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[center I'mma fucking fight this child tbvfh][center He gonna go far as fuck though, he's already got a pretty loyal af fanbase tho thanks to produce 101 and he didn't even win lol][center [youtube]]
  / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 43d 6h 51m 40s
[center Guess who's going to sit here and watch this shit 50 times over because they love this boy just that fucking much and there's not enough material released for this boy yet and he deserves all the Fucking love][center [youtube]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 44d 3h 48m 0s
[center [size10 "You ate a whole container of chips you're gonna gain weight"]][center [size10 Oh no really it's almost like we're not already fat??? We needed food, granted it was carbs but food is energy and we fucking need it to live.]][center [size10 We'll eat some real food later when we get home and can cook.]]
[center [size10 This is my own journal thread i'm allowed to spam it but wtf ever. I guess I'll get my bitch ass packed back up, and then go home and sit outside for a little bit, smoke a cigarette, and then hope Olive gets a group put together for Town of Salem later cause that would be a pretty legit way to distract myself. Better than listening to my brain say I should stab myself or some other harmful shit lol]]
  woo me / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 44d 13h 13m 34s
[center [size10 I was chill, I was okay, I was "happy" and now I guess it's back to feeling like shit for literally no reason. "You should kill yourself wouldn't that be nice? A good rest is nice." Literally nothing is wrong, shut the fucking up thanks. I've just been sitting here watching TV and lurking on tumblr what possibly could have changed. Who fucking knows, most definitly not me. fucking jesus christ I hate myself so much sometimes lol]][center [size10 "Everyone hates you, you're a shit person and a shit friend" wow thanks how could I possibly ever let myself forget or think any different you're so fucking helpful how about you shut up. How about you wait until the 21st when I'm talking to that shrinky dink. God damn I hate this I'm so fucking tired today.]][center [size10 Over here irritable over there being no red pens, this is a joke right because jfc chill tf. There are plenty of pens here why do we a red one?]][center [size10 "stab tf out of your neck"]][center [size10 "destroy yourself"]][center [size10 I was feeling better, it was a lie. Fml.]]
  woo me / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 44d 14h 56m 40s
[center I want a dog so bad. I oddly miss Cane. I know he's why I have the scar on my leg but honestly you could also blame my mom for it. That poor dog had to have been suffering too. But you didnt think of anyone but yourself and your stupid need for a gaurd dog. He kept attacking me and you kept just ignoring it and everyone who said get rid of him. I almost lost my fucking leg, but no you needed a fucking guard dog. He tried to lunge at me once and I got lucky that my face wasn't where it would've been had I unplugged that shit like I normally would or I would have taken a German shepherd's mouth to the face. But no it didn't matter that he attacked me or lunged 31st me it only matter when he did that shit to you. It was fine that your child was TERRIFIED to be in the house because they couldn't move with out Cane getting aggressive but not when you could have been attacked. Fucking bullshit. I hate you. I hope your kidneys fail. I hate being spiteful but you just are the fucking worst and yet still people call you strong and kind and put you on a fucking pedistal. You should be dead already stop being stubborn like grandma. Let go and leave this planet and leave me so I can fucking bounce tf outta this state.]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 44d 20h 6m 37s
[center Children calling children children tho amirite???]
  / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 45d 17h 31m 6s
[center Taeyang: I just wanna ho][center Me: wat][center Taeyang: -ld you][center Me: Oh]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 45d 22h 48m 28s
[center My Winner light stick got hers and tbh idk how small I thought it was going to be but I could kill a man with it. I need to open the packaging and see how I put the batteries in before I go down to Ali's so I can try this puppy out.]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 45d 23h 29m 49s
[center [s What I actually went on Youtube for]][center pretty sure that's the girl from "I am you, you are me" but idk for sure.][center Also I'd like to try and talk myself up and say if Zico took my phone like that we'd be scrapin but tbh I'd cry because his presence would be such a shock and just to be noticed by him would prolly be my cause of death.][center [youtube]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 46d 1h 12m 18s
[center NOT WHAT I WENT ONTO YOUTUBE FOR BUT I'LL FUCKING TAKE IT][center Also Mino don't fucking litter I will fucking deck you idc how "big" you are. I'll fucking find a way to take you tf dowwwwwn][center Honestly I love Really Really and Fool as songs for the last comeback but for both of those the choreography just wasn't there for me but considering they'd just came back without Taehyun they prolly needed to to asjust and shit so all is forgiven Honestly. They back and both these songs lit af and there's some nice choreography and that stupid dance of Mino's is back but I wouldn't wish for any less tbvfh. I just love them so much and wish nothing but the best for them.][center [youtube]]
[center [youtube]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 46d 1h 27m 52s
[center Got my appointment for my shrinky dink finally and got my sliding scale so I'm at the lowest one and the copays for my appointments will be $20 which isn't bad at all considering I don't have insurance. I tried to make an appointment for my physical but they don't have any openings and the schedule for November hasn't been opened in general for any appointment making to begin with so I'll have to check back when I go to see the shrink. As for the dental appointment I have to check back in october because they aren't taking any new patients in that department, my tooth will be fine until then tho so I'm not too upset. At least I got one appointment taken care of out of the 3.]
[center tbh it's been a while since I've seen a shrink and I know I want to be as honest as possible but god does it make me nervous, their job is to basically judge me and figure out wtf is wrong with me. And honestly I'm so happy I managed to do this pretty much on my own. I'm proud that I'm actually fucking trying to get my shit at least somewhat together. Fucking bless.]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 46d 17h 13m 40s
[left [pic]]
[center [size30 [+white SHIN DOYOU]]][center [size30 [+white SHIN DOYOU]]]
[center Do I love Crush or his dog more? The world may never truly know tbh]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 47d 5h 48m 40s
[center Honestly I'm excited to get the physical that I'm like a year over due for just to see how much weight I've lost. I've obviously lost a good bit cause of being able to fit into clothes I never thought I would. Like one day I'll be the cute lil marshmallow boy who looks like he's been mauled by a bear 24/7 that I'm meant to be and it'll be fucking beautiful. And I'll take all the pictures for Suga to show me off to everyone and be all "dat's my cute lil marshmallow son." yes]

[center Brain I know you want cheese but do you feel what our stomach is saying??? It says no. It's says we're fine cause we've already ate out one meal for the day. Stop that shit leave me alooooone. We're just thirsty right now which we'll fix in a few once we're back home, stop bein a lil bitch]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 49d 12h 29m 55s
[center [size10 How much is ES gonna resize this lol]][center [pic]][center [ Fullsize][center [size7 Don't steal shit I make thanks]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 1y 50d 7h 8m 56s
[center [size30 MY BOIIISSSS]][center [size10 I've cried like three times now holy fuck]][center [youtube]]
[center [youtube]]
[center tbh I thought I'd definitely prefer Island over Love me Love me but both are really fucking good holy shit 100/10 some real good shit these boys better be proud or I'mma have to fight all of them. [s Even Jinwoo and that hair and especially Mino.] This doesn't make up for Ikon getting shipped off to Japan again but it does make it a [i little] easier to deal with lol]
  Winner / 1y 51d 6h 25m 33s

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