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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cherry+Swash]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/xwnmVEM.png]]
[center [cherry+swash [size13 In 1782, the first council of vampires gathered together in North America for a great vampire assembly. With humans invading their once sacred home, the vampires were forced to come up with a solution. The answer? A school and university that would educate young vampires how to survive in a world where humans were rapidly gaining power. The goal of the school was to train them to fit in with the new settlers rapidly pouring into the newly founded United States of America. This was a job that came easily to most graduates, as they opted to fit in as the rich, upper class that was overly intelligent. Life was good for the vampires, and the school seemed to flourish without humans catching on.]]]

[center [cherry+swash [size13 In 1882, one hundred years after the founding of the school, the second council of vampires called forth another vampire assembly. It was here that it was decided that humans were growing too powerful, much too fast. The decision was made to install class divisions among the vampires and bring about the ward/guardian system. Lower classed vampires, with human blood would protect higher classed vampires with purer blood from the harmful eyes of the human world. A spell was then placed on the school, now known as Imperium Academy & University, to protect them from the human’s unsettling eyes.]]]

[center [cherry+swash [size13 In the early 1900s a war of vampires came about to bring down the crazy second council, now known as the mad council. These vampires were sealed away in various parts of the world, and the vampire world went into hiding. Closing down schools, jobs, and sending vampires retreating into the shadows, away from humans. Prominent business vampires disappeared as if they never even existed. Imperium was shut down in 1950 in an attempt to regather themselves under the rule of the new, third council of vampires. The K-12 reopening in early 1980’s but the University stayed closed.]]]

[center [cherry+swash [size13 The year is now 2017, and the school's University is preparing for its grand reopening to the vampire world. The ward & guardian classes still stand in order of protection, and students are assigned their partner upon entering the school. What they don’t know is that dark secrets lay in the bowels of the college, and darkness still looms over them. Students belonging to the ward class begin to hear voices calling out to them. Urging them to come to the basement and set free those who belong rightfully in power. The school is no longer safe, if it ever had been, and the students must stop this dark force before madness unleashes once more upon the vampire world. This school year will be full of twists and turns, secrets and fears; can the students make it? Find out by joining [u Imperium University.]]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]
[center [cherry+swash [size20 Important Information & OOC Link.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]
[center [cherry+swash This contains important information for the role-play. However you only need to really read the vampire races to select one for your character. I have linked them separately to not make the thread to long and overwhelming. These race's are ones used in literature and sited to vampire lore websites where Ciri found the majority of them for me. Two of the classes are self designed however.]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=389548 [cherry+swash The Vampire Races]]|[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=389319 [cherry+swash The Class System]]|[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=389547 [cherry+swash History Of The Council]]|[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148208 [cherry+swash OOC]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]
[center [cherry+swash [size20 The Skeleton]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Face: {URL Here}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: {First, Last}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: {18+}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: {Male, Female, Trans}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: {See Vampire Types Section}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: {Be creative, it's a school for vampires.}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: {Mock Trial, Sport, Anime Club, Mathlete, Yes these do still exist in college.}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: {Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Guardian: {Will Be Decided/Ward's Only}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Ward: {Will Be Decided/Guardian's Only}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Powers: {*Elemental & Nightsbroad only. What element do you feed upon and wield {elemental}. What alchemic power of choice do you bare.}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: {Straight, Bi, Ect.}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: {Short description or a few words.}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: {Username and URL do not fully link.}]]
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[center [cherry+swash [size20 The Cast]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]
[center [cherry+swash [size10 8/8 Spots Taken. 0/4 wards left open. 0/4 Guardians Open.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/HrzhlZt.png]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Michael Kurama]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 22]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Male]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Hearts Broad.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Journalism.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Writers Guild, Mock Trial]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Junior]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Guardian: Saint]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Homosexual]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: Michael is the son of the great and powerful Kurama family. A staple of power in Ireland, the family is highly regarded as one of the best. Michael is the middle son born to Codiak & James Kurama. His grandfather the powerful head of the family Marius Kurama. Michael lived a pampered life but he hated every moment of it. Often finding more joy in writing stories and articles than he did doing stuff of the rich and famous. Home-schooled until college, Michael decided to leave home to complete his education.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=53615 -FantasyLand]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/PbwEOpJ.jpg]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Hale Vincent Rowley]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 22]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Male]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Dhampyre]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Mechanical Engineering]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Boxing]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Undergraduate, Junior]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Ward: Kaia]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Powers: N/A]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Bisexual]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: Hale descends from a long line of Guardian vampires and most of his family was bred to be strong, powerful, and loyal. That is if you can breed loyalty. He personally thinks that their loyalty was bought with favors, sex, and, of course, cash. While he has yet to be officially hired there have been multiple bids on him already giving him a bit of an inflated ego. However when it comes down to it he is more than willing to do what it takes to protect his ward.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=4867 LIVE]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ONOOUYZ.jpg]]
[center [cherry+swash My Name: Amrei von Lorraine]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 18]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Male]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Sanguine]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Political Science, with a minor in History]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Dance]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Undergraduate, Freshman]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Guardian: Elias]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Powers: N/A]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Homosexual]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: Born the second son Amrei was spared the burden of succession in his royal lines, but still groomed in the arts and diplomacy. He flourished with attention and exceeded his brother's ability in social graces. Amrei is deceptively charming and polite, he had a great understanding of status and works to preserve the reputation of his noble family. He's quite well versed in manipulating people to achieve what it is that he desires.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=4867 LIVE]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/X6wHGOp.jpg]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Saint Aldonis]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 24]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Male]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Strigoi]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Architecture]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Soccer]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Senior]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Ward: Michael]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Pansexual]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: A descendant of Dreyfus Aldonis of the first vampire counsel who helped to design Imperium University, Saint is a result of interbreeding as it ran rampant in those days. He sees himself as nothing terribly special, more often than not choosing to keep his head down and his nose out of places it doesn't belong. He has a quiet nature offset by his intimidating size and need for ample amounts of blood, his impressive strength making him the ideal guardian. Saint is an artistic soul, following in his grandfather's footsteps to learn how to be an architect and hopefully bring back the art of beautiful buildings to an awfully boring world.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=34004 TheGreatEscape]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XW83cna.png]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Aurora Quinn Bailey]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 23]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Female]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Astral]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Theatre Arts]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Drama & Poetry Club & Gymnastic]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Junior]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Guardian: Ali]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Bisexual / Bi-Curious]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: Aurora, Rora as she more prefers to be call is kind of one of the ones in the Ward Class who hates the rules that the "Strict Council" had put into play. She's the type of girl who thinks people or in this case vampires should be able to do and feel how they want. They aren't in the dark ages anymore and the times are forever changing. She can seem both sweet and sassy. She can even come off as maybe timid if she doesn't know people but she loves to listen and to observe. When comfortable people will see all sides to her. All she really hopes for is that her and her fellow vampires, ALL classes can one day live their lives as they want without fear.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822 SheDevil]]]

[center [pic http://www.malemodelscene.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Tommaso-De-Benedictis-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014.jpg]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Matthieu De Ange]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 24]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Male]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Night's brood Vampire]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Psychology and minor in Sociology]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Gymnastics and Student council]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Undergraduate, Freshman.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Ward: Calliope]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Powers: Fire element]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Demi-sexual]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: Matthieu was the youngest child of seven to the Ange family in France. With a High reputation for being one of the better Guardians within France, however most of his brother's and sisters are half siblings who have to claim their Father's ranking. Frequently being watched by his older Siblings Matthieu wanted to get out from under their noises. Moving to America for college had it seems been the only opportunity to do so. Making a name for himself was what he hoped he would achieve and he would do anything to make it happen.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster:
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=20678 Colorful]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/DWdS4bR.jpg]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Kaia Nykvist]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 20]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Female]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Elemental]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Creative Writing, minor in Environmental Studies]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Swimming, Photography Club, Gardening]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Sophomore]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Guardian: Hale]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Powers: Earth; can commune with plants and control them, along with various other aspects of nature Gains energy from sunlight, only feeds off of plants and the earth in a pinch, or when there isn't any sunlight.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Pansexual]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: Kaia is from a lesser known, but still powerful family. She is proud of her heritage, and thoroughly enjoys being an elemental vampire. Her family is filled with powerful elemental vampires, that know how to control their elements, and as such, Kaia is also a powerful elemental vampire. Like many other vampires, Kaia was homeschooled until being able to go to college. Despite essentially being isolated, Kaia found ways to stay up to date on human culture, enjoying quite a bit of it. She also tends to be very talkative and outgoing, while also being rather laid back and down to earth.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=55153 Odango]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cherry+Swash]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Rowan Draculis]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 23]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Male]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Dhampyre]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Supernatural Resources {Like HR But for Supernaturals}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Track, Swimming]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Sophomore {Started Late}]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Ward: {Amrei von Lorraine]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Powers: N/A]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Pansexual]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: Rowan is the son of the famous Draculis clan. Born to the leader's brother and a human slave, Rowan was looked down upon most of his childhood. This caused him to grow a sarcastic sense of humor and a mischievous side to him. Getting the hell out, Rown left at eighteen and didn't go to college until he was twenty two years old. Now he seeks to get a degree and make a name for himself.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=53615 -FantasyLand]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eVWYBsY.png]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Calliope Vego]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 19]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Female]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Astral]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Visual Arts ]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Haven't really branched out yet]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Freshmen]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Guardian: Matthiue]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Curious]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: The Vegos while not among the founding families hold the image of pristine and beauty in their homes. Their prize is their daughter Calliope. The only daughter and heir to their fortune Calliope was groomed to take on the heavy mantel. Yet despite her breeding and delicate noble air Calliope became terrified of the gathered crowds and the looks from cold eyes. Her aversion to others became more apparent as the traits of her Astral bloodline made itself known. Fearing for the safety of their child the Vegos elected to keep their child safe. So they hired the best tutors and kept her far from interacting with others. Only making small appearances for formal events. Yet as she reached adulthood they felt the need to expand their daughters social horizon. Leaving the girl who never spoke more than three words at a time at the front steps of the Prestigious Vampire Academy. Wide eyed and in the midst of a panic attack.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=16770 Boxghost]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/6SBkp8H.png]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Name: Ali Zednik]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Age: 21]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Gender: Male]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Vampire Type: Psi]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Major: Bad Ass]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Activities: Self appreciation club, Swim team, Track team]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Grade: Senior]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Ward: Aurora]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Sexuality: Attracted to anything cute]]
[center [Cherry+Swash Short Bio: A poster child for trouble maker Ali seeks to find the thrill in all matters of life. Though his easy smile and shameless flirtations hides a dark savagery. Due to the mindset of the Mad Council and those that shared their elitist bull he has had more than a few run ins with those that felt the need clarify his classification as a Parasite. Saying that he had no strength of his own. That was how the fights began. Years passed before he finally learned to rein his temper. Like many Psi vampires he took on the study of Open Palm combat technique and the structure and discipline seemed to help. Well that and a consistent outlet for aggression. Oh and Lemon Heads. Bless the Citrus Gods of Lemon heads.]]
[center [Cherry+Swash My Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=16770 Boxghost]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]
[center [cherry+swash [size20 The Rules]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]
[center [Cherry+Swash
[b Literacy:] I am asking for at least 1200+ characters.
[b Posting:] This is designed to be a slow moving role-play, we all have real lives and sometimes things get busy. That being said, do not nag people to post and try to understand sometimes posts take time.
[b Grammar:] Please no text talk, try to use proper punctuation, capitalization, and so on and so forth.
[b Cybering:] It's against the rules guys, if you want to do so please take it off site. I'd hate for anyone to get banned.
[b Romance:] It can happen but it will be in the background and not the main focus of the story.
[b Pictures:] I'm asking for photographic pictures
[b Homosexuality:] It may be present in the role-play.
[b Violence:] There may be violence in this, not over the top but there may be violence.
[b Story:] If your confused on anything let me know. We all can work more on what we want to happen after everyone has joined.
[b Joining:] Pm me with your skeleton and title it with your least favorite supernatural creature. If you can't pm please drop the skeleton in the OOC listed above with your least favorite supernatural character at the top.]]
[center [cherry+Swash [size10 Credit goes to Ciri & Riley for helping me. To the sources listed, and to my original role-play Darkest Dreams that this world was born from. As well as Vampire Academy.]]]


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Roleplay Responses

[center [size11 [font "times new roman" The blonde found himself sinking into the bed, listening to the absurdly loud noises which drifted in from the halls. A knock at the door brought his attention back in focus and he pulled himself from the bed. Amrei adjusted his clothes before he even left his room, walking through the shared space that remained desolate. When the front door opened he was greeted by a timid young man carrying a clipboard. The sanguine was immediately uninterested, when he’d heard the knock he’d assumed it would be his guardian and this pathetic excuse for a vampire was most certainly not assigned to him.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Ah, um, pardon the interruption Lord von Lorraine, however it appears that there was an administrative error. Your guardian will not be Mr. Mendoza but instead Rowan Vampiress,” The name sounded vaguely familiar. At least the last name did. If he recalled the Vampiress family was a line of guardians, mostly Night’s Brood and Strigoi. “We do apologize for the inconvenience.”]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" Amrei found himself annoyed by the frantic, apologetic tone the boy had, “Thank you for informing me. Now, if that is all I would like to return to my room.” The blonde didn’t actually wait for the other to answer before he closed the door. So far he was not impressed with the university’s handling. Back in his room he took to arranging his drawers, refolding everything until he had uniformity.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" Once more he heard the door, however it was not a knock this time but the opening of the entry way. His hands paused briefly in his actions listening to the steps of who he presumed was his guardian. He could hear the other moving objects, though he had no idea what they were, and then the footsteps resumed. Surprisingly the guardian did not go to his door but away from it. Amrei wondered if that was out of privacy since his door was closed or because this one was as incompetent as the school was turning out to be.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" He supposed it didn’t really matter which as both scenarios required the same action, that he leave his room and assess this new guardian. Amrei walked slowly from his room towards the noise that was originating from the shared area of the dorm, his steps making almost no sound at all. As he emerged from the hall he saw a figure standing in the kitchen area.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" His gemstone colored eyes scanned the boy, he was taller than Amrei though that was hardly an impressive thing as he was considered to be just below the standard at 5’8”. The boy was not as broad as the guardians Amrei was accustomed to being around, but his frame was still muscular. His skin was as pale as his own but littered with freckles of varying colors. A mess of auburn hair made the blonde’s lips turn down; the guardian had such defined bone structures that styling his hair that way caused his head to appear abnormally elongated.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Am I correct in assuming you are Rowan Vampiress?” The ward finally asked, content with his observations on the guardian. “You’re hardly what I was expecting.”]]]
  / LIVE / 1y 6d 17h 24m 11s
Matthieu had after finished dragging the things from his room to the commons turned on the radio and started blasting the music. He had pulled out a measuring tap and was in his room when he had heard the first noise come from the commons area. It was something he had ignored, but only to hear it grew a bit louder. Putting down the measuring tap and walked out of the open door to his room to see what it was. Seeing a girl come through and make contact first with one of the small side tables which had tripped her up her face it seemed met the ground before the male knew what was going on. Moving some stuff out of his way Matthieu came face to face with a sharp number two wooden pencil inches from his noise. Looking at the girl confused as hell he held up his hands behind his head.

It seemed she would introduce herself first. Calliope was her name, but Matthieu already knew that much about her, She was Calliope Vego which had surprised the male to learn that the Vego family had a living child, only rumors flew around the big noble families that the De Ange usually protected about how they had a person make appearances at parties and formal events, but that was about it. Mattieu had taken his left hand and turned off the music so he could hear her, and so the students in the hallway wouldn’t be able to hear the music playing from their room as they were shown their rooms or getting in a quick rest before the school year started.

Standing in a more formal means now the male smiled. [b “Mrs Vego I am Matthieu De Ange, your Guardian and fellow student while you are here at Imperium University. I am sure you were told this by that tacky women at the front door, but I am going to repeat it in case you didn’t. We have a meeting for the students at five in the main hall.”] Looking down at the watch on his wrist his eyes grew slightly bigger. [b “Which starts in about twenty minutes.”] Looking around he didn’t think he had wasted that much time just getting the furniture out here on his own. His franticness made the De ange’s youngest child fall over the other side table and right into one of the chairs in the commons. [b “Well that was about as useful as a cup of salt in a cake.”] the male looked once again to Calliope [b “Sorry I didn’t agree with how the school had stuff arranged in the room.”] Standing up again and dusting himself off he offered a smile.

[b “So I guess I shall finish this up really fast while you get yourself all cozied into your room. Which is right across the commons.”] Pointing to the closed door across from his own the male moved things out of the way so his ward could get to it. [b “I do apologize about the mess I will get it cleaned up as soon as possible.”] He was of course hinting towards all the bedroom things that didn’t belong where they currently were. Dipping back into the empty room that he would occupy he returned to his project. The room seemed to be a box.

Placing first the bed right under the bedroom window with the nightstand on either side he placed the dresser across from the end of the bed against the wall close to the door. He was finished, but it was a few minutes to five now. Going back out into the commons it seemed Calliope didn’t move from where she was standing a few moments earlier. Seeing the door still standing open he heard a few of the other students still snickering at the fact she had fallen and face planted. Walking across the now empty room he slammed the door shut. [b "Don't pay them any attention. You are here, you made it."]
  Matthieu De ange / Colorful_insanity / 1y 26d 13h 11m 27s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cherry+Swash] [center [cherry+swash The blonde had taken to moving around his room and putting things away the majority of the day. When it started to get dark, and his guardian still hadn't arrived, the blonde let out a breath. Was he going to show up? The question lingered in his mind like a sore thumb. Most knew that Michael Kurama was not your typical ward to deal with. He rarely treated his guardian's informally and often like friends. It was a feat that had gotten him into trouble many times during high-school and caused much concern with his teachers.]]

[center [cherry+swash Shaking away the thoughts the blonde turned to look out the window. It was only dusky, and his guardian still hadn't arrived. There was still time before the meeting as well so the blonde moved to his things, gathering stuff for a shower. Sliding out of the room Michael took a glance around to make sure he hadn't missed his guardian coming in. There was nothing, just bags on a bed that someone had brought in earlier while he was getting his own things put away in his room and his desk set up with his journals.]]

[center [cherry+swash The place seemed large and empty but perhaps there was reason for his guardian being so late. After all not every vampire could tolerate sunlight in any moderation and not all had things like the pendant Michael wore to protect them from the sun. Being of noble blood, highest standing, gave Michael some perks in life. Especially since his grandfather was considered to be a king among the Irish vampires, and his father a noble among the French.]]

[center [cherry+swash Padding down the hallway, Michael pushed the door to the bathroom open and slid in. Turning the shower all the way to hot he shut the door behind him and locked it for good measure. The last thing he wanted was to meet his guardian via walking in on him in the shower. It would be embarrassing to say the least and Michael was already not that good with people to begin with. Stripping off his clothes the blonde slid into the hot stream, letting it warm his already cold body.]]

[center [cherry+swash After what felt like forever, Michael slipped out of the shower and dried himself off. Wrapping the towel around his waist the blonde exited only to catch the sound of someone moving. Moving quietly towards the second room, the vampire glanced around the corner to see the back of a very large man moving around. His guardian. He must of arrived while Michael was in the shower. A sense of relief washed over the blonde and he turned, moving quietly down the hall into his own room. Shutting the door he dried himself off the rest of the way and dressed himself.]]

[center [cherry+swash Glancing at the clock on his nightstand, Michael let out a breath of annoyance. The meeting was going to start soon and that meant he needed to go introduce himself. Gathering his thoughts and taking a deep breath, the blonde exited the room and moved towards the one he knew his guardian was in. Heart racing, Michael tried to keep it together as he walked down what felt like the longest hallway in the world.]]

[center [cherry+swash When he got to the door, the blonde stopped, frozen in nervousness. Muttering to himself, he took another breath. He was going to be fine, it was fine. The man hadn't even met him yet so how could he think he was strange. It was fine. He was fine. Giving a soft knock on the door the blonde swallowed, hoping that his guardian wasn't going to be to startled. [+Indigo "Um hello there. I'm Michael Kurama, and you must be my guardian."] Heart pounding Michael continued to ramble. [+Indigo "The meeting starts soon so I thought it would be good to introduce ourselves."]]]
  míchαєl / -FantasyLand / 1y 31d 21h 52m 15s
[size11 The time escaped him while he sketched, sitting on a balcony overlooking the acres of the Aldonis estate. The home had been passed down through the family, so despite being but a halfling, Saint at least had somewhere beautiful to live. The manor was beginning to fall into a bit of disrepair, as they could no longer afford to supply the staff that once bustled through the halls, but Saint loved it nonetheless. Most people who sat on the balcony with any proficiency in art would no doubt be sketching the landscape beyond. The unruly trees, the overgrown rose bushes, the hedge maze falling in on itself caused it to look like a dystopian fantasy land. But Saint paid no mind to the garden, instead sketching gothic pyres overseen by gruesome gargoyles, large ornate doors, and decorative windows.]

[size11 [b "Saint!"] The voice of his father didn't register at first, the younger vampire too focused on detailing his already detailed drawing. [b "Saint Porter! You're going to be late for the train!"] Saint looked up, blinking the lines of his sketch from behind his eyelids. He realized that the sky had lightened considerably, drawing closer to dawn. That surely would have been a misstep on his part. As a strigoi he was incapable of withstanding even the weakest sunlight. Cloud cover would not even protect him. Rubbing at his tired eyes, Saint stood from his chair and went inside, shutting the solid balcony doors to keep out the sunlight.]

[size11 [#8e37ba "I haven't eaten."] Saint told his father as men carried his two suitcases to the car. He was seated in a plain wooden coffin that had been stained black. It was cliche, but the train ride would take place in great majority during the day, which was dangerous for him. The men returned to take him to the car, but his father lifted a hand to halt them for a moment.]

[size11 [b "You should have thought of that before spending all evening with that sketchpad."] Despite his words, a soft smile drew across his father's face. [b "Remember, don't come out of there until you are told. I won't lose another child to the dreaded sun."] Leaning down, Eamon Aldonis pressed a chilly kiss to his son'e forehead. [b "Have a good semester. And write me often."]]

[size11 [#8e37ba "I promise."] Saint laid back against black satin and watched as the lid closed in on him, the sound of clasps clicking into place assured him he was safe. As he was lifted into the air, he heard the muffled voice of his father telling these men to take extreme care of him. That made Saint feel uncharacteristically warm.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[size11 For the final hour of the train ride, Saint was able to leave his coffin and wander about. The sun had completely set, so he was in no danger. He was, however, incredibly hungry. His tongue slipped across his fangs of which he had four, two on each side of his mouth that made it easier to get a stronger blood flow. His father had arranged for his food, using what little money he had no doubt, so that five beings waited for him in the dining car. Five made it definite that he would get enough to eat without harming any of them by taking too much. Saint was a little embarrassed by the look his guide gave him, but Saint was a big boy and a Strigoi no less, which meant he needed a lot of blood to remain strong.]

[size11 From the station, Saint and his things were driven to the school in the dead of night. The blood he had consumed was human and sat warm in his system, making him feel good. The castle loomed all too familiar before him, a testament of what an Aldonis could do. He had often looked through his grandfather's original sketches at home, but nothing compared to the sheer majesty of Imperium. It was a sight to behold, and if Saint stood and stared for ages there would still be new things for him to see. He'd only been standing for a few minutes, however, before a voice came to him.]

[size11 [b "Mr. Aldonis, at last."] Saint looked down, and then down again. At 6'6" he stood a foot over the girl before him even in her heels. She took a step back, ran her crystal blue eyes down his entire form, and then looked up at him again. If Saint wasn't so thick when it came to things such as attraction, he would have noticed the way she touched his arm and smiled to be just that. [b "I'm here to show you to my... I mean your room. Your ward has already arrived. If you'll follow me."]]

[size11 [#8e37ba "Lead the way."] Saint followed her to his room, ignoring her rambling on about the school year ahead in favor of watching the walls that they passed. When they finally arrived, she held out her hand and slipped his key into his palm, telling him to enjoy the rest of his night. When she was gone he opened his hand and saw both the key and a slip of paper with her room number on it. The door was already unlocked and Saint entered, crumpling up the piece of paper and dropping it in the trash can in the kitchen. Only one of the doors were open so Saint walked over to see his two bags tossed on the bed. He moved them aside and sat down.]

[size11 Saint was tired from his uncomfortable train ride, but he had yet to meet his ward, and he was expected at the meeting of students soon. He'd arrived so late that there wasn't any time for a nap at all. Despite most students arriving during the day, his father insisted he come at night. After losing his first child and his wife, Saint couldn't blame him for being so cautious. Stretching his arms above his head, Saint stood and began to unpack and put away what few things he'd brought with him.]
  TheGreatEscape / 1y 67d 14h 44m 34s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand]
[center [quicksand [i Circling your, circling your, circling your head, contemplating everything you ever said. Now I see the truth, I got doubt. A different motive in your eyes and now I’m out, See you later. I see your fantasy; you want to make it a reality paved in gold. See inside, inside of our heads (yeah). Well now that’s over. I see your motives inside, decisions to hide. Back off I’ll take you on, Headstrong to take on anyone. I know that you are wrong. Headstrong we’re headstrong.]]]

[center [quicksand [+saddlebrown “Rowan!”] The shrill sound of a woman’s voice filled the room cutting through the sound of the music blaring through his headphones and the sound of his fists hitting the punching bag that was hanging in front of his face. The elderly ladies bony hands coming around his large biceps to tug on them and gain the ginger’s attention. Rowan turned to look at the woman, chest heaving from the exertion.]]

[center [quicksand Red boxing gloves covered his hands and the white headphones hung down his face mixing in with the loose strands of his orangish red hair. His deep blue eyes showing off a ‘you can’t get me’ look that spoke his attitude in volumes. The twenty four year old male tugging the headphones clean out of his ears. The sudden absence of the song making his head ring and his chest tighten.]]

[center [quicksand [+SaddleBrown “It's almost time for you to go Rowan. Your father and your uncle are waiting for you upstairs”] The woman's voice was delicate now, a far difference from the loudness she has just shown. A grunt escaped from Rowan's lips as he moved to pull his gloves off. Crystal droplets of sweat rolled down his chest as he whipped the red gloves aside. It was obvious on his face that he did not want to go anywhere near his father nor his uncle but what choice did he have?]]

[center [quicksand [+NavyBlue "Thank you for telling me Granny. I'll head right upstairs."] Leaning in to press a kiss to the woman's check, Rowan pulled back to tug on a white tee-shirt and head for the door. He didn't make it far before he heard the same voice call out to him. [+SaddleBrown "Don't hate your father Rowan. He just fears this isn't what's best for you."] A snort escaped the male as he climbed the spiral stair-case leading up to the top floor.]]

[center [quicksand The house was lavished, despite the fact they where a line of guardians. His uncle had made it big running a mafia underground, hiring out as a hit man to any pureblood that would take him. It had earned him millions but it had also darkened his heart. As he turned the corner, Rowan swallowed at the site of the vampire sitting at the table. His strong green eyes bore into Rowan's face and if one didn't know any better he would assume that he was Rowan's age. [b "You will behave this year."]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[center [quicksand The ride to school had been painful to say the least. His father not saying a word to him the entire ride, staring instead out the window of the limo his uncle had insisted they take. It was no secret Igor Vampiress was not happy with his son's decisions. Wishing to keep his half breed son out of the line of site of the noble families. Wanting to pretend that because they had money they too where noble.]]

[center [quicksand Honestly though how long could he hide it? Rowan knew it wasn't long. Sooner or later everyone would of found out about his existence. Not only that but about his three siblings existence as well. Everyone would know Igor Vampiress had married a human woman and bore four half breed children. Though his mother was now dead it wasn't like it was a huge secret to be able to hide forever. It was completely silly in Rowan's mind. They were a guardian family, so why did it honestly matter?]]

[center [quicksand As the limo came to a stop, Rowan gathered his things and slid out of the car without a word to his father. The man not even looking at him as he gathered his bags in hand and started for the college. It was just reopening this year after the events of the vampire wars that shook their nation. The time of the mad council was not a pretty one and most vampires liked to pretend that it never happened, though that was an utter lie.]]

[center [quicksand Bags over his shoulders, Rowan climbed the steps up to the college and stepped inside. A small woman with short blonde hair noticed him first, a smile crossing her face as she walked up to him. Looking entirely dwarf sized next to Rowan who stood at six foot four and weighed roughly two hundred and twenty pounds. While he was lanky, he was tall. [b "You must be Mr. Vampiress!"] Rowan gave a small nod to the woman watching her flip her papers around and look down a list until she found something that mad her light up.]]

[center [quicksand [b "Amrei von Lorraine is your ward sir after a change up. It looks like his current guardian was reassigned per request of..well it doesn't say. It looks like he's already arrived so let me take you to your quarters."] Quietly Rowan followed the woman up the stairs and to the door of his room. Watching her unlock it and allow him inside and the second he stepped in he was shocked. This wasn't no ordinary dorm room, not it was a mini apartment meant for living in. Two bedrooms, a main room and a kitchen covered the area and things.]]

[center [quicksand Hearing the door shut behind him, Rowan let out a sigh going for the bedroom nearest the bathroom. It was the only one with the door open and when he peaked inside it was clear it was his room with the vacancy of his things. Bringing them inside, he tossed his bags onto the floor carelessly minus his camera bag which he gingerly set on the edge of his bed. After a moment Rowan stood and went towards the kitchen. If there was a time before opening ceremonies he might as well eat something.]]
  rσwαn / -FantasyLand / 1y 72d 21h 33m 2s
[i "Miss Bailey do you intend to keep the driver that your mother and father hired waiting much longer? Richard is a patient man, but even he has his limits and he feels that an hour is long enough."] Katrina said as she bowed her head to the young woman who said in the light of slowly coming night. It was clear that the newest of the house staff was not used to Aurora as many of those who had been around longer. She thought the young woman of twenty- three was more uptight about being told what to do by those of "lower statuses" like the Mistress and Master of the house. And honestly it made the young woman a bit sad to see that. She was not her mother or her father.

[b "Katrina...we have been over this before... There is no need to bow your head like that. You're the same age as I am and I want to be able to think of you as a friend...not just one of the staff my darling mother and dearest father hired on at the beginning of the summer.... So please try and remember that. And it's Rora...not Miss Bailey. I'll be down in a couple of minutes, would you aplogise to Richard for me?"] The young brunette asked, crystal blue gaze upon the other young woman whose hands now played with her apron as she looked upon the 'young Mistress' of the house.

Because it looked like the other wanted to say more, to possibly argue with her Aurora raised a hand to dismiss her. It was always the same thing and the same story. And she could confidently say that she was finding it more and more boring. She wanted to be known as a simple vampyre and to even befriend those who worked for her mother and her father. She had been trying to do it in secret as her mother and father could be rather harsh and believed in the old ways. The ways that she found silly and demeaning as she saw how the times changed and hoped that MAYBE others of her race or was it the ward status would realize it wasn't the dark ages anymore. But that had been too much to ask for.

Aurora was stuck in her head and shook her head as the soft chimes of the windchime she kept just outside her window rustled in the soft breeze of the slowly creeping in night. [b [i 'I hope choosing to go to Imperium University for my junior year. I know they say it was good, no the best in the 1950s before it had closed down. Mother and father seemed pleased to hear it was coming back and were in a hurry to make me transfer.. I wonder what the big deal of this place is..?']] Rora found herself thinking as she stood and straightened the knee length white dress she had been wearing and slipped her shawl over her shoulders. The young woman had been about to grab the suitcase she had left lying on the bed, but before she could another of her parents' hired hands had taken in without given her a second glance. And with that being the case, the Astral vampyre went to where she had left her hand back which held her ipod, a couple of sketch pads, a couple of books, and her favourite cat stuffed animal she had had since she was three years old. The young woman checked the bag three times to make sure she had all she wanted in it since her suitcase had already been taken. When it appeared she had, Aurora rushed out of her bedroom that she would not see again until the summer and down the stairs out into the front gardens as that was where the car was waiting for her. She hadn't even bothered telling her parents "farewell" as they were gone on yet another business trip which she had become used to from a very young age.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

The drive wasn't terribly long, but it still had been boring. Aurora had tried to make conversation with Richard as she sat in the back, but the man had not wanted to engage her. Something about his job being to drive and to not entertain. So that had left her to a playlist that she had downloaded years ago on her iPod and trying to remember what she had been thinking. It was a list of very different music taste than the one she had currently and almost had her ears bleeding. But still it was much better than being in complete silence and left to her fidgeting as she was a bit nervous of the school and of the others that she would be meeting as it was explained so many from different walks of life and talents would be housed in one school.

When the black mercedes had stopped, crystal blue eyes went to look up at the school. It was a castle and almost reminded her of Hogwarts in a way. And she couldn't help her soft almost musical laugh as she had let her mind wander to the Harry Potter series, but she couldn't help it as the place just reminded her of one of her favourite book and movie series ever. It also reminded her of all the other stories she had ever read growing up, but it seemed more gothic and a little more forboding as she knew it was hidden in the Smokey Moutains as it was to keep humans out. So for a few moments more, or rather until she heard the cough outside of her now opened door door. Again she had to pull herself out of her daydreaming state and offered a small smile to her driver. [b "Sorry...just it made me think..."] But the man merely held up a hand and motioned she head up the stairs and to the woman who was dressed a bit provacitively with the bun who happened to be staring down at her.

Slowly she nodded and grabbed her handbag and made her way up to the woman. [i "Your guardian Ali Zednik is already here, Miss Bailey."] The woman said as she had not looked up from her clipboard and passed a key to the young woman. [i Now tonight at five there will be a meeting for all the students in the main hall. Be sure that you are there. At six there will be breakfast served and at seven classes will begin. I hope you have a great year this year!"] Were the next words that the woman said, finally looking at Rora and giving an obviously fake and practiced smile. It was almost like a robot was there to greet her and not a breathing, living beign. But she kept her mouth shut and gave a small smile and nod. [b "Thank you...I will just explore and see if I come across my guardian or anyone else for that matter."] And with that, Rora walked away from the woman, heels clicking softly on the cement or were they tilted floors? She couldn't tell but being away from the woman greeting was the best.

Rora continued her way through the long hallways and couldn't help a squeak when she ran into someone. Her gaze would not come up, but stayed on the floor. [b "Sorry...I should learn to pay attention to where I'm going.."] The Astral vampire muttered.
  ☆Imperium / SheDevil / 1y 109d 8h 4m 5s
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/6SBkp8H.png]][size12 [center “So do you only eat curry in India?”]]

[size12 [center Ali choked on his drink, as he coughed the girl rubbed her hands down his back trying to ease the alcohol back down the correct pipe. “Sweetheart I am from New York. Though thank you for your comment on exotic looks.” He laughed at her embarrassment.]]

[size12 [center “So why are you not drinking?”]]

[size12 [center “I only just turned Twenty-one and my crowd tends to party all night long. I wanted to break the seal with them.”]]

[size12 [center The girl pouted, her glossy pink lips jutted forward making her look ridiculous rather than bed time irresistible which he could guess that was what she was going for. “Can I come party with you and your friends?” Her fingers trailed a path along his bicep and if he had more time he would have indulged her. “Have to be good.” He muttered, almost whining as he took the girl’s hand and pressed his thumb in the center of her palm then rotated counter clockwise. He watched as the tension in her body eased and a very satisfied look appeared on her face. “What did you do?”]]

[size12 [center “Topped myself off for the night and released that sexual frustration in the non-fun way. No need to thank me. I did it so you could leave me alone.” Before she could slap him, Ali pressed his lips against her palm and made his exit.]]

[size12 [center The night air was cool, a sign that fall was close to changing away the last of the summer flings and with it came the long hours of studying, trouble making, and ass kicking. At least that was the traditional plan.]]

[center ***]

[size12 [center A sharp whistle left his lips as Ali walked the common room of his new dorm. “They really pulled out all the stops huh?”]]

[size12 [center “Well of course. Some of the most important people are attending this school. It is only practical that we provide only the best.” The girl adjusted her bun for what seemed to be the fifth time, her eyes looking at everything but him. “Now your Ward is Mistress Aurora Quinn Bailey. Do be sure she is on time for the opening ceremony then breakfast shall be served and classes directly after.”

“You are scolding me like I am already in trouble. Which would be a new record for me. Impressive if I do say so myself.”

“I swear all you guardians are all the same. If there is nothing else I will be going.” Even if there had been something else, Ali had no time to ask for it because the young woman made her exit without another word. The male pushed a hand through his dark hair and dug though his bag to pull out a box of Lemon heads. Four yellow pearls of citrus goodness rolled around on his tongue and he purred in their sour sweet revelation. “Bless being able to still eat human food. Now where is the princess I am supposed to protect?”]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/eVWYBsY.png]][size12 [center [i The Duke growled as he placed his hands against the damask painted walls, caging her head and prevented any chance of escape. Elizabeth felt her heart jump in her chest and her breath hitched as she struggled for air. “You seem to have trouble breathing. Should I loosen your corset?” His fingers grazed over the soft mounds, “You are nothing more than a beast.” Elizabeth blurted, biting her lip as the Duke only smiled. “A beast am I? A beast would not ask after your well being. A beast would take you against this wall, leaving you at its mercy until you are begging for release. I simply asked if you wished to be rid of your corset.”

Elizabeth frowned, “If I refuse?” She snapped but her anger was defused as the Duke pressed himself against her. “I do not think you would refuse me.”]]]

[size12 [center “Calliope? Why are you still up?”]]

[size12 [center With a jolt, the young vampire rushed to hide her copy of [i The Wicked Duke] beneath the plush fabrics of her duvet as her mother poked her head into her room. The young vampire gave a weak smile but she could feel the warmth of her embarrassment spread across her face. “How was the party?” Calliope asked as she watched her mother float into the room and perched on the edge of her bed.]]

[size12 [center Alexandria Vego pulled the white mink stool from around her shoulders. The glittering fabric of her gown caught the light and cast a scattering of rainbows against the bedroom wall. “It was as lavish as ever. The Lorraine’s are the toast of Vampiric society but I will say with pride that they were not the only topics of discussion.” Calliope offered a small smile at her mother’s wistful gaze. The sad look in the pale green eyes that were identical to her own still saw the glittering ballrooms of her own life before she left it all. Yet as a heartsbrood, you can not help who you fall in love with. The door opened again and Calliope beamed as her father leaned against the frame of the door. At once Alexandria’s eyes were absent of any longing and filled with absolute adoration. For a short while they said nothing, just stared at each other as if it were the first time.]]
[size12 [center Calliope could not bring herself to interrupt, their love was a love that could inspire a compelling romance series. A Hearts Brood Vampire falling in love with and Elemental Vampire. Such a union was not forbidden but very unheard of considering those of high pedigree wished to keep the privilege of such a stature. Thomas Vego was an exception. The Vegos while not a notable family themselves has a wealth that seemed to never end. Their secret? Thomas, his father and grandfather were earth elemental vampires with a particular talent in finding mineral deposits. Rare gems, marble, gold, silver they would sense their composition deep within the earth and summon it. Not that any of that mattered. Calliope was certain that even if her father was a poor man on the street her mother would still love him. His being a talented jeweler was just a bonus. She sighed as she pictured the two of them in their courtship, they had to have been adorable! [i “Note to ask grandpa for pictures. Their anniversary is coming up.]]]

[size12 [center “Calli. Sweetheart I need you to refocus.”]]

[size12 [center She blinked and stared at her parents. Her mother was beaming while her father face was pensive, yet he still stroked his wife’s up turned palm. “Now dear. The Tully’s raved about the family portrait you commissioned. While they were praising you they told me of a wonderful opportunity that many of the most prestigious families are taking. So I have decided to enroll you at Imperium University. Then your father and I can arrange a marriage for you. Don’t make that face Calli, you will get an education, meet other purebloods. This is good for us.” A pause. “For you. Now I have already sent most of your things ahead. The other items will go with you when you leave at the end of this week.”]]

[size12 [center Calliope’s arms tightend around her stomach as she curled into herself. [i “Four days!? Im going to America in four days? Why?”] She looked up, her green eyes wet with tears, but her mother was absent, no doubt to conclude the arrangements of her transfer. Only her father had stayed, his fingers clasped together while his elbows rested on his knees. “We are not doing this to punish you. That you must understand right?” *He did not look at her while he spoke and Calliope remained silent, unsure of what to say or if he was really asking for her response. “It was wrong of us to hide you away from the world and we are only now trying to make it right. You have nothing to fear Calliope.”]]

[size12 [center The young vampire curled deeper into herself, hoping to sink into the warm cocoon. “Nothing at all.” Was her muttered reply as she buried herself in her sheets. A warm hand stroked her hair, “This is not us pushing you away. Your mother and I love you and want you to be happy.”]]

[center ***]

[size12 [center [i “Yep. Just as terrifying as I thought. Too many people. Gonna have to bolt so may doors. Where can I drop out?”]]]

[size12 [center “Mistress Vego?” Calliope yelped and quickly turned around. She frowned at the sight she was greeted with. The other female student tilted her head as if expecting a response but Calliope was paying little attention to her. Her suit was too distraction, the material and cut of the suit was all wrong. Who wears a wool suit before fall officially starts? If she wanted to show off her figure she should have went with something that focused on her slender waist instead of her breast. It was unbecoming. “Mistress Vego, I can show you to your rom and your guardian is here.” She reached out, her manicured nails painted a deep red that looked like blood tipped claws. Calliope shifted her shoulder back, avoiding contact. The girl frowned and took the hint, there was not another attempt to try and reach for her and for that Calliope was grateful. Passing out on the first day of classes was sure to send her mother into a tailspin. “Your guardian will tell you the schedule for the evening. I have to go introduce the more...important students.”]]

[size12 [center [i “Ok ouch.”] Calliope frowned, clearly they needed to work on the hospitality here. Her fingers twisted the doorknob but the door only opened part of the way. A heavy thwack vibrated up her arm. [i “Note to self to stop opening doors when upset.”] She pushed harder but the stubborn door refused to move. Other students passed by and stifled their laughter at her struggle. She pushed harder and finally the wooden portal gave, but a little too much. The lack of weight supporting her sent Calliope tumbling into the large room, her face making quick acquaintances with the floor. “Ow. Ow. Ow.” She stood, and nearly fell again as a shadow flicked in the corner of her eye. On reflex she faced the shadow but the only weapon she had was a charcoal pencil, newly sharpened and pointed at her assailant. A male stood there looking at her as if she had just crawled out of a tar pit. Wide eyed and confused. Calliope also stared, frozen and unsure of what she was supposed to do. [i “Put away the pencil killer. Maybe say something?”] She nodded, agreeing with herself. “Im…Calliope…hi.” Her heart jumped into her throat but she was alive! [i “Nice….now I have no idea what to do.”]]]
  boxghost / 1y 110d 4h 25m 48s
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" Hale pulled his t-shirt back on, perched on the edge of the bed while his pants and shoes were still scattered over the floor of the apartment. The tall, muscular male was running late which wasn’t all that surprising to anyone who knew him. He always claimed that it wasn’t his fault, blaming it on his charm and irresistible good looks. Walnut colored hair was sticking in various directions, the sweat had dried but it had left the locks in exactly the position they had been from the fingers that had been running through it. The tanned male leaned forward, burying his face in his hands as he tried to wake himself up. The past few weeks Hale had been trying to retune his internal clock so that he would sleep during the day and be awake at night. So being up at seven was not particularly ideal to him now, but he had eight hours of driving ahead of him if he was going to reach his new university by time.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Good morning, babe,” Slender arms wrapped around Hale’s neck, while lips pressed against the spot behind his ear. Hazel green eyes with dark rings of blue on the edges of the irises glanced over at the girl whose apartment Hale was currently in. She was one of his usual lays, really hot and pretty chill, she wasn’t one of those who was always trying to get into a serious relationship. She was all about [u fun]. Same as Hale. “Are you leaving me already? I was hoping for another round,” She purred.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" [i Shit], he thought, [i I thought she was supposed to be a human]. “Don’t tempt me. I gotta get going. Besides at this rate I’m going to sore for the entire semester,” She laughed at him, releasing her grip and laid back on the bed leisurely in her underwear. “Thanks for the, uh, what were you telling your boyfriend we were doing?” He asked as he finally pushed himself up off the bed before reaching for the crumple his jeans had formed on the floor.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Physical therapy for a strained muscle.”]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Ironically I’m pretty sure you ended up helping me to pull something,” The girl laughed again while rolling over. “At least I had a little fun.”]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Just a little? Well the next time you’re back in Baltimore give me call, maybe I can give you a little more fun then,” She gave a wink as Hale waved while leaving. Outside Hale had to shield his eyes against the bright sun, the light felt warm on his usually cold skin. He was grateful in these moments to be a dhampyre, he could hardly imagine having to hide away from sunlight and not being able to eat junk food. Sure he’d had blood and it tasted alright but he really preferred pizza.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" His dark blue Jeep renegade was parked by the street with his luggage in the back. Now it just had to last eight hours on the freeway to the Smoky Mountains without falling asleep. Maybe coffee? Yeah coffee could work.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0rYaZEn.png]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" By the time Hale reached the campus his hands were practically shaking from the caffeine intake, he probably had five cups by now. Which maybe wasn’t as brilliant as he’d originally thought. The heavy foliage had made it kind of hard to see the signs, thought that could be on purpose, thus he spent about thirty minutes trying to figure out where the parking lot was. There was a slightly strange feeling to the parking lot and the building ahead; the original buildings were styled like dark, creepy churches that may or may not be haunted but then there were other areas which were more modern that had been added so that the campus could reopen.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" Pulling his suitcases out of the back he carried one in each hand while trying to close the trunk, lock the car, and then subsequently figure out how to get the door to the school open. So easy. [b Super easy]. God he probably should have sent his stuff ahead, why wasn’t he smarter? Oh right, because he was a total idiot. Great.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" Inside the twenty two year old was greeted by a ward, he could always tell when they had personalities like her, the snobbish way she held her head was a huge turn off. Her chest on the other hand was far more attractive than her personality. “Welcome to Imperium University, mister?” Her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Hale Vincent Rowley,” He responded setting the luggage down while he received information on where he was staying and who his ward is.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" The aristocratic girl scanned through something, which he assumed was a list of assignments, before speaking again, “Rowley, right. It appears that your ward, Kaia Nykvist, has already checked in. At five you and your ward will be expected to attend orientation at five, and breakfast will be at six.” Hale nodded and was happy to leave the girl there to deal with other students while he went to his dorm room.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" Opening the door he found that the dorm was more modern than he’d been expecting, it looked pretty much like any other dorm room at any other college. There was an open space that acted a sort of living room and connected to the small kitchen. Down the hall he found the doors which lead to a bathroom and the other two led to bedrooms. Or at least he figured they both led to bedrooms since one door was actually closed. Since the girl had told him earlier that his ward was already checked in he took a wild guess that they were in there. Dropping his stuff into the unoccupied bedroom he decided he might as well meet his ward, if they were a jerk he’d rather know now than later. So he knocked, rapping his knuckles against the closed wooden door to the other room.]]]
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[Center [size10 Matthieu had only but one thing he was tasked with, escorting a few nobles to the ball that the Lorraine family would throw it seemed once every few month from spring to fall. It seemed their elegance had no restrain when it came to the parties, especially the entrance which was all that Mattieu and many other Guardians had seen. It seemed everyone knew who fell out of popularity with the royals as they were it seemed forgotten at the parties or just were bluntly not invited to them. The youngest of the De Ange family however was always given the chance to see the outside of the ball, as his family was one of the few guardian vampire families that seemed to always be there.]]

[Center [size10 [#088ce2 “Matthieu, It is good to see you again kid.”] The boy looked up to see a jingle of bells, whistles, and clear vials hanging from another’s waist. [#9e4b1a “Perhaps Cori, but I don’t think Father would be too pleased to know that his third oldest had come also against orders.”] The male just gave a chuck at his younger brother and patted his head. Mattieu had just removed his older brother’s hand from his head as a crow landed on a banister close by.]]

[Center [size10 Stepping up the bird seemed to squawk at Cori. This time Mattieu stepped forward to picked up the crow in his hand. The bird seemed to coo at the male. [#9e4b1a “Oh hold still you blasted bird.”] he said as the bird seemed to peck and move every two seconds while Mattieu had it on his arm. Drawing up a circle and pouring salt and water over the bird it transformed into a scroll with what seemed to be a message on it from his father.]]

[center [I Hurry Home, son you should be off before we know it for that school in America. Your mother is still hoping to convince you not to go if that is even possible. We also have a few things before you go.]]
[center [I Signed Your father]]
[center [I Alric De Ange]]

[Center [size10 His formal name, was signed at the bottom it must have meant that he was serious perhaps it was time he returned home back to France. Waving his hand to his brothers and fellow guardians he got back onto his Silver 1964 Indian runner motorcycle and took off down the street. At a pace most humans wouldn’t be able to see. Paris, the air seemed to be full of love to humans, however to vampires it was much more than that. Sex, drugs, blood, alcohol, it was the scent he familiarized as home. It was a strange city to think about. To know that this city hadn’t changed in centuries sense the dark ages other then expansion and modernizing several things.]]

[Center [size10 Returning home Matthieu looked upon his family’s home. Built on the edge of town; it considered the end of glory with its white walls and green roofing it seemed to fade into the background of the forest and mountains behind it. The constantly flowing of lights always around the armory and forge set up on the family grounds. A small watch tower to watch for humans and any other vampire’s that wish the family dead.]]

[Center [size10 Stepping into the family’s main building and most of the time where the Guardians families gathered once a year to discuss contracts to the nobles of the area or had a gathering themselves for a party persay. Seeing his father seated at one of the many tables around the edge of the room Mattieu stepped up and took a seat across from his father. [#9e4b1a “Father.”] Seeming to finish off a medium lamb the man dabbed his napkin across his mouth and smiled. [b [I “Ah child you have returned like I had asked. Good good.”] taking a sip of what looked like a red wine liquid the man continued. [b [I “Your mother and I wish to speak to you about the school you’re going to.”]] He already knew it was coming, but couldn’t avoid the talk any longer.]]

[Center [size10 Sense his announcement to his family that he would be going to America to the Imperium University upon its reopening it distressed his mother to the point of her feeding off humans instead of eating normal food like most of their family had done. It had calmed down in the past few weeks, however she still barely saw her child and in the event she did it was a very rare thing and small amounts of time.]]

[Center [size10 [b [I “We just want to wish you the best, and just because you’re a guardian doesn’t mean you can slack on your school work.”]] Guardian, that was his class and was his family. De Ange one of the largest vampire families within Europe outside of Royals and nobles, having the main party of their family which was lead by Matthieu’s father, and several branches which resided within the estate and still claimed the De Ange name. It seemed while their family was Loyal only to those with contracts it seemed their family was always loyal to family first and foremost.]]

[Center [size10 Having heard this speech several times from his brothers and sisters waving his hand at his father he only smiled. [#9e4b1a “Yes father I know, however I am a guardian first and foremost.”] Smiling at his child the man nodded. [b [I “I know you’ve probably heard this a lot already from your siblings and such, however your mother also wanted to make sure I give you one thing to depart with before you leave tomorrow.”]]]]

[Center [size10 Standing up the man seemed to shift around his person and stopped when he found it. [b [I “Most people use guns now, but when the family started was the middle ages, the only thing that was thought to be able to kill us back then besides a stake through the heart was sunlight and silver.”]] Nodding Mattieu seemed surprised when he father pulled a small rapier blade and presented it to the boy. [b [I “It is the De ange styled Rapier. It is essentially useless, but it makes it easier to draw up a circle without bending over and is a constant reminder of who you truly are.”]] taking the blade Mattieu exited the main hall and entered his own private quarters.]]

[Center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/41/96/26/419626996d1cddf163767ae7dc9ec29b.jpg]]

[Center [size10 Upon arriving in America Mattieu was greated by so many things sights, smells, sounds, hell even the taste seemed different the boy. His first known person was of course someone of the De Ange family, however in America they were just Angel here. [I “Mr Ange, if you would be so kind.”] they waved him forward into a jet black car and before he could even buckle his seat belt off they were speeding down the road to the University. It seemed silent for a few moments before the female spoke to Mattieu, that is after looking him over repeatedly wondering how it was he was his age or why he would be considered a guardian. His statue was small comparatively to his siblings. He even took to his mother’s line of family deliciously it seemed. The fair tan skin placed so softly across a hard structure of a jaw line and taunt skin. His hair always seemed to be a mess, but he pulled the hair off so well even with nothing being attended. His chocolate brown eyes only drew one into his person even more.]]

[Center [size10 [#4a10b1 “Sir, so you know, the only reason you were accepted at this school is that they were on a shortage of Guardians required for each of their nobles that is going to school. Without this you would had to have a name of prestige before being allowed to go.”] Without even moving himself a little or giving any hint of disgust as the women finished. [#9e4b1a “ Perhaps that is true, but know this Hope. If it wasn’t for me, or my family you would not be here in America at all.”] The girl gave him a death stare, but only received a smile from Mattieu as the car came to a stop. [#9e4b1a “Good bye dear cousin, I hope to see you in France one day.”] exiting the car the male slammed the door before his cousin could even get out of the car.]]

[Center [size10 Pulling his luggage out of the car it sped away down the road once again this time the way it came. Stepping up to the door he stopped for a brief moment. Looking at them and lost in the design etched into the wood. As he was reaching the middle of the wood the doors opened up to a women all dressed in gray. [b “Come along now Mr Ange, do not Dilly dally all day outside. We have much to do tonight and not a lot of time to do it.”]]]

[Center [size10 Rude! Was what Matthieu thought as he stepped into the castle walls with the doors shut behind him. Looking over this women in gray it seemed the suit she was wearing was either way to small or it intentionally was meant to hug her figure that he had hoped she wouldn't use against students. [b “You are Mattieu De ange, Your ward is Calliope Vego, she has yet to arrive, and so you will be on the second floor. Bastian here will show you the way to your room.”] the women waved to her left at a male who seemed twice her size. Silent, but deadly it seemed, Leading the way Bastian was indeed silent it had given him no small amount to think about his ward. Calliope Vego, she sounded as though her family came from Europe as well? Perhaps, but he would certainly find out later on tonight.]]

[Center [size10 Five was a meeting for all students that would be attending the college, six is breakfast and seven was classes; that left everyone who came in today with no sleep would make a very irritable first day of classes. Stopping at the last door to the second floor Bastian turned around and walked back the way the two had come. Pushing the door open Mattieu didn’t bother to look around the shared rooms he knew how they seemed to be set up.]]

[Center [size10 A kitchen for cooking, the living room for a guardian and ward to socialize with others, or with each other, two bedrooms he guessed which looked alike or a mirror image of each other. A bathroom of course shared as well. How each one was set up would be based on who occupied the space or at least that is what he surmised when his father was talking about his experience in America. Taking the room to the left Mattiue placed his single bag on the bed. The rest of his luggage arrived shortly after with a rapid knock at the door and a greeting of a giant chest in his face and Bastian once again at the door. Nodding and taking the rest of his luggage the boy pushed it right into his room.]]

[center [size10 The bed was in the middle of the room against the farther wall away from the door. A small side table on either side with a drawer each and an open space below that., one had a light on it while the other had the top empty. A cedar dresser sat at the end of the bed facing away from it. A single window overlooking the rocky mountain opened up into the room in the wall farthest from the door.[#9e4b1a “No, no no.”] he said as he started dragging furniture out of his room into the commons.]]
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[size10 Kaia was up bright and early, ready for her trip to the university. It was her first time really getting to interact with vampires, other than her family. While her family wasn't old fashioned, per say, her dad insisted that the men of the family handle political affairs. Which was fine by Kaia, as she had no interest in such things. No, Kaia was much more interested in human culture, and worked on keeping up with what was popular. It became much easier with the introduction of the internet, which her parents caved in and got, after much begging from Kaia. Her fascination with humans and human culture often got her in trouble.

Many a time, Kaia was reprimanded for sneaking out to mingle amongst humans. It was never long enough to actually make human friends, which was heavily forbidden for vampires, but it was enough to make her crave more of human culture. To Kaia, vampire culture was stuffy and old. Human culture was exciting and new. This was a large reason why her father chose to keep her out of politics, and gave that role to her older brother. Not that it meant her father loved her any less.

As a matter of fact, she could hear him out in the kitchen, making breakfast. Since her mom and her siblings wouldn't be up for another few hours, she knew that he was making breakfast just for her. Throwing on a pair of clean clothes, she walked into the kitchen, giving her dad a big hug. "Good morning," she smiled at him. "Thanks for the breakfast, dad."

[b "I made your favorite,"] he said with a fond smile. [b "Bacon and eggs with toast."]

It was a simple breakfast, not too hard to make, but she loved it nonetheless. She loved dipping her toast in the eggs and she loved the crunch of her dad's bacon. And she enjoyed washing the entire meal down with a cup of fresh orange juice, although that was always curtesy of her mom. Her father did not have the patience to squeeze the orange juice himself, something that her mother often teased him about. Lovingly, of course.

[b "Are you excited for your first day?"]

Kaia nodded, while shoving what was left of the toast and egg in her mouth. She swallowed with a gulp, then let out a contented sigh. "Of course! I'll finally get to meet some vampires that are my age, instead of your crusty old guests."

She crinkled her nose in disgust, though she was kidding. Shortly after, she cracked a smile, which her dad laughed at. [b "I know, I know. You don't care for the 'old' ways, but we do what we have to do to stay comfortable."]

Despite Kaia's dislike of such things, she understood quite well. While her family was not the most powerful in terms of political ranking, or the most well known, they were still important, and still had a decent amount of power. So, keeping up appearances was important.

This was part of the reason why Kaia was going to the university. The other was so she could receive formal training. Well, formal by vampire standards. She'd received training from family members who had been using their powers for a long time, but no one that was actually considered a teacher.

Kaia finished her last few mouthfuls, to which her dad said, "Are you ready to go?"

She gave a nod; she had packed her things the night before, in anticipation for leaving.

Soon, they were on the road, and to her new place of residence. Not before saying goodbye to her siblings and mom, of course.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/yDyvYG8.gif]]

Upon arrival, Kaia's father was greeted by some of the higher ups of the university, further solidifying the power that their family already held. She gave her father a long hug goodbye, before heading inside and leaving her father behind to market himself.

The inside was huge and grand. Excitement welled inside of her stomach, as she wandered around the entrance. She barely heard someone tell her to follow, but she managed to catch it just in time to do so.

Her luggage was being carted to her room by someone else, as she got a rather quick tour of the dorms. They were certainly nice, befitting a vampire, and she felt a bit of a sense of pride for her kind. While human architecture was certainly interesting, it was no where near as impressive as vampire architecture. [i Well, I guess that's one interesting thing about my kind,"] Kaia thought to herself.

Her gazing around the place was abruptly stopped as her guide stood in front of a door. She was informed that this was her room, and that her roommate had yet to arrive. Once walking inside, she found her things. First, Kaia looked at the rather large living space. It was nice. There were windows, but the blinds and curtains were drawn over them, letting in no light. She peeked out to notice that the windows were tinted black, an obvious indication that some located there were weak to sunlight. After looking at the living room thoroughly, she gave a thorough look through the kitchen. It was a nice, cozy size with plenty of counter space. [i Definitely good for cooking], she thought to herself.

She glanced at both of the empty bedrooms, decided that they were the same size, and took the one located to the left, closest to the bathroom. A part of her wished that she had a bathroom to herself, but figured that it was not a big deal, in the end.

Bringing her things into the room she claimed as hers, she laid down on the bed, wondering if she had enough time to take a brief nap.]
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[center [size11 [font "times new roman" Amrei leaned against the gilded balustrade that overlooked the grand ballroom, watching the beautiful figures dance and chatter in their vibrancy of color. Oh how he loved this world of his. Unfortunately he would not know it much longer, this was his last event of the season before he would leave for that American University that had reopened. Really? What could America teach him that Europe could not? Their history was short and the people hardly as cultured. Sharp lapis blue eyes were drawn back to the colors and shimmer of the fabrics below him as the women twirled on the patterned wood. It was easy enough for Amrei to find his mother’s figure in her deep azure gown, slim to her petite form and flowing out at the bottom. The woman shimmered like the flawless jewels she adorned herself with, but this was not the reflecting of light against her dress but something within her. Just like her two sons she was of the most pure vampiric lines; the sanguine. And the sanguine had a light about them, it wasn’t something that humans could see but they were still drawn to them like moths to light. The races of wards and guardians could, however, see this light and it told them just what kind of vampire he was.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" The young man had to admit he was tad bit jealous of his mother, standing down there basking in her own radiance looking every bit like the royalty she was. Men’s formalwear was so dreadfully dull whereas women’s was exquisite and ever changing. That was not to say that Amrei didn’t look lovely in his suit. The perfectly tailored double breasted tuxedo in midnight blue with black silk for the peak lapels and a Hermès silk bow tie in a black and white graph check pattern. Though it wasn’t the suit that made him look stunning but his appearance; skin pale like fresh cream, dark lashes to frame his gem like eyes, hair a soft honey color that possessed curling at the top and trimmed neatly at the sides, and lips stained slightly bright. His features were a gentle masculine with defined angles that weren’t quite sharp but rounded in graceful slopes.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" He fiddled with his cufflinks, gold fans with diamond edges, before moving trailing his finger down the balustrade his eyes still trained on the figures below. The beautiful people, stunning fashions, and the sweet underlying knowledge of power and nobility were nearly intoxicating to the blonde. The parties hosted by the Von Lorraine were always this way, a display of power, influence, and status. They were always extravagant and exclusive, they invited every noble family of worth even those who they knew would not attend. If a family was not invited it was a considered a snub or a sign that the family was falling from the good graces of the other families. It was all very political. But then again, what wasn’t political in his family?]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" And as a family of sanguines there were always excellent refreshments. Amrei couldn’t eat [i ‘normal’] food unless of course it had been infused with the primary ingredient of his diet; blood. Thus it was no surprise that the parties they hosted featured plenty of the ruby liquid. Most of their supply was bought from various blood banks and hospitals. Of course they could survive on the blood of animals but the strength humans gave was so much greater. Special occasions such as this warranted special supplies and nothing beat blood fresh out of the veins. The lower levels of the palace like manor had been converted to house their [i ‘pets’]. They kept them comfortable, living in luxury without any demands other than to feed the vampires who kept them, and the pleasure of being fed off of made them too far gone to understand that they would likely killed.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “I never thought to see the day when my brother would choose to look at others instead of being looked at,” The voice slid over him like cool water, Amrei looked over to his side where his older brother Alphonse had appeared. His brother was taller and broader in structure while Amrei had the body of dancer; lean and sleek. The dark haired sanguine dabbed at his mouth with a white handkerchief, spots of red smeared the delicate fabric. He was dressed in a traditional black tuxedo with a tie of the richest maroons. Unlike his younger brother Alphonse had his father’s features, rich brown hair as dark as the earth after a rainstorm with eyes a steely blue it was nearly the color of ice, and a squared jaw kept cleanly shaven.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “I see you’ve been spending time with that pet of yours, Father won’t be pleased with how long you’ve kept that one,” Amrei stated ignoring the slight his brother had delivered to him.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Concerned for my wellbeing?”]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “Well, despite your lack of charm in comparison to me I am still rather fond of you,” He bit back at his brother, his voice neither challenging nor aggressive. “Besides, if you were gone I would be forced to take your place as heir. Could you imagine what that stress would do to a being as delicate as myself? The stress lines alone. However would I manage?”]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" His brother laughed, “Ah yes, and we simply couldn’t have that. Don’t worry, I’ll be done with her before he arrives home, so you needn’t concern yourself.” A brief silence settled between the two von Lorraine’s before Alphonse spoke again. “Come, it is not polite to hover over our guest like a carrion bird who has found a corpse.”]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “No? Shame, I find it so amusing,” He countered.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “You’re to leave tomorrow, so allow us to enjoy the night,” Alphonse extended his hand towards his brother and pulling him towards the stairs so that they may rejoin the guests.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0rYaZEn.png]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" The school nestled within the depths of the Smokey Mountains loomed before Amrei, a clear attempt to mimic the gothic styles used in cathedrals in Europe, the rich wood tones and elongated arches reminded him of Germany. Did the Americans not have a single idea of their own? It looked like the backdrop to a movie, not a place where the elite would attend for schooling. The black Mercedes slowly pulled up towards the door, it was still sunset so Amrei was grateful for the darkly tinted windows. Sunlight had never agreed with him. He’d changed his clothing after landing so that he might look his best when arriving; dark slacks that fit nicely showing off his long yet toned legs, a light blue pinstripe button up with a black sweater over it, the sleeves of both had been neatly rolled up to his elbows and paired with perfectly shined black oxfords. One of the guardians of his family, a dhampyre, opened the car door for the sanguine while shielding him from any rays of light with a large, black parasol.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" As he exited the car he took the parasol in his own hand, creating a barrier between himself at the potentially harmful rays. The guardian walked ahead of him and opened the large wooden door, he noted the ornate carvings on the wood seemed almost macabre. It wasn’t until he securely within the school that he lowered his parasol to close it.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" A young woman awaited him inside, her dark hair was pulled into a tight bun in the back and her cream colored dress had a low neckline and a pencil cut that didn’t go nearly long enough the fabric clung to her showing off her curves, or rather her lack of them. As her eyes fell on him he saw the familiar gleam of recognition, she knew exactly who he was. “Lord von Lorraine, it is a pleasure to have you attend this first year of school at Imperium University,” Her body language a voice told him she was attempting to entrance him with her appearance. It was pointless, most of the aristocracy knew he had no interest in women. “You have been assigned the guardian Elias Mendoza, I will gladly show you to the dorm you will be staying in.”]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" “There’s no need. I’m curtain Klaus can handle escorting me there,” The blonde said with a brief gesture to the guardian stationed behind him. If he allowed the girl to come along no doubt she would attempt to dig her claws into him, “However I appreciate your offer, it is very kind of you.” Despite his distaste for her dress and actions he smiled and spoke with grace to her, he had an image to maintain after all. The walk to his new place of rest was silent, there was nothing for Amrei to say to the guardian and he doubted critiquing the décor would be of interest to the other.]]]
[center [size11 [font "times new roman" The guardian walked in first, examining the rooms for threats he supposed, before returning and motioning for Amrei to step in. The space was surprisingly modern, clean lines and neutral tones. Once settled in the guardian handed the key to the blonde and bowed before leaving him to his own company. However he had little interest in getting acquainted with the shared area, his room was prepared for him in advance with all of things put away neatly. He might reorganize a bit, he was rather particular about where things should be. Unlike the shared space Amrei’s room was made to look very similar to the one he had at home. Most of the colors were white or pastel to give the appearance of light since his room had no window, a precaution to keep him from accidentally burning himself. The four post bed was sheltered by a heavy, draped canopy in blue chintz with gold embroidery hanging at the top and long lines of silt fabric falling towards the floor to cover the sides of the bed. He ran his hand over the fabric, pulling it along until he found the split at the side. Promptly he laid down, collapsing his body into the soft duvet with a resigned sigh. ]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cherry+Swash] [center [cherry+swash The roaring sound of screams echoed into Michael's ears. A groan passing through pale lips as the dirty blonde pushed his face farther into his pillow. Why had he come home for summer break again? Oh that's right, because the college he wanted to go to was finally reopening after years of being closed. Switching colleges was going to be different. Going in as a junior to a college that was prestigious had seemed like a good idea at the time so when his grandfather pushed for it Michael didn't say no.]]

[center [cherry+swash Pushing the soft blankets from himself, Michael turned to place his feet on the rugged carpet and make his way across the room towards his dresser. Pulling it open he grabbed out a pair of boxers, jeans, and a long sleeved tee-shirt to pull on. Dirty blonde hair lay limp around his face brushing just past his shoulders. His mother had told him it was time for a hair cut but Michael had refused to let her cut it.]]

[center [cherry+swash It was the one thing that Michael had to himself, his long hair. In a family with a ridiculous amount of siblings one did what they had to do to stand out. It wasn't like he had two or three siblings, no Michael lived with fourteen siblings in a large mansion. Privacy and originality seemed to be hard to come by. So his hair was the one thing his siblings would [i not] do. All kept their hair short save for his more feminine brothers. Moving to the bathroom Michael pulled it up into a bun double checking it before giving a nod. Not the best but it would do.]]

[center [cherry+swash Making his way out of his room and down the stairs Michael could see his siblings chasing one another. His mother no where to be found, likely not handling this well. It was the first year after his father had passed on and she didn't seem to be handling it very well. Not that Michael could blame her, his father had been her world for years and now he was gone. Killed in an act of stupidity to protect his family for a hunter who wasn't really a threat.]]

[center [cherry+swash Stepping down the grand stair case and padding his way into the kitchen Michael let out a breath. So far no one else was up yet, meaning he got a tiny bit of peace to himself. Despite at least three of his brothers moving out, Michael found it still rare to get a moment of time to himself. Slipping down into his spot at the long table Michael sighed as food was brought to him, the sound of sobbing hitting his ears and breaking his heart.]]

[center [cherry+swash Belonging to the hearts broad meant he had to drink blood but it also allowed him to digest food. It was one of the few things that the blonde had been thankful for in life. As a plate of hotcakes was brought out to him Michael wasted no time in starting to eat. Trying his hardest to not cave into his mothers sobbing. As much as he wanted to make her feel better, he was running late getting to the University. His grandfather would be there shorty to escort him and rally the younger ones to the k-12 building.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IxyUq73.png]]

[center [cherry+swash After a terror filled ride in a bus that his grandfather oh so conveniently decided to drive they were there. Michael's heart still racing after the near fifteen accidents the man almost got them into while trying to rally them up for an exciting new school year. A likely attempt to get the young ones to calm down after the loss of their father. Michael turned his eyes than onto the building he would be attending. The dark castle stood hidden in the midst of the smokey mountains so that no human could ever step foot upon it. Beside it an even larger castle stood nestled into the mountains serving as the k-12 school.]]

[center [Cherry+Swash The dark castle also felt entirely like home to Michael as he climbed the stairs into the building. Despite being home-schooled his entire life, it was a welcome site. It was only to sad that his mother hadn't come to see her children off for the first time to private school. With his father gone home-schooling was no longer an option as she would have to take over working for his grandfather in his place.]]

[center [cherry+swash As he got to the top of the stairs Michael took a deep breath before swinging the doors open. Stepping inside he quickly found that awaiting him was a tall women with dark brown hair tied up into a bun dressed rather provocatively was waiting for him. Was this some kind of ploy to get the boys excited to be in school? Michael truly hoped not as the idea made his stomach churn just a little bit. It was likely she was one of the aristocratic females who had 'volunteered her time' to help out with the school.]]

[center [cherry+swash [B "Mr. Kurama I'm glad to see you are here. You will be staying on the top floor with the other nobles. Your guardian this year is Saint Aldonis. He hasn't arrived yet but I'm sure that he will be here shortly."] The woman's voice was full of fake happiness that made Michael want to scream. Her smile plastered to her face told him she wasn't impressed. A noble dressed as he? He was sure she was making all sorts of judgement in her head. Regardless the male flashed her a half assed smile.]]

[center [cherry+swash [+indigo "Thank you for helping me out, do you mind showing me the way?"] The woman nodded, disgruntled, and started towards the stairs to lead him to the top floor and than over to his room. As they reached his door Michael forced himself to smile through the ramblings of the woman.[+b "Now tonight at five there will be a meeting for all the students in the main hall. Be sure that you are there. At six there will be breakfast served and at seven classes will begin. I hope you have a great year this year!"]]]

[center [cherry+swash As he was handed his keys he let out a soft breath of relief. Opening the door a studio dorm opened up to him. A kitchen standing in the middle, two rooms and a bathroom down the hall and a main living area. Taking a deep breath Michael moved to one of the rooms to find his things already placed inside. Quick weren't they? Still his head was pounded with all the information and grogginess fell upon him from staying up all day. Soon he would meet his guardian and that night they would all begin their classes after a lecture in the great hall; joy.]]
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