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[center [font "batang che" [size9 You can say "it's just a game" but quite frankly you're full of it. The connection between people is outstanding. And sometimes, in a rare moment, you can come across someone who in just the few short minutes you get to spend with them... they show you just how beautiful people can be. They leave you completely enchanted and make your entire game. So yeah, maybe it is a game. But sometimes it can just leave you breathless and full of joy, too. Even if short-lived. ]]]
  Reiji / 3d 11h 34m 40s
[size9 [center [font "batang che" im in heaven
my squish and my best friend are talking for the first time
and they're the two most important non-family people in my life
and im just
they're getting along so well and i love it ]]]
  Reiji / 15d 10h 12m 25s
Oops Hahahaha took that a little far lol I'm stupid I'm sorry for my feelings and how clingy i can be
  Reiji / 17d 9h 33m 47s
Maybe I didn't get to tell you exactly. But I still got to say it, even if you don't understand.
  Reiji / 17d 9h 37m 32s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 i don't know how to tell you how much oyu mean to me and how much i love you without you thinking i'm [i in] love with you because i'm not ]]]
  Reiji / 22d 11h 19m 3s
[size9 [center [font "batang che" i was just feeling kinda blah so i went to find a seer.. and they FCKING IGNORED ME. EVEN THOUGH ENCHANTRESS COULD SEE ME TWIRLING TOO BOTH THESE FCKERS IGNORED ME.


so hunter has depression and wanders into the dungeon and proceeds to sit there for 8 fkcking minutes while everyone decodes and gets the gates open.. but then they start tossing pallets and making noise to summon me and I was like "no you're all being toxic hoes get out"

but after a solid 3 minutes i finally go up to go pout in a corner like "Seer u broke my heart"

THIS BABY CRAWLS ---INTO--- WUJIU AND KNEELS AND DOES CIRCLES. and they all circle me in my corner of self pity ; ^ ; So we had a grand old time running around and I let them all stun me probably about 4 times each, did some of seers deductions, gave seer extra points. Then he started givin me [i them hints] u know?

So I hit him o u o
so i walked away and he threw them off AND FOLLOWED ME
so I hit him again!! and then his teammates got him before I did and healed..
So we went down to the dungeon and he crawled into one of the lockers, so I grabbed him out and held him .. ; / ; He didn't struggle or anything he was such a good boy!! i!! love! seers!!!! that!! just sit!! AND DO NOTHING. Maybe it's the trust that gets my heart? BUT... GOOD BOY.

Then Enchantress being the fckhead that she is, STUNS ME AND MAKES ME DROP HIM.

.. so I chaired her c:

She got saved... and then I took Eli again and ran away with him. B[
And I ignored Merc and Mechanic but they started throwing pallets for me so I dropped Eli in front, hit the pallet, picked him back up. Rinse and repeat. UNTIL ENCHANTRESS STUNNED ME AGAIN. So I tried to chair her again but she's too much of a baby and ran out ;c >>;

but that's okay because it meant nobody was left to take seer from me . w . mechanic left with her so that was fine, played with merc and seer for a bit... merc refused to leave when it was time for Wujiu and Eli to have their date though so I had to hit him and drop him out of the gate. Then picked up Eli and he didn't struggle as Wujiu carried him around the map two entire fcking times before dropping him out of the exit gate

and i just

seer is such???? a good??? sweet?? docile boy??
And also I realized while playing... Seer gets points for protecting with his owl. Wujiu gets points for using his bell, then hitting. So... these two babies supporting each other like good bfs and seer protecting himself to get points when wujiu hits him for points.. i just.... i love them

But Aesop is always with Wujiu :
And Eli's always withXiebian... ]]]
  Reiji / 24d 8h 52m 44s
i love how my introduction is just

'hi. these are my 3 interests. also i eat dr. pepper ok thx bye'
  Reiji / 25d 19h 42m 4s
/ fck wjy do you do so many things that ! Just!!! Make my heart!!!!

You're so fcking cute and sifjdjeigjge
  Reiji / 30d 21h 43m 39s
also i bought sims 4 for $5 and honestly
Hardly worth even that to me.. I kind of feel like I could have spent that $5 on Identity V. Or UtaPri.
  Reiji / 31d 12h 2m 55s
Nothing makes me drop a writing partner faster than when they start referring to themselves as their character. I've nothing against self-inserts, but there's still a difference between YOU and the FANTASY VERSION OF YOURSELF you are playing.

Keep your IC and OOC separate or stay the hell out of my writing circles because I'm not putting up with your mixing BS.

  Reiji / 31d 12h 3m 47s
[size9 i hate living with such a nosey fucking person
i swear
coming into my room without asking
interrupting on conversations hes not part of
has to have an opinion on everything
has to "fix" everything that isn't broken
has to always talk down to everyone like he's some god or something and has this amazing lesson to teach everyone when he's wrong ALL the time
tells me how to make [i my] food and complains when it's not to his taste
like mind your own fucking business ]
  Reiji / 33d 20h 6m 0s
[font "batang che" [center [size40 hi im a seer fucker]
[size9 thx for coming to my ted talk
seer is best boy]]]
  Reiji / 34d 7h 39m 58s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 i love how patient you are with me ]]]
  Reiji / 34d 19h 16m 0s
My friend invited me to Disneyland next year
Big ass mistake
They're gonna be so sick of me
I am planning slut. I took an entire year last time to plan too
Drove my sister w i l d
  Reiji / 36d 19h 9m 35s
[size9 [center [font "batang che" my aesthetic is good seers i love them
its ok
you don't need to see
you can be blind
wujiu will carry u
w //// w ]]]
  Reiji / 37d 9h 32s

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