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Jimin was struggling as an alpha ever since Jin died. He had all the support he could get from his mate Kihyun and his pack but he wasn't one for being an alpha. What happens when Changkhyun, the main alpha, gets sent out on a long term mission with Jungkook? Will Jimin crack under the pressure or will he pull through in the end and step up as alpha?

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Can Jimin do it? We'll see! Also hai~! Author-nim here with another story. Can you believe after 4 tries Jimin and Kihyun finally get their own story? Neither can I but it's finally here! This is a step from the norm for me, but don't worry, I will work to make this good!

[center Characters:]

Jimin: A pure blood who struggles with being an alpha. He knows he can do it, but it's his own insecurities that have him questioning himself. He is the second youngest in the group, but he tries to step up when he can.

Kihyun: A turned werewolf who is Jimin's mate and Changkhyun's beta. He tries his hardest to be strong for Jimin, seeing how things have changed dramatically since Jin died. He still supports Changkhyun, especially now since his best friend and fellow beta Jooheon rejoined them with Youngjae.

Changkhyun: A pure blood who is the current alpha of the pack. He became alpha when Shownu gave him the chance to and is doing all he can to keep the pack together. He is the youngest of the group but has proven himself to be one of the best alphas in the pack. He gives Jimin the chance to be alpha a lot, including him in many decisions in the pack. He hasn't been the same since Shownu died, but he is keeping the pack together as much as he can.

Jungkook: A pure blood who is a natural beta turned alpha. He joined the pack when his father Jin came to an agreement to join the pack which caused himself, Jimin, Hoseok, and Namjoon to stay with the pack. He stayed with the pack after Jin died because Changkhyun couldn't bring himself to leave the territory they had come to call home.

Jooheon: A turned werewolf who is Changkhyun's second beta. He had left for a while with his mate Youngjae but he returned to the pack after Mark, the alpha of the pack they had joined, died. He quickly re-earned his place as beta and even helps Jimin with making decisions when Changkhyun is away on missions.

Youngjae: A pure blood who was a part of Mark's pack before joining Changkhyun's pack with Jooheon. He became Jimin's only beta, helping him with making major pack decisions. He keeps to himself a lot, but doesn't mind talking with the members of the pack.

Hoseok: A pure blood who is a vampire hunter. He started vampire hunting after he found his mate in fellow vampire hunter Doyoung. He has a bit of post traumatic stress disorder from when he had to kill Jin because Jin had been brought back when Yoongi had his wolf extracted. He keeps a cheery front, as to not worry the rest of the pack though Doyoung has seen through it plenty of times.

Doyoung: A turned werewolf who is a local vampire hunter. He leads one half of the most well known team in the US, and is on his own team with his mate Hoseok. He tries to get Hoseok out of his shell when possible, keeping an eye on how bad his PTSD is getting. He joined the pack because Hoseok didn't want to cut ties with Jungkook. He supports Jimin because he knows how Jimin feels when it comes to doing alpha things.

Namjoon: A turned werewolf who only stays around because of Jungkook. He doesn't do much, but he does help Jimin with making decisions in the pack when Jimin asks him for help since he had been Jin's beta for a long time before this. He had left for a while but ultimately came back because of Jungkook.

Cory: A pure blood who is the main alpha of a pack in South Korea. He was sent to the US to basically take Changkhyun's place in the pack but he has no desire to do so. He has no mate, having not found them yet. He is one of the few members of the pack who can speak English and Korean.

Kisu: A pure blood who is Cory's beta in the pack. He went along with Cory, wanting to take this chance to find his mate. He is more outgoing than people perceive him as, as he is only outgoing with people he is comfortable with. He can speak Korean, Chinese and English.

Hui: A turned werewolf who was turned in China before he went to South Korea and joined Cory's pack. He isn't particularly close to anyone in the pack, but he considers himself close to Kisu and Cory. He can speak Korean, Chinese and English.

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[center Epilogue]

It came time for Cory to return to South Korea, as Changkhyun and Jungkook came back to the states with the rest of Cory's pack as they had promised to do. Hoseok and Doyoung even made it back to say goodbye to Cory.

They were currently having a barbecue at the lake, Cory's pack conversing with Cory and Kisu as they handled the grill. Changkhyun and Jungkook kept a close eye on Kihyun because of what had happened but other than that they were enjoying the day.

"Did you miss home?" Hongseob asked Cory. "I did," Cory said in Korean as he checked on the grill before closing the lid. He sat on the cooler, sighing as he took a gulp of his drink. "But I don't know if I'll return home or not," he said. "I'm still on the fence about it," he said. "Not too late to change your mind hyung," said Jeonguk as he walked over. "I wouldn't mind you staying, you'd just have to come visit," he said. Kisu was dragged over to where Youngjae and Jooheon were by Jimin to let them have their time alone before going over to Cory. The rest of Cory's pack backed away to let Jimin have his privacy with Cory.

"What's up Jimin?" Cory asked in English as he moved to let Jimin sit beside him on the cooler. "Your pack will be leaving soon," said Jimin as he sat down. "I know," said Cory as he sighed. "Are you going to leave with them?" He asked. "I don't know," said Cory as he looked towards where his pack had wandered off to, Jeonguk and Changsun were at the graves while the others were talking with Kihyun with Jungkook translating.

"I want to go, but at the same time I want to stay," mumbled Cory as he stood to check on the grill before calling the others to come get more food if they wanted. Cory's pack went to get more food as Youngjae wondered over with Jooheon and Kisu to get more food. Jungkook went to get food for Kihyun with Changkhyun before going back over to Kihyun. Jimin enjoyed talking with Cory's pack, asking them questions about home to which Cory translated for the most part. He did answer some of the questions, but he left the rest for the others to answer, not to feel like he was butting in or anything.

"When's your flight?" Asked Changkhyun as he walked over. "In a few hours," Jeonguk said in English as he turned to Changkhyun. "Thanks again, for adding her grave here, I know you didn't have to," he said, turning to Jimin. "It was Kihyun's idea," said Jimin. "A thanks for giving his wolf back," he said. Jeonguk nodded. "I got to see her one last time, at least," he mumbled. "How is he?" He asked. "Fine," said Jimin. "He's living day to day as best as he can," he said. "He feels strangely disconnected from his wolf, but it may be because of the extraction," he said. Jeonguk nodded. "It happens," he said.

They finished up the barbecue at the lake as they were approached by a familiar face. "Oh, Jinhwan, what's up?" Asked Cory as he noticed him. "Heard you were having a barbecue, looks like I got here too late," said Jinhwan as he chuckled some. "Came to let you know that your ex pack mate was taken care of," he said. "Hui? Good, he wasn't getting out of the US when we had all of his ids and things," he said. "We have some food left over if you want to help us take the grill back to the house," said Changkhyun. "Sure," said Jinhwan as he helped them take the grill back to the house. Jooheon and Youngjae dragged the cooler back to the house.

Jinhwan got some food for the road to take home before he left in his car, waving to the others as he drove off. Cory was left to ponder leaving or staying as he went to pack his things. Kisu went to see him. "Well, have you made your decision yet?" He asked in Korean. "Not really," Cory said in Korean as he looked at his suitcase. "Your last chance to stay or go is literally when you stand at the airport hyung," said Kisu as he stood beside Cory. "I know," said Cory as he sighed. He went to pack his clothes before zipping up his suit case and taking it out to the livingroom where the rest of his pack was.

Jeonguk looked up at Cory before standing and going to hug him. "Whatever your decision is, be happy hyung," he said in Korean before moving back. "When are we leaving?" Asked Cory. Changkhyun entered the livingroom from the kitchen, scratching the back of his head. "Well, we leave in an hour, Jin's truck is already packed so if you want to throw the suitcase in the trunk," he said, shrugging. Cory nodded and went to do that.

Changkhyun and Jimin were in the front while Cory, Jeonguk and Jinhong were in the backseat with the rest of Cory's pack in the trunk when they had left for the airport. "We'll take you through customs," said Changkhyun as he went to park somewhere. "And then that will be your last chance Cory," he said. Cory nodded and hopped out of the truck with the others, grabbing their bags and entering the airport.

Cory stood, debating on whether he should check his bags in or not as the rest of his pack went to check in their bags. "You coming hyung?" Jinhong asked Cory as they got their bags checked in. "Nah," said Cory as he shook his head. "I've made my decision," he said, turning to Jimin. "I'm staying," he said in English, causing Jimin's eyes to widen. Jimin tackled Cory, kissing him and not caring that they were in public. Changkhyun chuckled some. "Well, have a safe flight," he said in Korean as he turned to Jeonguk. Jeonguk smiled some. "Looks like I'm alpha again," he said. "Take care of them," he said to Changkhyun. "I will," said Changkhyun.

It was a few minutes before Jimin and Cory seperated, Cory blushing madly and Jimin yelling in joy as he ran down the corridor. Changkhyun sighed. "I better get him before he gets kicked out by security," he said, offering to take Cory's suitcase. Cory nodded and turned to his packmates, Changkhyun taking the suitcase and going after Jimin.

"Well, this is a surprise," said Hongseob. "I really thought you'd go back with us," he said, chuckling some. "I figured I'd stay around for Kisu, you know how he gets when he's lonely," Cory said with a snicker. Changsun laughs, before patting Cory on the shoulder. "Stay strong hyung, and come visit will you?" He asked. Cory nodded and watched his now ex packmates leave.
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[center Chapter 22]

It was a few weeks after the incident with Hui, and things had returned to normal somewhat for Cory and the others. Jeonguk had returned back to South Korea with Changsun, promising that the next time they would come for a visit, that everyone would be there.

Kihyun had recovered pretty well considering he had survived an extraction. He felt like he owed it to Chaeyoung for giving him his wolf back so with Jeonguk's permission they added a cross for her at the lake. They buried Namjoon next to Jin, with Jimin remembering to add a cross for Taehyung.

"More and more graves just keep getting added," said Cory as he stood behind Jimin who had come to drop off his weekly flowers. "One day, hopefully not soon anyway, this will become a graveyard," mumbled Jimin as he moved away.

"Did you know Chaeyoung for long?" He asked Cory as Cory took his turn in paying his respects. "For a few months," said Cory as he brushed his fingers over the names on the crosses before taking a long look at Chaeyoung's cross. "It was long enough for us to really consider ourselves a pack even though I had been a lone wolf at the time," he said. "She kept Jeonguk and I out of trouble when the three of us were together and when I had to return to my duties she always brought food to my regiment," he said. "I knew enough Japanese to get me around, though I don't speak it anymore," he said. "It's been so long," he said, sighing as he moved away from the graves.

"D-Did Namjoon die peacefully?" Asked Jimin as he looked towards Namjoon's grave. Cory nodded. "I was the one to put him to rest," he said. "He said he wanted to meet Taehyung and Jin in the afterlife," he said. Jimin nodded. "At least it was peaceful," he said. Cory nodded.

They both turned when Kihyun came over with Kisu. "How are you Kihyun?" Asked Jimin. "Fine," said Kihyun. "I still feel a little out of it but I'm fine," he said. Kisu put his hands in his hoodie pockets. "You alright Cory?" He asked in Korean. Cory nodded. "I'm fine," he said in Korean. Kihyun and Jimin exchange glances. "Sorry, we're still used to communicating in Korean," Cory said in English as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. Jimin shook his head. "It's alright," he said. "You're more comfortable with it," he said. "One day we'll be able to understand you," he said, chuckling some. Cory laughs. "One day," he said.

"Do you mind if I stay out here with Cory for a little bit longer? I need to speak to him," Kisu said in English. Jimin nodded. "Go for it, I was going to head back anyway," he said. Kihyun nodded. "I'll head back with you then," he said before leaving with Jimin.

"What's up?" Asked Cory as he went to the lake shore with Kisu following behind him. "I've given it a lot of thought," said Kisu. "And I think I'll stay here," he said. "When it's time to leave anyway," he said, shrugging. Cory turned to Kisu. "Are you sure?" He asked. Kisu nodded. "I've given it a [i lot] of thought," he said. "After being here for so long and getting to know Youngjae and Jooheon I've made the decision to stay for them," he said. "I'm going to miss one of my most loyal betas," Cory said with a shake of his head. Kisu smiled a bit. "I'll still be here," he said. "You can come visit," he said. "If I chose to go back," Cory said with a shrug.

They both headed back after spending some time at the lake, Kisu going into Youngjae and Jooheon's room. Cory went to see what Jimin and Kihyun were up to, as he found them in their room.

"What 'cha up to?" Asked Cory. "We're just cleaning up Namjoon's stuff," said Jimin as he turned and spotted Cory. "Oh right, he was sleeping in here when Kisu roomed with Youngjae and Jooheon," said Cory. "Want some help?" He asked. "Sure," said Kihyun. Cory went to help clean up, putting what Namjoon had moved into the room into boxes then out into the hallway to recycle. Once everything was cleaned up Kihyun headed out into the hall with Jimin and Cory.

"Well, now to tackle Youngjae's room," said Kihyun as he looked at all the boxes in the hallway. "I think I'd wait on that," said Cory as he looked towards Youngjae's room. "Kisu wanted to spend some time with them, we'll at least recycle the stuff we already have," he said. "Mm," said Jimin as he went to help Kihyun bring the boxes out to the truck. Cory helped as they piled all the boxes into the back of the jeep. Jimin took the jeep to the recycling center, leaving Cory and Kihyun to go back into the house and into the kitchen to start on dinner.

"Are you going to go back when it's time to?" Kihyun asked Cory as Cory was cutting vegetables. "I don't know," Cory said, sighing. "I'm indecisive now, I know they can do fine without me, but I also know that it won't be the same being here like it is when I'm home," he said. "You're used to your pack, it's understandable," said Kihyun. "And I have my other mate to find," said Cory. "That too," said Kihyun. "I just don't want to leave Jimin behind when it happens," said Cory. "That's understandable," said Kihyun as he looked towards the hallway when they heard the door to Youngjae's room open.

Kisu walked into the kitchen with Youngjae and Jooheon. "What's for dinner?" Asked Kisu. "Chicken soup," said Kihyun as Cory went to throw the cut vegetables into the pot. "Made rice to go with it," said Cory as he pointed to the rice cooker. Kisu, Youngjae, and Jooheon nod before going into the livingroom to relax and watch a movie. Jimin came in just before dinner was served and everyone went to eat dinner.
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[center Chapter 21]

Cory pulled up to the building, barely remembering to put the jeep in park and turning off the ignition before bolting out of the jeep and running into the building. The others followed after him.

"I should've [i known] something was off about you when you decided to come with us!" Snarled out Kisu as he spotted Hui. "Now now," said Hui. "I suggest you stand down or you'll have a bad time," said Hui as he stepped forward.

"Why the hell are you doing this?" Asked Cory as his alpha aura flared. "Easy, bring back what I know will snap you completely out of your anger, Jeonguk's mate," he said. "Who are you using?" Asked Cory as he looked surprised. "Kihyun," said Hui as he moved, letting Cory see the table where Kihyun was currently laying, unconscious. They saw a device above him and both Jeonguk and Cory started having flashbacks as they both fell to their knees their hands covering their heads. Kisu and Changsun ran to their side, trying to snap them out of it.

Jimin tried to escape his cell, shaking the door. "You'll kill him!" He shouted. "You better not!" He snarled out as he tried ramming against the door. Hui shook his head. "He won't die, he's a turned werewolf," he said. "He's going to be a human again," he said.

Jimin growled, before throwing himself against the door again and managing to break it open. "You better not," he said, his alpha aura flaring to life. Hui held up a remote with a button. "Make one more move and your pack mates die," he said. "Don't do it Jimin," came Youngjae's voice. Jimin looked towards Youngjae's cell, seeing how beat up they were. Jimin was forced to stay where he was, growling a bit as he looked at Hui.

"Cory you better snap out of it damn it," Jimin grumbled as he tried to think of a way to rescue Kihyun. "You too Jeonguk," he muttered as he looked around for a way to get around Hui and get to Kihyun.

"Let's get the show on the road," said Hui as he went and turned on the machine, going to wake Kihyun up. Kihyun groaned as he opened his eyes, looking straight above him. "W-What?" He asked as he struggled to move. "What are you going to-" he managed to say before the beam shot down on him. He let out an agonizing scream as his back arched off the table, the extracting process beginning.

Kihyun's screams seemed to snap Cory out of his flashbacks as he looked towards the table. Something in him snapped as the anger took over, his eyes glowing gold as he snarled, attacking Hui. Kisu ran to break open the lock to the cell that Youngjae and Jooheon were in, going to see how they were. Cory broke the machine in the process of attacking Hui so Jimin ran to get Kihyun off the table and over to Changsun who after making sure Jeonguk was okay he checked on Kihyun's vitals.

Kisu went to shake Jeonguk, trying to snap him out of it. "Jeonguk, come on you idiot snap out of it!" Kisu said in Korean as everyone heard Hui's screams in pain as Cory finally got to attacking him.

Everyone turned when they heard a new voice, Jeonguk snapping out of it when he recognized who it was. "C-Chaeyoung," whispered Jeonguk. Chaeyoung walked over, smiling some. "Long time no see Jeonguk," she said. Jeonguk nodded, trying to form words to speak but he couldn't find it in him to speak. Chaeyoung leaned down and kissed Jeonguk on the forehead.

"I must give Kihyun his wolf back," she said. "B-But," said Jeonguk. "Don't worry, I'm always there in your heart," said Chaeyong as she smiled some. "My wolf is with you," she said, putting a hand on his cheek. "Just stay strong for me," she said. Jeonguk nodded. Chaeyoung turned to Changsun, who was watching the event with a blank expression. "You've kept him happy through out the years, I thank you for that," she said. Changsun nodded. "You must snap him out of it," she said, turning to Jimin. "I know you won't understand me, but I think you will get the idea of what I am trying to say to you," she said. "Just keep him happy, and don't betray him," she said before walking over to Kihyun. "Leave her be," Kisu said in English as he saw Jimin tense. "Go and snap Cory out of it," he said. Jimin nodded and turned to Cory and Hui's fight.

Cory had Hui pinned as he continuously punched Hui in the face. Hui tried to block the punches but he was already rather battered by the attacks Cory had landed earlier. "I should let him kill you," said Jimin as he walked over. "But I am not that cruel," he said. "Cory," he said, getting Cory's attention as he turned to Jimin. Cory stood, before going to attack Jimin. Jimin flared his alpha aura, causing Cory to freeze. "Joohyun," he said, causing Cory to snap out of it as his shoulders slumped, his eyes going back to their normal human color. "D-Did it happen again?" Cory asked, his voice quiet now as he looked down at his bloody hands. Jimin went and hugged Cory. "You're alright now," he said. Cory nodded.

They both turned to Hui, who lay on the ground groaning in pain. "What should we do with him?" Asked Cory. "Mm," said Jimin. Cory picked up Hui by the shirt, his eyes flashing gold in anger as he growled. "You did this and now you face the consequences," he spat as he shoved Hui against the wall. "You're lucky Jimin stopped me before I landed a fatal blow," he spat as he let go of Hui, who slumped to the floor. He turned to the others, spotting Chaeyoung.

"So it did work," Cory said in Korean as Chaeyoung transferred Kihyun's wolf back to Kihyun before turning to Cory and walking over, her body starting to fade now. "You've done a good job leading the pack Joohyun," said Chaeyoung as she placed a hand on Cory's cheek. Cory sucked in a deep breath as he felt tears start to fall. "You've always been like an older brother to me," said Chaeyoung. "Stay strong Joohyun," she said as she completely faded from existence. Cory fell to his knees, sobbing now as he covered his face with his hands. Jimin put a comforting hand on Cory's back, gently rubbing his back to try and calm him down.

Kihyun groaned as he woke with a start, sitting up and coughing. "Ugh," he muttered as Changsun came over to see how he was. "Are you alright?" Asked Changsun. "W-What?" Asked Kihyun as he looked up at Changsun. "Are you okay?" Asked Kisu as he walked over. "I'm fine," mumbled Kihyun. "W-Was my wolf returned to me?" He asked. Kisu nodded. "Chaeyoung gave your wolf back," he said. "Who?" Asked Kihyun. "Jeonguk's mate," muttered Kisu as he looked towards where Jeonguk was.

Jeonguk was slumped on the floor, staring at his hands. Changsun walked over and put a hand on Jeonguk's shoulder. Jeonguk looked up at Changsun. "She seemed like a good mate hyung," said Changsun. "She wouldn't want to see you sad like this," he said. "I guess so," mumbled Jeonguk as he turned to where Cory was. He got up and went over to Cory. "Hyung," he said, causing Cory to look at him. "What are we going to do with Hui?" He asked. Cory wiped his face with the back of his hand and stood, turning to look at Hui. "I say we leave him for iKon to take care of," he said in English, turning to Jimin to see what he would say. "I'm fine with that," said Jimin. "Consider yourself kicked out, good luck getting into [i any] pack that works for Kris," spat Cory before he turned and walked over to where Youngjae and Jooheon were.

"We're fine," said Youngjae as he helped Jooheon stand when Cory walked over. "Thanks for coming to rescue us," he said. Cory scratched the back of his head. "No problem," he said.

"You should get cleaned up before we leave," said Jimin as he turned to Cory. "Man, I ruined my favorite hoodie," said Cory as he looked down at his bloody clothes. Jimin laughs. "Is that really all you care about right now?" He asked. "I was trying to lighten the mood," Cory said with a chuckle before he went to go clean up the best he could.

"Can you get up?" Kisu asked Kihyun. "I can try," said Kihyun as he tried to stand. Jimin went to help him stand, slinging an arm over his shoulder. "Let's get you out to the truck I saw outside," he said before helping Kihyun out to the truck. Changsun went over and searched Hui for any keys. "You really are a messed up individual," he said, grabbing Hui's passport and id card along with the key to the truck. "These will be burned when we know you're dead so don't bother," he said before walking away with everything.

Everyone left in the truck and Kihyun's Jeep when Cory came back dressed in new clothes. He couldn't let go of his favorite hoodie as he shrugged it on. Jimin drove home in the truck while Cory drove behind him in the Jeep.
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[center Chapter 20]

Cory could feel himself relapsing even more, but it was manageable for the most part. The only thing he was really concerned about was where Hui was. It was about a week before Christmas now, and Hui still didn't show up. Jeonguk had come to America with Changsun, keeping things for Jinhong and Hongseob to take care of for the time being.

"Alright!" Kihyun said one day as he pointed to Changsun. "We are having that barista battle!" He said. Changsun blinked in confusion before Kisu translated, chuckling at Kihyun's antics. "Oh, is this about the coffee that Kisu hates?" Changsun asked with a chuckle. "He [i clearly] hasn't had Korean Coffee," Kisu said in Korean. "Show them what you got," he said. "There really isn't much competition here," Changsun said with a chuckle as he went into the kitchen. Kihyun followed after him.

"Kihyun just wants his ego to go down the drain doesn't he?" Cory asked with a chuckle. "Apparently," Jimin said with a laugh. "If Changsun's coffee is as good as you say anyway," he said. Cory laughs as he scratched the back of his head. Jeonguk chuckled some. "He's a good coffee maker," he said in English, shrugging. "Maybe Daehyun can go against him to see who we would choose," said Jimin. "He says he's a good barista, and he did make good coffee," he said.

"Ugh, don't remind me of him," grumbled Kihyun as he walked out of the kitchen with a tray of cups. Changsun came out with his own tray of cups and they placed it on the coffee table. Everyone gathered around the coffee table, going with Kihyun's coffee first. Kisu, Cory and Jeonguk cringed as they drank the coffee. "Ya know, I think I made better coffee," said Cory as he coughed. "I actually agree with that," said Kisu. "If I had to choose between yours and Kihyun's I'd have to go with yours Cory," said Jeonguk. "Ugh, too bitter," said Cory as he put the cup down. "You know," said Jimin. "I remembered having your coffee before, I think I prefer yours over Kihyun's," he said as he put the cup down. Youngjae, Jooheon and Namjoon hummed in agreement as they put their cups down. Kihyun looked exasperated as he sighed, sitting down.

"I think it's easier to admit defeat Kihyun," said Cory as they reached for Changsun's coffee. Changsun looked smug as he crossed his arms. Everyone took a sip. "Yep, firm decision here," said Kisu, Cory and Jeonguk. "Pretty much eh?" Asked Jimin as he put his cup down. "Mm," said Namjoon. Youngjae and Jooheon nodded. "We choose Changsun's," said Youngjae. "Same," said Namjoon. "Sorry Kihyun," said Jimin as he pointed to Changsun. "It was obvious from the beginning," said Kisu, Cory and Jeonguk. "I knew it," said Changsun as he chuckled. "Korean coffee is good," said Jimin as Kihyun sighed. "Alright alright," he said.

Everyone was left to their own devices afterwards, Cory heading out to the lake with his pack mates to spend some time with them before they left after New Years. "Just wish Jinhong and Hongseob were here, they'd complete the pack," said Cory as he sighed. "Well, one day everyone will be able to come out here," said Jeonguk as he walked beside Cory. "We realized how homesick you were so we came over," he said. "Mm," said Cory.

"Hyung," said Changsun as they reached the lake. "Mm?" Asked Cory. "I know you said you were relapsing but you seem fine," said Changsun. "I've learned to distract myself with other things," said Cory as he stared at the frozen lake. "Thinking of home surprisingly helps keep me from the anger," he said. "Mm," said Changsun. Jeonguk walked over to the 4 graves, reading the names. "I think Jungkook mentioned these 4 before," he said. Cory turned to look, walking over. "Yeah," he said. "It was Jin's birthday a couple weeks ago, we had a party and stuff," he said, shrugging. "Oh right, he asked us to go to Busan to go to the beach," said Jeonguk. "We had fun there," he said, chuckling.

Cory and Kisu blink, looking back in the direction of the house. "What's up?" Asked Jeonguk as he looked at Cory then at Kisu. "I think something's wrong, we need to go," said Cory as he ran back to the house. The others ran after him.

They found the house ransacked and Namjoon laying on the floor, bleeding heavily. "What happened Namjoon?" Asked Cory as he ran over to him. "Urk, your packmate went rogue," Namjoon said before going into a coughing fit. Changsun ran over, checking Namjoon for anything fatal. "It's alright," Namjoon managed to cough out. "Here's an address," he said, handing Cory a piece of paper.

"I'm ready to die, let me die in piece," he whispered. Changsun looked at Cory, who's expression was unreadable. "Are you sure?" Asked Cory. Namjoon nodded. "I'm ready to meet Taehyung and Jin in the afterlife," he said. Jeonguk clenched his hands into fists. "Let him be Changsun," he said in Korean. Changsun hesitated, but nodded, moving away. "S-Stay with me at least Cory," Namjoon coughed out. Cory reached over and took Namjoon's hand in his. "You'll be alright soon," Cory said. "The pain will be over soon," he said. "Take care of Jimin," Namjoon managed to cough out before he took his last breath, going still. Cory closed Namjoon's eyes before letting his arm drop.

"We need to rescue them," Cory said in Korean, determination filling his eyes as he turned to Jeonguk and the others. "We won't let his death be in vain," he said. Changsun nodded. "We have an address, let's go," he said. Cory nodded and went to get the car keys, taking Kihyun's jeep to the address.

[center ~]

Jimin woke feeling groggy as he felt a dull throbbing in the back of his head. He groaned, pushing himself to sit up and look around. "Ah, the mate finally wakes," came Hui's voice as he walked over to Jimin's cell. "What the hell do you want Hui?" Snarled out Jimin as he tried to escape his cell. "I don't think you want to escape," said Hui. "Or do you want Kihyun dead?" He asked.

Jimin froze, glaring at Hui. "Where's the others?" He asked. "Here," said Hui as he pointed to the cell beside him. "They won't get touched but I didn't want to leave any witnesses," he said. "Your other pack member is dead now," he said. "Namjoon," whispered Jimin as he looked surprised.
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[center Chapter 19]

Surprisingly, Cory didn't wake up from his nightmares. Kihyun woke up early the next morning, stretching a little as he moved out from Jimin's arms. He sat up, yawning as he turned to the two sleeping figures on the bed. He smiled slightly, when Jimin turned around and buried his face into Cory's chest. He shook his head and got up, going to get some clothes and head into the bathroom to shower and get the cooler ready for the barbecue.

Kihyun wandered into the kitchen dressed in jeans and a t-shirt under a grey hoodie to start the coffee maker as he heard everyone else start to wake up. He went to grab the stuff to put in the cooler as he dragged the cooler inside from the back door. He was by himself for a few more minutes before he heard someone enter the kitchen. He looked up, seeing Namjoon. "Want help?" Asked Namjoon. "Sure," said Kihyun as he pointed to the freezer. "There's still a few things in the freezer we need to put in the cooler," he said. Namjoon nodded and went to help Kihyun put everything in the cooler before dragging it back outside.

Youngjae, Jooheon and Kisu were next to enter the kitchen, going to grab their cups of coffee. Kisu immediately spit his out when he took a sip. "Ugh, I am too used to Changsun's coffee," he said, handing it to Jooheon who drank it. "Korean coffee is really good, I should've brought some with me," he said, sighing. "Great, we got someone else who hates the way I make coffee," Kihyun said with a sigh as he reentered the house with Namjoon behind him. "To be fair, you haven't tried Korean coffee," said Kisu as he shrugs. "Yeah yeah," grumbled Kihyun as he went to wake up Jimin and Cory.

"Cory, Jimin," said Kihyun as he went to shake them both awake. "Come on, wake up," he said. Jimin whined as he opened his eyes, scowling at Kihyun. "If you want to miss the snowball fight then fine with me," said Kihyun as he shrugs. That got Jimin moving as he moved out from Cory's arms. He got up and ran out of the room and into the bathroom, coming back to get some clothes before running back into the bathroom to shower and get changed. "Cory?" Asked Kihyun as he shook Cory awake. "Mm, 5 more minutes," grumbled Cory as he turned over, falling off the bed to get away from Kihyun. He sat up with a start, looking at Kihyun before getting up. "I'll leave you to get ready then," said Kihyun. "Jimin shouldn't take too long in the shower," he said before leaving the room.

"Cory, tell Kihyun that Changsun's coffee is better than his," said Kisu when Cory entered the kitchen dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of khaki pants with his now trademark blue zip up hoodie. "Well, Changsun does make good coffee," said Cory as he shrugs. "That's it," said Kihyun. "You're bringing your packmate here after Christmas and we're having a barista battle," he said. Cory and Kisu laughs, shaking their heads. "Whatever you say Kihyun," Cory said between bits of laughter. "Changsun's going to take this as a challenge, he's not going to give up until you do, or we all choose him," he said with a snicker. Kihyun sighed and shook his head. "Whatever, who wants to drag the grill and propane tank out to the lake?" He asked. "I'll help," said Cory. "Sure," said Kisu.

Kisu and Cory went to drag the grill to the lake with Jooheon helping Kihyun drag the cooler to the lake. Everyone else followed suit, excited for the barbecue and just a day out at the lake. When they got there Cory set up the grill, being the one to start cooking the food. Kisu went to check to make sure he didn't burn the food as Jimin and Kihyun climbed onto the rock with a blanket and unfolded it out before sitting on it. Youngjae and Jooheon went to say happy birthday to Jin, leaving flowers on his grave along with the others before joining the others on the shore. Namjoon hung out a little bit away from the others, staring out at the frozen lake.

They ended up spending the entire day out at the lake, laughing and having fun. Cory got to get his mind off the anger for the day which was nice, and he was able to have fun. Jimin kept an eye on him, but had relaxed a little when he saw that Cory was being himself today.

Jimin was the first person to initiate the snowball fight, throwing it at Kihyun. "Yah!" Said Kihyun as he laughs, making a snow ball and throwing it at Jimin. Jimin laughs as everyone else joined in, going behind trees for cover. Cory and Kisu teamed up and threw snowballs at Kihyun who tried to dodge out of the way. Jimin and the others joined in, causing Kihyun to protest as he dove behind a bush. "Okay okay I give!" Yelled Kihyun. Jimin and Cory were out of breath as they laughed, holding their sides. Kisu sat down in the snow, still laughing.

"Alright alright, we had our fun," said Kihyun as he walked over. "I know Youngjae and Jooheon went to say happy birthday, what about everyone else?" He asked. "I did," said Namjoon. "I went yesterday," he said, shrugging. "You were here when I went," said Cory. "Did it yesterday too," said Jimin and Kisu. "Alright, one last toast and we can go back," said Kihyun as he headed back to the cooler. Everyone else followed after him.

"Here's to another year," said Kihyun as he held up his can of soda. "To another year," said Jimin and the others as they toasted. "Happy birthday Jin," said Cory and Kisu. "Happy birthday," said Youngjae and Jooheon. They packed up the grill and cooler, Namjoon helping Cory take the grill back while Kisu and Jooheon dragged the cooler back. The others followed after them.

"Hyung," Kisu called to Cory when they reached the house. "What's up?" Asked Cory as he helped put the grill away before turning to Kisu. "Can we talk?" Kisu asked in Korean as his expression turned serious. Namjoon tilted his head to the side. "Sure," said Cory as he turned to Namjoon. "It's pack business, can you tell the others we'll be a bit before we go inside?" He asked. Namjoon nodded and went inside to tell the others.

"What's the problem now?" Cory asked in Korean as he started to walk around the property with Kisu. "Hui's disappeared off the radar," Kisu said in Korean. "He was supposed to be here today," he said. "I never had any doubt that he'd turn on us but now it's becoming suspicious," he said. Cory's expression turned serious as he tilted his head to the side in thought. "We may have a problem," he said. "First me relapsing now Hui's disappeared off the radar," he said. "No duh," Kisu said with a sigh. "We need to be careful," he said. "If something happens and we aren't there to prevent it, well," he said. "I know I know," said Cory as he looked up at the sky.
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[center Chapter 18]

Cory stood on the rock by the now frozen lake, being in his thoughts. Tomorrow was Jin's birthday and Kihyun and the others had gone to get food for the barbecue, and Jimin wanted a snowball fight afterwards. Being alone and in his thoughts helped him and his anger problems, but it also kept his mind from thinking about home. He could truly relax when he was alone.

"Alone again hyung?" Came Kisu's voice as he walked over. "Mm," said Cory as he turned to look at Kisu. "You're back already?" He asked. "Thought you'd be there til Christmas," he said. "Nah," said Kisu as he climbed onto the rock to stand beside Cory. "Couldn't leave our alpha by himself now," he said. "Did Hui come back too?" Asked Cory. "He'll be back in a couple days," said Kisu. "He wasn't ready to head back yet," he said. "Mm," said Cory.

"How long have you been out here anyway?" Asked Kisu. "A few hours," Cory said with a shrug. "I'm not cold so," he said. "Well, I mean our body temperatures are higher than a human's so," Kisu said with a shrug. "Mm," said Cory. "When are you going to talk to Youngjae about your relationship with him?" He asked. "Tomorrow, after the barbecue," said Kisu.

"You've been extra quiet lately, what's up?" He asked. "I can feel myself relapsing," Cory said as he looked down at his feet. "I don't know how long I can hold it off until it happens," he said. "It's a good thing I came back early then," Kisu said, his expression turning serious. Cory nodded. "It seems being homesick has pushed it to the front," he said, sighing as he sat down. "We can't do much about that," said Kisu. "I know," said Cory as he leaned back on his hands, stretching out his legs.

"I sent you to bring him home, not spend the rest of the day out here," came Kihyun's voice as he walked over. "Sorry Kihyun," said Kisu as he chuckled some. "Lost track of time," he said.

"I needed the day to try and not relapse," Cory grumbled in Korean as he sighed. "You've been here all day hyung, let's go home," Kisu said in Korean. Cory turned to Kisu before nodding and getting up, hopping down. Kisu hopped down beside him and walked back to the house with Kihyun.

"Kihyun," said Kisu as he nodded for Cory to go ahead. "What's up?" Asked Kihyun. "I've only been gone for a month and Cory's relapsing," said Kisu as he turned to Kihyun. "What the hell happened?" He asked. "Nothing, he's been calm the past month," said Kihyun. "No nightmares, nothing," he said. "He must've been starting to relapse recently because [i everyone] kept an eye on him," he said. "He always talks about home, I guess to keep his mind from thinking about the anger," he said. Kisu nodded.

They entered the house after Cory, going into the kitchen. Jimin went and dragged Cory into Changkhyun's room to have a private talk. "Just to be completely sure," said Kihyun as he went to start on dinner. "You [i do] know what to do when he relapses?" He asked. Kisu nodded. "I do," he said. "When nothing else works anyway," he said. "There are other ways to snap him out of it?" Asked Kihyun. "Keeping eye contact, speaking in Korean, reminding him that he's home, ya know, what I've been doing when he's had nightmares," said Kisu as he helped Kihyun with dinner.

"Though," said Kisu as he paused in cutting vegetables before continuing, "don't be surprised if his voice changes a little." Kihyun blinked. "When Cory changed his name, it was more to not show weakness," said Kisu. "A way to keep his anger in check," he said. "His human name is more of a way to stop himself from doing what he had done years ago," he said. "With Jeonguk's mate?" Asked Kihyun. Kisu nodded, his expression going blank.

Jimin and Cory came out of Changkhyun's room before dinner, done with their talk. They headed into the kitchen. ""What's for dinner?" Asked Jimin. "Pasta," said Kihyun as he looked up. "We got a side of vegetables to go with it and some chicken," he said. "Mm," said Jimin. Cory hummed in response before he went into the livingroom to relax a bit before dinner and watch a movie on TV.

"How is he?" Kihyun asked Jimin. "Fine," said Jimin. "He told me about relapsing, so I convinced him to come sleep with us tonight," he said. "Do you know what to do when he wakes up from the nightmares?" Asked Kisu. Jimin nodded. "He told me what to do if it happens," he said.

"Dinner!" Kihyun called and everyone came to get dinner before going into the livingroom to watch the movie that Cory had put on TV. "What are we watching again?" Asked Namjoon as he sat in the recliner. "Erm, The Great Wall I think," said Cory. "I didn't pay much attention to the title so," he said, shrugging. "Cool," said Kisu.

After dinner Cory was left to his own devices on the love seat for a bit as they changed the movie to another movie after it ended. Namjoon stood up, stretching as he did so after that movie ended. "I'm going to bed," he said, reaching behind him and scratching his back before making his way down the hall and into Jimin and Kihyun's room. Youngjae, Jooheon and Kisu were next, going into their room to get some sleep.

Kihyun and Jimin got up from the couch, walking over to Cory. "Cory," said Jimin, causing Cory to look up at Jimin with a tilt of his head. "It's bed time," he said, his head tilting to the side. "Oh," said Cory as he got up, stretching. "Let's go then," he said before leaving the room and going to Changkhyun's room. Kihyun and Jimin exchange glances before following after Cory.

Jimin lay sandwiched between Cory and Kihyun, Jimin hugging a sleeping Kihyun from behind while Cory hugged Jimin from behind. "Jimin," mumbled Cory. "Mm?" Asked Jimin. "I don't want to relapse," Cory muttered before burying his face in Jimin's back. "I know you don't," Jimin mumbled as he sighed. He removed one of his arms from Kihyun and rubbed one of Cory's arms. "You'll be alright," he muttered. "I know you will," he said. He waited until Cory's breathing evened out as he fell asleep before falling asleep himself, burying his face into Kihyun's back.
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[center Chapter 17]

Kihyun wondered how he was going to deal with having to share Jimin now since Cory had entered their lives. Cory made no notion of going home, but he knew they had to face that reality eventually when Kris thought it was time for Changkhyun to return to the states. It was close to December now, just after Thanksgiving. They had another Skyping session on Thanksgiving, just talking and enjoying food. Namjoon had made it home after Thanksgiving, with Doyoung and Hoseok staying with Vernon and Seungkwan.

"Has Kisu not discussed where his relationship with Youngjae was even going yet?" Kihyun asked Cory as they took a walk out to the lake. "No," said Cory as he stared straight ahead with his hands in his hoodie pockets.

"Have you given it any thought on whether you want to go home or not?" Asked Kihyun. "I've given it a lot of thought," said Cory as he looked down at the ground. "I might return home, since I never came here to take over relationships or anything like that," he said. "It's not like I [i wanted] to find my mate in Jimin," he said. "It can't be helped, I know," said Kihyun with a sigh. "I know I gave you my blessing but even Jimin can tell how homesick you are," he said. "At least Hui and Kisu got to go back for a couple days," he said. "But since you're stand in alpha until Changkhyun gets back, you're stuck here," he said. "I'd give anything to go back," Cory grumbled in Korean, causing Kihyun to look at him in confusion. "Nothing nothing," he said when he noticed Kihyun's look.

They reached the lake, Cory going to pay his respects to the 4 graves. "Isn't one of the people here's birthday in a couple days?" He asked Kihyun as he leaned down to brush his fingers over the names. "Yeah, Jin's," said Kihyun as he stood behind Cory. "If it doesn't snow I want to get a barbecue out here," he said. "If it does it's another giant snowball fight," he said with a chuckle. Cory laughs, moving away from the graves. "That sounds like fun," he said. "It is until everyone starts targeting you," Kihyun said scratching the back of his head. "You say that like it's happened to you," said Cory as he turned to Kihyun. "It has," he said, laughing some.

Kihyun went over and placed a couple flowers down on each grave before moving back. Cory went over to the water, standing close to the water as he looked out over the water. "I'm surprised this hasn't frozen over yet," he said. "It will soon," said Kihyun when he he walked over after he was done. "Did it snow when you were home?" He asked. "Sometimes," said Cory. "We live in Daegu so," he said, shrugging. "Mm," said Kihyun. "It does snow, but it's not much," said Cory as he picked up a rock and skipped it across the water.

"What made you want to become the main alpha again?" Asked Kihyun. "Coming back after Hui contacted me to tell me about what happened with Jeonguk," said Cory. "What happened with him?" Asked Kihyun. "He went berserk," said Cory. "The grief hit him too hard, and by that time I had met Changsun and Hongseob," he said. "They were travelling together, friends that took me in because they wanted to help me," he said. "To face Jeonguk meant I had to face that side of me again," said Cory. "I had to snap him out of it, but that required me to give into the anger," he said. "Luckily Kisu and Hui knew how to snap me out of it if it went too far," he said. "Changsun and Hongseob knew how to snap me out of it too, but I was the only one who knew how to snap Jeonguk out of it," he said.

[center ~]

Cory stood in the doorway to Jeonguk's room, where Jeonguk was in wolf form, snarling and baring his teeth at Cory. "I can't believe I was asked to do this," he grumbled as he shrugged off his shirt. "Jeonguk," he said, holding out both hands to show he meant no harm. "You're okay," he said. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said. Jeonguk continued to growl, taking a couple steps forward.

"Do you think he can do it?" Asked Changsun. "I know he can," said Kisu as he sat down in the living room. "He's done it before, but that was before Jeonguk kicked him out," he said. "I don't know if he can still do it, but we'll see in a few minutes," he said. "Why are you concerned suddenly hyung?" Asked Hongseob. "I think I found my mate," mumbled Changsun. "Both of them too it seems," he said, looking at Jinhong before looking towards the hallway where Jeonguk's room was. Jinhong tilted his head to the side before looking towards the hallway.

Cory let out a deep sigh as he circled around the room with Jeonguk. "You leave me no choice then," he grumbled as he closed his eyes, allowing the anger to burst forward, his alpha aura rolling off him in waves. He opened his eyes, which were now gold in color and tackled Jeonguk with the intent to kill.

They wrestled around, Cory eventually pinning Jeonguk under him as Jeonguk returned to human form to fight off Cory. "I thought I told you not to return," snarled out Jeonguk. "If it wasn't for your [i precious] beta contacting me I would've never returned," spat Cory as he reared his arm back to punch Jeonguk in the face. "I came to get you back to normal so I can live my life damn it," he snarled out.

Jeonguk grabbed the fist, landing a right hook on Cory's face, effectively shoving him off. He stood, noticing the eyes. That seemed to snap him out of his insanity briefly. "Did I really push you that far?" He asked, his shoulders slumping as he sighed. "Joohyun," he said, watching as Cory seemed to snap back to reality his eyes returning to their normal color. "W-What?" Came Cory's quiet voice. "Did it happen again?" He asked. Jeonguk nodded as he went to put on some pants, shrugging on a button down shirt afterwards and throwing one of his shirts at Cory, who shrugged on the shirt.

"I guess we both pushed ourselves," said Jeonguk as they left the room. "I guess," said Cory. "I changed my name by the way, I go by the name Cory now," he said. "Call me Joohyun when it comes to that again," he said. "Sure," said Jeonguk.

[center ~]

"It took me a couple more years to gather my courage to become alpha again," said Cory as they started to walk back. "Jeonguk has supported me ever since, with Kisu being my other beta," he said. "Changsun and Hongseob fit well into our pack when Changsun told Jinhong and Jeonguk that he was their pure blood mates," he said. "Seems like it came to a happy ending," said Kihyun as he noticed Jimin standing on the back porch when they came upon the house. "Mm," said Cory as he spotted Jimin.

"Hey guys," said Jimin. Cory waved. Kihyun smiled. "Hey Jimin, what's up?" He asked. "Well, I wanted a night with Cory tonight," said Jimin as he scratched the back of his head. Cory blushed as he chuckled some. "Sure," he said. "Don't be too loud now," Kihyun said with a snicker. "We aren't [i that] loud!" Cory said as he scowled. Kihyun laughs. "I'll go sleep in my bed then," he said heading inside. Jimin chuckled as he went inside with Cory following behind them.
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[center Chapter 16]

Things became awkward for Cory and Jimin as Cory avoided Jimin for the next couple days, trying to figure out what to do. Kihyun had eventually figured it out thanks to Hui telling him when Jimin had been away from the pack house.

Cory was at the lake again, sitting cross legged on the rock that was overlooking the water. It had become his new favorite spot as he leaned forward in the thinking pose, being in his thoughts. "How the hell are you supposed to tell someone that you're still a virgin?" He grumbled to himself as he looked out across the water. "In fact, how the hell do you bring up the subject without being awkward about it?" He asked himself as he face palmed.

"Hyung!" Came Hui's voice as he walked over. "What's up?" Asked Cory as he turned to look at Hui. "Jimin wants to talk," he said. "About?" Asked Cory. "You two's relationship and where it's going," said Hui. Cory groaned. "Why now?" He asked. Hui shrugs. "Want him to come out to the lake?" He asked. "Nah, I'll go to him, where is he?" Asked Cory as he stood and hopped down from the rock, landing on his feet. "In Changkhyun's room," said Hui. "Good luck hyung," he said. "Thanks," mumbled Cory as he walked back. Hui walked back with him. Kihyun spotted Cory as he walked back into the house. "Good luck Cory," he said, going to pat Cory on the back before heading into the kitchen. Cory let out a sigh and went down the hall and to Changkhyun's room. He knocked on the door.

"Come in," came Jimin's voice. Cory stared at the doorknob for a full minute before reaching for it and turning it, pushing the door open. He entered the room and closed the door behind him, smiling some at Jimin. "Hey there," he said, scratching the back of his head. "You wanted to talk?" He asked.

"I wanted to talk about us," said Jimin as he turned to Cory. "What about us?" Asked Cory as he tilted his head to the side. "I want to move our relationship forward, but it's hard to when you've been avoiding me the past couple days," said Jimin. Cory chuckled some. "Well," he said. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to move to the next level," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I wanted to give you some space to think about it," he said.

Jimin tilted his head to the side. "There's something more to it isn't there?" He asked. Cory blushed. "Ah... W-Well," he stammered, looking down. "Nothing against you," he said after a minute as he looked back at Jimin. "I-It's just... I've never..." He mumbled as he looked away. Jimin blinked before chuckling and walking over to Cory. "What's there to be embarrassed about?" He asked as he turned Cory to make him look at him. "If it all came down to that then we can wait til you're ready," he said.

Cory looked at Jimin after a few minutes of being in his thoughts. "Can you give me a couple days? And maybe take me out on a date first?" He asked with a chuckle. Jimin laughs. "Sure," he said, grinning. "I'll take you out tomorrow, my treat," he said. Cory nodded, smiling now. "Good, better take me somewhere fancy then!" He said before running out the room. Jimin shook his head before leaving the room.

"I'm going to guess everything went alright for you both?" Asked Kihyun as Jimin entered the kitchen. "Yep," said Jimin. "I can't believe it came down to that out of all things," he said, shaking his head. "Well, he had trouble telling you, it's not like he could come out and say it outright," said Kihyun. "I guess," said Jimin.

Cory went out to the lake again with Hui, in a better mood than before. "I'm glad it worked out for you hyung," said Hui. "Thanks," said Cory as he scratched the back of his neck. "I want a couple days to I guess prepare," he said, shrugging. "I'm sure Jimin doesn't mind that," said Hui. "He said he didn't," he said. "But I wanted a date first," he said with a chuckle. "Ever the romantic," Hui said with a chuckle. "Hush you," Cory said as he lightly punched Hui in the arm. Hui chuckled.

"Race you to the lake?" He asked. Cory smirked. "You're on," he said before disappearing behind a tree to strip. Hui did the same thing. They came out from behind the trees in wolf form with their clothes in their mouths. Cory crouched before leaping forward, pushing his body to run. Hui barked in protest as he pushed himself forward and raced Cory to the lake.

Hui's smaller form lagged behind a little, but he dug his claws into the ground to make himself run faster. Cory continued to push himself forward, daring Hui to rush past him.

They both skidded to a stop when they reached the lake, going behind the trees to change back and get dressed. "You cheated," said Hui as he pouted. "Never said i'd play fair," said Cory as he grinned. They headed out to the water, climbing onto the rock and sitting down on it. "You're crazy, you know," said Hui. "About what?" Asked Cory as he turned to look at Hui. "Just crazy in general," said Hui as he looked out across the water. Cory tilted his head to the side. "Mm," he said before turning back to look at the water, leaning back on his hands as he stretched out on the rock.

"I guess Kihyun's taking everyone out for the day when you decide you're ready," said Hui as he tilted his head to the side. "It seems so," said Cory. "Don't spend too much money on shopping now," he said. "I don't spend [i that] much on shopping," said Hui. "Besides, I checked the account, it seems we're good for the time being," he said. "We can afford clothes and internet at least," said Cory as he chuckled some. "Food isn't too hard to come by," he said. "It really isn't," agreed Hui.

"You guys gonna spend the night out here or what?" Came Kisu's voice as he walked over. Cory turned his head, spotting Kisu. "Hey Kisu," he said, standing and stretching. "Congrats by the way," Kisu said with a chuckle. "Now it's your turn Kisu," Cory said with a snicker. "Yah! Not yet!" He shouted as he threw a rock in Cory's direction. Cory chuckled and hopped down from the rock with Hui hopping down beside him. They headed home.
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[center Chapter 15]

Hui being back has allowed Cory to be in a better mood. Hui kept an eye on Cory as Cory seemed to be relapsing again. He knew that Cory was home sick, he was too, but they had to hold on just a little longer.

Jimin had brought out the laptop and set it on the coffee table, planning a Skyping session with Cory's pack and Jungkook and Changkhyun. Cory sat on the floor in front of the coffee table with Hui beside him and the others on the couch behind him. They had finally managed a time when just about everyone was home. Kisu was still on his mission but he had stopped in Chicago to get in the Skype call. "Ready?" Asked Cory. "Go for it," said Jimin. Cory started the call, waiting on Jeonguk and Kisu to pick up.

Kisu was the first person to pick up as he waved. "[i Hey hyung! I see Hui's back]," he said. "Yep," said Cory. "Just waiting on Jeonguk now," he said. Jeonguk picked up soon after, with everyone gathered around the computer. "[i Ah! Kisu! I see you are still on the mission]," said Hongseob as he waved. "[i Yeah, almost done though, I'll be back there soon]," Kisu said in Korean. "[i Hey Jimin! I see you're holding out just fine]," said Jungkook. "Sure am, how late is it there?" Asked Jimin. "[i Just before midnight]," Jeonguk said in English, surprising Jimin and the others. "Oh right, I forgot to tell you that Jeonguk was our other English speaking pack member," Cory said with a snicker. Kisu laughs. "[i I'm pretty sure we mentioned it once, I guess it slipped our minds]," he said in English.

"Hongseob, what faction are you with? Yoongi's been curious ever since Cory mentioned that you were part of a South Korean faction," said Jimin. Hongseob looked confused until Jeonguk translated. "[i Oh! My faction? I'm a part of Joshua's]," he said. "[i Since his two pack mates are practically living here permanently he set up his own faction here, and I was one of like 10 to join]," he said. Cory translated and Jimin blinked. "He got permission from Sungcheol to do so?" Asked Jimin. "[i I'm not sure how it works, but I don't think you need permission from a faction leader, I think branching off is allowed, that's how the European vampire hunters are anyway]," said Hongseob when Jeonguk translated. "That would make sense," said Jimin when Cory translated.

"[i Well, I'mma leave these two to you]," Jeonguk said in English as he got up. "[i I have some errands to do before bed, it was nice see you again Kisu, Hui, Cory, stay strong]," he said. "[i Oh, and Cory]," he said, turning back to the camera as he was about to walk away. Cory tilted his head to the side. "[i For the love of god, don't relapse please]," Jeonguk said in Korean before walking away with Changsun and Jinhong. Cory sighed. "You'd think he'd realize that I try not to," he grumbled in Korean. "[i Well, I'll see you guys in a few hours, just gotta finish things up here and I'll be home]," said Kisu before he hung up.

"[i Hyung]," said Hongseob. "[i Have you ever considered that you've been saving yourself for when you find your mate to be the reason that's causing this relapse]?" He asked. Cory blinked before he started blushing. "You idiot!" He yelled in Korean as he got up and ran out of the room. Jungkook had started laughing at how serious Hongseob was when he had asked the question, causing Kihyun and Jimin to look confused. Hui had coughed, laughing as well. Youngjae and Jooheon blink in confusion. "[i What? It was a serious question]," said Hongseob. Hui took deep breaths to try and stop laughing. "You don't just ask a question like that out of the blue Hongseob," he said in Korean between bits of laughter.

"I wish I knew Korean," grumbled Jimin as he tried to figure out what Hongseob had asked. "[i Jimin, don't worry about it]," said Jungkook as he finally regained his composure. "[i I'm sure Cory will bring it up when he feels like it]," he said. "[i It's not wise to bring up a touchy subject like that if I told you what it was anyway]," he said. "Now you got me curious," Jimin said with a groan.

Hongseob chuckled some. "[i Cory ended up with a child didn't he]?" He asked. "According to everyone here, Jimin's the second youngest," Hui said in Korean. "[i Yep, a child]," said Hongseob. Changkhyun scratched the back of his head. "[i Jimin's not that bad]," he said slowly, trying out his Korean. Hui blinked. "6 months of being over there and they already taught you Korean? Wow," he said in English. Changkhyun laughs. "[i They basically thrust me into learning Korean when I got here, I still have a little trouble with words but I can hold a conversation]," he said in English.

Hongseob left the room after saying goodbye to Hui. Jungkook and Changkhyun talked with Youngjae, Jooheon, Kihyun, and Jimin as Hui got up to go check on Cory to make sure he was alright. "[i You seriously need to stop asking about what Hongseob asked Jimin]," Jungkook said with a chuckle. "[i I'm sure that Cory will tell you with time, give him a bit]," he said. "[i We should get to bed, Changsun's dragging us out shopping tomorrow]," said Changkhyun. "Goodnight then," said Jimin. Jungkook and Changkhyun wave before hanging up.
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[center Chapter 14]

Things changed when Kisu was sent out on a mission. "Cory," said Kisu on the day he had to leave. Cory turned to Kisu, his head tilted to the side. "Stay strong hyung," Kisu said in Korean before getting in the rental car and starting it, backing out and driving off heading to his mission. Cory was left standing on the front porch, looking confused for a second before turning and walking back into the house.

Jimin and Kihyun were on the couch watching TV with Youngjae and Jooheon sitting on the floor when Cory came in. "Kisu left for his mission I assume?" Asked Kihyun as he tilted his head at Cory. Cory nodded. "Yeah," he said.

"Well," said Kihyun as Cory took his usual spot on the love seat, playing on his phone as he laid on the love seat, his feet hanging off one end. "What do you guys wanna do? Namjoon should be back from his missions soon," he said. "We could go to the mall again," said Youngjae. "I didn't get to go when you guys went," he said. "The one in the city? We could go again," said Cory. "We can do that I guess," said Jimin. "Who's car are we taking?" He asked. "Mine," said Kihyun as he scratched the back of his head. "I call shotgun!" Said Cory as he hopped off the love seat, standing. "I call window!" Said Jimin and Youngjae. "Aw man," said Jooheon. Kihyun chuckled and turned off the TV and got up. "Let's go," he said. before going to grab his keys and wallet and heading out to his jeep. The others followed after him.

The drive to the mall was quiet, Cory being his own thoughts while everyone else was listening to music on their phones. Kihyun just focused on driving and tried not to road rage too much as traffic going into the city was always horrible.

When they got there Jimin dragged Youngjae around the stores, Jooheon and Kihyun staying with Cory to keep an eye on him. "You've been spacing out a lot Cory," said Kihyun as they stood in front of a store Jimin had dragged Youngjae into. Cory shrugs. "I guess I'm home sick," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Yeah, that's understandable," said Kihyun as he scratched the back of his head. "You've been away from home for close to about 6 months now?" He asked. Cory nodded. "I'm sad I didn't get to see Jeonguk when ya'll had your video call," he said. Kihyun chuckled some. "Well, you can talk to them next time," he said. "It was still quite early for us when we did the call so," he said, shrugging. "Mm," said Cory as he looked towards the store.

Jimin and Youngjae came out of the store with a couple bags, Jimin taking a look at Cory before dragging him off to the next store, leaving Youngjae to walk with Jooheon and Kihyun. Jooheon sighed. "He better just be getting clothes," he grumbled before walking after them. Youngjae laughs and followed after Jooheon with Kihyun following after them after a minute.

Cory was immediately reminded of when Hui would drag him around the stores as he walked with Jimin. He didn't mind it, since it was with Jimin but it made him realize how homesick he actually was. Jimin tried to distract him as best he could with having him trying on different clothes. "Try these," he said, pushing Cory towards the changing rooms. "It's getting cooler now, and you need jackets," he said as Cory protested. Cory went to try them on to keep Jimin from whining.

Jimin stood outside the changing rooms to see which jackets fit Cory better as Cory came out with different jackets on. "You fit the zip up hoodies more hyung," he said as Cory finished trying on jackets. "I figured," said Cory as he looked at the jackets that Jimin had handed him. "I want this one," he said, holding up a blue zip up hoodie. "Sure," said Jimin. They went to check out and then met the others outside the store. "It's starting to get colder, we'll take Kisu and Hui out when they get back," said Jimin. "Oh yeah, you guys didn't pack for the winter did you?" Asked Kihyun. Cory shook his head. "Apparently not," he said.

Cory checked the group chat as Jimin decided it was Jooheon's turn to be dragged around the stores. Jimin dragged him into a store to get some shopping done as Youngjae walked with Kihyun. Cory lagged a little behind as he answered text messages from the group chat, Jeonguk and the others asking how things were over there. It was pretty late there when Cory checked what time it was so he told the others to just go to bed.

"Cory! Come on!" Kihyun called and Cory looked up before walking faster to catch up to them. "Sorry, got caught up in the group chat," said Cory as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "It's fine," said Kihyun as he chuckled some. "You really are home sick it seems, how's Jungkook and them doing?" He asked. "Fine," said Cory. "They asked if they could set up a time to Skype in a few hours," he said. "If Jimin doesn't spend the entire day here like he usually does sure," said Youngjae. "It's pretty late there," said Cory. "So they want to sleep first," he said with a chuckle. "Yeah, then Jimin can spend all the time in the world here," Kihyun said with a chuckle.

After Kihyun got dragged around they went to get a late lunch, sitting around a table. Youngjae and Jooheon made small talk as Kihyun and Jimin talked with Cory about his home life, asking him about what it was like back home.

"It's been pretty calm back home," said Cory. "Nothing's been too exciting except when Hongseob comes back from his missions," he said. "He always talks about the faction he managed to join, which is nice for us because we aren't exactly hurting for money, but we aren't rich either," he said, shrugging. "He gets paid more when doing missions," he said. "The fact that we have this kind of long term mission helps us too, we get paid monthly," he said.

"Do you all have separate bank accounts or is it just one giant one?" Asked Jimin. "One giant one, we share the money," said Cory. "We've all lived in poor homes, having one giant account is a way of us keeping the money together," he said. "That's a good idea actually," said Youngjae. "You can keep track of expenses easier that way," he said. "Yeah," said Cory as he scratched the back of his head.

After lunch Cory got a text in the group chat and he checked on who it was. "Oh, Hui's back," he said. "Really?" Asked Jimin. "Yeah, might as well get lunch for him," said Cory. "I got it," he said before going to order some food. Once that was done everyone headed out to the jeep, with Kihyun driving home and Jimin in the passenger seat. Youngjae ended up in the middle this time, with Cory and Jooheon on either side of him.
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[center Chapter 13]

Cory woke up choking on his own screams again for the third time that week, and Kisu ran into the room to calm him down. Hui had been sent out on a mission earlier that week so it had been up to Kisu to snap him out of it.

Jimin and Kihyun stood in the doorway, hesitant on entering the room as Kisu spoke words in Korean they couldn't understand. "Cory," said Kisu as he held Cory down to keep him from thrashing around in the bed. "Don't you dare relapse on me damn it," he said in Korean as he forced Cory to look at him. "You are home, you hear me? [i Home]," he said. "Jeonguk doesn't blame you anymore," he said. "He had been stupid to do what he did," he said. "But you are okay, nothing is happening to you," he said. "Breathe, and calm down," he said.

By that time Cory had calmed down a little, taking deep breaths to calm down more. "You're okay hyung," said Kisu as he kept eye contact with Cory. "You're okay," he repeated. "I'm okay," Cory said in Korean after a few minutes as he let out a sigh. "I'm sorry for waking you again," he muttered. "It's alright," said Kisu as he moved away, sitting on the bed beside Cory and tousling his hair. "You had Jimin and Kihyun worried," he said, turning to look at the doorway. He nodded to let them know they could come in.

Jimin went over and sat on the other side of Cory, looking concerned. "You've been having nightmares a lot this week," he said. "You sure you don't want to come back into our room?" He asked. Cory shook his head. "I'll be fine," he muttered in Korean, causing Jimin to look at Kisu for a translation. "He'll be fine," said Kisu. "He needs to sleep, come on," he said before getting up and tucking Cory in. Jimin got off the bed and left the room. "Goodnight," Cory called. "Goodnight hyung," said Kisu as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

"How long before he completely relapses?" Asked Jimin as they went into the living room. "There's no way to tell," said Kisu as he sighed. "It depends more on his own self control but even I can tell that's slipping," he said. "Jeonguk was the only one to witness what was going on before Cory started having these episodes, you'd have to talk to him," he said. "Do you have a laptop or something? I think I can see if he's not busy with making dinner or something," he said. Jimin went into Changkhyun's room to grab his laptop, coming back with it and handing it to Kisu who sat on the couch to sign into Skype and see if Jeonguk was online. He texted the group chat to see if anyone was there, as Jinhong answered and said that Jeonguk was out grocery shopping. "Damn it," said Kisu as he sighed. He told Jinhong to tell Jeonguk to hurry back, as this was important.

They sat around for about half an hour before Jeonguk answered, saying he was back from grocery shopping. Kisu looked at the clock to see how early it was and took the laptop outside to start a video call. Jimin and Kihyun followed after him and they sat on the porch. Kisu started the call and waved at Jeonguk and Changsun who was behind him.

"[i Long time no see Kisu,]" Jeonguk said in Korean as he spotted Jimin and Kihyun. "Mm," said Kisu. "[i It's a bit early for you isn't it?]" Asked Jeonguk. "Not exactly," Kisu said in Korean. "But I guess it is," he said. "[i What's up? Jinhong said this was important,]" Jeonguk said as he tilted his head at Jimin and Kihyun. "Cory's relapsing," Kisu said simply. "[i God damn it,]" said Jeonguk as he stood up from his chair and walked away spewing curses left and right.

Changsun took his place in the chair. "[i Relapsing again hyung? What's got him back into relapsing?]" He asked. "We aren't sure really," said Kisu. "[i Those two don't understand Korean do they?]" Asked Changsun as he pointed to Jimin and Kihyun. "No," said Kisu. "Which is why I needed Jeonguk," he said. "[i Well you know him, when he's like that it'll be a bit,]" said Changsun as he sighed. "[i I can somewhat answer your questions from the years I've observed Cory,]" he said. "Is Jungkook there?" Asked Kihyun. "He could translate," he said. Kisu quickly translated. "[i Oh, the visiting alpha and his mate?]" Asked Changsun. "[i They're here somewhere, I'll see if Jinhong is with them,]" he said before getting up and going to find Jinhong.

After a few minutes Jungkook came into view, with a chair and Changsun returned and waved. "Hey Jungkook," said Jimin as he waved. "[i What's up?]" Asked Jungkook. "Well, we need a translator on your end," Kisu said in English. "We're out on the back porch so the audio could get wonky," he said. "You're aware of Cory's past right?" He asked Jungkook. "[i Yeah, Jeonguk explained what he could, so I have an idea of what to help translate,]" said Jungkook. "Alright," said Kisu.

"[i Cory's relapsing, that I know about,]" Changsun muttered. "[i What questions do you have?]" He asked as Jungkook translated. Kisu had gotten up to go check on Cory and start on breakfast. "How long before it gets worse?" Asked Jimin. When Jungkook translated Changsun turned serious. "[i How many nightmares is he having per week right now?]" Asked Changsun. "Three," said Jimin as he held up 3 fingers. "[i Is he being super moody right now?]" Asked Changsun. "No," said Jimin once Jungkook translated. "He had a period of time where he was but right now it's just the nightmares," he said. Changsun listened to the translation and blinked. "[i How long ago was this?]" He asked. "A few weeks ago," said Kihyun once Jungkook translated. "The nightmares didn't start getting worse until last week," he said.

"[i So he got out of it only to return into it worse than last time,]" grumbled Changsun as he crossed his arms in thought. "[i It's morning there right?]" He asked Jungkook who nodded. "[i Okay, the next thing you absolutely need to watch out for is the eyes,]" he said, turning back to the camera. "[i There's a reason Kisu keeps eye contact with him, it's to make sure his eyes don't turn gold,]" he said. "[i One day Kisu's not going to be there, we need you to use his human name, which I assume you know?]" He asked. When Jimin and Kihyun nod Changsun nodded. "[i Alright,]" said Changsun. "[i I'm hanging up now, call us if you need anything,]" he said and waited for Jungkook to translate before ending the call.

Kisu came outside with coffee for Jimin and Kihyun, watching the sunrise. "This is going to be a pain," he muttered. "Why is he relapsing now out of all times," he grumbled. "I don't know," said Jimin. "I hope he can snap out of it before something happens," he said. "Me too," said Kisu as he sighed.
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[center Chapter 12]

Things started to change for Cory and Jimin after they figured things out between the both of them. Things seemed to be going back to normal now, and the mood around the house got better. Cory was afraid of relapsing however, because the last time he had done so he got Jeonguk's mate killed. Kisu and Hui kept a close eye on their friend as a few more weeks passed.

Cory was out at the lake again with Hui and Kisu, being out here for the third time that week. "You're afraid of relapsing aren't you hyung?" Asked Kisu as he turned to Cory who had skipped a rock across the water. "It's hard not to think about it," said Cory. "Especially after the close call a few weeks ago," he said. "I'm glad I managed to pull from that," he said.

"I think... I'll be able to explain my past to them now," he said. "Now that I've gotten a chance to calm down," he said. "Are you sure?" Asked Hui as he skipped a rock across the water. "Yeah," said Cory. "I might as well," he said. "In case I relapse again and you two aren't here, they need to know what to do," he said. "Can you let them know that I want to talk to everyone?" He asked. "I want to spend a bit more time out here before heading back," he said. Kisu hesitated. "Are you sure hyung?" He asked. Cory nodded. "I'll let you know, if I need you out here," he said. Kisu nodded and headed back with Hui.

"Jimin," Kisu called when he entered the house with Hui. "What's up?" Asked Jimin as he walked out of Changkhyun's room. "Can you call everyone in for a meeting? Cory wants to talk to everyone," he said. "Sure," said Jimin as he went to text the group chat. "Youngjae and Jooheon went to the grocery store, they should be here soon," he said. Kihyun came out of Changkhyun's room, his head tilted to the side. "Cory wants to talk?" He asked. Kisu nodded. "He's ready to talk about his past," he said. "Oh," said Kihyun as he blinked.

Cory returned to the house after Youngjae and Jooheon returned from shopping. He looked more relaxed now, being ready to talk about this. He let out a deep breath as he looked around the living room, where everyone was sitting and waiting for Cory to speak.

After getting encouraging nods from Kisu and Hui Cory decided to speak. "I was born in the early 1900's in South Korea," he said, letting out a deep breath. "My family was poor, but we managed to get by with what we had," he said. "I enlisted in World War 2 and got sent to Japan where I met Jeonguk and his mate," he said. "They were both civilians at the time, but we got along well," he said.

"Things went okay, I brought food over to Jeonguk and his mate Chaeyoung when I could," he said. "It went as well as it could, until they captured the 3 of us and sent us to one of the worst camps in human history, Unit 731," he said with a shiver.

"I managed to keep Jeonguk and myself from getting anything done to us, but Chaeyoung was sent to the women's side of the camp," he said. "I swore that I'd get them out of there but word from the other side of the wall, where the women's camp was, said that Chaeyoung got sick," he said. "I don't know what they injected her with but I had to put my plan to work," he said. He was trying to keep the trembling out of his voice as he spoke, as he looked down.

"When I put my plan into action they decided to take Jeonguk out to get his wolf extracted, they wanted to see what it would do to him since he was a pure blood and I went berserk," he said. "They had injected me with some kind of drug that caused me to go violent, killing everything in sight," he said.

[center ~]

"Take the two wolves to the chamber!" Barked one of the officers. Cory fought with the guard as he growled. "You don't want your friend to die do you?" Asked the officer. Cory had paused, glaring at the officer as they pushed him forward. "It's alright Joohyun," came Jeonguk's raspy voice as he coughed. "We'll live through this," he said. "Bring the girl!" Barked the officer and a guard brought over Chaeyoung, who looked pale and sickly. They were forced into a chamber with some sort of machine above a table. They forced Jeonguk onto the table and strapped him down.

"Don't you dare!" Cory snarled out as he leaped forward only to get shocked with a cattle prod. He fell with a grunt, and felt the prod against his back. "This will be short and quick," said the officer as he turned on the machine. A beam of light shot down onto Jeonguk's body and all anyone could hear was his screams in agony.

Cory could feel the anger burst through his body as he turned on the guard before him, his eyes glowing gold. He snarled and attacked everyone in the room, destroying the machine in the process. He didn't recall what he did when he finally came to, standing in front of Chaeyoung as he was about to kill her. "Joohyun!" She had shouted, her voice weak. It snapped him out of his rage induced stupor as he came to his senses.

"C-Chaeyoung?" Came Cory's quiet voice as he looked down at his blood soaked hands. He turned to where Jeonguk lay, before turning and picking up Chaeyoung and bringing her to him. "Jeonguk," sobbed Chaeyoung as she hugged an unconscious Jeonguk. "I'm sorry Joohyun," she said. "I know you promised to get all three of us out, but he's dying, I need to give my wolf to him," she said. Cory just stood in a daze, nodding. He stood by the door to give the two a moment as he continued to stare at his bloody hands, wondering what had happened to him.

[center ~]

"He got his wolf extracted, and she gave up her wolf to him," said Cory as he clenched his fists and looked down. "She lost her memories but died in the camp before we got liberated, I broke my promise to them," he said. "Jeonguk learned of what happened later, and he kicked me out of the pack," he said. "I had been alpha for a few years prior to that, as we met Kisu and Jinhong when we went back to South Korea," he said.

"I still have these random bursts of anger," he said after taking a minute to calm down. "The only way to snap me out of it is to use my human name," he said. "Or, rather my birth name I guess since I'm a pure blood," he said. "It's been a while since I had an outburst, but I'm due for one soon," he said.

"Well," said Kihyun after he processed everything. "You have my support," he said. "Same," said Jimin. "We're mates, I want to help you," he said. "You've had our support since the beginning," said Kisu and Hui. "I'm here to support you," said Youngjae and Jooheon. "Thanks guys," said Cory as he smiled some.
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[center Chapter 11]

Cory woke choking on his own screams early the next morning. He got tangled in the blanket as he fought to get the blanket off him. "Hyung? Hyung!" Hui called as he ran over. Jimin, Kihyun and Kisu ran into the room with Youngjae and Jooheon standing in the doorway wondering what was going on.

"Cory!" Said Kisu as he ran over and helped Hui get the blanket off him. "It's alright Cory," he said, keeping calm as he got Cory out of the blanket. "Cory," he said again as he put both hands on Cory's shoulders. "It's me, Kisu," he spoke in Korean as he was aware of the others in the room. "You're not there anymore okay? Calm down," he said. Cory looked wide eyed at Kisu, his breathing labored as he tried to calm down. "You're not in the camps anymore," Kisu said, keeping eye contact with Cory. "You're home, you're safe, and nothing's going to happen anymore," he said. Hui hovered on the other side of the bed, looking concerned but he knew Kisu had this.

"I-I'm okay," Cory mumbled in Korean as he finally relaxed, looking up at Kisu. "You're okay," Kisu said in Korean, patting Cory on the shoulder before moving away, turning to Jimin and Kihyun who looked concerned. "I'll tell you in the morning," he said in English as he motioned for everyone to leave the room. "I'll keep an eye on him," said Hui as Jimin and Kihyun left the room.

Kisu turned to Hui who was making sure Cory was sleeping again. "He's relapsing," he said in Mandarin. "We need to keep him from relapsing even more," he said. "I know," Hui said in Mandarin as he turned to Kisu. "Jimin needs to hurry up and make his damn decision already," he said, sighing. Kisu nodded before checking on Cory one more time and leaving the room. Hui went back to sleep after making sure Cory was asleep.

The next morning Kisu wandered into the kitchen to start the coffee machine and see what he could make for breakfast. Cory and Hui wandered into the kitchen after a few minutes, going to get their cups of coffee prepared. Kisu glanced back to see Cory. "You alright Cory?" He asked. Cory nodded. "I'll be fine," he mumbled. "Don't tell them anything," he said in Korean. "This is a direct order from your alpha," he said. Kisu sighed. "You're relapsing hyung," he said in Korean. "I am not going to explain anything until I get my answer from Jimin," Cory said, turning to Kisu with a growl. Kisu held up his hands in surrender. "Fine fine, your call," he said.

Jimin, Kihyun, Youngjae and Jooheon walk into the kitchen, aware of the tense atmosphere. Cory turned back to the coffee machine after glancing at Jimin. Jimin let out a sigh as he turned to Kisu. "What's for breakfast?" He asked. "Pancakes," said Kisu as he checked on the pancakes. "Who made the coffee?" Asked Kihyun. Hui and Cory point to Kisu as they got their cups of coffee and drank it.

After breakfast was served Cory went outside to go for a run, changing once he was on the grass, running off. Kisu and Hui stood on the back porch, watching him go. "You not joining him?" Asked Kihyun as he came outside. "Not right now," said Kisu as he rubbed the back of his neck. "He's in one of those moods," he said. "Mm," said Kihyun as he sighed.

"So what happened last night?" He asked. "We got a direct order not to talk about it," said Kisu as he looked out towards the forest. "But I think it's safe for me to say that it's nightmares," he said. "He won't say anything about it until Jimin gives him his choice," he said. "Plus, it's not our place to say something about something as traumatizing as that," he muttered. Kihyun nodded. "I guess so," he said.

"He's seemed to realize that he's relapsing," Hui muttered in Mandarin. "Of course he realized it," Kisu said in Mandarin. "At least, now he knows how to control himself if it gets too bad," he said. "Mm," said Hui. "And we know how to get him back in control if it gets too out of hand for him," he said.

"Okay, what are you guys talking about now? That's not Korean," said Kihyun. "Sorry, it was Mandarin, and we were just discussing stuff concerning Cory," Kisu said in English. "Stuff we were told not to discuss on his orders so," he said, shrugging. "And before you say that it doesn't matter, we're not a part of your pack remember, Cory comes first before anyone else since he's our alpha," he said as Kihyun almost said something. "So, if you want to hear his story tell Jimin to hurry up with his decision already," he said before he hopped off the back porch, changing in mid air and landing on four feet in his wolf form. He howled to let Cory know he was coming before running off, following Cory's scent.

Kihyun turned to Hui who watched Kisu go with an impassive look. "You're not going to get anything out of me," said Hui as he felt eyes on him. "As much as it's hurting Cory right now to not reveal anything, it's his orders, he fears rejection more than anything," he muttered. "You weren't there when everything happened," said Kihyun as he tilted his head to the side. "No, I joined after Kisu had a mission in China," said Hui. "But in South Korea Cory has a rather big reputation," he said. "I'm surprised actually, that Jeonguk's extraction didn't come to light when Yoongi's trial went public," he muttered before he too jumped off the back porch and changed to wolf form, landing on four feet. He howled before following after Kisu's scent.

Kihyun was left to stand on the porch, contemplating a lot of things as he looked deep in thought. Jimin came outside. "Where's Cory and everyone else?" He asked. "Running," said Kihyun. "Well, I have a decision," said Jimin. "Go after him," said Kihyun. Jimin nodded and hopped off the back porch, changing and landing on four feet in wolf form. He ran after Cory's scent.

Cory raced through the forest with his pack mates behind him. He was frustrated with himself. He felt himself relapsing into his old ways, but he needed to fight it off. He growled as he pushed himself to run faster, going full sprint. Kisu and Hui pushed themselves to run faster. He skidded to a stop when he heard Jimin howl from behind them. Cory turned around and spotted Jimin running up to them. Kihyun ran over with some clothes in a bag.

"Jimin wants to talk," he said when Cory tilted his head at Kihyun. Cory nodded and Kihyun threw some clothes at the three of them before throwing some at Jimin. The four of them disappeared behind trees to change back and put some clothes on.

"You wanted to talk?" Cory asked Jimin when they came out from behind the trees. "I made my decision," said Jimin. "After thinking about it, I want to make this work," he said. "As long as your okay with it," he said. Cory looked relieved as his shoulders slumped. "I'm glad you want this to work," he said, smiling a bit. Jimin grinned. "Come on! Let's go watch movies to celebrate," he said, grabbing Cory's arm and dragging him back to the house.

"There's something you're not telling me," Kihyun said to Kisu and Hui who had started to walk back. "It's not our place to talk about it," said Kisu as he looked back at Kihyun. "Wait until Cory feels comfortable enough to share it with everyone," he said. Kihyun sighed and nodded, following after Kisu and Hui.
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[center Chapter 10]

Cory was left to his own devices as Jimin needed time to himself. Kisu looked out for his fellow pack member and alpha, making sure he was okay. Kihyun even looked out for Cory as a few weeks passed. Daehyun and Yoongi had left to go home, and Namjoon was sent out on a mission again.

"Heard from Hui yet?" Cory asked Kisu as they walked through the forest to head to the lake. "Not really," said Kisu as he put his hands in his pockets. "I even had Jimin call Sungcheol to make sure Joshua's group was okay," he said. "They had a long term mission in Europe, they didn't have access to their phones," he said. "I don't know where Hui went after that," he said. "Wait, isn't Joshua's pack in Boston? Why'd he go to New York?" Asked Cory as he paused. Realization hit Kisu as he blinked, turning to Cory. "Something must've happened," he said. "Let's not worry about it yet," said Cory as his expression went blank. "You have to remember, Hui disappears for months before coming back," he said.

"Why are you always coming out here anyway?" Asked Kisu as they reached the lake. "To pay my respects," said Cory as he went to the four graves, which had fresh flowers on them already from Jimin. "Oh, right," said Kisu as he walked over to the graves to stand beside Cory.

"We didn't know any of them, and yet here we are paying our respects," said Kisu as he knelt down and brushed his fingers over each of the names on the crosses. "It's the best we can do," said Cory as he stood behind Kisu. "They may have answers to questions we don't even have answers for," he said. "Mm," said Kisu as he moved away.

Cory moved forward and bent down to brush his fingers over the names. "It's a shame death came to these people," he said. "They were good people," said Kisu. "Sometimes even good people have to die," he said. "Like Jeonguk's mate," Cory mumbled with a sigh as he moved away. Kisu cringed.

"It wasn't your fault hyung," he said in Korean, putting a hand on Cory's shoulder. "I still feel like it is sometimes," Cory said in Korean as he turned away. Kisu turned Cory to where they were face to face. "Look at me Joohyun," he said, forcing Cory to look at him. "None of this was your fault," he said, keeping both hands on his shoulders. "None of it, okay?" He asked. When Cory nodded Kisu let him go, walking over to the lake to give Cory some space. Cory stared at the graves like he was going to get some answers to internal questions for a long time before going to join Kisu by the water.

They were there for a few hours, just enjoying the silence when they heard Jimin approach with Kihyun. "You two alright?" Asked Jimin. "We're fine," said Cory as he turned to Jimin. "You were out here all day," said Kihyun as he studied Cory with a tilt of his head. "Sorry," said Cory as he scratched the back of his head. "I needed some time to think, and I guess we got side tracked," he said.

"Cory," Kihyun said carefully. "Are you sure you're alright?" He asked. "I'll be fine," said Cory as he looked at Kihyun. "He'll be fine," said Kisu as he turned to Kihyun. Kihyun nodded. "Just being sure," he said. "Hui's back by the way, he returned about an hour after you guys left," he said. "Cool," said Cory. "Let's go see him then," he said before he started walking back. Jimin ran after him, though Kihyun and Kisu were hesitant on doing so. "Go ahead you two!" Shouted Kihyun. "We'll be after you in a bit," he shouted. "Got it!" Jimin shouted back.

Kihyun turned to Kisu. "I saw that haunted look in his eyes," he said. "What were you guys talking about?" He asked. "We paid our respects to the 4 graves," said Kisu. "And he was reminded of something that happened years ago," he said. "It's not my place to talk about it, I didn't join them until after everything happened," he said. "Whatever happened he still feels guilty about, and what took him so long to gain his confidence as alpha again," he said. "He was alpha before?" Asked Kihyun. "When I joined yes, but Jeonguk became alpha shortly after I joined," said Kisu as he started walking back. Kihyun walked after him.

Hui took one look at Cory before going to hug him. "You'll be alright, it wasn't your fault," he said in Korean. "Thanks Hui," Cory mumbled in Korean before he moved away. Jimin was missing something he knew, but he didn't pry on the matter. He figured it was something between themselves as a pack so he didn't bother to pry into a tender moment between pack members.

"Well, let's go, we're having a movie night!" He said to lighten the mood. Cory turned to Jimin and smiled. "Let's get to watching the movies! Which one are we watching tonight?" He asked. "Your choice Cory," said Jimin before he ran inside. Cory chuckled and went inside to pick out a movie. Hui chuckled and walked in after them. Kihyun and Kisu arrived and took their places in their usual spot, with Hui in the recliner. Cory picked out the Resident Evil movies and lay on the love seat, his feet hanging off one end, his mind somewhere else.

"Cory," said Kihyun when the movies ended. "You want to sleep out here or?" He asked as he walked over to Cory. The others had already gotten up to go to bed. "I'll go room in your room tonight," mumbled Cory as he got up, stretching. "You sure?" Asked Kihyun. Cory nodded. "I'll keep an eye on him," said Hui as he walked over. "I just need to be by myself tonight," said Cory. "Alright," said Kihyun as he went into Changkhyun's room where Jimin was getting ready for bed. Cory and Hui headed into Kihyun's room.
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[center Chapter 9]

Cory and Kisu had gotten along well with Yoongi despite their bad first impression. Daehyun hung out with Jimin while they were staying around. Kihyun just hung out with Cory when Kisu was busy with Youngjae and Jooheon.

Yoongi was out shopping with Kihyun and Cory, just hanging out at the shopping center for a little bit. The others were busy with their own things so Cory, Kihyun and Yoongi went to the shopping center to hang out. They were sure that the others would meet them there eventually.

"So what brought you two out here?" Asked Kihyun as they walked around. "Came along to be in my thoughts a bit," said Cory. "Same," said Yoongi.

"I didn't realize you and Jimin were mates though," he said as he turned to Cory. "He's still as oblivious as ever it seems," he said, sighing. Cory chuckled some. "I don't even know when I'll break it to him," he said, sighing. "How'd you tell him?" He asked Kihyun. Kihyun shrugs. "I just went with it," he said. "Jimin eventually came around and agreed with it," he said. "He needed space to figure this out and be absolutely sure but," he said, shrugging. "He already lets you sleep in the room with us, try talking with him later," he said. "Again, all I wanted for him was for him to be happy," he said. "So I guess that's my blessing," he said. Cory nodded. "I'll figure something out," he said.

Kisu arrived with Youngjae and Jooheon as Cory stood outside of a store that Yoongi and Kihyun had gone into. "Left alone hyung?" Asked Kisu. "I didn't want to be dragged into a store with those two, flashbacks to when Hui would drag us out shopping," Cory said with a shiver.

Kisu snickered. "Hyung is scared of shopping? Wow," he said in Korean. "Ya! You weren't dragged along when Jeonguk and I were dragged along by Hui!" Cory said in Korean, slapping Kisu over the back of his head. "Next time Hui invites us to go shopping I'm shoving you to him you punk," he said. "Ow!" Whined Kisu as he rubbed the back of his head. "Oh shut it you," grumbled Cory as he turned to look back at the store. Youngjae and Jooheon were both confused, but from the way Cory had reacted they figured it had something to do with Hui and shopping.

"Whatever he said, I think you deserved that one," Youngjae said with a chuckle. "I forget you don't speak Korean," Kisu grumbled in English as he rubbed the back of his head. "We haven't been in an English speaking country in a while, we're so used to communicating in Korean," he said, sighing. "I mean I still know some French but," Youngjae said as he shrugs. "You know French? That's cool," said Kisu. "Haven't spoken it in a while," Youngjae said with a shrug. "But yeah," he said.

Kihyun and Yoongi came out of the store, spotting a moody Cory standing with Kisu, Youngjae and Jooheon. "Did Kisu piss you off again?" Asked Kihyun. Cory hummed in response as he shrugs. Kisu grumbled something in Korean, causing Cory to look at him. "I am not moody you punk," Cory said with a growl, causing Kisu to flinch at the sudden burst of Cory's alpha aura. "Calm down Cory," said Kihyun as he put a hand on Cory's shoulder. Cory took a deep breath, before walking away.

"Alright, what the hell did you say to piss him off this time?" Kihyun said as he turned to Kisu. "I was joking," Kisu said, sighing. "Cory hasn't talked to Jimin yet, there's a lot on his mind right now," said Kihyun. "Still?" Asked Youngjae. "He's hesitant," said Kisu as he sighed. "Experience with what happened with Jeonguk is keeping him from doing so," he said. Yoongi's expression hardened as he turned away. "Everyone doesn't want what happened to Jeonguk and I to happen to them," he said. Kihyun kept his expression blank as he turned to where Cory had wandered off to. "I'll talk to him," he said before following after Cory's scent to look for him.

"Cory," called Kihyun when he found him. Cory turned around, looking at Kihyun. "Don't mind Kisu, you know he didn't mean it," said Kihyun. "I know," Cory said as he sighed. "You'll be fine," said Kihyun as he put his hands in his pockets. "I know you have a lot on your mind right now,but you'll be fine," he said. "Just talk to him when we get home, if worse comes to worse I'm here for you," he said. Cory nodded. "Hopefully it turns out okay," he said. "I know it will," said Kihyun.

The others caught up to them after a few minutes, Kisu looking concerned. "I'm fine Kisu," said Cory as he turned to Kisu. "Sorry for that," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "It's alright," said Kisu. "I shouldn't have pushed you like that," he muttered in Korean. Cory walked over and put a hand on Kisu's shoulder. "We'll be fine," he said in Korean. "Things will work out in the end," he said. Kisu nodded.

"I'm going to guess that things are okay now?" Asked Youngjae. Cory turned to Youngjae and nodded. "Things are alright now," he said in English. "I think we should head home then," said Kihyun. "We've been here the whole day," he said. "Doubt anyone else would come out," he said. Everyone nodded and headed home.

"Good luck Cory," said Kihyun when they got out of the jeep after arriving home. Cory nodded and headed off to find Jimin.

"Jimin," said Cory when he found Jimin by the lake. "Can we talk?" He asked. Jimin turned to Cory. "What's up?" He asked. "I wanted to talk to you about us," he said. Jimin tilted his head to the side. "We are mates aren't we?" Asked Jimin. Cory blinked. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about," he said. "How'd you figure that out?" He asked. Jimin smiled slightly. "Daehyun kind of told me," he said. "I spent the day out here again it seems," he said, sighing as he turned back to the water.

"Are you okay with this?" Asked Cory as he went to stand beside Jimin. Jimin nodded. "I know there's something there," he said. "I want to give it a shot eventually, but I want some time to figure this out," he said. "Don't take this as a rejection," said Jimin. "I won't," said Cory, as he looked relieved. Jimin turned to Cory, putting a hand on his shoulder. "If it bothers you that much, the couch is always open," he said with a chuckle. Cory laughs. "I'll be fine," he said. "Let's go home," he said before walking back. "Also!" Said Jimin as he walked after Cory. "You are teaching me Korean once I have all this figured out!" He said.
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