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Jake smiled, and tickled Dakota... "Because daddy's an Eagle." Jake was wearing an under armour eagles t shirt as well. Some people in the airport recognized him as the newest rookie. He was going to be something with the Eagles. They were lucky they snapped him up when they did. Loading the luggage into the trunk of the rental car he got out his phone and tried to put the hotel address into the GPS but for some reason couldn't do it. "Babe can you help me?"

Turns out it was one of the fanciest hotels he had ever seen. "You and Kota can some with me to see the arena and everything. Meet the people I have to meet and we can get you two some Eagles gear."

The people at the desk of the hotel greeted them with smiles, "We house every member of the team at any time, just ask and there will be a room available for you. Welcome to Philadelphia." When Jake opened the door to their room, gift baskets and gifts were covering the table and bed. Eagles merchandise and gifts.
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Bekah nodded as she listened to him. It seemed like everything was taken care of, which was perfect because it was less that she had to worry about. She watched as Jake packed his bags, as well as Dakota. [b "We can definilty get all kinds of Eagle's gear."] she said. [b "I want to get Dakota a couple of outfits, and some things for Christmas."]

[b "We can do whatever you have to do."] she said softly. [b "Dakota and I can either hang around the hotel, or we can go with you."]

The next day, the Morelli's drove them to the airport, and hugged both of them and said their goodbyes. [b "Thank you for everything that you've ever done for us. I don't know what I would've done without you."] Flying into Philly, was when Dakota woke up. He was amazed by all the clouds and everything. [b "Momma's big boy, this is our new home."] she said. She looked over and grabbed Jake's hand, smiling.
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"Our flight leaves at noon and I talked to my coach and theres a car waiting for us, a rental, covered by the team fund, and our hotel room is covered as well." He said as he finished packing some of his things and made sure Dakota had everything he needed.

"We will be in Philly, maybe we can actually find some more Eagles gear, I think theres a store in the arena. I have to go there and check it out and everything but it shouldn't take long." He said smiling.

The next day his parents drove them to the airport and thankfully Dakota slept through the whole flight. It wasn't a long one but no one wants to deal with a fussy baby on a plane. Getting off the plane Jake gathered their luggage and made his way to the rental car area before getting the keys from the man. As he handed them to him he smiled, "Congradulations Mr. Morelli from the Philadelphia Eagles." Jake smiled, "Thanks man."
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Bekah just smiled up at him. [b "He is going to be his Daddy made over, that's for sure."] she said. She nodded as she listened to his idea about doing an offical annonuncement on both their engagment and his signing. [b "We sure can baby."] she said.

She shook the Coach's hands, and then they left. [b "We should go look at cars as soon as we get back. Do you want to fly up to Philadephia or drive?"] she asked. She knew that flying would be easier with Dakota, but she didn't want to have to go through renting a car, plus the road trip might be fun."]

Once they were back in Southport, she made Jake go to the chiropractor and get checked out. They had a week and a half until Christmas, and the plan was to go to Philadelphia, they had to get a head start on trying to find a house. [b "We need to pack. We leave early tomorrow morning."] she said [b "I've found a couple that online that I would like to look at."]
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"Hes not even a year old and hes getting so big... takes after his daddy." Jake said chuckling... "Wait.... I just became an eagle." He held up his jersey his new coach had given him with Morelli written across the back. He smiled, "Can we take a picture of Dakota laying on my jersey and make that our official announcement for our engagement and my signing? I mean he is a Morelli and I'm pretty damn proud of being an Eagle."

The Coach trusted her to make sure Jake was in Philadelphia by March. "Okay so selling or trading in the beetle for something bigger and looking for a house and relocating to Philadelphia, this was alot but they could handle it. They were young and Jake was the rookie to watch and everyone knew it.

When they got back home to Southport Jake went to the chiropractor and got his neck checked out and realigned. It was almost Christmas and Jake knew it would be one to remember.
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Bekah just shook her head as she watched him read the contract. She was reading bits and pieses, she gasped when she read over his salary. [b "Holy crap."] she mumbled. She jsut nodded to Jake. This would give Dakota the childhood that she'd never had. This would ensure that Dakota would always be taken care of.

She watched as pictures were taken of him signing, and she took a couple on her phone as well. She posted one on instagram and captioned it [i "My baby signing for the Eagles Spring Training, the youngest yet. #TheGuyWithTheWickedArm"]

She listened to the Coach and just nodded. [b "We're actually going to look and see if we can find a house within our budget. I'll have him there by March, I promise."] she said, smiling.

Once they were finished, and walking back to the Jeep, she looked at him. [b "I want to sell the Beetle, I like it, but I need more room for Dakota. He's so cramped up in that back seat."]
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"You love that car, I wouldn't want you to sell something you love." he said still reading over the contract. When he got to his salary he almost fell off his chair. He was 19 years old and making over half a million dollars a season and in the off season he was making more than the average person. They would be alright if he could stay in shape and stay on the field.

He showed her the number and said, "Okay where do I sign?" He signed the papers and pictures were snapped of him signing. The youngest Eagles player to sign and the youngest player of the season in NFL spring training.

The Eagles coach watched and said, 'we will need you relocated by March, spring training starts March 3rd and its intensive, you'll need a home to go home to. If you need anything let me know, the team has some outlets like hotel rooms and rental cars if you need them while your looking for a house."
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Bekah just laughed. [b "I don't like a bathtun wedding is something that our friends and family would really want to see."] she said. [b "That's very generous. I would love to go to Italy, but I don't know if I could go so far and leave Kota behind. We just have to make it a point to go over there once's he's older. We should check into some small beach towns, or something. I don't want to spend our honeymoon dodging paparitizis."]

[b "I would love to get something in a gated community, or even on the outskirts of Philadephia. I just worry about Dakota's safety. It's crazy how much I worry now."]

Monday they met with the College Football Coach, the Scout and the Eagle's Coach. She was very thankful that they were giving them Fifteen thousand to help them relocate. Between that, and the Three thousand that her Mother had given her, the moving costs should be set. [b "What do you think if we should my Beetle? It's getting really tight on space since Kota is getting bigger, plus if you wanted the Camaro back, I could just drive the Jeep."]
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Jake smiled, "Anything you want, I would marry you right now in this bathtub if given the chance, I love you that much. Right now our budget is not great. My parents offered to pay for our honeymoon so I guess you can decide on that first. I want to see how much my paycheck will be so I should know that on Monday when we sign on the papers. We also need to budget a house and things... maybe we should start looking online in the Philadelphia area... maybe outside Philly, I don't know if we want to raise kids in the city of Philadelphia, isn't there alot of crime?"

He was concerned for her safety and Dakota's as well as their future.

A few days later on Monday they drove to sign the papers and meet with his coach and the team scout. They read over the contract together. There was a 15,000 dollar relocation policy. Meaning the team would pay 15,000 toward their move or their house. Jacob felt relieved.
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Bekah just nodded. [b "I'll call and make an appointment for you"] she said. [b "I know you're an Eagle now, and I'm so happy and excited for you. I can't wait to start our new life in Philly. I just don't want you to get hurt.. I don't know what I would do if you got hurt."] she said softly. [b "I was talking to Addy eariler, and I was wondering what our budget for the wedding would be? I'd love to get married on the beach somewhere. The Bahamas, or even in Mexico. I've never been out of the country before."]

[b "I just want to figure out what we want, even though the wedding won't be for another year or two. Probably leaning to the two year facinity."] she said. [b "Just because our life is seriously about to get crazy."]

She seen him looking at her ring and she just smiled. [b "I love it so much."] she said. [b "But I love you and Kota so much more."] she leaned down and kissed his forehead. [b "My boys."]
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Jake nodded, "Nope he can play for fun... unless its something that he loves like I do but I don't want my son getting hurt." Jake nodded again agreeing he needed to see a Chiropractor. "When we go home I can go to the chiropractor, I need a break and probably to heal, but babe.... I'm an Eagle now."

He couldn't get over it that his dream was coming true. He knew she still had another year of high school left or he would ask her about the wedding. They had only gotten engaged earlier but he wanted to marry her as soon as possible, make an honest woman out of her as his dad called it. He looked at her engagement ring glinting in the light. He had looked for that ring for months, it fit her personality perfectly and on each side were two sapphires, his birthstone and Dakota's, her boys forever and always.

He let her rub his neck, "Thank you honey and I'd die without you, thats obvious."
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Bekah just shook her head as she watched him. She knew that he got hit, but she didn't realize that it was so hard. [b "I'm glad that you'll get a break till spring training."] she said. She walked over and gently pulled his shirt over his head. [b "You need a break.. Maybe we should do an ice bath later, once we get Dakota to bed."] she said. She sat down on the edge of the tub and just sighed. [b "I know we say that we want Dakota to play as well. But I don't think I want my baby to get hurt like his daddy, as sexy as his Father looks right now."] she said.

[b "I don't know what you would do without me."] she said softly. [b "Raise up, I'll rub your neck."] she said as she stepped in the tub behind him and sat on the corner. Her legs rested with him in between. [b "It's really tight baby. I think we need to take you to the chiropracter."] she said. [b "Once I get some of the tightness out, I'll go downstairs and maybe you can nap for a bit."]
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Jake sauntered upstairs slowly. His knees were aching and his sides were sore. When he got upstairs and in the bathroom he saw the bath and smiled. "Thank you babe.... one more thing though... can you help me with my shirt, my sides are sore and I think if I lift my arms too high I might scream." Football was a rough sport but Jacob was used to it and he had been hiding his pain from everyone except her.

Finally sinking into the bath Jacob groaned, "God this feels good." he kissed her lips gently, "Thank you Bek, I love you so much." He rested his head back on the tub, "I could fall asleep like this." He closed his eyes as he soaked. "You always know what will make me feel better."

Downstairs Abby was playing peek a boo with Dakota. The baby boy was so happy. Jake touched his neck... "Is my neck swollen, I hit the ground pretty hard babe."
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Bekah just nodded as she listened to Addy. [b "I want more babies, Jake knows that. But I can't become a mother to another baby right now. Jake is just starting out his football career, and I still have to get my diploma."] she said. [b "Once we get settled and everything is completed, and we're married, I'm going to talk to Jake about it. But that won't be for awhile now."]

She looked over as Jake rested on her shoulder. [b "We haven't even ate you."] she said softly. [b "How about I go fix you a hot bath and you just relax for a bit?"] She looked over at Mr. Morelli and just grinned. [b "I'll be right back."]

She headed upstairs and ran hot water in the gigantic soaker tub. She put some bubble bath and epsom salt in there as well. Jake needed to relax, she knew that he was sore. He got tackled a lot during the game. [b "Baby."] she called. [b "Come upstairs."]
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"Of course I'll be your maid of honor and I only asked if your having more because well Dakota is the perfect baby and I've never seen a teenage guy take to being a dad as well as Jake." Abby said smiling. If Abby only knew how much Jake struggled with being a father so young and everything Jake worried about she wouldn't be saying that.

Jake leaned back on the couch, Dakota now squirming in his grandmother's arms. He rested his head on Bekah's shoulder. He was exhausted. "Can we take a nap?" He asked, sounding like a little kid. He was worn out and just needed some time to himself but he wanted Bekah there too. Playing in the game had taken alot out of him. He had given it his all. His dad came in the living room and said, 'The DVR filmed the game and your proposal, we should watch it!" His dad flipped through the DVR on the flat screen TV before finding it and pressing play.
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