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Someone who blocked me recently came into a room I was in and addressed me directly like, ":) Hello. /Smiles and waves./

Just because she knows she can report me if I respond because it's "evading" the block.

But I just remained silent because I don't dignify schoolyard taunts with a response. So yeah.


You've made yourself look like a fucking idiot, Congratulations.
  [ ⊥ ] / Caramia / 2d 3h 53m 46s
i really fucking appreciate people who come to me and set boundaries. someone just came up to me like "yo so you did this one thing that made me uncomfortable" and I was just "hey man I didn't mean it like that ok let's sit down and talk about this and set boundaries"

these are some of my favourite conversations with people because I just get to know them? and how their minds work?

Like, I like talking about triggers and anxiety and boundaries and anything like that because it reveals so much more to me about someone than just like.. a list of their interests.
  [ ⊥ ] / Caramia / 2d 22h 3m 10s

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