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ma dai/zhuge liang is fucking canon

[i [b fight me.]]
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 8h 47m 40s
1am ideas and amazon are the best bc i had no idea what to get my mom for mother's day

then amazon was showing me tiny crock pots for the office and I remembered her big one's is broken and she needs a new one


$100 impulse buy, but I hope she likes it ; - ;
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 21h 8m 31s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 [b stop making new accounts to bypass blocks and creep on people. ]]]][center [font "batang che" [size9 [b harrassing people is not okay. ]]]]
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 22h 53m 23s
jesus chirst.

i hate being around people who can't have a conversation without introducing sex, drugs, religion, or politics into it.

Like is that all you can talk about?

Disgusting, and boring.
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 5d 8h 45m 39s
"its 12:30, i'm going to go to bed early, im just going to set up this episode so I can watch it in bed"

  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 5d 20h 41m 55s
"let's go to disney world instead! c: It's cheaper!"

... Open up the Attractions list and see a big ol' scary thing. Like easily the size of my face.

Bitch, we're going to Disneyland.

Disneyland doesn't try to kill me.

Shut up and fucking like it.
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 8d 5h 41m 58s
scorpi-senses call bullshit on your "apology" :x

learn how to apologize before you approach someone to "fix things"

Not with a sob-story.

If you're wrong, own up to it.
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 11d 9h 22m 58s
tfw someone just randomly informs you that you have a date

like not even asks, just "this is happening"

and you're like "oh okay sure"
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 14d 2h 48m 57s
protip: don't listen to its quiet uptown so short after someone dies. and then stupidly lay down in the middle of a crying fit and not be able to breathe which then triggers a panic attack

who's the smartest person on the planet

not fuckin me
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 15d 19h 37m 40s
You know when those tiny little moments happen that make you appreciate someone? I was just staring off into space and just wading in anxiety and my phone vibrated. And all that was waiting was just a simple little message saying "boop".

It's the little things. <3
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 17d 8h 45m 30s
you know when you're fine and then you do something to make yourself not fine and then you regret all your life decisions
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 18d 6h 27m 51s
and then i remember that my likes and interests are invalid and anything that makes me happy is a burden to someone, or everyone else

and that i just need to sit down, shut up, be compliant and do what people tell me
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 19d 7h 18m 16s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 i feel lightheaded and breathing is extremely hard and i can't stop giggling, i love talking to you]]
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 19d 7h 44m 59s
mythos - #213025 x #4a3c22

i think the second one is the brown
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 23d 7h 42m 28s
I listen to Disney, Hamilton, and Quartet Night. and covers of songs by Peter Hollens, recently. And Ciao Adios by Anne-Marie.

And a bunch of instrumental Chinese music.


don't link me bs because bitch u don't know me stop pretending like you do
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 36d 6h 33m 19s

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