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[center [+white fack]][center [pic]][center [size9 Just a journal/storage thread for me, myself, and I]][center [size9 If anything in here offends you it's not my problem tbh.]][center [size9 I can't help if the shoe fits. Most of the shit I say in here]][center [size9 about [u [size10 ANYONE]] will wind up vague af anyways.]]
[center [ ⦻]][center [+white shit]]


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[center [size10 Me: I'm not going to read anymore kpop imagine posts from tumblr]][center [size10 Me 5 minutes later: [i [size10 liking all the lucas imagines so I can go back and read them later]]]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / Yukhei / 5d 2h 53m 28s
[center [+white [size7 fuck everything I just wanna die right now]]][center [size10 periods are stupid I didn't sign up for this.]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / Yukhei / 5d 23h 5m 2s
[center [size10 Empathy is such an iconic era for NCT. We got to see Taeyong do a live stage with a cute little ponytail thing on his head plus the amount of soft winwin I'm getting is A+. Also can we talk about GO and Touch and how it was basically a switch of concepts between dream and 127. Granted those children should NOT be allowed to run the streets. Also this is the era that someone thought it was okay to release my fuckboy boyfriend from the basement. Like Johnny back in limitless era was okay, he's like the awkward uncle who just shows up to eat all the food and chill and shit. Lucas however is like the biggest fucking weakness I have in men because like fuckboys def my type then you add in that the boy is Chinese and Thai like I partially wanna thank his mother for creating him and then ask her why is he like this. I hate him make him go away. Or actually just let him mingle and when nct and sm ain't looking I'll just best him up a little.]][center [size10 Honestly nct as a whole is a curse for me cause out of the 18 members like 8 of them are on my bias list. And I broke my rule of young biases cause of Mark AND Lucas but they both 19/20 internationally/Korean wise so I'm safe now. Winwin is forever my Prince tho and tbh that boy worries too damn much. Learn that Korean So we can hear your magical voice bby. The day you get more lines is the day imma cry so many tears of joy. You gonna kill everyone in a good way don't worry bby Taeyong won't let you have lines if doesn't feel like you can do it.]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 14d 4h 19m 9s
[center [size10 Over here watching season 2 of NCT Life and the teams are split up with Taeyong, Winwin, and Yuta a.k.a 3 of my bias and then the second team is Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Kun a.k.a Clair's biases and on the first challenge I was about to be so god damn done with everything because her team found all the fucking envelopes until Taeyong wound up doing that cute shit that he's actually really fucking good at some how and Kun let him pick one envelope and it turned out he picked the winning one so they got a puzzle piece.]][center [size10 idk why I'm getting so invested in these seasons and the different challenges but god damn do i get easily frustrated with some of the outcomes. Season one was nice tho cause seeing Ten get to show the other members around his hometown was really nice.]][center [size10 Why is Taeyong like this? Why must he be like this so much I'mma fight him. He's the leader but I swear sometimes he's the biggest child of the whole damn group.]][center [s [size10 I still adore the shit out of him tho like god damn what a beautiful man]]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 18d 3h 32m 51s
[center [pic]][center [size10 I've barely made progress in the first three languages I wanna learn and here I am adding three more. Tho honestly two are just different dialects but they are different enough that they could be considered different languages. Also why tf I got so much urge to learn so many languages I ain't even all that great at speaking english sometimes like wtf is wrong with my over achieving ass why am I doing this to myself.]][center [size10 Can we just chalk it up to me being a fucking nerd more than I realized and that even tho i have all these dreams and aspirations I ain't got the mental strength for it??? Not like "it overwhelms me and my brain crashes" more of "I mean to do it but then my mental and physical state fucking gotta get in the way of what I wanna do"]][center [size10 Like there ain't enough time in the day for all the shit I wanna do. I wanna watch tv shows, and youtube videos, and play video games, and work out, and learn languages, and do random other shit and like I do one thing and it's like "okay time for bed good night everyone"]][center [size10 Why do humans need sleep I hate sleeping, I hate social fatigue, I hate mental fatigue, I hate physical fatigue. Why couldn't I be a fucking robot or some shit like god damn it.]][center [size10 I'm too young and too old for this shit]]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 21d 7h 22m 16s
[center [size10 a Jeremy Renner marathon is a great idea in theory until it just makes me wanna work on my Hawkeye more. I need to stop with my ocs/canon characters I've amassed far too many. But fuck do I love hawkeye.]]
  ✰ JUNIE ✰ / Gardner / 28d 6h 55m 57s
[center [pic]][center [size10 okay but once I sleep later today after I get Chinese food Imma def need to read more Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps and maybe some of The pre rebirth series and storylines depending on how caught up I manage to get. I still need to catch up on the rebirth red hood and the outlaws and read the rebirth Batman series. Also I fucking love that edit end of story. Also I'm tired af that Chinese food gonna knock me tf out.]]
  Gardner / 30d 21h 21m 12s
[center [size10 When you take a chance and try a new brand of cigarettes because you had a coupon as well as the fact that they supposedly have less fillers and are slightly better for you and because they aren't actually anymore expensive than your usual brand. tbh they surprised me cause i read reviews online about them and there was alot of good shit said about them but ya know i ain't professional cigarette smoker so i don't know fuck all about cigarettes but hot damn these don't tear up my throat or make me cough or burn my throat. these bitches smooth af. plus they have them up north so i'll still be able to buy them up there and won't have to worry about switching after i get up there. apparently they even cheaper in new york but the only problem about new york from what i've read is the tax is what kills you, maine seems to be about the same with cigarette taxes down here, they ain't cheap but they ain't expensive either.]]
[center [size10 in other news i'mma be making acerbus and grant on sims 4 and see if i can't use it for some inspiration for even small little snippets or in character journal things. I still need to find stuff so i can make Nervout and them, I wish it was easier to find mods for male sims, but I should be able to make NovaScotia really well, I need to revamp nickius some and maybe make more female characters in general for the sole purpose of sims 4.]]
  ooc / Jaybird / 37d 7h 51m 51s
[center If I walk all the way there tonight at night by that creepy ass driverway he better be there so i can harass him for his steam info, and maybe his facebook cause let's be honest i am easiest to contact on there anymore. plus i really need cigarettes anyways.]
[center Seriously what's up with these guys lately lol. he over here asking how i am and shit and telling eugenio he said hi like boy no come over here, kick the door down and tell me hi yourself byeeee i don't come by nearly as often anymore cause it's cheaper to buy my cigarettes elsewhere and easier to get to those places now. plus last month or so i bought a carton so]
  ooc / Jaybird / 45d 14h 46m 3s
[center [size10 He was such a beautiful boy and I'll never have another like him. I miss him and I hope he knows I didn't leave him like that because I wanted to. I hope he knows I miss him every day and that I think about him and still talk about him. I know he is just a cat and cats aren't attached to people or so some people say but he was my baby. He was my son, my first child, and with him there having to live outside and in the wild and me here some how managing to survive and not also wind up living out side I've got a hole in me. I'll never get him back and as much as I could blame her I still only blame myself because I should have been able to find some other way but I couldn't. My previous baby was my world and now I have to find a way to move on so I don't cry whenever I see pictures of him or have memories of him. I told myself any memories on Facebook of him I wouldn't share but I have it. In order to grieve and move on I have to face these feelings because we know how well ignoring shit does me.]]

[center [size10 At this rate I'll have to walk to the store for cigarettes. Oh well. Story of my life. Ignoring my feelings and killing my body in the process. Still better than opiates and alcohol, right?]]
  ooc / Jaybird / 50d 18h 27m 23s
[center [size10 "You're not an asshole, you're a sweetheart"]][center [size10 "I don't know why you keep talking like you're stupid, you're actually really smart."]][center [size10 We joke around and call each other names but damn bro over here randomly hitting me with them truths that I ignore cause I just would rather sell myself short than ever once sound like I'm bragging.]][center [size10 This is that shit I need every so often.]]
  ooc / Jaybird / 51d 5h 49m 52s
[center I just wanna play games but fucking dicks maaaaan. First off in black squad I went and rage quit after some assholes decided their team's strategy would be spawn trapping. Then now smite wanna be disrespectful and not be compatible with the TV/my desktop. Like wtf is this bullshit man. I just wanna play some good games. I would play skyrim or mass effect but I wanna play some of the other games I haven't played in a while. Rude.]
  ooc / Jaybird / 58d 6h 10m 17s
[left [pic]]
[center [size10 So yesterday was crazy. We were just chilling in the living room, Clair's mom was over at a friend's place so it was just us and Bruce. Bruce came out bitching about the wifi asking what was burning all of it up and then went on about how Eugenio's games burn all of it up and so on and so forth. Eugenio tried to explain to him how wifi and video game consoles work but Bruce wouldn't listen and just got pissed off and went into his room. Naturally tho he kept bitching in his room and so him and Eugenio kept going back and forth. Long story short, Bruce tried to stab Eugenio in the neck with a pair of scissors because the wifi wasn't working as well as it could've been. Eugenio didn't press charges but with how shit works here they're still charging him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Oh and they also found his pot when they went in his room to get him a shirt. So we went from an over packed apartment of people to now having 4 people in 3 bedroom apartment. Thankfully he didn't even break the skin on Eugenio's neck but he came at him with an intent to kill.]]
  Gardner / 72d 4h 27m 24s
[center Honestly? I love this harry potter rp site, it's not like "i gotta write roleplay posts" type shit either, and i can rack up house points and just let morty out as more a muse type thing. I can pretend to be him. It kind of sucks tho cause honestly I wish I could also make an account for Rich but that would mean having to redo all the course work over again, plus they might not appreciate that there was another account made just for me to utilize his character more. I have all this work done on morty but i'm neglecting his boyfriend]
[center also while talking about morty and rich eugenio legit asked me if I'd ever thought about writing a book and honestly it's kind of depressing cause i have tried but it's not really ever gotten very far. all these thoughts and ideas and no way to put them into words it's kind of sad. I still need to write all these fanfictions one day but oopsssss]
  ooc / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 85d 2h 35m 11s
[center [size10 Clair's mom is over here and everytime I mention how I couldn't handle just any job she brings up how she had a learning disorder and she still pushed past it, and that she kept working at the same place for 20+ years despite how they treated her even if they made her go home crying. I get that I do, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do]][center [size10 But here's the thing, not everyone reacts to those stressors the same. Some people can have legit breakdowns from it, I legit have and have stopped going into a job before simply cause I couldn't handle being screamed at like I was and having it hung over my head that shit I was doing would get me fired. Plus on a completely different note from my mental state shit there's my physical shit. I used to stand for hours at subway with two shitty ass knees, hell I even worked on a fucking sprained ankle and i don't even know if it properly healed cause of how I never got to properly rest it. But now, now you add on top of that my bum ass knee AND the fact that one if not both of my kidneys is fucked. Like do you know how often I go pee? Too much it's almost annoying, irritating really. Not to mention I get random ass pain from time to time, and the fucking jank ass "hunger pangs" and then the bloating I'll get, or hell just being all around un-fucking-comfortable.]]
[center [size10 so in conclusion clair's mom has a point but it does not apply to me because my issues are entirely different, and yes her son works through issues of his own but how often he works is like once or twice a fucking month so]]
  Niko / Gardner / 96d 38m 29s

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