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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jPhUvLM.jpg]]
[center [u [size25 Welcome to Wailing Heights]]]

Just a town in the middle of nowhere

Here however, the things that go bump in the night, live here. Vampires, demons, werewolves, everything you could think of that exists in nightmares, reside here.
At Wailing Heights, it is always seems to be night. Yet it is a quiet town, not much happens. Just monsters living their lives like normal humans.

The occasional human wanders into this town purely by accident. If one does, the creatures are usually welcoming, helping the human. Though, there are the few beasts that would rather...lead humans astray and make them 'disappear'.

Unfortunately though, the residents of Wailing Heights cannot help the human back to their own world. Usually, the human is trapped there for the rest of their life.
[center [h3 RULES]]
~Any creature or human is welcome
~Relax RP, post now and then, don't have to stay, just something to pass time
~Feel free to hop in at any time, no skelly required

Any other questions, feel free to PM me


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[size12 The sound of the rain had alerted Kenji and Arata that they had to head back to the Midlands, much to Kenji's distaste.] [b [#0000FF "Really? We have to go back already? I thought the rain wasn't supposed to come till later? Ugh. And I barely started on my wine."]]

[+red "Quit your complaining. The boss said to come back once it started raining because we had to be at the ready in case that one demon showed up again since the others lost it."]

[b [#0000FF "Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, miss. Looks like I have to get back to work. Maybe we can meet up again some day."]] [size12 Kenji said before finishing off his wine and placing the payment for it on the counter top.] [b [#0000FF "Let's go, Mitsu. It's back to work for us."]] [size12 With those words and a small roar from Mitsu, the trio vanished in a plume of red/black and silvery blue smoke.]
  Kenji Akiyama / -Mirror- / 245d 12h 57m 39s
[center [h3 Kyle & Aiden]]
Aiden watched the pair. His eyes were a calm yellow. The male was silent, listening.
As the one male apologized, Aiden simply chuckled softly, [#00008b "Don't worry too much about it sir."]
The male then looked to the second. Aiden bowed is head slightly to the male, [#00008b "I accept your apology."]
Aiden had always been the polite one. His brother Kyle, on the other hand, preferred being an asshole. Kyle had those moments of one someone did something to him, tried to say sorry, and he'd end up beating the person senseless. In which case, Aiden would step in to save said person from his brother.
Aiden watched as the animals suddenly appeared. Companions weren't anything new in the bar. Some of them he had a soft spot for, others, not so much. The male watched the creatures for several moments, then turned his attention back to the two men.
Aiden took the offered cards. He did indeed shuffle, starting to deal, [#00008b "And let the games begin."]
[hr ]
Kyle turned his attention to the female who had come in with the men his brother was currently with. The male nodded to her, also pouring her a glass of red wine.
He had sat down. Kyle rested his arms on the counter. The male looked right towards her. As she mentioned something about 'taking care of them', the guys she came with, the half-breed suddenly grinned, showing his sharp fangs.
[#dc143c "Never know hun, I just might take you up on that offer."]
Kyle then winked at her. Then without another word, the half-breed returned to his job.
  -:Test Charries:- / Dragoncita / 245d 15h 20m 2s
As the rain began pouring down Timmy held his drum above his head and ran into the nearest building he saw. As he entered he panted a bit holding his drum and sticks as he caught his breath. He looked around the room he was in and saw a few people. HE could tell the building was a bar or something of that nature as he found his way to a table. He sat down just glad to be out of the rain and looked around at all the people in the bar. He still had no idea how he got here or even where here was but for now he was just glad to be in out of the storm.
  Timmy Sykes(no pic yet) / SergeantHats / 249d 10h 8m 8s
Naidar slapped the back of his brothers head before feeling a very uncomfortable feeling Naidars eyes flashed a very vibrant amber his body filled with electricity. [b "Im again sorry for my brothers behavior. we just have had little contact with others besides eachother and the woman."] He spoke their large animals came in the bar the panther letting off a faint growl the wolfs howling. [b "Hey, you three we are okay. go lay down over there."]

Xandar sighed shrugging his shoulders. [i "Meh, i guess i should apologize. Lets just play the card game."] He spoke one of his wolves putting her muzzle into his hand before going to the other side of the room with the others. he started to shuffle the deck then handed it to the male. [i " You may shuffle again and deal to us."] He grabbed the bottle and then poured a glass for himself pounding it down.

the Demon girl purred as he ordered and then she looked up at the taller male. [#00FFFF "I would like a glass of red wine as well. Also forgive my masters if you dont want to if you break the shackles on their wrists ill take care of them for you."] Her smile turned into a grin before her attention turned back to the male. [#00FFFF "What do you want to talk about, or know about."]

[pic http://myfirstchat.com/storiescity/covers3/7449454d0f19a9850c425a90125ad537cd4c1221.jpg]
  Naidar and Xandar / KasaiShadowFox / 250d 4h 11m 0s
[center [h3 Kyle]]
As Aiden continued with the two gentlemen, Kyle remained on bar duty. The male had calmed down some, Aiden's aura keeping him in a mostly placid state. Kyle gave a nod, serving the male his red wine he had asked for.
As the female he just served asked a question, the hybrid replied, [#dc143c "Neither ma'am. My brother and I were born. Our mother was an angel, our father a demon."]
He turned his attention as another walked inside. The new person asked about how many drinks she could expect to get.
[#dc143c "As long as you have the cash, you are welcome to as many as you want and it doesn't disrupt any other customers."]
  -:Test Charries:- / Dragoncita / 250d 16h 0s
A small boy of about nine or ten walked through the thick woods wearing a blue cotton uniform, cap, and carrying a drum and sticks. He didnt seem scared just very confused and hungry as he emerged from the woods and walked into town. He simply wandered about seemingly searching for something or someone.
  RED Scout / SergeantHats / 257d 10h 58m 18s
Quick as she liked, Meer brought the glass to bear in front of her eyes. Squinting a little bit, she examined the silver tinted fluid. It smelled strong, it's looks were suspect. Taking her cigar in her other hand, she brought it to her lips. Deciding against trying to sample the drink, she simply knocked back the glass, taking gulps of the fluid at a time.

She was pleasantly surprised to find the alcohol tasted faintly of chestnuts, but it burned like hell going down, prompting her to continue drinking until the glass in her hand was empty. Very gently, she brought the glass back to the bar top, a familiar warm sensation manifesting slowly in her gut. Releasing the glass, she puffed slowly on her cigar, chewing on the end a little more. She turned her gaze toward her bartender. He definitely looked human in most places, but this close, she could see both infernal and celestial influence in his bearing.

[+gold “So, did you fall or climb to get to this plane?”] she knew damn well that it was likely neither of those answers were right. He was probably born on this plane. But that was why she posed him the question.
  Meer Thelo / Ignis / 257d 17h 15m 52s
[size12 Kenji listened to the girl's request. A drink or two sounded splendid. And with his partner fast asleep, there was no one there to try and ruin the mood.] [b [#0000FF "Sure. A drink sounds rather nice. I was wanting a bit of wine to relax some."]] [size12 Kenji moved over to the bar, Mitsu padding close behind.] [b [#0000FF "Pardon me. A glass of your finest red wine and whatever the little lady wants."]] [size12 He said, motioning towards the one in chains.]

[size12 While waiting, the girls two companions seemed to have been off in their own world at the moment. But the air changed. There was a sudden demonic energy in the air. Mitsu growled a fierce growl, a plume of silvery blue smoke flowing from his mouth. Arata had woken up as well, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Kenji looked toward the keepers of the bar and saw one of them had a demonic aura around them. To anyone else, it would have gone unnoticed but to someone like Kenji and Arata, who were born to see and detect even the slightest bit of demonic energy, it was clear as day. Another change in the air happened and this time it was from the other one, a more angelic energy flowing through. The demonic aura died down but it did not calm the trio much. Mitsu growled again, the silvery blue smoke beginning to turn into solid flame, wisps of the flame flowing from the corners of the beasts mouth.] [b [#0000FF "I wonder if the ministry should be alerted of the situation."]]

[+red "As long as it stays the way it is, there's no need. However, I don;t trust the situation enough to keep sleeping."]

[b [#0000FF "Yeah. I'm with you on that one."]]
  Kenji Akiyama / -Mirror- / 258d 3h 9m 11s
[center [h3 The Bar]]
If anything, he was slightly taken aback. Aiden only had that happen one other time, however...
Kyle had continued serving drinks when he sensed his brother's distress. Perhaps it was with them being twins, or something else. Either way, Kyle's initial response was a low growl. Least he managed to serve the woman who had asked for another drink first. The male's eyes flickered, changing to a crimson red, pupil narrowing into a black slit.
In turn Aiden could feel his brother's demonic nature. As the male had released him, allowing him to sit again, Aiden's form glowed. The glow was extremely faint, only the keenest of eyes would've seen. He glanced towards his brother, allowing his aura to pulse, washing over the area, creating a calm, soothing air.
It did the trick. Kyle's form instantly relaxed once again. His eyes returned to a more calm yellow, pupil only slightly a slit now.
Aiden slumped in the chair slightly, as if the ability had taken all his energy. The hybrid poured himself a glass, downing it in one shot. He sat up once again, returning his attention to the two gentlemen. Aiden rested his arm on the bar.
[#00008b "Innocence only lasts so long. Let us just hope my own brother stays calm. First and only time a customer did such a thing to me, Kyle had used said person as his personal plaything. I remember that paperwork, worst time of my life."]
Aiden ran a hand through his hair. He still felt drained, but hid it pretty well. He glanced to the two men, his face showed barely any emotion, [#00008b "I'm down for a game of cards. Hell, why not, keep the game interesting."]
[hr ]
As for Kyle, despite the calming aura Aiden had released in order to keep him from changing, Kyle still felt on edge. His shoulder blades started to itch, wings wanting to be freed.
Soon, a newcomer had appeared in the bar. Kyle's gaze landed on the female. He listened to her request, giving a nod.
He turned, keeping an eye on Aiden while he served the drinks. Kyle grabbed a certain bottle, followed by a glass. He set the glass down, pouring the liquid.
They hybrid gave the female a nod, [#dc143c "And there you are madam."]
  -:Test Charries:- / Dragoncita / 258d 11h 11m 24s
[size12 The boy was deep in thought but the sound of someone speaking to him brought him out of whatever thought he was chasing. He looked over to the source of the sound, his head tilting slightly to the side when the seemingly normal human woman mentioned the horns on his head. He raised a hand up to his head and touched one of the horns. His face stayed blank.] [b "Thank you, miss."] [size12 He said softly in reply as he lowered his hand. He made the stool he sat on swivel around so he could face the girl to be polite.] [b "Usually no one notices my horns. I have encountered many people that believed they were just hair accessories because of the way they light up. Or I'm some sort of machine. Which I'm not."] [size12 The boy went into thought again before he remembered something.] [b "Oh. My name is Virus. What's yours?"] [Size12 He said before glancing back to see another being arrive.]
  Virus / -Serenity- / 258d 21h 48m 33s
Trees shuffling overhead occasionally allowed moonlight to break through the thick canopy overhead. The worn path ahead seemed to break free of the claustrophobic grasp of the forest, maybe a hundred feet out. The footfall of the woman walking this lonely path remained uniform, despite that. She shifted the cigar in her mouth from one side to the other, the dull embers illuminating her face under her hood. She pondered to herself what might lie beyond the tree line. After all, the woods had been thicker than a storm giant's thyroid up until now, which meant one thing.


And as sure as the sun rising, there was a town down there. Moderately sized. Lights were all over the place. So Meer assumed that most of the townspeople were still awake. With a glance to the sky, she confirmed the presence of a single moon, just barely. The clouds were thickening up like cattle; slowly but surely. An ache in her shoulders told her all she needed to know, rain was coming. At that thought, she took a long drag on her cigar, and held that breath for a few moments.

Her exhale came out slowly, and was immediately followed by an exasperated sigh as she shifted her cigar again, chewing on the end in her mouth ever so gently. With a pat on the satchel hanging at her side, she continued walking toward the town, attempting to gather information on it as she approached.

The architecture was human, based on the size and modeling of most of them. Pretty advanced too. Some fine brick and metalwork, she could discern with her dull golden eyes. The diminutive woman hoped they'd take her money at least. Her history with humans was, storied, she lightly joked to herself. The soreness in her shoulders nagged at her a little, and she reached up and began to rub at the base of her neck gently, and with a sigh, decided she could explore the little town in the morning.

The street she was approaching on quickly turned into cobblestone beneath her feet, the dirt fading behind her as she continued into the strange town. She thought to herself that this was an awfully dead town for a place with so many lights on. Ignoring that, she continued wandering through the streets looking for an inn. Or a bar, whichever came first. It had been a long day of wandering, and she needed one or two of three things. A bed, a drink, or a warm body, which was optional, but preferable. She took another drag, looking to the stones under her feet and letting out another long puff of smoke before looking back up.

And she was just in time for a drop of water to smack her on the cheek. She needed to get indoors or risk getting soaked. With a cursory glance over her immediate surroundings, and with luck, she saw a sign getting blown around in the wind. A sign advertising booze.

And that's all it really needed to do, with a little haste, she made her way into the bar, a little thankful, and a lot thirsty. As she made her way in, she noticed this place didn't have a particularly human clientele. Most of these people were beasts of one sort or another. The man at the bar looked human enough, but Meer had been in the cleric game long enough to discern some infernal heritage in him. She approached anyway, making a short hop to get onto a stool at the bar. She lowered her hood, letting her amber locks spill out, and her ears to pop out, and with a quick puff on her cigar, she turned to the bartender.

[+gold “You speak Common?”] A rolling of the eyes confirmed her question.

[+gold “Good. Something that burns going down.”] And with a quick motion, she placed three silver pieces on the bar top, hoping it was enough for something good.
  Meer Thelo / Ignis / 258d 23h 1m 1s
[size12 As she waited patiently, her gaze wandered around the bar's service area until something luminous caught her eye. Saaya turned towards the source and was blown away. There sat a gentleman she hadn't noticed with... [i Horns?] That's new.]

[size12 What happened next is probably the most obvious response from someone whom never seen anyone else with horns before.]

[size12 [i Saaya stares at them.]]

[size12 She marveled at their sleekness, and the blue radiance surging off them heavily reminded her of these LED headphones that were popular a year of two back ago. They were just so stylish. To the point where she felt the need to compliment their owner.]

[size12 And just as she prepared to say something, her glass is refilled. Those purplish eyes flickered towards the bartender. Which turns out to be the other brother this time around. He's given a thankful smile as well, albeit more substantial.]

[size12 When he left, Saaya took another gander at the horned gentleman. She noted how he's mumbling to himself. Her eyes narrowed in her attempt to follow his words, yet it obviously doesn't work out. Well then. There's no time like the present, right. She downed the shot, and finally speaks her peace with the guy. "Hey," she started. "Those are quite nice."]

[size12 Saaya waits a moment until gesturing at his horns, in an afterthought. "I meant your horns. They're nice." ]
  Heights / Soffy / 259d 5h 49m 27s
[size12 It appears the odd man had gone unnoticed. It didn't bother him though. Nothing really bothered him. He was robotic in nature and yet he was still fully organic. He was an odd one.]

[size12 As the man watched what was going, he noticed one person leave. The other seemed to have been going about their own business, not even really noticing he was sitting at the bar. His face was completely blank so there was no way to truly tell what his emotions were.] [b "Such an odd place. Everyone gets spoken to and yet I seem invisible. Amy I invisible?"] [size12 He said softly to himself before turning around to look into the large mirror that adorned the shelves of alcohol. He looked at himself in the mirror and confirmed he was indeed very visible.] [b "Perhaps they do not serve my kind here?"] [size12 He mumbled to himself as he tried to figure out how the people here interacted socially. Being what he was, he had to learn everything about how the real world worked from scratch since there was no time left to preload the knowledge.] [b "Hmm. I am quite confused."] [size12 The man said softly as he turned back around to look into the room, back against the counter top and his arms loosely crossed and resting on his scarred belly.] [b "I simply do not understand."]
  Virus / -Serenity- / 260d 4h 36m 14s
Xandar Purred and nodded. [i " I guess your right Angel would defiantly taste really good I can just taste the innocents in him.”] he stood up reaching over the counter pulling Aiden close to his face before putting his glass to his lips taking in some of the alcohol. The male then set his glass down pushing his lips to Aidens forcing the alcohol in his mouth. [I “Your totally right, Aiden does taste amazing!”] He spoke before Naidar hit him over the head.

[b “Are you stupid, now hes not going to want to drink with us because you forced your self on him ya idiot. I wanted to have a taste too, Ya selfish Bastard.”] Naidar sighed and shrugged his shoulders before snapping his fingers making cards appear. [b “How about a game of cards. Winner gets to choose who will strip or do what they please with the the losers. What do you say Aiden our dearest Angel?”] He chuckled before hitting his brother again.
  Naidar and Xandar / KasaiShadowFox / 260d 6h 13m 18s
[center [h3 The Bar]]
Aiden appeared about ready to decline the two men when Kyle nudged him again. He looked at his brother, [#dc143c "Go ahead, I can take a turn serving people."]
He then gave Aiden a wink, grinning and showing his sharp fangs. His brother blinked a bit. Aiden finally sighed softly, but his more serious yet calming nature returned.
[#00008b "Pleasure would be mine to join you gentlemen."]
Kyle handed his brother the whiskey, then turned his attention back around. As the woman they had served asked for another, the male nodded, refilling her glass.
[#dc143c "Of course miss,"] Kyle replied.
Kyle glanced over. He must've heard the one gentlemen mention something about 'eating someone up'. The hybrid grinned again, [#dc143c "Eat Aiden first, he's got more angel in him than me, I'd taste bitter."]
[#00008b "Do you ever shut up Kyle? I would prefer not being eaten,"] he sighed.
Kyle chuckled, then returned his attention back to the customers.
  -:Test Charries:- / Dragoncita / 260d 13h 38m 40s

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