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One Kingdom of colorful reefs and corals in the bright open ocean. Another more down deep in caves and not so much light. The two not really enemies, not really friends. Both have been told stories about the other and just tend to stay away from each other. It helps that mermaids tend to stick in their pods anyways.

Each Kingdom has a Prince. The one of colors is to wed a Princess. Though it seems his heart just doesn't see him loving a female. Nor wanting to be told who to marry.

The other Kingdom's Prince his heart is set on seeing the Ocean, way before marriage. To see something other than these dark caves! Hidden away! He wants so much more than what his father has planned for him. He wants to explore! To see danger! To see colors other than hues of black, blues, and lights.

Well, the two Princes end up meeting. Knowing instantly the other is from what Kingdom. Though both have heard terrible things about the other, they just cant help but be lured to the other and not believing the rumors.

Does love bloom between the two? Their parents would simply not understand loving a mermaid not from their pod, not their kind. Especially the one is to be married! What will happen to the two lovers?

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The soft snores were only disrupted when his pillow was starting to move rapidly. Aedan just let out a grumble and snuggled into his pillow. A sigh of contentment left his lips when his pillow returned to a calmer state and he was able to return to his deep sleep.

Morning, of course, came all too soon. Aedan was normally an early bird and was awake before the sun came up. The only reason he hadn't woken up early was because of the late night he had thinking about nonsense. His first waking moments was when Yule rolled on top of him. That got Aedan to instantly open his eyes and let out his own groan. “You aren't that light Yule,” he grumbled before yawning. Aedan wasn't going to say it but he rather liked Yule's weight on top of him. It made him feel protected and warm and that was another thing that he would never mention to Yule. His yawns turned into a soft giggle when Yule got off of him and apologized. Yule's breath was tickling his neck, causing him to laugh a little bit more. This was perhaps the most interesting way he had ever woken up.

When Yule moved away and hid under a pillow Aedan got up. He swam around to the other side of the bed and lifted the pillow up slightly so he could peak into the pillow fort of one. “It's okay. Not the worse way to wake up. How are your eyes?” He asked before removing his head from under the pillow.

They should have left an hour or two ago too be safe but there was nothing Aedan could do about it now. Aedan was in the process of stretching when he heard a knock at the door. Instantly he froze, thinking about who it could be.

“Are you decent?” the person on the other side called out.

It was Emiyn. A sigh of relief left Aedan's lips as he swam over to the door and ushered Emiyn into the room. Emiyn was dressed as if he was on guard duty. His red cloak flowed behind him, his polished helmet under his arm, and a short sword strapped to his hip. There was also the biggest shit eating grin on his face.

“Was he gentle with you? I don't see any marks on you,” Emiyn said, his grin only getting larger.

Aedan smacked his brother hard. So hard that the slap could be heard and there was a hand print on Emiyn muscled arm. It only caused him to laugh even louder. “You are being an ass Emiyn. Don't you have work?” He asked.

Emiyn's bright red tail swished back and forth lazily. “Father wanted me to tell you that you will be off for the next two weeks. He just required that you come to tonight's council meeting and one next week. I am mostly here to help you smuggle Yule out and remind you to wear a weapon out,” He said holding up the helmet in his arm and the cloak that Aedan didn't see. Pretending that Yule was one of the guardsmen could work.

“Thank you,” He said as he swam up to a chest that contained his dagger and some jewelry. If they were to get out of here without any questions Aedan needed to look like the prince he was. No one would ask him any questions. Aedan grabbed a piece of silver and blue jewelry that would rest right where his flesh met his scales. It was a decorative piece that showed his status off as one of the royals in the running for the throne. Aedan ran his thumb across the thick silver band until he came upon where it unclasped. Opening it up he began to put it on. The blue gems and the slight silver plating were placed on his side while the blue gem that acted as the clasped rested below his belly button. On his unadorned side there was a spot where he could put his knife. If he had more duties today he would probably add more jewelry but if he was just avoiding people and only had a council meeting to go to he was then content with just one piece of jewelry.

“I'm glad you have to wear that thing and not me. At least it isn't a crown,” Emiyn said gesturing at the jewelry. All of the royal family had a crown, most differing with status, but the true status piece was this stupid jewelry. Someone many years in the past thought that the jewelry on the waist was way more indicative of power than a crown. They obviously hadn't worn the jewelry because if they did they would know that they thing was bloody annoying. Crowns were equally annoying but worn way less. “Here Yule,” Emiyn said offering up the cloak and helmet.
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Hearing Aedan actually suggest that there in fact could be siren in him, made him raise a brow with a smile. [b "Ohh? Is that so?"] All the little teasing he could do now. It sounded all fun. It just hit him then, was he planning on the two actually being such good friends? They did hit it off rather quickly. Before he could really comment anything else, Aedan had told him to rest. That he had done great fighting that giant squid. A cocky grin spread on his lips while his eyes closed. [b "It was nothing. Couldn't let someone so beautiful get hurt.."] He yawned and was slowing down with his speaking as he drifted off so easily. Now feeling just how tired he really was, he had fallen asleep. Laying there with one hand behind his head another resting on his stomach. The male's tail's fin draped a bit off the end of the bed. HIs scales even glowing in the dark of the room and with the crystal he had given Aedan.

With the help of this being the most comfortable bed he has even laid in. Plus being exhausted and with the warm presence of another next to him. Yule was having the best rest of his life. A deep sleep that lead to terrible nightmares actually. Images of his father and mother, furious at him. And dragging back to the caves. Though he slept, his heart was racing and his breathing was more shaken. He doesn't want to go back! He doesn't want to be King! He does everything in his power to rebel against it. The cutting of his hair, questioning his father every chance he got. Going behind his back with rules and never agreeing with him. He didn't want it! It wasn't him! He wanted to see what was outside the caves. So his nightmares were of the guards getting him. HIs father, is not shy of harsh punishments. Death. Yule's life was now in danger for fleeing like he did. His father could always have more princes. Yule, was not his first.

The images of being tortured and killed had him gasping and he jumped feeling something suddenly laying on him. The male's chest raised and lowered quickly as he caught his breath. Finally he noticed Aedan. Curling up on him. Did Aedan plan that? Yule didn't care, it felt beyond amazing and comforting. He was able to lay back down and stared at the ceiling for a bit. Aedan's heart beat synced with his and Yule was able to relax and felt safer already. Was it okay to possibly hold him back? Would that be too much? Maybe a little gesture to start off. So he removed the hand from under his hand to slip under and around Aedan's side, pulling him just a little closer to him. Aedan will make it clear in the morning if it was okay or not. But for now, Yule was able to go back to sleep. This time though there were no dark dreams. In fact, things were much more peaceful. It was just calm open waters with gentle waves as he laid there in the warm sand. Aedan next to him. The two just talking about anything and everything. It was simple and it was nothing Yule has ever had.

With peaceful sleeping finally, morning sadly came quicker. Light from the outside crept into the room. Yule noticing the difference in light and dark quickly. He groaned and out of instinct, he rolled him self over on top of Aedan. Not too aware that he was laying on him for a few seconds. That was till he did. Quickly lifting his head up and using his arms to hold himself up and above the other. [b "AH! I'm..sorry!..OW!"] The light hurt his eyes and he shoved his face into Aedan's neck to hide. His lovely dark eyes having to adjust again. [b "Oh Goddess! I'm sorry!"] He blushed all over his face he flops over to the side and grabs a pillow to hide! Not believing this had just happened!
  Yule / Papa_Death / 63d 8h 33m 0s
If Aedan wasn't already cozy in bed he would be doing a small victory dance the moment Yule actually climbed into the bed. Instead of a victory dance he sent Yule a large smile before burrowing himself under the covers so that his eyes and hair were barely visible. A content sigh left his lips as he closed his eyes. He was aware of Yule's eyes on him but that didn't bother him at all, especially since he felt comfortable with Yule. It was only when Yule said he must be siren did he open one eye. He could just barely make out Yule in the dark and it was only by the aid of the dim crystal still laying on his chest.

“I wouldn't be too surprised if there was siren on my mom's side,” he softly said. Aedan didn't think there was any siren in his family but he didn't know everything. Sure he could name his families lineage for at least a few hundred years. But stuff like sirens being in the family got quickly lost in history or hidden. The northern kingdoms had more dealings with sirens as well so it wouldn't be too surprising if someone had mated with a siren. He was just not sure if it happened. Aedan, however, didn't feel like he was attractive as Yule was making him out to be. If he was then maybe he could have found a mate by now. Then again if he had a mate he probably wouldn't have met Yule and that was just a horrible thought.

Aedan let out a muffled yawn and closed his eye again. “Go to sleep Yule... You did an amazing job fighting that squid,” he added between yawns. When Aedan got no response he assumed Yule was asleep. With one last yawn he burrowed deeper into the warmth of his blanket and was ready to fall asleep. Except he couldn't. His body was tired and his eyes were heavy but his brain would not fall silent. It kept reminding Aedan that it had been over ten years since he last shared a bed with anyone, the last person being Emiyn. Whenever he tried to stop his mind from fretting about that fact it would quickly switch to how attractive Yule was or how he was to be married to some unknown mermaid. Only after two hours did his brain finally settle and he was out.

His dreams were marvelous once he was able to fall asleep. It was a dream of him and Yule, mated together, enjoying life at his Uncle's city. They happily swam through the waters, hand-in-hand, while the occupants greeted them. Aedan wore no jewelry with the exception of the crystal that Yule had given him. If Aedan had to guess the lack of jewels adorning his body was indicative of him not being chosen as the Crowned Prince which made Aedan even happier. He really did not want to be the King so not being the Crowned Prince was step one in avoiding all of that.

The dream was so good the Aedan didn't even notice that he gravitated towards the warm body besides him. By the end of the night Aedan was sleeping with his head on Yule's chest, an arm tossed over Yule's waist, and his tail flush against the other's tail. Soft and gentle snores was all that could be heard from him.
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Earlier today, if you were to tell Yule that he would be sleeping in another Prince's room tonight. He would have hoped so. That would have meant that he was out of that dreadful place he called home. Sure enough, here he was. Curled up and letting sleep take over him. Before he could get too far into his slumber he felt little pokes on his ribs and triceps. One dark eye popped open, his more bigger and more blacker eyes kicking in naturally to let him see in the dark just perfectly. Seeing Aedan there and telling him that he didn't have to sleep there on the couch.

So Yule slowly pushes himself up on with his hands and arms and looks over to watch the other male float down onto his bed and make room for him. Yes, there was plenty of room he just didn't want to cross any lines? He didn't want to make Aedan uncomfortable. Was it right? Aedan is so, graceful and looks so, pure and innocent. But the other male was insisting Yule to join him. Making room and even mentioning to not hog the covers. [b "Well, if you're okay with it."] He smiled a big grin and swam on over and he too let himself float down. On his stomach and arms folded under his right cheek. The bed was so soft. Contouring to his shapes and forms a few little flicks of his tails to stretch and really adjust. [b "Oh wow. This bed is amazing. I may not want to leave."] This gentle soft laugh left his lips as he watched Aedan laying there.

This creature before him, was truly like no other he has ever met. Both started off scared of each other. Fearful of the other. Probably a surprise to Aedan to see a mermaid like Yule and being scared of Aedan. It was natural to be a bit fearful of Yule. The control of his scales and when he means to scare off foes, it was best to get out of his way. But that was protective fight mode. He didn't always look like that. And Aedan got to see that Yule wasn't a monster like he may have thought.

A sudden increase in Yule's heart beat as he thought of the other. Laying there next to him and watching him settling down comfortably for the night. [i He's beautiful.] The thought crossed his mind and it made him smile a little. It was so hard to believe that he didn't have a lover. His long flowy hair and tail. He was so curvy and elegant. There must be Siren in him somewhere. There has to be. It had to be a siren charm he was falling under?

[b "You sure you're not a siren? You're not going to have your way with me while I sleep are you?"] It was a joke yes, this chuckle and wink was flashed at Aedan. Not entirely sure why he said it he just really wanted too. How could one not call a beautiful creature, beautiful? [b "I'm kidding. It's just. Even in the dark I can see how radiant you are. You look as if you glow yourself. Or, reflect what little light there is here in the dark? Maybe I'm just seeing things. Don't mind me. It's your siren charm."] The strong male smirked as his eyes closed and he rolled over onto his back and tucked his hands under his head. The sleep was taking over faster now. His chest raised up and sunk down slowly. Their whole adventure finally calming down and he was feeling just how tired he was. Fighting a giant squid on his first day here above the caves. Was amazing.

[b "Father...would have loved to see me fight that squid..."] Yules voice softened, still smiling, before he finally fell silent from sleep finally winning.
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Aedan was somewhat surprised that Yule was a virgin too. Nothing was wrong with that but he would have thought that Yule had mated around. Yule was handsome, nice, and great. You would have to a fool to not want to be with Yule! Then again Yule did say he found his people's mating rituals to be boring. So maybe Yule just didn't want to? That was fine too. Aedan hadn't really wanted to mate around either mainly because he wanted to be in a meaningful relationship. So far that hadn't happened for Aedan. The closes he had gotten with anyone ended in bad terms because they were using him. After that he didn't try to get close to anyone.

Yule's comment about him being an only child did bring a smile to Aedan's lips. “I have seven other siblings,”” He had said before directing his friend into the room. Seven children was about the standard for the Reef Kingdom. They were all about having large families with as many children as possible. Having a whole army of children helped ensure the continuation of a blood line and gave families better chances to rise in status. In Aedan's opinion families shouldn't be so large but he mostly believed this because he disliked children. His first sibling was born around 4 years after him and then every two years he had another sibling that was born. There were two sets of twins and with every single one of his younger siblings he had to take care of them. Aedan had enough throw up on his shoulders to never want kids. Emiyn and Eathelyn were twin terrors that Aedan spent way too much time watching. Just the memory of raising those menaces caused a shiver to go down his spine. Such evil children.

His rapidly beating heart was calm enough that he swam to his bed and sat down on the light green spread. “The bed is made out of woven sea grass and the cushioning on the couch is a mix of sea grass and sea sponges. I think the frame is made out of whale bones but I don't know. The bed and couch are much older than me,” He said with a small smile.

Yule looked ridiculous curled up on the tiny couch. His long tail just didn't fit on the tiny couch. Aedan couldn't fit on the couch laying down either and he was smaller than Yule. With that thought Aedan got up from the bed and swam over to Yule. A small playful smile was on his lips as he looked at the curled up Yule. He looked adorable curled up on the couch. If Yule was attractive fully awake he was more attractive when sleepy. The sleepiness that was starting to cloud his eyes made him look even more gentler in Aedan's eyes. “Come on. Up you go,” he began as he gently poked Yule. “The bed is big enough for the two of us.” He continued as he poked Yule a few more times.

After a few more gentle pokes to Yule's ribs he moved back to the bed to lay down. He was also very sleepy and couldn't wait to fall asleep. As he laid down he looked over to his side and next to him was plenty of room for another person to lay. “I promise I won't take all the covers,” he add jokingly as he rolled over enough so that he could free his covers. The materials they used for the blankets and the capes that the guard wore were all made from similar materials. They were crafted from the fibers of several plants then woven together to create a material that helped keep the warmth in. The blanket on his bed was specially crafted from his mother and it was his favorite blanket. The soft green color was soothing to him and had a lot of great memories associated with the warm blanket. Best of all it was super soft and Aedan loved soft blankets.

“Come on,” he said with a yawn as he patted the bed next to him. Now that he was laying down he was getting sleepier.
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Here they were, sneaking into Aedan's room. Yule hopes this is all worth it, he could always go find some a little spot to sleep. He really didn't want to risk Aedan getting into trouble. Really. But before Yule could protest one last time, Aedan told him to wait here while he goes to make sure that the coast was clear. The darker male nodded his head and stayed hidden in the dark. From a distance, Aedan might not be able to see him. Though Yule can see him. Yule's eyes watched Aedan in the distance somehow, making sure he too is safe. Who knows what is lurking in these dark waters. Then his eyes glances to to Aedan's back and lower down his back and he grew shocked and forced himself to look away! [i No no! Stop! So inappropriate! Oh gosh he's lovely, but no!] Yule had stopped himself from scanning Aedan's back side and tail in more, mature way. Though it was hard, he simply found himself attracted to the other. This wasn't the time though and they had just met! [i Do-don't be a pervert! What's wrong with you!?] He yelled at himself mentally while he waited to be call over.

But in the middle of him mentally screaming at himself, he just missed another mermaid swimming up to Aedan. He was much larger and bulkier than Aedan. It was hard to tell the details his tail but he could tell that was a reef mermaid! His tail was so different from Aedan's! From his own! It was so, flowy! [b "Oh wow. A real reef mer!"] He whispered to himself shocked! But still hoping Aedan is okay.

He watched the two of them talk for a bit till the other mer spun Aedan around and Yule was debating to rush over and help or not. Being spun around like that, so forcefully, from a distance. Did not look right! But he saw Aedan clearly stop the other and sure enough he had called Yule over. With the other Mer still there!? Really? The male gulped and swam over quickly to Aedan's side and his eyes couldn't help but stare at the tail of the reef mer. Being closer he could see what look liked like a bright tail. [b "Oh wow."] His voice was hushed so it wasn't too loud. Though his attention was snapped brought back to reality when he hears this larger Mer, teasing Aedan? About being a virgin? THen he caught onto why the other was mentioning such things. He thought the two of them!? [b "Wait? What!?"] Was all he could say still shocked by such a bold statement and telling Yule to be gentle with Yule. What the heck was he suppose to say to that!?

Embarrassed himself, his own face beat red as he shielded his face behind a hand and turned to look another way. Trying to like hide from such a conversation. Plus, now images were dancing in his head and that wasn't helping! HIs eyes were already having a hard time to not stare at Aedan! Though now knowing that already one mer thinks the two of them will be mating made Yule's heart race. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't glad the other had left them. The two of them a bit, silent for a moment. The scene replaying in his head. Remembering that the other had said that he was Aedan's type. Why did this smirk grow on his lips so quickly? So he had a type and he was it?

Again he snapped himself out of the thoughts! Aedan was to be married and he is a Prince. There was no chance for them. Really? Even if they were into random hook ups. That just wasn't Aedan's side. [b "Hey, there's nothing embarrassing about being, a virgin. Okay? I'm one too. Believe it or not. Your brother makes me glad I'm an only child."] Yule smiled a friendly big grin at the other and hold Aedan's shoulder gently. [b "Don't let it get to you. It's fine."]

With that aired out and calmed down, no longer feeling awkward since it was now out there that they were both virgins. Telling Aedan a little personal bit like that must have helped. For now they were heading back to Aedan's room. Good, because he was starting to feel tired. It's been a while since he first slept. Since cave Mer's live in darkness, they just sleep when they are tired. There was no, day or night down there. It was just dark. He runs on four hours of sleep and he's good to go for five or six hours.

Aedan's room was small but still all the more fascinating to Yule! The bed looked amazing! The material of the building was coral where his was just volcanic rock. [b "Oh wow! WOW!"] He dashed to the big window and he saw the view of the kingdom and plus the open ocean. [b "This is your room!?"] He was like a child getting a toy he had always wanted. He was just simply happy to be here! Then he turned back inside of the room and looked around as he floated there. Seeing there was a little sofa and he sat himself up on that and stretched and yawn. [b "Mmm, wow. This is comfy. What is this made of. I sleep on rocks and sea sponges."] The male curled up on the little couch, trying to curl his large tail and frill up on the couch. Not wanting to kick Aedan out of his bed. Even with the bed being large. He didn't want to make things odd. Even if it wasn't a big deal for himself. [b "Mm, thank you Aedan. This is the best!"] His face was still so happy with a hint of tired in his eyes.
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Aedan instantly regretted flirting back with Yule because he was pretty sure he was going to be a permanent shade of red. He really didn't know what to say in return. Aedan was mediocre at best when it came to flirting and he shouldn't be doing it anyways. He was, after all, a prince that was engaged (unwillingly) and needed to act in a way befitting of his position. The only problem was that he somewhat liked Yule and couldn't help but be curious to where their flirting could put their relationship. Yule, of course, had the ability to fluster Aedan even more because soon his hand was being pressed to Yule's lips and he was being called beautiful. “It would help me sleep knowing that you are safe,” He managed in a small voice as his eyes darted from Yule's lips to his hand. Maybe he could crawl under a rock and hide until his blush disappeared? If ever.

“I'm glad you did leave though I doubt anyone is better off without you,” he said amidst his inner monologue. Years of training to potential be the King seemed to pay off because while he was in inner turmoil and embarrassment he was able to keep that inside.

With that said he began to lead Yule towards his home. At this time very few people were swimming around instead they were settling in to spend the night with friends and family. It made bring Yule into the back of the kingdom significantly easier and the darkness was helping. “It is really beautiful in the day,” he whispered in return when Yule complimented his kingdom. Aedan was rather proud of the aesthetics of his kingdom and couldn't wait to show Yule around one day. There were so many places he wanted to show Yule but all of that would have to wait.

Once they were closer to the palace Aedan grabbed Yule's wrist to stop him from swimming any further. “Stay here until I wave you over. I'm just going to see if the guards are patrolling the area,” He said in a low voice. The Royal families' apartments was not attached to the main palace. It was right behind the tall castle with a small courtyard to separate the two. With the royal families' wing separated there was a direct entrance into the courtyard and then the wing. They were right against the wall that acted as a fence. The fence didn't hold much purpose besides divide the privately owned royal lands and the public lands. Only a fool would dare swim over the polished sides of the fence because the palace guards were rather alert, especially in the day. At night they were a little less alert but still no one would dare break into the royal apartments.

Aedan swam up to the top of the wall and peeked his head over the wall, eyes scanning the surrounding area. He was about to call Yule up when he heard someone clear their throat next to him. Aedan felt instant dread as he slowly turned his head. Beside him was his hulking younger brother, Emiyn. A scowl was on his face and his arms were crossed against his broad chest. “Where have you been Aedan?” He asked in his booming voice.

Aedan instantly gulped. His brother did not look or sound happy at all. “Out and about Emiyn. I'm an adult. I can go out without mother and father's permission,” Aedan responded in a defensive tone.

“I know you are an adult but you are a Prince. A prince with a chance to be King! You know how many people would kill you in a heart beat just because they think they could have a clear shot to the throne! You need your guards,” Emiyn's gaze dropped to Aedan's waist and got even more agitated. “You don't even have your knife. How are you suppose to protect yourself?” Before Aedan could do or say anything Emiyn's hands were on him, lifting his arms to check for injuries. It was only when he spun Aedan around, before he could protest, that Emiyn saw Aedan's cut up back. The cuts had healed pretty nicely with most of it scabbed over. There were a few scabs that had opened up while Aedan was swimming and while his back was mostly numb there were some areas that were still tender. “What happened? You know what lets go to mom. She will like to see this,” He said as he grabbed Aedan's wrist and started to swim off.

Aedan panicked a little bit and began to swim back, trying to slow his brother while trying to peel the iron grip off of his wrist. “Emiyn! Let me explain before you start dragging me around you ass,” He growled. Aedan was able to pry his wrist free and dart off a little bit on the other side of the wall.

“What is there to talk about. You got injured. Mom and Dad will want to know. Mom especially will want to know,” Emiyn said swimming back to Aedan and reaching to grab his wrist again. This time Aedan was able to maneuver away.

“Emiyn Galon, I swear if you touch me again I will tell your wife that you have been avoiding her while she is pregnant. Now let me explain,” Aedan said in the best stern voice he could muster. His brother looked unhappy but stopped reaching for Aedan. Emiyn waved his hand as indication for Aedan to begin. “Yes I got injured but I'm mostly better. A squid was hiding in seaweed and it caught me. I had a friend with me who saved me and put some salve on my back. Yes I should have brought my knife with me but I already got that lecture. As for returning so late he didn't have a place to stay so I'm kindofsneakinghiminpleasedon'ttellmom,” he said the last part really fast, the words blurring together.

Emiyn was not happy about his brother getting injured but he couldn't help but have a shit eating grin cross his face. “Aedan. Prince Aedan Marino Ronin sneaking some one in? The patron saint of following the rules sneaking another Mer in? Is this a miracle?” He asked jokingly. “Who is it?”

A small sigh left Aedan's lips as he gestured for Yule to come out. Once Yule was by his side he began to talk again. “This is Yule,” he simply said.

Emiyn grin only got larger as he inspected the other Mer. “He is your type for sure Aedan. Thank you for saving my idiot brother from his own demise. Whatever you guys have planned for tonight do be gentle with him. I've heard he has an air of virginal innocence around him.”

Aedan sputtered at Emiyn's words, especially the virginal innocence part. He didn't know how his brother knew he was a virgin or how he knew about Aedan's type. Emiyn was one of three siblings that knew about Aedan's preferences so the fact that he knew about Aedan liking males did not surprise him. It was the fact that he knew the physical appearances of people that Aedan tended to like which shocked him.

“Seriously Aedan you do need to be more careful. It is getting closer to father making his final decision on who his heir will be. If you are picked then you won't be able to leave without an escort no matter what. Now go. I sent the guards off on a wild chase earlier so I could catch you. We will be talking later about your injuries too. Yule, don't hurt him or else I will hunt you down,” Emiyn said before turning around and slowly swimming off.

A groan left Aedan's lips. “He is going to be annoying. That was my younger brother, Emiyn. He is the second from youngest with his twin sister, Eathelyn, being the youngest. He is the captain of the royal guards so it isn't too big of a surprise to see him out here but like he said we should probably hurry inside before the patrols resume.” With that said Aedan continued to swim towards the stone and coral building that was his home. There was multiple levels to the building but only one entrance. Aedan lived on the third floor and it was easy enough to get to with no one noticing a thing. Opening the door he gestured for Yule to follow him. The whole trek he was tense until he got to his room. Once inside he collapsed on the soft sands as his beating heart calmed down.

His room was somewhat simple for a prince. In the center was a bed made out of sea grass that was woven together and had just enough spring in it to make it way more comfortable than the sand. The bed dominated the majority of the room. There were a few trinkets on the shelving of the room and another door that led to all the articles Aedan wore as a prince. It was simple but home.

“Make yourself at home,” he said as he finally got up.
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To hear Aedan confirm that he would love to show Yule more around, put this large smile on the Cave Mer's lips. It felt amazing to hear that. To hear that Aedan would makes Yule think that he wasn't the only one enjoying their time together. The feeling of maybe a little crush growing. Maybe? He wasn't really all that sure, he has never really crushed on anyone before. Still, he smiled happily and was over joyed by the news. [b "Awesome, I'm going to hold you to that."] He added in a cheerful voice.

Then came that whole getting flustered over his words about sneaking into Aedan's room. He knows it could have been taken in a rather, mischievous way. And Aedan just teased right back about a dinner date first. Oh Yule's nervous expression cooled down quickly leaving that confident and dashing half smirk came to his lips. [b "Oh? That could be arranged."] His grin grew a bit more with that little spark of seduction in his eyes. That time, he was aware of him flirting but he could always play it off as joking if it was too much or Aedan and would back off out of respect, of course.

To his surprise the beautiful mermaid before him mentions about agreeing to sneak Yule in. This made Yule's eyes widen a bit shocked and then kept listening to the other. [b "You, could get in trouble Aedan. You don't have to do that. Really. Don't get in trouble for me. A runaway Prince of the Caves."] He chuckled some and saw Aedan's face, he seemed serious. Not joking nor really liking the idea of him just sleeping somewhere random tonight. The kind gestured made Yule smiles softly and take Aedan's left hand in his right and softly kiss the back of Aedan's hand. [b "Thank you. You are a most generous. If, it will let you sleep much more sounder tonight. Okay. I'll listen to you, beautiful."] He straightened up from kissing Aedan's hand and the two seemed to get a little caught up for a second or two. Before Aedan continued to confirm that he two would love to see Yule again. That even with the news of the marriage that today was still great for him. [b "I agree, today has been amazing for me too. I think, I made the right choice to leave home. They would be better off with out me anyways."]

Now the two of them swam off for it was getting dark and fast and Yule stayed close to the other. By the time they made it back to the kingdom, it was dark, making it a bit easier to sneak around and to go unnoticed. [b "It's a little dark, but from what I can see. Your Kingdom is beautiful Aedan. I bet it's all the more beautiful when it's day."] He spoke as he looked around and swam closer to Aedan's side. To not get lost and to stay hidden more.
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Aedan turned to Yule with an eyebrow arched up when he said he wasn't afraid of anything. That was what Aedan was the most afraid of! He was afraid that Yule's cockiness would cause his eventual demise. That was not the only thing Aedan was worried about but it was within his top ten. At least Yule seemed to like the idea of going to the city. His uncle who ran the town became an outcast when his grandfather had learned that he like Mers of both genders. It would have been fine but he kept getting caught with Mermen and that wasn't acceptable. After one too many times of getting caught his Uncle had received the boot and in place found his own city. Aedan's father tried to get his uncle to return to the main city but his uncle was happy in his city. It would be a god place for Yule.

The full body blush was making its third appearance when Yule said that he needed to escort a lovely mermaid to his chambers. Yule was going to cause Aedan to be permanently flushed at the rate he was going. Thankfully Yule said something that wasn't blush inducing soon after. “I would be more than happy to show you more of Arshor,” he replied.

And.... Yule said something that only darkened his flush. At first he had taken the sneaking into his room as innocent but Yule then had to caveat with 'not in that way'. Several pleasing images passed through Aedan's mind in quick succession but all of them he refused to act out on. Swallowing the lump that formed in his throat, he quickly came up with a witty response. “I know you saved my life and all but really I'm going to need a dinner date at minimum,” He said with a small smile before laughing with Yule.

As Aedan calmed down from his laughter he waved Yule's apology off. It was fine. “On a serious note I do think I could sneak you into the castle. I don't like the idea of you sleeping out in some random location. My mother should be asleep and my father probably will be in a council meeting. The only thing we need to avoid is my sister Eathelyn and the guards. Eathelyn will most likely be asleep and the guards can easily be dismissed.” Aedan was already formulating a plan on how to get Yule in and out. In would be easier than out of his room but it shouldn't be too hard. His sister managed to do it all the time!

His plotting took to the back of his mind as Yule said that he didn't want this companionship and day fade into nothing. Aedan full heartedly agreed too. Yule was the only friend that he had that wasn't friends with him because his parents were the King and Queen. Yule was the only one he had ever felt safe with. “Yule, I would love to see you again. Even with the horrible news of the engagement today has been the best day ever. Even if I lost a battle between a squid and rock face,” He said with a small smile. “Now come on. We need to get to the castle before it gets too dark.”

Aedan got up from the ground and brushed some of the sand off of his tail before gesturing that Yule was to follow him. “It isn't too long of a swim. An hour at tops since we will need to take the long way. When we get closer to the castle I'll tell you more about my plan. I just need to see who is on guard duty outside Eathelyn and my wing,” He cheerfully said. Aedan was really excited about bringing a friend home. Sure he was bringing Yule home in the night time and secretly but he had never gotten to do this before. The royal wings were always off limits to outsiders and Aedan never had a friend worthy enough for him to get in trouble for. Yule....he was worth it.
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Him? Aedan was worried about him? Why did that make this goofy grin come to his lips and his eyes close half lidded as he watched the other bashfully play in the sand. Seeming to be embarrassed a bit for admitting he was worried about Yule's safety. Aedan really was cute. [b "I'll be okay. Come on, I'm not scared of anything."] He rolled back onto his chest and watched the surface getting darker along with their surroundings. [b "I like the idea of a place for us misfits. Though I'm not sure I can make it there tonight. It's getting dark already and I need to know you get home safely first. What kind of Prince would I be to not make sure such a lovely mermaid get's back to his chambers for the night. Then I'll go sleep somewhere."] He then sat up and made sure the two held eye contact. [b "I would love for another tour with you. Show me some things about the parts around your Kingdom."]

Then Yule looked around and noticed that it was in fact getting dark, and quickly. It was time to get the pretty male home to be safe for the night.

It sucks that the two come from two different kingdoms and both were Princes. Well, Yule left that life behind. He wasn't a prince no more. [b "Come on."] He grins a little mischievous grin. [b "Sneak me to your room."] Once again, something rather naughty sounding that was meant to be taken innocently left his lips. And once again he realized it. [b "So I can know you get home safe! Not, nothing like that! Oh gosh! Have I always talked like this?"] He held his hand to his forehead trying to remember if he has ever had this problem or was it just around Aedan? THis pretty male gets the rather cool and collected Yule all flustered sometimes. Of course Aedan was beautiful! Yule would admit, rolling around with him would be, just magical. But mating for just looks wasn't him. No matter what the others think of him. He wasn't like that. He wanted something more, meaningful. There was no doubt, he was attracted to Aedan. WHo wouldn't be?

[b "I'm so sorry. I guess I'm idiot sometimes."] He swam up off the sandy ground and laughed a little holding his stomach. [b "But really, no buts. Let me make sure you get home safe first. Then I'll sleep somewhere close on the outskirts of the kingdom so we can meet up. I, I.."] He gulped. The confidence leaving him for a second. [b "I would love to see you again, Aedan. That is, if you would like to see me again too. I know we just met today. But I don't really want this to just, fade away. I don't want to not see you again. Is...it just me?"] The darker male bit his lip and rubbed the back of his head as he watched Aedan nervously. Worried that Aedan might actually not really want to see him again. Was it weird to want to be his friend so soon and so suddenly? He really thought they just clicked. Aedan was the first to really get Yule. It was great. Fantastic really.
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The moment Yule made eye contact with Aedan and said he found beauty up here Aedan instantly blushed. He only had maintained eye contact for a few moments longer before also looking away though he wished he didn't. The moment he looked away he noted that he had a full body blush going on. Curse his overly pale skin! The blush didn't keep him from getting comfortable on Yule. Yule was just so warm and the hard lines of his body were comfortable.

If Aedan let out a small purr as Yule played with his hair he didn't say anything or really notice. Instead he basked in the attention. “No worries,” he began as Yule apologized about playing with his hair. “It makes sense to cut your hair if you are a warrior. One of my brothers is in our military and he keeps his hair short too. Mom complained about it for days until dad pointed out he has short hair. Then my mom complained about that too. I'm not much of a fighter so I'm happy to keep my hair long.” He said. Long hair held an important meaning to his people. Like many Mer Kingdoms it showed power and wealth. But his people also understood that sometimes long hair was not practical so short hair was accepted. He lifted his head up to look at Yule and caught the wink. The full body blush returned but he managed to get through his embarrassment. “Short hair suits you.” After he had said that he returned to his overly comfortable position and then proceeded to compliment Yule's tail.

He watched contently as Yule lifted his tail to get a better view of it. Aedan was smiling happily as Yule talked about his tail. “I really like how there are multiple shades of blue in your tail. It works nicely,”Aedan responded. Sure his tail was also multiple shades of light blue but he really liked all the different dark-shades that made up Yule's tail. Then again he did prefer darker tails but nobody needed to know that.

His contentment was promptly ruined the moment Yule removed his arm and leaned back. A small part of Aedan wanted to whine from losing his comfortable source of warmth but that wasn't befitting of a Prince. Instead he put his arms behind him and leaned back into them, turning his attention over to Yule as he answered his question. He really didn't like the answer he got from Yule mainly because he was worried that something was going to haoppen to Yule. Sure Yule was able to fight off a squid but there was more dangers out there. It would be especially dangerous for a Mer who wasn't used to such open water. What if Yule eats the wrong thing and get poisoned? Or runs into a pack of dolphins? Dolphins are dicks. The most selfish of all concerns was what if he didn't see Yule ever again. Aedan didn't want to admit it but not seeing Yule again was somewhat distressing to him. His emotions were probably plastered all over his face because Aedan was horrible at hiding his feelings. Just like he assumed soon Yule was looking at him with concern. “What look?” He nonchalantly said as he looked away to try and school his face into a cool mask, which didn't go well.

With a small sigh he looked back at Yule, knowing that he would need to answer him. “It isn't the marriage... Well the marriage is concerning and I don't want to go through it but that is not what has me concerned,” he said as he moved his hands away from behind him and sat up. Aedan looked down at the sand and played with it for a few moments. “I'm just worried about you. I used up a lot of resources and it isn't safe out here in the night. I know you can defend yourself but I can't help but worry,” He said, avoiding eye contact for a few moments.

Aedan wanted Yule to have a place to go after his adventures. He didn't want Yule to be at risk. Then it dawned upon him. There was a settlement about half an hour swim from the capital but it would be a perfect place for Yule to live. No one questioned anything there. If you wanted to be with the same gender then go right head. If you are from a different kingdom then all was fine. Out of anywhere in the kingdom the small town would be the safest for Yule to go,

“I know this place that you could go to when you come back from your explorations. My uncle runs the town. It is kind of like a home for society's misfits. I probably would live there if it wasn't for the fact that I'm one of three in line for the throne,” he said as he finally looked over at Yule. “You don't have to go if you don't want to. It is just a suggestion so that you have a home base to go back to,” He finished, failing to mention that it would also give Aedan a chance to see Yule again.
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The two sat there in the sand, Yule letting Aedan lean against him and keep his strong arm around the other. Comforting him the best that he can. It pained him to see the lovely male down like this. He was far too lovely to be upset. Then Aedan asked if his parents would come looking for him and Yule thought for a moment. Rubbing his chin with his free hand. [b "Hmm, they are so scared of the upper sands. They wouldn't dare venture out of the caves. So I feel like they will give up. Besides..I'm in no hurry to go back down in those caves. Not after being up here and seeing such.."] He paused for a second as his eyes locked on Aedan's. [b "Beauty up here."] His cheeks flushed ever so slightly as he cleared his throat and made himself look down at theirs tales laying in the sand. [i That was rather, odd to say. Like that too.] The male internally slapped his head.

Next, Yule felt Aedan rest his head on his own shoulder and the Cave mer looked at the other looking rather comfortable and calmed down a bit. He smiled down at the other, feeling comfortable enough with the other. Yule rested his cheek on top of Aedan's head. The soft long hair on Aedan's head was amazing. [b "Oh wow, that's soft."] He giggled and nuzzled his face into the other's hair a bit more, even running his finger's through his long hair. He should have known that Aedan was wealthy or royal. That was status image of wealth and power down in the caves, it could mean the same thing up here. [b "Oh, um. Sorry. It's just, your long hair makes sense now."] He laughed as he carefully removed his finger's from Aedan's hair. [b "My parents hate that I keep my short. I keep it short to piss them off. Plus, I don't, really think it's smart. They want me to look royal, but want me as a warrior. Long hair can get you in trouble. Snatched or stuck. It's not smart. Also, I think I look rather good with short hair."] He winked down at Aedan, not really aware of his flirty personality. Yule really was getting comfortable around Aedan. His flirty personality was coming out a bit more.

He was trying so hard to get Aedan's mind off that nasty arranged marriage stuff. Plus hearing that his ideas weren't really going to help since the feud was so old, sucked. Still, Yule thinks a King should try.

This sad marriage talk wasn't fun and he wanted to enjoy his time with Aedan. So he hoped his subject change to their hair and their tails, was a good try. And it must have helped, for now Yule's face was much more red now. Hearing that Aedan liked his tail. That Yule's tail was lovely. [b "R-really? You like it?"] That felt good to hear from coming from such a beautiful mermaid like Aedan. [b "I'm, glad you like it."] He smiled and stuck his hands in the sand as he flicked his tail a bit slowly. [b "I just thought all our tails were black and dark blues. But look how light it is? I mean still dark compared to yours. But, still. The shimmers and shades. We don't know how beautiful we really are down there."] He smiled with his arm still around the other's shoulders and his cheek still on Aedan's head. Lifting and lowering his tail to take in the colors much better. Though of course Aedan asked a wonderful question now.

[b "What will I do now?"] He repeated the question and removed his arm from around Aedan's shoulders, and laid back into the sand with both hands behind head. This was a great question in fact, for he didn't really know. He just wanted to go where ever the flow took him he guesses. But though he had just met Aedan, he didn't really want to say good bye to him either. Yes they just met but he felt like the two just get each other. It was fate they met right? He rubbed his chin as he looked up at the surface of the ocean. It was starting to get a little dark. The sun was setting. [i Sun sets!] He has never seen a sun set before! He'll have to see one sometime. [b "I...guess just wonder around to see everything. Do things I want to do now."] He answered finally and glances over to the other, rolling onto his side and leaning up on his arm to support himself up. [b "What's that look for?"]

Aedan had suddenly looked worried. What was troubling him? [b "You look concerned for something? The marriage again? Keep your chin up. Okay? Maybe your father and the other king can talk after all? Okay? It wont hurt to ask? Right?"] He looked to the other trying to soothe over any worries Aedan may have.
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As Yule's hand fell onto his back he felt himself relax into the touch. A small sigh left Aedan's lips as he closed his eyes and let the feel of Yule's hands soothe him. It was odd that he trusted Yule completely and without any hesitation. Normally Aedan was slow to trust anyone but there was something about Yule that made it so easy to trust him. Only when Yule started to talk did Aedan open his eyes to watch him. It was interesting to hear how different the Cave Mer's kingdom was in the aspect of royal marriages. Arshor wanted its heirs to be married as soon as possible in case something happened to the king. Just because the King was young and healthy didn't mean that something couldn't happen. Someone could poison the king, assassinate him, or he could have an accident. Shit happens and when it happens the royal family has to carry on.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard something way more interesting. Instantly his head perked up and he stared at Yule. Mating around... but not with women? Did Yule mean what Aedan thought he meant? Was Yule just like Aedan and preferred his own sex? These questions were running rampant around his head and for some reason the idea actually excited Aedan more than it should. It wasn't like he could be with Yule even if he was interested in him in that way. He was to be married and there was no way he could break the engagement. Also he had just met Yule! The idea of even being with Yule should not be running rampant through his mind. They were, after all, still strangers. At least that was what Aedan was telling himself to make himself feel better. He did find Yule rather attractive in both looks and personality. If there wasn't the looming threat of his engagement over his head he could see himself trying to get with Yule.

Yule said something else that caused him to be even more interested than his own raging hormones. “Won't your family look for you though? You are a prince,” he asked as he let himself be pulled into Yule's side. As he moved closer to Yule he let his tail lay flat next to Yule's tail. That sense of safety and comfort flooded back to him as he laid his head on Yule's shoulder. Okay, maybe he could ignore the ever present reminder that he was doomed to go through a loveless marriage and instead just enjoy these few moments with Yule.

The suggestions Yule offered were good suggestions. Too bad they would hardly work when it came to Arshor and Shols. They have had a long and dirty history that ohad been going on before his kingdom tried to take over. In fact Aedan understood why the marriage was being pushed because it would genuinely help the kingdoms. Still he didn't like it.

“My mother isn't happy about the arrangement at all but swaying my father is a huge task to uptake. It is also not just my father that needs to be convinced there is also the council. They won't be swayed. Even though I look like an Arctic Mer I am their chosen heir. They think they would be able to control me better than my two other siblings that are in line for the throne,” After he said this he snorted inelegantly. The council wouldn't be able to control him because he hated them with a fiery passion. “We have been fighting because the grandfather that decided to take over way too many kingdoms also decided to assassinate their Queen. That ended poorly and they haven't forgotten. The fighting has calmed down somewhat but every now and then there is a skirmish which ends poorly on both sides,” he said as he absently nuzzled into Yule's side.

Aedan fell silent as he just basked in the warmth that was Yule. He tilted his head up so he could look up at Yule. “It is a beautiful tail. The coloring on it is rather nice,” Aedan softly stated with a smile. “Do you have any plans now that you are free from the Caves?” he asked as he returned his attention to their tails that complimented each other nicely. Aedan was a little bit worried about Yule's safety if he wasn't going to return to the Caves. It was starting to get dark and eventually these waters wouldn't be that safe to swim in. Yule would need to find somewhere for the night and Aedan would need to return home. Oddly enough the idea of leaving Yule's side left a sour taste in Aedan's mouth. He liked spending time with Yule but he would have to leave soon or else guards would start looking for him. If the guards started to look for him then he was going to be in more trouble with his father. “I probably should leave in the next hour, before it gets too dark. I don't want my father to send a whole battalion of guards searching for me,” he said with a sigh but made no move to get out of the comfort of Yule's arms.
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Yule's face lit up when Aedan got a good laugh out. HIs rather gentle face looked beautiful when it laughed. The smile on his lips looked so right. The giggle and laugh it self was magical. Oh he must be a lovely singer! That "half siren" thing must be true. He swears it. Yule has been told he was rather funny, when not meaning to be. He wasn't so great with his words like his mother and father, in fact. He didn't seem to be anything like them. They were all serious and business, where was, nothing like that. But then again that's why he didn't want to be King.

Though that beautiful smile on Aedan stopped and he suddenly looked so down. Was it's Yule's fault? Had he said something? The mention of his engagement? Now he was frowning from feeling awful to have caused distress on the beautiful mermaid before him. Yule's dark eyes watched the other male sink down into the sand and tuck his tail up to his chest. Sighing and just giving one simple little, "yeah". Now Yule felt worse. Now he rubbed the back of his neck and sat down next to Aedan, rather close this time and held his hands on his tail fiddling with his thumb. He wanted to make it up for Aedan. But how?

The Cave Mer listened as Aedan explained the situation. Where ever this Princess was coming from, he had never heard of that Kingdom. There must be new Kingdoms out there. The have lived under the rocks for centuries now. Though seeing how Aedan clearly doesn't want to marry her and doesn't know her, did sound weird. Yule could agree on that. Next, the lighter mermaid before him rested his forehead on the scales that was closes to him. Mumbling but still audible. He wanted out of this situation, and Yule doesn't blame him. He would hate it too. It wasn't unheard of, down in the caves, some mermaids were picked out for a prince or princess and they were allowed to choose from those picked out. Them being the best out of the kingdom at the time. But usually no, Princess and Princes don't have a hard time picking mate they like. Of course having to be the best of the best.

Next came the question, was he married? Though before he could answer he saw how Aedan had turned his cheek on his scales to look over to him. It was simply, adorable, but this wasn't the time. He knew that much. Softly and cautiously, he placed a hand on Aedan's middle back and slowly rubbed it to try and comfort him. To express he was picking up on Aedan's trouble and how he didn't like it. [b "No, I'm not married. I don't need to married just yet, I've only been in my maturity state for a few years. And there really is no rush since my father is no where near dying. If he was sick then yeah, my mother would be pushing me a bit to be more serious about it and stop mating around. Worried I will make little bastards. But I haven't been with women."] He chuckled a little at how clueless his parents were. [b "So that's when it's sort of expected for me to marry, when father shows signs of old age."] He probably thought it best to leave out the bits of his father would execute him if he found out he liked males. [b "I left, I'm never going back. I could never be who I am down there. So I left. Up here, I'm free! For once!"] Now he smiled and he was going to do his best to bring another smile to Aedan's face.

So he wrapped his arm around the other's shoulder and pulled him closer to his side. [b "Come on, don't, worry about it right now. You said your mother wasn't too happy about it, maybe you should really tell her that you're just not ready and that maybe your father and that other King should sit down and really talk things out. Have they ever talked face to face to try and solve their problems? People think talking doesn't solve anything."] He sighed shaking his head. Yule claims he wasn't meant to be a King but his kinder soul and he shows promise of actually understanding to be a great King. Not that he could see it nor wanted to hear that he could be a great King. [b "What's the problem? Why are you two nations fighting so much? You telling me you two never really tried to make peace? Or come to some understanding? Start trading with them if it's about something you each having something you each want. Instead of killing each other over it. There are tons of options. Idiots."] He rolled his eyes as he kept his arm still around Aedan's shoulders to comfort him and keep him close.

Yule's body so fiery warm and Aedan's cooler touch felt amazing. The darker male looked at their tails in the sand. Seeing them so close together this time, was amazing. He loved how his dark colors made Aedan's lighter blue just pop. And for Aedan's lighter colors made his more dark. He had to admit he thought their tails look great next to each other. [b "Today is my first time really seeing my tail."] He thought a good subject change would be good. To calm things down between them.
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Aedan laughed a little as Yule started to try and clarify what he meant when it came to messing around. “I know what you meant,” he said softly. He really thought it was funny how often Yule said something that could be taken wrong but mean it in a complete and innocent way. It was cute and funny.

What smile the was on his lip fell away when his engagement was mentioned. Almost all the joy disappeared from his features as he thought back about his impending doom. With a small sigh he floated down to the floor of the ocean and sat down. “Yeah...” he said sadly as Yule asked if she was a princess. Pulling his tail up to him he rested his chin on it. “She is from Shols. Our kingdoms have been fighting on and off for a while now and there is so much tension between us. The council probably thinks marrying her and me together will fix that tension. It worked with my mom and dad.” Aedan paused for a moment as he ran a hand through the soft white sand. “I really don't want to marry her. I don't even know her!” he added.

Aedan didn't even know which princess he was marrying! Shols only had princesses and there was 12 of them! 12. All of which were not married. Aedan really wished he had just gotten married like the rest of his siblings. He was the only one out of 7 that was not with another and he was the oldest. There was a chance for him to get married to one of his friends a few years ago. She was like Aedan where she preferred her own gender but also like Aedan couldn't be with her own gender. She had begged Aedan up and down for them to marry but Aedan didn't want to settle. Now that his hand was being forced he wished that he had just said yes not that he would have known this would be the outcome of his stubbornness. There was some indications that should have alerted Aedan that this was his fate though. The council had actually stopped bringing up his lack of marriage during council meetings. Aedan had thought that meant he was safe but obviously it didn't because they had something up their sleeves.

His chin moved away from his tail as he laid his forehead on the smooth scales. “I don't know how to get out of this. I don't even think I can get out of this marriage since I've been running out of excuses on why can't marry for awhile now,” he mumbled into his tail. Aedan turned his head so his cheek was resting against his scales. “Are you married? I know you said your peoples way of mating is boring but you are a prince and people tend to expect princes to marry. At least that is how it was with my people. Even before the engagement they were harassing me to find a mate. Find a mate and have children,” he said the last part with a scrunched up nose. He wasn't really fond of children. They were okay but he never imagined him having children. Then again he never imagined that he would be marrying someone either.
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