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The Emperor is dead his Empire is shambles. System turn against the once great Empire. Other stand with the Empire and ready themselves against the invasion of the Rebel Alliance. Small fleets is all stand between order and total chaos. Coruscant scrambles in desperation to find a new leader to take control of the chaos. Grand Admiral's claim the right to the thorn and start war with each other weakening themselves. The Rebel Alliance pushes hard against the weakend Empire overextending themselves and leaving themselves open for attacks. In the middle of the chaos Pirates and Raiders make a living on attack refugees and damaged ships. With the lack of the Empire presence they grow bolder every day.

And in the middle of this stands you. Will you protect your Empire, and stand against the threat that threatens everything you know. Or instead do you fight for the freedoms of a new Galactic order. Or Will you build a Criminal Empire like what Galaxy has never seen. The choice is yours. Pick a side and fight with everything you got.

So if you can't tell yet this is a Star War Rp. Just after Return of the Jedi. Make a Character and pick a side or don't. I will be Rp for the side of a Imperial Admiral. Just send me a PM if your Character and we can go from there.

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Felt sighed as she finsiehd her report and leaned back closing her eyes. "Such a pain." she muttered as she relaxed into the chair. "The stress is getting to you. You should relax more." a voice called out and she opened her eyes. She looked over to the doorway of her cabin and say a glowing robed figure. "Don't startle me like that" she said as she leaned back in the chair but kept her eyes open this time.

"What do you want, its been awhile since any of you guys have shown up." She said turning the chair toward the person. "Yes well your iin quite a mess aren't you. You felt it, Palpatine is dead, the Empire is falling aprt as we speak. The Rebals have won." The figured said and Felt let out a sigh. "Of course I felt it and what do you want me to do? THe Rebels would kill me on sight once they find out who I am." she said staring at the figure.

"That is up to you to decided, I am just one of many that are bound to you, but remeber, it is a lot harder to kill you then it is other force users, plus you have a lot of knowledge that is useful to both sides." And with that the figure vanished. "Felt leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. "Being a Forcewalker is annoying sometimes." She muttering thinking what the ghost had said
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 5d 13h 13m 27s
His grip was formal and firm, no surprises there at all. She studied hi, during that short handshake, it seemed as if he were studying her at the same exact time. Each trying to gauge the other's reaction, each trying to predict the other's move.

She wasn't really a commander. Yes she commanded a flight, or what used to be, of X-Wings, but her wing-mates had been close friends before all of them had started flying the Wings. Sheand her friends did not go through any strict and formal training like Imperial soldiers. Instead they had learned on the go, and had bonded much closer together.

But if he wanted to call her that, she would not mind it for now.

It did lift a small burden off her chest once he explained about the pilot she had force-thrown across the hangar bay. Even though she had known she had reacted defensively, she still felt bad for the pilot. A punch back would have been a much better response as it was expected. Being force- thrown across the hangar bay? Not so expected.

Then the doors slid open, and a stormtrooper walked in. Anara had no idea where this ship would be arriving at, and knew that her captors would not tell her at all. After the stormtrooper walked back out, Admiral Anderson turned back to face her. Anara still felt that something was off about Imperials treating her this nice. She felt as if she was in some big ruse, but could not do anything but play along with the ruse.

As to giving the guards trouble, that would be hard. She was locked inside a room, no vision whatsoever to what was outside the room. OH well, nothing else really to do except lay on the bed and take a nap.
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 15d 23h 36m 11s
Anderson noted that her hand shank was firm. Clearly from someone who worked for a living and knew hardship. He respected that in people in the rebel, most impearl officer were handed command because of the rank in society. Not the rebels they learn thought hardship and year of training. That why whenever he ran into them he was always on high alert. There portion made them unpotable as well as loose cannon. They had killed a lot of people because of that thought. Like his wife.
“A pleaser to meet you Commander Jenkinsv.” Her apology made the smile a little. “The only injury to her is her pride. You manage to shoot down two of her pilot and throw her across he own ship. She more mad then injury. At herself not at you.” A small knock came on the door.
“Sir we will be arriving shortly,” The voice called. “Thank you trooper,” he called back as her turned back to Jenkinsv. “It seem I must be going. Please do refrain from giving your guards trouble. I would like your time with us to be short and painless as possible for both side. You will be fed three time a day and if you follow the rule laid out I will see about getting you something to entertain yourself while here.” With that he left.
Lawrens waited for him outside the cell. “How did it go,” he asked as the both started walking toward the bright. “As well as you can hope,” Anderson replied. “I learned what I need too.”
“And that being?” Lawrens asked.
“She a pilot named Anara Jenkins she most likely in her twenty grew up in the outer rim. Mostly lost a parent or both her parents to one of the number of invasion the empire did in the early years of the empire. She confused most likely never has been captured before and has other never had train on it or very little. However she not afraid she has hope that she will be saved.” Anderson said not one braking stride.
“I hate when you do that,” Lawrens said. “Look into someone like that it creep” He remember his own first time meeting Anderson. He had gotten almost everything right about him but his age.
“Sorry but knowing if half the battle.” Anderson nodded as the enter the elevator. “Anyways what our states.
“Most of the injured has stabilized. We are only a few minutes from jumping form hyperspace to our friendly space station. The Governors wish to call a meeting and want you there and lastly the Inquisitor is try to send out a message to her higher up about you not handing over the Jedi.”
“Let her,” he said shrugging. “We haven’t been able to get ahold of any one in the core world for months I doughty she can either. And even so who can they send out to deal with me most fleet are fight each other. No one will come.”
“Still why not just hand her over to the Inquisitor?”
“Because the Lady would never allow me…”
“Dam what your religion say captain. The Inquisitor get what they want one way or another. I don’t want to see you get killed over a single Jedi prisoner.” Lawrens interrupted. “I understand I don’t trust Inquisitor ether but better that girl then you.”
Anderson should his head slowly. “I understand your concern but as long as I’m in a power to I will not let thought under my command or under my protection be harmed. That includes that girl. The Lady demands I follow my code.”
Just then the elevator stop and they were on the bright. “Sir we are just coming out of Hyperspace we will be docking within the next ten minutes.”
“Good let get the wound off loaded. I will be gone for a while so Lt. Lawrens will be in charge while I’m gone.” A course of roger and understood filled his ears as the star destroy came out of hyperspace.
  Anderson / Mended / 30d 7h 17m 47s
Felt glares at the Admiral. "YOur wrong. An Inquisitor take command when a FOrce sensitive is involed but I'll play your game." She said as he walked away back to her ship. Upon making it onboard she turned to one of her droids. "File a report, Admiral Anderson breaking regulations. Denying an Inquisitor access to a Force sensitive against the oders of the Emperor himself." she said and closed the hatch before walking to the cabin and sitting down in her chair.

"If this blows up in his face it will be his fault not mine." she muttered as she picked up a datapad and started writing down her report.
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 30d 12h 12m 11s
The person, nameless for the time being, who walked in was some high ranking person within the Imperial navy. The dull grey uniform, quite a boring color, with the numerous red and blue framed by white being the only color on an otherwise colorless uniform. The hair was grey, but by the face it seemed as if this person had been through many a situation.

She watched his every move, which had not been particularly interesting. Until now, when he picked up the embossed coin near his feet and studied it before giving it back to her. Her face for a short time twisted into confusion before being replaced by an impassive face. But still, internally she was still questioning whether this was one big ruse or not.

And then it was silent. Nothing. Just the two of them looking at each other. Just as boring as the dull grey color on his uniform.

But then the silence was broken. THe nameless person became a person with a name, John Anderson, as well as who, an Admiral of the twelfth Imperial Fleet; the Empire couldn't have too many of those remaining after the recent fights.

But Anara still distrusted him, every instinct told her to not listen to his words. And besides, every person was an animal in some sort of way. This all had to be a show, to gain her confidence and trust. She was not going to be any part of this 'show'.

But unfortunately, she didn't have a choice. She did not like this 'show' at all, but she'd have to partcipate in this. Although, there still was a good possibility in taking over the 'show'.

Taking off her pilots gloves, [+purple "My name is Anara Jenkins"]. She extended her hand into a handshake, and decided that an apology would not hurt either. [+purple "And I am sorry about making your pilot fly outside her Tie Fighter. I hope they are not hurt too badly."]
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 42d 8h 18m 7s
Admiral Anderson looked Felt up and down. He distrust Inquisitors, most officers did as most of the time they showed up someone died. “I’m sorry Inquisitor but the Jedi falls under my jurisdiction under code 7862. My ship has a hunter squad so we have the fully capable of holding a Jedi for any extended period of time.” Anderson knew this was going to be an answer she wasn’t going to like, as Inquisitors hated being told no. He had dealt with Inquisitors before but never enjoyed it. Once even Lawrence had to kill an Inquisitor after the Inquisitor tried to attack Anderson. No one had expected this and the report had made it sound like the Inquisitor was a traitor, and had tried to kill the crew.
“I know you don’t work under the Imperial Navy, so you don’t answer to me nor do I answer to you as you are not an officer. However my pilot captured them alive so I will deal with them as I see fit.” His voice was calm, cool even. The voice of a man that felt like he was in control. “As you can tell my fleet isn’t that large. I’m in charge of three sectors and only have eight ships to hold the line. The Emperor is dead and the Navy is scattered. We are working with the local governments to trying to restore some order. As for you two I can’t ask you to stay and risk your lives however, I could really use your assents in the coming battles. I’ll give you time to think about it. Know please excuse me as I have other duty to attend to.” And with that Anderson stood up and left.
After check up on some of his men he headed do to the holding cells. Four men stood outside the cell that the Jedi was in. Three of them where Stormtrooper and the forth was Lawrence. He was just standing there watching the door. All of them snapped to attention as he walked up. “At ease I here to talk with our guest.” He said as the Stormtrooper stepped out of the way. Lawrence handed him a small device as he step through the door.
The room was small, only having enough room for at three prisoner. Walking in Anderson noticed that the prisoner was laying on the floor. A small emblem was also lay at his feet. Bending down he picked it up and studied it for a moment. He handed it back and noted her reaction. He didn’t say anything for about ten minute and just watched her. Finally he said “Hello my name Is John Anderson Admiral of the 12 Imperial fleet.” He said it as they were meeting at a party not a cell. “I’m sorry for any discomfort you may have felt before from my second in command.” He held up to shocking collar controller that Lawrence had handed him. He then dropped it and crushed in under his boot. “I don’t know what the rebels have told you about us but we aren’t animals. We will not harm you while you are under my care. However please refrain from using any of your force power while on my ship. My second in command distrust any force user. Also before you say anything the guard outside are necessary to keep you save from some of my other guest.” With that he gave a charming small. “May I have the pleaser of knowing your name?”
  Anderson / Mended / 46d 9h 4m 39s
Felt looks at the Admiral. "Its good someon is here who knows what to do. mainly I would like access to the jedi that was just discovered. I came her to provide support but Now I have a job to do it seems" she said streching her fingers amd loosing up her neck. "I hope that will not be a problem."
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 56d 7h 24m 13s
The atmosphere was unerringly quiet. Was this the feeling that captured prisoners of war had? Anara had captured a number of Imperialists, but had never seen what had actually happened to them after they were taken away. Being a prisoner of war was a new experience. Even though Anara did not know why she was being kept alive, it was better to be living than be dead.

Even though the cell was closed, Anara snapped to attention upon hearing what sounded like muffled footsteps. Even though hearing footsteps wasn’t usually a big deal, when one was trapped as a prisoner aboard an enemies ship, those pair of footsteps had a chance of walking over to you and telling you your fate.

Or in this case, the owner of the new pair of feet, start yelling at everyone else. Anara could not make out the angry words through the door. That quickly became boring.

Anara looked back at her belt, and took out a rounded metal metal object, it was a circle with an embossed X-Wing on it. This had been a gift to her from her parents, and she always kept it on her to remind her of them.

Twirling it around in her fingers, Anara had an idea. She placed it on the palm of her hand, and willed the embossed metal circle to go up. And it did go up, before Anara willed it to stop in midair. It looked so beautiful, just levitating in the middle and glinting if she moved her hand. She was just about to will it back into her own hand when she was shocked.

Shocking in itself is an unpleasant experience, but being shocked without being prepared for it was doubly worse. Amara found herself sprawled on the floor and jerking as the electricity coursed through her. And then it stopped, as suddenly as it had begun. The embossed circle came abruptly to the ground with a loud clang, followed by a few little consecutive clangs.

Anara was angry, she hadn’t done anything wrong. Or at least she thought that way. All she had done was levitate an object, she hadn’t even tried mind controlling one of the guard. She started on muttering and growling through an expletive when she heard the fire behind her open, and someone walk in.
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 85d 13m 46s
"Admiral on deck," A stormtrooper yelled as Admiral Anderson walked into the hanger. This caused all but the medic offices treating the wounded to snap to action. Anderson walked up to the new arrival and looked her up and down. He had dealt with Inquisitor before and never enjoyed it. Always thinking that they could do whatever they wanted. He had one given men to an Inquisitor for a mission. He never knew what happen to them just told that they had died.
"At ease," He finally said looking Lawrens. "I will handle them from here Lt. Make sure our new guess settle in well." In refence to their Jedi prisoner. "The only one that is allowed to see her is myself. If anymore tries to harm her you are order to subdue and kill if necessary, understood?"
Lawrens was furious. Why was order to protect the Jedi. He knew she could be use for information but why so much protect. Let the Sith have her and rip her apart. However, he hid this behind a face of steel. "Yes sir." With one last glare at the Inquisitor he left.
Anderson then turn his attain to the two sith. "Inquisitor, Yorina" He nodded "If you will both will follow me." He then turned and lead them to his office. Setting down in his chair and offing the two across from him he finally said. "Hello my name is Admiral Anderson, Logan. I'm in charge of the 9th out rim fleet. Or what left of it. I apologize about the communication issue during battle. Our long-range coms offline and only our short-range ship to ship is working. So, unless without knowing what frequency you were using we counted hear your hails. Now could you both tell me what I can do for you.
  Anderson / Mended / 90d 6h 51m 17s
Felt glares at Lt. Lawrens. "I don't need to do anything you ask, as a Inquisitor I outrank you "Lieutenant" SHe said taking a step towards him. "Also you never responed to my hails,if you did you would know who I am whelp." she added as she stopped moving and stared into his eyes. "NOw your going to take me to someone higher up on the food chain or I will have you charged with crimes against the Empire. Is that understood. SHe said and looked up as she sensed a Jedi. "OH what is this we have here? a little Jedi stowaway? Well seems my jurisdiction is this matter has just increased."
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 94d 11h 28m 56s
When they arrived in the hanger, Yorina noticed that there were a lot of injured there. From what she witnessed, she was surprised that many made it out alive. They must have found more pockets of survivors before running into her group. [i ‘If enough of them heal up fast enough, we might be back on track sooner than I expected,’] she thought with a smirk that dissipated as fast as it appeared.

She walked over to the even newer arrival’s ship with Lieutenant Lawrens. He seemed to be gradually becoming more on edge ever since they received the message. It could have been any number of things, but it didn’t seem to be her and there was no point in doing anything that could add her name to the list. Moscoff was in their care, so she would be too until they were able to resume their arrangement.

When they reached their destination, she was ready for this meet and greet to be over. The chick was no Jedi. It was obvious in the force. Though that didn’t necessarily make her an ally, it didn’t make her an enemy either. Just lock her up or put her under surveillance like she was most likely under and call it a day. Although Yorina was on an imperial ship, she was not one of their soldiers. So, they were more than likely still assessing her. Although that and her actions taken during the raid were definitely in her favor, the person before her didn’t seem to have either. Regardless, this wasn’t her ship and the lieutenant had his own protocol to follow, which apparently was going to involve a monologue until something unexpected happened.

She felt someone else use the force, a freaking Jedi of all people. He immediately passed the job onto one of his men and sprinted across the hanger. Even though he rushed over there, a trooper was the one to knock her out before he could do anything. [i ‘Disappointing…’] Yorina was hoping for the Jedi’s blood to paint the hangar.
  Yori'nacraden (Yorina) / Yoruneko / 99d 5h 20m 27s
She woke up. Nothing really exciting about waking up after being knocked out. Although at first, she did wonder if she was in some afterlife. But was the afterlife supposed to look like a prison with three stormtroopers guarding her cell block? Then this wasn't the afterlife, and this was actual life. She hadn't been blasted by a laser, but by a blaster set on stunning mode. It still confused her as to why the Imperials hadn't bothered to kill her, didn't they just execute any Rebel 'scum' that they caught? Either the part about executing any Rebel was wrong, or she was valuable in some way.

She sat up and raised her right hand. Immediately, a hand clutched her right hand - it was her own left hand. Something had happened, something had had to happen..... Hadn't she, on accident, used the force? Anara suddenly remembered what had happened after coming on board the Imperial ship. She felt afraid, she didn't want another such accident to happen. The less problems she caused right now, the higher the chance she'd be able to escape later, after she found out why she was being kept alive in this place.
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 108d 20h 26m 40s
Anderson watched as the enemy x wing and Lt. Green fighter were set down on the hanger floor. "Sir Security team delta report they have the X-wing surrounded and are awaiting further orders." One of the bridge crew called out. As soon as he was about to say something he watch Lt Green cockpit glass get kick out as she jumped for the wreckage. He expected her to leave and let the stormtroopers handle it but instead she climbed up the X-wing as it cockpit opened. She then did something no one could expect. She punched the pilot in the face. "What is she." Someone tried to say as they then all watched as Lt. Green went flying form the cockpit across the hanger landing a few feet behind the stormtroopers. "Shit" Was the only thing Anderson said as the next few minutes play out before him.
Lt. Lawrens walked with a quicked pace as he entered Hanger two. The hanger was a little cramped as they had to stuff three extra ties and eight bombers as well as the new ship that had landed. Normally it wouldn't be a problem but half the hanger had been turned into a medic bay for the wounded tanked on from the other ship. Lawrens didn't like when people he couldn't see use the force around him. He hated Jedi for what they had done. That didn’t mean he liked Sith much better but they at least kept to themselves and out of his way. He had lost his family during the clone wars to some Jedi master that had come to his plant to "help" then stay neutral in the war. However, their presence had brought the separatist to their door steps. The battle had killed everyone in his family but himself. That day he swore he would hunt down Jedi for their crimes.
He waited for the new arrival at the bottom of the ram. "Good day," He said as they walked down the ramp. "My name is Lt. Lawrens XO of the Victory. If you please hand over any and all weapon that you are caring. They will be held until we can conform who you are." Lawrens said in a serious tone. He wasn't really in a playing mood as her ship had not imperial marking and she hadn't answer any calls sent to her ship. Although there encryption code was outdate she should have gotten there messages. That when he felt the force being used again but this time across the ship. "Blast the lady." He cursed as he turning to the trooper next to him. "Hand this."
With that he sprinted full speed across the ship until he was just outside the hanger bay. There onto of the X-wing stood a female. Jedi. He thought as he rushed her. "Never give a Jedi time to thing. Always put pressure on them. This will give them less time to handle you." Was what he had learn in his years of training. So that what he did. In a full bull rush and it work as she took her attain of the stormtroopers. One of the trooper took the shot and knocked her out before she could draw her blaster. Lawrens stopped just short of where she had fallen and looked down. "Blasted bitch thing you could just get away with something like getting on my ship. Move her to the brig and keep her under 24-hour watch with three guards. If one of you starts to feel fun or do something without being told shock her with one of the shock collar." He yelled out. This day had been one hell of a day.
  Mended / 111d 8h 40m 2s
Felt nodded as she received a response to her call. "Finally someone answered." She said as her ship landed in the hanger. She stood up and walked out of the cockpit and to the main area of the ship. "HK if anyone tries to get onboard the ship without my permission, shoot them, but I would like them alive." she said as he opened the landing ramp and walked out oonto the hanger. "Now lets see who is incharge." she said as she looked around the hanger bay.
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 112d 3h 17m 20s
Admiral Anderson’s response was a bit more than disappointing. Every second they spent out here dealing with these rebels was a second more that Commander Moscoff was not obliged to carry out his part of the deal. As much as she enjoyed a good fight, her mind was not on the one enacting before her. In fact, her attention was not even in this star system until she heard someone reaching out through the Force. Apparently the lieutenant felt it and heard her too because immediately told the admiral to open the hanger. Back through the Force, she responded, [#c337b1 ‘I hear and understand you. You’re clear to board. On the way there now.’]

Yorina immediately headed out with Lieutenant Lawrens and his men. In case this wasn’t a friendly, she started familiarizing herself with this star-cruiser as they made their way to the hanger. As they were still on their way, she felt the ship jump into hyperspace. When that happened, she felt a sensation of relief since they were no longer wasting more time in that one location. She just hoped the detour wouldn’t take too long.
  Yori'nacraden (Yorina) / Yoruneko / 127d 3h 38m 29s

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