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Bekah just smiled and shook her head. The Morelli's were so good to her, she would never be able to thank them enough, or repay them for everything. [b "Thank you for being so wonderful."] she said, she leaned over and grinned against his lips. [b "I love you."] she said. She listened to Jake about the Volkswagon and just smiled. [b "Baby. I really don't know what I ever did to deserve you and your family."] she said.

She messed around on the cell phone on the way home. She walked into the house and immediatly went over to his mother. [b "Thank you so much Mrs. Morelli. I really can't thank you enough for everything that your family has done for me."] she said. She grinned when she heard suprise. [b "I'll be right back... Mom."] she said as she ran upstairs. She looked at the bag and had tears in the eyes. She read the card and just ugly cried for a few minutes. She was ver young to be a mother, but she had the best support system. She looked at everything Jake's mom had got her, all of her favorite things.

She walked down stairs with the biggest smile on her face. [b "If you touch my ice cream, we will fight Jake."] she said.
  Bekah Lynn. / boobear96 / 1y 238d 5h 6m 54s
"Mom would sign no problem and... I texted your phone today and realized it was laying on my night stand... no service, mom said you needed one and she went and had it added to the plan, don't worry about it babe." He said kissing her lips gently.

"Remember that Volkswagen Bug in our garage that was mom's when she was a teenager? Dad said it needed a few parts and I'm pretty handy when it comes to things like that so I asked him to order the parts and this weekend I'll fix it and mom said that you can have it... it would be better off with you than just sitting in our garage taking up space... plus with the new parts and improvements it'll be crazy safe and theres room for the baby's car seat." He said sighing, he had thought about alot today while she was gone.

"I have all our numbers programmed into your new phone already but if you need anyone else in it you'll have to add them." When they arrived back at the house Jake's mom was making pasta for dinner and had folded their laundry. "Bekah... theres a surprise for you on Jake's bed and I'd... love it if you called me mom..."

On Jake's bed was a gift bag full of things with a card. The card read, "Bekah, I know what your going through because I went through it myself with no support. Your a strong girl... here are a few things to get you through this and help you along the way, remember you always have someone to talk to." In the bag was a neck pillow, an itunes card for her new phone, a new phone case, a baby name book, a what to expect when your expecting book, some new makeup items to make her feel beautiful, bubble bath, and a cozy purple blanket. On the bottom of the card it read, "P.S. theres two pints of ice cream in the freezer with your name on them... Ben and Jerry's, Jake told me your favorites."
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b "We'll try some toast and chicken broth later."] she said. [b "I'll use the secret family recipe."] She listened as he spoke about their mothers talking. She just shook her head when he talked about her Father. [b "He can't do anything because the age of consent is 16. Plus, he knows that your Father would get him for everything that he has. Thats why he didn't hit me the other night."] she said.

She looked at the phone and just smiled. This way the newest model. [b "Jake, it's way to much. I can't accept it."] she said softly. [b "This is so expensive.."] She turned to look at him. [b "How did you know that Dad shut my phone off? I never said anything... I didn't want to bring you into that."]

[b "Do you think if I figured out to get out of school, that your mom or dad would sign for me to get my license?"] she asked. [b "I need to get it before you leave."]
  Bekah Lynn. / boobear96 / 1y 238d 5h 33m 15s
"A Little better but I haven't tried food yet and the thought repulses me... I kept down some gatorade... yeah our moms talked today and my mom left for the store and dad is at the office so I thought I would come and surprise you. Your mom said she loves you and would love to see you but your dad is still fuming and told her that he was going to call the cops on me because your a minor and I'm not." Jake said sighing, it was true, Jake was 18 and Bekah was 16.

"He knows my dad would have me out of jail and him in so fast.. thats why he didn't do it. Your mom told my mom that but shes happy, wants updates about the baby and said you can call her cell phone or text her anytime.... I know your dad shut your phone off so my mom got this added to our plan." He said handing her a pink iphone. "You'll need this for school and when I'm gone and appointments and mom downloaded you some pregnancy and baby apps.... she said consider it a welcome to the family gift."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 238d 6h 12m 8s
Bekah just stopped and looked at Beth. [b "What do you want, Beth? Because I have way to much going on, I can't add worrying and stressing about you in the damn mix!"] she said as she kept walking. [b "Look. We'll meet up and talk during the game Friday Night. Right. Is, Jake needs me."] she said. She pushed the school doors open and walked outside. She smiled when she seen Jake waiting for her. She's expected the Morellis to pick her up. She walked over and got in the car.

[b "Are you feeling better?"] she asked. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. She looked over and seen Beth and Addy watching her, she just rolled her eyes. [b "Let's get out of this hell hole, please."] she said. She was ready to get back and get her homework knocked out, then she could spend the rest of the night with Jake and his parents. [b "Did my mom try and call your mom today?"]
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Jake waited in the parking lot, knowing she would see him. He wasn't feeling well enough to get out and lean against the car like normal but he was sititng in the driver's seat leaning his head against his hands. He still had a fever but he was up and moving around. He felt sick but didn't act on it. He was trying to do something cute and nice for his girlfriend. There was no school the next day because of Labor day so Jake was happy to have her another night without the worry of school. He had been thinking about the baby all day when he wasn't puking his guts out.... he wanted it to be named Dakota if it was a boy... he didn't know why but he always pictured himself with a son named Dakota... Dakota Jacob Morelli.

He waited on her and watched the door, 3:02 and still no Bekah, usually she was out of that school so fast and in the car. He hadn't texted her or warned her though.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 238d 6h 24m 18s
Bekah didn't sleep well that night, due to the fact that Jake was up tossing and turning all night. She got up around six thirty, just so she could take a quick shower and straighten her hair. She slipped into a pair of jeans and threw on a PINK pullover. She did a light amount of makeup. [b "I hope you fell better today baby."] she said, leaning down she kissed his forehead. She grabbed her backpack and walked downstairs.

[b "Good Morning!"] she said as she walked into the kitchen. She grabbed a bottle of water to take a school, and a muffin to eat ok the way. [b "Tahnks for the ride Mr Morelli. I can't wait to go get my license."] she said.

School passed rather quickly. She tried to hide from her "friends@ but ended up getting cornered by Beth. She just rolled her eyes. [b "Jake is sick. I have to get back home to him."] she said as she walked past her.
  Bekah Lynn. / BooBear96 / 1y 238d 8h 51m 57s
"He's always been that way, when he was little I had to carry him around and make sure he was okay or he would might be in for that with that little one." His mother said pointing to Bekah's midsection. She nodded knowing that Bekah had everything under control.

The next morning Jake still wasn't feeling the best and his father offered to drop Bekah off st school. Jake slept most of the day, throwing up occasionally. He was hoping this was only a twenty four hour case of food poisoning. Around 2:30 in the afternoon he was feeling a little better so he got a quick shower and told his mom he was going to pick Bekah up from school. He pulled into the parking lot as soon as the end of school bell rang. He still didn't look the best but he was up and moving around but food was still something he wasn't interested in right now.

He parked in his usual spot knowing Bekah would see him, he hoped her day had went well.
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Bekah just nodded as she walked over to the cabinet. [b "He's the biggest baby I've ever seen. But its so cute."] she said with a giggle. She grabbed the medicine and also a cold compress just to help him cool down. [b "Has he always been like this? Or has it just gotten worse since he's gotten older?"] she asked.

She walked upstairs and just smiled as she seen Jake. [b "Here, take this. It'll help you sleep."] she said softly. [b "Then put this on your forehead. It has mickey mouse on it!"] she giggled. She looked over at his Mother and just smiled. [b "I doubt that we'll be able to get food into him tonight, but I can make him a light breakfast before I go to school.. Toast or something."]

She looked at Jake and just rolled her eyes when he pulled her down next to him. [b "I'll take good care of him, Mrs. Morelli."] she said [b "I promise."]
  Bekah Lynn. / boobear96 / 1y 238d 13h 1m 31s
'Theres medicine in the last cabinet there with the first aid, is it food poisoning? If it is you can't catch it but he will need some rest and I'll get him some juice while you get some medicine, has he retreated into big baby mode?" His mom asked with a smile. She knew her son was a child when he got sick.

Jake laid on the bed, his head resting on the pillow. He had shut his eyes to rest them and just being in the air conditioning on the new sheets was helping. It helped him relax and feel better. His mom took one look at him and said, 'food poisoning.... the medicine should help and maybe we can get some food in him before he goes to bed. hes going to have to eat something that isn't trying to kill him at some point tonight."

Jake hugged Bekah and pulled her close, "Mom Bekah's got me." His mom smiled and giggled, "Yeah she does... I'll let her take care of you."
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Belay walked into Jakes closet to get him so fresh pajamas. [b "I'm right here baby."] she called. She shook her head when she heard him calling out for here once again. Jake was a huge baby when he was sick. Not that she was complaining. It was really nice to feel that needed. [b "Go get in the shower. I'm going to change your sheets."] she said.

She changed the sheets while Jake was in the shower, clean sheets also made her feel a lot better. [b "Maybe we should go to the doctor tomorrow. You really don't look good baby."] she said. [b "Do you have a fever?"] she leaned up on the bed and felt his forehead. [b "Slight fever. I'm gonna go downstairs and get you some medicine. I can't sleep in here if you have a fever."] she said.

Walking downstairs, she went outside. [b "Jake has a slight fever.. Is there any medicine or do I need to run to the store?"]
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"I think I ate some bad tacos." he said laying down on his bed. Jake hadn't made it to the shower yet but the way he was feeling he might throw up in it. "Babeeeee." He whined, "I don't feel good." it was like he turned into a 5 year old that needed taken care of when he was sick.

He managed to get in and out of the shower but stood in the bathroom with a towel around his waist leaning against the sink, the bathroom was attached to his bed room. It was his own private bathroom and of course it was football themed and had been since he was 8 but it fit his personality. "I don't know if the shower helped honey." He looked like he was going to pass out.

The stress didn't help but things were working out and falling into place. Jake just felt like the whole world rested on his shoulders and he was struggling to hold it all up.... like he was Atlas or something.
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Bekah just smiled when she heard Mrs Morelli speak. It was like a big weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. [b "Thank you so muc! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that." She said, leaning over she hugged the woman. She looked up when Jake walked over. [b "That's great! It would've been really cramped if the baby and I ever came to visit and you had a regular dorm."] she said [b "To bad I couldn't move down there now. I can't go until I'm eighteen , which is right in the middle of my senior year. It would be to hard to transfer in the middle of the school year.."] she said.

She noticed Jake was turning a bit green. [b "You feeling okay? Let's go get you in the shower and then we can go to bed."] she said as she took up. Jake hardly ever got sick, which this now was worrying her. It probably didn't help that he was under so much stress.
  Bekah Lynn. / BooBear96 / 1y 239d 3h 15m 59s
His mother nodded, "You can stay here as long as you want.... even after Jake goes off to college you can stay here, I wouldn't imagine putting you out on the street and an hour away is much too far. You can stay here indefinatley sweetheart." Jake hung up his phone and smiled, "That was the admissions officer at UCLA.... hes looking into a family dorm for me... I won't get one my first semester but I'm on the waiting list for when one opens up.... so maybe in the future we can live on campus together."

He sat down on some patio furniture near her. He was feeling sick to his stomach, that Taco Bell didn't go down the right way. You could see it in the way he looked at he was going to be sick. He wasn't sure if he could handle school tomorrow unless he felt better. Jake leaned his head against Bekah's shoulder, he needed rest and relaxation.
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Bekah looked at Jake and just nodded. [b "Give me a few minutes."] she said softly. [b "Can you grab my pajamas from last night and wash them, please."] She looked back at his Mother and just sighed. [b "It was a disaster.. My Father basically was going to hit me. Not sure what part, but thankfully Jake was standing right next to me. My Mother didn't say anything, not till we were leaving. She just asked if I was okay over here."]

[b "It's okay if I stay here for awhile, isn't it? If not I can go stay with my grandma.. But she lives an hour away."] she said softly. She didn't even think, she should've asked them if it was okay before she told her Mother this is where she would be staying. She looked back when she heard Jake's phone ring, it was odd. No one ever really called him, except Josh and they hadn't spoken since the date night, that she knew of.
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