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The Emperor is dead his Empire is shambles. System turn against the once great Empire. Other stand with the Empire and ready themselves against the invasion of the Rebel Alliance. Small fleets is all stand between order and total chaos. Coruscant scrambles in desperation to find a new leader to take control of the chaos. Grand Admiral's claim the right to the thorn and start war with each other weakening themselves. The Rebel Alliance pushes hard against the weakend Empire overextending themselves and leaving themselves open for attacks. In the middle of the chaos Pirates and Raiders make a living on attack refugees and damaged ships. With the lack of the Empire presence they grow bolder every day.

And in the middle of this stands you. Will you protect your Empire, and stand against the threat that threatens everything you know. Or instead do you fight for the freedoms of a new Galactic order. Or Will you build a Criminal Empire like what Galaxy has never seen. The choice is yours. Pick a side and fight with everything you got.

So if you can't tell yet this is a Star War Rp. Just after Return of the Jedi. Make a Character and pick a side or don't. I will be Rp for the side of a Imperial Admiral. Just send me a PM if your Character and we can go from there.

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She wouldn't be surprised if the Imperial gunners opened fire on her damaged X-Wing, or some Imperial Tie-Fighter would come around and finish her and her damaged X-Wing. But what did surprise her was the lack of anything of that happening; the Imperial gunners on the ship weren't trying to kill her, nor were any of the Imperial Tie Fighters coming around to finish her off. Imperial's were usually extremely systematic about everything, and this did not strike her as an exception.

Instead what happened, was that she felt her ship being moved towards one of the "holes" in the Imperial ship; a tractor beam was moving her X-Wing into one of the hangars within the Imperial ship. For Anara, this was confusing. Didn't Imperials usually kill their enemies? Unless they wanted her alive, that was the only explanation she had.

Her X-Wing settled down on the polished and gleaming surface of the hangar. She could hear metallic whining behind her, and she could feel her X-Wing shuddering as something slid off. Anara leaned forward and opened the cockpit, and the cockpit slowly opened. While it opened, Anara took off her flight helmet while hearing the sound of many feet stomping up and then stopping. Most likely stormtroopers pointed nasty laser rifles at her.

Anara was just about to unbuckle, when someone climbed into the cockpit and punched her in the nose. Anara didn't even think, she instinctively reacted by pushing her open hand, palm faced outwards at the person who had just punched her; that person was flung away from the cockpit, and Anara could hear the noises of someone falling against the floor. [+purple "SHiiit"] She'd just used the Force hadn't she? Anara hadn't meant to fling that person through the air and have them then fall towards the floor, it had just happened.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a monotone voice ordering her to get out of the X-Wing. To avoid a nasty complication right off the bat, Anara chose to comply. She freed herself of the belts tying her to the seat of the X-Wing, and slowly stood up. She could see the rifle tracking her, just waiting for her to make one wrong move. All her movements were slow and deliberate, to show the stormtroopers that she was not attempting to do anything stupid. She slid off the top of the X-Wing, down on the ground, before taking a few small steps and raising her hands behind her head.

Everything would've went fine, if there hadn't been the sounds of hurrying footsteps coming across from the other side of the hangar. It appeared as if some guy was running towards their group around the X-Wing. He kept running, getting closer and closer. Anara wouldn't have minded him at all if he had run up to the stormtroopers, but he didn't simply run up to them. He pushed past them and continued to run at her with a grim determination on his face.

At this point in time, Anara had a panic attack. She actually thought that this quy was going to kill her, and drew out her ]blaster. But before she could event lift it, she saw something flying towards her, before falling unconscious and sprawling on the floor awkwardly.
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 7d 8h 27m 38s
Anderson took a quick look at the new arrive before saying. "Not at the moment ma'ma just sit back and watch the fireworks." With that he went back to watching the battle in front of him. "Sir falcon squadron are starting their attack run now." One of this office yelled form his station. He then watched as four Tie bombers dropped from high above the Liberty cruiser. Whoever was in command had noticed too late thing his fighter would protect him. The bomber unleashed their proton torpedo upon the unshelled ship. It started to collapse un the fire of the bomber as the ship started to list to one side and the bomber ripped into it.
A cheer eruption for the bright as the watch the liberty start to loss power. "Have all fighter return to us. Switch all power to the guns, let's see if they like pick on a smaller ship now." Suddenly Lawrens shudder causing Anderson to look at him question. "You good Lt?" He nodded before saying. "Sir open hanger two someone wants on and form what I can tell it a force user." Anderson knew that Lawrens had dealt with force uses most of his lift. He was a trained jedi killer and lead the anti-Jedi squad on the ship. When he felt something off he dealt with it. He could also tell that the Sith behind him felt it too. "Then take your squad and Yorina with you and find out who that is. " with that Lt Lawrens left.
"Sir Lt green just smashed her tie into a X-wing they are both resting off our port hanger." Someone yelled. He had noticed that she had broken off to deal with some X-wing after it shot down two ties. "Recover both of them I want to meet a pilot that can shoot down someone form Green squad. Also have a welcoming party waiting." With that he watched as his ship passed the Liberty in flames. They may have lost the emperor but this war was far from over. "Sir all hand are ready to jump on your go." A tech yelled. "Take us home boys take usu home." He yelled as they entered hyperspace.
  Anderson / Mended / 10d 12h 9s
Felt continued to take down teh small fries as more x-wings approched. "THis is getting annoying, and no one is answering my hails. Maybe I should try another method." she thought as she reached out with the force for anyone on the Star destorer who is Force sensitive. After a few moments she felt someone. "Well maybe now I can get someone to give me a answer." she thought as she reached out to the person through the Force. "If you can hear or understand me respond and go to the main hanger." she said through the force and she pioleted her ship towards the hanger
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 11d 13h 55m 55s
Another mission, a typical day flying X-Wing fighters against the Imperial forces. The last mission that she had flown, that had been a completely hellish gamble which had worked when the Death Star had been blown to smithereens. Enemy Tie Fighters, the Death Star sniping their ships, plus the defensive firepower of those Imperial capital ships had made for one hellish environment for any craft to fly in.

This mission, this mission would be easier. Anara had forgotten the complete specifics of the mission profile, but it was simply to blast any Imperial small craft before they managed to get a hit on the Liberty. The flights of A-Wings and Y-Wings would try nailing the Imperial ship in the neighborhood.

Her flight consisted of a total of five X-Wings, herself being Onyx leader, and the rest being Onyx 2-5. The five of them were a tight group, having flown many missions together. Not every mission had been a success, but all of them had managed to pull through it.

[+purple “Attack formation”] The wings on each side unfolded, giving te X-Wings their characteristic “X” wing shape. [+purple Onyx 4 And 5, loop around and destroy the Ties covering their own bombers. Onyx 2 and 3, lets help out those A and Y wings.”]

The two outermost X-Wings separated off from their formation, leaving a triangle formation headed for the formation of A and Y wing fighters. She and the two remaining X-Wings converged on the formation, specifically on the four Ties being a pain in the ass.

Unfortunately, the Ties spotted the three X-Wings by their obvious attempts to disengage from the group they had just jumped on. The Ties has some crack pilots, for the Ties decided to weave in and out of the A and Y wing formation, which increased the friendly fire problem by a good chance.

Anara spun her X-Wing into a barrel roll, where the side of a Tie fighter presented itself to her four lasers; the Tie promptly ceased to exist. During the time it had taken her to neutralize the Tie, she had picked up a Tie on her own ass. The Tie pilot stayed on her tail really well, until Onyx 2 blasted it to bits with their own lasers. [+purple “Good shot”], teamwork at its finest.

There were two Tie Fighters left, and they weren’t trying to maneuver. It seemed suspicious, but the three of them weren’t about to complain about two free kills. At least not until two Tie Fighters came from behind, blowing up her wing mates to bits and pieces, and only destroying the engines on her own X-Wing.

Her X-Wing continued to fly in a straight line after that, but that straight line was pointed.... directly at an Imperial ship.
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 15d 22h 2m 23s
After they boarded the main vessel, the group split up so that the injured could receive treatment in the infirmary, which happened to be majority of the survivors and the captain. So, Yorina went with the lieutenant to get an update on the outside situation. When they walked up, they heard that a group of pilots was heading out to protect this Victory-class Star Destroyer. It was around then that the lieutenant walked up beside his commanding officer, made a sly comment and the two started joking in a very nonchalant manner.

During that time, Yorina stood back in order to let them have their brofest. The two seemed more like brothers in arms than commanding officer and subordinate. Once they were done, Yorina walked up to Anderson. [#c337b1 “Thanks for answering the call, Admiral,”] she said noticing his rank on his uniform. [#c337b1 “The name is Yorina. Is there anything I can do to get us out of here faster?”]

Who knew if those rebels had reinforcements coming. And if that was the case, they needed to get out of there before another imperial ship went down. More specifically, they needed to leave before the ship they just boarded was taken down. Losing the Vanquish was enough for one day. Plus, Commander Moscoff and his remaining men still hadn't reached their destination like their deal said.

On a side-note, even though Yorina was relieved to have received help, she had no clue there was another person who answered the distress call. Due to that she was completely unaware that the said person was still out there fighting without knowing the current situation.
  Yori'nacraden (Yorina) / Yoruneko / 26d 3h 5m 36s
Lt. Green and her fellow Tie Squadron regrouped as the rest of the fleet regrouped headed back to Ryuujou. She was in command of five Tie interceptors as well as eight Tie bombers at would be used to brake thought the Liberty. Also from what she could tell the rebels had a second wave of fighter covering it. "Commander," came a voice over her privet channel. It was her wingman and friend Lt. Yager. "Go head," she said. "All remaining fighter are ready. Looks like we are out number three to one." Yager said. "Then they might have a chance of shooting us down now." She smiled under her helmet. "They would need more than that to get you ma'ma"
Suddenly a communication came from Victory. "Enemy fighter headed towards Victory. Your order are as follow. No fighter will make it to Victory as it pushes past the enemy battle cruiser." With that the line when dead. Green grinned widened. She loved changes and this one just another one. "Black 5 and 6 to stay with the bomber and to flank around and hit them from above. 3 & 4 forces on the rebels Y-wing and nothing else Yager and myself will keep the fighter off you." She commanded over her squad's channel. "For the empire," came the response from them. She trusted them and them her to get the job done and get everyone back home. They called Interceptors pilots some of the craziest pilots in the empire and the surviving rebels would learn why today.
Captain Anderson watched as four Tie Interceptors dove into a small fleet of X-wings, A-wings and Y-wings. "Poor basters." A voice said next to him. It was Lt. Lawrens with another person he didn't know. "They have no idea that pilot and her team are some of the best pilot the empire has." He joked. "Enjoy your stroll," The captain ask as he motioned to start declaiming from the other ship. "O yea it was very relaxing. Let me get some stress off. Stress isn't good for my skin." Anderson nodded. "Yep. Helm full speed ahead. Bring all power so the shields. We need to get passed that ship if we wanna jump."
  Anderson / Mended / 29d 3h 43m 43s
Felt continued to take out the fighters and provided coving fire for the escape pods. "Well this is not as exciting as I thought it would be>" she thought as she flew her ship around the star destoryer. "How much longer is the evacuation going to take? or did they fix the ship and cancel the order?" she thought as she looked over at the ship. "What ever it is its rather annoying to have my hails ignored, I might have to have a conversation with the captain later"
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 34d 9h 49m 2s
As Yorina and Captain Moscoff pushed forward, it wasn’t much longer before they ran into more of their battered crew. [i ‘After all of this, this guy better have some good information. Forcing me to not only be a bodyguard, but a crutch... And now for his deadweight men too...‘] she thought to herself, irked by the drastic turn of events. Now a group, everyone trudged along towards what hopefully was their escape. Every now and then they came in contact with either a few enemies or a couple allies.

It wasn’t until they came upon an onslaught of fresh imperial soldiers devastating a large group of rebels that the morale truly grew. Yorina was glad that reinforcements had arrived. Now she wasn't the only one capable of fighting through those rebels, nor was she the only able person to keep the captain moving along with his injuries.

Once that fight was over, the one in command came over to Yorina and the captain. He introduced himself as Lieutenant Lawrens and stated they received the distress call and are here to aid in a safe evac. Not too far along, they came across a larger group of insurgents. With perfect timing, Lt. Lawrens got a call from his commanding officer. As Yorina overheard him giving the update, she told one of the lieutenant’s men to hold the captain as she simultaneously shrugged him off of her and onto the other guy.

[#c337b1 “Those who want to get out of here alive, quickly huddle around me.”] She mentally gave them 5 seconds to do so before invoking maelstrom. Luckily for them, they all did as she said in time. She was going to invoke it whether all were inside or not since there was a huge wave of rebels surrounding them. Using this Force ability the way she planned required a much greater amount of focus than usual. Normally, she’d only have the barrier surround just herself. However, in this case, she needed to expand the barrier to cover the captain, lieutenant, and all of their men that made it. [#c337b1 “Stay close if you don’t want to be blasted away with the enemy,”] she announced to those around her before thinking, [i ‘This really better be worth it.’] She kept maelstrom going until it was clear to go to the ship without it. This a lot of saved time, but she was going to need a good nap after this was over.
  Yori'nacraden (Yorina) / Yoruneko / 49d 11h 19m 31s
"Admiral," a voice called over the commotion on Bridge. "The Liberty Type Cruiser engines are powering up." It was one of the techs at the radar controls. "Dam it all. Get me Lt. Lawrens and get me Paladin states on their evac." A second later a voice came over the loud speakers. "Miss me all ready Admiral?" Anderson didn't respond to his second in command jokes. "I need a status update now," His voice was firm letting Jake now that this was serious.
"Broke throw the line and found the survivors. The captain is with them as well as a VIP. We are half way back but got pinned down. Give me ten minutes and we be back on board." Blaster rounds could be herd in the back background as he spoke. "You get seven minutes lieutenant, move your ass," with that he cut the line and turn to looked at the Communications officer. "Status on Paladin?" he asked. "They have everyone and our de clapping now." the officer said looking up at him.
Even with seven-minute time limit on Lawrens getting back to the ship they would still be cutting it close against that Liberty being in prime range for an assault. "Tell Ryuujou I need two squads of bomber now. Also get Lt. Green back with that friendly ship. I want both of then covering the bombers as them hit the Liberty. Tell the bomber hit the bridge with everything they got."
  Anderson / Mended / 55d 3h 51m 49s
Felt continued hailing the Vanquish for a mintue while taking out fighters. "This is gettinging annoying why won't they answer my hails? is there something going on onboard or are their comms down?" she thought as she leaned forwards as her gunner took out another fighter. "I guess our only option is to go onboard and find out, but we risk halting evac if they start leaving the ship." she muttered to her self as she moved her ship closer to the Vanquish to see what she could sense in the force. "hmm it seems like they have some pesky rebels on board reaking havoc on the systems, boarding seems like a bad idea with the amount of damage they have taking and people are moving to the escape pods and hanger bays. I guess the best thing I can do is cover their escape for now." she thought as she moved to attack any of the remaining enemy ships
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 65d 12h 41m 1s
"All right lady." Lt Jack said as he walked down the line of Storm troopers and Imperial Navy Troopers. "I want you to show our guest the best time. Make sure that you let them known how special they are for having us come all this way to meet them." He walked up to a pair of techs mounting explosives on a blast door. "Now I know we are understaffed, and so I will need you all to be able to take several tonight. Also, we have some friends that need to be help. Make sure you get our special ladies to them so we can make sure that they get extra special treatment." He pointed two Medic standing near the end of the group.
The two techs then moved away from the door as Lt. Lawrens step to the head of the group. "Let's roll out the red carpet" With that he detonated the explosives sending the blast door inwards. A roar could be heard as the troops rushed into the Secutor. Scream could be head as his men rip through the enemies' lines. A large smile was on Lawrens face as he followed them in.
Anderson watch their progress for a holo on the bridge. The enemy had taken most of this side of the ship trapping the survivors in the medical wing. Paladin had it easy as most of the troops held the port hangar so it was easier for them to evac the survivors. They had to blow in the doors and then push in and get the survivors out. However, he knew that if anyone could do it Jakes could. "Helm how's our fighter doing?"
"Most of the enemy fighters around our location have been destroyed with. Friendly Tie are returning to the Ryuujou. While our stay in cover patterns around us and Paladin." He answered not looking up from is consult. "Also, a friendly ship also jumped in and has too deep she has multiple bogies."
"Get Green and her squad to assist. Then, have them escort them back to our lines." Anderson commanded. Lt, Green was the fleets ace pilot with over ten battles and hundred conformed kills she was the pride of the 9th fleet air core.
  Anderson / Mended / 73d 6h 18m 24s
As Felt's ship exited hyper space Felt opened up a comm channel to the Vanquish. "Come in Vanquish this is Agent Felt responding to your distress call" she said and waited for a reply as she moved her ship closer to the Vanquish to assit in taking out the X-wings.

As soon as she took out two of them a small group split off from the rest to target her ship. 'And this is why I have some droid manning the quads." she said as she maneuvered the ship to avoid the laser fire as her ship fired back, hitting another X-wing. "Vanquished come in do you require help with evac or do you want me to help with the fighter?" she asked as she returned fire with her ion and laser cannon, hitting one of the A-wings.
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 75d 13h 19m 52s
It wasn’t long before the ship rumbled for the 7th time as more damage was caused by those obnoxious rebels. They were now flooding the halls. Yorina felt a disturbance in the Force when that last explosion hit. It appeared that the ship was lost.

Despite the destroyer being a lost cause, she sensed Commander Moscoff was still alive. Although she really wanted to hunt down the person responsible for this, she decided it was more important to prioritize the commander’s safety and continue her hunt after. Disappointed, she headed to where she felt his presence.

Although Yorina was doing this to protect what was left of the Empire, she was there to get information from him once they reached their destination. At this rate, that seemed less likely. That just meant she needed to put the odds back in her favor.

As she turned a corner, she was greeted by a volley of beams shot from multiple blasters. Until then, it was one or two rebels here and there. Now they were grouped up. [i ‘Great.’] Yorina skillfully maneuvered her lightsaber as she advanced to not only block the projectiles but slash through the shooters.

[#c337b1 “Out of my way,”] she ordered as she slammed the heads of two assailants together and tossed them to the side with a mere hand gesture. She caught sight of the commander shortly after another encounter. He was shot in the leg and propped along the wall with gun in hand. As she approached, she called out to him [#c337b1 “Commander Moscoff.”]

“Yorina, what took you so long?” He grumbled. She didn't respond to such a dumb question.

Once she reached him, she heard the docking mechanism activate. [#c337b1 “Reinforcements are here.] She helped him up and got him situated on her shoulder. Another rebel came around the corner, she Force pushed his head into the adjacent wall. [i ‘Time to go.’]
  Yori'nacraden (Yorina) / Yoruneko / 76d 14h 48m 47s
Admiral Anderson looked out the front window of his Victory-class Star Destroryer at the endless blue vortex of hyper space. "Sir we are exit hyper space in a minute." His First officer said behind him. "The Paladin and Hammer are both ready as well as the gun boats. The Ryuujou is reporting that her Ties are ready as soon as we come out hyper space to launch."

Anderson look over at his long time friend and first officer. "What do you think we are in for Jack?" He asked. Jake cracked a smile. "Well if the voice was anything to go by. Nothing to hard, probable was just lonely and need some real men to keep them company." Anderson chuckled at his friend quirk. "That bad." They had gotten a choppy distress call over an hour ago. It had taken a while to find the location of the distress call. "Mark," He said. "The shit hit the fan when the Empire died. Plus we lost both our Imperial Class and Admiral Hood."

Admiral Hood had been tasked to help in the battle of Endor and left Captain Anderson in charge. He had taken the two Imperial class Star Destoryer, but had left the rest saying that the smaller ship would be no help to him. No word had been heard from him since the battle. This had promoted Anderson to fleet Admiral and given him Command of the remaining ships. His Victory Class, Two Acclamator class Assault ship, Two Tarton Cruiser and a Venator Class Star Destroyer. The old Venator Class served as the fleet Carrier. Her old hanger refitted to fit Tie Interceptor and Tie Bombers. She had retired form front line serves and now stay back. Despite her age she held a large compliment of fighter then any modern Star Destoryer.

"We will be fine Jack," Anderson said as they came out of Hyper space into the Chaos that was the battle. The Secutor-class Imperial Destroyer was bleeding and bad. Her engine's cold, most of the guns other destroy or disabled. One of two bridges laid in flames. The once proud ship know was lying dying. Even worse it seems that the Rebles had boarded her. Two Nebulon b Frigate floated above her. X-wing and, A-wings could be seen fighting with the remaining. Tie fighter. "She never stood a chance," Jack said shaking her heads. "Well she but up a fight at least." A Liberty Type Star Cruiser was under repair form several other ships. It main driver seemed offline as well as it ships.

"Tell the Paladin that they on bording duty with us. Hammer with the gunboats will protect Ryuujou. Have green and her Tie interceptor clear my air space." He turn to back to the window. "Lt Lawrens ready a boarding part to find any seriver and bring them aboard if you find their Captain bring them here." With that he opened he sent a message on all open channels. "This is Admeral Anderson of the 9th Imperal Fleet you have one minute to leave the sector or be crushed." At first nothing happen then, both Nebulon b Frigate started moving to intercept his Victory and Paladin. "All gun focus fire on the first ship show them the power of our guns.

The Victory turbolaser open fired with the Paladin as both ships had longer range then the Nebulons. The Double heavy turbolaser cannons ripped through the shields of the first ship causing it to crumple under their fire. The second Nebulon tried to turn as the first one exploded. "Contract firepower on the middle section then move into position about the Secutor and get our people out of there," Anderson said. After splitting the second ship in two, both ships move on either side of the Secutor and docked to take on any survivor.
  Anderson / Mended / 80d 3h 52m 40s
Felt was sitting in the poilet chair of her YT-2000 turing a Holocron around in her hand, when a light on the console light up. "Hmm? a distress call?" She thought as as sat up in her chair to see what the call was about. After listening to it she activated her comm to reply . "THis is Agent Felt I have heard your distress call and will try and provide what small asistence I can." She said before turning the comm off and plots a course though hyper space. "Well lets seem some action." she said with a smile as she enter hyper space.
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 80d 7h 46m 1s

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