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the feeling when you've had an idea for 2+ years

and have tried and tried and tried and [i tried] so many different things to make it a reality

and you use [i your] idea to help a friend who asks [i someone else] to bring the idea to life

and they change it [i just enough] that it's not your idea anymore, but it's obviously taken 98% of it and they pass it off like it's completely from their own head.

[i and it's not like you can say anything because they did it way better than you ever could've, and so even if you did say something, you'd just look like some sore loser.]
  Reiji / 1d 4m 43s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 Unpopular opinion:
AP passholders repeatedly trying to pull for Rise Of The Resistance, more than once or twice, are assholes. There are people paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to be there who are only there for a handful of days and you are significantly lowering their chances. You live near the park and have the chance to go daily, weekly, monthly, several times a year - enough to own that Annual Pass. What about someone from across the country or a different continent who is there for 3 days who saved for YEARS to be there and might not get the chance to be there again? You're selfish and greedy. Wait for crowds to die down, because they will and you know they will. You get to be in Disneyland EVERY SINGLE DAY. Let people who have limited chances get their passes. This isn't just for Rise, either. ]]]
  Reiji / 36d 16h 31m 37s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 i wish i was more masculine, i hate myself
and people keep calling me a girl today
and usually i don't care but today
[b today]
[i today it really bothers me and makes me hate myself more] ]]]
  Reiji / 44d 4h 49m 15s
[center [size9 [i I'm amazed about different forms of communication. I can have whole conversations with people when I know very little of their language. Just by focusing more on actions than words, having some understanding of someone's culture, being patient with each other. I can't imagine how immigrants must feel in western cultures because typically people are not very nice to foreigners. But when I get the chance into interact with someone and they treat me with nothing but kindness and patience and let me make mistakes and teach me, I'm just overwhelmed with joy. I'm happy to have friends all across the world. ]]]
  Reiji / 45d 11h 3m 30s

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