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_____ is your normal girl in Highschool... Except things aren't... Normal...
The demon race has overpowered the vampires after a long and hard war and now the demons are rebuilding... The nekos are still on the bottom of the food chain, being the upper-classes slaves...

Shiki is a demon of a powerful family, therefore, he has more power then most demons. The neko girls at the school almost throw themselves at him daily as he only walk past.

______ is the only girl to resist him. Will she give in?

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The man grinned in the fading light. [+green "I've come to see you silly! I wanted to see how he was treating you and tell you that if you'd rather, I can take you away from this... Place."] He said, glancing down at Shiki.

On the ground, Shiki was becoming more and more frustrated by the scene playing out in front of him. [+red "Serena! I told you to come down from there this instant!"] He growled, his eyes glowing in the dim light. It was blatantly obvious he held the man next to her in high disgust.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 252d 13h 12m 42s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena emeralds held a small hints of anger. She had stop playing when she had heard a mysterious voice speaking to her. Who was this fruit-loop? What did he want from her. She smiled a quick, but fake smile. She held the flute tightly in his hand. [#6d0aeb "That I am..."] she said dryly. She really didn't want to be his maid.

[#6d0aeb "Who are you? Why are you here? Shouldn't you be down stair with Kiki...opps I meant Shit-shit... Shiki"] she said she bit the inside of her cheeks. Her tail flicked in rather frustrated and annoyed motion. [#6d0aeb "I'm sorry... if you here to see him he is down there screaming his annoying head off"] she said as she let out a small sigh.

Looking into this man blues eyes felt weird. Why was he hear? Why would he bother to talking to her why not pester Shiki who seemed to be in quiet a fuss.
  Serena | / Catnip / 324d 2h 20m 24s
Shiki strode through the house, a glare plastered on his face. [+red "I'm going to kill her..."] He growled as he headed back up stairs to see if maybe he just didn't see her earlier.

As Serena sat up on the roof playing the flute, a set of footsteps walked up to her and suddenly, a man sat down next to her. He was wearing a beautiful silver suit and his eyes glowed a gentle blue. [+green "Why hello there... Are you Shiki's new maid?"] He asked, smiling at her. His smile was warm but it had a wolfish look to it. There was definitely more to this man then it seemed.

Shiki strode out the front door and looked up, having heard the music and quite talking. [+red "Serena? Who is-... Come down here right now."] He called up, his tone going from annoyed to almost... Nervous.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 14d 11h 43m 34s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee [#6d0aeb Serena ] was outside once more on the roof top staring into the distance. She sighed softly as she looked towards the sky. She could hear Shiki yelling about something. What the hell was his problem. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the temperature was nice. It was simply beautiful out.

Serena smiled softly as she started to play a small flute she had hidden on her. She played a whimsical tune. Something soft but it could still be heard. She remember her mother teaching a lullaby something that just simply peaceful. Right now she need it. The sound the flute made was heavenly, surely angels would of agreed.

This sound really put her mind at ease. She almost forgot that she was stuck in this hellish yard. She stop to take a breath but then continued playing her flute. If she was lucky maybe someone nice would come to rescue her from this place. That surely was just a dream.
  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 25d 23h 36m 11s
In the morning his eyes drifted open. He had fallen asleep in the chair and he was now very stiff. He got up, cracking his joints as he did and sighed. [+red "Alright. Let's see what today holds..."] He grumbled as he opened the office door and stepped into the hallway. He glanced around, looking for Serena. [+red "Serena? Where are you?"] He called out, descending the stairs to the ground floor.

After a bit he grumbled and huffed. [+red "Whatever. If she leaves it's one less burden."] He growled. His phone began buzzing in his pocket and he slid it out, looking down at the caller ID. It was his father. [+red "Fuck.."] He muttered, answering the call. [+red "Yes sir? Today? I'll be home yes. Alright. See you then."] He said, hanging up quickly. His father had heard he had chosen a Neko and wanted to see her for himself. [+red "Serena?! Come here!"] He boomed as he walked into the living room. Mimi bounced into the room, grinning. [+blue "Good morning Master! You said you're looking for Serena? I haven't seen her all morning, but I'll keep an eye out!"] She said, wandering off to a different part of the house.

Shiki began to get a bit nervous as his dad was due to show up very soon and if Serena wasn't there to answer the door and greet his father it wouldn't end well.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 43d 11h 2m 3s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena laid there silently it was hard to sleep. She stay perfectly still for hours just laying in there in the dark until finally she drifted to sleep. She could hear him mumbling something. It caused her cat like ears to twitch. She open her eyes when she heard him leave the room.

Perhaps it would just be best if she ran far away. How that damn bastard said he find here. There had to be somewhere were she could go
and she wouldn't be found. She sighed softly as she sat up. She left the room and shortly after he did. She sent to her own room. She sighed softly as she sat down on her bed leaning against the wall.

She was so tired. She had to think. How she could get out of this place unnoticed. She end up fall a sleep curled up in a tight ball. Surely it be easy to just leave once he left for business or something of the sort. When he was going to be gone for hours and hours. That would just be perfect. [#6d0aeb "That's.. what I'll do..."] she mumbled in her sleep. It didn't take long for morning to come. Once the sunlight came in through her window she woke up.

She got up and started to get ready for today. Surely that man was going to make her do something other than just sitting around and doing nothing.
  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 50d 20h 25m 27s
He glared up at her as she stepped into the room. He pointed to the other side and bared his teeth a bit, showing off the sharp fangs. [+red "That side. I wouldn't touch you if I had to."] He snapped at her, his voice full of malice. At least she didn't have to worry about him getting to close...

About 2 hours later he still lay awake, staring into the darkness. [+red Why did I even bother with her? I could have taken anyone I wanted...] He asked himself, shaking his head silently. He sat up in bed, his legs swinging to the floor below. He couldn't sleep. He stood and walked from the room, grumbling as he made his way to his office.

In his office, he dropped into his chair and sighed as he stared at the wall. [+red "What am I going to do with her...?"] He mumbled, shaking his head.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 76d 11h 55m 54s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena just hissed viciously lashing he tail agitatedly behind her. There was no fucking that was going to happen. She couldn't stand the thought of being that close to him. It disgusted her, she couldn't even finished her dinner. She sight softly as she clean up her plate.

Why did that annoying bastard have to be so jaded. Why did he have to yell all the time. It was annoying. Surely she was probably going to have to get use to it.

Time seemed to pass quickly. It was already time to got to bed. She really didn't want to go in there. She sighed softly went to her room to change her clothes. She put on shorts and thick t-shirt. Once she was changed she grabbed her book and walked to Shiki room. She didn't bother to knock she just shoved the door open and snarled as she step into his room.

Disgusting his sent was everywhere. She stood close to the wall with her arms crossed against her chest. [#6d0aeb "What side...."] she said drily. She had planned male a wall of pillow and blankets between the to of them. [#6d0aeb "By the way you lay your arms around me and I'll bite you..."] she said with a hiss and her emerald colored eyes looked around the room.
  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 78d 6h 32m 25s
As he had been trudging up the stairs, he heard her complaints and grumbled to himself before snapping at her. [+red "Listen well girl! You are mine. You do as I say. 30 minutes."] His voice boomed, echoing through the empty house easily. He didn't like the situation either but it was tradition.

Close to 25 minutes later, he sat on the end of his bed, head in his hands. [+red "I wish I could be rid of this one and it's only been but a small while..."] He muttered, his eyes closed tightly. He wasn't cut out for this. These creatures need emotion and he could not give that.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 1y 83d 23h 57m 48s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena let out a small hiss when he made a comment about her showing up to dinner or not. Well it wasn't like she had much of choice now did she? She just rolled her eyes and slowly started to eat. The food was great. It was perfect for her fish and rice. She smiled softly as she ate in silence. It had been a while since her last meals so this felt great.

She didn't seem to care about Shiki's mumbles. When he told her about the sleeping arrangements. She hissed at him. [#6d0aeb "What? No fucking way... You gave me room so I attend to stay there...like hell i'd ever lay close to you."] she said rather dryly. He green colored eyes seem to hold so much hatred. [#6d0aeb "Why don't you ask one of your other maid to accompany you!"] she said with another hiss.

Here icy word were sometimes like venom. Always so cruel and heartless but could you blame? After what she had been through. There was no way in hell she ever get close to that man. It wasn't like he desired to be close to her. Surely he had others, that were just dying to be with him.

  Serena | / Catnip / 1y 113d 22h 44m 20s
He walked into the dining room and dropped into a large arm chair, glancing around. [+red "Mimi!? I'd like to eat now."] He said, his voice rumbling per usual. As the maid brought out his and Serena's food, he saw her enter the room. He nodded to her but his eyes remained cold. [+red "I'm surprised you actually came."] He said, his voice sounding more bitter then angry.
As he ate his dinner, he looked over the news, reading about this or that, mumbling about 'idiots'. He shook his head and dropped the paper on an article about a neko and its master getting married. [+red "Weaklings... Giving in to their emotions..."] He mumbled, pushing the last bits of his food away. [+red "I will expect you upstairs in thirty minutes for bed."] He said, turning and walking away before she could protest. It was tradition that the neko slept in its masters bed, even if he didn't agree with it.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 2y 20d 15h 15m 55s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Serena glared down at him with anger. How dare he ruin a good time for her. She was just getting to the good part. She let out a hiss as she looked down towards the ground.

[#6d0aeb "Damn it...why now.."] she said to herself. She chewed on her, she jumped down from the roof top landing gracefully on her feet. She sighed softly as she walked back into the house. A deal was a deal. As long as that demon help up his side of the deal. She went to her room and hid her book. She then clean up and came down for dinner.

She sighed softly as she rolled her green colored eyes. She really didn't want to be here. Here she was sitting at the end the table as far away as she could get with out seem rude.
  Serena | / Catnip / 2y 20d 17h 43m 12s
He stood in the main room, sniffing the air gently. His nose twitched as he caught the scent of her blood rushing through her. Her heart rate had picked up due to the book and it was working against her now. He growled as he walked over to the front door and pushed it open, walking out onto the front lawn, looking around. [+red "Serena...?"] He called, his voice gruff, but not as angry as before. He was pushing down his anger but he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to do that.
He soon looked up and saw her perched on the roof and growled, calling up to her. [+red "Serena! Come inside! It's almost dinner time damnit!"] He called, a bit of his anger slipping out.
He didn't bother waiting for a reply, he simply walked back inside, throwing the door shut with a loud slam. He sat in the main room, glaring off into space as time ticked on. He didn't know what he was going to do about her....
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 2y 38d 13h 46m 43s
[size15 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee][Handlee Silently sitting on the roof top. Serena was reading her book until the moonlight. She finally seemed to settle down. She sighed softly as she turn the page. She thought she heard someone calling her name faintly. She just sighed softly as she closed her eyes. She didn't want hear it. Nor did she want to deal with anyone. [#6d0aeb "Damn it"] she said to herself. It was just getting to the good part in her book there was no way she go back now.

Serena smiled softly as he eyes skimmed down the page. Her book was finally getting to the good parts. She smiled softly as she lashed her tail in a happy motion. Nothing could ruin this moment? Right? Surely she could be found, but they were going to have some fun trying to get to her. Serena was on the roof top. Which was quiet a ways from the ground. Serena love being above people, that way she could keep an eye on them.
  Serena | / Catnip / 2y 39d 12m 20s
Mimi huffed and glared at the girl. [+blue "You'll see hun. He means well. He's cold but... Never mind, I've said to much already."] She said, shaking her head as she turned and walked off into the kitchen.

Up in his office, Shiki was glaring at the wall. [+red "God damnit. What am I going to do about her? She won't listen to anything I say."] He said, angrily slamming his hand down onto his desk, cracking the tough wood.

There was a time when Shiki hadn't been so cold and hurtful... He had been happy once, smiles and all. That had been ripped away after an "accident" with a neko he had become friends with from a young age.

After a bit, Shiki stood and strode from the office, looking around and walking throughout the large home, looking for Serena. [+red "Gir- Uhh... Serena? Where are you?"] He called out, trying to keep the growling tone out of his voice.
  Shiki / Trollzor_235 / 2y 47d 15h 4m 50s

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