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[center [size10 I didn't ask for all these god damn feels why this??? tbh tho finally got to see something from Black Nine and it was his second audition and let me tell you I am all 100% for this man let me just meet him once and fucking sob right in front of him. His voice just has something about it, it's deep and rough but it's not rough like Bobby's but it has the same effect at this point. Also NO:EL fucked up his second audition and I'm sure netizens were happy about that. Tbh tho I'm so glad that Woochan passed second audition and that when he came out all the older contestant's clapped for him because for a 13 year old I was fucking shook like sign me up actually, no, someone sign the child please anyone.]]
[center [size10 Also Gaeko all "I bet the past eliminated contestants have to have a trauma of like fire pits" I'm fucking done with these men but god bless them this is some wholesome shit right here 100% approve of all of them]]
[center [size10 Also Tiger JK is welcome to become my cool uncle I'm 100% okay with adopting him/him adopting me please sir I already got a ma that's Asian let's just make my whole adopted family Asian at this point.]]
  hash brown / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 84d 17h 33m 13s
[center [size10 Actually sitting down to watch smtm6 finally is prolly the best thing I could do for myself because I fucking love it so far. I'm over here having fanboy moments over the producers and the contestants and feeling some nice damn feels over some of the contestants I didn't know about until watching. Still waiting on my boy Black Nine to pop up 'cause I really need to see his audition. I can only hope it went better than Sleepy's did cause I love that man but he kept forgetting his own damn lyrics. [s [size10 also it's bittersweet to see punchnello and penomeco getting their necklaces considering they get eliminated pretty early on and I fucking adore the shit out of both of them so much.]]]
  hash brown / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 84d 19h 30m 55s
[center [size10 I need to stop letting shit get to me. I've had it so kindly pointed out that he didn't treat me nearly as bad as my mother so why do I get to have all these problems. My mother should be the one with all the issues not me. Oops.]]
  / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 87d 22h 33m 10s
[center I think target tryna tell me something lol][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/KkB0aJC.png]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 91d 50m 24s
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/cfe43cacc0905d5a698ec93117f4387e/tumblr_otthu31iVJ1tfmrz4o1_250.gif]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 91d 1h 59m 15s
[center I should be napping but A.C.E just did this. Like I love it but I'm not kind of sad cause all this fucking talent in literally every fucking member and I'm just fearful that they're gonna get slept on. The work so much and release so many videos on youtube just for their fans and I just don't want it to all go to waste. They're at a smaller company and yeah BTS shows how high you can climb but I've tried to recommend A.C.E to so many people and they're just so stuck on BTS they couldn't care less. I know they've only just debuted this year and that it will take time for them to gain momentum but I look at and then at groups like SF9 And realize that sometimes it really is about the company you're with. A.C.E is really good at promoting themselves via youtube tho so hopefully they will do amazing as time goes on. They deserve and I just really want to continue having them bless my ears.][center [youtube https://youtu.be/mKFhK9CT7KQ]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 95d 7h 9m 37s
[center idk what i was expecting but it wasn't this][center also tell me how i thought i'd posted this but didn't lol][center [youtube https://youtu.be/j1odFoBs2fw]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 96d 17h 58m 19s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/w6HEUZW6HTc]][center heavy breathing]
  admin / fkuropinion / 96d 17h 59m 35s
[center I'm not crying you're crying look at their fucking faces and tell me they aren't at least somewhat enjoying themselves. I fucking love this whole repackage's concept and if you don't agree come fucking fight me][center [youtube https://youtu.be/QxYzQzqrKOQ]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 96d 18h 18m 8s
[center "Edited by me"][center Don't make me fucking laugh, you just slapped some fucking text on that picture. I only say "don't take my shit" on shit I legitimately put time and effort into and even then I don't own it I just don't trust some of the bitches on this site. Yeah some of my edits may not be the prettiest but at least I do more in an attempt to edit than you seem to.]
[center Speaking of edits I need to find a picture of Punchnello to edit for "Limeade". Also need to find a picture of Sleepy to edit among some other people. So hard to find pictures of Sleepy I'm comfortable editing on tumblr tho like shitttt.]
[center [s do i want to try editing a gif for my profile again or nah cause last time I fucking tried it wouldn't save in the correct format so it was wasted and frustrating lol]][center [s why is editing gifs so fucking tedious r.i.p]]
[center [size10 So my kidney pain could be due to an infection which wouldn't be a wild assumption since I've had one before and this feels the same. Except for the fact it comes and goes as it pleases almost like whatever is causing the pain kind of vanishes and you don't just get over a kidney infection you gotta take antibiotics. So another possible theory cause I ain't a doctor but it could be stress related. Like tbh when I get stressed it isn't like it's a small thing and by that I mean my reaction doesn't tend to he small. Tho if I'm being honest it's mostly due to me holding in shit for so long usually smaller things that pile on top of each other.]]
[center [size10 Honestly in a way I think I would rather it be stress because I feel like there would be less chance of any possible damage getting worse where as an untreated infection can get not fun very very easily. Unfortunately I have to wait to even mention any of it until November because that's when my physical is. So fucking far away fml. I guess if it got bad enough there's always going to the er as a last resort]]
[center [s [size10 tbh I wish this could just be said to be an over reaction on either my part or my body's part but I have treated my kidneys poorly throughout the years this would just be karma lol]]]
  ooc / fkuropinion / 97d 12h 44m 17s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/mE4W5zd.png]][+white fack]
  admin / fkuropinion / 97d 15h 30m 55s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/b3xKrU17kTU]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 97d 16h 52m 54s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/BUZ7THe1MBA]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 97d 17h 4m 4s
[center I MANAGED TO TRACK DOWN SOME OF MY BOY'S MUSIC MUCH EXCITE.][center tbh his voice is just 10/10 would smash pls and thanks][center [youtube https://youtu.be/AMk_2T4NyL0]]
  admin / fkuropinion / 97d 17h 15m 3s

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