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...Welcome One, Welcome All To The Violet Photoshop...

The Violet Photoshop is a Photo Editing Service made specifically for my fellow Role-Players of Elite Skills, who need someone to help them re-define, spice up, or even upgrade their character photos.

.: Photo Editing Examples :.

AlitaBonita's Example One Before

AlitaBonita's Example One After

AlitaBonita's Example Two Before

AlitaBonita's Example Two After

Name: AlitaBonita

Age: 22

What I can do: I can resize, add frames/borders, add different colors/brighten colors -hair, clothing, background..-, add text/memes, and other effects...

Name: Call me Korudo or Eminesance

Age: 19

What I can do: **Real photos only, please** Changing the colours of anything, adding small accessories/tattoos, resizing, changing levels/brightness/contrast, adding filters, swapping out small parts , remove blemishes/small imperfections etc.

.: Editor Skeleton :.

Name: Username or Nickname preferred

Age: Are you younger or older, perhaps??

What I can do: Can you crop, resize a photo, etc...

**If you wish to be added as an editor, just copy this editor skeleton. Shoot me a private message with "Violet" as the title.**

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