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[center [size10 Seriously tho, how sad is it I had one session with my shrink, first one ever, and she acknowledges me by my gender identity far better than my own mother does. Honestly it's amazing, and she even mentioned hormone replacement therapy but then remembered I don't have insurance so of course I've thought about but couldn't afford it. There are a lot of things I realized from her reactions are over reactions, and aren't thing I shouldn't be ashamed of. All those years of being afraid of being seen as crazy and letting my mom do all the talking when she wouldn't ever say half the stuff I told her, and I talked to this woman for over an hour about things I never mentioned to other doctors. I know, I know I won't stop talking about this shit, it just went so much better than I expected, I got more answers than I thought I would. All of the info went over so much better than I thought.]][center [size10 Also Suga saying she's proud of me makes me feel so much better than I already feel. Like it doesn't seem like a big deal for me to go see a shrink, but as someone with out insurance this is progress, it's been years. I go back in two weeks, Ali prolly won't be pleased but hey whatever she'll live I need this.]]
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[left [pic]][center [size10 Sooooo, back from the shrinky dink, and in the nice cool a.c. with food in my tum tum and a headache from continuous attempts to look at the sky only to be greeted with "hey that hurts don't do that" only cause i was tryna see where in the eclipse we were [s [size10 which i already know is dumb af]]. So the verdict is that the abuse that I hate to call abuse was actually abuse and not just me over reacting. I'm officially diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, a.k.a Gender Dysphoria. Also my hallucinations are most likely due to my bipolar and my mood swings just being that violent as in they switch super fast and with out me noticing, which isn't a surprise. The shit where I wanna rip my skin off is just my sensory disorder. She said I should get a referral for a neurologist to get the spectrum stuff double checked. And best of all, I have DID, better known as multiple personality disorder, so that's a thing now. Apparently she wants to talk about my personalities more because my case isn't the typical case and it intrigues her. I guess my mom and her shitty ex husband get some kudos since they called that DID shit back when Morte popped up the first time and they found my journal. Oh well. I'll prolly tell her about that but not the GID only cause she fucking ignores it without a diagnosis so why bother.]]
[center [size10 All in all I could use a nap but HBO has Band of Brothers on demand so I'mma watch at least an episode or two before I head home to put off sleep further and play some vidya games.]]
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[center Xanax is my friend that's all.][center I'm going back to sleep]
[center ----------------------------------------------]
[center these children however are not helpful and are noisy af.]
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[center [pic]]
[center Forever forgetting just how tall Zico actually is lol]
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[center [size10 Sorry to say you're kind of fucking stupid]][center [size10 The Shit you're doing doesn't make sense worth a shit]][center [size10 you smarter than this boo please use your brain]]
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[center [size11 If I applied for this show I'd need to get a passport and idk if Ali would fund that just cause I [i might] get picked for a tv show. But god damn it'd be nice to at least try. Because I want to visit Korea so bad and actually be able to properly learn about the culture outside of just what I see on Youtube and the shows I watch on mnet. I might still try, I really need to figure out what I want to say in my application video but damn where do I start??? I'm the worst at talking about myself and I stumble over my words, especially knowing what I'd be making the video for. fml I gotta do this, I gotta try, and hope I can talk ali into getting me a passport.]]
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[center oops][center [youtube]]
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[center [+white fuck it me]][center [pic]]
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[center [size10 Oh boy, you really showing us by "quitting" this "shitty site" even though you keep coming on here to post in journal entries. Even better you're online literally right this moment. You realize that you not roleplaying on here doesn't count as quitting right? Quitting means leaving, never posting anywhere, not being online. But what do I know, right?]]
[center [size10 In other news my neighbor found my french toast crunch cereal I've been looking for forever so god bless.]][center [size10 I moved a bunch of shit to the road for ali and fucked up my ankle/foot r.i.p]]
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[center Fucking hell man][center [youtube]]
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[center I knew this was coming, it's been threatening to do this for a few days now. It was just a matter of time, and I know why but does that mean I care? Nope, gonna keep smoking and living the life I'm living. Tbh though I'm burning through packs so much faster than I should be I fucking hate it, the worst part is I sit here and wanna smoke another cigarette even tho I know I need to make the remainder of this pack last until whenever the next time I have money is.][center I have like zero chill apparently lol]
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[center [size10 Sarahah has done nothing but prove I surround myself with some of the loveliest people that inhabit this earth. Like they ain't gotta say this shit and it's only a few messages but jfc it's good to have honest opinions. Someone could literally pop up and say they wanna best the shit outta me tho and of be okay I think cause tbh them nice messages are uplifting and all but I still somehow manage to hate myself???? Idk man I'm just insufferable like that lol]][center [size10 ------]][center [size10 Bitches over here pissed cause this dude made a fake bogo supreme hat. Y'all the dumbasses wiling to spend like $100 on a hat that he could make for like $10 and it look legit still if he actually tried. Hell I have a Batman hat that got more style than the supreme hat he was copying and it only costed me $10 cause I'm fucking smart and don't buy expensive shit that I might lose or rarely wear. Like damnnnnn y'all bitches salty.]]
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[center I'mma fucking fight this child tbvfh][center He gonna go far as fuck though, he's already got a pretty loyal af fanbase tho thanks to produce 101 and he didn't even win lol][center [youtube]]
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[center Guess who's going to sit here and watch this shit 50 times over because they love this boy just that fucking much and there's not enough material released for this boy yet and he deserves all the Fucking love][center [youtube]]
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[center [size10 "You ate a whole container of chips you're gonna gain weight"]][center [size10 Oh no really it's almost like we're not already fat??? We needed food, granted it was carbs but food is energy and we fucking need it to live.]][center [size10 We'll eat some real food later when we get home and can cook.]]
[center [size10 This is my own journal thread i'm allowed to spam it but wtf ever. I guess I'll get my bitch ass packed back up, and then go home and sit outside for a little bit, smoke a cigarette, and then hope Olive gets a group put together for Town of Salem later cause that would be a pretty legit way to distract myself. Better than listening to my brain say I should stab myself or some other harmful shit lol]]
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