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Wolfe grabbed onto Staz collar. "Sell this and we will have fun later." He said silently
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 221d 8h 46m 41s
Staz nodded and started down the stairs barking at the door. His bark was one of those that made your stomach jump. The man was still at the door and waited for the door to open again.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 221d 9h 7m 23s
"Perfect. Now when I open the door bark. And only bark. But stop when I say Silence. Ok?"
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 221d 9h 9m 24s
Staz nodded and turned him self into a pure white bulky pit bull with muscles for days. He wagged his tail as if to ask if that was okay. The man was still waiting.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 221d 9h 17m 20s
"Of course. Just wait and I will be right back." Wolfe said closing the door without an answer. He walked to the hall where Staz was crouching. "Become a Domestic dog he will not recognize." Wolfe whispered so only he could hear.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 221d 9h 23m 22s
The man noticed the leash and collar and looked at him. "[#ff00ff You have a dog? I would like to see it, just to check.]" He said as he looked at him again. Staz was hidden by the wall that cornered the stairs listening just in case he was needed.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 221d 9h 34m 52s
Wolfe covered the door way. "The man must have been mistaken. I don't know what store you are meaning." He said calmly. "Are there any other questions I can answer for you? I will definitely keep my eyes peeled. Do you have a card so I can reach you if I do see anything?"
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 221d 9h 38m 45s
"[#ff00ff He's a hybrid sir, He can change into any animal he wants and the store owner, who had him gave me this address.]" He said trying to look in the house around the boy.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 221d 9h 46m 56s
Wolfe took a hard look at the picture. "I haven't seen him. What did he do where he needs a bracelet? How is he dangerous?" He questioned
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 221d 9h 50m 31s
Staz went back into the cage and shut it just in case. At the door was man with a picture of Staz. "[#ff00ff I'm looking for this boy, his bracelet has been shut off and cold possibly be dangerous.]" He said looking at Wolfe.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 221d 9h 53m 34s
Wolfe put his necklace back on and looked at Staz. "Stay here my pet." He said going down to answer the door.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 221d 9h 56m 26s
He nodded and his ears pricked up when there was a knock on the door.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 221d 10h 53s
Wolfe smiled proudly showing every fang like tooth. "Did you think Wolfe was my actual name my boy?"
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 221d 10h 2m 47s
"I didn't know you are like me." Staz said as he trotted to the bigger wolf.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 221d 14h 40m 46s
"If it makes you even more comfortable..." He gently set Staz down and took off the necklace usually hidden under his shirt. It had the symbol of a wolf engraved on a coin. He transformed into a large Wolf. "Does this help at all?" He asked straight into Staz mind.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 49m 10s

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