'
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 16h 15m 6s
"He's an idiot." Hades said matter of factly. He reached for Ava in Erin's arms. "She's half demon?"
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 153d 16h 19m 43s
Erin smiled. "Perhaps you should speak to Mark about changing his last name?"
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 16h 22m 38s
Hades seemed to love Vic and his small family. "You see Mark here...works for me...damns the souls that belong in hell...he was mistaken trying to claim you....you see...you are powerful my son...I will protect you."
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 153d 16h 24m 17s
Holding Cayden's hand, she walked up to him. "Hello." She smiled. "Mr. My-last-name-is-the-stupidest-goddamn-pun-ever." She smirked at Mark.
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 16h 35m 10s
Vic couldn't help but laugh. "Sweetie...come here." He said to Erin.
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 153d 16h 41m 42s
"I hope so..." She looked down at ava.

'Oi you, grandpa, right? Wan see.' Ava stated.

"Avalon Kyra Bursar-Lakota!" Erin was astonished
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 16h 50m 40s
"Vic has the power to protect you and he will." She said watching them.
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 153d 16h 55m 58s
Erin looked down. "What if he decides he doesn't like the kids?"
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 17h 5m 24s
"I've never seen her leave...."she said sighing..."it's like she's his prisoner....but the hell hounds love her."
  Vic Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 153d 17h 8m 54s
"I thought she was allowed to leave in the spring and summer?" She questioned
  Erin Bursar / RhiRhi / 153d 17h 13m 27s

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