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"No we had no idea... that was all Jacob... hes full of surprises." Mrs. Morelli said smiling and holding Dakota who was loving all the attention and people around him. When he seen Jake on the field he watched intently.

Jake motioned to her to come to him and kissed her and grabbed her around the waist lifting her up.... "Sir... would you like to tell my fiance what you just told me... or should I?" He asked smiling. The man chuckled and said, "Miss... your engaged to the newest Philadelphia Eagle and if he does well in spring training and plays his cards right he may be the youngest starting player in the NFL next season."

Jake smiled and kissed her. "This is amazing." He didn't want to put her down or let her go. After the fans filed out of the stadium Jake had gotten a shower and packed up his things for the season and handed them in to the coach... knowing he wouldn't be playing for UCLA next season.
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Bekah grinned and posted a picture on instagram, she was thankful that both Megan and Addy snapped pictures when Jake had purposed to her. She captioned the picture [i "I'm engaged to the player with the wicked arm! xoxo"]

She watched the game axnoiosuly but she knew that they would win. She 'caught' the kiss and continued to scream. Mrs. Morelli had bought Dakota a pair of sound proof head phones. [b "Go Morelli!!"] she screamed.


Bekah stood up screaming, jumping up and down with Dakota. She was so happy. Hopefully Jake finally got out of his funk after today. She watched as she man in a suit motioned to talk to Jake. [b "He's getting the offer!"] she screamed. She looked at Megan. [b "Can I run out there when they're done talking?"] she asked.

She didn't wait for an answer, though she probably should've. [b "Jake!"] she screamed. She was about to jump the fence and run over, but she didn't want him to get in trouble.
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As soon as the game started Jake was in game mode. From the first whistle Jake was on top of his game. He had a killer arm and on top of that he was fast... and could punt like nobody's business. The game was at halftime when Jake was finally able to take off his helmet and wipe the sweat off his face. He chugged a gatorade and looked at the score. They were up by 20 to 0 but he wanted to make it a shut out... take it up a notch.

Jake scanned the crowd for Bekah and blew her a kiss. He was soaked in sweat. Only another half and he was done for the season. The scout that was watching came down to the field and stood by the coach watching the second half... Jake's team won, 32 to 0... all because of him.

Jake threw his helmet off when the buzzer sounded and waved to the crowd. A man dressed in a suit stood beside his coach and motioned to Jake to come over to them. He did and the man spoke... "Jacob Morelli... I've been watching you and on behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles... I'd like to offer you a draft spot for next season... and I hope I'll see you at spring training..." Jake looked at him... "Your serious... Thank you so much." The man smiled and said, "I'll send the contract to your coach. " Jake nodded smiling.
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Bekah just grinned as she looked down at the ring. It was so beautfiul. [b "I love you so much Jacob Morelli."] she said. She took his hand when Jake took Dakota, and they walked back. [b "Everyone came to see you kick some ass one more time this season."] She had tears flowing out of her eyes. [b "I wasn't expecting that."] she said as she took Dakota back. [b "Good luck baby. I love you!"] she screamed.

She looked back at the Couch and just nodded. [b "Yes sir!"] she said as she walked over and handed the baby to Mrs Morelli so she could jump over the fence. [b "Did you all know about that?"] she asked. [b "That was the last thing on earth that I was expecting."]

She looked over at Megan and Addy, who both grabbed her hand to look at the Ring. She just grinned. [b "I'm gonna be a Morelli!"] she squealed. She looked down at Dakota who was looking at her like she was crazy. [b "Little man, Mommy loves you so much."]

It was tip off, and everyone was going crazy.
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Jake smiled and kissed her and kissed the top of Dakota's head. "SHE SAID YES!" He yelled to the team who was cheering fro him. He couldn't believe that she had actually said yes. He loved her so much... "Everyone is here?" He asked looking at her with a smile. He carried Dakota as they walked back.... "I'm going to go out there and rock this for you little man... I love you and your mommy." he kissed the top of his head again and handed him back to Bekah.

The coach nodded and said, "Miss... Morelli to be... I'm going to have to ask you to go to your seat, the boys gotta play..." The coach loved Jake and thought highly of him, plus he was leading them to a perfect season if they won this game. Seeing Jake happy helped.

Lily stood on the sidelines huffing because now Jake was engaged and she couldn't mess with him like she wanted to... well maybe she could.
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Bekah just nodded. [b "Baby it's okay. She won't bother you anymore, I'll make sure of it."] she said, placing her hand on his waist. [b "I'm right here, Dakota wanted to wish his daddy good luck before the big game."] she said.

The baby boy was all smiles once he seen his Father. His arms out, reaching for him.

She turned to look at Jake's coach and just grinned. [b "We're so proud of him."] she said softly. She looked back at Lilly, glaring. [b "I was so afraid that they werent going to get here before the game started. Baby, everyone game. Your mom and dad, Addy and Dakota."]

She was suprised when she seen that he was leading her out on the field. [b "Jake! The games about to start, what're you doing?"] she asked. She gasped when she seen him get down on one knee and pull out a ring. [b "YES!"] she squealed, bending down with Dakota in her arm, she wrapped her other arm around Jake's neck. [b "A thousand times YES!"]
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"Bekah..." he said breathing a sigh of relief hearing her voice. "She came up to me and grabbed my arm and I'm so stressed out I yelle... " He trailed off turning around and seeing Dakota in her arms. "Hey baby boy." His frown instantly faded into a wide smile. "This is amazing Bekah..." He kissed her lips gently and his Coach shook his head smiling. "Balance a family, a football career, and school.... you deserve a metal kid." Jake shrugged and said, 'Thanks coach."

Jake took Bekah's hand leading her out onto the field and said, "I have been planning this for weeks." He said nothing more until he got down on one knee.... "Bekah.... will you marry me?" He asked smiling up at her and at Dakota in her arms. He opened the ring box... he must have spent a fortune on it. The ring was beautiful and everyone in the stadium was watching. Would she say yes or would she say no?
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Bekah pulled into the parking lot and ran over instantly seeing the Morellis, Dakota and Addy. [b "Mommas baby is here!"] she squealed,
taking him from Addy. [b "I didn't think y'all would get here before it started!"] she said. She planted kisses all over Dakotas face. [b "How did he do on the plane?"] she asked [b "Megan is saving our seats, let's go find them. I wanna get out before Jake comes out of the locker rooms."] she said.

She let them scan her badge, and then walked through with everyone. She looked out at the field, grinning when she seen Jake. [b "There's daddy."] she said, pointing at him. She showed everyone where the seats were at, and introduced them to Megan. She turned to walk down to see Jake when she seen Lilly. She just groaned. [b "Here we go."] she muttered. She ran down the steps and showed her ID. [b "His son just wants to see him before it starts. They haven't seen each other in a week. Five minutes."] she said, pushing her way through. [b "Jake... is everything okay?"]
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Jake was suiting up for his game when his coach came up to him and told him about the scouts in the crowd today. He should have known... this game was televised, he instantly became more nervous and looked at his phone, Bekah hadn't texted him saying she was back. He was so nervous he was shaking. He took a few deep breaths and psyched himself out. Jake was their star player.... the one everyone was looking at today.

He ran out on the field carrying his helmet as the team was announced. He had never seen so many people in the stadium as he did today. The rival team was staring him down, they knew he was the one to watch. It was 15 minutes to game time and still no Bekah... did she flake on him? He was worried. He belt down to tie his shoelace and felt a hand on his arm, immediatley thinking it was Bekah.

Seeing Lily, he became livid, "You should leave Lily... I don't want you around me I don't want to see your face and your ruining this game!"
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The next couple of days were really rough. It didn't calm down until Thursday morning. They'd talked to the lawyer about all the rumors and social media issues, they advised that Jake go to the school and talk to them about it. He could sue if he wanted because it was mentally and emotionally abusing him and messing with his head. From what she understood, he wasn't sure what he was going to do. They both just wanted all this behind them.

It was now Friday, and Bekah was getting ready to take Jake to the game. He had to be there two hours before it started, so she was going back to the condo and to straighten everything up before the Morelli's came and seen the mess, then she would finish getting ready. She had the parking pass and her ID badge so she could get in through the VIP section. She was meeting Megan an thirty minutes before the game started so they could get a seat together, and save some for the Morelli's, Dakota and Addy.
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Bekah looked down at Jake, she continued to run her fingers through his hair. [b "Nothing is wrong with you, Jake. You're just going through a rough patch. We're going to get through this, together."] she said as she leaned down and kissed his head. [b "You're overtired."] she said [b "You've got so much going on, and you're mind can't handle it all."]

[b "How about, we wait for a bit to cook the steaks. Lets go get that bottle of wine that I seen in the fridge, and go take a bubble bath?"] she asked. [b "I'll give you a massage."] She smirked.

Standing up, she walked over and grabbed wine glasses and the bottle. She looked back. [b "Better hurry up."] she said as she ran upstairs. She didn't know if she was going to tell him about the Pro Scout or not. He didn't need to worry about anything else right now. [b "Mom said she thought it was a good idea, Dakota and I moving out here with you."]
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"Someone took him." He said upset and looked into her eyes, "God was I having a nightmare? I didn't mean to, it just happened, I'm sorry if I scared you.... I don't have those often, I just miss him." Jake pulled her into his arms and held her tight. "Babe....theres something wrong with me isn't there?"

He was silently praying that she would say no but he knew something was wrong. He couldn't get his brain to relax. It was like his mind was on overdrive even in his sleep. He couldn't just let go and relax... he wasn't wired that way.

"what did mom say? You get to see Kota? I missed him?" He asked slightly disappointed. His heart hurt being away from his baby boy. He got up sighing and his stomach growled, he must have slept off the Chinese food they just ate and now he was hungry again. "Want me to start the steaks on the grill?" Grilling relaxed him.
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Bekah just smiled and nodded softly. [b "I would love it if you could come out. It would give me a much more peace of mind knowing Dakota had three people with him, virsus just one. Especailly Addy who has never really been left alone with Dakota before. Especially if he does get signed, it would be such an amazing suprise, when Jake walks out of the hall and sees us all together."] she said. She looked down at Jake and ran her fingers through his hair, trying to calm him down.

[b "Mommy has to get off here Kota, but I love you both and I'll see you soon!"] she said. [b "I need to make sure he's okay. I don't want him to have another nightmare. Text me and let me know what you all decide."] she said. She ended the call.

[b "Jake baby. You're okay. Dakota's back in South Port with your parents."] she said. [b "He was trying to get me out of the screen, I just got off the skype call."]
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"Anything we can do just let us know... Jake is our only child and we want him happy and you make him happy and Dakota is the cutest baby I have ever seen... and I had Jake and he was pretty cute... but we love you all, you keep Jake in line and safe and I will handle everything I can for Friday." His mom said smiling and rocking Dakota to sleep. It wasn't working, he was too obsessed with trying to get his mother out of the screen.

Jake snored in her lap. He was out cold. He only really slept like that when he was with her and so relaxed. "Do you think his father and I should come out too? I mean if he gets offered a contract, we want to be there and its his last game of the season." His mother already missed him, it was kind of cute.

He was talking in his sleep now, "Dakota... where Dakota." He was having a nightmare and Dakota was missing... it was sort of heartbreaking.
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Bekah just smiled and nodded. [b "This would be such an amazing opportunity for him. This is his dream."] she said. [b "He's making me so proud, I don't even think he realizes it."]

She looked down and poked Jake, just to make sure that he was really asleep. [b "I can't wait to see Kota on Friday. It's going to be the best suprise ever. I'm going to the mall tomorrow to find him a cute shirt for the game."] she said [b "I wish you all could fly out as well, but Mr. M said you had a big dinner that you couldn't miss."]

[b "I can't thank you enough. You've been such a complete help throughout these past couple of months. I don't think I would've been able to get through this without you. Especailly volunteering to watch him, so I could come stay with Jake for a while."] she said [b "He's going to flip when he see's his daddy and all the people on Friday. I can't wait."]
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