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[center My love for Roy Harper has grown i would say idk why but I do. I kind of wanna live a life that he'd be proud of now. If he can do it so can I gdi]
[center Also when you want a cigarette but you don't wanna tempt the mine field in the living room so you gotta wait until they pass tf out. Its amazing the drama that started from an HDMI cord that wasn't even theirs to keep. Opens.]
  ooc / Arsenal / 176d 15h 58m 35s
[center [size10 I miss gaming, like don't get me wrong it's nice playing the PS4 when I do get the chance but I miss my pc gaming. I need a monitor tho and apparently the type of monitor I need for my tower is hard to find, but I seriously just want to be able to use my desktop again. It sucks not being able to do much cause my laptop is such a piece of shit. Like I can't play games and tbh doing photoshop on it is nice since I don't gotta worry about how the colors are coming out but at the same time like idk this mouse is getting on my nerves cause sometimes it wanna work and sometimes it wanna go off and do it's own thing lol.]]
[center [size10 tbh part of what I miss is Tera and being able to actually talk to people or like stream shit. like I wanna do a full edit and stream it but like at the same time I know my laptop wouldn't be able to handle it so r.i.p i guess lol]]
  mahboiiss / Jaybird / 181d 16h 36m 44s
[center [size10 No matter where I go I wind up feeling useless in some way. I try to help when and however I can but theres only so much I can do to help out. She was all for me getting disability when I wasn't under her roof now that I am it's "you're going to need to get a job" because "you need your own place otherwise you'll wind up in the street" wasn't that why you took me in cause you couldn't just drop me off to go live in the street somewhere? I don't know anymore I just need to stop letting shit get to me but my life own a fucking broken record at this point. I hate it. Apparently she mentioned to Clair how "you know they can't live here forever right?" you took me in tho I only wanted to stay until the day after thanksgiving. Then there was apparently a mention of how I should call my mom and just... If my mom wanted to help me or even wanted to talk shit through she would have done that before evicting me.]][center [size10 I'm still heartbroken about having to leave my boy like I did tho that's still what hurts me the most. If I had my way I'd still be there with him and the rest of my babies but life beats you down sometimes and you just have to figure out how to cope no matter how much you just want to give up and stop existing. Everything still hurts so much and seeing videos of cute cats kills me a little because I miss having my own baby to love unconditionally. Akame helps tho. She's adopted me and I've adopted her. She doesn't fill that void tho but she helps.]]
  Taeil / 190d 8h 47m 12s
[center I was supposed to play gta with Jesse tonight but oops my WiFi died BUT I went for a walk to 7 eleven and Eli was working so that was chill at plus found out they got surge there sooooo tonight was actually okay plus like I got some chocolate.]
  ooc / Taeil / 193d 7h 31m 31s
[center [pic]][center [size10 You know what, I'm better now. I still miss my boy, and you know it is still hella fucked up what sharon did but I'm okay. I know that Bruce seems to think sharon wouldn't have kicked me out to live on the streets and would have figured I had somewhere to go but I can't even possibly think of giving that thing that amount of credit. How tf would she have known she never talked to me about my life enough to fucking know. But no, it's okay 100% it still tears me up from time to time but these two give me so much support and love it's not even funny. They both have methods of doing it too. Yeah me and Clair have had some little attitude issues, but we so much alike that we kind of just calm down and apologize like 50 times over. Then there's bro who is structure for me and helps build me up and gives me some hope. He also gives me hella praise for work well done which is all i've ever fucking wanted. I found THE apartments for us and he still gives me praise for that shit cause all three of us fucking love that shit. I cleaned up the room last night like he told me to and I was given praise. Clair even praised me cause apparently she'd never seen me move like that and tbh that's all I need. I need someone who will give me a task and acknowledge when I do a job well done. Then tonight I've decided to do the thing he kind of just casually mentioned I could do if I wanted and I will get praise for that. It's so funny how simple it is for a man who has known me for like a year at best is so willing to hand that shit out but the woman who raised me couldn't even do it.]]
[center [size10 Oh well, I just gotta keep remembering who she is to me now, a memory, just like the rest of my blood. They did help mold me, but I'm stronger with out them, all they did was tear me down and bring back a past that I honestly should just move on from. Being out of the house is what I needed just like I thought. So if anything she actually did do something good for me in the end.]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 206d 13h 54m 48s
[center [size10 We went to 7 eleven after i went to buy cigs at circle k and there was a guy working there with a septum ring and a chest tattoo and I kept thinking that we were twinsies then it turned out he was also trans and so I was like "we twinsies cause we trans, got septum piercings, and chest tattoos" and tbh idr what he said in response but apparently he was eyeing me and flirting and like i was oblivious af cause i didn't notice that. like apparently even before i mentioned i was trans he was looking pretty hard and had more interest in me than clair or bro. this shit has happened before but like i don't notice these fucking cues man. like if you dig me you gotta be like "yo i'd tap that" or "yo lemme take you out on a date" i don't notice this shit right away at all.]][center [size10 Also we prolly gonna move back close to the area of my old house in about 6ish months just to get the fuck outta this place and all the drama bullshit, it's not our preferred place, nor is it our final destination but it'll do for now. Clair's mom keeps mentioning how i need to get a job cause I have nowhere to go but when bro and clair leave so am I but the lack of faith she has that we can do it is ridiculous. Apparently I should get a job to help save up but bro says I'm doing the right thing tryna get disability. so it's whatever tbvh lol]]
  ooc / Taeil / 207d 7h 48m 40s
[center [size10 I thought shit was gob a get ugly last night but instead of everything exploding or falling apart it kind of just got stacked up even neater than it was before. Do you know how much bro almost crushed me tho 10/10 best way to die would recommend. Much tears bond strengthened if I do that shit again he better punch me]]
  ooc / Taeil / 212d 3h 6m 36s
[center When people say they love kpop but only listen to bts][center [pic]]

[center When people call artists like crush, dean, and jay park kpop][center [pic]]

[center When people call veteran artists/groups underrated][center [pic]]

[center When you wanna talk about korean music in general with someone but all they like are the hella mainstream artists and you just over there with nothing to contribute because you're hella multifandom and don't obsess over the mainstream artists nearly as much as some people so you gotta just finger gun your way outta that conversation][center [pic]]

[center When armys started saying sm obviously paid mnet and couldn't possibly cope with the idea that parts of their fandom are actually toxic enough to have committed voting fraud and be banned][center [pic]]

[center When fandoms][center [pic]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 215d 22h 9m 45s
[center Someone: BTS is so talented and their choreography is probably the best out there][center Me, a multi fandom intellect:][center [youtube]][center [s [size10 I could prolly show like 10 other examples but lbh i ain't spamming that many videos lol]]][center [size10 This goes out to exo-l's too cause like booooy i love both groups but some of y'all wearing hella blinders and missing out on some good shit and then come and comment on some groups videos like "whoa where they been?!" like the been in my heart getting my love while you been off clinging to bigger named groups idk how some of y'all miss they hella amazing groups tbh how does it feel to somehow be oblivious to these groups and sleep on em all day i mean i would fucking punch myself like wtf is wrong with y'all shame on you ain't nobody say you gotta learn their names but at least like know who tf they are damn ain't that hard my friends]]
  9S / 215d 23h 36m 19s
[+white ][center [youtube]]
  ᵒᵒᶜ / 9S / 216d 6m 22s
[center [size10 idk why i'm even awake i was until like 7 am wtf i might just go lay back down and then make sure I get up later to do my korean and then play just a tad bit of tera]
[center [size10 Also i love reading a good ol' "debate" on why systematic racism doesn't exist with white people tryna act like they know shit. like if you ain't living it don't inject yourself into it??? I mean unless you're willing to actually listen to people who see that shit maybe just keep to yourself i mean idk man. this is why I don't get involved in this shit i'm too white to have a right to argue it but fuck if I don't acknowledge how people talk about shit and how they treat certain people cause lolololol.]][center [size10 Also pretty sure my kidney hella fucking up cause when I went to bed it was doing the weird throbby pressure pain and now that I'm awake I'm having those intense af hungry pangs. Seriously hoping that it doesn't get worse between now and next week cause otherwise i might have to find a way to the er, hell even after my physical i might have to just like go to the er cause idk how long it would take me to get my bitch ass checked out properly.]]
  ᵒᵒᶜ / 9S / 216d 17m 49s
[center over here listening to sik-k then this shit hits me cause lol I ain't good for relationships man][center [youtube]]
  9S / 217d 13h 48m 53s
[center randomly got some cute ass avater shit on tera. I'm what I did to deserve it but helloooo. Also working towards another avatar weapon and also just grinding to level up my brawler. If I can get her to level 40 I can get me a reaper Elin and I will be mucho happy about that.]
[center all in all my boi gonna be gone until Sunday at least but so far tera is doing well for me and I hope he proud of my progress when he comes back]
  ᵒᵒᶜ / 9S / 217d 15h 54m 50s
[center [size10 time for music and Disassociation]][center [size10 hopefully I sleep better tomorrow idk why tf I'm feeling like this.]][center [size10 I need to mention to Clair I need her to sign my paperwork so I can send it out before my 60 days is up and I have to full on reapply]]
  ᵒᵒᶜ / 9S / 218d 16h 30m 11s
[center [s [size10 I wasn t gonna talk about him in the group chat cause I don't wanna make him feel weird but oops.]]][center [size10 one day imma slip up and say some shit about him and then imma kick myself and it gonna be awkward or maybe not I'm Maaaaan fucking shoot me right tf now before I say some stupid shit. Like watch me say some shit about how I adore his company and he sees that shit I will fucking die r.i.p me I lived a long life full of embarrasment.]][center [size10 wait wtf why am I being like this someone please slap the Fuck out of me and give me my sense back cause I'm who I am fuckkkkk]]
  ᵒᵒᶜ / 9S / 219d 10h 19s

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