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Staz shook and laid his head in his knees. "I'll have the boy and the cage delivered to you right away sir, just follow me and fill out the paper work." The clerk said.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 229d 6h 18m 11s
Wolfe angrily took the taser and pointed it at the clerk. "I want this one just the way he is." He said looking at the cage. "I like when they still have a bit of will left. Its funner to break them personally." He said softly.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 229d 6h 24m 39s
Staz released his bloody hand and went back to the dark corner where he pulled his knees to his chest shaking. The clerk stood and grabbed and taser stick and stated hitting the boy. "I'm sorry sir this one's new." He said as he continued to hit him. Staz cried out in pain as he was being shocked. There wasn't any where he could go so he just took it.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 229d 6h 33m 43s
Wolfe slowly walked up to the cage and gave Staz a hard look. "Release the weak clerk. NOW!" He commanded angrily. "If you want even the smallest bit of freedom then you need to let him go." Wolfe quickly realized that Staz might be the perfect one he wanted.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 229d 6h 41m 11s
Running to the door and oppening it the clerk bowed and let the man in. "Hello sir welcome." He said as he closed the door behind him. Staz was bleeding now but he didn't bother to stop it. As the clerk walked past his cage he reached out and grabbed his leg making him fall. Once he was on the ground staz punched him in the side of the head.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 229d 6h 50m 49s
Wolfe walked into the shop not expecting to find much in the form of entertainment. Just wanted different and a little gutsy. Whatever he chose this time he wanted to not be broken completely. Otherwise where is all the fun? Wolfe rang the bell for the clerk a couple of times and waited.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 229d 6h 55m 42s
The clerk pocked Staz with a stick and laughed when he cried out in pain. Staz tried to grab the stick but got kicked when he did. "[#008000 This why you don't get to eat.]" He said as he kicked him again.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 229d 7h 2m 1s
Wolfe needed a new play thing. He lost interest in the one he had before. Much too broken from the beginning. Never talked. He wanted different and only knew of one place he could go to get exactly that.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 229d 7h 6m 34s
Staz Sat in the darkest corner of the cage and held his knees close to his chest. He was dirty, his cloths torn. He was cold and hungry, but it was another day at the slave Shop.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 229d 7h 13m 56s

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