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[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Green eyes hid tint of gold in them. Those glowing green eyes held so much anger, hatred, and pain. She watch the cat girl closed hissed a little when she got to close. [#6d0aeb "I see...well I can tell you know he will never tame me...nor will I ever let him get closed to biting me."] she drily.

[#6d0aeb "If you had any pride left you would of resisted to..."] he said as she sat he thing down in the room she was said to be staying in. [#6d0aeb "I suppose...it must be hard to avoid pleasure huh pussy-cat!"] she said with hiss. He green eyes still burn with hatred. [#6d0aeb "Demon are not creature that please people they are meant to cause pain and destroy everything you ever gave a damn about... You will never understand that... You will never know the pain I went"] She said with a hiss.

Serena sighed softly as she open her suit case. Inside was another set of clothes they were pretty worn. She pulled out her book, then put her suitcase under the bed. She didn't want anyone touch it. She then flee the room not giving a damn what Mimi had to say. The damn woman just like everyone at that retched school. Had they all lost their pride. Serena looked around the mansion searching for quiet place to read.
  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 353d 5h 4m 24s
Mimi turned and glared at Serena, her voice sharp. [+blue "Master Shiki has brought you here because... He cannot claim me. Did they never teach you about how demons draw their power?"] She asked, sounding confused. [+blue "Some school- Well, they drink our blood and in return their bite fills our body with unimaginable pleasure. We cook and clean for them also."] She said, nodding along with her own thoughts.

Up in his office Shiki sighed and read through some papers. [+red "She's not worth this much trouble. I could just send her back. No... That will make me appear weak..."] He said, his voice rumbling like thunder as he glanced around the large office. He reached into the breast pocket of his shirt and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it. He needed to find a way to calm that girl down. He wouldn't be able to present her to his dad as his own if she was going to be this difficult.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 356d 4h 49m 18s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena sighed softly as she rolled her eyes. His arrogant attitude was getting on her nerves. She followed the man back to the house lashed her tail in an unhappy motion. She sighed softly as she looked around. She was happy that he agreed to let her do as she please but she didn't want to be home for dinner. Not with him, nor did she want to be home at night. [#6d0aeb "This place will never be my home...remember that"] she said with a hiss as she step through the door way.

She snapped her jaw when the male yelled. She seen another neko. She could smell her scent. She glare looking back at the male. What the fuck? If he has her was the hell did he need me? She thought to herself. She was ready to turn around and march out the door. She couldn't stand this there was another cat working her there was no fucking need for two of them.

Her green eyes started to get brighter. They were turning yellow. She sighed softly as she looked at the male with her arms crossed. [#6d0aeb "If you already have a fucking cat then why you need me? Are you planning to have some sort of harmen ? If that the case I want no part of it!"] she said with a hiss. Her words were corse and dry, they seem to hold hidden anger that was just dying to come out.
  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 356d 9h 14m 16s
He turned and glared at her, his eyes glowing a dim red. [+red "Fine! You may come and go as you please!"] He yelled, his voice booming as he walked up, grabbing her hand in a crushing grip, looking into her eyes. [+red "But I expect you home at night and at meal times."] He said, growling angrily. In this angered state he could be compared to the devil so... Serena had basically just made her deal with the Devil.

A bit later at the mansion, he pushed open the door and stepped inside, waiting for her to do the same. [+red "Mimi! Come here please!"] He boomed, it echoing in the house a bit. Soon, a young neko girl bounded out and grinned. [+blue "Hello Master! W-who is this?"] She asked, looking at Serena suspiciously.
[+red "This is... My maid."] He said, throwing a glance back at Serena. [+red "She may come and go as she pleases but will be here for meal times and at night."] He said, beginning to sound tired. [+red "I will... Be in my office."] He said, growling a bit as he trudged up the steps to his office and slammed the old oak door shut.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 356d 22h 37m 30s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena glared at him then let out sharp hiss. How dare he say such a thing to her. She glared at him and crossed her arms. [#6d0aeb "I'm not moving this spot until you agree to shake my hand!"] she sand she looked at him. Her green eyes glisten with excitement. To think that he would even consider making a deal.

She listen to he male go on about the male wanted her blood? What a weirdo like she ever let him get that closed to her. She might of been small and weak but it didn't mean she couldn't out smart him. She flicked her tail as watched the male closely. Serena sighed softly as the male went on about him saying something about his father? Well at least he had a father!

She sighed softly as she looked down toward the ground. She didn't have a parents. They were killed by demons when she was very young. Ever since then she has hated them. Those heartless monster they all deserved to burn in hell were the belonged.
  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 358d 5h 49m 2s
As she continued to be difficult he growled and strode up to her, towering over her easily. [+red "Damnit girl... You act as though you have any choice in this matter..."] He said, his voice dropping to a whisper. By this point, most demons would have snapped and struck their maid, forcing them into listening with violence. Shiki was a different kind of person though. He knew how much stronger he was then her, he didn't see a point in beating her.

He leaned down and glared right into her eyes, his being swirling pools of red. [+red "You will call me Master. Not my name."] He said, narrowing his eyes at her. [+red "And I picked you so I wouldn't have to bite you. I don't want your damn blood. You're around to get my father off my back, you hear me?"] He said, growling. He couldn't care less if she wanted to be around or not, he sure as hell didn't want her. At least this way he knew he wouldn't have to worry about her begging for him to bite her.

He stood up straight and set a hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. [+red "We are going home now. I don't want to hear any more complaints for a while."] He said, looking towards the road that led towards his home. [+red "We will talk more of this... Deal... When we arrive."] He said as he began walking towards said road.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 359d 53m 59s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena hissed at him when he yell at her. Damn if only she hadn't of gotten stuck she might of gotten away from him. [#6d0aeb "Oh really now? Well fine then I won't call you by yours asshole!"] she hissed she was even more enrage when he said something about a leash. She wasn't a dog! She glared at him her green eyes burn with hatred.

Serena gather her things quickly from the ground. She then closed her suitcase making sure it was latched tightly. He cold green eyes never left Shiki. She wan't scared of him. She probably should of been but she wasn't. She was ready for a cat fight. She hissed again before looking off into a different direction. [#6d0aeb "Why didn't you choose any of those other ladies? They are just dying to go home with you? Why me!"] she said drily.

Serena lashed her tail behind her in a rapid motion. She was very upset about this. She sighed softly as she closed her eye then open then again. [#6d0aeb "How about me and you strike a deal? I will go back with you willing but in return you must grant me my freedom...I will not say with you forever....also do keep in mine cat come when they feel like not when you tell them"] she said with crooked smile. She held her small hand out hoping for him to agree. She really hoped that he would, she didn't want to be stuck with this guy. She didn't want to be a maid. No she wanted more out a life then mindless serving some heartless family.
  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 359d 7h 37m 53s
As he had been waiting outside, he had been quietly counting in his head. Once he reached thirty he began walking out of the school and around the side, his hands shoved into his pockets. [+red "Figures that she would run..."] He muttered to himself as he walked out the front doors.

As he rounded the school he could see her gathering her things and he growled, walking towards her calmly. [+red "You will earn the right to be called by your name!"] He yelled over to her, his voice rumbling again. [+red "Gather your things from the ground and let's get going. I want to be home before dinner."] He said, narrowing his eyes at her.

As he neared the fence, he grabbed onto it and threw himself over, landing next to her, glaring down. [+red "Come now. If you just listen for once, I won't put the leash on you."] He said, his eyes burning. He really didn't want her around but he figured at least this way he could show her off to his father to please the old coot.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 359d 13h 19m 40s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena glared back at the male. Like hell. She wasn't going anywhere wit this man. [#6d0aeb "I have a name!"] she said with a hiss. She watched at the male wonder out the door. She just simply smiled, since he had left he room it left a few opportunity for her to slip out with out him even knowing.

Serena didn't have much at all since she came to this school as a stray. More of like the took her. She smiled softly as she grabbed her suitcase. She looked around to see everyone else mainly focusing on themselves. Serena walked over to the window and opened it. It was finally time for her to get out of this place. Slipped out the window and land softly on the ground.

[#6d0aeb "Catch me if you can you..."] said quietly. Serena then made her a crossed the campus. She remember there being a large fence that led to the woods. If she could make to the woods there would be no away that Shiki would ever find her. She would finally be free, she be able to do what she had always planned.

Serena had a hard time playing nice with demons. When she was a kitten her mother and father were murder by those monsters. Serena was all on her own until this school took her in. They train her to become a great maid but they also taught her other things. She was very thankful, but she just couldn't be a maid. She hated demons! They were disgusting, vile creatures that only cared about themselves.

Serena smiled when she made it to the fence. Surely by now Shiki had notice her disappearance she was going to have to hurry. She easily squeezed through the bars of the fence. She went to pull her small suitcase through but it got stuck. [#6d0aeb "Damn..."] she said as she thought of what to do. She need to hurry if she didn't Shiki would find her and probably drag back to his place. She shook her head at that thought. There was no away in hell she was going back to his place. She hissed again giving her suitcase a hard pull. She felt backwards it open. [#6d0aeb "Ugh"] she said as she quickly gather her things from the ground.
  Serena / Catnip / 1y 359d 18h 36m 58s
He glared down at her and his eyes oozed hatred and anger. [+red "I wasn't asking for your opinion girl... Gather your things... We are leaving in just a moment."] He said, his voice rumbling like thunder. he then strode from the room and stood in the hall, leaning against the wall as he waited for her to come out. He sighed internally, wondering to himself why he had chose this one but then a thought struck him. He didn't really want a neko of his own... This was just to get his father off his back about this.

He hadn't always been so cold and cruel. There had been a time when Shiki smiled and laughed just like all the other kids his age... But that was far behind him and at this point, all that was left of his past self was a name and some old memories.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 359d 21h 53m 33s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena was sitting quietly alone. Reading another one of
those romance stories that she secretly loved. She her the door open with a thud. Her green eyes glance in the direction of the demon that had enter the room. How annoying she thought to herself as she try to get back to reading.

Suddenly she felt a cold hand grab her arm and yank her out into the hall.
Of course she was pissed about it. She hissed and pulled at her arm trying to get it out of the male hand. She still had her book in the other hand. She was tempted to hit that male with it. [#6d0aeb "What the hell do you want from me Shiki...] she said drily. She wasn't scared of demons. She just found them to be quiet a nuisance. Her green eyes shimmered with anger. What the hell was wrong with him ? Then the though hit her. It was that time again... Wasn't it?

[#6d0aeb "Oh like hell!"] she said the male demanded she come with him. [#6d0aeb " Do you really think that I would go any where with the likes of you? You haven't even bought me dinner yet!"] she said with hiss as she ripped arm away from the male loosening grasp. [#6d0aeb " Besides...there are tons of other girls her that are just dying to go with you...Surely you could just take one of them...Surely they could fill your desire..."] she said as she averted her eyes back to her book. She was so glad that it hadn't gotten bent.
  Serena / Catnip / 1y 361d 4h 58m 6s
Shiki walked through the school, peaking into rooms here and there, a few other demons walking along behind him, glancing in here and there as well... The neko's at this school had finally come of age to be chosen by a demon as a blood slave, or as the new term went, 'maid'.

He looked in one room and one single Neko caught his eye... Her... The one that always gave trouble to all demons no matter what the cost... He grunted quietly and opened the door to the classroom, most of the girls gasping and blushing at the sight of the powerful demon. [+red "I want to see her in the hall... Now..."] He growled, his voice steely. As the girl got up, he half dragged her into the hall and he looked her over quickly, the girl complaining the whole time.

He looked her in the eye, his showing no emotion what so ever. [+red "Sit still!" He snapped, pinning her against the wall. "I think you might be just right..."] He said, walking back into the room, an iron grip on her wrist. [+red "I have chosen this one as my Neko... Get your stuff..."] He growled down at her.

Shiki was one of the most powerful demons in this area and because of that, other demons gave him respect and nekos never wanted more then to be with him. He was very tall and pretty thin, but had muscle packed onto his body. He always wore his red satin shirt and left the top two buttons open, always seeming to get girls staring at him... Why did he choose the one that would hate to be around him?!
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 362d 2h 19m 55s

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