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The Emperor is dead his Empire is shambles. System turn against the once great Empire. Other stand with the Empire and ready themselves against the invasion of the Rebel Alliance. Small fleets is all stand between order and total chaos. Coruscant scrambles in desperation to find a new leader to take control of the chaos. Grand Admiral's claim the right to the thorn and start war with each other weakening themselves. The Rebel Alliance pushes hard against the weakend Empire overextending themselves and leaving themselves open for attacks. In the middle of the chaos Pirates and Raiders make a living on attack refugees and damaged ships. With the lack of the Empire presence they grow bolder every day.

And in the middle of this stands you. Will you protect your Empire, and stand against the threat that threatens everything you know. Or instead do you fight for the freedoms of a new Galactic order. Or Will you build a Criminal Empire like what Galaxy has never seen. The choice is yours. Pick a side and fight with everything you got.

So if you can't tell yet this is a Star War Rp. Just after Return of the Jedi. Make a Character and pick a side or don't. I will be Rp for the side of a Imperial Admiral. Just send me a PM if your Character and we can go from there.

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The ship was quit as it soon would soon reach it destination and enter combat what could lead to any number of dead. Men doubled checked their weapons crew ran thought firing solutions pilots ready themselves. Anderson looked over the report for about the tenth time. He had agreed two both Jedi and Sith demands securing their allegiance, for now. He agreed to Felt as he had little interest in things of dead men. For Arara he agreed as it would make it easier for his men not to shot her down. He also instructed her to were an Imperil helmet and suit as to hide her identify from all but Lt. Green. He let the rest know that he was using the X-wing was spoil of war and giving to the new polit of Eagle Squadron.

Green was over seeing her new Tie defender gifted to her by Anderson. The Tie Defender was the most advance ship that the empire had. Not many existed at the moment but Anderson had dreams of make the fighter one of the front-line fighters for top aces for his army. Sadly, at the moment he had only one from an old friend and he would be able to get more anytime soon. Green had let Arara over watch her X-wing repainting and loading of torpedoes.

A knock at his door brock his thoughts. “Sir we are two minutes out.” a voice said. “Thank you I be right out.” He said standing up and reading himself for his speech. He would say one last thing to his men and women before they took on their first missions as a new empire. Walking out onto the bridge he took his normal spot at the head of the ship. Turning to the commons officer he nodded and then waited a second.

“Men and women of the 12ft fleet this is Grand Admiral Anderson. I know most of you from our journey throughout the years. Most of you seen me grow from lieutenant. to Admiral. I tought most of you what I know. I show you that I value your lives more than the order I'm given. I see you most of you as my family. We seen hard time, we seen good time, however today we will see our hardest time as a friend, comrades, and as a family. Our enemy out number us they do not fear use and they will not pity us. Today we set out on our hardest mission. Outnumber out gun out of our mind send on a mission that everyone thinks we will fail. I won't say there won't be losses or sacrifice but I will say this. This is the best group of men and women I served with and I would have any one other then you to lead. So this may be my last order to most of you but our enemy will give us no quarter so show them none in return. Fight with everything you have. Watch each other back and show them why we the 12 fleet have been chosen to strike back. See you on the other side troopers Anderson out.” With that he ended his speech as the ships jumped out of hyperspace.

The crew on Anderson star destroy look up to him with face of determination before jumping on their station and calling out anything and everything they picked up.

“Sir at least three dozen ship circling the plant.” One called.

“Picking three large capital ship.” Another yelled.

“Counting at least two maybe three dozen fighters.” “We got deses calls coming from the plant.”

“Calls for help coming from several ships close to the plant services stats still coming in.”

“Wired reading coming from sector 13518742 wait that once of ours. Sir they have an Interdictor.”

“Rebels ships in upper atmosphere currently engaged with several pirate vessels. A few more making a run for it toward us most severely damage. Two ships in chase no fighter escorts.”

“Fleet waiting for your orders sir.”

Anderson smiled each cry of intel and update music to ears. “Tell all fighter to laugh tell Firebringer one and two they are on rescue detail. Save anyone that not a pirate rebels included. Tell the Inquisitor I got a new mission for her. I'm send her a small team of storm troopers to take back our Interdictor it one of ours and I'm not letting them keep it. Order battle plane Charly six we need Paladin into orbit and help Ciel ground troops. Give order to all fighter that their main goal it to let our bomber hit their targets. Keep Squad Echo Talons and Eagle close by as I will need them to hit hard targets.” He got back a score of rogers and yes sir as went out. Looking out his bridge he could see two Nebulon running form two Vengeance. Suddenly hundreds of fighter and bombers rush passed his ship rushing down the four ships However they rushed passed the Nebulon ignoring them all together. No there targets were the unshielded ships behind them.

Vengeance cursers had two powerful guns that could rip apart most ship however they lacked any shielding. They didn’t last a second under the fire of the ties as both ships exploded as the ties moved on. “Sir two cursers down no casualties.” Some announce. “Enemy fighter moving to engage our fighter. There ships seem to be moving to engage us.” They didn’t seem to happy that they had just blown two heavy ship out. “Tell all ships that they are clear to open fire once they are in range. Focus fire in the middle and make a path. Our help should be here soon.”

As if on cue several ships jumped out of hypers space. They were small with the largest being the same size of the Victory. “Sir new contacts looks like the Ciel Fleet. We are being hailed.”

“Put it throw” Anderson said a man that looked barely old enough to be a caption append next to him. “Admiral Anderson sorry we are late one of our ships had engine troubles.” The man said. “No worry Captain Shield you are just in time have your ship from into my fleet sending you the data now.” The ship moved to join into his fleet and set up. “Sir several fighter barring 90.”Some one called. “Send Eagle I wish to see our new pilot skills” He said not taking his eyes off the oncoming ships.

Lt green smiled as she rolled her ship into the oncoming fighter. She loved the way her defender flew it was moved and she could feel the fire power. “All right lady shows me your grit. Eagle two you're on your own today. Three you're with me and four you cover the newbie.” She was letting Arara being the led as she knew that she was more aggressor then her four. “Copy ma’am. Don’t worry newbie I'll keep them off you just keep forces forward. “Give them hell boys.” Two called as they ran head first into a group that was three time larger than them.”
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Felt watched as Anderson walked into the hanger and called out to her. She got up and walked out of her ship and looked at him. She listened to his proposal and leaned back against one of the hydraulic pistons attached to the landing ramp. "Interesting idea, I wonder if it was just his or someone Else's." she thought before looking up at him.

"Do not trust him, he is using you until your usefulness is over, just like the Emperor." One of the ghosts she bound said as he walked around the two of them. Another appeared and nodded. 'Yes, but taking the deal might give you access to more resources then you might have other wise." she said as she joined the other ghost in walking around them.

"That is true but I might find something useful if I join him. Maybe find some of the Jedi and Sith text the Emperor kept for himself." she thought. She then stood up straight and nodded. "Very well I will help you out, in exchange I can leave whenever I want and I get access to any and all Jedi, Sith and force related objects and text you or anyone under have or come across." she said and shook his hand before letting him walk away. "Well then let the games begin.
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 181d 22h 51m 32s
Those two hours had been a good two hours. On the one thing she had learned a few things from Lt.Green about herself and her occupation, like that Lt.Green wasn't used to heavy alcohol, and on the other hand she had managed to repair and tune the X-Wing back to flying status. The back end didn't look that great, there were still numerous scratches which took away from the beauty aspect, but the X-Wing still was functional.

Anara would have liked to cover up the scratches, but time was up. She helped Lt.Green clean up the hangar from parts and empty bottles before Lt.Green led her away from the hangar and up to a room.

After being locked inside, the only natural thing to do was to sleep.

Waking up, Anara could feel a bit of pain in her head. That pain was definitely from the drinking, but one had to indulge themselves every now and again. Especially when one was stuck on the inside of an Empire ship against their will.

Some time later, it was hard to tell the time when one was locked inside a room with no timekeeping device, a stormtrooper entered the room and asked her to come with him.

Where was she being led now?

She had no idea who it would be, until she entered the room after knocking. The voice sounded familiar, but the visual of Anderson connected with his voice made sure that it was a meeting with Anderson that she'd be having.

But not right away. Anderson was hunched over a bunch of papers, paperwork was a pain in the ass sometimes.

But eventually Anderson finished with the paperwork and turned his attention on her.

Anara leaned back in her seat, her arms crossed above her head as she thought over what she had just heard. Anderson wanted to hire her out to fight against a pirate with which even the Rebels had had problems with constantly. That meant that her X-Wing would be taken apart partially as well as having an EMP charge installed on it. But Anara didn't like to be cooped up, and blasting at pirates was a good way to expel all the pent up anger.

She sat back up straigh, looking at Anderson in the eyes. [+purple "I agree to your proposition, but I'll want to X-Wing repainted in black and make sure not to set off the torpedoes that it's carrying."]
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 193d 17h 6m 27s
“In one night, the galaxy fate had changed yet again. The small band of rebels deal with the still looming empire forces all over the Galaxy. The Consortium grows strong and bolder each day. Attacking plant after plant with little back lash. The Empire forces are spread far and thin holding on to the world they control while holding off large scale attack form both rebels and pirates. The galaxy loyalty is torn as plant after plant is attack by one group. Without the empire reach pirates and slave run free attacking shipping lanes. With the rebel's hands-tired dealing with the empire and the empire trying to recover none stand in the way of them. I say no more I say we the empire will fail if we don’t turn our attention to this threat. Without the will of the people we cannot hope to stand against the Rebellion.” The voice of the West said as several men watched a hologram picture of the man talking in front of assembly. “SO as of this day I have order the 12th fleet under command of Grand Admiral Anderson will head out to help the people of the outer rim. While what remains of our home fleets will join and mate the 9th fleet and defend all territories we control at this time and in the future.”

Suddenly the hologram disappeared as Anderson looked around the at the other men. “So, gentlemen we have our orders. We will help plants in the outer rim and deal with the growing threat of the Consortium. While 9th fleets hold the home front. Also I thing congratulations are in order. Admiral Morales congrats on your promotion. I know you will lead the 9th fleet to great thing.”

The man stood tall and saluted. “Thank you, sir It's been an honor, serving with you. I wish you all the best of luck in your campaign. Glory to the Empire.” Glory to Empire everyone said in return.

Anderson then nodded and turned to the other. “And to Caption Lawrence and Caption Cutter. Congrats both of you I wish you both the best of luck in your new positions.” The group clapped again as Anderson placed both hands on the table. “Now down to business. First let me introduce the plant Ciel our first target. Yesterday at 1300 hour a large fleet of ruffle 25 ship jumped out of hyperspace on top of the Ciel defense forces. Having little time to react most of the space force had other been destroyed or captured. Lucky however a few ships did manage to escape and get out a distress call. Shortly after the space battle the plant was invaded at 1500-hour same day and of 0700 hours this morning they have forces the plant military into the capital. They are running short on weapon firepower and hope.”

Each man looked as a new picture came up on the map of ships and arrows. “We will be that hope gentlemen. We will jump out of hyperspace and engage the hostile force open a whole for Paladin and her ground troops. A large group has been placed on Paladin so once she in orbit she will deploy all force to help fight back the invader. Captain Cutter as the new caption of Kaga I have the new that as this moment until I can get a hold of a new Imperial class you will be our only capital ships. So, get your crew ready for front line combat. I sent you all the details of the plan to your ships review and be ready of combat in two hour we jump as soon as you are all back aboard your ships. Good luck to you all and see you on the other side.”

Each man saluted before leaving to return their ships Anderson also leaving to board the Paladin. Leaving only Anderson and an aid. “Tell the crew to be ready to jump in five I must talk with the inquisitor.” The aid nodded before running off as Anderson head to the hanger. “Inquisitor.” He greeted. “I keep this quick as battle is soon to be a foot. I have a deal for you. I understand that the inquisitor serves no one but I wish to hire your service. Join my crew and help me in my mission and I will reward you with anything in my power. I will also have the full backing of me and my men. You are more than welcome to leave and then you are welcome back.

Once Anderson was done talking with Felt he returned to his office and order one of his men to bring him Arana. He wanted to talk to her about a proposal. It took several minters before a knock at his door showed her arrival. “Enter.” was all he said as two trooper and Arana walked in. “Thank you troopers, wait outside please, Commander Arara please have a seat.” He gestured to seat across from him. He didn’t say anything or even look at her for almost ten whole minutes instead he worked on some paper work and finished up the last few things he needed.

Once he was done without looking at her he said. “Commander I am going to be frank with you. We are about to engage a force in battle in less than two and an half hours. It going to be a heavy battle as the pirate have be bolder lately. Using better and fast fighter as well as capital ship supplied by the terrorist Tyber Zann.” He then turned and look at her. “For that reason, I believe you and I have a common enemy.” He had read many reports about Zann attacking rebels' portals and supply ships to take for himself. “So instead of keeping you locked up on my ship I would like to hire you for this next battle. Of cores you may use your X wing however your hyperdrive will be removed and a emp installed for any safety reason to my own men. You would be attached to Lt Green and her Squadron. Once the battle finished you will return to my ship. Day after tomorrow when we return you we will send you back in the trade with very health amount of credits.” He watched her face carefully. “Do we have a deal Commander?”
  Anderson / Mended / 199d 5h 26m 26s
After a while of reading through reports and check old Sith and Jedi text she had access two she leaned back in her chair and looked out the cockpit into the hanger of the Star Destroyer. "SO many places I could go, plenty of possible tombs I could investigate. Though the question remains, would they stop me if I tried to leave?" she thought to herself as she put one data pad down and picked up another, scrolling though its contents.

"What was his reason for bring me to the party and announcement? Did he want me there to see it in person so it would be harder to deny? Or was it to see how much support they have?" She muttered as she looked through some reports her contacts had sent her about the announcement before turning the data pad off and reached over to the control panel. "Well not much I can do but this." she muttered as she sent Anderson a simple text message. "Congratulations Admiral."
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 202d 19h 27m 1s
Green looked a bit shocked by the alcohol but shrugged as she picked one up. Taking a few sips, she coughed heavy from it. “Dam you guys don’t skim out.” She wasn't use to stuff this heavy so choose only to have a few a bottle as she was still in charge of watching Arara. As she drank she mostly watched to see how the X-wing operated and how someone without heavy training fixed they own ship. She would have to admit she was impressed but Arara skills. “You seemed to know quite well what you’re doing. I didn’t know much about it so I didn’t touch much.” She asked defeat questions about odds and ends about the star craft and soon two hours had passed as Green let out a long yawn. “All right fly boy time to wrap this up. It getting late and I should get to bed as we ship back out tomorrow.” She stood up and help clean up the mess they had made with the drinks and parts. After they had cleanup she took Arara back to the office quarters she had used during the afternoon. “You have everything you need for the night in there. You will be locked in as the door been made to keep you in. Plus, he watching on the ship computer so do try messing with the door once you in. Have a good night Arara it was enlightening evening.” And with that she locked the door behind Arara. Heading off to her own champers she slept happily with the new information about the pilot.

Anderson was in a small room still on the plant his shirt off and his chest covered in bandages. Data spread a crossed the desk in front of him. Each with information about plants, request and mission that he could undertake in the next few days. He had two chooses deal with the rebels or the Consortium each seemed eager to attack. However, the Rebellion like the empire was scattered and week so he didn’t need to worry about them just yet, No the Consortium was getting large every day and was a bigger threat. Pulling up a data pad he looked at a distress signaling that was only a few hours old. It was a request to any and all force to help the plant of Ciel. It was under attack by the Consortium. So far they had been able to hold their ground but they wouldn’t be able hold out much longer.

Ciel was neutral system close to the edge of the empire grasp. He was ha rich plant and could make a good trading partner if they could get the help of the plant but first they would need to gain their trust. Plus, this seemed like the best way to start building that trust. Plus it would be a good way of showing the rest of the Galaxy that the empire wasn’t out of the fight just yet. Sending the code and report to his office aboard the Victory he smiled. This was his first step in showing them that he was in charge now.
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Felt sighs and leans back in a chair as she rides a shuttle back to the ship. "I wonder what Anderson is planning next? If He and other planned that attack then they obviously aren't worried about pushing things too far." she thought. Eventually the stuttled arrived and she heads back to her ship.

Once she enters she enters it and locks the boarding ramp. She checks with her droids to see if anything happened before putting them in sleep mode. She then goes to check the news and shakes her head. "Well I my not agree with the higher ups but they have managed to get what they wanted in the end, the public is supporting them." she said before turning off the holo net feed. She then picks up a data pad and starts looking through some of her data. "Maybe I should look for another ghost or something and let all of these changed take place while I am gone.
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Even though she didn't really like wearing a dress, Anara still understood the stupidity of ruining a dress by dirtying up via working on fixing her X-Wing. As long as her clothes had not been thrown away then everything would be fun, she didn't want to go looking for another set of new clothes.

Well, that was good to know. Some stormtrooper named Ryken was in charge of watching her.

Talking about Ryken, here he came walking in. He casually tossed her a bag which she caught, it was good to know that her clothes hadn't been thrown away - at least she'd have clothes she felt comfortable wearing.

Anara couldn't see where to change though. Changing out here would be somewhat awkward and inappropriate. But fortunately Ryken knew a room where she could change, pointing it out to her.

As she walked towards the changing room, she heard Lt.Green wanting to hurry it up. Someone was impatient to see more of the X-Wing.

Taking off the dress was easy, putting everything back on wasn't that easy. The dress was simply unzipped in one place, and then one just stepped out of it. Everything else, had to be pulled on. The clothes weren't too tight, and it felt like a second skin; Anara had worn these clothes for a long time.

As to the hair, Anara decided to pull it back into one long ponytail and let it hand down her back.

WAlking back out, Anara walked up to Ryken and handed him the bag and dress.

And then she just walked to her X-Wing. But Anara stopped as she heard Lt.Green joking, based off the cheeky looking smile on Lt.Green's face. Ryker's expression, equivalent to a poker face. His responce, well Anara didn't know what to make of it for she couldn't figure out who was supposed to be the girl and who was supposed to be the child.

So it was Lt.Green to whom Ryker was referring to as a child. To Anara, Lt.Green didn't look like a child really, not right now anyways. [+purple "I'll answer your question anyways. If you let down your ponytail and in casual clothes, I might mistake you for a little girl."] Anara smiled, chuckling with the smile. [+purple "Just joking. Now, to the X-Wing"]

Lt.Green had done good work on the X-Wing. Although just to get a closer look at some of the internal parts of the X-Wing, Anara had to undo some of the work of Lt.Green.

Like with the engines, Anara had to take of some of the outside plating to take a look at each of the four engines. With each engine, Anara went in deep, and did some re-tuning of each engine.

Anara was working on the third engine which was being somewhat of a pain in the ass, when she heard a few oud thuds against the hangar floor. Standing up, Anara looked at Lt.Green who seemed to be staring down at the ground near the front landing gear.

Anara jogged over to Lt.Green. Looking down at the same spot, a few metal cylinders were laying on the floor. KNeeling down and then looking up, a small flap had appeared to the rear of the landing gear. Well, Lt.Green had found the stash of alcohol by accident.

Standing back up, Anara turned to Lt.Green. [+purple "Looks like you found the flap where I store alcohol during space flights..... Nothing like some space chilled alcohol with the squad after a mission."]

Kneeling down, Anara unscrewed the the six metal cylinders open to reveal six bottles of some pretty strong alcohol. Taking one of the bottles, [+purple "Help yourself to one"], before walking back to finish working on the engines.

As she worked, Anara occasionally took a sip from the bottle. Nothing like working and drinking to relax.
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 226d 20h 35m 54s
Lawrence spend a few hours drinking before finding himself a room at a hotel that housed any officers. Once he came got to his room he fired off a message to Anderson about the success of captaining the spy and attacker. Turning on the TV he turned to the news to see what everyone was saying. It was full of talk about the event the attack and more importantly the talk about the new emperor. They seemed mostly happy about the new emperor as they talked about how much of a trust worth man West seemed to be. Most talk was positive but still some people asked what would be next for empire and what would become of the war. Shutting of the TV he dropped into his bed. He truly didn’t care what became of the empire as long as he could keep hunting Jedi and killing his enemies.

Green pulled out her data pad and pressed a few keys. "Don’t know." She shrugged. "Will have to ask Ryker as he the one in charge of watching you." She pressed one last key and smiled. "You will be able to ask him in a second as he hasn’t left the ship. I don’t think he has ever left the ship kind of odd but that just Ryker." A few minture later the stormtrooper walked in a bag of clothes in his hand. "Yea I got them." He said tossing the bag to Arara the bag. "Caption said to keep them. Go change in the room over there and return the dress to me once you done ill make sure it gets clean and returned to you later."

He had pointed to a changing room that was used for maintenance team to change in and out of every day. Green just took off her pilot jacked showing off a black tank top. "Come on hurry up I wanna see more of the fames X-wing." Both waited for her to return and once she did Ryker took the dress and started walking off with it. "What don’t wanna stay and talk with two beautiful girls?" Green said with a cheeky smile to the storm trooper. Ryker turned his head back to them. Green could almost see the deadpan look on his face. "I only see one and a child." He then left leaving the two alone.

Green let out a laugh and a pout. "O hahahaha mister company act. I thought stormtroopers couldn’t have tell jokes." She yelled back as he left. "Better watch out or ill report you to the XO." But he was gone as Green let out a heavy sigh. "You don’t think I look like a child do you." She asked Arara placing her hands on her hips. "You know what don’t answer that lets just get to work."
  Anderson / Mended / 227d 6h 57m 42s
Felt smirks as she listens to Lawrence. "Interesting, though I must say, I rarely trust anyone." she said before she started walking off to spend some time to herself . She walks off onto a balcony and looks up at the night sky before closing her eyes and enjoying the air.

Her eyes open and glance to the side and notice glowing blue translucent robed figure watching her. She said and continues to look up at the sky. "What is it?" she asked the figure. "You should not trust any of them, they could all be snakes, just waiting to stab you in the back." Felt sighs again but does not look away from the sky. "I know that that's why I will be staying in my ship from now on." The figure nods. "Good, remember Force Walker you may be bound to death and life, but you are not immortal" The ghost said before vanishing. Felt shook her head and made her way to the landing pad
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 231d 14h 16m 36s
Well, it was kind of dirty fighting. But then again, when one was fighting against an opponent who had pretty much all the control, any little action that helped was seized upon and utilized.

Even though Lt.Green was an Imperial pilot, as a pilot Anara felt sorry for her. Anara perfectly understood the bonds that formed between squadmates, and how it painful when those bonds were broken. Especially when that break came in the form of an assasination attempt.

As to being a target of assassinations, Anara had a theory as to why. Maybe she just was not important enough to be targeted before, not high enough in the ranks to where her death would have that big of an impact.

Lt.Green landed them back on the ship. The hangar they landed in was for the most part devoid of any ships, minus a few Tie fighters which were grounded.

Any experience made one a better pilot, even an attempted assassination attempt. Although that had to be somewhat scary, being stuck in space with an unresponsive ship. Just floating, up to the whim of fate.

As a pilot, and only as a pilot, it irked Anara that Lt.Green had decided to fix up her X-Wing. The X-Wing was hers, and that meant it wasn't allowed to be touched by anyone else.

But otherwise, Anara appreciated the gesture. Lt.Green, after all, had decided to have a go at repairing the X-Wing even though it meant neglecting her damaged Tie fighter.

[+purple "Ya, I guess I do need to change. Otherwise, this dress is going to get all dirty. Although, I suppose they got rid of my old clothes, but I don't know anything at this point."]
  Anara / NorthernWolves / 232d 20h 55m 51s
Lawrence shruged. "I don’t really feel like it but you can if you want. Anderson will be fine as this whole thing was his idea. I plan to drink myself into a comma before tomorrow as it will be my last free time for a while." He then started walking back to the bar. "Just a warning about Anderson. Though he may not look like that man is dangers. He knows what makes people tick. He may seem nice at time but other he can be curl. He cares little for anything but can make it look like he does. He will manipulate people feeling thought and ideas for his own gain. Not to say he will do it to you but watch out. What he about to do to that Jedi is worst then anything that you or I could do." He then turned and left. Walking to the bar he took a seat and orders something tall and strong. The seat next to him open.

Green shrugged. "Maybe for you rebels but that almost an every other day occurrence. I think I been almost kill at least nine times. Maybe you forget or don’t see it but you guys fight duty. Sabotage, assassination are just a few of the thing the rebels have used against us." She took back control as she started taking them back to the Victory. "Hell, once my own wingman tried to kill me. Almost did, we took off on a standard patrol around the area when suddenly a rebel ship jumped out of hyper space and attacked us. As soon as I gave the order to attack he shot at me. He shoots took out most of my system and left me helpless in space. Would have died if not for the quite response of petrol ship in the area. Funny enough thought it how I meet Anderson but anyways in the end the ship and the person I thought had been a friend got away."

She landed them in the hanger that was still empty but for several ties that rested in their cradles. She leaned back in her own seat as he looked at Arora. "I always wonder what happened to him. Did he just leave or did he join the rebels? Is he still alive or did he die in some battle? All I can say is that thanks to him I became the better pilot I am." She stood up and walked to the back of the shuttle. "The next question is what will you learn from this. Anyways follow me I got a few questions about your X-wing. I was able to put most of it back together but if you like me you don’t like when other mess with your baby."

She led them to another hanger that was closed. This was a maintenance bay as mostly everything in the hanger was torn apart. In the middle-rested Anara X-wing. Next to it in a pile of parts laid a Tie interceptor. "I been so busy fixing yours up since I got it I haven't put mine back tougher. Thought I heard I was getting a new ship soon so I haven't really cared. As you can see I put everything back together but I knew you wanted to fine tune it." She had almost forgotten that Arara was in a dress and added. "After you change of course and if you don’t mind I like to as question about how you became a star fight pilot."
  Anderson / Mended / 234d 3h 28m 9s
Felt Narrowed her eyes at the announcement. "A new empire and emperor huh. This could go very good or very bad." she thought when Lawrence asked his question. She was about to answer but raised her hand and deflected several blaster bolts. "Looks like we have some trouble." she said with a smile as she pulled out her Lightsaber and ran towards the combat, followed closely by Lawrence. Upon arrive she watched the incident play out before sighing and turned to Lawrence. "So should we head back to the ship as well?"
  Felt Shadow / IKage / 234d 22h 26m 10s
She could feel herself wanting to run, but something compelled her to stay down. It was natural to want to run away from a dangerous situation, but at the same time it was a more logical choice to stay down. By standing up, she'd be presenting herself as a much bigger target to the assassin than she would be by lying down.

Anara still could not believe it. How was it possible? Why would someone she was on extremely good terms with try and shoot her down like that? She had always been an ardent pilot for the Rebellion, never once even questioning the cause. Anara could not seem to get around this thought at all, this single thought just constantly ricocheting around her head.

She did not notice Anderson cursing or telling her that everything was going to be alright. She did not seem to notice that Lt.Green had ran up with a medic and then Anderson leaving on a stretcher, or the fact that Lt.Green had called her a flyboy and was dragging her back to the shuttle.

Had he shot her solely because she had been walking hand-in-hand with Anderson? Leon had to know better than that, he would have been smart enough to figure out.

But his attempt at killing her, it contradicting all that.

Anara found herself sitting in the pilot's seat of the shuttle after having taken off the planet, with Lt.Green being in the copilot's seat.

Her mind was in panicked rush, but here was something familiar in front of her; the controls of a ship. Anara started to get comfortable, looking across the control panel of the shuttle and familiarzing herself with the controls and the buttons.

She did not do anything crazy. First just a flight in a straight line, followed by a few turning maneuvers to adapt to the responsiveness of the shuttle.

For a moment, Anara forgot about all the troubles that were bothering her. For a few minutes, she was solely focusing on the one thing which she definitely enjoyed; flying.

Anara piloted the shuttle into an orbit around the pilot, before kicking back, putting her feet on the panel out of habit. [+purple "It is one thing to die in the midst of a ship fight, and a completely different thing to die by assassination."] Some emotion crept into Anara's voice, but she didn't trust Lt.Green enough to tell that a friend had tried to assassinate her.
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Lawrence lead them to an overhang that ended in a service door. He had to lean out the edge to see the speaker. He was impressed by the set up as everything was done in the empire color yet it was different than other balls he been to. As the speech went on he kept his eyes on the table slightly out of the way. Anderson could be seen with the Jedi. He wanted to laugh at her insecurity in the situation as she sat and listened to the speech. Finally, with the crowd standing to the news he looked away to the stage. "New emperor hmm?" He said.
"How well do you think that will settle with the rest of the empire?" He asked Felt. However, he didn’t hear her answer as he watched a blaster bolt hit Anderson after he moved to protect the Jedi. He let out a heavy sigh. "So that his game." He ready himself as a minute later a man burst through the door. Before the man could even register that Lawrence was there he was face first into the ground.

"Nice work solider." A voice said behind him. Both men looked up to see a man standing there with two stormtroopers. The man on the group looked horrified. "Mike... what are you..." He said until relation came to his face. "She wasn’t the traitor, you were." His face was then filled with horror. "I just shot at..." Mike smiled evilly. "That right you just shot at a girl that was nothing more than a hostage. A girl who saw you as nothing more than a friend. Poor girl trapped in a place she doesn't understand and shot at by a dear friend. I can't imagine what she going through at this moment." Leon tried to stand up and attack Mike but will quietly smashed back into the ground. "You bastard she was our friend how could you do something like that. She trusted you. I trusted you." He yelled struggling. Mike just laughed. "It nothing personal Leon but I told you some of the best spy are people we trust. Trooper take him to his new home."

The two storm troopers picked Leon up and started dragging him off. "I thank you for your help Lt. but I must be going." With that Mike turned and left. Lawrence let out a long heavy sigh. "Well that was interested." He said turning back to the crowed Anderson and the Jedi was no were in site. "Well then I think our work is done. Care for a few drink?" He was going to need something strong after this.

Anderson cursed heavily as he rolled off of Anara. The shot had hurt far more than her thought as he laid on his back as people screamed around him. He could hear men shouting and giving order as men went to find the shooter. That went he noticed something flying around the room. He would smile if he wasn’t in so much pain. Anara was panicking just as planed but he need came her down a bit. Grabbing her hand, he squeezed it as much as he could. "Do not worry Anara you are fine calm yourself." He said as Green ran up with a medic. "Sir are you okay?" She asked pushing him onto his side to see the shot "We need to get him to the medical ship now." She yelled as two men came up with a stretcher. After placing him on the stretcher the three troop took him away. Green turned to the Anara and grabbed the girls shoulder. "Snap out of it flyboy. We need to get moving." She then led the way out to the shuttle that had brought them to surface. Placing Anara in to copilot seat she took off.

After a few minutes they had returned to the clear and free sky. "Well shit." Green said running her hand in her hair. "Can't for once we have just a normal boring day." She could still see that Anara was a bit shaken up. "Hey flyboy you going to be okay? Shouldn’t you be use to people trying to kill you?" She joked not knowing what else to say. "Wanna Fly? It not a fighter but it still might clear you mind." She was in to co-pilot so if she tried something crazy Green could take back control. She knew that for pilot like her it took the open skies to calm them down.
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