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[center [Courgette [size14 Kari is a new angel-in-training.

After a decade of good deeds and fighting against evil, he has earned his first wing. In heaven, the number of wings are a sign of maturity, wisdom, and age. Only those with six wings gain the title of [i Archangel].

Kari goes to God to ask for another deed that will gain him his second. After it's given, he finds himself back on earth in the disguise of a high school student. His task..

...To help a rebellious delinquent find the right path in life. No matter the means.

Little did he know how much difficulty this task will be. Can he be able to withstand his brutish nature?]]]


[size11 [u [b Rules]]
Illustrative or Anime Pictures Only.
Quality over Quantity.
Mature themes may be present.
Romance may or may not happen.
Post when you can. PM or let me know when you can't for a while or even develop writer's block.
You are the rebellious teen. He's a delinquent, so I expect him to be so.]


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[center [size13 [Copse Kari blinked, not too phased by the smack of his hands. He expected to be pushed away, but pretty sure Rowan wouldn't do that. He placed his hands back down to his sides and followed silently behind him.

[#0babf9 "I never said you didn't know how to smile, I'd love to see it more,"] he said. [#0babf9 "Even if it's for me only.."]

He smiled back and nodded. Rowan should definitely smile more, because his heart fluttered at the smile. He listened to his story, understanding completely. Humans have it rough, especially from what he has seen. He always felt bad for teenagers since they struggle through their adolescence years. [#0babf9 "Standing up for yourself is never a bad thing, although, violence is never really the answer... there could have been another way to handle it, but it's in the past now."]

[#0babf9 "As long as you try.. it'll be difficult, but I'm here with you."] Once they arrived to his home, he reached out to take a hold of the bag, wondering why Rowan didn't hand them to him. Kari only sighed, entering his home this time, feeling good about it. He closed the door behind himself and glanced at the photos. [#0babf9 "Indeed.. but I didn't need evidence."]

Kari entered the kitchen with him, hovering near him as he watched him gather up everything. [#0babf9 "Sounds great,"] he said. [#0babf9 "Um.. want any help?"]
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Hearing Kari say that he would like to eat his cooking again made Rowan eager to reach home. He loved cooking for himself and for others, though it was rare that he cooked for anyone besides himself these days. A few ideas for lunch spun through his mind but it was hard to settle on just one thing. It would be easier to decide once he was in the kitchen.

Rowan shook away his thoughts about lunch to listen to what Kari had to say about changing his behavior. [i Take it little by little. That shouldn't be too hard...] The suggestion to smile more seemed obvious, but the thought of consciously putting on a friendly face made Rowan's stomach twist.

The feeling of hands on the corner of his mouth made Rowan stop walking. Almost instantly his hands shot up to swat away the hands on his lips. He felt a pang a guilt after the action, knowing that the angel only meant well. [#FF1493 "Sorry. I wasn't expecting you to touch my face."] Rowan sighed and stared down at his feet. [#FF1493 "I know how to smile. I used to smile all the time. Lots of pictures at home to prove it."] He lifted his head up and turned around to make eye contact with the angel. Instead of saying anything more he flashed a charming smile. Something he was used to doing when talking to people at bars. He let the smile fade naturally before turning around and continuing the walk towards his home.

[#FF1493 "It may be hard to believe, but I was very nerdy when I was younger. I was always bullied by the cooler kids and it never really bothered me much. After mom was gone though I didn't see the point in being nice anymore. It often gets you nowhere. So...one day I kind of lost my shit on this kid. He was always pushing me around, making rude comments. I was pretty used to it but I snapped. I flew into this blind rage and slammed him down onto the floor. I didn't stop hitting him until I was pulled off. After that everyone was afraid of me. But I thought it's better to be hated and feared than having to deal with people's bullshit, ya know? Fuck it. I've felt that way ever since. I would rather hang out with bad people that don't pretend that they're good. The other day though, when my friends were giving you a hard time...it really pissed me off. It's not fair to pick a fight with someone smaller just because you can. And I mean, I'm not surprised. My friends aren't good people nor do they claim to be. Still, they usually don't pull shit like that."] He shrugged his shoulders unsure of why he felt the need to explain himself to Kari. Though he had to admit that it felt good to let some of these thoughts out. [#FF1493 "It might take me a while to drop the 'tough guy' act, but I can try."]

Rowan stopped in front of his house, fumbling with the keys while balancing all of his grocery bags. Once the door was open he made his way inside and headed to the kitchen. He started putting all of the cold items away. Though before he stuck his head into the fridge to rummage around he gestured to a framed picture just above the kitchen sink. [#FF1493 "Evidence that I'm a smiler...or was a smiler."]

In the picture there was a tall, serious looking man with blonde hair standing next to a small woman with almond-shaped eyes and long black hair. In between the two adults stood a younger Rowan, around twelve years old, showing off a toothy grin. Judging by their red and green sweaters, the picture had been taken at a holiday party.

After Rowan finished putting away all of the groceries he gathered the ingredients he needed for lunch. One egg, four skinless chicken breasts, flour, panko crumbs, and oil. [#FF1493 "I'm going to make chicken katsu. I'll probably just pair it with rice and cold seaweed if that sounds alright."] He smiled, though it was small, and began to work on the chicken.
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[center [size13 [Copse A small giggle past his lips at Rowan's comment, sensing that Rowan had a good side to him, even if he no longer shows it. He can slowly see the wall crumbling down; Rowan definitely seems to have built a strong wall over the years, most likely after his mom died. He doesn't know much about his father, but he stays home alone a lot, that really doesn't help him. He can see Rowan being a mama's boy at a young age, if his father has always been working and never home. He doesn't want to assume the wrong thing and make him angry again. He understand Rowan more than before, but would like to see him open up a bit more.

Kari wasn't the one to give up just yet. He'll give him his space when he needs it, but he wasn't going anywhere until Rowan changes for the better.. even if a little bit. It may take a year at most. Yet, he wanted Rowan to make a few changes enough to live to see his 21st birthday. These drugs and stuff aren't helping him.

[#0babf9 "I'll join you~"] he said, smiling. [#0babf9 "I'd like to eat your cooking again."]

He followed beside him, actually walking this time, since he didn't need to fly all the time. [#0babf9 "You should answer that question yourself, but I'm pretty sure it's obvious. I'm not saying become an angel within one day or week, or even months. I feel if you take it little by little, you'll be much better off. The very first thing, knock off the tough guy act just a smidgen? Maybe smile. once in a while..."]

He took a risk with this, but he floated up behind him and gently pushed the corners of Rowan's lips upwards, making him smile. [#0babf9 "Soften your face up a little as well... giving a more gentle look and not so hostile."]
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Rowan felt that the hug had made things a little weird and he regretted doing it. He had acted impulsively and at that moment a hug felt like the right thing to sum up all the words he couldn't say. Now, with the moment gone, he just felt silly and childish.

Nothing could squash the feeling of hope that had sprung inside him, though. Kari knew his mother. If that wasn't a message from God then what was? Church and religion had become somewhat of a joke to Rowan, but he couldn't deny what was standing right in front of him. There was still a small chance that he was hallucinating and this was all just a cruel dream. Yet, it all felt so real that Rowan was sure he wasn't going crazy. [i Angels exist. Heaven and God exist too.] He kept repeating it in his mind.

When Kari patted his head, Rowan chuckled. A good boy? He could tell that the angel was being playful. [#FF1493 "When you say it like that it almost makes me want to show you how much of a bad boy I can be."] The need to rebel from people's expectations had attached itself to his personality. Though, his comment was playful as well. Mostly.

Rowan slipped a cigarette into his mouth. He knew that his life was about to change, probably for the better, but it made him anxious. He turned away from the angel and let smoke float out of his mouth. [#FF1493 "Can I be honest with you?"] There was a long pause before he continued speaking. [#FF1493 "I don't think it will be easy to change me. Maybe you should move on to someone easier...I don't want to waste your time. Disappoint you. It seems inevitable."] He finished the rest of his cigarette in silence. When the end stopped burning, he slipped the cigarette butt into his pocket not wanting to leave it in the cemetery.

[#FF1493 "I guess I can try. What should I change first?"] He picked up the grocery bags he had set down when they arrived. [#FF1493 "Let's walk and talk. Er, you float and I'll walk. I'm hungry and want to go home to make lunch."]
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[center [size13 [Copse Her grave looked much prettier and alive. Definitely stands out the most. He smiled and turned towards Rowan, suddenly feeling arms around him. A blush appeared on his cheeks, then deepened in color. He suddenly felt shy and froze, eyes wide with shock. Usually, people would hug the person back, but he couldn't move his arms. His heart skipped a few beats. This is the first ever hug he got from any human, of course he'll cherish it. He finally could move his arms a bit, to return the hug, but Rowan let him go.

He frowned. At least he got to experience it, because from what God tells him, hugs really do feel good. He clutched his chest, trying to calm his heart. [i No, don't even think about it..] God told him that love between a human and an angel never ever works out for obvious reasons. [i It's the hug.. I must just feel happy is all.] he reassured himself and nodded. The blush on his cheeks still remained though, hoping Rowan wouldn't see it.

[#0babf9 "Y-You're welcome..."] he said. He watched him carefully and waited for the load of questions he must have. He suppressed a giggle, remembering his mom telling him some stories, although he never pressed her to talk about him, since it's always a sensitive topic. [#0babf9 "But of course, she is an angel. She has completed some good deeds herself. Now I definitely have to be your angel, because no way am I going to let you disappoint her. I'll let you live your life, but I'll start cracking down on you."]

He hovered off the ground and patted his head. [#0babf9 "Now won't you be a good boy?~"] he said in a playful, almost provoking tone with a small smirk on his face.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand][quicksand

Rowan blinked a few times as he watched flowers sprout up from his mother's grave. A part of him was still convinced that this was all a dream or that he was dead.

He thought back to his mother's funeral. There were a lot of people in attendance even though it was storming. He remembered the uncomfortable black suit he wore and the stern expression on his father's face. The rain that splashed off of the black umbrellas. All of the people that looked at him with pity. The few women from church that whispered about the fate of his mother's soul. The casket lowering into the ground.

He snapped back to reality when he heard that Kari had talked to his mother. Hearing that she regretted her decision was comforting. He hadn't felt comforted in a long time. A small smile lit up his face. In one swift movement, he stood from the ground and wrapped his arms around the angel. [#FF1493 "Thank you so much. You...you don't how much it means to me to hear you say those things."] The hug didn't last very long. Rowan dropped his arms and backed away. He needed to put his wall back up. [i Why the hell did I just hug him?]

[#FF1493 "Huh, so there are angels that slack off? I guess that's not surprising. Did she tell you any embarrassing stories about me? She liked to do that,"] Rowan said with a chuckle. He mulled over what other questions to ask Kari. There were a lot of things he wanted to know. Would he have time to ask them all?

Thinking of all the trouble he had gotten into in the four years since his mothers passing, Rowan suddenly felt ashamed. No amount of scolding from his father had ever made him feel shame. However, now knowing that his mother was in heaven and possibly looking down on him made his stomach flip. He covered his face and spoke quietly. [#FF1493 "Has she been watching me? Because if she has I hope she knows I never meant to get this out of control."]
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[center [size13 [Copse Kari shook his head.

Well, that fun is now beginning to be a big problem, he thought. Even if it's not intentional.

He sighed in relief that he wasn't going to be sent away and be made fun of, because he decided to take on this task. He still had a chance to change his mind about all this. How to do it? He didn't know. Kari silently followed behind him, like a spirit and blinked when they entered a cemetery. Ah, this made him sad. Some of the names he saw on tombstones were familiar. He moved in closer to Rowan, glanced down at a particular name.

[i Oh! That's his mother?!] Like he had an eureka moment. He listened to Rowan speak about the past, mostly about her. He frowned, feeling very sorry. At that time, he didn't know what was going on. Only God knew. Maybe she had the wrong angel by her side.

[#0babf9 "I'm... sorry..."] Was all he could say. There's no way he can make him feel better. He'll just let him let out all that pent up emotion. He moved in closer to her grave. [#0babf9 "She deserves more flowers."] He waved his hand over the grave, flowers slowly bloomed around her grave.

[#0babf9 "I didn't know she was your mother. We talked a lot. She's very kind. She talked about you a lot. She regrets what she did. Tells me all the time."] he said. [#0babf9 "And about her angel.. she didn't have a good one. Evil beings feed off any bad or negative energy. So, sadness, anger, jealousy, any negative emotion attracts them. Pretty sure it wasn't her or your fault. By the time us good angels tried to intervene, it was way too late. God told me that she had darkness in her heart, even despite the smile she put on. Or genuine kindness she showed. She was still brought to heaven though. I asked him if he could reincarnate her to give her a second chance, but it's forbidden to do that. That's all I know.."]
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand][quicksand

The person on the swing set, who was indeed Kari, descended in front of him and Rowan couldn't help but wonder if he was dead. There was no way that this was real, though he had definitely interacted with the clerk at the grocery store. [i Did I pop pills this morning? Drink? I don't remember doing either...] He glanced around wildly, looking for some kind of sign that would give him an explanation.

When Kari grabbed his hand, he pulled back instinctively. The touch was real. Kari was actually there and looked very...angelic. There was no way for Rowan to dispute that. Every word that came from Kari's mouth was hard to process. It felt like his brain was spinning in circles trying to find a logical explanation for all of this.

He came up empty-handed. A logical explanation didn't exist. Rowan had no choice but to believe everything he had been told. In the past he had believed in angels and heaven without any kind of proof. Of course he had moved far away from those beliefs, but how could he deny the evidence that was right in front of him?

Slowly, Rowan nodded his head. [#FF1493 "Okay...so you're my angel. That explains the creepy stalking. And you say that you're keeping evil away from me? I guess I've made your job hard. I make bad decisions daily just for fun."] He shifted the grocery bags in his hand and readjusted the bundle of flowers tucked beneath his armpit. [#FF1493 "I'm not very busy. I just have one last stop to make. You can tag along I guess...and I won't ask you to leave me alone. Not yet, anyways. I have some questions for you."] Rowan turned away from the swings and began walking in the direction he had been going earlier.

Twenty minutes later he arrived at a small cemetery. There was no one around, exactly how he liked it. He kept walking until he reached a small tombstone that read:
[center [i Ikumi Starling
December 5, 1977 - April 23, 2013
"Smile and the world will smile back."]]
Rowan placed the flowers on the soft ground and took a seat, leaning against the tombstone with his eyes closed. [#FF1493 "You were wrong about my life being hard. I'm from a two parent household. My dad is a doctor. My mom didn't work, so I spent all of my time with her. She was a good person. The best person I know. She always encouraged me to spread kindness and to be an upstanding citizen. Where the fuck was her "guardian" angel? Knowing that all that shit is real...it just pisses me off all over again."] He paused and took a deep breath. He wasn't even sure anyone was listening but it didn't matter. This was the place where he let out all of his thoughts.[#FF1493 "I could always make my mom smile whenever she was down. And she was sad a lot. I guess I should have seen her suicide coming. My sadness quickly turned to anger. Wouldn't you be angry if you came home expecting a smile and a hug and instead you found a lifeless body? No letter. No explanation. I guess I just couldn't make her smile anymore."]
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[center [size13 [Copse Too many thoughts were running through his mind. He shouldn't be just sitting here, doing nothing, but, he knew Rowan probably didn't want to see him. Whatever he said made him furious. He fiddled with his thumbs, wondering what he should do. He needed to talk to Rowan more about this. Although, it's probably best for him to let it all sink in first.

[i What happened four years ago?] he asked himself.

It's too late to fix whatever did happen then. Only God knows what happened, but he wasn't going to tell him most likely. Feeling stuck, he rested his chin in the palm of his hands, sighing again. He let hours pass, remaining where he was. He had no need to go back his apartment and staying inside Rowan's home is out of the question. He should go back to heaven, maybe.

[i No, then God will know I gave up. He'll be disappointed after the pleading I did..]

He clicked his tongue, hugging his knees close to his chest. He tensed up when he heard someone call to him. He did not want to turn around, but did anyway. He glanced over his shoulder to see Rowan there. Kari had nothing to hide now. Exhaling deeply, he put on his friendly smile and slowly descended to the ground right in front of him.

[#0babf9 "What you see is my true form. I'm still real though.. only for you,"] he said and grabbed his hand to give him proof. [#0babf9 "Only you can see me now though, because as I said, I'm your angel."] He muttered out the last word, averting his eyes. [#0babf9 "If.... you don't want me in your presence anymore, just say the word.. and I'll go back... but.. I'm keeping evil away from you. You have no idea how it's influencing you. Obviously you've had a hard life.. and your anger is attracting unwanted attention.."]

All this sounds crazy, but it's the truth, he thought.

He looked down at what all he was carrying. [#0babf9 "Oh... seems you're busy... I'm sorry. I'll let you get back to it, but I won't just go away unless you tell me to.."] He walked back to the swing and sat down on it.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand][quicksand Breathing was becoming increasingly difficult for Rowan. He snubbed the cigarette out on the step and focused on breathing in and out. Perhaps he had overdone it. He had only felt like this once before, which earned him a trip to the hospital.

A faint light entered into his line of vision followed by a warm feeling washing over him. His breathing returned to normal and the horrible feeling that been resonating throughout his body seemed to pass. Rowan shook his head. He felt like he was coming out of a dream. What was that strange feeling? Why did he magically feel better?

Rowan stood up from the step and stretched. The feeling of air flowing easily through his lungs was comforting. He gave a soft sigh before going inside. The house was quiet. His uniform shirt and tie were still waiting on the stairs where he left them. He didn't bother to pick them up. The only thing he wanted to do was take a hot shower and crawl into bed.


[center Saturday. His favorite day of the week.

Somehow he had woken up with a clear head. No hangover and no vomiting. It was truly strange how good he felt. He didn't take much time to think about it, he wanted to make the most of the day. His actions from last night were behind him.

Once he was dressed he made his was way out of the house and towards the small market that was nearby. The fridge was low on food and he was actually in the mood to buy groceries for once. He purchased a bagful of fresh vegetables, a small carton of tofu, and a bag of rice. Some essentials for making lunch. His father always bought the meat, though he wasn't quite sure when his father would return from his medical conference. At the register, Rowan also picked up a small bundle of flowers. He had another stop to make before heading home.

The second destination of the day happened to take him past the park. Like yesterday, a few children were playing but other than that the park was empty. Rowan began to pass by, but something on the swings caught his eye. Something told him that he should take a closer look. So he crossed the street and approached the swings.

What he saw made him rub his eyes and do a double take. Someone was sitting on top of the metal of the swings. It was really none of his business. Yet, he couldn't let it go.

[#FF1493 "Are you real?"] He called up to the person, squinting to get a better look. [#FF1493 Is that you...Kari?God, maybe you're not even real. I'm probably hallucinating. Finally going insane."]
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[center [size13 [Copse Kari had no idea where he was going now.

He lost sight of Rowan, obviously.

All he did for the rest of the night was roam through the area, watching all the humans go about their night. He even jumped into the street, passing cars going right through him. He easily made himself visible and invisible, depending on the person. No one could see him, but he made that possible for only Rowan to see him. A loud sigh escaped his lips, walking through an alleyway for no reason. He frowned when he saw a homeless man, passed out drunk. The reality of the life, huh? Maybe they were a joke, angels. He has seen some things already while being on earth. Nothing he can really help, since he's limited right now. He can't perform huge miracles.

He shook away negative thoughts, staying positive as his robes dragged along the ground. He stopped when he saw Rowan bypass him. A sudden feeling of uneasiness came over him. [i Should I even ask him why he did it?] Sure. It was his fault anyway.. or he felt like it was. He can sense the angel of death waiting.. waiting. Like hell he'll let that happen.

Kari ended up following him. He stopped a good distance away, peeking from behind the corner. He watched him sit outside. Should he approach him? He wanted to help Rowan feel better. He tip-toed and hide behind bushes until he came close enough. Rowan seemed to be out of it a bit. He extended his hand out, a bright, white aura surrounding the male's body, then dissipated. That should help him feel good as new.

He didn't want to stay long. Kari found himself going back to the park, sitting on top the metal of the swing now, watching the moon.


The next morning, he didn't move from this spot.

By time late afternoon came, he remained there. A gentle smile graced his lips, watching some younger children play. He intervened when some children began to argue over the sandbox. He made it widened some more.

He watched them play all day until it was time for most to leave. He wondered about school. No one should miss him. He made sure to erase his existence to everyone.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand][quicksand Rowan entered his house, slamming the front door behind him. The walk home had done nothing to calm him down. He ripped off his tie and uniform shirt as he climbed the stairs. In his bedroom, he threw down the backpack from his shoulder before rushing into the bathroom. He opened the mirror and looked over his various bottles of pills, none of them prescribed to him. When he couldn't find the one he was seeking he struck the side of the mirror, causing bottles to spill everywhere. His eyes finally settled on the one he was seeking and he retrieved three pills, not hesitating to put them in his mouth. He then walked back into his bedroom and got out a bottle of tequila from his closet to follow the pills.

Quickly changing into casual clothes he sent off a text and filled a flask with the leftover tequila from his closet. Home was the last place he wanted to be right now.


[center [i Why do I always end up in this bed whenever I get like that?]

The sound of cars passing by on the busy streets below had woken Rowan up. Now he stared at the ceiling wondering why he was in Yuki's bed. They were constantly on and off, neither of them actually liking the other. Yet, here he was. He turned to look at the girl next to him. She was still asleep which was good for him.

Rowan cautiously climbed out of the bed and got dressed. His head was swimming from the alcohol and pills he had ingested earlier, but he felt calmer. The sight of a half-empty bottle of liquor sitting on Yuki's desk caught his eye as he slid into his shoes. He made sure to fill up his flask before leaving out.

It was officially night by the time he stepped out of Yuki's front door. She would be mad at him for just leaving. That was nothing new. Rowan took a sip from his flask. He squinted in an attempt to get his vision to focus. It took him longer than usual to get home. He had to stop periodically to catch his breath, most likely a side effect of mixing pills with alcohol.

When he finally reached his house, Rowan hesitated. The conversation from the park played back in his mind. Instead of going inside he took a seat on the front stoop, suddenly feeling very exhausted. [i What a weird fuckin thing to say,] he thought as he took out a cigarette. He watched as the smoke disappeared into the darkness, his head leaned against the front door and his eyes half closed.
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[google-font 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Copse';]
[center [size13 [Copse Cult?

[i What is a cult?] he thought to himself, tempted to go look that up.

He wasn't aware of anything four years ago, since he had just started out. He didn't even know about Rowan until a few days ago. His hunch was right about this boy having a rough life growing up, obviously. He expected this reaction though. He wanted to answer all these questions he had, although some he couldn't even answer himself.

Kari lowered his head. A bit sad. They must not be doing their job well.. or something. A small sigh escaped his lips, wincing at the punch to the metal. He tensed up. He didn't say anything and let Rowan walk off, since Kari could be punched just as hard as that metal.

[i "I'm sorry..."] he muttered, and watched him leave. Somehow, he failed. Or it felt like it. He didn't feel happy though. Maybe a little sadness as well. He really wanted to run after him and explain more, but even he knows to leave angry people alone. Since that's how he felt, Kari felt at a loss. Back to square one again. He only knows what [i he] can do. Every angel has their own way of doing things.

He sighed again, leaning his head against the swing.


When he opened his eyes, the sound of crickets reached his ears. He stayed here all day. He looked up to the night sky, the full moon was beautiful. He glanced to the swing next to him, frowning, remembering what happened. [i I hope he's okay,] he thought. He was worried he may be getting drunk because of what all he said.

[i Since I told him, I don't need to go back to school anymore..] No reason to now, but he wasn't going to give up. He looked down and saw himself back in his true form. At least no one will be able to see him except Rowan. He stood up from the swing, his backpack dissolving like it never existed. No one at school will remember him either. This is for the best. He roamed the streets and tried to catch up with Rowan.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand][quicksand

Rowan swung his legs back and forth lazily, the swing not going much higher. Hearing Kari say that what he was going to say would sound crazy made Rowan want to get up and leave. He already found the other male strange and surely whatever he was about to say would not change his opinion of him for the better. Even so, Rowan stayed on his swing. He met Kari's serious look and decided to hear him out.

What he heard was...crazy. Some religious babbling that did not interest him. Laughter rose up and exploded from his mouth. He slipped out from the swing, falling onto the soft mulch, all the while still laughing. What a waste of time.

[#FF1493 "So you're legitimately crazy or something? Maybe you're on some really good drugs? You can't actually believe in guardian angels and all of that."] Rowan picked himself up from the mulch and dusted off his pants. He decided to stand instead of returning to his seat on the swing. [#FF1493 "Or maybe you do believe in that stuff. You in some kind of cult you want me to join? You're a little late. Maybe if you had come to me about four years ago I would have believed everything you just said."]

Up until this point, Rowan's demeanor had been calm mixed with amusement. His mood was quickly shifting and the laughter that was in his eyes began to fade. He clenched both fists in an effort to control his anger. [#FF1493 "If we all have guardian angels then where the fuck are they when bad shit happens? Why do bad things happen to good people? You can spend most of your life doing good things and following rules. You can dedicate your time to praying. Do you know what it gets you in the end? Absolutely nothing."] By the end of his long-winded speech Rowan was yelling. He released one clenched fist and hit the metal pole of the swing set. The skin of his hand tearing away from the impact.

Without saying anything else Rowan scooped his backpack up from the ground and threw it onto his shoulder. He began walking away from the swings and then exited the park. His original plan after school was to go home and do nothing, but now he needed a drink. Before going out though, he would change out of his school uniform and bandage up his bleeding hand.
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[google-font 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Copse';]
[center [size13 [Copse As they walked, Kari's pulse increased, throbbing loud in his ears that he couldn't hear anything else. He chewed on his bottom lip. This is definitely how someone feels when they're about to confess to their crush.. or give a letter. Closing his eyes, he hugged his wrist to his chest to try to calm his heart for a moment. He kept up with him, taking small strides, then began to fall behind. Even God can't help him in this situation. Yeah, the park felt like the best place for this. It was a beautiful evening, and the wind felt nice against his face.

He stopped when they arrived, looking around, smiling when he saw children playing. Definitely a good idea. He watched Rowan walk ahead him, sitting down on a swing. Kari walked towards the other swing and sat down it, gripping tightly at the chains. Maybe a bit too tight. All the spotlight was on him now when Rowan asked him that question.

[#0babf9 "This probably won't help how you see me already..."] he spoke softly, but loud enough for him to hear. [#0babf9 "It'll sound crazy, but I'm not joking when I say this."] He looked straight at him with a serious look.

[#0babf9 "You probably don't believe in guardian angels or angels in general, but everyone has one whether they believe it or not. Even those kids over there, each have one looking out for them, but getting back to my point..] He sighed. [#0babf9 "I'm an angel that offered to become yours. You may not believe me, but I've helped you in my own way. You can go ahead and laugh.. I'll give you a minute.. or just walk away if you want to."]
  . Kari . / Fleshore / 178d 19h 23m 22s

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