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Some people don't mind accepting gifts. Some people like presents.. Some have the mindset that if someone is offering to get them something that it's wrong to decline.

I don't like presents. Forcing them on me makea you an ass.

I'm surrounded by items that are starting at $60usd. I don't have that kind of money. It makes me feel bad when people do things for me. I don't like it.

And I'm not a selfish or bad person for not liking or wanting gifts. I don't want anything. Even for my birthday. I'm aware of the difference between want and need.

Yes there's 5,000 things tnat are wonderful here and that I would love love to have.

There's so many things elsewhere that I want that are so good.

But offering.makes me feel awful.

Doing anything for me, ever, makes me feel like complete and utter shit.

"But it's your birthday!" .. Yes. It is my birthday. So do what -I- want and stop it.
  Reiji / 3h 18m 9s
So.. Disney is happening and I'm now in love with Woody lolol
  Reiji / 1d 5h 48m 16s
[size9 [b stop stalking me. jfc.]

in other news...

i just had a huge breakdown lol-]
  Reiji / 4d 21h 49m 20s
[size9 why the fuck would you leave all this shit until the last minute.

Flights $300 more expensive
Tickets $200USD more expensive so probably almost $400

I don't have the fucking money to go]
  Reiji / 5d 11h 27m 47s
[size9 If you have someone in your life right now that does not make you feel respected and loved, that does not appreciate you for your flaws and encourage you when you fail, that cannot understand your feelings and does not reflect on their mistakes and consider their own wrongdoings and contemplate their own actions -- then please, step away from them.

If you [i are] that person, then please begin to take the steps to stop being that person. I won't blow up and call such a person terrible things - if you are that person, I'm certain you know already; but maybe you need someone to see that you're hurting too and acknowledge that before you can start to try to be better. Before you're left alone, please, take those steps.

[center [b Find the people who would get on a train heading an hour in the wrong direction, just because they couldn't let go of your hand yet. ]]]
  Reiji / 5d 23h 43m 17s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 goutjrduheh = ///// = iwasallhurtbutshemadeituptenfoldandimdie <3 ]]]
  Reiji / 7d 3h 29m 54s
[Center [size9 [font "bell mt" charging complete.
  Reiji / 7d 10h 51m 37s

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