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The act of self denial or purposefully denying oneself certain rights and comforts especially in favor of the needs of others.]]

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To the leaders of Penumbra and Cascade, I request you come into custody peacefully. This will be the only peaceful request to cease and desist. You have one week to respond.]

[Abel The request was largely ignored by both factions as neither had intentions to give up what they were fighting for. Despite fears, the stubborn few that remained loyal to their king in Cascade stood firm. And even though somewhat shaken, the Queen of Penumbra put on her bravest face.

A week to the T after the message was sent, The Order bombed the southern base of Cascade. Many died in the explosion, and a small handful made it out alive. Having no base, they decided to reconsider the Queen's proposal to come together. However, they've no intent to hold hands and act like everything is right and well between their sister faction. It's only a means to an end.

[Unica+One I N C O M I N G __ T R A N S M I S S I O N


The reuniting of Technicolor was rocky, but over the weeks, they slowly start to work together to make a move on their enemy before they move first. Due to growing stress, The Queen finds herself more isolated- frustrated and in fragile state of mind. And then, several days before Christmas, she goes missing with the rest of Technicolor in disarray. And the worst of it yet? A possible mole amidst them.

[Unica+One I N C O M I N G __ T R A N S M I S S I O N 。 。 。]

[Unica+One [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Synopsis [#ad6f69 」]]]

[Abel Technicolor is no longer two sister factions. It has reunited after a breach of security to be a stronger force. This chapter will lead up to the kidnapping of the queen and the events that precede it. Two groups are forced to get along and work together in hopes that they can get rid of their bad reputation.]]

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  |- Tea Hime -| / -Solaris- / 331d 6h 27m 49s
[u Posting this in the RP section of this page because it's important;]

I will be creating a frequently asked questions section and posting it in the RP responses of this thread sometime this week. I've gotten some reoccurring questions that I should address.

Once everyone is settled, we can fill out the partner piece of our skeletons. You're free to make suggestions to me in terms of who you'd prefer to work with. Whether you think your character would like/hate/want to know the other character. I'll take that into consideration.

This roleplay is fairly large, but I expect a certain level of interaction from everyone. I know a few of us have written together in the past, and there is a lot of overlap in my other RPs, but I don't want anyone to feel stinted in interactions.

Not sure if I put my standard disclaimer on this RP, but I do not tolerate any type of discrimination- whether it be race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc- toward any other writer. In character interactions are a different matter, but if I see any negativity or discrimination toward another irl writer, you will be warned. You get two warnings, and the third time I kick you.

I always tell you real life takes precedence over RP always, and I mean it. But I really want to keep things going this time. I like this RP, and I don't want it to die. There will be no posting order, but we will post in rounds. If there hasn't been a response in two weeks- that's [u 14 days]- I will pm those that haven't posted to ask if they're still alive, and if they need more time or if they don't want to post this specific round.
  |- Tea Hime -| / -Solaris- / 1y 132d 7h 11m 43s

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