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Bekah just smiled and nodded as she listened to Mrs. Morelli. [b "I can't wait to go visit the school and meet his friends... I bet she'll be there. Did he mention a name to you?"] she asked. [b "I won't start any drama, but I'll make sure the stupid girl knows that Jake is a taken man. I'm not going to tolerate it."] She looked up as Jake walked downstairs, she just stopped and stared. Jake was the most sexiest man that she'd ever met. She was so lucky.

Dakota was sitting in his bumbo seat, which was on the table.

[b "He was waiting for you."] she said. [b "He kept looking around trying to figure out where his daddy was."] She walked over and kissed his cheek. [b "Good morning."]

[b "So I have to go finish Christmas shopping. Do you wanna go with or stay and hangout with Dakota? I should be back in time for dinner."] she said. [b "I'm just gonna go on and say I probably went overboard for Kota.."]
  Bekah Lynn. / BooBear96 / 1y 140d 16h 50m 7s
"Good we don't have to worry about that skank from his school then." Mrs. Morelli said with a smile. She didn't know the girl but anyone but Bekah with her son just wouldn't do. Jake sauntered downstairs shirtless and said,"Where's my boy?" Dakota was sitting in his high chair squealing and reaching for his father.

"Hey buddy, daddy's finally up, God I haven't slept that well in months." Jake said smiling. He truthfully hadn't. That should tell him that Bekah was his person and not Lily but he was still struggling with it. Dakota was happy in his father's arms and watching everything going on around him.

"I smell bacon..." jake said sniffing the air smiling....I haven't had a home cooked meal since I left for school." He seen his mom putting eggs and bacon on a plate and his stomach growled. "That looks so good." He held Dakota and dug into his food happily.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 140d 17h 28m 38s
Bekah just nodded as she listened to him. She wanted to stay with him until he flew back for Christmas break, but that meant more time away from school and her baby. She could do with out school, but not that sweet baby. [b "Of course I'll have your crazy ass again. I missed you so much."] she said. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b "You and Dakota are the best thing that ever happened to me."]

She was about to get up and check on Kota but then she heard Mrs. Morelli, she smiled. [b "I can't ever repay your family for all they helped me with. They hired a moving company when I moved out of the Garage Apartment, so Addy and I wouldn't have to do it ourselves."] she said.
She grinned when she felt his lips on her neck. [b "Jake!"] she squealed.

The next morning she woke up before Jake and Dakota, the baby had ended up waking up around four in the morning, so he slept the rest of the night on his daddy's chest.

[b "He asked me if I would be his girlfriend again last night."]
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Jake nodded, "I have finals for 3 days that following week and then I just have to clean up my dorm a little and finish up some football training and I fly home for Christmas so you'll only be without me for 5 days until after new years.... and yes I'm asking you to be my girlfriend again... if you'll have my crazy ass.... I'll miss Kota too... I miss him all the time but I need time with you... I need to know we can do this again and be happy."

He heard Dakota fuss and his mom say, "Kids I got him, you relax." Jake looked at Bekah and sighed, "What did I do to deserve a family like this... I don't deserve you or Dakota... you two make me want to keep going.' Jake kissed her leaving a hickey on her neck.

The next day while making breakfast his mom asked if they were back together....she noticed the hickey and said, "I see you had a good night...."
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Bekah just smiled and nodded as she listened to him. [b "I do want to meet everyone, but I also want some privacy. Alone time with just you."] she said softly. [b "Plus I could just hangout at the Condo when you have a class."] she said. She grinned when he said girlfriend. She'd wanted nothing more. [b "Of course I'll come to your game, and wear the other jersey! But Jake, are you asking me to be your girlfriend again?"] she squealed.

In the back of her mind, she was worried about the girl that he'd told his mother about, but Jake was here, with her. He wanted her to come back with him, that was something, right? She was so happy right now. [b "I've missed watching you play so much."]

[b "I'm gonna miss Dakota so much, but I really can't wait to just be with you everyday for an entire week."] she said. [b "Will you be able to fly back with me?"]
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"Where ever you'd want to stay but I do have a roommate in the dorms, you saw him on face time one night, his names Brian... so maybe mom and dads condo would be better privacy wise." Jake said leaning on his elbow against the pillow. "I mean I want to introduce you to everyone but I also want to have time with you and I want you to come to the game and wear my jersey and be my girlfriend again."

Jake was trying very hard to win her back but he was also fighting his own mind, he wanted her and Lily and he couldn't have both and Lily was Brian's, his roomate's, sister. Bekah and Dakota were all he had known before he left for school and got out of this small town and now he had seen much more but he kept coming back to Bekah.

"You haven't watched me play football since last year.... I think it'll ve fun... you'll be my own personal cheerleader."
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Bekah's heart broke. She looked down at Dakota who was now sound asleep. [b "Let me put him down."] she said as she walked over and placed Kota in the portable crib. She kissed his forehead and then walked over, sitting on the bed. She pulled Jake into her arms. [b "We miss you so much every night... I love you."] she said softly. [b "I'm so sorry that you feel that way, but baby. You're doing this to give our son a better life. More options than we had growing up. I'm so thankful he has a Father as great as you."] she said.

[b "I would love to try again..."] she whispered. [b "I love you."] she leaned down and kissed his forehead. [b "We can stay here tonight, if you'd like. He's probably asleep for the night.. We can stay here, just the three of us. I missed being so close to you."]

[b "It's settled then. I'll email school and get that straightened out, your Mother will watch Dakota, and I'll book us a flight back. Do you want to stay at the condo or the dorms? It would be neat to stay on Campus."]
  Bekah Lynn. / BooBear96 / 1y 141d 5h 37m 16s
"I need that, I need it more than you think I do... I cry every night Bek... I cry for you and for Dakota... I cry for home, I miss everyone and everything. I might belong there but I don't feel at home there.... " Jake said leaning against her.

"As much as I want to take Dakota... I want some time with you too... I miss us... maybe... we could try again....?" He wanted to date her again so much and then the thought of Lily flickered in his mind and he put his head down. Trying to shake the memory.

"I love you so much... I need you to know that." Jake said. He was struggling with keeping it together, it felt like at any moment he would bust at the seems because he didn't get to let out his emotions... if you cried in football you were made fun of. He missed his family and now that he had them he didn't want to leave them again, not now not ever.
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Bekah just nodded as she listened to her. She would love to take Dakota, but she would also love for some alone time with Jake. [b "I'll talk to him tonight and we'll go from there."] she said. She looked back and just laughed when she seen the two of them. [b "Diaper bag, on the table."] she said. She just walked over. [b "Come here my baby."] she said as she took the baby, slinging the diaper bag over her shoulder she walked up to Jake's room.

[b "Can we talk for a minute?"] she asked. She listene to him speak and just shook her head. [b "You belong in California. Jake, you love playing football. Dakota and I are just fine. Daddy's out there making us proud."] she said [b "What would you think about me coming out there? For a week or so? I've been meaning to take a college visit, and your mom offered to watch Dakota, or we could bring him with us. It's whatever you want... I just want time with you."]
  Bekah Lynn. / BooBear96 / 1y 141d 6h 4m 30s
"I see the way he looks at you... and you can get out of it at school by calling it a college visit... you should go... and take Dakota if you want, hes old enough to travel now and I bet Jake's friend would want to meet his son." Mrs. Morelli said with a smile.

Jake came in the kitchen carrying Dakota... "Babe... diapers? where?" Dakota had had a blow out and Jake was holding him away from his body and it seemed like the baby boy was laughing at his father.

Once he was cleaned up Jake sighed, "Whew does he do that often? If so I'm sorry, I wish I was around more... home more..." He kissed her gently... "I don't want to go back to UCLA." He was telling the truth, school was hell for him. "I can transfer back here to Community college.... I mean I don't fit in there... all I do well there is football." It was obvious Jake was going through alot.
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Bekah and Dakota hadn't even made it to the bottom of the stairs before Jake appeared. [b "So I know you just got home, and you need an uninteruppted nights sleep, but would you want to stay the night with us? There's an extra bed in Dakota' room..."] she said softly. [b "Or if you're up for it, you can have Dakota here tonight and I can come get him in the morning."] she said. She didn't give him time to answer. [b "You go spend time with Kota, I'll be up in a bit."] she said.

The girl walked into the kitchen to get an apple, and was startled when she was pulled to the side by Mrs. Morelli. She looked at her, listening. Jake had met another girl? How was this possible. He promised her every night that there wasn't any one else. [b "I'd love to go to California, but I don't know if I could get away with school, plus Dakota is still breastfeeding, I'd have to use some of my supply in the freezer. I don't even know if Jake would want to do that..."]
  Bekah Lynn. / BooBear96 / 1y 141d 6h 14m 26s
"Thats the problem... I love Bekah more than anything..well except Dakota... hes my number one.... but I get lonely... shes just my friend but I don't know what to do." Jake said sighing and then saw Bekah with Dakota at the top of the stairs... "I am tired and hungry but I will always make time to spend with my favorite little boy." He took Dakota from Bekah's arms... "I missed this so much."

In the kitchen Mrs. Morelli pulled Bekah aside.... "Jake loves you... make him remember that... I don't want to worry you but hes talking about a friend... a girl and He loves you, he just told me himself... but just make him remember why he fell in love with you. Maybe you should go back with Jake for a couple days... just you and Jacob... I can watch Dakota here, go see him play in a game... meet his friends.... get used to being a football wife before you become one... who am I kidding, you'd be one now if you were 18."
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Bekah just grinned as she watched Jake and Dakota. She grabbed Jake's duffle bag. [b "Lets get you home. I know you're exchausted."] she said. She walked out with all of them. It was like they were a family again. She listened as Jake said he got a tattoo, she grinned, and wondered where.

Once they were back at the Morelli's, Bekah had taken Dakota upstairs to feed him. He was five months old and still nursing like a champ, which made Bekahh very happy. She wasn't sure if Jake would want to spend the night with them at the new house, but she was going to ask since Addy was spending the Holiday away with her Brother and his wife.

Mrs. Morelli just looked at Jake. She was completely shocked when she heard what he had to say. [b "Jake.. I don't know what to say."] she said softly. [b "I'm sure Lilly is a wonderful girl, but you can't forget that you have a baby, and his mother to think about. Do whatever makes you happy. I'll support you."]
  Bekah Lynn. / BooBear96 / 1y 141d 6h 27m 49s
"God I needed this." Jake said holding his son... "I don't have to put him down do I?" His mom smiled, "No you don't not until you get in the car... he does have a car seat." Jake nodded, "School is hell.... football is a nightmare but I'm doing it.... we are playing a huge televised game next week... and uh I got a tattoo." He smiled sheepishly knowing that his mom wouldn't approve but also knew Bekah would be curious what this new tattoo was and where it was.

When they were back to the house Jake pulled his mom aside... "Mom I... I met a girl, I don't know where to go with it or how because I love Bekah and I don't want to hurt her but... Lily.... she keeps me from going insane at school and I just want everyone to be happy... even if I'm not." Jake hadn't been happy since the day him and Bekah broke up... he had never been the same and everyone knew it.
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Bekah smiled softly as she heard Mrs. Morelli. [b "Yes Ma'am!"] she said as she picked up Dakota and grabbed the diaper bag. [b "We've been ready since Noon."] she said, laughing. [b "I was just so excited, I couldn't wait."]

She screamed when she saw Jake. She couldn't contain her excitment. She didn't even let him get fully out of the terminal before she was running over to him and jumping in his arms. [b "Oh gosh. You're finally home! I missed you so much."] she said. She buried her face in his neck. She finally let go and grinned. [b "Go get your boy."] she said.

She followed him back over to his parents, and grabbed his bag. [b "I'm pretty sure someone missed his daddy."] She watched Jake interact with Dakota, who was more active and smiled all the time. [b "He never stops smiling. I could be having the worst day, and one grin and slobbery kiss, make it all better."]
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