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"Oi, Shut your mouth!" One of the kidnappers snapped at the dehydrating Merman and gave a kick to his cage. Though his curses were lost in the noisy bazaar. At first people passed his cage not paying any attention but when more cages filled with unfortunate ones arrived, slowly customers and merchants gathered around to check on the low creatures and buy one or two. Still, nobody approached the worn out man since they needed strong workers. Even with those remarkable muscles, he looked he was going to die any minute.

"What about this one? He looks already dead." A rough voice asked as a pair of fat short legs stood beside the cage. It was a chubby bald man with golds and gems hanging from him. The trader tried to explain but he could not excuse himself and sell Balthier in that shape. However, the fat guy did not give up on the Merman and knelt down to get on the same level as him as he rubbed his chin. "Hmmm...Wake him up. I want him to stand out of cage." The trader quickly called his underlings. They pulled Balthier out and dragged him over to a horse waterer. They carelessly threw him in it and shoved his head in the water to make him awake.

Dagmar had rode non stop to the nearest town. She got off her tired horse and her expression dropped seeing the crowded place. She could hardly see her surroundings as she pushed through people and tried to make way. Her small body was squeezed between the sweaty busy men as she tried to pull herself up and see if she could see Balthier or not.
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So the guy she was capturing for, wasn't even her mate? He didn't understand her at all. Not that he really wants to spend his last hours or days on this planet figuring her out. It didn't matter. He was going to die. She expressed liking his name and thought it sounded royal. He didn't respond. He wasn't, no. He wasn't no Prince or king of the sea. Just a wondering mermaid enjoying life in the open water. Seeing new things. But here he laid, chained to a bed waiting for her to drag him to who knows where. Balthier couldn't be more pleased once she finally left. To leave him alone to his thoughts.

His face in his hands as he curled up on the bed. Hating the clothes on his body and the chain around his ankle. Missing the ocean. Though lost in his feelings he still heard the door open again. [b "Please..will you leave me alone! Damnit you're so annoying!"] He spun around with furry in his voice and eyes. To soon look confused with a raised brow at the males creeping into his room. [b "What?"] He asked and quickly soon felt like, he was in danger yet again. [b "Wa-wait!"] He quickly slammed an elbow into one of the guy's nose, instantly bleeding everywhere. He was much bigger than them and still seemed blessed with that mermaid strength of his. THough still, no match for three and being drugged. Everything going black instantly for him again.

It wasn't till he woke up a few hours later in some cage. The sounds of metals bars being banged on made him sit up groaning and covering his ears. The nose hurt and he grumbled out more. [b "Fuck."] His voice was dry and he felt suddenly, off? Dry? He felt weak and if one was to look at him, he didn't seem so shiny and bright. If anything he looked as if he was drying up. He held his throat and coughed a bit. [b "W-water..I need..water....a lot of water.."] He gasped and laid there almost sickly light. His deep blue eyes moving around hoping someone heard him. [b "I..I need water...I NEED WATER!"] He did his best to cry out and was too weak to really notice where he was.
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Dagmar retreated her hands immediately when he warned her not to touch. Her eyes were still watery from the sense of guilt he was giving her and his sorrowful and defeated beheavior didn't help at all. Dagmar never thought mermaids would have feelings like her. She expected this to be a mere fishing...And now she already felt like a cold blood murderer. Killing for greed? That was not true. She only wanted his blood for the potion of eternal life...Yeah kind of greed. But she was just doing it for her master right?

"M-mate?!" Dagmar almost choked on this word he called her and her face immediately turned red like a tomato. Quickly she shook her head, "N-no! Stop this nonsense!" But he was in no mood for this. She made a step back, playing with her fingers awkwardly, staring at his form. Maybe she just had to leave him be for a while so he could do...think or whatever in his last days of life? The witch made another step back still eyes on him.

Balthier. So this was his name. Biting her lips, she catiously talked to the poor thing. "I...I'm have a n-nice a royal one..." That was it. She couldn't stay in his presence anymore. Sharply turning away she almost escaped the room and shut the door behind. She just needed some fresh air.

The door creaked open after a quarter and a pair of narrowed eyes glowed in the darkness. The weak light of fireplace revealed a silhouette of a tall, bulky man with rough red beard and not a friendly expression. He approached Balthier and just scanned him with those sinister eyes. Suddenly he slammed a piece of cloth on his nose and mouth. But the merman was way too strong so he whistled loudly as two other rushed in, trying to hold him down until he lost conscious.

Slaves get kidnapped easily and Dagmar had to be more careful when she had a gem in the room.

Dagmar came back to the room with a plate of food the villagers had offered. She was not sure if he would be able to eat anything but she didn't want to starve him. She stepped in and glanced at the bed. Moments later the plate shattered on the floor and the panicked witch ran out, searching everywhere for the merman.

They didn't know of course he was a merman but he still had the perfect body and he was a prize in auction. They had chained him a cage which was in a cart being ridden to the city where auctions were held.

Dagmar soon realised staying in the village was pointless so she 'borrowed' a horse with a bit of magic trick and rode to the nearest city the villagers told her about. After all she went through Dagmar wasn't going to let some random people take him from her...As she rode, something in her said maybe it was the best thing to forget him. He will find a way to escape with his great strength and then he will be free and ALIVE. She could catch another mermaid...right?! No! Finding this one was a miracle and Dagmar was not going to disappoint her master...

Kissing his feet...

Balthier's words rang in he head but she pressed her lips together and rode faster not knowing why she was this worried anymore.
  valkyira / 1y 14d 17h 46m 23s
There the mermaid laid there curled up on the bed, chained to it and crying as sparkly tears dripped down onto the pillow. To hear her say that humans didn't hate him made his gut spin and he wanted to throw up. So human's just kill things for fun? Sick creatures. There was once a time when he was younger and stupid and wanting to see the world above the sea. Though that all changed when he got older and fell more and more in love with his home in the sea. Seeing other lovely mermaids of the oceans. [b "So your kind kills for greed? You don't hate me? But you have to kill me? I wish you hated me. I think I could understand my fate a little easier that way."] Oh how low his voice was as he was no longer sobbing but silent tears kept falling.

He cant walk and was in her world now. What could he do to save himself? He was trapped. This was how he was going to die. Cause her Master "needs" his blood so this is why he was dying. It was stupid. The stupidest reason to kill another soul. Though he sighed a bit hearing it wont hurt. That it will be over quickly, the tear drops grew bigger but still fell silently. [b "I guess..thanks for that one thing..."]

He wished he was more cruel like her kind. He should have killed her when he had the chance. But mermaids don't just do that. Sure sirens do. But those are sea devils. Completely different things. He wonders why this potion or spell needs his blood? Last time he checked there was nothing too special about mermaids.

When she grew closer to him he furrowed his brows some and leaned back away from her as she tried to touch him. [b "What? Come to rub it in my face? You won. You get to kill a guardian of the sea."] Anger on his face as he sat up and terribly scooted himself away from her. [b "Don't touch me. You aren't worthy."] He sat there not looking at his legs and turned away from her.

She had the nerve to tell him not to cry. This made his eyes widen and his brows furrow even more. Rage. She had the nerve to tell him not to cry? [b "So you can feel better about yourself?! How do you expect me to feel!? You're killing me! What? You want me to kiss your feet and worship you blindly like you do for this Master of yours? You his mate or something? That's why you go through with something like this?"] He folded turned himself around. No longer wanting to look at her or wanting to hear anything she says. He learned he cant trust her. She will say anything to get what she wants and needs. Upset and frustrated, he just flops down onto his side and lays there.

He laid there for a bit till he heard her crying herself. Balthier didn't care. Probably another act. For him to drop his guard. She wants him to feel bad for her? He didn't. [b "Just leave me."]

The male wasn't making eye contact but he wasn't fighting her no more. It was pointless. He stood no chance out of the water. He was out of his element. Though he sighed heavily and still kept his back to her. [b " asked for's Balthier. Since I'm dying and all. I guess you should know my name. Though I wouldn't want to know the name of the being I was going to murder. But that's just me. If I were cold enough to do such a thing. But you humans are so weird and evil."] With that, he went silent. No longer talking for the night. Ignoring anything she said and let himself cry himself to sleep. Not sure if tomorrow was the day or how much more time he has. To die in this form, he feels disgusting and as if he was being forced to betray his people. That felt worse than dying somehow. To be forced to give his tail up. It broke his heart and spirit, seeing him like this.
  Balthier / Papa_Death / 1y 17d 21h 16m 25s
Dagmar was done wearing her now dried clothes when she heard a groan from the sleeping beauty. She turned towards the bed and watched the poor merman slowly registering in what kind of trouble he was stuck in. Her expression seemed calm and victorious as he swore and shouted at her. Her master was in priority and she would betray anyone to grant his wishes. His frustration was even amusing. A smirk crept on her face but was soon gone when the merman's to be suddenly shifted into a sorrowful one. Woah. That was unexpected definitely. She expected more fight but it seemed like she had already won.


Dagmar couldn't cheer for some reasons She stared at the depressed beautiful creature and her expression fell. Pity. She felt pity for him. He was the unlucky one to be captured. Maybe the only reason for his fate was that he was a merman yes. If he wasn't that special maybe he could live a happy life instead. Dagmar felt a pain in her guts as she watched him lay back down with his back to her.

"Humans don't hate you." She simply said. Not like it was going to make the situation any better but there was nothing else she could do. "This has nothing to do with hatred. I need your fresh blood for my master. You will gift life in the potion he is going to make." Dagmar started turning away again but what he said next made heeeeer freeze and bite her lips regretfully. "N-no. It won't hurt. I promise we will make it quick."" Her voice was shaky when she said it. Dammit. Now she felt like the bad guy here. Dagmar was not used to this role and she really wished this creature couldn't talk.

Despite of his curses towards her, Dagmar started approaching the merman quietly. She heard him sob and her sense of guilt became stronger. The witch didn't expect him to cry. Well of course he was going to die but a full grown man crying like wasn't what her heart was prepared for. She stood beside him and watched his shiny tears falling down. She bit on her lips harder, regretting seeing the sorrowful face.

Maybe she had to let him go?

For a second or two it sounded like a great idea but then she shook her head firmly. It was a mission her master gave her and she had to accomplish it. When she started this journey, she never thought what to do after capturing the mermaid. She didn't expect these sea creatures to have feelings at all. Dagmar wished she was in another room when he woke up.

The witch found herself reaching out a hand towards the diamond tears or his face. Leaning down, Dagmar started gently wiping off his tears. "D-don't cry...p-please...I have is my master's...wish..." Soon her shaky tone broke into a loud sob.

Yes she was really affected by his sadness.

Dagmar was too distracted to realise how dangerously close she was to him. Instead she was crying bitterly for his fate and the cruel mission she had.
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It seemed for the second he thought he was actually free and will never ever get caught again. He felt some sharp hot pain through his body and everything went black. He was out cold. Not aware of his body being dragged around and his tail turning to legs once again. No, he was out and was extremely heavy for her to carry. His body was all muscle after all. If he were to stand he would tower over her by a good foot it seemed. Not that he can walk let alone stand.

It was a good hour or so later by the time she and some of those town folks held her with "her slave". Helping him get dressed and tied to the bed. The warmth of the fire place was comforting even in his sleep. The sound of a crackling fire was new to him and slowly woke him up from his slumber. [b " that sound?"] He asked rubbing his head and slowly sat up on the bed. The bed alone felt weird, comfortable, but like nothing he has felt before. Balthier's eyes slowly opened and blinked a few times. Then his eyes popped wide at seeing him with legs again and human clothing on him. [b "AAH!!"] He screamed out and ended up falling out of the bed. Face smacking the hard wooden floor. Causing another groan from his pretty lips. [b "What in the did I get legs again!? I was just swimming and.."] He slowly pushes himself up on his knees and peeks over the bed to see her over there watching him by the fire. [b "YOU! You..bitch! Liar!!! YOU SAID YOU WOULD LEAVE ME ALONE!!!"] He shouted at her with rage and pulled himself half way up on the bed.

Leaving him half way bent over the bed and leaning on his strong forearms, glaring daggers at her. [b "I SHOULD HAVE LET YOU DROWN!!!"] He went to go stand up, the best that he could but he felt something around his ankle. His deep blue eyes glance to see a chain around his leg. [b "EVIL WENCH!! I HATE YOU!! I...I...I.."] His voice softened with his eyes wide and suddenly, staring out and watering. [b "I die cause I'm a mermaid? You..humans...are....evil."] He sat there suddenly on the bed. His once loud mouth suddenly quiet.

Balthier sees he is in some human home. Probably no where near the ocean now. Useless with these legs. He cant do anything. This was it. Slowly he laid down on the bed and curled up. Eyes watering even more. [b "Why do humans hate us so much?"] His voice so soft suddenly and that sparkle he seemed to always have in his eyes, hair and on his skin, was fading. His luster fading as the depression hit. It was always bad luck to see a sad mermaid. An old fisherman's tail.

This was it, he was going to die. For no good reason. Just cause he was a mermaid. With his back to her and still curled up on the bed and this suddenly weaker energy around him now. [b " least tell me why you're going to kill there a purpose as to why you need to spill my blood?"] His eyes deeply pained as he stares at the wall he was facing. Tears silently falling down his cheeks. Probably the most beautiful of tears. They sparkled like diamonds and have the ability to heal. Mermaids aren't easy to make cry. But finding out you're going to be killed for just being what you are. Could break anyone's heart. He wiped the few tears and curled up tighter on the bed. Going silent, for a minute. [b "H-how...are you going to do it? hurt? I die a slow painful death. Live a lonely life. Unable to have children..."] He sobbed and wiped a few more tears and then it turned into more tears flowing out. Unable to stop them, though he didn't want too. He let them fall silently as he laid there.
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Dagmar felt relieved when the merman actually trusted her and took her towards the nearest land. She stuck her tired body to his the whole time for her dear life. He was one fast fish and she was amazed by the strength of his massive tail. No. She couldn't take him down in water. The witch felt a bit dirty to be thinking about capturing him while he was saving her but it was all for the master who saved her from starvation and raised her so it was fair for her. Dagmar finally decided which spell to use once she reached the destination.

He placed her on the soft sands and didn't leave immediately. This was perfect. Dagmar was holding an innocent expression as he once again asked her to leave his people alone and claimed that it was absolutely not nice meeting her. Poor thing thought she would let such a precious hunt go? All this time she was drawing a small circle behind her on the sand. He sank into water and before he could get far with his unbeatable speed she whispered a word which activated the circle. A massive bolt of Light appeared out of no where and moved with Dagmar's hand. This merman was wrong underestimating her. Sure she used some cheap tricks but she also had learnt a few good tricks.

Dagmar led the bolt of energy down in the water. She made a fist then released it. The bolt exploded into a wide electricity field, shocking the creatures around electrified and shocked. The fishes died but somebody big like merman would be only knocked out after a sharp pain through his body. His unconscious body floated on surface and Dagmar grinned in victory and quickly went into water, grabbing his tail and roughly pulled him on the sands. It was easy dragging him on water but on land it was a pain He was too heavy for her but Dagmar did not stop dragging until they were far from the sea.

Now she had to get rid of that tail to put him in disadvantage. She had to dry him. The witch started pouring the dry sands on his body, absorbing the wetness from his skin and scales. Done...Now to see the transformation...Curiously Dagmar poked his tail and noticed it getting dried and some even falling again. That was very exciting to see...and feel how the scales softened and turned into skin. His tail separating into two legs...and..Dagmar blushed madly, quickly taking off her top and threw it on his private. Not like anyone was seeing her topless in that isolated place. The witch rubbed her red face to forget about embarrassing stuffs then used her chain spell again to tie his limbs tight. There...all secure.

Dagmar was panting. She had used too much stamina specially for the circle spell. But she couldn't rest there...Dagmar hooked her arms under his arms and started pulling him towards the village he mentioned earlier. "Achu!" It was a cold night and she had nothing on her wet top except her underwear.

"Who are you?" Dagmar's heart skipped hearing a man behind her. She dropped the body and looked back, seeing a surprised villager staring the two odds with widened eyes. A naked man and a bitch....that was what he assumed. Dagmar turned the darkest red and wrapped her arms around her body desperately. "Uh..uh..I...I..have arrested this man! He is a dangerous criminal! H-help-"

"Yeah, I know...he is a run away slave and you are his mistress."

"Wh-whhhhaaaaat....N-no I-"

"A wealthy mistress like you can pay good money for a room."

And this was how they ended up in a small room in the village. At least it had a nice warm fireplace and she was kindly given a towel to dry herself and her clothes. The 'slave' was dressed into some rags too. They helped her tie him to the bed...All kindness for the money she never had and just simply lied about. Dagmar had taken off all of her clothes, drying herself beside the fire with the towel.
  Dagmar / valkyira / 1y 47d 9h 22m 47s
This could go really bad or good for her. Depends on how she handles this. But here they were, floating in the dark water with his arms around her waist to keep her from floating away or drifting. So to his best as he could, he kindly told her to let him go since he saved her. Their chests together an both of them soaking wet. Not that he was even focused on such things. He wasn't as big as a pervert as she likes to think or claim. Though her turning her face and looking at him confused him a little. What did he do now? Though when she agreed to leave him alone, he nodded and then looked up at the stars for a bit and watched some waves and birds. [b "Okay, there is some land near by.. I think it's near a little village or something. You can go there and go on your way. And I'll go one mine."]

So he once again carried her close and took her to the land like he told her he would. Staying true to his words the whole time.

There every now and then making sure she was okay with her breathing and such. It only took a bout twenty minutes, his speed and seeming to be not much out of breath was amazing. THough he did it, he got her to some land. Placing her on the sand and he swam backwards a bit so just his shoulders and head were sticking out of the water. [b "There, you're safe. Go find some human village and leave mermaids alone! We want nothing to do with you people."] He told her sternly once more and was proud to say that this was it. He can go back to his waters and he will make sure to stay away from humans even more than he did before she kidnapped him. [b "I wish I could say it was nice meeting you. But, I cant lie to myself like that. So, this is bye."]

That's all he said before he sinking into the water to get away from here. For he doesn't know how much he trusts her, though she claims she would leave him alone. He didn't want to risk it. Not at all.
  Balthier / Papa_Death / 1y 49d 18h 18m 20s
Oh no. This was her dead end. They were too many and savage. Dagmar forgot all about the mission and merman and regretted ever getting herself into this mess. Now that the smoke was fading, they could see her shaky form clearly. An easy target. But then she felt something grab on her wrist, swiftly she turned her head towards the fish. He had his tail back by now and she still was confused how it worked. It had to do something with water.

"Wh-what?! Hold my breath? You want to drown me yourself?! No way!" She did asked him help but didn't really count on that. So he sounded a lot suspicious. She tried to pull away but he just tugged her closer and snapped at her aggressively. Blinking Dagmar looked at his stern face and finally obeyed. Taking a deep breath, she let him hold on her and flinched slightly when he flicked his muscular tail.

Then they were once again in water. It was dark and scary. What if he just stayed there for too long?! Dagmar held on his neck, clinging to him desperately. She couldn't believe she was risking her dear life by trusting this merman who had convincing reasons to kill her. The witch shut her eyes, trying to keep her breath more.

Dagmar felt them going up and in mere seconds she gasped loudly in fresh air, coughing a bit. She was still alive, that was a relief. Still holding tight on him, the witch looked up at his annoyed face. He wanted to be left alone but it was impossible. Dagmar still had to take him to her master. But for now...

"A-alright. Thank you." She was panting slightly, her heart beating fast against his chest. Dagmar just realised how close they were. Again she blushed and looked away in embarrassment. Damn this merman was gorgeous. He had just the perfect body she had never seen before. Now that she thought about it, Dagmar had been living in isolation beside her master. They lived far from town and she only met people when she was sent to buy supplies. Not like she hated this lifestyle. She didn't know any other way.

Dagmar glanced around. It was water and water. She couldn't be left there. She still needed his help. Once he took her to land, She would think of a way to get him out of the water. Then he would have legs again and won't be able to move around much. Dagmar could cast stronger spells on him. Stronger spells needed circles and for that... She needed land.

"But...I can't swim for long on my own." Her eyes looked up at his eyes once again. The young witch gulped slightly, hoping he wouldn't do the wisest thing and just leave her there. Dagmar felt her legs tired of swimming and all those struggles she did to capture this strong merman were too draining for her. The girl leaned her weight on him, trying to rest her legs a bit.

"Please just help to get to the nearest land..then I won't come after you ever again."
  Dagmar / valkyira / 1y 52d 2h 55m 34s
He had no time to care that she laughed at him for falling, the cruel wench showed no sympathy for someone who has never walked before. [i Humans are jerks.] He thought to himself as he continued to smash the floor needing to get far from her and these people! He just wants to get back to the ocean and to get his tail back! Her begging him to stop meant nothing to him! Now she knows how he felt when he begged her to let him free. Who was she to decide he was nothing more than just something for her to own!? Humans think they own everything!

Just as he made the whole big enough, the entire floor of the little ship was already flooded a few inches! The others came down and he didn't care! He was about to crawl right into the whole and get out of here! Not his problem, they asked for it for thinking he was some property!

Though before he could jump down into the whole, she grabbed at his hair and he growled trying to shake her off. [b "Get off me! I'm not yours! Get off! I belong to no one!"] He shouted as he bent forward to flip her over his shoulder. [b "You all suck!"] His face was ticked and he looked like some powerful being in the room. Standing wobbly on his knew legs, and taller than everyone in the room and clearly much more toned and ripped then them all. Not that any of that matters right now! Though this crazy woman splashed something in his face and he rubbed his eyes wobbling around more before he fell once again. Though this time face down in the water. Which was much more deeper now. A foot.

This was great news though! He felt it! His skin gaining back moisture and those blue scales started to return! This made Balthier's face light up as he quickly got his tail back and let out some laughs. Still rubbing at his now itchy face though. [b "What stupid magic is that! Cheap tricks!"] He was too busy rubbing his face, his large tail thrashed about knocking several men down on their asses too. Enough of this. The best that he could, he moved his hands around to find the hole again. Needing to get free out of her.

[b "Finally!"] He smiled victoriously and was just about to dive down and out of there. That was till he heard the men shouting at the woman now, they too not too impressed with her magic and sure she was a total witch! But he at least hoped her to get out and swim away. But they were running out of time. He was going to regret this. For they were going to kill her before she even got a chance to fight. [b "Stupid conscience!"]

The male rolled his eyes and reached over to grab her wrist. His expression stern and in no mood for her to be stubborn. [b "Hold your breath! Do you want to live or die? You, have to trust me. For just like five minutes. Okay?"] He glared at her and tugged her a little closer to him but he wasn't going to fight her on it. [b "Hold your breath damn it!"]

With that, she yanked her down next to him and he tucked her close to him. Right up against him as he did one more flick with his powerful tail to knock the others down and away. Then down he went. Taking her with him into the now dark waters since the sun had set. Though he could see just fine. He swam quickly to get them both away, at speeds no human could swim that was sure. In the distance the sounds of the ship sinking lower and lower could be heard.

Once he knew they were safe and knew she needed air, he took her to the surface still holding her and his tail keeping them both a float. He wasn't looking at her, annoyed that he helped her but he did it. [b "Okay, I saved you. Now you have to leave me alone. Deal?"] He asked her finally looking back at her. Ignoring his arm around her waist and their bodies pressed against each other. [b "I could have let you die back there. Fair price since you think I deserve to die for being a mermaid."] His face was riddled with disgust in her and hatred, but he let her live for his freedom. At least, he hopes she will. For all he knows, she has more magic tricks. He hopes she doesn't.
  Balthier / Papa_Death / 1y 52d 15h 58m 42s
Mermaids Are Strong.

This was the moral of her adventure so far. Dagmar was desperately trying to take control of her arm but this tailless merman easily pulled her down him. The poor witch didn't find much chance to get away since he rolled her beneath him and forced her wrists down. She tried her best to glare at him but her expression immediately betrayed her effort when she saw those sharp teeth of him. Wait...what did he eat with those? Sharks? And she thought they were vegetarian. Maybe she shouldn't have kicked his pride.

Dagmar was grateful he pulled himself away and sat next to her but she didn't dare to stand since this guy was unpredictable and naked. She preferred staring up, avoiding to gaze at his body again and think of a spell to knock him out. She noticed him trying to get rid of the chain. A smirk played her lips and she was about to mock him for stupidity before..[i Pop!] He was free.


Dagmar quickly rolled away from this sneaky fish and got on her feet. Of course she wasn't going to touch him! Dagmar gritted her teeth when he started rising and she slowly reached for one of her precious bottles of potion. Now it was time for combat. To kick his ass and tie him up. Maybe cut off those legs? No, too much.

He fell.

On his ass.

"HAHA! PATHETIC!" Dagmar pointed at him laughing out. "Like I will listen TO-WHAT?!" He asked her if she could swim well and even though he had one handsome face that moment, his action freaked her out.

He punched the floor and actually succeeded in making a hole. Then board by board..."No! STOP it! You will drown everyone dumbass! Don't you dare" Dagmar screamed at him with widened eyes. Was he really thinking of killing everyone?! Sure she hunted him and the ship hunted them both but still it didn't mean he would flee at any cost.

"What the heck you are doing?! HE IS DROWNING THE SHIP!" The man was finally there and witnessed a naked man breaking their ship. He pulled out his sword and charged at him but fell down lamely because a certain girl on ground tripped him over. She wasn't going to let him be killed. More men came down when they finally heard the commotion. Dagmar leaped at the merman and pulled on his hair as her other hand which held her potion bottle splashed the content on his face. She wished it was a sleeping potion but she didn't have one ready. Instead she used the mixture which made one all itchy in a frustrating way This could be a good distraction as she did her best in hitting on him with punches and slaps and she even bit him in case he tried to push her away.

The witch had completely forgotten about sailors who had surrounded them with their swords ready. "Get off the floor, bitches!" One of them spat and stepped closer with his deadly sword. Dagmar looked up, wet from the water coming in. "What?! Wait....I didn't..."

"He is no more a precious merman. He is probably a fake a anyway. Kill them both!"

"STAY BACK OR YOU WILL ALL DIE!" Dagmar screamed out, holding up a potion. "If I drop this, it will explode!"

"Woah! Easy there..."

"I SAID SWORDS DOWN!" The crazy witch held the potion higher.

"...Put it down. She has lost it." One man ordered others and Dagmar assumed he was in charge.

"Now you will give us a boat to-Ah!" The ship shook and she lost her balance, dropping the damn bottle. The men gasped and watched the bottle hitting the floor...

Nothing happened.

"You freakin' liar...KILL THEM!"

Dagmar only grabbed on the merman' s arm and counted to three in her head. The place filled with smoke and the confused men started coughing and rubbing their eyes. Dagmar pulled on her hunt's arm. "If you want me to cure your itchiness before you scratch yourself to death, take me with you!" She pointed at the left board.

Now she didn't give a shit if those thieves died.
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There they were, once again yelling at each other. She was calling him a pervert when he was no such thing. Her face blood red though, was she sick? [b "I'm not a pervert! You're the one that tied us up! Remember! Dumb human."] He mumbled under his breath and sat there with his arms folded, he was much more stronger than her. Mermaids were beautiful and strong creatures. They had to be. You could be fighting off a shark down there! So as hard as she tried to get her hand off his chest from his arms being folded, she couldn't. HIs strong arms didn't bulge. Not till he finally released them and was now touching his legs and his face. No longer talker. Just, staring at the legs with the saddest look anyone could make. This wasn't real. No way. [i My tail..] He thought frowning before glancing back to her. [b "You need my tail? Why? What did I do to you? You humans are sick! You don't see us capturing you for your legs! We don't want anything to do with your kind! You're the monster!"] He shouted at her with rage in his eyes now.

So now he was shaking her a bit begging her to give him his tail back. But she just screamed back at him, calling some thing called an incubus or something? He doesn't even know what that is. And she's under some delusion that he was trying to seduce her? What the hell was wrong with this human!? He was clearly distressed and wanting to be free! Not wanting to mate with her! Humans were sick! Always thinking such things! Sick creatures!

Now the crazy woman was laughing, what the hell was wrong with her!? He let go of her and out of safety for himself, leaned back looking at her like she was nuts. She was screaming and shouting one second, the next laughing at him. Going on about "nice try". Nice try what? He wasn't doing anything! She was going on and on about who was in charge and such and he just looked all the more puzzled and he glared as she thought she was in charge just cause she caught him! With a cheap magic trick! He rolled his eyes and was going to mock her again when he felt pain. His eyes widened as he groaned out already grabbing at his jewels and laid there biting his lip. This little high pitch moan as he fought the pain. No longer listening to her and giving a damn about her.

When she yanked his hands away from his body he hissed out and tugged his arms right back, making her fall on him in one fall swoop and he then rolled her onto her back and pinned her wrists down. [b "No on, is in charge of me. Never. I left the Kingdom for that reason! I certainly wont have some land wench telling me she's in charge! No! Screw your magic! I have my own! You, are not in charge of me."] He glared down at her as his sharper teeth started to retract as he hissed at her. She was clearly unaware of what mermaids were really capable of.

With that, he sat down next to her and tugged at the chains. His eyes focused on the chain and his arms flexing as he yanked and yanked, and finally. A pop of the chains and they were separated. [b "Don't touch me, ever again! I wish I was siren so I could eat you! But i'm not! Stay away from me!"] He used his arms to try and wobble himself up on his new legs. But with him not able to walk plus the rocking of the boat he, fell right onto his ass and he groaned out again. [b "DAMN IT! STUPID LEGS! THESE THINGS ARE CONFUSING!"] Balthier shouted out more, then he heard the people upstairs and he hissed at them, though they couldn't see him. [b "FUCK THIS! Stupid humans! We try to refrain from letting you see our strengths. To not give you another reason to hate us. But, oh well."] He glared at her one last time. [b "You best stop hunting mermaids. You don't know what you're asking for. Stupid girl."]

And with that, he balled a fist and slammed it into the floor of the ship. [b "How good is your swimming?"] He smirked at her, not meaning for it to look so damn handsome on him, but it couldn't be helped. He was gorgeous. The wooden floor of the ship started to crack and he smirked again. Raising his fist once more and slamming it down once again into the floor of the ship. It cracked, more leaving a nice enough hole for water to start flooding in. But not big enough for him to swim out of it. [b "Damn it!"] He glared and started tugging onto the boards to rip them apart to make a bigger hole for him. [b "See ya, I'm out of here!"] He laughed and heard the door opening down to them. [b "Crap!"] He pulled a few more boards, but still not big enough for him to slip through. Just one more should be big enough and he started to tug on that too. Taking down this ship with him.
  Balthier / Papa_Death / 1y 53d 23h 52s
"Wait, what is wrong with you?"

Dagmar watched the merman crawling around pathetically, begging for something. Water? He had to be kept in water, of course! He was a fish after all. Dagmar was not one to blame, it wasn't like she received any catalogue with him. Was he dying now?! The witch's heart sank deep and deep in her stomach which turned and twisted like the restless ship they were locked in. If he hugged angel of death, she herself would eagerly drown herself. All of her efforts would be nothing and she would never be able to confess her creepy love to her deal old master. It was like a nightmare! NO! This man was not going to die even if it meant she had to learn necromancy.

"Hold on! Think of wet things!" She looked around nervously for anything to help but the only thing she could see was barrel and barrel. "HEY! HELL! HE IS DYING! NEEDS WATER!" She did screamed well but nobody on the deck gave a shit to what she was shouting for. We're they nuts? Maybe they wanted them dead...Maybe it was a pirate ship which had a sadist captain who was into dried animals...Ew. The witch shook her head with disgust and looked at her dying partner...which was way more disgusting than the said captain. "Wh-what is happening to you?!" Dagmar whispered shakily and touched one of his dried scales which fell down quite easily. Was it a kind of disease?! Thanks God she had her gloves on. "Oh NO! Don't fall apart! I need you!" But it was too late.

The fish died.

There was only one hope.

That he turn into a zombie fish.

The girl just stared at her failure in disblief, her face pale. His scales were all dried and were falling down one by one. It was...horrible. A horrible death. Dagmar turned her face away and wiped off some tears. Okay, she Didn't really know the merman but she still felt pity. Even if he had a big mouth.

The witch was about to break the chain when she felt some movements and...he talked again?! A zombie fish?! Dagmar blinked and turned her head towards him to see if he was alive or..undead. What she saw instead was beyond imagination.


A pair of male legs.

Where the hell did the tail go? Was that a joke, trick or...maybe he was reincarnated as a human?! She stared and stared, until she realised she was staring and to where she was staring when he opened his eyes and started ranting again. She felt her cheeks heating up and changed into a bright red color.

He was an Incubus for sure.

Cousins of sirens? Not eating humans...

What the hell was he talking about?! HE HAD NO TAIL!

Maybe he also noticed her deadly silence and her inappropriate stare. Because he too was damned shock to see what a treasure he had become. She heard him yell and shout in shock and displeasure. Wait what?! Now he was blaming her?! That...that hot sly fish/human...

"AHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERV! DON'T TOUCH ME! GROW BACK ANOTHER TAIL! I NEED YOUR TAIL NOT YOUR DANAN LEGS! STOP TOUCHING ME! YOU CANNOT SEDUCE ME!!!!" The witch screamed and started pushing him away when he grabbed on her arms. They were too close...too close...maybe she had to break those chains...No! Aha! Something sparkled in her mind. He was trying to make her undo the spell and set him free but NO! Dagmar was much much smarter than him...even if she was already red. "Hahaha! Nice one!" She laughed a fake laughter. "You think I would fall for that?! You wish! STAY STILL!" Time to show who was dominant here. Who was the boss and who was the hunter. She rose up her leg and kicked him there. There.

"What is your name, fish?!" Dagmar demanded, folding her arms over her chest and pulling his chained hand in process.

"Shaddup! You two!" One man shouted as walking down from the deck.
  Dagmar / valkyira / 1y 56d 5h 53m 51s
Balthier sighs loud and annoyed when the human woman rolls over and suddenly curls up into his torso. The male rolls his eyes and tries to wiggle out of her grasp but she just giggles and holds him more. [b "Ugh! Really! Get up!"] He was beyond aggravated about this. When the water splashes her to wake her up, he laughs a bit though glares when she acts disgusted about him touching her. [b "Hey! Wench! You were touching me! Not the other way around! I'm tied up! You were holding me! Seemed to be liking it too."] He cocks a brow with a smug grin on his lips teasing her. [b "Don't get a lot of attention do you?"] The mermaid laughed out more as she wobbled up to her feet. Then his face grows more annoyed hen she calls him a pervert half naked fish. [b "I'm not a pervert! Nothing wrong with being naked. There is no shame in the body! Why you humans cover up everything? I don't know. Childish creatures. The body is nothing to be ashamed of. But I guess us mermaids just love ourselves more."] He shrugged, finally being able to sit himself up, still tied up, but sitting up finally none the less.

When she started to tighten the ropes with magic, he glared and did his best to flex more and try to rip out of the ropes. Mermaids, were much stronger than they look. But the storm hit them and now the boat was rocking violently. [b "Great, what's your brilliant plan now? Huh? Well girl? Why are you capturing me anyways!? Let me go!"] Balthier flicks and thrashes his tail around, slamming it down onto the deck and cracks some of the floor boards with his strength.

Though the next thing he knew she was falling and gripping his tail tightly. This woman was useless he thinks. That's when he felt it, his arms were nearly free. A bit of hope paints his face as he wiggles his arms and shoulders around. Soon able to slip his arms up and out of the ropes that now fell around his waist and tail. There she clung, praying out to live and wanting children. His eyes, roll yet again. He has never rolled his eyes so much in his life than he has with just these few minutes of meeting this woman. Then the next thing he knew, their wrists were cuffed together. [b "Oh come on! Stop! Let me go!"] He yanked her wrists and his to yank the cuffs apart, but of course they were magical! [b "DAMN IT! COME ON!"] The male shouted before they were tossed upside from the boat. Of course he couldn't drawn, but his head was hit by something hard. The force knocked him out with her in the water too. Unaware of their surroundings.

Who knows how much time has passed, not aware of them being tossed down below deck on yet another ship. She awoke first to see him. Laying there, not looking as good when she first saw him. In fact, he looked sickly, his shimmery scales lack their luster. His skin was pruning to extreme lengths, and it seems, he was starting to have a hard time breathing. He gasped enough, till finally he woke up. HIs strong arms push him up from the floor and he looks around. Looking like a dying fish if anything. [b " water..."] He rubbed his head, that was killing him and still bleeding a bit from when it was hit earlier. Not as much though. [b "W..water.."] It was a leaky boat and he did his best to flop and crawl to some near by barrels. Gasping and growing more weak and then, finally stopped.

The male had fallen face first onto the old floors. No longer moving, or breathing. He had been out of water for far too long.

There he laid, lifeless for a minute. Till his scales started to soften and some even falling off. Revealing, skin. Soft skin and two legs separating from the tail. Two, strong, and naked male legs. And he suddenly took in a deep breath. The hidden gills on his neck, were gone. He rolled over and sat up again, still rubbing his head and groaned a bit. [b "The sea witch happened...I need to stop eating those sea cucumbers."] Balthier mumbled, unaware of his new naked human body.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and saw her there. Before noticing his new legs. [b "You! You! What do I have to do for you to let me go? What? We don't grant wishes! We don't eat humans! Okay...okay. Not all of us. But those girls are sirens, not mermaids! Like, a distant cousin to us. I swear! Why do you want me!?"] He folded his arms, yanking her wrist that was tied to his push against his broad chest. Annoyed, he looks down and that's when he saw it. His legs! His tail, gone! His eyes widened instantly as he screamed out. Now in a fit of panic. [b "My tail!!? Where's my tail!? You evil woman! GIVE IT BACK!!! OH GODDESS!! NO!!!"] Tears filled his eyes instantly and rolled down his cheeks as he touched his legs and cried harder from feeling the flesh instead of scales. [b "Please! Please! I'm hideous! My tail! Mermaids are very proud of their tails! Please! Please!!!!"] He grabbed her arms and shook her a bit, begging for his tail back.
  Papa_Death / 1y 72d 21h 16m 15s
[i Her master was young and strong, shirtless. She could see his wonderful six packs and those muscular arms. He had a lovely smile on his face. She moved closer to him with a face as red as tomato...."Masteeeeer~" Everything was dreamy, she managed to touch him but he got further. Dagmar gasped and moved closer, trapping him in her arms. "Don't go~"]

"Mmmm...Don't Go..." Dagmar mumbled after she rolled to her side and wrapped her arms around the merman with a silly blushed face. "Hehe..." She was enjoying the feeling before a wave slammed on the boat and water splashed on her face. Dagmar gasped and opened her eyes, finding herself too close to a certain creature. "What...I have really caught you! I mean...eww a fish is touching me!" She jumped on her feet and stumbled some because of the shakes. "Don't move you pervert half naked fish!" She pointed at the handsome creature threateningly. Quickly, she started murmuring a spell to bind the merman again. Ropes began appearing wrapped around his arms and torso but before she could finish the black clouds reached them and the boat started tossing and turning wildly on the huge waves.

Dagmar screamed on top of her lungs as her body crashed against the floor and she found it impossible to think straight. She only knew not to let go of the merman. She grabbed on his tail with an iron grip and shut her eyes tightly as she felt more waves slamming against her body. "PLEASE I WANT TO KEEP LIVING AND HAVE CHILDREN!" She prayed whatever she believed up there. The boat turned over and they were both thrown to the wild waves. Dagmar still refused to let go of the merman. She breathed deeply and shouted out some incomprehensible words. She handcuffed herself and the creature together.

The witch grabbed on the turned over boat with her free hand and pulled her other hand roughly to make the merman come closer. The female was drained out of energy and slowly her eyes closed. This could be her death for sure.

A ship was passing and saw the nearby turned boat. They looked closer and saw a girl and man in water. They immediately pulled them up but were ultimately shocked when they saw that the male had a fishtail. This could be a marvellous treasure to sell! However he as cuffed to a useless girl and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't break the magic. So annoyed they threw them beneath the deck. Maybe if she woke up they could make her break it. Hell...they would even sell them both her as a bonus.

Dagmar whined before opening her eyes. She was...on something hard and the place was dark. There were some shakes but she was steadier than before. Immediately Dagmar sat up and looked around with widened eyes. "Where the hell am I?!" She remembered her recent hunt and whipped her head around only to see the merman still cuffed to her. "Oh, you still here..." She smiled before ever smile vanished and she looked up as hearing footsteps. "But where are we?! What happened?" She demanded firmly.
  Dagmar / valkyira / 1y 84d 23h 16m 40s

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