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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/uaHIkeL.gif]][center [size10 Yeah I'm definitely just going to go play tera and shove down these stupid emotions. Or maybe I should just go lay back down cause obviously my fucking depression wanna rear up it's bullshit fucking head. r.i.p my small amount of joy I've been feeling cause i'm doing shit i need to and cause shit been decent. Fuck this constant doubt. "he ain't really interested he's just humoring you" even tho like he's trying to message me at least daily. It takes so much energy to actually respond sometimes too and it's not because of him it's just me and i fucking hate it. I adore him and him making an effort for us to talk and hang out more and then I'm over here beating myself up over stupid shit cause anxiety and depression cause wtf is wrong with me amirite????]][center [size10 I hate actually having feelings for someone and not knowing 100% if they feel the same, I don't want to assume or get my hopes up solely because I'm only used to being disappointed and why put myself in that kind of position so I need to just keep thinking of him as a friend. I can still hit on him and shit i mean i use pick up lines on my friends too so why tf not. I hate attachment to people because even if I know they fucking adore me I still doubt it and think they fucking hate me. Why does this kind of shit make me wanna get drunk lol]][center [size10 Not that my bum kidneys need help killing themselves]]
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[center My husband over here always looking good it never fails 10/10 would recommend but not share][center [youtube https://youtu.be/kDM5c5ImW_Y]]
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[center THEY FUCKING DID IT. THIS SONG GOT THEM THEIR FIRST WIN. IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING 2 AND A HALF YEARS. ALL THESE EMOTIONS SWIRLING AROUBD IN ME BUT I'M SO PROUD. I knew they would win with dramarama even if it was just once or me and some peeps would be throwing down][center [youtube https://youtu.be/9Y-oy0Viftg]]
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[center [size10 i meant to post about this a while back but distractions in general have been a bitch. I'm sorry tho to anyone who I may be neglecting talking to lately. I swear to God it's nothing personal it's just I've been doing a lot and then when I am online I dont even know where my head is. I'm getting to hang with Clair and bro more and it's helping tho not that I think that update is needed since I think I've posted about it else where already. Idk I keep thinking about two certain people and just hoping they don't think I've forgot about em or ditched em. I just suck at keeping in contact with people even of they live in the same town as me or the next town over. I just want you to know that if you ever do just wanna talk my ears off or just randomly message me some shit I'm still here and down for it.]]
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[center idk wtf just happened with morte but that was definitely a different kind of experience that he enjoyed a little bit too much.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/UgFKnYh.gif]]
[center [+white i'd say i'm mad]][center [+white but boi i ain't mad]][center [+white hit me with them sexual threats]][center [+white gimme that attention i crave]]
[center [b [size10 Me:]]][center [size10 *has someone threaten to use my kinks against me*]][center [b [size10 Also me:]]][center [size10 *continues to go into full detail about my kinks*]]
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[center If I can actually learn korean to the point I can speak it then maybe my dream of one day running away and never returning will be far more realistic.][center Also my dream of finding an nice Asian man could become more likely too. But with my track record he might wind up a dick like all the other men I've been attracted to.]
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[center Witness Block B murder Ukwon]
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/gg3bhJholhM]]
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[center *sees crush is losing to a song with Chanyeol in it*][center "Fucking Exo-Ls"][center *sees wonjae losing to everyone*][center "it's okay son, it's not your year it's beautiful you were even nominated"][center *sees winner actually winning a category*][center *released an unholy noise and is close to years*]
[center [size10 award season is usually difficult of you're multi fandom but it's even more difficult since I'm not just into kpop/idol groups anymore and have ventured into some ofntue other genre's because most of the people I'd vote for either aren't nominated or they're up against artists they can't compete with. Basically of they're in a category with bts or exo you can forget it. Oh well all I can do is vote for my bbies and my husband and hope for the best. And also hope that the armys and Exo-ls maybe just take as many of each other out so the rest of us can set shit how it should be cause the koko bop and dna are NOT deserving of best dance performance. I refuse to vote for nct myself but God damn I'll take them winning for cherry bomb over either of those especially since the choreography for Dna was actually kind of underwhelming for.me and because I never got a Fucking dance practice for Koko bop to be able to fully enjoy the choreography. Like I voted for seventeen cause tbh the choreography and the song are both top notch and I would definitely recommend it.]]
[center [size10 none of this is to say I dislike either group tho cause I don't, they both work hard but I know plenty of other groups that deserve the kind of love these fandom give them and it's honestly so depressing because they may never get to that status. Hell Block b has been around prolly as long as EXO but they're not even nominated. 24k is another group that has been around for years but God damn you'd think they were a roomie group with the shit attention they get. It's Fucking depressing to be multi fandom. It's heart breaking af.]]
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ARMYs: *turn in Exo-ls to keep them from voting*
Mnet: *starts blocking people who are committing voting fraud from the site*
BTS: *starts losing to exo in the voting*
Me: *shrugs and keeps voting for my babies who prolly won't win but are forever winners in my heart*
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[center I'm actually trying to learn their names and actually have a bias and bias wrecker that's how you know a group is growing on me.][center [youtube https://youtu.be/yWLsk-peqJc]]
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[center how about I start name dropping you whenever a post is about you so you know?][center not everything is about you. I dont spend that much time thinking about you that I post after you every single Fucking time. You wanna talk like I keep you from venting but I'm sure you could find some why to make any of my venting posts about you and turnit around as an attack when literally I just know that many shit people. And honesty, if you see yourself in my posts about shit people I've known then maybe stop saying Its me that's attacking you. I dont use names for a reason, so for all you Fucking know it could be about you or my mom or my cat or Fucking bigfoot. Stop making it about you. Leave my posts alone. Obviously all they do is fucking trigger you.]
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[center I like both cause the first reminds me of Zinza but I def like Loop more ngl. Still fucking hyped tf up cause I guess he's got signed at AOMG and if that's the case holy fuck yes, what better boss to have than Jay Park who will rep you till you die cause AOMG for life, and prolly death in his case. That man would prolly come back from the dead just to fucking make sure all his artists from both AOMG and H1gher music don't get forgotten.]
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/VtvptdhVAqw]]
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/y7vp_8Y0mKQ]]
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[center [size11 I honestly miss the days where I could smoke a cigarette every couple days or like once a week and be okay. Now I have to smoke at least one cigarette a day if not two just to keep me going and keep the headaches at bay. I prolly should have quit when I could cause now it would be a bitch and a half but even still I know they help a lot and if i didn't have them I would just be abusing pills again. Yeah sounds like a drastic af thing to say but I know me, I've got an addiction problem, I at least can admit. I've admitted it to my therapist as well. The cigarettes don't fix it tho don't get me fucked up about this, there's always a voice in my head that just says "you know you'll get a better high if you just take those pills" and i gotta fight it. This is why when people try and talk shit about drug addiction and drug abuse they obviously don't know shit about it. You know those people who get all pissy when you call drug addiction a disease because quote "you choose to take drugs" like okay but you do realize that there is usually an underlying cause to someone who abuses drugs right? You realize that the people who fight that shit fight it for life. Yes you do choose to give into the urges but that doesn't mean they don't deserve treatment. Would you go to someone with depression or any number of mental illnesses and tell them "well you CHOSE to be depressed" like no you fucking wouldn't, but we've started rambling and I've entirely lost the point of this post so have a good ol' rant.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/pMJptEl.gif]][center Lemme just be real for a moment, I know you prolly didn't block me just put of association with him, you prolly view me as just as toxic as him and that's okay cause Tbh you prolly right I mean it's not like it's a word I'm not used to be attributed to me. Its been used to describe me by many a people, Aleks included, but Aleks isn't here to say shit right now so that's the largest mention of him imma do. Regardless I do believe that me being associated with Mun is part of why you blocked me and honestly I've blocked people for the same reason before so I get it. I will just say one thing, I ain't gonna attack you unprovoked especially when I don't even know you like yeah I got some information but not enough to formulate some great attack or some shit. Its also not like imma stalk you or that he'd ask me to since ya know we got better more important people with deeper darker secrets than yours to stalk anyways. But that aside I DO stalk people doesn't matter their association to anyone I'm a nosey bitch and it's what i do. Not my fault of you're that insecure that you gotta think you got that good of shit to say that warrants stalking. You may have me blocked but I can still see your journal posts and the those usually tend to have the most dirt in em him so gg I guess]
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