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[i [center Colton City is industrious, the epitome of a successful city. The city owes its wonderful success and outstanding wealth to the Colton family, for which the city is named. The family itself is massive and wide-spread... And often hiding something beneath the surface.

At once a curse and a gift, the Colton family contains strange connections with otherworldly powers, kept secret for their own safety... And possibly the safety of everyone else.]]


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[+navy "Aaaw Shaw,"] Dom sighed, her husky voice taking a weirdly sympathetic curl to it. [+navy "Did ya have to be so blunt?"]
Shaw gave Dominique Levins a look of disgust as she tucked the phone into her back pocket. [i "You're lucky you're here, Levins. I heard about you in the academy. You're lucky your advanced scores in combat are required in this project, or you wouldn't have a decent job that wasn't pushing papers."] She knelt by the crumbling remains of... something. The stone was like flesh, and the dust was like blood. While the idea was poetic, it was a weak comparison to the horrific scene before Shaw and Dom. Dom actually felt a bit queasy looking at it.

Police had closed the area off, but even then were kept at a distance from the actual "scene". Dom was, sadly, flabbergasted by what had taken place. She had a few ideas, but ideas were never her strong suit. She would leave that to this Brooks kid, a man who had started at the academy and finished with her.
The two had run into each other a few times, often butting heads on every little thing. However, Dom could appreciate his rigid nature... so long as it wasn't imposed on her.
She knelt by Shaw.

[+navy "I wonder who could do something like this,"] Dom mumbled under her breath. However, Shaw could hear her.
The older woman responded grimly, [i "I know [b exactly] who to ask."] She gave a pointed look toward Dom. [i "You and Brooks are about to receive a crash course Project Six. While the original plan was to ease you both into it... It looks like we don't get that option."]
A car screeched to a halt outside of the scene, and Morgan started to make his way toward the scene next.

Dom had to bite her tongue. Morgan could walk with a confident air about him, but to Dom, he came off as pompous for the most part. Sure, he was well-educated, but he was a control freak. She had dealt with plenty of those before, and it never really ended well for anyone.

With his appearance, Shaw said bluntly, [i "I'm calling in the Coltons. I'm pretty sure who did this, but a bit of official confirmation wouldn't hurt anyone, and then you two will get to see the... core of Project Six."]
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[p Agent Morgan Brooks | Age Twenty-Six (26) Years | Five Feet (5') and Ten Inches (10") | Member of the Retrieval and Research Team for Program Six | Status: Active]
Or maybe not.
[+maroon "...And furthermore! If you're five minutes early, you're still late. You have to be more responsible than this August... [b August]!"] Morgan gave a look of disgust toward his younger brother, who had been nodding his head to the beats on his MP3. He had the largest, dopiest grin a young man just about to graduate from high school could manage. He had a bruise on his cheek that marred his fair skin, which also served as a mark to the differences between he and his brother Morgan.

Morgan could have slapped him, despite the bruise. He wished August would take getting arrested at yet another protest seriously. While Morgan thought is efforts were well-meaning, noble, even, he had no tact. These protests were often wild flash-mobs that encouraged discord to reign over the property these rowdy teenagers wished to invade.

Morgan slammed on the breaks as he reached the front of the house. His brother swung forward, head bopping onto the dashboard to leave a goose-egg. August ripped out his ear buds and and snapped angrily, [i "What the hell was that for?!"]
Morgan scowled. [+maroon "If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed we were coming up on mom and dad's. Then you would have also been prepared for me to hit the breaks."]
[i "I wasn't prepped for you to come to a screeching halt, you freak!"] August slammed out of the car and stomped inside the massive home belonging to their parents. Morgan simply shook his head and drove off. He was now, unfortunately, running behind schedule. Which was what he had been lecturing his brother about to begin with.

See, Morgan's life had a plan. Since his interest in the Bureau had started, he had adjusted his plans sharply so that he might rise in the ranks quickly. At twenty six, he was already preparing to take on his first real case.
He was, unfortunately, shackled with a woman who had graduated from Quantico with him. She was brash, a machine that moved with no other purpose than to cause as much damage as August did.

Morgan wanted to offset that as much as possible. He was going to be in [i early] today. He was going to get all of the details first and take control of the situation. Then things might run smoothly. Maybe.
As he was preparing to head to the "Office", the slightly less than affectionate nickname given to the off-site compound that was supposed to be the base of operations for his first assignment, he received a call. Morgan switched on his bluetooth device.

[+maroon "Brooks,"] he said. It was a clipped greeting with that being the only indicator of those the caller was reaching.
A grumpy broad with an obvious penchant for cigarettes crooned into his ear, [i "Agent Morgan Brooks? This is Agent Lanelle Shaw. I know the plan was to get pleasantries out of the way, but you're being tested early. You and Dom will meet at your first assignment. I'll see you at Thirteenth Avenue and Park Road."]

That was all Morgan received before the line clicked, signalling that Shaw had ended the call. Morgan sighed and switched gears, racing to meet his new boss and partner at the scene.
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