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...Welcome One, Welcome All To The Violet Photoshop...

The Violet Photoshop is a Photo Editing Service made specifically for my fellow Role-Players of Elite Skills, who need someone to help them re-define, spice up, or even upgrade their character photos.

.: Photo Editing Examples :.

AlitaBonita's Example One Before

AlitaBonita's Example One After

AlitaBonita's Example Two Before

AlitaBonita's Example Two After

Kaiser's Example One Before

Kaiser's Example One After

Kaiser's Example Two Before

Kaiser's Example Two After

Kaiser's Profile Example

Name: AlitaBonita

Age: 21

What I can do: I can resize, add frames/borders, add different colors/brighten colors -hair, clothing, background..-, add text/memes, and other effects...

Name: Kaiser

Age: 21

What I can do: I can Crop, Resize, Add Text , Borders/Frames, Designs, Re-colors, Add Textures, Make Profiles, Design Letterings

Name: Eileen

Age: 20 as of this month!

What Can I Do: Resize, crop, recolor, and add text.

Name: Neon

Age: 26

What I can do: Crop, resize, recolor, backgrounds, special text, crop gifs, profiles, moodboards, basic aesthetic stuff, weird meme stuff

.: Editor Skeleton :.

Name: Username or Nickname preferred

Age: Are you younger or older, perhaps??

What I can do: Can you crop, resize a photo, etc...

**If you wish to be added as an editor, just copy this editor skeleton. Shoot me a private message with "Violet" as the title.**

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If you are looking for a new site I would try IPiccy, it's what I use when I don't feel like using my photoshop.
  [Me] / Kaiser / 4d 12h 8m 47s
Hello all. I would like to AlitaBonita to edit my picture if that were possible. The website I was using decided that it was going to shut down, I haven't found one that I like just yet. I would like it to be resized(Smaller) and then also have Ian Taylor and boobear96 written on it. Thank you so much!
  Ian Taylor / BooBear96 / 4d 12h 32m 28s
Of course, just pm me the picture and the info you would like included ^^
  [Me] / Kaiser / 9d 21h 29m 24s
Oh, no worries, hun!
If it's alright, I would like to request à profile édit? Something very simple, and if I could send you à photo of what I'd like added, very similaire to the example profile yoy have. :>
  MochiBuns / 10d 1h 24m 12s
I am sorry, I forgot to put this in my watch list c.c.
What can I help you with?
  [Me] / Kaiser / 10d 5h 35m 59s
Yes, requests are open! I'm sure they will be in at any time to help you.
  .: Alita :. / AlitaBonita / 12d 1h 23m 11s
Are requests open? If so may I ask for Kaiser's services on making a profile?
  MochiBuns / 12d 2h 22m 43s
Welcome one and all!! We are here to help with your photo needs!!
  .: Alita :. / AlitaBonita / 23d 42m 18s

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