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Bekah just smiled and nodded. [b "She seemed really pissed and upset.."] She glanced over at him. [b "Like she was really upset.. What's that all about?"] she asked. She wasn't trying to pry, but she wanted to know what had happened, or if anything had happened. [b "I thought the game was on Saturday?"] she asked. [b "And you said you couldn't fly back with me? You still have two weeks of school left... remember? I don't want you falling behind Jake. Christmas break isn't for another two weeks."]

[I "Apparently the game is on Friday. I'll find out for sure, and then get the tickets tonight. Let you know when I find out. -B"] she typed up and sent to Addy.

She wasn't really a big fan of Chinese food, she could eat it, but it wasn't her favorite. She only tolerated it because of Jake. [b "I was thinking that I could as Megan if she wanted to go shopping tomorrow. I need to find a outfit for the game."]
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"Megan is cool, she doesn't take Lily's shit and you shouldn't either... shes a bitch." Jake said for lack of a better word. He kissed Bekah smiling..."actually I got an A in my other class so... no more exams for me..... meaning technically I'm on holiday break except I have to be here for practices and the game on Friday and then we can head back home and see our boy."

Jake really missed Dakota.... you could see it in his eyes when he talked about him. Everyone on the team knew now that Jake was a dad and had a son and some seemed pissed that he would leave his kid behind just to go and play football but Jake ignored them.... Bekah had told him to go or he wouldn't have.

Jake shoved his bag into the back of the Jeep, "Chinese food.... the best in town in a couple miles away but I love it... they deliver so I basically live off of it when I'm here."
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Bekah just nodded and wrapped her arm around Jake's waist. [b "Believe me. Jake can be a butthead at times. He drives me crazy, but I couldn't trade him for anything in the world."] she said. She looked at Megan and smiled. [b "Thanks girl. I'll text you later!"] she said.

She grabbed Jake's hand and walked back toward the car. [b "I just went to the store. How about we go get Chinese for lunch, and we grill steaks for dinner?"] she asked. [b "What time do you have to go to class tomorrow?"]

She hopped in the passenger seat. She was anxiously awaiting Saturday, she couldn't wait to get her hands on her baby boy. She wanted baby lovings in the worst way. [b "You looked really good out there today. I had a good time talking to Megan. She seems really cool."]

[b "Could've went without Lilly, she kept coming over and listening to our conversation."]
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Jake smiled, "Send those to me babe." He kissed her and Megan said, "Of course my boyfriend is Ryan, that butthead over there." Ryan was coming out of the locker room laughing...

Jake took Bekah's hand and asked,"What kind of food are you in the mood for?" Megan handed Bekah her phone number and said,"Text me anytime I don't go to school here, I take online classes but I come to support him."

He picked up his bag and muttered," I'm a little hungry for Chinese but I could go for subway or steak or anything really, it's honestly up to know I like food." It was true, Jake would eat almost anything. He looked at his phone seeing pictures of their son, one in his swing and one in the bath tub getting a bath...Dakota was the best thing that every happened to him and if anyone said otherwise he would yell at them and tell them different. Dakota was perfect in his eyes.
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Bekah just laughed as she listened to Lilly. [b "Whatever helps you sleep at night."] she said. She looked back at Megan and just shook her head. [b "Haven't met him yet, and since I just found out that he and Lilly are realted, I really don't want too."] she said. [b "Are you going to the game on Saturday? It'd be nice to know someone. Plus you could meet Kota."]

She laughed softly. [b "I'm not trying to come on strong, I was just thinking it would be cool if we could get along or something. I just sit in the Condo while Jake's at class, get's kinda boring. I'm not used to having any down and alone time."]

She looked up when Jake walked over and grinned. [b "I'm starving."] she said. [b "Dakota is doing just fine. He's been an angel, accept for bedtime because he misses Momma and Daddy."] she pulled up a couple pictures on her phone and handed it to Jake.
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Lily stood watching them, Jake had a kid. Why didn't she know that? They had went for coffee and talked and he had never mentioned a son to her at all. What was she supposed to think? Had he been leading her on? She definitely didn't want anything to do with a snot nosed brat. Jake looked too young to have a kid. She was frustrated, Jake was with that little blonde whore Bekah and didn't want her anymore.

She walked over to Bekah smiling, "Jake will be just wait." Megan rolled her eyes, "She's delusional...have you met Jake's roommate? Lily is his big sister and she's a piece of work."

Once practice was over Jake showered in the locker room and met Bekah on the bench, "Ready to go out for lunch? How's Dakota? I'm sure mom has updated you today, any pictures?" His background on his phone was Dakota smiling the day he was born. Jake would always cherish that picture.
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Bekah just smiled and nodded as she listened to Megan. She could go on and on about Dakota, it was such an easy topic. The baby and Jake were her entire life. [b "Yes ma'am. We have a beautiful six month old baby boy, Dakota Jacob Morelli."] she said. [b "I'm sure it's hard to imagine Jake as a father unless you're around him with the baby. I'm actually trying to surprise him. I've been talking to my best friend about flying out here with Dakota, I've checked the weather and everything. It's not supposed to be that hot, so it'd be the perfect opportunity. I'm only out here because I'm touring the campus. Not sure when we'll get to come back."]

She looked at the girl confused. [b "What do you mean that Bekah?"] she asked softly. She was quite curious. She looked up as Jake ran out on the field. She shook her head. [b "Don't worry about it baby."] she said.

She texted Addy to make sure she was still able to come. If everything went according to plan, Bek was picking up Addy and Dakota two hours before the game started, right after she dropped Jake off at the field.
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"You and Jake have a son? I wouldn't have known... he doesn't talk to alot of people, my boyfriend Ryan is his friend but I have never seen him socialize like most of the team does... so how old is your son? It explains the picture of the little boy on his phone all the time, I'm just trying to picture Jake as a father and its weird to me." Megan said laughing and smiling before she stopped, "Wait your the Bekah... the girl Jake's... Oh my God girl.... I've said too much but your man loves you, let me tell you that."

Megan knew Jake was going to ask Bekah to marry him at the game on Friday, on national television, he had told Ryan before he went back home. Megan just hadn't connected the dots until right then.

Jake came running out in his football gear and they started drills and tackles. He ran over to Bekah and took a drink of the gatorade she got him, "I'm sorry about her babe, I love you."
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Bekah just listened to Jake. She knew that his temper was heating up, and she couldn't handle anything going down tonight. [b "Baby."] she said softly, placing her hands on his chest. [b "You need to calm down for me."] She leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b "Don't worry about her. Go out there and focus on the game, and then we'll go out for lunch."]

She watched as all the boys ran into the locker room, she just then turned and stared at Lilly. She was about to pounce before she felt someone's hand on her shoulder. [b "What the hell do you think you're talking about? Jake will always go back to Southport. Jake will always come back to me and our son. He will never ever leave Kota hanging in the dust, so you need to get your fucking facts straight before you start running that fat mouth."]

She turned around and faced Megan. [b "I'm Bekah! I'm not usually such a bitch, but the minute someone insinuates that Jake won't come back for our son, just sets me off."]
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"Shes a pain in my ass." Jake said rolling his eyes. The team watched this exchange. Jake had a temper and the team knew it. His friend Ryan said, "Jake, don't shes not worth the trouble with coach." Jake leaned into Bekah, "I don't want to be here anymore."

Wanting Lily and hating her at the same time made his blood boil and she knew just how to push his buttons in the wrong way. The coach blew a whistle, "Boys suit up!" Lily stood there staring at Bekah as Jake kissed her cheek and went to the locker room.

"You might be his girlfriend.... but we both know Jake is too good for this school... he left you in your small town and he will leave you again, theres nothing holding him there." Lily said, obviously not knowing about Dakota.

One of the other girlfriends pulled Bekah back, "Lily is a bitch... I know first hand... I'm Megan by the way and don't worry about her, shes just trying to get Jake in trouble with you... hes not done anything with her. She mostly teases him and frustrates him to no end and he leaves practice pissed off."
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Bekah just laughed as she felt him grab her from behind. [b "Jake!"] she squaled. She leaned up and placed kisses all over. [b "You're so cute."] she whispered. She listened to him talk about how long it would be and she just nodded. She wrapped her arms around his waist as they deeply kissed. [b "Mhm."]

She looked up when she heard another girl spoke. Jake said her name, and instantly her body went hot. Boiling hot. [b "He's the captain of the team, why wouldn't he be back?"] she asked. [b "That was a stupid comment."] She listened to Jake and just rolled her eyes. She pullled her sunglasses down from her head, covering her eyes from the California son. [b "Uhm, Hello."] she said, moving closer to Lilly. [b "Name is Bekah, not 'she'"] she said. [b "And I'm his girlfriend, lets make sure we get that straight."]

[b "And I'm sorry, but you are?"] she asked. [b "Like a water girl or something?"]
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Jake smiled, "Yeah shes mine guys, hands off." He said grabbing her ass smiling. He kissed her, "Thank you for the gatorade babe... only an hour today, coach knows were all burnt out from exams but this game is important. A few runs and I'm out of here." Jake was the football team's captain even as a freshman... he was their secret weapon, the one no one seen coming because he was a freshman."

He kissed her again and then he saw Lily out of the corner of his eye. He pulled Bekah in for a deeper kiss. Some of the team rolled their eyes and Lily spoke up, "I see your back Morelli..." Jake looked to the ground and muttered, "Lily you shouldn't be here..."

Lily looked at him smugly, "Why because your whatever she is, is here?" Jake shook his head, "No because we don't need you here today, coach said only the team." He still had his hand around Bekah's waist. "Don't talk about my girlfriend like that." It was obvious that Jake and Lily had some sort of tension. When he had told her that he was back with Bekah over text... it had pissed Lily off.
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Bekah just grinned as she parked the Jeep and hopped out. [b "Sorry I'm a few minutes late, Traffic was a complete pain."] she said. She blushed when she heard his comments on her outfit. [b "Well, I'm meeting your friends for the first time, so I wanted to look nice. Plus, I figured it would be a tease for you.. Addy and I started doing a home workout routine because I wanted to loose the baby flab."]

She grabbed the jersey and grinned. [b "Thank you so much."] she said. [b "I'll put the wristband in my purse."] She slipped it in her purse, she wouldn't loose it as long as it was in there. She was a little nervous to meet his friends, but she didn't say anything. [b "So how long do practice usually run?"] she asked. She grabbed the Gatorade bottle out of her purse and handed it to him. [b "Babe, got this for you."]

She smiled softly when they walked up to the other guys. [b "I'm Bekah, Jake's girlfriend."] she said.
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Jake was sitting on the bench waiting on her when she pulled up. When he seen her he smirked, "God you look.... I was going to say beautiful because you always look beautiful but right now you look damn hot.... I would have never guessed you had a baby 6 months ago.... damn babe."

He kissed her neck gently and held up her very own jersey. "This is for you to wear to the game and then after that whenever else you want to wear it... and this is your wristband for the game Friday, don't lose it please because it was not easy to get." He kissed her again smiling. "Come meet the team." He said grabbing his things from the back of the jeep. They were a little early so no one was in practice mode yet.

"Guys... this is Bekah, Bekah meet the guys." Jake said as he dropped his bag on the bench along the field. Jake was the tallest and most muscular of the guys on the team and compared to Bekah's height and small size it was kind of adorable.
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Bekah just ginned and nodded. [b "Can't wait."] she said as they walked through campus. [b "I'll look up some resturants that're on the water or something. It'll be fun."] She wrapped her arm through his.

She looked around as they walked, everything was so different here. She definitly wasn't in Southport anymore. [b "Thank you baby."] she said as she took his card. [b "I love you. Have a good day! Good luck on your exam!"] She ordered a large strawberry and cream frappe, with four shots of caffine. It seemed like it was going to be a long day.

She went to the nearest grocery store, and it didn't look like it was in the best part of town, so she ended up driving back to the Condo, and then searching the nearest one. This one looked a lot safer. She went in and got all of Jake's favorite food, some red meat and chicken, plus two tubs of strawberry cheesecake ice cream, her and Jake's favorite. She forgot to pack shampoo and some of her makeup.

After she got back to the Condo, she carried everything up. She knew that Jake didn't stay here often, so she hoped that she hadnt wen't crazy with the groceries. She checked the time, it was already Ten.

By the time she got out of the shower and finished getting ready, it was time to go get Jake. She was wearing white shorts, that were the definition of short shorts, and a black tank top.
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