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[center [cherry+swash [size15 Welcome to Draculis Hall, out of character chat for the role-play [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148203 Imperium University]. Here people may converse to help move the story forward. Updates will be posted frequently with what is going on, and those who can't pm may deposit their skeletons here.]]]
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[center [cherry+swash [size15 The dorm rooms of Imperium are shared between a ward and their protecting guardian. The A dorms lay on the top floor meant for those with the most powerful families. The B dorms lay on the second floor, meant for those with medium power, and the C dorms lay on the bottom floor. Meant for nobles with barely any power to their names.]]]
[center [cherry+swash [size20 1A: Amrei & Rowan]]] [center [cherry+swash [size20 2A: Michael & Saint]]] [center [cherry+swash [size20 1B: Kaia & Hale]]] [center [cherry+swash [size20 2B: Aurora & Ali]]] [center [cherry+swash [size20 3B: Calliope & Matthiue]]]
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