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[center [Courgette [size14 Kari is a new angel-in-training.

After a decade of good deeds and fighting against evil, he has earned his first wing. In heaven, the number of wings are a sign of maturity, wisdom, and age. Only those with six wings gain the title of [i Archangel].

Kari goes to God to ask for another deed that will gain him his second. After it's given, he finds himself back on earth in the disguise of a high school student. His task..

...To help a rebellious delinquent find the right path in life. No matter the means.

Little did he know how much difficulty this task will be. Can he be able to withstand his brutish nature?]]]


[size11 [u [b Rules]]
Illustrative or Anime Pictures Only.
Quality over Quantity.
Mature themes may be present.
Romance may or may not happen.
Post when you can. PM or let me know when you can't for a while or even develop writer's block.
You are the rebellious teen. He's a delinquent, so I expect him to be so.]


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[center [size13 [Copse Kari tapped his fingers on the desk, chewing on the thumb of his other hand. A few more classes and school will be over for the day. Luckily, today was Friday. The weekend. This is a very good thing. It gave time for Rowan to absorb what all he was going to say this evening. He'd probably be avoided for some time as well. This is why he's preparing himself for whatever happens. Either way, he's stuck to Rowan until his task is complete. He can't even go back to heaven. Not like he wanted to just yet anyway. He liked the human world for the most part. So many people needed help, especially these teenagers.

Before going to his last class for the day, he stepped outside to get some fresh air and continued to think of this evening. He's only nervous because Rowan and him weren't close, so he can easily be ignored once again. [i Whatever happens.. happens..] He told himself and sighed heavily. He walked back into the classroom and waited for it to resume. He focused on the work, trying to keep himself distracted.

The bell rang. He stayed at the desk and leaned back against the seat, saying his Goodbyes. Some students invited him out to the arcade, but he denied, saying he had other plans for the evening. He stood up and packed up his things, exiting the classroom. He stopped before exiting the school. Students were excited and eagerly talking about their plans for the weekend. He exhaled deeply, making way towards the gate. He stopped when he saw Rowan waiting. This made him blush. Ah, he thought Rowan would be waiting at home.

He shook the blush away, approaching him. [#0babf9 "It was very good. Thank you."] He said quietly, mentioning the bento he made. [#0babf9 "I guess we should make this quick. Um.. you want to go to the park instead?"]
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After Rowan finished his lunch, he spent the rest of his time on the roof playing a game on his phone. It was one of those music rhythm games. He was stuck on a level and failed at each attempt to progress. With a frustrated sigh he tucked the phone back into his pocket and left the roof. It would be stupid to skip class to play a game, especially after he had bothered to get to school on time today.

The halls had a few other straggler students as Rowan made his way back to the classrooms. Two girls, who seemed to be gossiping, stopped talking as he walked by. Giggles followed. They were girls he had known since middle school. Neither one was very nice, always bullying some younger girl about their appearance. Superficial and stuck up.[+blue "Hey, Rowan,"] the shorter girl said. Rowan turned around slightly to raise an eyebrow at both of them before entering the classroom. More giggling ensued.

Throughout the class he stole glances at Kari. He was itching to ask if he had enjoyed the lunch. Although he definitely wouldn't ask such a question while in class. Too many people. Still, Rowan was curious. He never made food for anyone but himself. The lunch was simple, but it was a big deal for him. A bit out of character. Thinking of the lunch reminded him of the dwindling stash of food in his fridge. He took out a pen and began to scribble down a shopping list.

When the final bell rang Rowan took his time exiting the classroom. He didn't bother going to his locker. He never stored anything in it. Instead he headed outside to wait at the school gates. [i I could probably walk home without him but I don't want him to run into any trouble on the way...] Rowan leaned against the edge of the school gate and lit a cigarette. He observed the students that lingered around the school entrance while he waited.
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[center [size13 [Copse Kari sat in the somewhat empty classroom, enjoying an apple for breakfast. He really should have a better diet. Technically, he wasn't human, so he could bend the rules a little bit. God didn't like that he was eating little to nothing. He developed a sweet tooth for sweets though. As he sat there, he thought back to what happened minutes earlier. It made him feel happy. His good deed is finally recognized. It was far from over though. He still had to tell him the truth. Oy, this gave him butterflies. So nervous.

Once class began, he kept his distance from Rowan for now. He didn't want to annoy him. He could hardly focus though. He seemed to zone out every now and then. Ah, he really wanted to get this over with. He remained quiet throughout the day, only focusing on his classwork. When lunchtime finally came, he saw Rowan exit the room first. He wondered if he could eat with him. His body pulled him up to the roof. He stood on the other side of the door, moved to open it, then pulled his hand away. He should ask first before inviting himself. Some students prefer to eat in peace.

Sighing, he decided to eat under the cherry blossom trees. They were very pretty. He found a vacant bench and sat down, opening the box to see a very well made meal. It looked very cute as well. Too cute to eat, but he wasn't going to waste it when Rowan worked hard on it. He ate it slowly, taking his time. Mmm, should he eat the lunch, he made for himself?

In the end, he ended up giving it to the girl that gave him that lollipop.
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The peace and quiet on the roof almost made Rowan forget that he was at school, for a moment at least. It was strange being up so early. Strange being on time. He took a long drag on his cigarette and watched the smoke swirl up above him, disappearing in the wind. His mind was focused on the conversation that awaited after school. Why had he agreed to it? He was honestly surprised at himself for not being more angry about Kari entering his house. Although...the food had definitely impacted his feelings on the matter.

Rowan took one last drag on the cigarette before putting it out and flicking it over the edge of the roof. He watched it fall to the ground, eyes lingering for an odd amount of time on the discarded cigarette butt. After a few wasted minutes, he finally shook his head and went back into the school.

Despite his smoke break, he still ended up being early to class. His arrival caused a few students to pause their conversations and stare. Rowan ignored it. He really couldn't blame them. His attendance was rocky and when he came to school he usually missed most of the first class. Rowan plopped into his seat, eyes directed towards the front of the room.

[b "It looks like going home yesterday was a good idea, yes? Never thought I would see you here before the first bell."] The teacher looked mildly impressed. [b "Maybe you even did the work from class yesterday?"] Rowan tilted his head, a smirk on his face. [#FF1493 "I'm here. That's the best you're gonna get today,"] he responded. The teacher shook his head and started class.

Rowan tuned in and out of his classes, scribbling notes every now and then. Doodles filled up more of his notebook than actual notes. When the bell rang for lunch he was the first one out of his seat, beating the rush of students. He headed back up to the roof and took a seat towards the middle, purposely avoiding sitting near the edge.

He pulled out the bento from this morning and opened it. The rice had stuck together well and the cute, seaweed panda faces smiled up at him. His chopsticks went for a plum filled one first. Rowan popped the rice ball into his mouth and chewed happily.
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[center [size13 [Copse Kari followed behind, kind of lagged behind though to give the impression that they weren't walking together. The anticipation of wanting an answer was too much. He can't nag him though. He stopped when Rowan did. He doesn't let anyone set foot in his home, probably. He kept silent the entire time. Maybe it's too soon. They weren't friends. Who invites strangers into their house? He won't tell anyone since it's no one's business of what goes on between them.

He frowned. If he said 'no', then he'd have no choice but to respect that. Seems he'll have to write a note or something. No way he will talk about this around school. Students were way too sneaky and rumors can spread fast. Kari forced a small laugh when he joked, finding it not really funny, but smiled anyway.

[i Ah.. it will be..] Yeah, this may not end well. As long as he got it out though, everything will be better.. maybe. He expects to be kicked out less than a second after telling the truth. Start from square one again.

He saw the school within view, stopping himself. Not a good idea if they walked in together. He glanced at the bento box, a bit shocked, but kept a smile on his face. He took it and placed it inside of his own bag. [#0babf9 "Thank you,"] he said. He didn't expect anything in return, since it's his nature to do something good. He started walking again and let Rowan disappear inside first. At least he made a small breakthrough. This is where he can't mess up, not even a little. Kari waited a few moments before passing through the group of students. It was a bit early, but he walked towards his class anyway, sitting at his desk in deep thought of how he should do this. He placed his hand on his slightly swollen cheek, healing it within seconds.
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Rowan stopped walking and rose one eyebrow. It was better that Kari was asking instead of just walking on in, but what could he possibly want to talk about that couldn’t be said in public? He started walking again, but didn’t respond. He was unsure of how to respond to such a request. The silence between them settled in, though Rowan enjoyed it. No one ever just closed their mouth and enjoyed silence.

After a few minutes of silently walking, Rowan finally responded. [#FF1493 “And what if I say no?”] His expression looked angry at first, but it quickly morphed into a very small smile. [#FF1493 “Just messing with you. Yeah, sure. You can come over. You’ve already been inside my house anyways so I guess it doesn’t matter. And seeing as I just punched one of my closest friends, I doubt I’ll have plans tonight. I hope you’re not going to tell me anything weird…although that’s probably unlikely. You seem like a pretty weird guy.”] It was the most he had ever said to a classmate in a very long time. It felt strange to talk so much to someone who was basically a stranger.

As they got closer to the school Rowan remembered the lunch he made. He paused to dig the bento box from his backpack and handed it to Kari. [#FF1493 “Here. As a thank you for the food you left yesterday. I feel better than ever.”] Rowan didn’t say anything more about the food, not wanting to make a big deal about it. He just wanted to hand it over before they approached the school gates. If their noisy classmates saw the exchange they might think of him as approachable. Or worse. They would ask way too many questions.

The school gates came into view, bustling with uniformed students. Rowan never came to school early so he was a bit surprised by how many people there were outside. He waved silently at Kari before breaking away into the sea of students. He didn’t want to be seen arriving so early, so he would hide out on the roof before class started. Besides, the whole ordeal earlier had prevented him from his walk-to-school cigarette. A roof cigarette would have to do.
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[center [size13 [Copse Ah, how does he get out of this situation? Although, they seemed pretty satisfied after the solid punch to his cheek. He should just be on his way now. [i Woah, we're not done here. What do you want with Rowan? You with the enemy?] Questions were thrown at him. He didn't know anything about this enemy, but he can't tell the truth to these people. They will laugh in his face, for sure.

He should just create a diversion of some sort. He jumped along with the others at a familiar voice, then smiled, happy to see Rowan there. He looked so much better. It will stay that way from now on. He will force his way into his life. He opened his mouth to explain what happened, but watched one of them fall to the ground from the knockout punch. Eyes widened, he didn't know what to say. He didn't want any violence though. He reached out to touch Rowan on the shoulder, but decided against it.

[#0babf9 "Ah.."] Kari kept his mouth shut. They looked just as shocked as him. Obviously not happy, they walked off. Did he make things worse? No matter. He won't get hurt again.

[#0babf9 "A-Ah.. yeah,"] he said. [#0babf9 "Thank you."] He scratched the back of his head, feeling somewhat embarrassed. He patted his flushed cheeks. Since he knew of what he did, how will he react to it? He didn't seem furious. He won't do it again though, which will be hard. Since he has to watch over him, he can't help but cling to him.. secretly. Students already began to ask questions if he really liked him.

[#0babf9 "I-I'm sorry. It's just.. mmf.."] How can he say this without sounding more like a creep?! [#0babf9 "I really have to talk to you about something.. maybe after school?"] He should ask this time, properly. [#0babf9 "Can I come over? or.. you can come over to my place.. I'd rather not speak of it in public."] He just hoped he won't take it the wrong way.
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For once in his life, Rowan woke up before the alarm sounded. It wasn't unusual considering he had spent almost a whole day sleeping. He couldn't remember the last time he slept that well. Most days he went to school running on less than four hours of sleep, still feeling the effects of whatever he did the night before. The surplus of energy encouraged him to get dressed immediately and head downstairs to make lunch and maybe even a small breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of a bowl of rice paired with a glass of water. Rowan didn't want to eat anything too crazy so early in the morning, even though he was feeling better. After he cleaned his bowl he moved onto making lunch. This time he pulled out two bento boxes. The new kid may be a stalker, but the food he left last night did wonders for his stomach. As much as he hated being nice it wouldn't be right to just ignore the act of kindness.

Rowan glanced at his phone and was surprised by how much time he had. He cracked his knuckles and got to work. He decided on making rice balls, some plain and some with a plum filling. Once the rice was rolled and stuffed he added seaweed carefully, making the rice look like little pandas. Finding that the box looked too simple, he diced cucumbers and zucchinis to surround the pandas. The finished product looked appetizing and he nodded to himself, satisfied.

He checked the time again and there was still plenty to spare. It looked like he would be arriving to school early. He carefully placed the two bento boxes into his bag and exited the house.

On his way to school Rowan saw a familiar group of boys. He approached quietly. From what he could gather it was the end of whatever had happened. [#FF1493 "What's going on?"] He spoke up when he reached his friends. They were facing away from him and the sound of his voice from behind caused them to jump. [+green "Why didn't you text us back? We were real worried man. Thought this little weirdo did something to you."]

Rowan stepped forward between his friends. The sight of Kari and his swollen cheek made his fist clench. Without any warning he turned back around and swung his fist. It connected to the nose of the nearest male. [#FF1493 "What the fuck do you guys think you're doing? I go to school with him and he was just dropping something off."] He swung again, this time his fist connected with the other's cheek, knocking him back. The other two males backed away, shocked. The male that had been struck started cursing at Rowan. Both males yelled at each other for a few seconds before the group of friends sulked away.

After the males fled, Rowan turned to face Kari. [#FF1493 "Sorry about that...they can be real dicks."] He rubbed one temple with lidded eyes. Dealing with his friends after this was going to be mildly annoying. Oh well. He had never been one to beat up on people smaller than them. It pissed him off just to see it. [#FF1493 "I'll walk with you to school in case they try to come after you again. This...this doesn't make us friends or anything. I think you're a creep for just coming into my house while I was sleeping."]
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[center [size13 [Copse Kari slept much better at the thought of Rowan being at home for the rest of the night. Like he was any condition to hang out with those [i friends] of his. He cringed at thought of them. They didn't sit well with him. Out of all friends he [i could] hang with, despite him acting like a loner in school, he chose them. There had to be another reason or multiple reasons of all his actions. He still goes to school, but behaves like that. It baffles him like no tomorrow. Then again, he didn't understand the mind of teenagers.

The next morning, he awoke at the same time, stopping the clock from going off. He stretched out and yawned, getting out of bed to take a shower. He did have a normal, human body now, so he had to keep up with his hygiene - which he got used to within the first day. Of course, he took baths in heaven, just because it relaxed him. He brushed his hair, making sure it looks decent, then changed into the school uniform. He adjusted the tie and straightened the rest of his uniform. He yawned one last time, stepping towards the kitchen after grabbing his school bag, and took some more sweet bread with him. He was glad he made his lunch the night before.

He exited his apartment and made his way to school, whistling on his way. He nommed on his bread while walking down the sidewalk with a smile. When he saw the same group again, he tried to avoid them, but they were waiting for him. His bread was snatched out of his hand and both his tie and nicely ironed shirt pulled upwards, almost pulling his whole body up off the ground. He didn't weigh that much.

Ah, they must be mad and suspicious of him when he was caught coming out of Rowan's house. He could use his powers, but too many onlookers and students passing by. He didn't want to frighten anyone. He'll have to let them do.. whatever.

At the end of dealing with them, he wound up with a swollen cheek. Thank god for not a swollen eye. God was definitely watching over him.
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Rowan awoke in the evening feeling well rested. His stomach was less queasy but his throat still hurt from earlier. He reached a hand out from underneath the covers to grab his phone from the nightstand. There were 6 new texts from his friends and two missed calls. He raised an eyebrow, wondering if something bad had gone down. [i Hey man...are you home? Some weird white haired guy came out of your house.] The next message read, [i ROWAN get back to us asap so we know you aren't dead]. The rest of the messages were similar.

A white haired guy came out of his house? His hand gripped the cellphone tightly. How did he know where he lived? Rowan scrambled out of bed, looking around his room frantically. Handouts from class were on his desk that weren't there before. He pushed out of the bedroom door and stomped down to the kitchen. Nothing looked out of place. It was clean just like he had left it. He peaked inside of the fridge. There was food in there he hadn't prepared. He slammed the fridge door and hit his head on to the freezer. [#FF1493 "He really is a god damn stalker."]

Taking a few deep breaths to calm down, he took another look in the fridge. Well. He wasn't going to turn down free food. Hopefully it wasn't poisoned or anything. Although, the innocent white-haired classmate didn't seem like the type to hurt anyone. He grabbed the plate of food and took a seat on the tiled floor, enjoyed the cold touch. The food was good and eating it somehow made him feel even better. After he finished eating, he washed the plate and put it away.

Suddenly feeling tired again he climbed the stairs back up to his room. He crawled back into bed and curled up under a blanket. Instead of falling asleep instantly he started thinking about how to deal with his weird classmate. Threaten him? He really didn't want to hit him or anything, but it wasn't okay to just enter his home. Especially after he had told him to leave him be. Rowan drifted off to sleep once again with thoughts of what he would tomorrow on his mind.
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[center [size13 [Copse [i Wait for it....]

Kari sat back down and rested his arms on the desk, facing forward, ignoring the surprised looks from the other students around him. He closed his when Rowan got onto him, only sighing when he heard the door slam. A difficult boy indeed. He opened his eyes and smiled it off.

[#0babf9 "Sorry about that everyone,"] he said. He looked to the teacher. [#0babf9 "You can continue on."]

A small sigh escaped his lips again, looking back towards the door. He was only worried about him. He understood how he felt, wondering why a stranger was up in his business all of the sudden. He knew more about the boy than anyone else, except his family, of course. He would follow after, but that would only make Rowan angrier. Kari just thought he needed to stay home and sleep it off. School went by smoothly. Kari enjoyed conversing among other students, [i acting] like a teenager. He was unaware of how to use this [i cellphone] they were talking about. He had to reject any numbers, since he didn't have one.

Once the last bell rung, Kari packed his things and went on his way. He should go home, but his instincts were telling him to check on Rowan. He shrunk down to his miniature size, sprouted his one wing and flew up to his window, peeking inside. He was in a peaceful, deep sleep. He placed his hand on the window, handouts from earlier appeared on his desk. [i Maybe I'll make him something.] He appeared in the kitchen, placing his school bag down on the counter. [i I should feel bad for just breaking and entering.. but..]

He made him a light meal, nothing too heavy. He probably wouldn't be able to stomach any heavy foods. He gave it a healing touch, hoping this will make him feel better. After he was done, he covered the food and placed it in the fridge. He had the kitchen clean in no time, putting everything back to the way it was. He grabbed his school bag and exited the house, locking it behind him. That is when he saw his [i friends], who stared at him in shock. That [i who the fuck are you] look.

He only smiled and went on his way. No drama needed right now. [#0babf9 "You all are horrible friends,"] he called back to them. Kari wanted to tell the Rowan the truth.. he needed to. He'll only make himself look more like a freak, but no more playing games. He's going to be part of his life, whether he likes it or not.]
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand][quicksand Rowan kept his eyes on the front of the room. They rested on the teacher as he spoke up to tell the class to sit down. Only a few seconds passed between the teacher speaking and the new student speaking out. About him. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. He was even more surprised that the teacher had given the okay. [i Do I really look that shitty? I do feel pretty shitty.]

With a slow turn of his head, he glared daggers at the male next to him. A tiny part of him was grateful because he did feel very ill, but he didn't need anyone sticking up for him. Especially in front of the whole class. He had a loner, delinquent image to protect after all. And he just didn't like people sticking their nose in his business.

[#FF1493 "Why the hell do you care if I'm feeling ill? Maybe you should mind your own business."] The blonde male gripped at the edges of his desk trying to control his rising anger. [#FF1493 "Whatever. Yeah, I'll go home. Don't need you to help me catch up though. Just leave me alone."] Rowan let out a sigh and stood up from his desk. He swung his backpack over one shoulder and left the classroom, slamming the door on his way out.

The walk home consisted of him stopping many times to keep from vomiting. When his house finally came into view he broke into a sprint. He ran inside closing the door behind him, not bothering to lock it. First stop: the toilet. By the time he was done puking his throat was sore. Then he crawled into bed. The warmth of the blankets was comforting and slightly distracted him from the pain in his head and stomach.

As he curled up against a pillow he couldn't help but think about the new student. [i Gah, what a weirdo. Who does he think he is? I can't believe the teacher went along with what he said too...]
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[center [size13 [Copse Kari sat at his desk. He peeked over at Rowan's, seeing it empty. A sad sigh escaped his lips. If he didn't come to school, he knew why. Whatever was in those drinks had him feeling uneasy the entire time. He wanted to stop Rowan from drinking any of it. It would be weird if he suddenly appeared at a stranger's house. No one he knew. He continued to squirm, clenching at his pants and biting his lip. He should of stopped it. He had the power to.

All the students hushed all of the sudden. He looked up to see Rowan, looking horrible. He really didn't see how horrible he looked. Students began to whisper around him, since some were standing by his desk. Kari sat there with a frown, looking very concerned. Now, he felt the need to tell Rowan the truth. No matter what comes after, he didn't like what he saw. This had to stop. The teacher announced himself, telling everyone to sit. Kari kept his attention on Rowan. Before the man had even time to speak, he raised his hand.

[#0babf9 "Rowan looks ill. I believe it's best that he stay home for today."] [b "Ah-.."] [#0babf9 "I have every class with him, so I'll be responsible for catching him up. Don't you agree?"] Kari eyes remained on his, enthralling him a bit.. to give that nudge. Once the teacher gave his okay, Kari smiled and looked to Rowan. He better agree to go home... or he'll have to use his power on him as well to make him. He believed that it's in his best interest if he did.

Knowing him, he'll probably be stubborn. [i Please don't make this difficult..]
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand][quicksand The first thing Rowan did in the morning, after turning off his alarm, was run to the bathroom to vomit. It was rare the hangovers made him throw up. He rested his head against the cold porcelain and thought back to the party. He had done a lot of things and accepted drinks that probably contained questionable substances. Stupid. Now he had to go through the whole school day feeling horrible.

After a good ten minutes at the toilet and a quick shower, the blonde male slowly made his way into the kitchen ready to finish packing his lunch. To his surprise and confusion, his lunch sat waiting for him. Everything was finished. He tilted his head to one side. Had he really waited for the rice to cook last night? He shook it off, not wanting to be even later for school. He placed the bento box into his backpack and left the quiet house. The walk to school was rushed and he didn't even have to time to smoke a cigarette.

Rowan arrived to homeroom late once again. Even so, he was grateful he had made the decision to shower before leaving out. He didn't need to show up to school smelling like vomit and alcohol. That was a surefire way to get sent to the principal, or worse, the guidance counselor. He ignored the stares and took his seat, trying to avoid any eye contact with the new student.

Instead of putting his head down he rested it on his hand, the one that wasn't bruised, leaning one elbow on the desk. Every time he tried to lay his head down it felt like all of the blood was rushing to it. He would get dizzy and feel the urge to puke. Definitely not something he wanted to do in class. So, he sat up and tried to hide his discomfort.
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[center [size13 [Copse [i He doesn't need to go to any party!]

Kari scowled, eyes narrowing towards the male that suggested such a stupid idea. He bit his lips again. He hated seeing Rowan halfway drunk already. He held on to the strands of his hair as he wobbled. The only power he didn't have, to cure a person of drunkness. He wanted to whisper into his ear and try to convince him to not do it. He felt sad for him. Friends wouldn't let their friend get seriously drunk like that, especially if they knew that person got easily drunk.

Once he saw all the young people, his heart sank. The smell was horrid, making him sick to his stomach. He was getting dizzy just from the smell alone, and the body heat in this place. He could only sit there and watch them all get further drunk. By the time Rowan decided to step out, he took in a huge breath of fresh air. He almost died in there. He sighed softly and wanted to help Rowan home. He was glad that he decided to take a train home.

Kari hopped down onto the floor when they arrived to his home. He watched him begin the preparations for his lunch tomorrow. When he overheard his phone conversation, it seemed his father was a doctor or something. He followed behind him up to his room, watching him pass out on his bed. [i Poor boy...] He frowned and grew back to normal size. He kneeled down beside his bed and leaned forward to kiss his injured eye. It should be completely healed by the morning. He hated seeing that black eye on a nice face. He exited his room, remaining silent in the living room of the place.

The next morning, he was long gone. He did finish fixing up his lunch for him. Kari was already headed to school, walking along with the other students while munching on some sweet bread. He was beginning to grow addicted to human food again. Up in heaven, eating was more of a luxury like sleeping was. It seemed cloudy today. Good thing he bought his umbrella.
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