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Hello, Animeluver here! I'd really like to RP, so please take a look and feel free to message me, I'm really friendly and promise I don't bite!

[b Rules and such are at the very bottom]

[center [b [u Characters I'd like to use:]]]
[ Penelope Salacia -]
Once upon a time she was heir to a rather powerful royal family...
Her family has been betrayed and put to execution, she and her mother escape. Penelope's mother would soon fall ill on the road however, leaving Penelope all by herself.

The young necromancer-- Did I not explain she was a [i studious] girl?
The young necromancer, refusing to let her family name sink to a shallow grave looks upon [b you] now. [b You will help her, won't you?]

[b YOU] could be any number of things, someone recently raised from the dead, a demon/lich she has made some sort of contract with, maybe even a naive adventurer she has wrapped around her finger! Get creative!

[ Painte Primer -]
A strange human woman down on her luck and currently self employed.
Painte used to work as a technician and inventor in a lab until she was fired. She can certainly come off as intimidating, rude too. Painte doesn't mean to seem quite so intense, she's quite helpful... Especially if she were to find someone hurt or unconscious.

Perhaps Painte could bring you back from the brink of death and learn something new in the process. [b I'd prefer something nonhuman for this plot.]

[b [u FAN CONTENT:]]
[b [i Ask about fan content!]]

[ Sapphire Fortunado -]
I could do absolutely anything with this one, she is a compulsive liar who would change her own identity completely to get out of doing chores.
She as a character has no fitting place, so maybe she will try to fit into your character's world only to get yours swept up into things that really shouldn't be possible... This muse is pretty much good for anything you could want to RP, especially if you want to get other dimensions and stuff involved.

[center [b [u ~RULES~]]]

-Site Rules, of course.
-No one liners. Readable grammar please. [b I'm not asking a lot.]

[b Will Do:] F/F and M/F ships, Canon/OC, OC/OC Horror, Romance, Enemies, Platonic relationships, Mature themes, Fantasy, DBZ/Xenoverse, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, I've also played a LOT of video games so just ask ^^

[b Will Not Do:] Incest of any kind, Anything against ES rules.

[b Feel free to ask and tell me about any plots you might be interested in. Don't see a character on this list that's on my profile list? Send me a PM, ask about them!]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

[Center [Pic]] [b [u [center Muse A:]]] [u [b [center NAME]]][center PICTURE] [b [u [Center AGE ]]] [b [u [center 4 Personality Traits]]] [u [Center Big Bad Secret]][Center [Pic]]
[center [b [u Plot:]]] [b Muse A], that would be you, has a pretty amazing life on the outside: A nice big home, well off family. You even have a beautiful, smart girlfriend named Nanako who you just started dating, and a dependable best friend [b Muse B] who have both stuck with you through your highschool years as a close trinity of camaraderie. However as it is all roses have their thorns, and yours is a secret you wouldn't dare let escape to the light of day. You would do [i anything] to keep your secret just to yourself.

Today Muse B was't at school, Nanako got worried and insisted the two of you check on them. Arriving at your missing friend's home you seemingly can't find them anywhere. Nanako decides to give Muse B's phone a call and asks you to go up and check their bedroom. Upon entering the room, nothing seemed off aside from an opened notebook on their desk.

Feeling a tad nosy Muse A checks the notebook, their blood runs cold as among jumbled nonsense their secret is written in excruciating detail. Muse A snatches up the notebook, tucking it into their bag and goes downstairs just as Muse B walks in through the front door out of breath.

[center Unbeknownst to Muse A, they now hold Muse B's life in their hands...]
Will Muse B get a chance to explain themselves before something terrible happens, and will Muse A even listen to the crazy happenstance that has been occurring behind the scenes of their seemingly average lives? What lengths will they go to keep their secret a secret?

[center [ Find out here, on: Paper Boxes & Thorn Mazes]]
[center [Pic]] [center [b [u Muse B:]]] [b [Center [u Kazuki Mahime]]] [Center [Pic http:////]] [b [center [u Age:18]]] [b [Center [u ☒ Thoughtful ☒ Reliable ☒ Moody ☒ Family Oriented ☒]]] [u [center Has Prophetic dreams and is connected to the notebook.]][center [Pic]]

[Center [Pic]]

[b [u Rules:]] Standard ES array, semi-literate to as much as you want to write - I want to have fun and I tend to match what I'm given in any event so please don't feel shy to contact me. Anime or illustrated art, [b not real people please.] This thread in particular is very anime inspired so be advised. To join simply fill out Muse A's Skeleton and PM it to me. Romance can be MxF or FxF, and your character can feel any-which way about the people around them - you just so happen to have been in a relationship at the start of the thread who knows what will happen by the end.
  Kazuki Mahime / Animeluver / 7d 9h 7m 20s
Here we have a light RP where I encourage just having fun and playing with characters and potential story lines! [ A Bleach Group Roleplay,] come on ya weebs you know you wanna RP fanfic!

Just want some nice conversation or random RP to keep you entertained between posts? Check out [ BLEACH PARTY!!!!] Where you can just have some whacky fun!
  ♡ B L E A C H ♡ / Animeluver / 39d 10h 51m 2s
[center [u [b [ Alien, Alien・‥…━━━☆]]]]

[center *✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* * ✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* * ✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* * ✭˚]
[center [u [i The trembling streetlights, the pelting rain]]]
[center [u [i My wavering feelings, an emotional telepath]]]
[center [u [i The lost two make contact]]]
[center [u [i And my heart learned of love]]]
[center *✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* * ✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* * ✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* * ✭˚]

[b [u Muse A:]] [ [#d42f0c Painte Primer]],

A human woman of relatively few words - and what she does have to say isn't exactly of the most passionate prose. She lacks a certain social etiquette and as such comes off rather forward and cold. She is currently working out of her own home after recently becoming unemployed - a scientist and inventor at heart she has recently been selling her patterns and machinations under the table and has been drawing the attention of the local underground more and more by the day... But she can't stop, she needs to keep herself busy.

[b [u Muse B:]] [i [u That's where you come in]],
You are some form of alien life form. For whatever reason your spaceship or escape pod has crashed into earth leaving you incapacitated - no matter how you ended up the way you have for some unknown reason one of the strange locals has taken you into their home and has been tending to your wounds and nursing you back to health in their own way.

[b [u Rules:]] Standard ES array, semi-literate to as much as you want to write - I want to have fun and I tend to match what I'm given in any event so please don't feel shy to contact me. Anime or illustrated art, [b not real people please.]

[b If you're interested PM me with the details of who/what you'd like to play. This particular RP could be just about anything but I'd like a relationship of some form to grow ]
  Painte Primer / Animeluver / 7d 9h 40m 49s

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