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[center me: pH-1 was born exactly two years before me. July 23rd 1989. July 23rd 1991. Now I have to meet him.][center Bro: oh really? You gotta meet him huh?][center me: yeah][center Bro: you gotta meet him huh? Your future husband?][center me: I never said those words][center Bro: uh huh]
[center while bro or flary ever let me live and never call me out on something? Nah prolly not. Last thing flary called me out on was S. Coups being my fucking bias wrecker for seventeen after I very loudly protested he wasn't by yelling "no" so loud bro heard me on the other side of the apartment][center no shameful secret is safe in this house. No bias wrecker remains unknown flary knows me too well.]
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[center [size10 You're allowed to forgive your abuser, but there's a difference for what forgive means. It doesn't mean act like it never happened. It doesn't mean get on talking term with them again. It doesn't mean take their apology when they give it to them. Forgiving your abuser is supposed to give YOU the power, not your abuser. It's not supposed to let your abuser back into your life so they have the power to manipulate you. Then again like I said what do I know. Not like I've abused or traumatized lol nope. I just got these split personalities for show. Same for my OCD tbh.]][center [size10 Speaking of OCD the small break I had from it was nice but now it's back and tbh I hate it. Why it only go away when my depression acts up??? fml]]
  ooc / Seo / 118d 21h 52m 30s
[center [size10 I don't know what planet you're on anymore. Wolf pack? Lol if anything I'm a cat like come on now. Seriosuly you're passive alright, passive agressive. Its okay tho join the club. Idk why you gotta keep coming back for the last word if you care that little about what We say lol.]]
  ooc / Scentist / 119d 3h 39m 10s
[left [pic]][center [size10 I don't know what people she was talking about but legit only remember Mun saying anything negative about the miscarriage. Strange how someone actually talked about it like a human and how no one deserves that and it was either ignore or misconstrued by her to be negative. Suga mama wanna have a heart and be a human and then people pull shit like this and wanna just ignore it and only focus on the negative. smdh. But then they go and let a "friend" get away with pawning their shit because "they're in a tough spot" like okay your logic is about as sound as you god damn mind at this rate.]]
[center [size10 Also i sincerely hope you one day get out of this victim complex. I was why you wound up with dylan, your friends and family are why your life sucks because we abandoned you, even tho according to you your life doesn't suck so like idk man make up your mind??? Also Trauma this trauma that. Jesus fucking christ, this is the shit that makes me never wanna mention ANY of my fucking disorders solely because I'm afraid someone might think I'm looking for attention or going to use it as an excuse. You seriously think that you are the only person on THIS website with trauma? Do you know how common it is and how it just effects people differently. And I don't want to hear "but some people have it worse" because you're not wrong but some people know better than to turn around and do hurtful and negative shit and say "oh but my trauma" or "oh my emotions" i don't give a shit about your emotions. I'm sick of victim complexes using mental illness as a fucking excuse because it's not when it comes to negative behavior and lashing out at people. I ain't a saint I've done that shit myself, but at the same time you gotta learn to just walk the fuck away. OR learn how to cope with that shit. How do I cope? I disassociate my friend. Someone trying to poke a bear while I'm sitting in the same room? Disassociate so it doesn't effect me. Not saying it's healthy but that there is what MY trauma conditioned me to do.]]
[center [size10 tl;dr only one person mentioned you miscarriage negatively, don't say "people". Stop using your mental health issues as a fucking scapegoat/excuse it's still you being a shit person when you treat people like shit. Find a different way to cope than attack first, ask questions later. You're no better than us stop talking like you are.]]
  Seo / 121d 14h 15m 16s
[center [pic]][center [size10 Here's a real novel fucking idea. Stop digging up the past, stop trying to bring people down to your level, stop harassing people online.]][center [size10 Thanks for coming to my god damn ted talk.]]
  ooc / Scentist / 123d 12m 50s
[center [size10 kpop fandoms]][center [size10 Part [ [size10 1]]]]
[center [size8 hopefully they post part two soon and i find it]]
  ooc / Scentist / 128d 18h 56m 39s
[center [size10 If you could just never appear in one of my dreams ever again that would be beautiful. Its not even like much happened but just the sight of you and you talking to me in that dream was the worse. The fact that in the dream I reacted exactly like I would irl is even worse. All I'm gonna say is I hope I never run into you irl. I couldn't handle that shit ]]
  ooc / Scentist / 134d 41m 28s
[left [pic]]
[center [size10 OKAY BUT if this anon is the same anon who gave me love they on some thin fucking ice and we gonna fight. but also i'mma hug them thank you for your time and attention I appreciate it. like you take time out of your scrolling just to send me random asks. I love you and i'm already planning our wedding. loljk or am i? idk anymore i'm just really fucking hungry and got this lingering fucking headache from yesterday might go make a sandwich. still waiting on someone else to wake up so i can cook dinner after they get woke up cause my stomach is disgesting itself i'm pretty fucking sure.]]
[center [size10 so sandwich, pee break, one last check on my tumblr, and then neverwinter to work on Eachna some more before switching back over to N'rak. Or maybe I'll check on Tera first.]]
  read me / Scentist / 134d 21h 23m 19s
[center [size10 you're not sleep deprived until you have a conversation with yourself in the tags for one of your posts on tumblr where you talk yourself out of Yukhei and Johnny possibly choking you out because they might accidebtly kill you and then settling on Jaehyun coming to knock you out with a frying pan to the head and then ending it with "right up against me noggin"]]
[center [size10 please help me I need sleep]]
  ooc / Scentist / 138d 2h 58m 4s
[center [size10 That anon needs to fucking come off of anon and fucking fight me. please talk to me. i love you already i won't bite you. please.]][center [size10 Also i'm already like 25 away from 200 still not sure how tf this happened]][center [size10 sometimes i feel like i over share on there but lol who fucking knows tbvh]][center [size10 alas back to finishing up my chinese and then doing some school work and finally eating the sandwiches i made myself]][center [size10 also maybe go to bed before 4 am tonight and not have it be because i'm but ass tired and unable to do any of my fucking studying]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / Yukhei / 142d 14h 24m 31s
[center [size10 whelp I guess we're back to the old plan once again]][center [size10 so long as shit goes back to how it was then I guess I'm okay with it. But honestly I'll still be skeptical cause trust issues and all that hoopla]][center [size10 either way I'm still gonna wind up in maine]]
  ooc / Winwin / 146d 7h 22m 57s
[center [size10 So the new plan as far as I know is me and clair both going up to maine because she ain't going to new york with him anymore and he'll be going home in like the next month or so, or whenever mom gets the money to get his ticket home.]]
[center [size10 Shit hella fucking awkward cause i guess eugenio heard us talking about him or something. oh well]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / Yukhei / 146d 15h 39m 35s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 I wanna be mad but it's prolly my own fault anyways. I say the wrong shit all the time so who fucking cares anymore. I'll keep my own nose in my own business and just won't reach out to make friends with new people anymore I guess. I figured shared interests would help but ah well.]]
  AdminSWAGistrator / Yukhei / 150d 10h 2m 30s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 I was supposed to go to bed like an hour or so ago but tumblr happened I swear i'mma go to bed now and by go to bed i mean go lay in bed and watch shit on youtube and cry because mark and winwin are so fucking cute. and also cry cause of the boys always coming after my life. and then cry some about ten because i'm convinced he's not even human that boy has got to be an alien of some kind and i wish to mate with him. i mean no i don't. don't listen to me idk what i'm saying anymore i prolly need help but i'm perfectly okay drowning in this damn obsession]]
  admin / Winwin / 150d 10h 23m 43s
[center [pic]][center [size10 Fun fact, stress is bullshit and idk why I feel like such shit for having opinions that I feel are wrong but whatever.]][center [size10 I officially know why I've been making sure I sleep all day tho. like official conformation that my depression is acting up.]][center [size10 I wish I had cigarettes but I can worry about that once I'm out of here, which god do I wanna get tf out of here like now. It's not even cause of stress so much as I just hate it here.]][center [size10 Another fun fact, I'm seriously contemplating legit moving to china one day if I can instead of Korea cause while I love Korea still China is my one true love and I'd rather live out my life there than anywhere.]] [center [s [size10 Russia would be nice too but I'm still iffy about the government there]]][center [size10 Also making very small progress on my chinese, like the smallest amount but I def think I'mma focus on that for now.]]
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