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She had frozen up completely by his action. Though, Dakota couldn’t even bring herself to say the words ‘thank you’ to Shane. She wasn’t use to saying those words at least. Her cold hearted family forbidden genuine and generous actions towards mankind.

With the sincere action of giving up his shirt for her, dakota was shook’n by Shane’s kindness because most people hated the Maverick’s for their actions. She became flustered and embarrassed. In which, her face began to light up pink slightly.

Dakota nodded with Shane, but she didn’t bother to express her feelings or even look up at the guy to acknowledge him afterwards. However, Dakota began to refocus on Erin and Anderson. Listening to their conversation, Dakota respond with: [b “In speaking of which-, I’m gonna ahead home as well.”] She said gesturing in the opposite direction of those who were following Erin home.

[b “Take care you two ladies and gentlemen.”] Dakota said saluting them while fleeing from the group.Turning back around at the end of the street corner for a second, Dakota paused for a moment to get a good glismp at the knew guy who she knew as Shane.

He reminded Dakota of her brother with all the scar’s. [i "Wounded from war…"] Dakota thought before moving onwards without anyone.
  Cody & Dakota / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 64d 5h 38m 26s
Blood? Erin went from scared to something more. She felt... She couldn't explain the feeling. Too much was happening, and she just wanted to shut down.
[+blue "I just need to go home,"] she whispered. [+blue "I don't want to talk about this tonight. I want a hot bath and some time with my books..."]

[+red "I'll take you,"] Anderson offered quickly. [+red "Dakota is right. You don't need to do it alone, and we can find a solution together... But if you need some rest tonight, the least we can do is be there for you."]
  Erin / Eff / 68d 4h 32m 3s
Staz, more like Shane took his shirt off and handed it Dakota. "[#ff00ff here put this on your covered in blood.]" HE said as the scars on his chest, arms and back looked moon pail against the sun.
  Staz and Shane / Zaida / 68d 11h 19m 16s
[b “Look here-”] Dakota said catching her breath. [b “Nobody is going back into that cafe tonight, after what I just witness.”] She strident with a gesture at the restaurant. [b “Far as I’m concerned, that place is out busy now.”] Dakota said sternly towards everyone.

Speaking in a serious tone, Dakota spoke once more: [b “The owner is probably lying in his own blood by now...”]

[b “Go ahead and retreat back to cafe. Your going to end up as a suspect for the authority’s.”] She said acknowledging, what would happen if they were caught at a crime scene.

[b “Getting a new job and finding a place to live isn’t easy all on your lonesome.”] Dakota said while thinking critically. [b “If you want you can stay at the manor, until you find a new occupation.”] Dakota said offering her place to Erin. [b “Cody and the rest of the family wouldn’t mind you being there.”] She said reasoning her actions.

She look down at her hands, only to find crimson liquid dripping off her fingertips. [i “Dammit-. Some of the blood must of shatter onto me, when that thing or whatever it was attacked the boss.”] Dakota thought as she whipped away the blood on her shirt.
  Cody & Dakota / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 68d 11h 24m 7s
Erin quickly shook her head. [+blue "No..."] she whimpered. She tried to take a few deep breaths. [+blue "I don't have a job. I don't know what to do. I'm gonna have to move back in with my dad..."] She started to whimper again, not very fond of her father's new girlfriend. She looked at the three (?) who followed her to the curb. [+blue "I'm so sorry,"] she whispered. [+blue "I just don't know what to do."]

Anderson scowled. [+red "He was an asshole anyway,"] he said firmly. [+red "Come on, Erin. You should have found a new job ages ago... The restaurant I work at could use another server. I'm sure you can handle it okay..."]
Erin was already shaking her head no. [+blue "No... I can't. That's too many people..."] She looked at Dakota. [+blue "You're going to get in trouble if you don't go back to close. No need for both of us to lose our jobs."]
  Erin / Eff / 68d 15h 21m 51s
Staz stood there for a minute watching the girls run. His eyes went form dark blue back to emerald green and he went running after them. "[#ff00ff Can I go back there and beat his ass?]" Shane asked as he caught up with them.
  Staz and Shane / Zaida / 68d 15h 24m 38s
After witnessing what just happened, Dakota began to scold and threaten the boss. [b “What the hell! Erin would never steal you piece of shit~!”] Dakota said angrily as she approached the man while throwing vases and picture frames form the cafe at the guy, until he was caught hiding behind his desk. With one hand in a draw, the boss’s other hand gave out gesture’s trying to negotiation the situation.

[b “Look here, I’ll raise your paycheck or- ahaugh~!”] the boss squealed as his gesturing hand began to turn and bend in an unusual way. [b “What on earth-?”] Dakota said shook’n by the supernatural event. Backing out of the situation, Dakota then darted out of the cafe as gunshots went off in the building.

[b “Come on, we got to go~!] Dakota yelled in a hurry. Grabbing her new friend’s with her, she dragged them far away form the area.
  Cody & Dakota / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 68d 16h 20m 32s
Erin prepared herself for the obvious chewing out her boss was going to give this time. Often, she and Dakota took turns under his lashing tongue. Erin pointed her eyes at the floor again as he started in on her, going on about how Anderson was hanging around too much, and she wasn't doing her job properly. It was the finishing touch that had her breaking down into tears though.

[i "...And finally, money is missing from the register. Again. I'm sorry, but that's the last straw. You're fired, Erin."]
Stealing?! Erin never stole in her life! She quickly ran from the room and out of the cafe. She didn't run far though, stopping at the end of the block.

Anderson had hung around Staz long enough to make sure Erin and Dakota still got out safely.
When he saw Erin take off, though, he ran after her. [+red "Hey, wait!"] he called after Erin. He stopped long enough to beckon Staz to follow. It looked like Erin needed as much support as possible.
  Erin / Eff / 69d 3h 40m 59s
Staz leaned against the window so he could hear what was going on in the store and he shivered. '[#ff00ff That creep.]' Shane said to Staz who was getting a little frustrated holding him back.
  Staz and Shane / Zaida / 69d 3h 52m 49s
[b “Coming just give me a minute, okay?”] Dakota said while gathering her brother’s belongings. Particular his dog tag that he had left at the cafe yesterday. [b “Gotcha~.”] Dakota muttered with cheerfulness as she clinched the necklace in her fist. When being called back into the conversation, she responded to Anderson and Erin’s question for her need of a ride: [b “You guys are way too kind. Thanks for the offer, but I can’t. Me and Erin have some stuff to attend too.”] She said delincing the offer.

With a wink back to Erin, Dakota showed she hadn’t forget what Erin had asked her early. Waving bye to those who went out the front door, she watched Anderson and Shane leave the cafe together.

But, it wasn’t long before soon she was cringing at the boss’s order; Dakota bite her lip silently as she watched the two of them disappear into the office together. [i “That bastard... I swear- if he lays a hand on that innocent girl, I’ll have revenge by killing him slowly and painfully.”] Dakota thought to herself as she stared at the ice blue eyes that pleaded for help. Once only Erin and the boss remained in the office, Dakota began to hold out the necklace in front of herself.

Reading the tag to herself out loud in the empty cafe, she said: [b “Cody Maverick, A.K.A Code. Experiment negative zero two: Invulnerability, subbed to Flyrokinesis and fading.”] Raising her hand into the air, she acted as if she was going to throw the dog tag into the glass window. However, she had stopped herself. [b “What’s the point?”] Dakota said with a sigh.

Turning back to the office, she slipped the necklace on and began to approach with silent footsteps. Pressing her ear up against the door, she listened onto the conversation between the boss and Erin.
  KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 69d 4h 23m 39s
Erin was already trying to stay busy with closing. She was cleaning counters, checking stock, mentally making a check list... As she always did. She felt clumsy, though. Something was going on inside Staz's head. Or... was it Staz? Who was Shane? Erin frowned.
[+blue "Come on, Dakota,"] she called to her coworker. [+blue "It's time, and I want to lock the doors."]

Anderson was already preparing to leave. [+red "Hey, Erin. Do you and Dakota want a lift home tonight?"] he asked.
Erin shook her head. [+blue "I'll be fine, but maybe Dakota needs one."] She waved goodbye to Anderson and her... new friend. Then she went back to closing just as her boss peaked his head out of the office in the back.

[i "Erin! Get in here."] His command was as cold as his demeanor. Erin nearly squeaked in shock. She then shuffled into the office to hear out what had gone wrong this time.
She looked back at Dakota once more before disappear into the office, door closing behind her.
  Erin / Eff / 69d 5h 27m 55s

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