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[center [size10 Original roleplay by -Solaris- Banner edited by Darcy]

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [left A] [size40 [+silver C o l o r] [i l e s s]] [right World]]]

[size15 [Abel Color as we once knew it, has been eradicated. There are no more bright and colorful tones left in this world. The population as a whole is utterly colorblind- seeing the world in only shades of black and white.

This is largely to blame on the very event that rocked the world to its very core. Labeled only as The Cataclysm by those old enough to have witnessed it. The world became an inhospitable place for humans and animals alike. It left them with the inability to perceive color. Those that had power and influence chose to move underground. They built a large city with high walls that separated the different castes of society around a place they called Monochrome City- a so called safe haven for those that remained.

Years after this disastrous event, many people attempted to recreate the color that made the world beautiful, but it always ended up in horrible failure. They eventually gave up, but there were others that didn't, and the research was stolen by a group of anarchists that came from the inner rungs of the city.

With the stolen research, they created bombs that hit major parts of the city. Oddly- or thankfully- there was no death that followed these bombings. Though, a new disease spread like wildfire amongst the denizens of Monochrome City.

[center [size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [left An] Emergence of [right Truth]]]

The sickness proved hostile to experimental drugs. A catatonic state followed symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dysentery, and dehydration. Patterns appeared on their skin- oftentimes geometrical in origin. They knew this was not a natural illness, but they were powerless as it was nondiscriminatory in who it targeted. For those that survived the ordeal, a colorful mutation remained to remind them. Almost like being labeled as an infected wasn't enough.

After spending a year or more in quarantine, those that survived were released after showing no further signs of contagion. It left everyone puzzled, and just to be safe, those in charge relegated them to the lower rungs of the city- the slums.

[center [size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [left Survival] of the [right Fittest]]]

Two factions of young visionaries labeled as infected- once rivals- have come together to form The Technicolor. Their penultimate goal is to bring back the memories of their colorful past and protect others like them. They desire peace, but won't hesitate to fight.

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[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=374102 [size30 ✿]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148232 [size30 ❀]]]
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[center [Abel

“нeavy ιѕ тнe нead тнaт wearѕ тнe crown”

Brows furrowed somewhat at the dinging of the small handheld device. A retort from a woman that had promised her a piroshki date with no follow through as to when that would be. She liked Tiger's Eye, and had hoped that she would help Citrine with her work as they both were quite tech savvy. Though, she was still somewhat defensive without meaning to come across as such as she knew that trusting the wrong person with their data files was like handing themselves over to the enemy on a silver platter. With the information that Iolite and Kyanite had given her on one of their last missions, The Order hardly needed any help dwindling the numbers of Technicolor as it was.

[Unica+One >From: CINNABAR
If you even touch my shoes, I'll make it triple the amount of piroshki you owe me next time we have a free moment. Which, we still need to do at some point! By the by, I think Citrine was struggling a bit this morning with the encryption. I'm not as good with these things as the three of you, so you can make better sense of it than me. Why don't you and Aegirine stop by and help her out a bit whenever you get the chance? Stay out of my closet. If anything goes missing, you're the first one I'm going to look for!]

The threat was hardly menacing as Romi hadn't the slightest idea what she'd do if any of her shoes did go missing, but she hoped the request would be enough to keep Eve out of her prized heeled shoe collection. Prized being relative of course considering her height as compared to literally everyone else in Technicolor hardly needed a height boost.

While the time ticked slowly by, she took a seat in the boardroom so that she could eat her “breakfast”. Mal had been careless in his fight, but at least he'd survived. Not that she expected anything less from him. He was much stronger than she was giving him credit for, and she knew he wasn't a child. Though, part of her still couldn't help but feel as though if he weren't more careful, she might have to replace him, and losing more people that were close to her was something the Queen feared more than anything.

Having not really paid much attention as she was eating, she soon found that the bag was now empty. So much for savoring them. At least they'd been good while they'd lasted she supposed. Romi stood and checked the time as she tossed the bag in a nearby garbage can. She turned her attention to Aegirine and resisted the urge to agree with him. The last thing she needed was to admit she was just as hopeless as everyone else. “[#008080 Why don't you get some rest after this? Then, you can help Citrine and Tiger's Eye with the encryption. Maybe if the three of you work together, you'll have much more success, and you'll stress yourself out less.]” The queen hoped that the comment didn't come off as snarky as she had said it as she hadn't meant it to be such. It was merely a suggestion for the three of them to try to work together.

“[#008080 I'll be back in a moment.]” Romi left to collect the last minute stragglers who were all in the kitchen discussing something or another that she didn't quite catch by the time she entered the room.

“[#008080 We're waiting on you three to start. Please hurry.]” She gave them a sympathetic smile and turned on her heel to return to the boardroom where most everyone had gathered at this point. She had limited experience with Agate and Ruby, but Iolite had done a few missions for her in the past when they hadn't had anyone else to spare to send out. Despite having snags with his partner, and being a bit unapproachable at times, Freyr was a decent knight.

Romi's gaze was pulled down by the beeping of her handheld device as it chimed the time. Noting that everyone was there, she turned off the alarm and set it down in front of her on the table.

“[#008080 Now that we're all here,]” The woman started cautiously. “[#008080 I want everyone to be aware that there will be some changes made here. I decided that we should meet to discuss these changes as well as the important information I've been given by a valuable source. The Order now has a tracker system. It's in its early stages of development, so it doesn't target Technicolor specifically as of yet, but you should all be wary of anything mechanical outside of the base. We don't have any photos of them yet, but if you want to know what to watch for, you should ask Iolite and Kyanite about their experience with the trackers.]”

Her gaze moved between the two of them remembering that it'd been none too pretty that night. “[#008080 As such, with the trackers in place, it's far too dangerous for anyone to go out on their own anymore. I know you're all capable of taking care of yourselves, and we're all trained to deal with things like this, but it's far safer to pair up. From now on, everyone has an assigned pair. Citrine will come with me. Aegirine will go with Ruby. Iolite with Kyanite. Tiger's Eye with Malachite. And last but certainly not least, Agate with Sardonyx. These pairings were made keeping in mind strengths and weakness of both parties, and rank was not a consideration.]”

Romi knew the first thing that would come out of people's mouths would be that it wasn't fair whom they were paired with, but she hoped that she could at the very least stop more of them from complaining than what she would already get out of this. “[#008080 There will be a karma system in place determined by the success of your missions, and furthermore, your own attitudes. Which is why I encourage you to take some time to get to know your partner if you haven't done so already.]

“[#008080 The last thing: please be careful. All of you. I fear it will only get worse from here.]” She'd already thrown quite a bit at them, and so she would save the rest for another time so that there wasn't even more to handle. She had probably ruffled enough feathers as it was. ]]
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[center [size15 [font "lucida console" [b XXXX 6 OCTOBER]]]]
[center [size11 The transmission had been simple: a clear message, a warning, a threat.]]
[center [size11 Of course neither the King of Cascade nor the Queen of Penumbra answered the request. In most regards the transmission was ignored completely.]]
[center [size11 Cameron had been tasked with tracking the transmission back to the source, how their communication channels had been found was a cause for concern. The young man sat on the cold floor of his small apartment, the sound of his air conditioning running beyond capacity and the quick burst of typing were the only sounds. The room was illuminated by computer screens, casting their blue glow over the mess Cameron dwelled in. Piles of scrap and computer parts sat around the room, organized in a way only Cameron would understand.]]
[center [size11 His tall frame was hunched over; years of computer work had left him with horrible posture. The light from the screen in front of him illuminated his skin and reflected off the numerous markings that littered the whole of Cameron’s body. He had more markings than most, the final gift from his father before Cameron had been banished to the slums with all the rest of those effected by the bombings. His dark hair was messy from his hands constantly running through it, grabbing locks of it and threatening to pull them out; and he desperately needed a shower. But things like sleeping, eating, or proper hygiene were not his priority when he was working. Blue eyes glowered at the layers and layer of security that kept him from his goal, constantly redirecting him, sending him spiraling into digital wormholes.]]
[center [size11 Cameron’s focus was torn from the screen in an instant when his apartment rattled. Confusion knitted his eyebrows together as he slowly unfolded his legs which now felt like they were full of pins and made his way over to the window. He pulled back his curtains and lifted the shades underneath to see what was happening. Smoke rose into the sky some distance from his apartment, whatever had happened must have been devastating to affect Cameron’s place.]]
[center [size11 A light chirping noise altered Cameron to an incoming transmission, his eyes were still watching the smoke as he pulled the handheld from his back pocket. He thought it might be a news report on what was happening but when he finally tore his eyes from the slums skyline he realized what had happened.]]
[center [size11 [font "lucida console" YOU_WERE_WARNED]]]
[center [size15 [font "lucida console" [b XXXX 3 DECEMBER]]]]
[center [size11 The bombing of Cascade’s base had two major results. One; Cascade and Penumbra were now merging to form one group that would be called Technicolor. Two; somehow, someone had hacked through their systems and released their information. It was a logistic nightmare for Cameron. He hadn’t slept for more than an hour or two at time in the past two months. Security needed to be redone and better so it wouldn’t happen again. All the files needed to be encrypted. [i Again]. And now they had to use a whole new encryption program which Cameron had to write. Not to mention the flood of data from Cascade he now had to contend with. Oh and they still wanted him to back track the transmissions which was proving to be a living hell for him.]]
[center [size11 In the resulting chaos Cameron had been promoted from random pawn to bishop. He wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about that yet but it seemed like it was only temporary so he was resigned to simply do his work. Someone had been digging in their system recently too, he had tried to block them by overloading their system with garbage data but whoever it was they were incredibly skilled with hacking. They got some data but luckily he’d taken most of the critical information down from their old server while he built the new one.]]
[center [size11 At the moment Cameron was at the Penumbra base lying face down on the floor in his makeshift “office” it really was just a room crowded with computers and electronics. He wasn’t sleeping, just lying there trying to gain a minuscule amount of his sanity back from the nightmare his work had become recently. The handheld in his back pocket chimed. Groaning Cameron reached back and pulled it out, moving his head to the side and holding the phone so he could read.]]
[center [size11 [font "lucida console" >From: CINNABAR]]]
[center [size11 [font "lucida console" >To: EVERYONE]]]
[center [size11 [font "lucida console" >> Hello, everyone. While I respect that those of you from Cascade do not see me as your leader, I ask that we all meet in the boardroom to discuss the future of Technicolor. Normally, these types of meetings only take place between the leaders, but as it affects not only us, but you as well, everyone should be in attendance. The meeting should start in 30 minutes.]]]
[center [size11 [font "lucida console" Queen Cinnabar]]]
[center [size11 Cameron groaned again, rolling over so he was now on his back. Why? Why couldn’t they just leave him to wallow in his little dark room? Reluctantly he finally managed to stand up and begin his slow trudge to the boardroom. His tablet in his hands, keeping him ever connected to his work. The boardroom was still mostly empty when he arrived; Queen Cinnabar, Rook Malachite, and Pawn Citrine. Citrine had been tasked with the data management before Cameron began taking over all things computer.]]
[center [size11 The dark haired man slumped into a chair, practically collapsing as he rested his head on the table. [#002147 [b “Sometimes I wonder if I’ve already died and [i this] is my hell,”]] He muttered out, mostly to Cinnabar as she was the one in charge of him.]]
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[center [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/160ewc7.png]]

[center [Abel “[#6A5ACD You fucking suck,]” Freyr mocked under his breath. “[#6A5ACD I must be doing something right if you keep sneaking into my room every night.]” He knew Luca was just grumpy and that was honestly nothing new. He'd dealt with the red-head's mood swings long enough to know how far just how far he could push Luca without things going entirely south. On occasion, he did enjoy pushing him past that limit, but today was not one of those times.

He tugged on a pair of jeans and a sweater over the binder that bound his chest. When he was finished dressing himself, he turned to face the taller man who complained about training new recruits. Though that was true; she did have him training the newbies, Freyr seriously doubted that this meeting was what this was about. “[#6A5ACD We don't know that. Besides, with what's going on, how do we even know if there are new recruits to begin with?]” The question was a rhetorical one. He pulled on his boots motioned towards the door. “[#6A5ACD Let's go, then? I'd rather her not yell at us.]”

Ever since Cascade had relocated the northern slums of Monochrome City, having everyone in one place made their bunker a rather full house. Even the Cascade bunker itself had been full of people. Combining so suddenly was making it hard to adjust all over again. Having been eighteen at the time he'd run away from overbearing parents and a lifestyle he'd detested, he was just thankful to not be homeless. Being on his own had taught him that he shouldn't and couldn't act like the spoiled child of a wealthy family anymore. Of course, some of the other members that were older, and had occupations that required a place of their own did live outside the bunker only to come back during the day time when things were more active- which made things slightly less cramped than they could have been. Regardless of that, he at least tried to get along with the people that he lived with as he knew living with people you hated was hell.

The boy gripped the handheld device and scanned the message from Agate. She was a lot smarter than people gave her credit for. Obviously she knew or felt that there was something more going on than what'd been previously announced. He'd heard Romi mention the future of Technicolor a few times in the past when she'd sent them out on their missions, but as for knowing the exact cause of this, he honestly had no idea. He could formulate some guesses as to why the queen would drag them together other than to give them another “friendship is magic” speech.

[Unica+One >From: I O L I T E
To: A G A T E
> I have an idea about what this is about, but I don't know for sure. To be honest with you, Sio, I have a feeling this isn't just about getting us to work together as a group this time. Some pretty heavy things went down on our last outing, and my best guess as to what's going on here is that we have more enemies. I'm sure we'll find out soon. ]

The pair passed by the kitchen on their way toward the boardroom. Freyr stopped when he noticed not only Ruby, but Agate as well. He hadn't spoken to Ruby since he'd talked her out of staying near their destroyed base, and despite his friendship with Agate, they had had little time to talk since the incident either. “[#6A5ACD I'll meet you there, Luca. Go on ahead,]” For now, it was probably best that the grumpy man have his personal space after being woken up and more or less tossed out of bed so unceremoniously.

He crossed the threshold into the kitchen- a rather foreign place for him to be. Despite Citrine attempting to teach him, even the simplest of culinary skills seemed to go right over his head. “[#6A5ACD I think someone might have put those up there by mistake when they were cleaning the kitchen. Here, I can reach them,]” He offered- reaching up to bring them down to the counter where she could get what she wanted from it. He was slightly taller than both of the girls. This way, Ruby didn't have to climb onto anyone's shoulders to get her sweets down and risk hurting themselves. He could only imagine the talk about being more careful that they'd get if that had happened. “[#6A5ACD I also think after this meeting we all should talk if the two of you wanted to. It's been a while since we've just talked.]” It all weighed pretty heavy on them, and he knew that. No one had wanted to say anything for a month now, and he found that even more vexing. Their talk didn't even have to be about Technicolor if it didn't go there. In fact, he almost welcomed any conversation other than Technicolor. He wasn't in any position to voice these concerns, however, as he was rather expendable as a knight.

Heeled footsteps echoed closer, and the raven haired boy turned to see Romi as she stood at the entrance of the kitchen. “Waiting on you three. Please hurry.” Her tone carried only slight impatience and a dose of tiredness, but no malice behind it. She wore a smile, but it didn't reach her eyes, and anyone could tell by her body language that she wanted to be doing anything but this.

“[#6A5ACD See you in a bit?]” He asked and turned to follow Romi to the boardroom as she left the way she came. ]]
  -Solaris- / 10d 18h 24m 43s
Dom unbuttoned his dress shirt and tossed it onto his desk. He continued his stripping as he made his way to the shower he had in his office. The shower was there for multiple purposes. The first was, of course, to clean himself. The second was for his patients. He would use the shower to set an atmosphere, be it rain, steam or otherwise, to draw out the emotions of others. Dom would not take very long. He took frequent showers consisting of about five minutes at a time to wash the stench of alcohol, smoke, weed, or whatever from him between patients.

He heard his device go off as he turned off the water as if the ringing was a timer. He grabbed the towel drying himself off and wrapped it around his waist before picking up his device to see the message he had gotten. It was Eve’s reply to his earlier message. As he read it however, he let out a groan. [+orange “A vanilla latte AND slice of carrot cake? Really, Eve?”] She made such demands more and more frequently in exchange for the tasks he would give her. She had done so ever since she had recruited him into Cascade.

Dom dressed himself what he considered his trademark attire. He donned a long-sleeved shirt with thumb holes, combat pants, a slightly puffy short-sleeved jacked over his shirt and some nice tennis shoes. Last but not least, he grabbed his shades. He always wore sunglasses that were tinted lightly enough to show his eyes if he pushed them all the way up. They stayed on him 24/7 to hide his visage and only pushed them up when he wanted you to look him in the eye. No sooner had he put them on his face, Eve burst in with her standard lackadaisical antics. Luckily, he had his secretary grab the cake and coffee while he got ready. Their typical interaction ensued with Eve speaking verbally and him talking with his eyes. He learned this when he ran out of words to describe the things she did or said; especially the “mess around” comment she had just made. The walk to the base was no different. [+orange “You mean MY sunglasses that I let you use and never got back?”] he asked her after hearing her mention them.

When they reached the base, the first thing he saw was Ruby and Agate attempting to reach something in a rather irritating spot. [+orange “Teamwork at its finest,”] he spoke before reaching into the refrigerator and grabbing an apple. He had recently gotten a bunch of different kinds that made him feel like he could taste color with names like ‘pink lady’ or simply ‘green’ apples. Food seemed to be a high priority than the meeting at the moment. [+orange “Let’s hurry this up. I had to reschedule patients for this impromptu meeting.”]
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[google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cutive+Mon]
[center [pic http://i68.tinypic.com/2ed9zxi.jpg]]
[center [size13 [Cutive+Mon Siobhan made it to Technicolor headquarters with about 15 minutes to spare before the meeting was set to start, which was lucky, but also slightly strange seeing as how she had quite the tendency to meander. She ran her thumb over the screen of her handheld a few more times before deciding to message the knight of Cascade, Iolite, with whom she had made a rather steadfast friendship with since she joined Technicolor.]]]
[center [size13 [Cutive+Mon > From: A G A T E]]]
[center [size13 [Cutive+Mon > To: I O L I T E]]]
[center [size13 [Cutive+Mon >>> I'm a bit concerned about this whole "future of Technicolor" business. Have you heard anything about it?]]]
[center [size13 [Cutive+Mon Satisfied with the message, Siobhan pressed send and slipped her handheld back into her pocket. Her stomach grumbled loudly, as she had skipped breakfast before her class earlier, so she headed towards the kitchen, where she found a fuming Ruby. Quickly discerning the issue, Siobhan chuckled a bit, amused by the other woman's predicament.]]]
[center [size13 [Cutive+Mon "[+navy Need some help, Yoko?]" She purred, sidling up to Yoko. "[+navy I'm probably okay if you want to stand on my shoulders, it'll at least give you a bit more height. My price is one of the lollipops once you get them down. I could also always make something quick, like eggs and toast, if you don't feel up to climbing.]" Siobhan knew that sometimes Yoko got very tired and had some days where she was in a lot of pain. She never pried, though, as she could tell that the other woman didn't want to talk about it. As she waited for Yoko to respond, Siobhan found herself getting rather warm in the headquarters. Whoever was in charge of the heater was really overcompensating for the slight December chill outside. Quickly getting the feeling that she was going to roast alive if she didn't take off a few layers, she peeled off her scarf and jacket revealing a pastel yellow lightweight cardigan over a plain white tank top and a pair of light blue boot cut jeans. She set the coat and scarf on the back of a chair at the small table where people could sit in the kitchen and leaned back on the chair.]]]
[center [size13 [Cutive+Mon Glancing at her watch, Siobhan realized she probably could have stopped somewhere to pick up some food before she arrived for the meeting and imagined kicking herself in the behind for not thinking of it. Her metaphysical ass-kicking increased as she caught a faint whiff of someone with piroshki. The gods, if they existed, were just teasing her now. Siobhan huffed, almost 100% sure that whoever had brought the piroshki was [i not] going to share.]]]
  a g a t e / Monday- / 55d 19h 20m 59s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gloria+Hallelujah][center [Gloria+Hallelujah "Qualunque cosa tu dica miele~"]]
Luca's only response at first was a groan as his main source of heat untangled himself from the bed. A sound that petered off into a whine as Freyr unceremoniously yanked all the blankets from the red head's body. He knew the other knight was right, but that didn't mean he didn't hate it any less. He fought to return to the darkness of sleep, tucking his body around Freyr's pillow. What the red head wouldn't give to be a bear, or some other animal that hibernates during the cold months of winter.

The Penumbra knight could vaguely recall a time in his life when he actually enjoyed the winter months. Of course, that was when he was still a child. The idea of building snowmen and sleighing down snow covered hills used to be something that excited him to no end. But nowadays, the chilly weather and moist snow did nothing except shorten his fuse and insight his ire.

[+B40404 "You fucking suck,"] came the low grumble as he finally gave up and all but rolled off the bed, grasping almost blindly at the variety of layers of clothes he owned that he had thrown on the floor the night before. It seemed like it would be a better idea for the red head to just keep clean clothes in Freyr's room, but for some reason that idea in his head made their situation more permanent. Instead he had the tendency to wear whatever he had been wearing the night before and change once he returned to his own living space.

Although, he supposed, wasting time like that would only invoke the Queen's anger. And seeing as they weren't particularly her favorite members of Technicolor at the moment, there wasn't a chance she was going to be lenient with them if they didn't show up in a timely manner. So Luca tugged on the extra layers of clothing, without complaint. Still, a huff of discontent escaped his lips as he affixed his old beanie onto his messy red locks and pulling it down to cover the tips of his ears before they had a chance to turn pink with the cold.

[+B40404 "I'm just going to get assigned to train recruits again, what's the point of going to a damn meeting when I know that's exactly what she's going to do,"] He continued complaining, snaking his hands around to his own back as he stretched in a vain attempt to crack said back. It wasn't just being chilly that he didn't like, but the cold also brought stiffness in his back that did nothing to help his already short temper.

But now with his extra sweatshirts covering his person, and considerably warmer than he had been just seconds prior, the Penumbra knight found himself flopping backwards onto the bed with an irritated groan. [+B40404 "Hurry up so we can get this over with."]
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[center [pic https://s14.postimg.org/voahgd1ip/Yoko_2.jpg]]
[font "Bookman Old Style" For the most part, it was a rather simple walk from the Inn down into the main areas of the city. Despite the cold weather, the crispness of the air was easy to breathe and it was easy to get lost in thought while walking through the crowd. She let her mind wander as she walked and walked, not fully paying attention to the reality around her other than her feet taking one step at a time. That might have been why, when muscle memory took over, she ended up in a place that she did not mean to go.

Standing in front of the ruins of Cascade's base, she sighed heavily to herself. It wasn't a habit for her to do this, but it wasn't the first time either. That was why she generally needed to focus when walking over to Technicolor's base.

Before leaving, however, she walked over to where the graves were located and bowed her head. [b [#800000 "Good morning,"]] she greeted. [b [#800000 "I wish I knew whether you guys are in some kind of afterlife or if you are going to reincarnate."]] She didn't have a religion that she particularly believed in, but she was curious about if there was anything after death. [b [#800000 "We are still trying to get along with Penumbra, but not everyone is open or willing, even if we are all technically supposed to be Technicolor now."]] She smiled softly. [b [#800000 "Wish us luck, I guess. We're probably going to need it."]]

Ruby bowed her head once more to the graves before leaving, this time keeping completely on track of where she needed to go and how she was going to have to get there. She didn't get completely off track, but there would be a need to pick up the pace if she did not want to be late to the scheduled meeting.

[center [size24 ♖]]
Upon entering the base, Ruby went straight to the little kitchen area in order to grab something to eat. Although her original lollipop stash did not survive the bombing, she was able to collect a whole new one and place them all in a glass jar, tape on the side with black sharpie written over it:] [font Consolas 'PROPERTY OF RUBY/YOKO. DON'T TOUCH.'] [font "Bookman Old Style" However, when she went to the cabinet that she had placed them in last, the jar was completely missing. She stood there for a solid minute, staring at the empty space in disbelief.

[b [#800000 "What the...?"]]

She began to search the entire area, which wasn't all that big since everyone generally grabbed their own food from their living quarters or from shops along the way. The little kitchen was mainly for simple stuff such as coffee, snacks, etc. She managed to locate them, but they were on top of the fridge shoved to the back.

[b [#800000 "How did they get there?"]] Ruby grumbled out loud.

She attempted to stand on her tippy toes in order to reach them, but to no avail. No matter how she stood or what angle she approached it, there was just no reaching her jar of lollipops. Apparently don't touch translated into the complete opposite. She continued to grumble to herself and the anger towards whoever it was that didn't bother to read or didn't care enough to grew. She hasn't had anything to eat yet today and her favorite sweets were the only way that she was going to get through the meeting without passing out, and now she might not be able to even make it on time because of the stupid situation she found herself in.

[b [#800000 "Fuck my life."]]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/qnejSsQ.gif]] [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Text+Me+One] [size11
The sun stung her sleep-deprived eyes as soon as Eve opened the door. With a hiss and a glare towards the sky, the short-haired vixen slammed her apartment door shut. Taking a minute to lock it, Eve shoved her keys, USB drive, and hands into her trench coats pockets. There was a slight breeze, which the detective was thankful for while she mentally strung a string of curses towards the blazing sun and Romi. Thinking of the tiny Queen, Tiger’s Eye reached for her phone. Effortlessly, slender digits glided swiftly across the touchscreen.

[Text+Me+One To: [b Cinnamon]]
[Text+Me+One You are killing me here, Smalls.
-Use your name again and I’m stealing three pairs of shoes.]

With an eerie grin, Eve tapped the send button and slipped the phone back into her pocket. Either it was going to get a negative emotion out of the little ruler, which would make them even on moods. Or Eve was going to get three new pairs of shoes because Romi decided to ignore her - again. Vaguely, Eve wondered how someone so small would have rather large feet. With a heavy sigh, the young vixen trudged through the city as quickly as she could. [#660066 [i ‘I shouldn’t have looked at my phone. Should've just broken the damn thing. Thrown it out the window and slept.’]] Ill-tempered thoughts began to swim through her mind causing her to gnaw lightly on her bottom lip in a weak attempt to keep going. A few minutes into her zombie walk, Eve had already nodded to a few of her ‘scouts’ and one mother whom she had helped weeks ago. As much as she liked people, the short-haired woman was growing more aware of how much she didn’t want to be in the public eye - or anyone's eyes right now.

A few more minutes passed by and Eve finally found her way to Sardonyx’s building. Once inside it didn’t take Tiger’s eye long to get to his office. After the October events, Evelyn had spent a week here, trying to forget or getting enough of a grasp on herself to go back into the world. Since forgetting was out of the question for her, she held onto the little amount of sanity that she had left with an iron fist and had trudged back into the world. With a heavy sigh, the short-haired vixen opened the door, a deep frown instantly painted on her lips. [#660066 [b “This isn’t a ‘hope we can all get along’ meeting...is it? Because I will straight up murder someone if it is. We’ve had three of those so far.”]] She couldn’t contain the slight glare at the man behind the desk as the door loudly shut behind her. [#660066 [b “You need to get that thing fixed. People are going to start thinking that I’m angry every time I come in here.”]] She grumbled while digging into her trench coat pockets once more, those slender fingers on a wild hunt until the brushed against the cold plastic she had been looking for.

[#660066 [b “Sorry.”]] Gruffly, Eve apologized while briskly walking across the office and around the desk. Once around, Eve leaned the small of her back against the desk, handing over the USB driver all in one fluid motion. [#660066 [b “Everything on everyone. Thank [i god] you decided against merging our files together because woooo.”]] Evelyn’s eye widened while she made the noise. It isn’t that it was bad, The Order would get stuck trying to get in, but someone who had been around and played around long enough could crack it fairly easy. [#660066 [b “You need to convince that Queen to let me teach Citrine a thing or twelve - I’ll be nice….maybe.”]] The last word was almost a whisper as those tired eyes of hers looked at the various objects on his desk. Stopping at the small slice of cake and the large white cup of coffee. [#660066 [b “Awe, you do care.”]] A tired, defeated laugh escaped her while she gently placed a hand on her leader's shoulder. [#660066 [b “Have you heard anything about partner missions yet? Because I haven’t gotten anything - other than annoying texts at inconvenient times.”]] Since the incident a few months ago, the two’s interactions had been limited to business and more business. Not that she minded, if she was being really honest with herself, she prefered the work over talking about what happened.

[#660066 [b “I’m sorry...I’m running on three hours and my stomach is mostly candy.”]] Careful not to knock anything over in her haste, Tiger’s eye snatched up the tiny piece of carrot cake and the tiny plastic fork that was placed beside it. [#660066 [b “I would have bet my coat that you were going to ignore the cake bit.”]] Using the little fork, Eve took the first bite out of the cake. A moan and a very unladylike slur of words escaped her as she savoured the first bite. After the first bite, it was pretty much over for the cake. Grabbing the cup of coffee off his desk, Eve pushed her backside off and started towards the door. [#660066 [b “Lead the way, fearless leader.”]] She waved her free hand towards the door while taking a mini-sip of her coffee. [#660066 [b “Unless you want to fool around.”]] Eve wiggled her eyebrows in a suggestive manner. [#660066 [b “Yeah, I know. Stop fooling around.”]] A small giggle left her as they stepped out into the hall. Honestly, if two hadn’t known each other as long as they did, the short-haired vixen wasn’t sure if she would joke around in the same manner. Or at least not after getting coffee. The two kept a steady pace and left the building almost as quickly as Eve had entered. Even with the newly added sugar in her bloodstream, Tiger’s eye still had trouble keeping her eyes open once the brutal sunlight assaulted them when they stepped outside. [#660066 [b “I should've grabbed my sunglasses...or a mask.”]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Unica+One]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/HPTsJTP.png]]
[center [Abel
“Losing sight of who you are, been growing worlds apart
Losing light, then something sparks
Losing sight of who you are, never gonna find it living in the dark
Losing light, then something sparks
We're shining through the dark”

Romi didn't think it needed to be said that she trusted Citrine with her life. The girl knew more about computers and encryption than she herself could have ever hoped. Being a good deal older than most of the members of Technicolor had some [i stark] disadvantages she supposed. The fact remained that if they were forced to rely on technology, she'd rather put it in the hands of someone like Citrine who knew her way around the data files. “We don't need defensive strategies, they said. We should launch an attack first, they said. Hack us? My queen, you're being paranoid, we're at the pinnacle of technology, they could [u never],” Romi's soliloquy ended in a huff of annoyance as she put her thoughts out into the open air. Being of such unimpressive height and stature, her anger might have been amusing if it didn't mean that real lives were at stake. The one previously in charge of data files had sworn up and down that they'd be safe enough that their “pinnacle of technology” would never be accessed by The Order. “I'm sorry, Citrine. I know you're cleaning up someone else's mess. Just keep everything secure. I know you're doing what you can.” She hadn't meant to take it out on the poor girl, and hoped that she didn't feel as though she were yelling at her.

“I'll leave you to it. I have to go get things ready. I feel our sister faction won't be too helpful,” She gave the girl a quiet goodbye as her handheld buzzed. Half expecting some dim-witted response from the King or one of his members, Romi was all too happy to see Malachite's message. Her stomach growled angrily in need of the food he was bringing her. She supposed her lack of self-care wasn't as opaque as she tried to keep it.

Ugh. You better be glad I'm starving! Otherwise I could swear you're trying to make me fat with all the piroshki you feed me! How do you expect me to protect you all if I have to waddle around like a cow?! But tell Granny I said hello, and that I'd visit if I could.

Of course her anger was all in jest, and being her second in command, he would know that she wasn't [i really] angry with him. The queen weighed all of one hundred pounds soaking wet, so there was no way a few potato filled fried donuts would make her gain that much weight. She was more than happy that he'd thought to bring her food much less piroshki from Nelly.

“Food delivery.”

It was like music to her ears. Romi made her way down the hall toward the back door from where he'd entered from. She locked the door behind him. She'd have to scold everyone for keeping their doors unlocked. They'd think with what happened they'd be more worried about security. “It looks like someone got you pretty good,” the woman noted the bruise on his face- hoping that he wasn't picking fights just for shits and giggles. “I'm sure you were just defending yourself, but be more careful, Mal. I need you here rather than bleeding out on the street somewhere.” She might be a good nurse, but there were some things that couldn't readily be healed. What if it had been worse than a bruise? “Promoting people in other places is a happy occasion. Promoting people for me is something I hate doing.” She chided him gently about his actions. They weren't so much a true scolding as a gentle way of telling him to be more careful.

“Buuuut, I'll take those as a promise that you'll do better next time~” The shorter woman rocked back on her heels as she pointed to the bag that he held at his side. “I have an important job for you and Jade to do. I would ask Kyanite as well, but he and Iolite see the world through rose tinted glasses at this point. Not saying that's a bad thing, but I need you to be objective, and I feel like you two are better suited for objectivity,” Kyanite- her knight- was always more of an emotional creature. He could be volatile at the best of times, and she was glad that he could find a common ground with someone in Cascade, but she needed to know more than friendliness with their sister at this point in time. They could work together, and he and Iolite had proved that much, but she wanted to know exactly who she'd invited in and who she was dealing with now. She needed information that she couldn't otherwise get from just their data files. “It's like that poem: 'water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink'. We have all this information, but none of it useful.” It was irritating to say the least. ]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Kdcbl8i.jpg?]]

[center [b [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" [#FF4500 December 3]]]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Hal woke to the sound of his handheld chirping in the obnoxious way it did when the message was from his Queen. Cursing he pushed himself up from where he lay, face first in his pillow, to retrieve it. Reaching out towards the bedside table and fumbling the device before long fingers locked onto it and brought it closer to his face in order to read the message through sleep blurred eyes.]]]

From: C I N N A B A R
To: E V E R Y O N E
> Hello, everyone. While I respect that those of you from Cascade do not see me as your leader, I ask that we all meet in the boardroom to discuss the future of Technicolor. Normally, these types of meetings only take place between the leaders, but as it affects not only us, but you as well, everyone should be in attendance. The meeting should start in 30 minutes.
Queen Cinnabar

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" [b [#FF4500 “Great”]] he mumbled voice gruff, he grimaced as he became very aware of the taste of stale coffee on his tongue, and the stinging radiating from his left cheekbone. Rough night then. Perfect. He let his eyes wander the room as he rose first to elbows then to knees, the bed creaking in loud protest. This wasn’t one of the Penumbra rooms, so, he’d wandered home again, a studio apartment deep in the seediest part of the slums. The floorboards protested just as loudly once he’d settled his full weight on them, shuffling across the room to the sink, leaning close to inspect the bruise that had formed along his cheek and recalling the night before. ]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" [b [#FF4500 Past | December 3 | 12AM]]]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" The music in the club was loud, the bottles along the back of the bar rattling along with the thump of the bass and yet somehow the patrons where louder still, crammed into the space like a bunch of sardines, it was busy and while that meant better than usual tips, Hal had never been more grateful for the counter separating him from the patrons before. His coworker was late and having lost his patience with these people nearly three hours ago - after someone had thought it was funny to throw their entire drink at him along with some colorful words about his gender - his mood was not improving. His shirt had long since dried but the fruity beverage had left him with a sticky feeling along his arms, and he wanted nothing more than to go home and shower. ]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" The brunette had just begun to contemplate punching someone when his coworker finally arrived to relieve him. [b [#FF4500 “I suppose being late is better than not showing up at all,”]] He snapped, tossing a bar mop at the other man before ducking under the counter and heading towards the back, not waiting for a reply…]]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/d4869UG.jpg?1 ]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" [b [#FF4500 Present]]]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" His memory was a little fuzzy, but from what he could recall he hadn’t received the lovely purple bruise while at work. Surprising, really. Which meant he’d played Robin Hood on the way home again. Probably stopped a mugging or some other petty crime. He couldn’t recall any faces so it must not have been anyone memorable, just a dumb thug who’d gotten in a lucky shot. Shrugging Hal turned on the faucet to a lukewarm setting and splashed some water onto his face, waking himself up a little more and then walking back towards the bed where he had left the handheld, picking up and tugging on a pair of discarded jeans from the floor. He’d make himself more presentable when he got back to Penumbra and so didn’t bother with his appearance now, hands skimming briefly over the jagged crescent scars under his pectorals before tugging a rumpled t-shirt over his head as well.]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Handheld in one hand, boots in the other and keys shoved into a back pocket Hal headed for the window on the far side of the room, pushing it up just enough to fit his legs out, sliding gracefully out onto the fireescape and shutting the window behind himself. The metal of the ladders cold against his feet, but his boots made too much noise and he didn’t want to risk the neighbors watching him. He paused at the last ladder, shoving his feet into his laced boots before climbing down the last few feet, finally disappearing around the corner.]]]

ETA 15.
Quick stop @ Granny Nel’s. Piroshki’s on me.

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Granny Nel’s was an old diner halfway between Hal’s personal apartment and Penumbra base. He’d stopped in enough times over the years that little old Nelly Pavlishchev the owner and cook, knew him by name and order. She also knew that Hal used food as a means to placate others. Often times she scolded him for it. ‘If he was to use food as an apology he should make it himself, it would mean more’ she always said. He’d learned to cook because of her. The bell on the door jingled a pleasant noise as he stepped inside. The little diner was quiet as was usual and its elderly owner was already at the register. Hal’s usual order no doubt already packed up in the brown bag next to her. ]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Nelly took one look at him, eyes quick to fall on the bruise on his face and her smile turned into a concerned scowl. “Well I hope the other person looks worse,” she huffed at him. Hal offered his most charming smile. [b [#FF4500 “Hello to you too, Nelly”]] he laughed, fishing in his pockets for the cash he’d made the night before. Nel’s scowl deepened, “It’s no good for a person to get hit in the head as much as you,” continued while tapping at the register keys. [b [#FF4500 “Don’t worry Nel. I have a hard head,”]] he informed the older women, smile never faltering as he spoke to her, quelling her worries before bidding her farewell, with a shout from her to remember to come see her again soon, but , he really didn’t need to add being late to a meeting to the list of reasons one could be irritated with him. After all who knows what happened earlier that morning, who he had fought who’d managed to get a hit in. Hopefully just a disagreement with some drunkard and not an altercation with a Cascade thug. It took five minutes more to find his way from the old diner to Penumbra’s back door. He looped past the spot once just to be sure no one was hanging around that shouldn’t be before slipping inside, brown bag tucked under his arm and radiating a comfortable warmth against his side. [b [#FF4500 “Ding Dong!”,]] he called out as he moved further into the building, [b [#FF4500 “Food Delivery.”]]]]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/qnejSsQ.gif]] [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Text+Me+One]
[center [b [#660066 October]]][size11 Knowing beforehand had not helped. It was her job to know, always. It was her job to be close by with The Order offices. That day shredded her mind, the images of that event eternally scarred by her eyelids. Every time she slept or let her eyes rest for too long, she was back there. Faces of lifeless innocents and some friends stared up at her. All of them held the same burning fear in their eyes, their mouths twisted horrifically as their silent screams washed over her, until all she could hear were their might roars. October third, Tiger’s Eye tried everything to forget about that day, about that month.]

[center [b [#660066 December]]][size11 Evelyn stepped into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic floor. She turned the dial, it was old and metallic, but Evelyn thought it was charming. The pipes moaned like a horror movie ghost before spitting out a dribble of cold water. [b [#660066 “And now I’m BACK”]] Tiger’s Eye sang in a high pitch only dogs would enjoy as the shower head released thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening her hair and trickling down her back and legs. [b [#660066 “FROM OUTER SPACE, a du du du du du something-something, GO ON NOW GO. WALK OUT THE-”]] A loud series of chimes interrupted her ungodly singing. Evelyn narrowed her eyes into tiny slits, staring at the foggy shower door as she lathered and began to wash. Nobody texted her unless they wanted something and they had [b better] not want something on the one day of the week she reserved for slumber.

After a moment of watchful silence, Evelyn moved on, grabbing her shampoo that made her hair smell like oatmeal and honey. [b [#660066 “DOOR. JUST TURN AROUND NOW. YOU’RE NOT WELCOM-”]] Another loud series of chimes interrupted her screeching [b [#660066 “This is a SOLO performance!”]] Tigers Eye snapped, rushing through the rest of her shower before twisting off the water with such strength that it was a miracle that poor thing didn’t snap right off. Dripping water through her one bedroom apartment, Evelyn snatched her cell phone off the bed, eyes narrowing once more as they scanned the screen.
[Text+Me+One From [b Cinnamon]]
[Text+Me+One Hello, everyone. While I respect that those of you from Cascade do not see me as your leader, I ask that we all meet in the boardroom to discuss the future of Technicolor. Normally, these types of meetings only take place between the leaders, but as it affects not only us, but you as well, everyone should be in attendance. The meeting should start in 30 minutes.
Queen Cinnabar.]

[size11 [b [#660066 “No nap for you.”]] Evelyn grumbled, her tired eyes reread the text just for good measure. This would be the seventh time that she would have to tell Cinnabar not to put ‘Queen’ in her text messages. It literally painted a giant target on her and her involvement in Technicolor. [b [#660066 “Want to take out our whole operation? Just look at our text messages.”]] As skilled as her fingers were - just ask any of her past one nighters - there was only so much that she could do on two hours of sleep, nine cups of coffee, and an uncountable amount of pixie sticks. Grumpy was not even close to describing how the short-haired woman felt. There were several more texts but only one really held her attention. ]

[Text+Me+One From [b Sardines]]
[Text+Me+One I know you're somewhere close by. If you got the data on the members of Penumbra, meet me at my office before we head to this meeting of Cinnabar's.]

[size11 Evelyn sucked in a breath, holding it as her fingers effortlessly glided across the screen.] [i [Text+Me+One ‘Get me a latte from the cafe next door to you first.’]][size11 [b [#660066 “You can do better than this, Eve.”]] She scolded, holding down the little arrow with the ‘x’ in the middle until she had a blank slate once more.][i [Text+Me+One ‘I demand one Vanilla Latte’]] [size11 Those slender digits froze for the smallest moment.] [i [Text+Me+One ‘And a slice of carrot cake for my service and delivery fees. Be there in fifteen.’]] [size11 [b [#660066 “Yeaahh, now we're cooking baby.”]] Tossing the phone back onto the bed, Evelyn began quickly moving around the apartment. Normally she would just drip dry, but everyone and their mother had other plans for her today. Using the towel as quickly as humanly possible to dry off, Evelyn slipped on a simple waist shirt dress and threw on her trench coat. The detective swore up and down that when she died, she was to be buried with that coat. It had been with her for years. Grabbing the USB off her desk and grabbing her phone, Tiger’s Eye was off to face the world. Err, at least her bosses.
  Evelyn Monroe / Darcy / 112d 3h 37m 9s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Unica+One]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/z9XHpG7.jpg]]

[center [Abel October 6 | Monochrome City

It had been a long day, and the knight was looking forward to returning to the Cascade base to end the night. The cafe was full of Technicolor sympathizers and normal people alike. He was in the middle of a conversation with a regular patron when the world seemed to stand still. Glass cups on the shelf of the Needle and Thread Cafe shook off of the tables and shattered onto the floor. There was instant panic, and even though he was trained, he too felt a sense of helplessness. It felt like forever until the earth stopped its convulsions. The sound from the bombs had been almost deafening. When he was able to pull himself from the floor of the cafe, he was shaking. There was no mistake of what had just occurred.

He left- running all the way back to the place he’d called home. His palms were cut from the broken glass, but he was too shocked to feel the pain. The first person he found was Yoko, and he placed a hand on her shoulder in silent solidarity. He hadn’t been too close to anyone- save for a rising recruit who now filled the pawn position- but he still felt their pain. They were all comrades after all, and despite their personal goals being different, they shared the same hope that they could life back to Monochrome City. He gave a gentle suggestion that they should find other survivors, and find a safe place for the night. Surely uniformed soldiers of the Order would come to patrol, and he didn’t want to give them a chance to kill anymore of them.

October went by at a turtle’s pace as they settled themselves into the Penumbra base. It drug into a cold November, and he found himself being paired with a rather unlikable member of the other faction. They fought quite often, but overtime, he found himself drawing closer for whatever reason. Their “relationship” if it could be called such was a complex one, but he found himself enjoying the company. And although the redhead was reluctant to discuss his past, Freyr had found out anyway through the queen.

December 3 | Monochrome City

The dark haired knight had grown accustomed to the late night visits of his companion. They attempted to keep whatever it was between them underwraps- not because they were embarrassed, but because they themselves had no idea what they were to one another. He had no problem keeping it a secret as he knew as well as Luca that their duties to Technicolor came before anything else.

A rather tired Freyr all but snorted at the idea of a day off. He’d been awake before the beeping noise on the bedside table had gone off, but the thought of getting out of the warm bed wasn’t something that he wanted to do quite yet. “[#6A5ACD What’s a day off?]” He attempted to sound sarcastic, but the tiredness in his voice made the facetiousness fall flat. They hadn’t had a day off since the bombing of Cascade. Wounds were healing, but the scars of their psyche’s were still quite fresh.

He pulled his arm from around Luca’s midsection and grasped his own handheld. “[#6A5ACD You want me to tell your queen to fuck off? Aren’t we still in hot water with her? We should get dressed. I’d prefer not to give her another reason to hate me,]” He gave Luca a playful nuzzle before slipping from the warm blankets. His body shivered from the sudden cold, but he ignored it the best that he could and drug the blankets off of Luca whom he knew couldn’t handle cold temperatures. “[#6A5ACD We can cuddle later. We have work to do now.]”

Freyr had largely kept his opinion of Penumbra’s queen to himself. Of course she was capable, but he sometimes questioned her methods. Not that she was a bad leader, just that sometimes her decisions were questionable at best. Putting him and Luca together had namely been the thing he questioned. Even though they’d eventually- for the most part- gotten over their differences, they still fought on more than one occasion. ]]
  -Solaris- / 113d 4h 3m 44s
[center [pic https://s14.postimg.org/voahgd1ip/Yoko_2.jpg]]
[font "Bookman Old Style" The sudden explosion rendered Ruby deaf for the first couple of moments, her body slumped against the wall she had been slammed against by the blast. Her left arm and leg felt as if they were on fire. Gradually, the sounds of screams and falling debris filled her ears and she forced her eyes open.

What was once Cascade's base was nothing more than rubble, fire, and flailing bodies of the living and the dying. She ignored the pain in her limbs as she rose to her feet. Something pushed her into autopilot and, amidst the confusion of everything, she searched around the entire base for other survivors. Her hands became torn pieces of unrecognizable flesh as she dug out as many bodies she physically could, regardless if they were dead or alive. The living were taking out of there by other members while she made a line of bodies for the dead.

Ruby hardly slept or ate, not wanting to stop in her mission to dig out every single body she could out of the ruins of the base. Eventually, people forced her to get medically treated and to eat. Despite the pounds she lost and the weakening of her body, it was a real fight to get her to stay still. Even when she finally started taking care of herself again, she did not stop helping with the work that ended up lasting for weeks, the makeshift grave at the ruins of the base gradually growing with each body.

The first time she actually stopped everything was when she finally found the broken body of the previous Rook of Cascade. She had remained motionless for a minute before finally allowing herself to mourn, sobbing heavily for the loss of her savior and all the other members who's lives ended too soon. Death was to be expected when one was part of a rebellious group, but no one imagined that it would ever come to this.

Ruby returned to "normal life" when the work finally ended. She had to face the fact that she now took up the role as Rook. Despite the neutral expression she almost always wore on her face, anxiety took hold of her heart whenever she thought of the responsibilities she would have to fulfill and the expectant eyes that fell on her. Would she really be able to do this? Could she replace Ace without tarnishing his legacy?

[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/06de8749848d43505dd533960c25e522/tumblr_o03hr9ZrZt1tqou9go1_500.gif]]
Ruby let out a tired sigh as she finally returned to her room at the Inn, shedding off the apron and dress that was required of housekeepers to wear. Releasing her long, red hair from the hair tie she used to keep it all back, she could officially say she was off the clock.

The young woman stood there for a while, staring at the faint scars of scratches and burns on her left leg and arm, reminders of what occurred mere months ago. The palms of her hands were the only things that remained bandaged up due to the heavy damage they received. She wore black-fingerless gloves over them in order to better protect the wounds while also reducing the pain.

Something buzzed on her nightstand, reminding her of the existence of her handheld. It must have something to do with Technicolor, since she never got personal messages from anyone. Taking a quick peak, she saw that the message was from the queen. A meeting? Something felt uneasy about that.

Ruby slipped on a pair of jeans, black turtleneck, ankle-high boots, and a heavy coat. The frigid winds would be unkind to anyone who might somehow forget that it was December. Since today could be considered a "good" day for her body, she opted for walking rather than taking the bus. She would make it to the base in a decent amount of time and still have plenty more to get to the meeting place.]
  / nomey1 / 112d 10h 48m 33s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gloria+Hallelujah][center [Gloria+Hallelujah "The members of Technicolor that die, die for our cause.
Uniforms and others we kill, die for that same cause.
But one day, all those deaths won't be in vain.
And until that day, we honor the blood,
willingly or unwillingly given."]]
[center ~October-Novemeber~]
[size11 It was hard to hold down an actual job when as far as anyone outside of Penumbra was concerned, you were dead. To an extent however, it made him valuable to the Queen. He was a ghost, unnoticed by the general public except for being considered another street rat. An ordinary citizen with nothing to hide. That was if he ever went outside. In the last few months he spent more time inside training recruits than running off on missions. It was a fact that gradually with time he had begun to accept. The former Knight of Cascade reduced to a Penumbra teacher if a situation didn’t call for his various talents. Although to be fair, other than his short temper, his skills had always been more attuned towards Penumbra.

However the addition of the leftover members of Cascade now sharing the Penumbra headquarters created more havoc than usual. It was hard to get most members of the different factions on the same page, never mind to get them to work together. At first, Kyanite was the same way, particularly towards the Cascade Knight. But his Queen gave an order, and he would be damned if he let someone else cause him to fail.

That first initial mission had proven they could work together, despite their differences and all their arguments every step of the way. But something else had budded between them - Kyanite and Iolite. Maybe the Queen noticed it, and took the chance to see if even one of the most abrasive members of her faction could work with one of the King's men. Whatever it was, the first mission turned into a second. A test drive in the return of Technicolor of sorts.]

[center [+B40404 "Relax Queenie. We can't fail."] [i Not again. Never again.]]

[size11 Somehow that mission was a success, although Luca doubted anyone who knew about it thought it would be. Somehow, with only scrapes and bruises to tell the tale, they had returned to the Technicolor base, the red head leaning against his shorter companion, huffing out a laugh with his face hidden in Freyr's hair.]

[center [+B40404 "We did it, brat. We actually did it."]]

[center December]

[size11 Luca groaned, vainly trying to bury his head into Freyr's neck and block out the noise that was their handhelds buzzing. He had to wait longer than usual for everyone else to head of to their rooms before he slipped into the Cascade Knight's room virtually unnoticed. They had this odd sort of relationship going on, and the long haired red head strove to great efforts to keep it under wraps. At least until they figured out what [i it] was.

As November froze into December, the Penumbra Knight's fuse had gradually grown shorter and shorter. If a person was smart and cared for their well being, they knew to avoid him at all costs when he was in one of his moods, a tell tale sign being the heavy stomping as he walked from one place to another. Iolite typically managed to calm most of his moods, either through words or a fight. At some point since that second mission, the Italian had taken to waiting for everyone else to be in bed before sneaking into Iolite's room. It happened once, and than gradually increased in frequency until it was a given that he wouldn't sleep in his own room. It was clumsy at first, filled with arguments as were many aspects of their lives as they figured out their new found relationship.

[+B40404 "Tell who ever it is to fuck off,"] Kyanite grumbled, voice rumbling against his companion's skin as he attempted in vain to cling to sleep. [+B40404 "Isn't it our day off or something?"] He continued, wearily pulling away from his personal space heater and blearily opening his blue eyes. A soft hum bubbled in his throat as he studied the man next to him, pulling one of his hands free to itch at his right eye. His vision in that eye had been getting worse since November, a fact that he kept quiet to everyone including Iolite before him. It was slow going, but he could tell a difference in his vision a month ago as opposed to now. It didn't matter, or at least he didn't think so. As long as he had one eye, he could still shoot a gun.
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[center [pic https://s25.postimg.org/4inmaq633/2017-10-01-08-19-07-039-329x665.jpg]]
[center [i "Kimmy? Can I put lipstick on you? PLEEEASE?"]]
He often questioned his nerve, or lack thereof.
He looked down, a very small human of the female persuasion -what was her name, this freckly one? Colette?- heckling him with an old tube of crimson lipstick. He swallowed down a shudder. Who KNOWS whose lips have been on it?! Long, heavy arms reached down and gathered her up, setting her down on his hip as he seated her at eye level. [b "If I am to wear lipstick, I prefer soft shades of pink. Red is a bit more bold than I prefer."]
[i "Aww... Okay. Can I sit in your chair then?"]
These desperate girls and his damned security chair. Sigh. He set her down on the padded, swiveling seat, leaning on the counter as visitors and prospective parents signed in and out of the register. This went on for some time, an uneventful shift thus far, as even Colette had nodded off and curled up in his chair. He considered moving her to a cot in the sleeping hall himself, but was glad he had decided against it as two strange men wandered in and finally meandered over to his desk. The first, wiry and ugly and in need of soap and a shave, nervously glanced from himself to Colette, though the lingering gaze upon her sleeping form was more than he could bear. He shifted dipping into his line of sight and blocking the view of the tiny ginger with his body. [b "Can I help you, gentlemen?"]
They seemed a bit addled, but that was typical. His voice was rather deep, and it served him well in situations like these. He fumbled with his reply, but managed it anyway. [i "I-I'm here to get my niece, the feds took her from my sister and all, s-so I'd like to be the one that takes her in."]
His portly companion was busying himself by leaning to look at the doorway into the play hall, clearly trying to catch a glimpse of the children. Jade had seen and heard enough to know these men were in no way looking to parent any young girls, and he moved from behind his desk to escort them out. But, of course, the chubby one pulled a gun out of his coat and licked his lips. [i "Sit, or we'll take more than one."]
He twitched.
He did not like rudeness, or guns, or this chill. Jade's hand shot out to snatch the gun up but instead caught his wrist and cracked it clean in half. Oops. He retrieved the gun and gave the taller, scrawnier one a look of amusement as his partner swore and whined. [b "If that is all you came for, I will ask now that you leave. He will need to see a doctor."] came the deep Korean rumble, through a very nonchalant grin.
Colette shifted as the odd pair scuttled away, and he lifted her and carried her to the sleeping chamber as his shift came to an end. As he stepped outside, a sharp trill echoed off the wall of his pockets, and he reached in to check the handheld for whatever message he had received.

A meeting? Well, as much as he detested the cowboyish behaviors of some of Cascade's members, he recognized that both sides needed one another... To a point. He adjusted his jacket and headed off to the agreed meeting place, irritated. Stuck in a room with Cascade's king indefinitely, what awful punishment was this? He clicked his tongue. He loved Technicolor but was not one much for this joint group, within which hardly anyone trusted one another or could agree on ANYTHING. But? If Cinnabar requested it, Jade would be there. He held her in high regard, and would contain his displeasure so as to not inconvenience her.

The city air was proving to be quite thick, rife with smells and the chatter of other people and the click of shoes on old pavement. He enjoyed such sounds, it was welcome after all the struggling brought on by the bombings. It had nearly brought Technicolor to its knees, but they'd managed. This was why he loved being apart of it; They were survivors. Technicolor gave him a purpose.
Not that this meeting wasn't going to be exceptionally tense... But.
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