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"Don't stress him out too much but if he plays well and shows off at the game then he has a good chance of being signed as an Eagle... then you and Dakota will never have to worry and Jake would have the career hes always wanted... his dad had to pull some strings to get him to go there but hes coming and hes interested in Jake." Mrs. Morelli said smiling.

"Hes been fussy today but thats expected and I had no idea Jake was depressed... stay there, anything you need we will find a way to get it to you.... if you need anything I'll send it with Abby on Thursday night, Dakota here is coming with his bag and grandma might have spoiled him and added a few things. Theres more money on Jake's card I know you kids need food and you'll need things for Dakota... just move into the condo for now, get him out of that filthy dorm at least please." She said smiling.
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Bekah just listened to her and shool her head. She grinned when she seen Dakota. [b "Mommas baby boy! I loves you so much."] she said. She turned her attenion back to Mrs. Morelli and just shook her head once more. [b "Its been a really rough day."] she said, The adjusted the labtop that was sitting on Jake's back, his arms were around her waist, and his head on her legs/hips. She didn't know how he was comfy. [b "Jake's depressed. He has so much going on, he didn't tell me all of that until about an hour ago. Broke down in the parking lot of the restaurant. He need's Dakota and I here, wherever he is, we're going with him."] she said

She listened to her talk about the scout coming to watch Jake. [b "That's amazing!"] she said. [b "It's his dream, I just didn't expect it to happen his freshman year of college! Should I tell him?"] she asked.
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"Sweetheart I think thats a great idea but is something wrong?" Jake's mother asked smiling. Dakota was grabbing for Bekah through the screen... She saw Jake laying there in her lap, almost asleep. "Is he alright? He never does that unless hes upset." By the time she got the word upset out, Jake was asleep in Bekah's lap.

"We can talk to a lawyer about the rumors and accusations.... but Jake's father and I got some news.... hes going to be watched at the football game on friday... one of his father's friends is a scout for the Philadelphia Eagles... hes coming to watch Jake, if he likes him he may offer him a contract in Philadelphia... 9 hours from Southport." This was amazing news and it would put the moving on hold until after the football game on Friday. Alot was riding on that game and Jake didn't need to be stressed out about it at all.
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[b "Then I could do homescholling online or something. That way I could still be home with Dakota."] she said [b "My schooling wouldn't suffer. Mom understands that Dakota and you are the most important to me right now."]

[b "I'll miss Addy, but you're more important to me. Jake, I love you. We'll just have to fly out and visit, or she can fly up here and visit."] she said. She grabbed his labtop and typed in the password. [b "You'll be asleep before it even connects."] she said, holding his head to to her.

[b "Hey Mrs. M. Hows it going?"] she asked once the called connected. [b "We're okay... It's just been a rough day. I actually had a couple of things that I wanted to talk to you about, if you have the time. I know Kota can be a handful... I just found out that there are multiple rumors going around the football circuit. More like their being posted on social media. They're saying that Jake is a deadbeat dad and that he left us. And the worse one is that they're saying Jake raped me..."]

[b "The other thing is I want to move up here with Dakota. We need to be closer to Jake. What do you think?"]
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"You don't want closer to school, too many frats and sororities for Dakota to be around but I would love to have you and Dakota here but I don't want your schooling to suffer... because of me? My parents will give us the condo but what about your mom? Shes going to miss you... and Abby?" He said worried that she was doing this too quickly and making a mistake that she would regret.....

"Maybe we can Skype my mom and talk about it?" He said leaning into her cuddling. "As long as I get to stay like this." He was 19 but he acted like he was 5 or 6... he was a big baby when something was wrong with him. He picked up his laptop and handed it to her, "You know my password... its Dakota1..." He kissed her gently and laid his head back down... he needed to be with her, he needed this. It all upset him more that she was gone alot and it killed him inside.
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Bekah just shook her head as she laid on the couch. [b "Come here. Cuddle."] she said as she pulled him into her arms. [b "We'll get through this.. I promise.."]

She listened to him, letting him finish before she spoke up. [b "What do you think about Dakota and I moving out here? I can transfer to a highschool up here, or I could even do home school online."] she said. [b "UCLA is your dream school, and I've been missing you so much, I don't like being away from you. So this is the option that makes since.."]

[b "I can help you with the homework and stuff. I've always been good at school. I can help Jake, we can make this work.."] she wasn't sure how he would react to all that, but she was hoping that he would agree or think it was a good idea. [b "Do you think your parents would let us use the condo until we could find something closer to school?"]
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Jake shook his head and took his bag from her and dumped it on the floor in front of the couch. Two pill bottles fell out... "I'm depressed and they give me these to make me feel okay and I just feel worse..." He had broken... the big muscular football player who kept up the facade on the outside that everything was okay.... was broken.

He didn't want her to call his mom but he knew it was the right thing to do. Jake needed help and he couldn't deal with his demons alone and he couldn't be without her anymore... "I can do my classes online... I need to be with you and you have to graduate on time." He pulled her into another hug. "Do you know how much i love you? Thinking about you and Dakota is why I'm still at this God Forsaken school. You know I'm not one for school or classes, this is hard for me and mom expects straight A's and wants me to do everthing a perfect son should and I can't."
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Bekah's arms instantly wrapped around Jake's tall figure. [b "I love you so much."] she whispered. [b "We'll get through this."]

She hopped out of the car and grabbed Jake's bag, she would need to wash the clothes inside before the practice started tomorrow. She wrapped her arms around him, and just stood there. She wasn't going to let go until he did. [b "It's okay."] she said softly [b "You aren't unstable Jake. You've just hit a rough patch, and we'll get through this. I can get my homework emailed to me. This is a family emergancy. I won't go back home until you're okay again."]

She listened to him speak. She shook her head, she had no idea that it had gotten this bad. Someone thought that Jake had raped her? What kind of sick twisted person would say that. [b "We'll get this figured out. I'm going to call your mom and her attorney, and figure this out. This isn't okay. I'm not going to let this continue anymore.

[b "Two months after you left, I was diagnosed with severe depression."]
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Jake hugged her as he got out of the car, it wasn't a fun hug or a friend hug it was a I need you kind of hug. "I don't know what to do Bek... I just know I need you." He kissed her gently, his face tear stained.

When they reached the condo Jake pulled her into another one of those hugs inside... "No one knows how bad I am babe.... I hide it because if someone back home found out... I'm just the unstable guy who left his kid in Southport, the deadbeat... I've heard people on Facebook call me that. They act like I don't see the comments on the college pictures they post... I see the deadbeat comments and the ones saying I raped you... I don't even know how that got started. So no I'm not okay." He let his hands fall to his side.

"I understand if your mad at me or hate me or just want me to shut up." He said sitting down on the edge of the couch.
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Bekah looked at Jake, her heart was breaking in half at this moment. [b "Jake. You didn't do anything to fuck up. I did."] she said softly. [b "I haven't thought about that day in so long, because Dakota is such a blessing to us. That baby saved my life... And I drank that night. I got stupid drunk, and I could've hurt our baby. If anyone fucked up, it was me."]

[b "Dakota and I are so proud of you. You're showing our baby that there is more to life than small town SouthPort. You're showing him that it's okay to take a risk and follow your dreams."]

She climbed in the passenger seat of the Jeep and rested her hand on his knee. [b "Let me drive home."] she said as she got out and walked to the driver seat. [b "We need to go home baby."] she said as she wrapped her arms around him. [b "I didn't know you were hurting this badly. I had no idea Jake. I'm so sorry. What can I do to make it better?"]
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Jake shook his head, "No its my fault, I shouldn't have went with her that one time, I love you and I really fucked up didn't I? Back at the pier I fucked everything up for both of us... I got you pregnant and you were 16....that was irresponsible but I love you and I wouldn't change a thing because I love Dakota, our son is amazing... I just I'm sorry for everything I've done to ruin your life."

He was staring at the ground now. His emotions were all over the place. He got into the driver's seat of the jeep and his emotions poured out. The tears wouldn't stop falling and he put his head in his hands against the steering wheel. Jake was broken and it had taken this long to come out.... The last year and a half had taken its toll on him... he was 19 now... going to college and trying to juggle a family and the stress that comes with all of that... something even 40 year olds struggle with.
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[b "I know baby."] she said softly [b " l know that it stressed you out to be away from Dakota, but I'm so proud of you for doing this. You're helping give our son a better life that what we had, what I had.."] She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b "You're not a deadbeat dad. You're the best daddy in the entire world. Dakota's face lights up so much when he sees you. It's unreal."]

She just looked at him. [b "If Lilly gives you any problems, about anything. But especially Dakota, you call me. I'll set the bitch straight. She's not going to start bad mouthing you or our baby."] she said. [b "I don't hate you. I could never ever hate you."]

She ate rather quickly. She noticed that Megan hadn't texted her back, which was probably a good thing. [b "Ready to go back? We can take a nap or something."] she said. [b "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. We were having such a good day."]
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"I had coffee and cried, I wouldn't call that going out." Jake said sighing, "I don't want to hide anything from you Bekah, thats why I told you, and I don't want to be a deadbeat dad. I love our son and I'm happy everyone knows now, it was stressful keeping him a I can openly say I love my son without everyone judging me."

He said sighing and taking a drink of his sprite. It was obvious he didn't want to have this conversation anymore. He didn't even want to talk anymore. He wanted to eat and go back to the condo. His good mood had taken a sour turn.

Jake didn't even want to be at this school but he was here so Dakota would have a good life. He cared about his son more than anything and everytime he wanted to quit he thought about that little boy so proud of him back home. "You hate me now don't you?" Jake muttered sighing.
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Bekah just looked at him and nodded. [b "I am, I just meant I want to find some cute shorts to go with it. If she doesn't go, I'll probably just end up wearing my white shorts or something."] she said. She listened to Jake and just nodded softly. She felt like he wasn't telling her everything, but she wasn't going to start anything until she found out for sure. [b "You went out with her?"] she asked. She was shocked that he just openly told her about it.

[b "I shouldn't have said anything about Dakota, I just assumed that everyone already knew. I didn't think about someone trying to use the fact that you have a baby, against you."] she said softly. [b "I'm sorry."]

She looked out the window as they drove up the freeway. Scrolling through her phone, she pulled her text messages.

[I Hey Megan, it's Bekah. I know this is going to sound strange.. But can I ask you something?"]
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"I thought you were wearing your jersey... yeah I was going to flake and come home and return my assignments over email... I miss Dakota... alot.' he said sighing and digging into his Chinese food... "And Lily... .well remember a couple months ago when we were fighting? Lily had been bugging me and we went out for coffee and it ended with me crying in my latte because I love you, she hates me and uses every chance to pick on me now and annoy the living hell out of me.... why do you think I never told anyone here about Dakota. Someone will find some way to use our son against me... and I love that little boy so much Bek... so much."

Jake had tears in his eyes, he hadn't wanted to have this conversation but he did want her to know that he would never not love his son. His son was his entire world and now that everyone knew, he didn't have to hide it.
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