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Bekah just smiled and nodded. She was really excited with how their life was planing out. Everyone who said they wouldn't last, was getting a new perspective. Jake and Bekah would be together always, she would'nt let anything ever tear them apart. [b "We'll got after we put him to bed."] she said. She watched Dakota just laugh, it was music to her ears. She would never get tired of hearing it. [b "I'm really excited for the new move. What time did Coach say to be there? Megan texted me, she wants to know if the four of us would like to out to eat tomorrow? Your mom told me they were planning on leaving tomorrow morning, because they were going to take their time getting back. Stop in a couple of states and stay the night."]

She looked at Addy as she sat down beside her. [b "Maybe later on. Dakota isn't even a year old yet, Jake knows I've always wanted a big family. But I want our own house first, a wedding. So maybe in a few years. Depends on how fast I get this wedding planned."] she said. [b "Speaking of, how would you feel about being my maid of honor? I couldn't do it without having you up there beside me."]
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Jake nodded,"There's a sporting goods store not far from here. I can take you and mom and dad can handle this munchkin." He said picking up Dakota and making him giggle. Dakota was the happiest baby and it was because he was loved so much. Jake knew there would be people they knew back home that would be jealous and hate him for making his dreams come true. That's probably how the rumors got started. Jake would never hurt Bekah and everyone knew that. Jake didn't like to hurt anyone until he was pushed to his limits. He wasn't violent but he would protect the ones he loved.

Dakota saw his grandmother and squealed and reached for her. Jake laughed,"Someone wants to see NaNa." Jake couldn't wait until Dakota could talk. He silently prayed that daddy would be his first word. Abby sat down beside Bekah and asked,"So now that Jake's going to be this big football think your gonna have another?" She pointed to Dakota when she asked.
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Bekah nodded as she listened to him. She was glad that he understood it was important to her that they always didn't rely on his parents for money. [b "Mom actually sent me a check a couple of week's ago. I haven't cashed it yet, but it's quite a bit of money. My inheritance from my Granny... I didn't know anything about it. It's three thousand dollars, Jake. That's enough to buy some furiture for an apartment, or anything."] she was excited to move, but not that excited about it being to a big city. She loved LA, because it was a beach town, but she'd never been up North. [b "I can't wait to start college, but I'm probably going to put it off until we get everything settled. Plus I have to finish Highschool, and that'll be another year."]

[b "I was gonna go out tonight and find us all matching Philly shirts, so I could post it on Instagram and Facebook so everyone back home could see it. I'm sure it's already gotten out somehow."]
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Jake nodded. "I'll start making money as soon as we sign the contract, Coach mentioned a signing bonus. I don't know how much it'll be but maybe enough to get us on our feet in Philly and my college fund can become yours...I won't be going to college in Philly. My whole plan was to make it into the big leagues and now that that's happened I don't need college...your the smart one anyway....what is everyone back home going to think when they find out your fiancé is a Philadelphia Eagle?"

Jake smirked and blew Eskimo kisses on dakota's belly. "What does everyone back home think about Dakota? I mean I haven't talked to anyone or seen what anyone has said about him and I only get on Facebook now to see his life revolves around you, Dakota, and's kind of insane." Jake basically never got a minute to himself or to relax so this was all foreign to him.
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Bekah just nodded as she listened. It hurt her to realize that Jake really didn't have anyone out here. He had ton's of friends back home, but hardly any here. [b "They'll realize they were wrong once we go back to Southport."] she said. She walked over and kissed his cheek. [b "I can't wait to have you back home with us. Our first christmas together."] she said.

[b "I just hate that we have to depend on them for money. I can't wait until we start making our own. With homeschooling, I can probably graduate early, so I can get into a school in Philly, and start my photography business."] she said. [b "But it makes since. We could always just get a hotel room if we ever wanted to come back out here and visit."]

She went back to the kitchen and smiled as she watched Dakota interact with Jake and Mr. Morelli. He was just like the Morelli's, and that was a good thing. She didn't want him to grow up like she did. She wouldn't let that happen.
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"No one... I don't talk to anyone because they seem to think I hurt you and left you and Dakota there alone." He said sighing and nodded, 'Yeah they're gonna drive the jeep and whatever we can't take back on the plane... mom and dad are already talking about selling the condo since we will be in Philadelphia most of the time now... maybe summers at home... depends on how well it all goes... We will look over the contract with coach on Monday, I want you there to make sure you agree with it all... I don't want to sign anything that you don't approve of."

He held onto Dakota and smiled, the baby boy was in his lap clapping his hands and giggling and squealing. He had missed his father and Jake hated being away from him. They were so much alike. His dad came in and said, "Steaks are on the grill, corn is too, hows my grandson?" Jake laughed and said, "hes playing."
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Bekah smiled as she heard what he was saying. It would be so great to have him and Addy both on the flight back home with Dakota. She looked over at Addy who was sitting on the couch, with her face in her phone. She looked at Jake and just sighed. [b "I'm gonna go get started on the side dishes."] she said. [b "What's everyone in the mood for? I have to make mashed potatoes for Dakota."]

She looked out to th living room and just smiled at the sight of Jake and Dakota together. Her heart was so full in this moment. Addy kept smiling at her phone every couple of minutes, she would ask why later. [b "Jake, have you talked to anyone from Southport lately, besides me?"]

[b "Are your parents going to drive your jeep back?"] she asked. She wasn't sure what they would do now that they had three cars, Bekah just knew that she didn't and wouldn't get rid of the Camaro.
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"I'm going to talk to my teachers Monday and see if I can turn everything in over email since I've already taken my exams and won't be coming back here next year. So maybe I can go back with you." He said smiling.

Soon the steaks were on the grill and Jacob was sitting on the couch playing patty cake with his baby boy. His coach texted him that he needed to bring in his helmet the next day. Jake had accidentally left his practice helmet in the jeep. Jake agreed and let Bekah know that that is what he needed to do the next day, Saturday.

Dakota squealed to get his father's attention. Jake chuckled, "Yesh little man daddy's here..." they had picked him up a few toys and Jake's parents were making a trip out of it and driving back home when they did leave and they would be taking what Jake and Beulah couldn't fly Dakota's toys.
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Bekah nodded as she listened to him. [b "Maybe we should just look into getting an apartment or something, just for the first season. We could probably find one that has a gym or something. That would be good, right?"] she asked. She buckled Dakota in his car seat and just smiled. [b "I'm excited about moving, but I also know that it's gonna be a pain in the butt."]

[b "Yeah, she assumed. She said it was fine. I'm really glad that you're okay with her coming.. She's like my sister. I don't know what I'm gonna do when we move to Philly."] she said.. She smirked and just nodded. [b "She probably walked in and see how messy the bed was.. Thats the one room I forgot to clean."]

[b "I have to fly back in a few days, to figure out what I'm gonna do with school.. Are your parents going to stay here? I wasn't sure if you wanted me to take Dakota or if you'd want to keep him here."]
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Jake nodded, "I don't know what I'll get paid yet so I'm not sure on what kind of house we should look for or any of that or if my parents are going to help....they'll probably sell the condo now sinc will be in a Philadelphia....." he kissed her gently and checked out with the groceries.

"You put the munchkin in his car seat and I'll get the groceries." He kissed her forehead and Dakota's forehead. Loading the jeep they headed back to the condo and Jake saw his parents' rental car parked in the drive so he parked beside it. "I'll unload everything, I hope Abby is okay with the couch I mean we don't exactly have three rooms and my parents will take the upstairs already assumed we're together in the downstairs one...I don't know why she would think any different."

Jake quickly unloaded all of the groceries and his dad helped him put things away and keep things out to put on the grill. They had planned to stay in a California for two weeks while Jake finished his first year of classes up. He had worked hard to finish his first year in half the time.
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Bekah just nodded and laughed at Dakota. [b "He isn't gonna let you get out of his sight now."] she said. She grabbed Jake's hand as they walked out of the stadium. Everyone was screaming and taking pictures of them all. Dakota was eating all the attention up. [b 'I think Dakota was made for this life."] she said. She double checked that Dakota was buckled in the seat okay and then headed to the grocery store.

[b "I have a feeling that we need to get him a few toys, because there isnt anything at the Condo to keep him busy, except for his movies on my iPad."] she said. She went and got a cart, once they were there. [b "What kinda place do you wanna try and get in Philly? I'd like somewhat of a yard so we can maybe get Dakota a dog."]

She walked through the isles, surprised that people were stopping them and congratulating Jake on getting signed.
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Jake smiled, "I'll go with you, mom and dad can head back, maybe Dakota needs a nap after all that excitement... you and me head to the store?" Dakota protested and clung to Jake. "Okay, you me and Kota bear go to the store...crazy baby."

Jake's mom laughed, "He gets that from you Jake." Jake shrugged and said, "Lets go I am starving." People waved to them as they walked. Jake was the best known UCLA player among the team's fans. MORELLI was even sold on the back of jersey's this season... next season he would be an Eagle and that was surreal to him. He loved it though, everything he had worked for he would have and he would have the only girl for him by his side through it all... and their crazy baby boy.

Once they arrived at the store Jake sat Dakota in the basket seat and buckled him in. He kept grabbing at his shirt and giggling. Jake thought it was adorable.
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Bekah smiled as she looked back and seen Jake standing behind her. [b "I have a feeling that he's going to be the next great Morelli just like his daddy."] she said. She stood up and watched Dakota reach for Jake. [b "Somebody really missed his daddy."]

She looked up as their parents and Addy walked over. [b "I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done and given up to help me with Dakota. I couldn't have done it without you."] She looked at Jake and nodded. [b "I would really like to get Dakota settled in Philly before you start Spring Training. I'm gonna contact school on Monday to get information on homeschooling, and then we need to start looking for a house."]

[b "I'm engaged to the newest Eagle, who just happens to have the most wicked arm on the team!"] she said grinned. [b "We have the steaks that we never fixed the other night. Not really anything else. But I can stop by the store on the way back to the condo. Dakota going to need a few things as well."]
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"He will." Jake said smiling. He turned his things in and changed and headed out to find them. His parents hugged him tight. Dakota squealed and reached for him. "Hey buddy, daddys here." Dakota loved his father and Jake had missed him so much... "So.... we need to start looking for a place in Philly..." His dad smiled and said, "An Eagle huh... not to shabby son."

Jake chuckled ," Yeah dad...I went pro." He knew it was probably all over facebook and their hometown would be shocked... as well as the news of their engagement. He hadn't told anyone that he was asking her. It was something that was a long time coming.... he should have asked her years ago.... he loved her so much.

Dakota snapped him out of his thoughts when his grandfather took him from his father's arms. "So... are we going out or grilling out? I mean we have steaks but we probably need a few things at the condo."
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Bekah just grinned as she ran over to Jake with Dakota squealing in her arms. He was eating up all the attenion, he loved it. It took her a minutes to reach him, due to all the students running around.

[b "Hello Sir."] she said, looking at the scout. Her eyes went wide as she heard that Jake was now a Pro Football Player. She looked at Jake and just jumped up and down. [b "I'm so proud of you!"] she said. She knew that he would dominate spring training. [b "You're going to completely kick ass at spring training!"] she said. She wrapped her arms around him, thanking the lord for all the exciting things that happened today.

[b "You go change, Dakota and I will be right here waiting on you. Your parents and Addy were going on back to the Condo. I think your dad is going to grill out to celebrate."] she said. She walked over in the field and sat down with Dakota. [b "I bet someday, you're going to play out here, just like your Daddy."]
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