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Hey Everyone BrittStalin with a new search thread. One a little more simpler.

[b Yu-gi-oh]
[b [+red Atem]] x OC******
Past Plot: There's a treaty between two Kingdoms, the Nile Kingdom and the Main royal family for the Nile Princess of the Nile Kingdom to marry the heir to the throne. She refuses though unless she truly loves her betrothed. Will they work something out or not?

Present plot: Nile Duelist Britt Petrova didn't know what she was truly getting into when she snuck into her parents vault of Ancient Egyptian artifacts with her two sisters Bre and Nana, but when a strange bracelet connects to her wrist she's not sure what to do except tell her parents about it. The family is planning a big move but not before the Egyptian tournament comes up and when Britt's big brother Aiden petrova loses to her in the finals making her the next Egyptian tournament champ just as they're returning a man in robes visits their home telling her parents she must go to Domino City to face her destiny and meet the Pharaoh.

[b [+red Atem]] x Mana{/slide}

[b Naruto]
[b [+red Sakura]] x Sasuke

[b American Horror Story]
AHS5 - [b [+red Donovan]] x Oc*****

[b Black Butler]
Aileen x [b [+red Ciel]], Katrina x [b [+red Sebastian]]

[b Inuyasha]
Open to suggestion, do have ocs for this

[b Trueblood]
[b [+red Warlow]] x Oc
The contract is still signed but when Sookie finds out she has a cousin whose the eldest fae baring female, she tried to track her down before Warlow does. Only she doesn't know where to start. Will sookie find her or will Warlow get a bride after all?

[b Vampire Diaries]
[b [+red Damon Salvatore]] x Oc
plot: Damon is known for being a bad vampire at least for the ones who know him. Like Elena Gilbert, his younger brother Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes,Bonnie Bennet and Alaric Saltzman, and Jeremy Gilbert. Britt is new to Mystic falls meaning she has no idea of Vampires or werewolves existing in her world. She lives with her boyfriend Joey but when she moves to Mystic falls something tragic happens to her boyfriend and he gets killed by Damon. Now she's on her own and she's caught Damons attention but he can't decide what he wants more. To kill her or to make her his girlfriend forever.

[+green Arrow]
open to suggestion

[b The Flash]
Open to suggestion

[b Once Upon a time]
[b [+red Killian Jones]] x Oc

[b Constantine]
Open to suggestion

[b Supernatural]
[b [+red Dean]] x Oc

[b Witches of East End]
[b [+red Killian Gardiner]] x Oc

Personally open to suggestion on most can be here, skype or discord. I am up for doubling and there are more shows/fandoms I'm interested in I just don't have them on mind right now. So Please ask below if you don't see something you may be interested in. Red is character looking for.

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I'm open to any plot and anywhere in the series
  X__SWEETdeception / 1y 241d 21h 32s
currently I am still catching up on the season that just ended but I've seen the other seasons before it.
  Bea White / BrittStalin / 1y 242d 9h 44m 2s
I haven't either and man do I love me some Elijah! Especially after the season just ended, it made me cry
  X__SWEETdeception / 1y 242d 10h 7m 45s
yeah sure. either one I've done supernatural but haven't done an rp of the originals yet.
  Bea White / BrittStalin / 1y 242d 10h 14m 4s
Are you interested in doing anything in them? I'm pretty open
  X__SWEETdeception / 1y 242d 10h 32m 40s
I've seen the originals and I've seen all Supernatural
  Bea White / BrittStalin / 1y 242d 12h 38m 53s
The 100, The Originals, Captain America, Supernatural, Harry Potter?

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