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One Kingdom of colorful reefs and corals in the bright open ocean. Another more down deep in caves and not so much light. The two not really enemies, not really friends. Both have been told stories about the other and just tend to stay away from each other. It helps that mermaids tend to stick in their pods anyways.

Each Kingdom has a Prince. The one of colors is to wed a Princess. Though it seems his heart just doesn't see him loving a female. Nor wanting to be told who to marry.

The other Kingdom's Prince his heart is set on seeing the Ocean, way before marriage. To see something other than these dark caves! Hidden away! He wants so much more than what his father has planned for him. He wants to explore! To see danger! To see colors other than hues of black, blues, and lights.

Well, the two Princes end up meeting. Knowing instantly the other is from what Kingdom. Though both have heard terrible things about the other, they just cant help but be lured to the other and not believing the rumors.

Does love bloom between the two? Their parents would simply not understand loving a mermaid not from their pod, not their kind. Especially the one is to be married! What will happen to the two lovers?

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Yule gulped as this older Mer was quick to point out that Cave Mer's don't tend to go out in open waters. Which was true. Though he looked to Aedan to see if the Cave Mer was trying to pull a fast one over him. Thank goodness Aedan had his back and confirmed he was telling the truth. Then Aedan confesses how Yule had saved him, though it was some giant squid. But this weight was lifted off Yule's chest when the older male believed them and ruffled Aedan's hair. Getting a nice laugh out of Yule, who thought it was rather funny.

Galon went on to welcome Yule to his two that doesn't have a name, and Yule just thought it was awesome how it was basically building it self it seems. It really was amazing. [b "I love it. It's like nothing I have seen or heard of."] He smiled warmly and spoke friendly to them. To add to more amusement and surprise to Yule's time here. Galan calls out to another, mentioning breakfast made Yule's stomach growl loudly in the room. [b "Ah, oh..sorry about that. I'm a little hungry. I don't mean to bother.] Though it was made clear he was no bother at all, so Yule bows out of respect.

Next, Galon wrapped an arm around Aedan's shoulders and yanked him along. Then apologized for being rude, cause the last CaveMer he met, was trying to kill him. This raised Yule's curiosity. For CaveMers didn't leave, not without the King knowing. Though maybe another snuck out like he did? But he swears, Cavemers love being Cavemers, that's how it always seemed. [b "Really?...I'm....sorry about that. I don't know why a Cavemer would be do that...with out...an order..."] He was so confused about what Galon had said, not paying attention and smacks face first into a wall [b "Ow."] He mumbled and rubbed his forehead as he follows inside the kitchen.

Then Yule met the other Mer in the kitchen and it was a male. And it was obvious they were mates. Their energy between the two, a fool wouldn't be able to tell. It was just something Yule has never seen before. Two males being open about it. Something about it was so, refreshing. Yule just gently smiled and shook the hand of his other host. [b "Thank you for the meal."] He was kind to the other and noticed his dark colors. Was he not a reef mer? Where was he from? There are so many other kingdoms and nations. Yule wants to see them all.

Next, he sat himself down next to Aedan and grinned at him a goofy smile as he sat at the table next to him. Under the table, he let his tail brush gently against Aedan's. Just wanting to, touch a him, even if it was only a little. Not sure why he wanted to, he just did. Then he would speak out to the others. [b "I really am loving the town. I love the stones the homes are made of. It's all so, different here. I love it."] Yule was all giddy and excited. Being out of those caves really have made him the happiest he's been in a long time.
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Galon’s bushy red eyebrow arched as he turned his gaze over to his nephew. “Open waters? Cave Mers don’t tend to leave the caves,” he steadily said as his eyes remained on Aedan.

“He is telling the truth if that is what you are looking for Uncle Galon. We ran into each other on the other side of the gorge. Yule even saved me from an octopus a little bit later,” Aedan replied as he shifted uncomfortably. His Uncle’s gaze was always hard to be under. It was like he had the ability to tell when someone was lying and extract the truth. Aedan was never able to lie to Galon but it wasn’t like he was lying to begin with. He did run into Yule on the other side of the gorge and Yule did save his life.

Galon’s eyes softened and he ruffled Aedan’s hair. “Okay. I believe you. Welcome to my town. It doesn’t have a name and it’s become a running joke so it will probably never have a proper name,” Galon said as he looked back to Yule. Galon didn’t think that the town would ever be a town so he hadn’t named it. But soon one building became two, two became four, four became eight, and so forth. After so many years of the town being unnamed the occupants thought it funnier to keep it unnamed instead of name it. Galon was fine with that.

“Kye, darling, we have two guests for breakfast. If you could set up two extra places it would be appreciated,” Galon added over his shoulder. Further on the building a soft play could be heard.

Galon wrapper and arm around Aedan and gestured for Yule to follow. “I’m sorry for being rude. The last time I dealt with Cave Mers they were trying to kill me though it doesn’t excuse my rudeness,” He told Yule as he began to swim through the building.

Aedan followed closely at his Uncle’s side. He knew about Galon and his long but successful military career before his exile. He also knew that he Uncle wouldn’t hold any prejudice against Yule especially since what happened was far into the past. So he remained silent as they swam into the dinning room.

In the room was another Mer. He was similar to Aedan’s build but besides that he was greatly different. He had short dark black hair and piercing brown eyes. His tail was a plain shimmery blue and that was it. “Uncle Kye this is my friend Yule,” Aedan said upon catching sight of his Uncle’s mate. Aedan once more wiggles out from his Uncle’s grasp and went over to give Kye a hug.

“It’s nice to meet you Yule and good to see you again Aedan. Why don’t you three sit down while I grab the rest of breakfast,” he simply said.

Aedan nodded and swam to the low table. He sat down and patted the spot next to him for Yule to sit.
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If it wasn't for the tight grip Aedan had on Yule's hand, the Cave mer would have swam all over and gotten himself lost. Surely. Yule just wanted to look at everything. The quick shortcut they took through some kind of market had his eyes staring at everything. Things he has never seen and he wanted know. To materials up here he has no idea what they are. Clothing, tools, food, just about anything and everything. He wanted to touch and explore.

It wasn't till they finally stopped and Yule could only assume it was because this was it. Where his Uncle was. The home was lovely. The stone was white but, shimmery a little. His free hand ran over the stone slowly as he touched and studied it. While the other hadn't let go of Aedan's hand. Not that he wanted too. It was a new sensation to him too. Holding a male's hand. Especially for this long. Yule liked more than he understood.

Yule listened closely when Aedan mentions to be mindful of his Uncle and Yule just chuckles. [b "That's no problem. Really."] He spoke then glances down when he felt Aedan let go of his hand. How had he grown so use so quickly to holding his hand? Why was it so magical so quickly? Not that he was given much time to think on it. For Aedan was leading him inside and calling out to his Uncle.

The Cave Mer was curious as to what his Uncle looked like. It wasn't long till he got his answers. A large brawly mer came out hugging Aedan quickly picking him and hugging him instantly. Yule couldn't help but laugh at the site. Aedan clearly hating it. Yule took mental notes for later.

Once Aedan was free and introductions were being made, Yule grinned and happily took the hand offered to him and shook Galon's hand firmly right back. Though his face went shocked when the older male called him out on being a Cave mer. Not that it was hard to figure out, he just hopped it wasn't that easy.

[b "Oh..Umm....we sort of just ran into each other out in the open waters."] He gulped growing a little worried that maybe Galon here wont be so accepting of his kind like Aedan and his brother were. Yule glanced to Aedan a little nervous like, wondering if maybe he might not be welcomed here after all.
  Yule / Papa_Death / 14d 22h 59m 9s
Aedan kept a death grip on Yule’s hand as they got closer to town. He knew that Yule would be interested in the town, which was fine, but Aedan was on a mission. His mission was to remedy the fact that he didn’t feed Yule sooner as well as find some food for himself. Already he could feel his stomach churning and protesting in hunger. While it hadn’t been nearly as long as since Yule last ate Aedan was coming upon almost a day since he last had food. His last meal had been a late breakfast the day before. Between running off, the squid, and trying to sneak Yule our he hadn’t even thought about food. Until now.

“That makes sense. I can be somewhat picky but not as bad as some of my siblings,” he replied as the got closer to the inn. Aedan ate pretty much anything but he had a few hard no’s. His biggest no was shrimp. There was something about them that held no appeal to Aedan and he refused to even entertain the idea of eating them. He also wasn’t too fond of eating fish but would eat it.

Aedan glanced over at Yule as he laughed and smiled. His stomach did a few flip flops that weren’t hunger related. [i ‘He is so handsome,’] was the first thought to go through Aedan’s mind. It was also the first thought he dismissed. “Yes we will,” Aedan responded. They would make the best of what time they had.

The two of them made it pass the inn in no time and were slowly breaching the inner city. While the capital had been dead this city was all hustle and bustle as people scurried off to do their work. No one gave Aedan and Yule a secondary glance. Out here it was much easier to be royalty than it was in the capital. The capital was slow and lazy; they did absolutely nothing and were constantly worried about titles. Here no one gave two shits about titles. They only cared about furthering themselves and the community.

Soon enough Aedan found himself right outside a house that was in the dead center of town. It was larger than most of the homes that were within city limits but was also much smaller than the palace. “My Uncle, Galon, is kind of loud and boisterous. So be warned,” he said as he let go of Yule’s hand and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” A voice yelled.

Aedan took a deep breath and opened the door. “Uncle Galon. Uncle Kye. I brought a friend with me,” he called out as he went into the room.

Before Aedan could even get a foot into the living room a large burly mess of red sped out. Galon remained true to the royal coloring of the Reef’s royalty. His hair was a fiery red mess and his tail was bright red with some streaks of orange. Galon was also, according to Aedan, twice his size. This was showcased the moment Galon pulled Aedan into his arms for a hug and basically engulfed him.

It was only after a lot of wiggling did Aedan get free and swam back to Yule’s side. “Uncle Galon, this is my friend Yule. Yule this is my uncle,” Aedan said as he tried to fix his hair.

Galon looked Yule up and down before offering one of his large hands. “Yule. It’s nice to meet you. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me how my nephew ended up running into a cave mer,” he calmly said.
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The race idea had worked better than Yule thought, for it looked like he broke Aedan back there. With his sweet words back there. Seems the beauty had enjoyed them more than he could handle, and Yule liked that Aedan liked them. A lot.

Then he was informed that it was inn up ahead and that there are others in the little town. One of them will be Yule's new home while they figure out about where to put him or what else he wants to do up here outside of the caves. Which could be just about anything. From staying here close so Aedan could come visit. To traveling all of the waters. Learning about others. Seeing new Kingdoms and cities sounds amazing. Traveling sounds amazing. But Aedan was doomed to this marriage that he wants nothing to do with. Maybe he can somehow, help him out of it? Somehow?

Suddenly he felt a soft warm hand in his and Yule went wide eyed as he looked down to see it was Aedan's hand holding his. The other Mer didn't allow Yule to ask what was the hand holding. For Aedan was off giving him tour. HOlding his hand seems to be a means of keeping the wondering spirt close by. Though, Yule wasn't complaining. If fact, he thought they looked mighty cute holding hands. Sweet little Siren Aedan holding the big mean Cave Mer's hand. Surely would have turned heads. If looked like they were more serious than just two goofy friends. If Aedan knew Yule was a Prince, would things change? It didn't matter, what mattered getting some food.

[b "Mmm, I'll eat anything you put in front of me. I'm not picky. Cant be down there. You'll die if you're picky."] He chuckled and stared at the Inn as they swam past it. Thanks to Aedan holding his hand and forcing Yule to stay on track, he wasn't able to go peek in through the windows. He was only able to peek from out here as they swam past it. Hearing laughing and music. Loud talking and the clinks and clanks of people eating on plates and such. The male rubbed his stomach with his free hand.
[b "Alright, food then show me around before you leave. Got it. We will make the best of what time we have. I feel like that wont be a problem for us."] He laughed confidently with a smile to match.
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A bright red blush crossed Aedan’s cheeks when Yule said that he was too precious to be down in the caves. Somehow Yule managed to send Aedan into a speechless state, again. The only sound coming from him was his spluttering when Yule took his hand and kissed it. The action was a chaste action at best but paired with Yule’s words bordered intimate. Just hearing Yule say he would follow Aedan anywhere caused his heart hammer in chest. Aedan couldn’t find the right words to say to that. He scoured his brain for what felt like eternity and he couldn’t find a single word that perfectly described what he wanted to tell Yule. Even if he did find a word his mouth was not cooperating. Thankfully Poseidon took pity on him and challenged him to a race.

Yule ultimately won the race because Aedan’s mind took a few moments to restart. As he swam not too far behind Aedan came upon a realization. He was forming a crush on Yule. This knowledge should have been evident since the moment he said he would follow Yule to the caves but it hadn’t been. His mind and heart hadn’t completely caught up to each other at the time. Now they were back in sync and Aedan marveled at this new knowledge. Most importantly he didn’t know what to do with it. He was to be married to some stranger and Yule was also nothing more than a stranger. They had only met the day before! Yet here Aedan was, risking the wrath of his father, to sneak Yule out of the capital city and somewhere safe.

Thankfully the town was near by because Aedan couldn’t take any more musing or foreign emotions.

“It isn’t much but I’m glad you like it. The city is barely older than me and his a much smaller population than the capital. But it is a cozy town,” he softly said. It wasn’t as colorful as the capital but it had its own character. Aedan’s uncle had painstakingly planned out the city to be what he had wanted and had used what material he had available. Due to his Uncle’s never ending work the city was becoming a prosperous mecca for the Reef capital’s outcasts.

A large smile settled on his lips as Yule spun around excitedly. Aedan really wanted to know where the other Mer got all his energy! Aedan didn’t even need to look to know what building Yule was curious about. “It is an inn. I think the city has a total of three. I’m hoping that the inn closes to my Uncle’s home has some availability so you have somewhere to stay until we can find you a home,” he replied. His Uncle lived in the center of the town and was willing to help anyone who needed it. Aedan didn’t foresee any problems with Yule finding a place within the city. “Let’s get to my Uncle’s first and then we get food and explore. I have a few hours before I have to go home,” He added as he swam up to Yule and took his hand. Aedan told himself that the hand holding was to keep Yule from wandering and less because he wanted to hold his hand. If asked that would be his story too!
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The Cave Mer was running his hands through the soft sands up here, picking up a gem of some sort after he expressed he didn't want to go back. Mid way through lifting up the soft blue gem, he heard Aedan share that he didn't want Yule to go. For he would have to follow and laugh at himself lightly thinking he wouldn't make it down there.

Aedan's words had taken Yule by surprise. That sentence having much meaning. Yule's eyes had widened a bit as he looked, well surprised and flattered. No one has ever said they would follow him anywhere. Not, like that. Sure his armies did. But they were loyal to the royal family. Those words replayed in his head as he saw how innocently sweet Aedan looked. Seeming to be surprised that even he said that. Yule couldn't lie to himself no more. There was surely going on here. Right? They just met, would they really be able to tell?

So he didn't make things awkward, Yule's express softened and his eyes seemed to glow with admiration for the other mermaid before him. [b "I wouldn't plan on ever taking you down there. You're too precious for down there. That world is corruption. The Caves don't deserve you Aedan."] Yule dropped the stone down into the sand and flew up rather close to the pale beauty before him. Once he was close enough he took Aedan's left hand and lifted it up to kiss his hand sweetly. Letting his lips touch the back of his hand gently, followed by lifting his head and letting their eyes meet for a bit. Then topped it all off with this relaxed glaze to his eyes and charming smile. [b "I would be more than pleased to go anywhere with you though. Anywhere but there."]

If his father was to see this, or his son talking like this. His father would have a heart attack. For one, Yule was basically being a traitor for abandoning his Kingdom and Throne. Second, he was saying these things to a male. His father would kill him for that alone. But his father wasn't here and he was never going back. He thinks he could maybe have a life up here with Aedan, even if it meant just friends. For the beautiful Reef Mer was to be married after all.

When their little moment faded, due to Yule challenging Aedan to race him and stuck his tongue out playfully. Causing them to rush into a race. Aedan said it was a straight shot after all.

This was probably leading into the most amazing day of his life, and it got even better when Aedan points out the town up ahead. There it was, the town. Off in the distance. Right away Yule noticed it wasn't as colorful as Aedan's home. But that didn't make any less beautiful! It was still amazing! Made with wonderful stones of the ocean floor. [b "WOW! My kingdom is made from stones too! But these are up here in the light! I had no idea there was such rocks up here too!"] Once again his face was lighting up with excitement! His tail would flick with too much joy and he was pumped up for an adventure. [b "Lets go! Lets go! I want to see others. I want to see yet another civilization!"] He spun around to face Aedan quickly then back forward once again. Now noticing a building coming up first. [b "Ooo! What's that place!?"] For someone so hungry, he seems to have endless energy.
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Aedan smiled at Yule as he apologized for something that wasn’t his fault at all. “No need to apologize, Yule. Emiyn and I have argued since the moment he could talk. He likes to mother me even when he was little and I was the one watching him,” He said his head cocking to the side as he thought about how Yule said he hadn’t had siblings in awhile. He could guess what happened to them but he figured it was better not to. “I think Emiyn and I argue the most but we are also the closes,” he added as reassurance to Yule.

Even though Yule said it was fine and that he hadn’t been hungry Aedan still felt bad. He let his pain cloud his mind and failed to take care of his friend. At least the swim to the next city wasn’t too long. Yule’s hunger would be addressed soon enough.

Normally Aedan took this trip in silence but he found having a companion with him was pleasurable. He loved the interest Yule had in ever little thing that Aedan took for granted. Anytime Yule stopped to marvel at something Aedan wouldn’t be far. Seeing Yule happy and excited was much more adorable than baby seahorses. Just seeing Yule so happy made his stomach churn with joy. “I’m glad you don’t want to go back. I would have to follow you there and I don’t think I would last long in the caves,” he said without a thought.

His words gave Aedan some pause. Would he willingly follow Yule to the caves to live with him? Probably. Though his chance for survival would be bordering one none. He couldn’t fight, he could see shit in the dark, and he wasn’t a female so he couldn’t provide Yule with heirs. He would be useless there. From what little information Aedan had gleaned from Yule being useless was somewhat frowned upon but he would still follow.

Shaking his head he looked off to the distance. Not too far was another set of building on the horizon. “Look Yule we are almost there,” Aedan said. He could just make out a handful of buildings and from knowing the town he could tell that the first of the buildings was an inn.
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Yule winced with one eye shut seeing the brothers still picker and saw Emiyn poke at Aedan's back. Aware that must have hurt still. Sure he helped healed it up faster, but it was still healing. None the less. He was actually thankful to his stomach changing the subject and to speed up the process of them getting on out of here. [b "It was nice to meet you too. I hope to maybe be allowed to see you again too."] He gave a nod and little wave to the younger brother leaving. To only then swim next to Aedan closely as it was finally time for the two of them to get a move on.

[b "I'm sorry I got you two fighting. I shouldn't have teased along about you not being able to fight. That was rude of me. You two always bicker? I haven't had a sibling in years and even then, we were years apart."] He wanted to talk on this trip. It will make the thirty minutes go by much faster for sure. [b "And don't sweat about not getting food last night. I was still on a high from that squid fight. So I wasn't even aware that I was hungry then. But now, that I'm not doing anything. Oh yes, I feel it now."] Yule pats his stomach and keeps a friendly smile on his lips. In hopes to lighten his new friend's mood.

The swim went fast enough with the two of them talking. Though now and then Yule couldn't help but stop and look at shells and the wild life. He still cant believe how up here feels like a whole different world from where he was from. [b "I'm never going back home. Never. How could I ever return to those dark caves? Up here, everything is so alive."] He spoke as he looked at some giant shell in his hands, all the while following Aedan.
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“Alright be safe on your way back and come back before dinner. Dad said the council meeting will be starting after dinner,” Emiyn said as they stopped on the outskirts of town.

Aedan was rolling his eyes as he brother continued to give him a per-departure brief. Anytime Emiyn was assigned to guard him it normally ended in a long briefing about safety. Ever. Single. Time. A small sigh left his lips as he crossed his arms. “Emiyn I'm ninety-nine percent sure I'm the older one and don't need to hear about safety every single time an arms length away from you.”

Emiyn fiery red eyebrow shot up as he grabbed Aedan's shoulder and spun his around. Without a thought he poked on of the angry red marks on Aedan's back, causing him to hiss. “What were you saying Aedan? Being older means nothing. You are like a newborn seahorse with the inability to truly protect yourself but the ability, and luck, to find trouble.”

Aedan spun out of Emiyn grasp and glared at his brother for poking his back. His back hadn't hurt at all but him poking around at his back was not appreciated. Now it hurt. At least Yule chimed in talking about how he couldn't wait to explore. Sending a glare at Emiyn he turned all his attention back to Yule, even floating closer to him. “I can't wait to show you. The Reef Kingdom is vast and there is a lot to see. Thankfully it is relatively safe too and I don't need to have a safety brief to swim our perimeter,” Aedan said tossing the last part of his sentence to Emiyn, who he continued to glare at.

Only Yule's growling stomach broke Aedan's glaring at his brother. “I'm so sorry Yule! I should have gotten something to eat from the kitchens last night,” He apologized. After being slammed into multiple rock faces yesterday he had completely forgotten that food existed. “I'm sure Uncle will let us raid his pantry,” He added as he too noticed the mother and child.

“Be safe Aedan and it was nice meeting you Yule. I hope I see you soon,” He said as he took the helmet and cloak from Yule.

A soft sigh left Aedan's lips as his brother swam off. “Alright. Lets get going so we can get something in your belly. It is about half an hour swim to hit the outskirts of my Uncle's city,” He said as he gestured for Yule to follow him.
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Apparently agreeing with Aedan's brother was something he wasn't suppose to do. But he couldn't help but poke fun a little too. It was out of fun and nothing else. [b "Yes, yes. It did come out of no where. Good thing I was there with you."] Yule smiled a little smug smile that complimented his features perfectly. Unaware of the Emiyn swimming next to them and watching other two getting along. The two seeming to be unaware of their flirty mannerisms. In fact, the two became so focused on each other. Yule almost forgot about the actual mermaid that was a body guard. Almost.

He soon remembered when they came towards the end of the kingdom capital and the two brothers were saying their goodbyes. The dark mermaid just took this time to take off the cape and helmet. Lucky for them it seems the few others that were awake and about, were too busy in their own work to notice the three of them. Which was weird considering, not one, but two of their Princes were among them. Not that Yule was going to complain. He didn't want to get the two of them in trouble later if word got around that a guard handed over his gear in public like that.

[b "Well, I'm excited to see anywhere up here really. If this town you're talking about is more excepting and if this will make it easier for your people. I totally get it. We will ease into touring around the main Reef Kingdom. I just want to see any town up here really."] Yule stretched once he got of the small amount of armor and floats there with them, but his eyes were scanning around everywhere. Seeing the livestock and the farms out here. He wondered what food up here tasted like. Then he remembers, just how hungry he was. They all heard how hungry, his stomach growled loudly for the three to hear. [b "It may..have been a day or two since I last ate."] He laughed embarrassed and tried to play that off, but there was no hiding that. They heard.

As he waited for the brothers to say their goodbyes Yule did notice a pair of eyes on him. A woman with her young child. Both were out to feed some stock, since the out skirts of the capital were mostly farms. Yule gulped and turned around. [b "People are noticing, me. With you guys. We should get going."]
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A small huff left Aedan's lips when Yule agreed with his brother. “You aren't suppose to agree with Emiyn! Also the squid came out of nowhere,” He said as the two began to leave the room. Aedan was still embarrassed over the whole squid debacle. First he didn't see the creature hiding in the grass and then he didn't have a weapon to slash his way out. Total rookie mistake. Said mistake wasn't going to be told to anyone either. This secret was going to die with the three of them damn it. If his father found about his mistake Aedan would find himself stuck in the palace going through remedial defense training. If his mother found out... dear Poseidon, Aedan hoped she didn't find out. She would mother him to death.

As they swam through the empty waters he was thinking of the best excuse possible for his injuries. Only when Yule whispered to him did he turn his attention over to him. “You will be fine. Even if people think you are odd they won't say a thing, especially with Emiyn here,” He softly said. Aedan knew Yule's tail was out of place but the Reef Kingdom was a prosperous kingdom. There was bound to be some odd tails in the kingdom. The King, unlike his father, also employed anyone that was good at their jobs and didn't appoint people based off of their appearances. Yule would be fine.

Aedan was about to say something when Yule called him 'my Prince' and winked at him. Instantly a blush crossed onto his cheeks and he began to stutter a little. “Straight ahead for now,” he managed out.

Emiyn, meanwhile, was giggling behind his hand. He had never seen his brother so flustered and it was great. Maybe he could pull Yule to the side and give him a few suggestions for courting his older brother. Emiyn knew Aedan was bound to be married to another kingdom's princess but maybe if he was being courted by another his father would consider breaking the bond. Especially if he saw how into each other Yule and Aedan were.

When Yule asked about being shown around his home a soft, albeit sad, smile fell on Aedan's lips. “We get travelers but not from the Caves. I fear that if the people figure out that you are from the caves they will panic and try to harm you. But if you go to my Uncle's city no one will bat an eye. Eventually word will get out that a Cave Mer is in the kingdom and maybe the response won't be as drastic. When its safe for you I would love to show you my home,” he softly said as he laid a gentle hand on Yule's arm. Aedan gave it a small squeeze before swimming a little bit ahead.

“I hate to say it but I agree with Prince Aedan. As of right now the people will have a fit and a half. They need to be gently eased into a lot of things and having a Cave Mer in the Kingdoms is one of the things that they need to be eased into. Luckily Uncle's city is the most accepting city in the kingdom. It also isn't that far and is one of the few locations Prince Aedan can go without a whole detail of guards,” Emiyn added as he swam right next to Yule.

Operation get Yule together with Aedan was now Emiyn's primary objective.
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The awkward silence had seemed to died down a bit once Yule made it clear he was the biggest freak up here in Reef Kingdom. Their worlds were so different. It might be best if Yule doesn't talk much about his kingdom around the other folks up here. It's not like he was a murderer. No it wasn't like that. Criminals get the death sentence and when Yule became the ripe age of 12 to hand them out personally, that became his life. A King has an Iron tail down there.

Though the male snaps out of his thoughts when he hears the other talking again to look past that. Mentioning how Aedan wasn't much of a fighter. Yule smiled gently as his arms stayed folded and he nodded. [b "I noticed."] His tone was just a loud enough teasing tone to Aedan.

Shortly after it was clear time was running out and the three had to get out so they could avoid little to no problems. So Yule acted the part as a guard for Aedan as Emyin did and hope the cape and helmet were enough. Of course his tail was so different from there's. Surely it wasn't too far of a stretch to see up here. Hopefully.

[b "You sure I wont be spotted out?"] He whispered again under the helmet and stayed close. For he wasn't too sure where he was going after all. It seemed the castle was still mostly sleeping, there wasn't too much movement. Not many other guards. Maybe a maid here and there but they were too busy to notice, a quick bow then they were back to work. Yule's eyes scanned the others closely and couldn't believe their tails were so elegant. Even for a maid. [b "Wow."]

The real excitement was though once they were outside the castle's main doors. The castle was high enough on the hill so he could still see down on the city. It was even more beautiful from outside. The thought of growing up here instead of down in those caves sounds pleasant. All the sunshine and the cooler waters. It was refreshing. Down in those volcanic caves would be too warm for these merfolk.

[b "Where too now, my Prince."] Yule grinned a sly smile and gave a playful wink. Instantly enjoying Aedan's reaction. It was priceless. But was this going to be goodbye? Once Yule was outside the city? At this point Yule had determined he wasn't really ready for a goodbye. Both of them had just met yesterday afternoon and Yule could feel the bond between them already. He can't help but feel like they were meant to meet. [b "Look, I'm outside the castle now. Show me around your city for now. But one day, you have to show me your home. I don't care if they stare at my tail. It's not like they know what my kind looks like anymore. I'll just be a traveler. Is that so unheard of up here? It is where I'm from. But this city doesn't get travelers?"] He asked while his hands started to fidget with the cape around his neck. It was slowly starting to get a little annoying.
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Emiyn smiles over at Yule who was very much flustered. “I could care less when it comes to where you are from. The council probably wouldn’t be too happy but they are never happy,” he said with a large smile. The dark look coming from Aedan silenced Emiyn. That and the slight throbbing on his arm where he had been hit. Aedan was not much of a fighter but he sure knew how to slap and slap hard.

Aedan completely ignored his brother and his comments and instead had turned to Yule. “Sadly we need to sneak you out. I don’t think the capital is ready to see a cave mer. Especially one coming out of the palace,” he softly replied. Aedan would personally love to give Yule the grand tour of his kingdom. He would love to show Yule all his favorite corners of the city and let him mingle with the locals. Too bad said locals would be terrified of Yule and if Aedan’s father heard about it then it would be game over. Yule would probably be locked up and Aedan would be too. Though Aedan’s imprisonment would end with his marriage and that was a whole different level of imprisonment.

Making sure the jewelry was tight and not going to fall of he swam up to Emiyn as he handed Yule the helmet. A small smile flickered on Aedan’s lips as Yule began to inspect the armor. “No spikes. They are considered inelegant,” Aedan replied as Yule asked about the spikes. His people wore very little armor compared to other mers. When he was a child Aedan remembered watching a royal convoy come through. The guards were completely armored and even managed to put spikes on their tails. Said kingdom also got annihilated by his people a few years later. The Reef Mers had learned that relying on armor wasn’t always the best option. From what Aedan remembered it stemmed from the civil war that happened way too many years ago. The heavily armored forces had too much trouble getting into nooks and crannies that their opposing forces hid in. After that they somewhat abandoned heavy armor and learned to fight without. To be completely honest what Emiyn was handing over was mostly armor for show. The cloak was impractical but worn by palace guards and commanders when in peace time. There was actually a quick release for the cloak in case the guards got attacked since it was for show and nothing more.

Aedan’s thoughts came to a screeching halt when Yule made a comment about ripping people’s throats out while only using their tail. Aedan had to admit that being able to do something like that was impressive but not something he thought that should be laughed at. Emiyn obviously felt the same way because he remained silent, awkwardly shifting in place. Yule seemed to catch on that the other occupants weren’t laughing because he soon stopped.

“Aedan is the most useless person when it comes to fighting. The weapons master gave up training him after a week,” Emiyn pipped in when Yule tried to backtrack and comment that he thought all princes were taught to kill.

Aedan turned to his brother and glared. “It was a week and a half,” he grumbled. Aedan was not a fighter. He tried to learn how to fight, honestly, it just didn’t work out too well. His father actually was the one to stop Aedan’s training after he got injured one too many times. After that his training was more on defense and evasion than offense.

When Yule said he was ready Aedan looked over at him. Yule looked rather dashing in his kingdom’s colors. So much so Emiyn elbowed him for his staring. “Right, let’s get going,” he said as he cleared his throat. With one last glance towards Yule he swam to the door and gestured for the two to go. They had to make it to his Uncle’s town before everyone woke up.
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If the merfolk down in those caves which Yule came from, saw him in this state. They wouldn't believe their eyes. Yule, the Blood Thirsty Prince. Hiding under a pillow blushing from rolling onto of another male. In another Prince's bed none the less! It was simply unheard of! Shameful really. What made it all worse was how adorable Aedan looked under him. Yule blushed harder at replaying it in his head. Seeing the pale beauty's more slender body under his as their tails wrapped and laid with each other. [i He's so soft and smooth! WHy do I care!?] The dark male thought to himself right before he felt the pillow lifting enough to see Aedan's face once again. Causing this small little squeak to gasp from Yule's lips. Though he soon sat up clearing his throat and playing it off as if he didn't just get squeak from being surprised.

[b "My eyes are adjusting, tha-thanks for asking."] He blinked a few more times and watched Aedan floating there for a minute. Till the silence of the room was interrupted by some knocking on the door. Both grew nervous and Yule quickly jumped off the bed and swam to the other side to duck under the bed. That was till he heard Aedan's brother asking for him and was coming in. A huge sigh of relief left his lips as he floated up and over to the grand window in Aedan's room to peek out and look over the Coral Kingdom in the morning lights. Not completely hearing everything the two brother's spoke about.

The Kingdom was gorgeous! Those colors he heard tales about were real! The shimmery colors and the sea life. Some merfolks already up and getting ready for the day. It was like nothing he has seen before. Colors he has never seen before. Just in the distance he heard "was he gentle on you" and Yule's rather charming face grew incredibly bashful and shocked. Cheeks a deep red with his dark eyes wide. [b "WH-what does that mean!? It wasn't like that! WHo says that!?"] He choked on his own spit a bit before swimming over to the others. Feeling like he should be listening after all if they were going to talk about that stuff. [b "And, you would be okay with that? If it did? I'm not...a coral mermaid. I'm sure even you can see that."] Yule folded his strong arms over a matching strong chest and his eyes rolled. Only to hear the brother laugh and seem rather cool with this. It was relieving to hear that yet another mermaid up here wasn't how his parents told him. Maybe there were more up here like Aedan? Or was that wishful thinking.

[b "Awww, sneaking me out? I really...wanted to see the kingdom. It's beautiful."] He pouted a bit as he took the things that were handed to him. Yule's eyes and hands scanned over the metals and the craftsmanship of the helmet. Their armor wasn't anything like his Kingdoms. It was strong yes but they worried about it looking flashy and such. Where his people's armor was more like an extension of their own body defenses. [b "Where are your spikes? It's rather smooth. How do you plan on damaging another with this? What if they get too close and you have no choice but to head-butt your enemy? This wont pierce their hearts? Lungs? Stomach? Skull? You rely on your swords only?"] Yule asked in an honest curious tone not so much, "what's wrong with you tone". He expects different Kingdom means different fighting and armor. [b "Our tails are mostly are weapons. Sure we have a sword. But nothing feels greater then ripping their throats with just your tail."] Yule leans his head back laughing out loudly with his knuckles on his lower waist. Soon picking up on the other's not laughing. The male blinked his eyes a few times and scratched at his chin. [b "O-oh. Ummm, I mean. Uhhh...I thought...all Princes were taught to kill? I mean! NOT THAT I'M A PRINCE! I just meant..you two!? Oh Goddess.."]

He soon floated there with his hands fidgeting with his fingers and waiting for them to say something to get past this topic, quickly. Once he was finished getting ready to look the part of being a guard and ready to go. Though he hoped he didn't just scare them or anything. It seems they really were from two different worlds. [b "Welp, I'm ready to go if you are."] Now he was tense and awkward and wanting this feeling to quickly fade.
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