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[I [size25 Imagine walking along the Ocean's banks... You see the sun glazed along the sky's only separation from the Sea. As a slave, you can only get that sort of sight when you are being sold and forced to travel along the rocky paths they lead you... My master was none other than a man in a carriage... No one had seen his face... No one had ever had known him as an evil man, either... But, rumor has it that his slaves would go missing each night... And when the abundance of my kind were low, he would buy more. I met my master... And in these years of 1799, I would find that my master was searching for me...]]

August 27th, 1800,

My master had been watching me... He told his followers I was not to be touched... I hadn't noticed so soon unto being in his plantation, but he had known my pain. My brother, the only family I had was sold to another plantation in Tennessee. My heart had been broken that day, and I cared not of my flesh. Our last owner had taught us to read and write... Perhaps that is why he is watching me so closely... Yet, I have no desire to rebel... He had called me into his home... I know not of his purpose... But, it is not a worry in my mind... I only wish to find my brother...


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