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[center [size16 [Abel Just like there are two sides to every coin, there is another side to our reality. Two parallel words that run side by side; Assiah and Gehenna. Assiah is the human world, while Gehenna is the demon world. It is impossible to reach Gehenna, however demons can pass into Assiah by possessing anything that is within it. Within Assiah there are humans who learn and train to defeat the demons, and where do they train exactly? Well....]]]

[center [size15 [Gloria+Hallelujah AT TRUE CROSS ACADEMY!]]]

[center [size16 [Abel True cross Academy is know worldwide for it's extensive courses and high graduation rate. However this school not only for normal students, but it is also a school for Exorcists. Here Exorcists start out as Pages to become ExWire's, learning and training to become some of the best demon-fighters around. True Cross only used to accept Japanese Students, however recently they have opened they're doors to other countries as well. Now I, your wonderful principal Mephisto Pheles shall watch as all my beautiful students become the best they can be, and shall protect you all as you grow and learn in my school!]]]
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Eldin was a little shocked at her response and then at the way she talked to the teacher. His mother would have smacked him if he had ever talked to a teacher like that. However, he could understand her frustration. Their teacher wasn't teaching them the way he had hope but that didn't give him the right to yell at him. Everyone had a reason for what they did so maybe there was a reason behind the madness. Lilly for her part didn't even noticed what had happen as she was busy talking with Rose. She didn't even notice until the door slammed and she felt the vibrations from it. Turning toward him, she had an upset look on her face.
"What did you this time," She sighed to him. He gave her incent look. "Me? I didn't do anything I swear." He answered putting his hand in the air. He sometime forgot how scary she could be even without a voice. He then explained what happen and she calmed down. She then turned back to Rose and wrote down in her notepad. "What was that you did. I never seen a summing paper burn like that.
A few minutes later Eldin watched as Solvi returned to her desk. Sigh he sat back down and watch as Lilly chatted with Rose. Although he could only hear whatever Rose was saying as Lilly was using her notebook to chat with her. After a while he watched Solvi try her summoning. He was impressed that she summoned a large wolf. What he wasn't ready for was that it threw her across the room. Cursing in German he reached for his blade only to grab air. That right people didn’t like it when you carried a sword the size of a person around. But as quick as the wolf was summoned it was gone.
He went over but stepped aside for the teacher. He remembered that from his reading. After the teacher was done Lilly rushed over with her doctor's bag. She started wrapping the wound and doubled checking the teach work. Eldin didn't have a clue as medicine wasn't his field. Lilly after she was done talking care of the wound wrote the answer down on her note pad and held it up to the teacher.
  Edlin Rommel / Mended / 255d 14h 33m 46s
[center [font PoiretOne ..::True Cross Academy::..
[#ffadc2 "Rose Sidonai"]
[i [#bd8aff P R O T E C T]]

Rose watched as the scene exploded in front of her. Even though the summoning was very interesting but do to the lack of emotional stability. She could hear large wolf's thoughts when it attacked the female. It seemed almost mad to be summoned by her.

She didn't stand at the commotion, just sat their and listened. [#bd8aff " He was mad and confused was he not?"] The soft chimes of the little demon rang in her ear from still being hidden behind her pink hair. All she did was nod in response before the teacher asked a question.

[i [#ffadc2 " A healing herb... I know this, my church has an herb garden... Aloe... no that is for burns...H.."]] She thought as she opened her mouth to speak. [#ffadc2 "Halia, I think.."] She stated not really sure if the teacher heard her or not.

She looked back down at her book and began to re-read the information about summoning a familiar. She couldn't help but wonder why instead of nothing, her paper just ignited into flames. She read over the same chapter at least five times. It didn't take her long because she was a quick reader.

She reached for a small square and her pencil to start recreating the summoning circle.
  тcα / Nyctophilia / 259d 15h 2m 43s
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[center [size16 [Abel Akio sat there near the back, teal eyes watching the male teacher as he spoke. [i "Familiars, huh?"] She thought, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. Summoning a familiar was probably one of the hardest things to do as an exorcist, Tamers were few in numbers because summoning familiars was so dangerous. She looked down at her textbook and flipped through it until she found the necessary pages, however, she didn't bother to read them. When you come from a family who often produces Tamers you learn everything first hand, hell she herself already knew that she could summon. A yawn slipped past her lips as she stared at the words, letting her eyes wander around the room a bit. While they had been in classes for a bit now, she still hadn't really gotten to know anyone. It wasn't that she was anti-social, she was just nervous that she'd make a fool of herself. But then again...isn't that what caused anti-social personality disorder...or something like that?]]]

[center [size16 [Abel While everyone was busy doing her own thing, she stood up and walked over to the teacher's desk, [+red "Mr. Blackheart, is there something else that I could possibly do? I already know how to summon familiars, so I think it's unnecessary for me to read about what I already know."] She knew that she sounded "prissy" or like "A know-it-all", but she couldn't help herself. It wasn't something she did on purpose either. Though when she spoke she had totally ignored a boy who had gotten to the teacher first, looking to him and raising an eyebrow.]]]

[center [b ~]]
[center [right [pic http://i.imgur.com/fb26zNQ.png]]]
[center [size16 [Abel Alistair simply stared at the haughty student who dared to speak back, crossing his arms as he loudly settled his shoes on the desk. He was unable to hold back a laugh as she spoke. [b "Mrs. Nohr, I think you have the wrong idea. Go tattle on me to the headmaster all you want, you won't be the first student who tried to get me fired and you certainly won't be the last."] He said to her, confidence and arrogance just oozing from his words. He watched as left the room, slamming the door in the process. [i "Damn kids....need to learn their place."] he thought, running his fingers through his dark hair. However, her tantrum didn't last long and a few minutes later she returned to the classroom, sitting down in her chair with a huff.]]]

[center [size16 [Abel Twenty minutes passed with they all read, then some of them took the charms he'd put on their desk and attempted a summon. Some of them had promise while others failed miserably. Though before anything spectacular could be done, the haughty girl from before summoned a fairly large familiar, one that was quite impressive. Before he could react, it bit her and pushed her against the wall, disappeared as fast as it had appeared. A sigh slipped from his lips as he walked out from behind his desk, walking over to the female student and grabbing her arm. [b "if you had read closely, a familiar can sense it's summoners feelings. If your emotions are out of control, they will go berserk and attack the cause of unstable emotions."] Though not a doctor, Alistair knew basic healing techniques. Walking back to his desk, he opened a drawer and produced a plant, walking back over to the girl and applying it to her wound. [b "Hold it there."] He said while leaning against his desk. [b "Pop quiz, can anyone tell me what herbs are best used for healing demon-inflicted wounds? You should have read about it two nights ago."]]]]
  [ᴛʀᴜᴇ] / Dao / 259d 23h 36m 23s
Since it was his first day here at this school, he didn’t have a ken how the classroom would operate. Even though most of it did depend upon who ran the school as they had the power to say what would be learned, but part of classroom operation did vary from professor to professor; each professor was an individual, and individual’s had different ways of doing from other individuals.

From what he could see written on the board, there was going to be a lecture on familiar. Or at least there was supposed to be a lecture on familiars, before the professor had a change of plans due to the number of students in the classroom. Personally for Bran, it seemed as if three students did see quite small for a classroom. But at the same time he felt as if this professor had had days where there were only a few students.

Instead of a lecture, there would be an hour of free study time. Since this was his first day here, it seemed like a good idea. He’d have time to read up on the material that would be discussed, and have some time to ask any questions he’d most likely have. Even though maybe it wasn’t up to his expectation of starting off with a lesson, it wasn’t at all an inconvenience.

Then the teacher specially turned to one student, the guy with black hair and red on the ends of the hair. It appeared as if the tiger was one-half of the menagerie kept around, there also was a panther that was wandering about the school and causing some form of trouble.

After the teacher sat down, the black haired with red hair ends guy decided to jump out the window. Since no sounds of pain followed, there was only one thing to conclude; the guy had landed safely. As an afterthought, the accent sounded really close to German. Even if the guy was German, it would still be a bad idea to start a fight with him.

Bran took out the textbook and opened it, just as the German fellow walked back in mumbling about something. Even though there was the curiosity to know what the mumbling was about, the morality inside Bran kept him from even trying to listen in; part of his Catholic upbringing.

After scanning the textbook, Bran realized that he did have a question for the teacher. Even though it felt somewhat awkward to stand up and approach the professor whom he didn’t know, the question could only be answered in one way.

When he had walked up close enough, [+purple “Sorry to bother ya, but I had a question. It’s just this is my first day, and well. Anyways, if I understood you correctly, the pages you gave us to read just now are important for next week since we will begin to summon familiars next week?]
  Bran / NorthernWolves / 286d 9h 55m 2s
[center Solvi gritted her teeth as her teacher spoke. [b just do what that says and leave me alone."] The Norwegian girl took her feet off the table slamming her hands down on the table hearing the two students behind her talking she was irritated was this teacher serious did he not care about any of their education.

[#00CED1 Du kan ikke være seriøs! Hvis du ikke tar oss alvorlig enn ....] She paused as she realized that she was speaking her native tongue. [#00CED1 “Never mind you’re not even worth my time to speak to you in my own tongue. Get your act straight or the headmaster will know of this.”] She purred grinning evilly at the teacher. [#00CED1 “I have already passed this lesson so I am going to go back to my room if you teach something interesting send one of them to get me.”] She grabbed her katana looking back at the other two and shaking her head as the male talked to her. [#00CED1 No I don’t need help I have passed this already this so-called teacher should be the one helping us but he has decided he is going to be a pussy and hide behind the desk all day calling himself a teacher.] his smile was charming but he wasn’t her type he seemed to innocent like she could smash it into pieces maybe she would play with but this wasn’t the time to play with him.

The girl’s dark onyx black hair swished side to side as she left the room slamming the door open and then shut she already had her doubts and then the teacher she was given was a lazy good for nothing. But even though he was a good for nothing grouch Solvi found it attractive. Her face flushed as she pressed herself against the wall hiding her face from the male and two felines following him she watched as he walked into his class room.

The girl sighed as he faces returned to the normal flesh color her heart stopped pounding she gritted her teeth once again before entering her class again sitting in the front of the classroom opening her book to the page 45 speed reading through growling every once in a while. Solvi hated reading he would rather Learn from the teacher but he was too lazy and it was frustrating. [#00CED1 Teach us you moron.”] She mumbled under her breath.

The young student pulled out a charm paper slitting her hand on her sword soaking the paper with her blood accidentally putting to much of her blood on the paper summoning a larger than normal wolf whom attacked her biting and clenching down on her arm she let out a groan reaching for the charm paper so she could turn it to ash but it was too late the wolf had thrown her against the board. Disappearing as it charged at her Solvi sat there cussing in her native tongue.]
  Sølvi Nohr / KasaiShadowFox / 296d 14h 56m 45s
[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#ffadc2 "Rose Sidonai"]
[i [#bd8aff P R O T E C T]]

It was shortly after the bell rang when a male that she assumed was the teacher walked in. She automatically assessed him. He gave off a nonchalant attitude, like he didn't really want to be here. Even the way he spoke seemed a bit emotion lacking... what was the word... [i [#bd8aff "Monotoned"]] Chimed the little fluff from underneath her hair. She bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing as the lesser demon's accurate description.

[b "just do what that says and leave me alone."] His voice was low and almost monotone as he spoke. She sighed and looked at the board, it read: [i "Read pages 45-89. Then attempt to summon a familiar with the summoning paper that is on your desk. If you can summon a familiar, then whatever. If not, sucks to be you."] Was he serious?.... With yet another soft sigh escaping her lips, she pulled out her book and flipped to the pages and began to read in silence.She was a pretty fast reader, she sorta zoned out missing the commotion between two of the other students.

She was pulled out of thought by a female asking if she needed help. She contemplated the question a bit. She wanted to at least try before having to ask for help. Rose gently shook her head and looked up at the female with a small smile. [#ffadc2 "Not at the moment. I would like to give it a try first."] Her voice was soft as she spoke.

Rose took a deep breath as she picked up her sword and unsheathed it but only by a little so she could cut her finger. The blood dripped onto the charm paper and she closed her eyes and mumbled a chant that just came to mind. She opened her eyes and noticed a soft glow before it caught fire. The fire was unique, almost silver like and a bit blinding. the flame grew and was dangerously hot before disappearing.

Rose blinked in confusion and looked down to try again but the charm paper was reduced to ashes in front of her. That was strange. She never saw something like that happen before.
  тcα / Nyctophilia / 296d 18h 26m 12s
The young German nodded as the teacher spoke he knew how important it was for him to find Nymir before the young Panther destroyed something or just caused trouble with some of the students. [#FF0000 “ Thank you Sir, I with get Nymir before he causes problems Mynir will help me.”] his voice quiet yet monotone.

Rumch opened the window calculating the distance to the ground looking at his surroundings. [#FF0000 “ Let me jump first then you jump after ill catch you Mynir.”] the male said before jumping out landing in a tree below he quickly turning to catch the large feline that jumped behind him. Rumch broke Mynirs fall and the two fell down to ground level Rum coughed as he broke the tigers fall crushing him. [#FF0000 “You a little to heave next time do not jump until im firmly planted somewhere now get off we must find Nymir.”]

[b “Hey that’s not fair master Rumch. Im a tiger I am supposed to be heavy so I can protect you.”] she whined before getting up shaking her white fur off of leaves and debris then looked back at her partner. [b “ I can sense him close lets go get that troublemaker fast.”] Rumch did the same getting himself up and brushed himself off before looking down at his arm. He couldn’t feel it now but noticed his arm wasn’t working right was it a sprain or maybe it was broken he would wait to find out.

His red hair blew slightly in the wind as he began to walk into the courtyard following his white tiger companion who could sense her brother around. As he reached the location he saw his Panther with an unknown person or so he thought. He watched short red hair dangle in front of the persons face as they had pet the panthers head. To Rumch this was odd because Nymir never let anyone touch him besides Rumch.

[#FF0000 “Nymir, come now we must get back to my class. Leave that person come.”] He said to the Panther telepathically the feline looking at him and then back at the male before he disappeared. Rumch ran over to the now empty bench his face still emotionless. [#FF0000 “Who was that man? Why did you let him touch you? You are mine no one elses so follow me to class or I am going to have to have to put you on a leash, a magic chain.”]

Nymir stretched baring his teeth in a yawn spreading his claws. [I “Don’t worry about who it was, younnnnnggg master Rumch.”] He spoke telepathically while laughing. Rumch blinked but let it slide he only had a short time to get back to class. The two felines followed close behind Rumch and bickered with each other before play fighting. Rumch turned around putting his balled hand to his palm. The two looked at each other and laughed before walking to Rumch putting their heads up wanting a pat which is what the two received before he roamed back to his class room.

Rumch paused looking through a small window looking into a class room he noticed only three students one whom had reddish hair like himself a woman with black hair and then a girl with pink hair. [#FF0000 “This is quiet interesting, their group kind of looks like us but with one difference. The girl with pink hair.”] he spoke allowed to himself before trailing down the hall back to his class putting his hand to a salute to his head. [#FF0000 “Mission complete, Grab Nymir before he causes trouble. There is one thing though. A man with hair like mine…. Disappeared. He sat there with Nymir but..”] he trailed off while talking and walked to his seat placing a finger to his chin as he thought about it
  Rumch Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 310d 9h 26m 39s
Lilly looked at Edlin; she couldn't tell what the teacher had said as he wasn't looking clearly at them. She hated when he did this as she had to rely on others to tell her what was going on. She felt like he did it on purpose sometime. Lucky Eldin normally would translate everything he would say. Tilting her head, she turned and asked, "Why is he always so out of it?" Edlin shrugged, "Don't know." He looked back at the rest of the class. From the way everyone else was seated and acting they didn't seem like social butterflies either. Turning back to Lilly he said. "I have the feeling that I'm the only sane one in here."

Lilly gave him a look that caused him to laugh. "You are the least sane. I bet no one here has ever rushed head first into a fight against seven other guys and gotten their ass kicked. Only a mad man would do that." She signed. Eldin gave a look of fake hurt. "And here I thought you love my heroics," He said. Rolling her eyes, she kicked his chair almost causing him to fall out of it. "Quit fooling around and let's start on our assignment" she finally signed after he had recovered.
For the next half hour, they read the pages that covered summoning a familiar. They had to stop every once and a while for Edlin to ask a question about something. He had never been good in the fields that didn't involve fighting. He was a warrior through and through. However, he knew the importance of other skill so although he struggled to learn more, he kept trying. Lucky Jake and Lilly had to help him out with most of it and slowly but surely, he learned. After ready the last bit of it they both started making their circles. After Edlin finished he turned to Lilly to make sure he had done it right. After she check it they both followed the instructions

Elden cast it and waited, and waited, and waited. Trying again nothing happened. Sighing he smashed his head onto his desk. "Well that sucks," He said. He felt a finger tap his shoulder as he looked up to see Lilly with a small snake warped around her arm giving him a smug look. "Aww did someone fail," she signed giving a mocking look. "That not funny," he said sitting back up. "We'll see how the others did shall we?" He then stood up and walked to the girl with long black hair. "Hey," he said giving a charming smile. "Any luck?"

Lilly walked up to the other girl with short pink hair with her notebook. "Hey." It read as she flipped the page. "Do you need any help?" Her new snake familiar resting on her upper arm.
  Edlin Rommel / Mended / 311d 14h 42s
As the bell rang and class began, Matthew couldn't help but notice that it seemed that half the class was missing along with one of his students panther was also missing. [+red "Perfect"] he mumbled before sitting down in his desk. He looked down to see that he was supposed to start his lecture on familiars today and the whiteboard had confirmed that. However, with today being that anniversary, he wasn't really in the mood to do any regular lecture that day.

[+red "Alright, here is the deal."] He said as he grabbed his eraser and moved over to the board and began erasing a part of it. [+red "I was going to start today off with some demon stuff but with how so few students are here, I'm not really interested in starting. So instead, I'm giving you guys an hour to study whatever you want to study in the first hour of lecture before I go over some basic stuff on some demonology that will have us prepared for next lecture."] After finishing his little speech, he had written the page numbers of the familiars pages on the board. [+red "These pages are for a subject on familiers that will begun next week. I want these pages read before then so that we can get into the actual trial part and have it done so that we can move onto more important parts. I wont be available tonight after class for anything but I will be back tomorrow morning if its anything really important."] He then fixed his gaze on Rumch and his tiger.

[+red "And Rumch, I'm giving this time so that you can find that panther before another problem breaks out. I've had enough of listening to complaints of the faculty about this so get it done."] Matthew had remembered all the times he had gotten a scolding from the other faculty due to the panther, especially from one teacher who always chewed him out, saying that it was too dangerous to have on the school campus but he didn't honestly care for his opinions.

[+red "I will be sitting here if you need anything"] Matthew than took a seat in his teachers desk, looking down at the pictures he had of his family and his grandmother. He had never really remembered his grandmother since his mother had barley let her visit them in the Americas at all, probably due to wanting to hide her past occupation as an exorcist. He remembered the one day that he had gotten a random call from her and was able to meet her before she died, being told the truth about his heritage and giving him a wish to complete so that she would rest in peace. It all felt like a blur to him back then but it was a blur that brought pain into his life. He wished that he could be back in his home town to commemorate his parents death but school was keeping him here so he had other plans waiting for him after class.
  Matthew Blackheart / Kaosu / 296d 14h 16m 18s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[center [size16 [Abel Judgmental eyes stared up at a sky that was much to blue and a sun that was way too bright. With a frown gracing his face, Alastair Hoftsteter groaned as he looked down at the mess of papers in his lap. He hated grading papers, he honestly wished he could just take his trusty red pen and write F all over them. In fact, he pretty much hated everything that was in this god-forsaken place they called a school. It was just a god-damn playground, that's what it really was. A place for people to laze around and claim they were "learning". But then again, that would also include him seeing as how he was here.]]]

[center [size16 [Abel Many people disliked Alistair. They thought his dismal and harsh outlook on life was unappealing, it caused most of the other teachers to just leave him be. He was too quiet, or didn't punish his students and lacked drive. Though there had been many complaints about his teaching methods, however time and time again his methods had proven effective. People hated the way he insulted his students, telling them that if they were weak idiots that would die within five minutes of a battle. Often he would say that if you were weak in this world you would die, and it was true. If you had a weak will then you were an easy target for demons.]]]

[center [size16 [Abel Sitting on the uncomfortable bench, the male huffed and shoved the papers in his satchel. He'd do them at lunchtime, who cared if he gave them out today or tomorrow, they would get them when he finished. A sigh slipped past his lips as he moved some of his dark locks away from his face, adjusting the glasses resting on his nose. Just then the bell rang from the church, signaling that classes would soon begin. [b "I suppose I should go...."] he muttered, lifting himself up and throwing his satchel over his shoulder.]]]

[center [size16 [Abel As he walked he watched students scurry about, some ducking into classrooms and others running down the halls. He let out a huff as he grabbed the master key and shoved it into some random door. Walking through he ended up in the hall where the cram school classes were located and walked to the second door near the end of the hall. As he entered the room he could see that most, if not all, of his students, had already arrived. Alistair walked to the desk and dropped his bag on the floor. Plopping down in the hard plastic chair, he pointed to the writings on the board that he'd done the night before. [b "just do what that says and leave me alone."] His voice was low and almost monotone as he spoke.]]]

[center [size16 [Abel [i "Read pages 45-89. Then attempt to summon a familiar with the summoning paper that is on your desk. If you can summon a familiar, then whatever. If not, sucks to be you."]]]
  [Cross] / Kaiser / 340d 12h 50m 58s
'Twas a brand new morning, the start of a brand new day, in a brand new setting. It was his first time in this type of school, a school specifically for teaching exorcism. He hadn't been here before, although he had heard plenty about this place from his mum; it was because of her he was here. He didn't hate his mum because of that, on the other hand he was eager for such a brand new experience. And this here school would help him improve his edge in killing demons.

He was walking though the school corridors, a 15 year old boy named Bran. Most of his hair was a deep black, except for a lock of white hair on the front-right of his head; he didn't bother explaining why it was this way nor dying it black. His eyes were a dark blue, they did not have a piercing gaze, but more of a thoughtful gaze. On the top he had a black pair of sneakers on his feet, a pair of black pants with a black belt, a black jacket with dull white and purple stripe running down from the shoulder to the bottom of the jacket. All this dark black color sharply contrasted with the white t-shirt underneath the jacket, the lightweight metallic Celtic cross, and the near pale white skin. On a black shoulder sling he was carrying a small black duffel bag, filled with the usual school supplies -a few pencils and pens, a small sharpener, two grey notebooks-, and unusual school supplies; a matching pair of metallic black submachine guns. Those two objects were going to be his tools for killing demons.

He knew to which classroom he was headed, so his step was steady and at a fair pace. The school itself had to be pretty big, how else to explain the emptiness in the hallways. Or maybe there was some other reason, the possibilities were quite endless.

He finally was in front of the classroom, nothing else to do except to walk in. He first noticed a long haired girl, he couldn't tell whether the color was brown or black. Next into his gaze came some guy with black hair with red on the ends with a tiger. His gaze finally rounded upon the the next person, the teacher of the classroom. Something was already written on the board, and the teacher was facing the really small classroom of three students. Bran quickly found a seat and took a seat in the chair.
  Bran / NorthernWolves / 345d 23h 17m 24s
Eldlin was drenched in sweat as he wiped his brow. He had been practicing for over an hour, yet he nor his opponent would give up. "Ready to give up yet?" He said walking in a circle. The person just smiled shaking their head. "Good, me neither," He then rushed his opponent his Zweihander raised at a low ready. His opponent answering his charge rushed towards him as well.

"Will you two cut it out!" A voice screamed.

This caused Eldlin to look away caused him to lose his footing. Barreling into his opponent they both were sent sprawling in a mass of arms and legs. After several feet they both came to a stop. "Ouch," The voice said. "Are you two okay?"

It took a second for Eldin to regain he bearings. "I'm good. Let me check with Lilly," He said before helping Lilly sit up next to him. Making a few quick motions with his hand he waited. Lilly returned his hand motion with her own. "She's good, just asking what happened," He said while waving his hands a few more times.

"Well that's good. Sorry I didn't mean to startle you, but class is as soon so you too should get cleaned up." The man said offering his hands to Eldin and Lilly.

"It all good Jake," Eldin said. Dusting himself off. "I forgot classes started back up today." Jake smiled at his friend. "If it wasn't for Lilly and I don't think you would have pasted your first year." Eldin narrowed his eyes. "That's not fair Lilly is as if not worse than I am at forgetting things." Lilly for her part just gave a shocked, hurt look. "Don't give me that. You didn't say anything either." shrugging she just smiled.
"We had better get cleaned up shouldn't we?" He said turning to Lilly. Waving his hands a few more times. Lilly nodded before waving goodbye to them running off. "See you later Jake." Twenty minutes later he arrived to his first class of the day. Lilly was waiting for him by the door in her uniform. "Ready?" He signed. She nodded falling in to step behind him.

As they entered the room with five minutes to spare. They noticed the other two people in the room. Turning to Lilly and signed. "I know I'm a lady killer, but I think this is a little much." He joked getting a giggle out of her. They both then took a seat next to each other, and chatted for a bit before class started.
  Edlin Rommel / Mended / 346d 11h 29m 53s
[center Rumch watched as students poured in from the roof of the academy. This was going to be his last year here and then he would be alone again he didn’t know how to feel about that, in reality he didn’t know how to feel. The young German locked away all his emotions when his mother left him in the middle of a forest area in Bonn, Germany when he was about five. The boy cried his last tears that day as he tried to run after that woman, his mother disappeared leaving him behind.

His first couple of years were rough he had to fend for food he was also kicked out of a few churches that offered shelter for orphans because the preists believed that because the boy had noemotions that he was a demon. It didn’t help that the boy had what looked like some sort of seal marks on his skin his emerald eyes blank .

After being chased out of the churches he lived his life by himself no friends no family he couldn’t get close to anyone even though he didn’t show it and didn’t feel it he knew he was scared to be regected once again.

His ruby hair fell in front of his emotionless eyes as he watched some of the students say goodbye to their loved ones their family and greet their friends. Something the German boy wanted but would never get he couldn’t make friends because others thought he was weird.

There was this one time where he tried to laugh when another student had made a joke but when the noise came out of his mouth was very boisterous and rang through the room scaring everyone in there making fun of him calling him a robotic freak. Rumch brushed it off and went on to his normal day.

Once the bell rang he began his route to his class upon arriving there were only a few students in the class. He wondered why no one ever really liked to show up was it because they knew the material. A white tiger followed him into the room while his Panther was missing. It was easier for him to deal with his tiger while the Panther was much harder.

Rumch stood in the back of the class room petting the head of the tiger before sitting down making eye contact with his teacher waiting for him to begin his lesson.The Tiger looked Rumch its eyes an amber color begn to speak to him telepathically. [b “Rumch, we should really go look for Nymir. We don’t want him to start trouble for you. You’re a good boy and don’t need that right?’] Mynir spoke Rumch placed his hand gently on top of the larger felnes head brushing it softly.

[#DC143C “Yes, I know but I must let the teacher talk before I can go find him. it is my duty as a student here.”] his German accent was thick but audible his face emotionless as if he could careless.]
  Rumch Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 347d 8h 47m 18s
Solvi brushed her black hair back behind her ear as she stared at the gates of the True cross academy. She held her brother’s sword tightly. [#00CED1 Alright brother, ill return you to the true ways. I will bring you home once I can learn myself.”] She whispered to herself before Solvi began to walk through. She passed other students one girl in particular rammed her shoulder into hers. Solvi wasn’t going to take it she latched her katana to her hip cracking her knuckles her black hair blowing in her face from the small breeze.

[#00CED1 Se hvor du skal, eller jeg vil drepe deg…. I guess you wouldn’t understand Norwegian here let me repeat that.] Solvi cleared her throat. [#00CED1 “Watch where you are going or ill fucking kill yo. I don’t have time to deal with such pathetic fools like you. Im here to learn about demons and you’re here to pick fights in which you picked the wrong girl to mess with.”] Her accent was thick she was clearly not from around these parts.

The girl laughed brushing her hair back lifting it a couple inches while solvi walked looking down at the girl she was 5’8 looking down at the 5’4 upperclassmen. [#00CED1 “You should be heading to class yet your leaving. You don’t belong here should I end you now?”] Her voice became soft and quiet as she mumbled the last part her deep ocean blue eyes seemed to stare into her soul peering at what her soul had become. Solvi was not always this harsh it was due to her brother that her trust for humans and Exorcists alike.

As solvi was about to unsheathe her sword the bells began to ring she latched the katana back to her hip she had no reason to stay with someone who is not serious about their schooling. The long onyx haired girl took off racing to her class before the last bell rung. She veered into a halt once she stood in front of the door. Solvi’s face had this permanent grimace look which tended to scare off others but of course for Solvi she told herself that she didn’t need friends and because of this opinion in her head it made her heart become a frozen Iceland.

Solvi reached for the door her gentle movement slide the door open with swiftness but also with a little bit to much strength making a loud slapping noise as it collided with the wall. [#00CED1 å, unnskyld!] She said apologetically even though it was in her native language the way she bowed she hoped it went through the teacher’s head that she was apologizing. Solvi believed that if she spoke her native tongue that no one would fond over her.

The Norwegian made her way to her seat staring up at the front of the class before putting her feet up on her desk her sword on her lap.
  Sølvi Nohr / KasaiShadowFox / 347d 9h 43m 18s
He found himself standing infront of his old house yet again, watching as it burned. Matthew knew this dream from all the times he had seen it, yet it still froze him in terror watching as he knew that his parents where being burned alive inside and all he could do back then was stand there and watch. [+red "No... not again..."] he said, wishing there was something he could do. [b "You will do nothing!!"] a voice said, coming from the burning house inside. Before he had a chance to react, a dark creature with red eyes rushing out towards him, preparing to strike him down. [b "Now, die!!"] the dark creature said before the demon's blade began its decent down on him.

[hr ]

Matthew woke up in a sweat, the images of his dream still burning through his memory. He gave a heavy sigh before he looked at the time, seeing that he had two hours until his class started. [+red "Guess things never change"] he said, remembering that it had been fourteen years since the death of his parents from this day. He quietly got up out of his bed and slowly made his way over to his wardrobe, putting on his exorsist outfit and attaching his katana to his belt.

Matthew wasn't entirley excited to be teaching again but he remembered the promise made between him and his grandmother he had made four years ago, promising to teach new exorcists at the academy. He had originally planned to live out his life hunting demons but it was the one thing his grandmother wanted from him so he had decided to honer it in the end.

After eating his morning breakfast and mentally preparing himself, he left the house left to him by his dead grandmother. It was a decently small house that held a red roof compared to the other buildings around it. It was the only other house he had ever lived in, being a drifter in America after his original home burned down. It also had a nice view of the academy from where it was, making it a decent walk for him to get to work. After looking at the academy and then back to his house, he checked his watch to see he had an hour before his class and he slowly walked towards the academy.

[hr ]

Matthew had greeted most of the usual people he usually met during his walk back to the academy. He had a key to the cram school that he usually kept with him at all times but walking just felt better for him. After finally reaching the classroom, he looked to see that he still had fifteen minutes left before the start of class, so he quietly walked in and began writing his name on the chalkboard along with some of the information he was going to start with for today's class. He really only noticed one of the three students he knew he was going to teach that day, though he didn't really care who shared up for his class that day or not. Most of the students who came here either knew the importance of these classes so if they didn't come, he didn't bother trying to help them learn unless if they had a good reason. After he finished writing on the board, he turned around to his students, ready to teach the first subject of the day.
  Matthew Blackheart / Kaosu / 348d 9h 36m 57s

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