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I want to do a yugioh rp, but dont really have an idea for a plot. My oc uses majespecters and is sort of new to dueling.
OC are VERY welcome and encouraged. I can play many types of rps. And am willing to try one i dont usually do.
We can talk about plot or just make it up as we go along. PLEASE pm me! And thank you!

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Britt had gasped the moment they were pulled in and Yugi had let the Pharaoh take over as he grabbed her holding her close when they landed. Each of them closed their eyes as they didn't know what was going on but when they landed they looked around.

"Wh-Where are we?" Britt asked
"Definatly not Domino City." He answered

Britt got herself free from the Pharaoh as she went over to the crying boy. "Uh excuse me, can you tell me where we are?" She asked him. She looked at her arm seeing her and the Pharaoh both still had their duel disks from their time.
  BrittStalin / 1y 269d 14h 12m 0s
In the middle of the city, in the real world, sat the security building for the Vrains virtual system. Nothing happened that the crew could not track, and record. In this building was a basement, long forgotten to all but one person. The room was dark, the lights low.
On one side of the room. some screens glowed slightly, a man was in a chair, fingers pecking at a keyboard. On the other side of the room was a glass case. In the case was a yugioh card. The card was a combination of all the major types of cards, fusion, xyz, synchro, pendulum. There was a low, almost growling sound, like that of a large, sleeping dragon. The sound was coming from the card in the case.
The man's finders stopped for a moment, and he turned on his chair. "Soon, master. You will be able to awake soon."
Turning back to his work, the man hit a key, and now computer code whirled along the screens.
Outside the building, all was normal. Well, almost everywhere. A large portal opened up nest to Britt and Yugi, taking them into is cyber grasp.
Adfter moving through cyber space, the portal dropped them off next to the crying boy, still leaning over his poor Kirin.
Back in the basement, the man smiled. "Step one, complete, Master."
Upstairs, in the main part of the building, all sorts of alarms were going off. Something had just happened, something against regulation. In the main room, there were people all looking at screens, trying to decipher what error had just occurred. Vrains itself seemed to have reached out into the real world, but that was against its programing. What was going on?
  rocksanne / 1y 271d 16h 44m 38s
In the word of when Duel monsters had just begun, Britt Petrova was following Clues to her past. She had a M. item around her wrist called the M. Bracelet and she was always hanging out with fellow Duelist Yugi Motou because he had the M. Puzzle that held the spirit of her past life husband. Yugi was always an inspiration as was her king, she’d admired the way they inspired the others to help.
One day she’d been out hanging with Yugi and she looked at him with a pleading look. “I know it’s not a dueling area, but may I see him? Please.” She asked
She didn’t know what was coming for them was soon going to send them to a place that would need help inspiring the game again.
  Britt and Bre / BrittStalin / 1y 298d 8h 51s
Looking the clock on the wall, it was almost three in the afternoon, time for his next match. His green eyes stared up to the plain, wood textured ceiling. With a calming breath, he rolls off of the bed. Shoes making no noise on the white carpet, he walked over to the closet Sunshine streamed through the open window. Opening the door, it was VERY clear that this was not a closet. It had cold looking metal walls, grooves set into the metal. Walking inside, he closes the door behind him. Overhead, a light came to live. Again he breathes to calm down his nerves. "INTO THE VRAINS!" he calls out to the machine in his calm voice. It almost sounded like wind going through some grass in an open field. Painlessly, he was shipped off the the virtual world of Link Vrains, a heaven to all yugioh players, since the game was banned in the real world. With a thud, he lands on his feet in the middle of a city, the center of Vrains. A slight breeze blows through his white and green hair, and he smiled. With a single hand motion, he formed the wind into a platform that would take him to the location of his match. Below were fellow yugoh players, all stuttering around like bugs. Scanning the skyline, he found his target, the tallest building of all of Vrains, Duelist Tower. Gently, the wind set him down in the roof. Looking around, he saw no one was here. "Where are they?" he asks himself. He was in a pair of green pants that had a white stripe on it. The wind whipped at the bottom of his pants. "Is that so?" the man asks, though he does not seem to be talking to anyone. Turning around, there was movement that caught his sharp eyes. "Come out," he said to whoever was there. "I know your there, let's not play these petty games."


The boy was on his knees, crouched over his cards. He was also crying. "Once again," says his opponent with a gavel like voice, "You're nothing compared to me." The man reached down and grabbed on of the boys cards. Through his tears, he could make out that the card was his Kirin, his most cherished card. There was a ripping sound, and he saw that his card was now in two pieces. The boy screamed in agony as his heart broke. "HOW DARE YOU!" he screamed at the other. As he was getting up to retaliate, the other duelist disappeared in a blur. Gathering up his cards, he put them away. Then came kirin, his poor kirin. He could almost hear the unicorn crying. Not only had Kaze Maho lost another game, but his best card as well.
  rocksanne / 1y 314d 15h 45m 27s

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