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"[#800080 Yes he almost did.]" He said as he showed the scar.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 9h 9m 0s
"What happened to you my pet?" He asked quietly. "Did they almost kill you?
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 9h 10m 0s
"[#800080 Let's just say the last time my scent could be smelt. I was put in the hospital.]" He said as he looked up and put one hand over his shoulder that had a big bite mark and scar.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 9h 16m 11s
"That's not what your face says." He said quietly.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 9h 18m 8s
"[#800080 I'm not worried master.]" He said as he blushed a little.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 9h 19m 55s
Wolfe kissed Staz forehead. "Don't worry. Your Master is right here."
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 9h 21m 24s
"That's what I thought." He said as he bit his lower lip. This was bad, for him more than it was any one else.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 9h 27m 39s
"Yes. And it is alluring." He whispered quietly into his hair.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 9h 29m 52s
"Can you smell my scent?" He asked as he looked up at the boy hoping that he couldn't.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 9h 31m 56s
Wolfe looked down at him softly. "What's wrong my boy? Tell me."
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 9h 35m 4s
Staz blushed and curled up into the boys side and took in a deep breath noticing that he could smell his scent. 'This is bad.' He thought to himself and the looked up at the boy.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 9h 52m 17s
Wolfe wrapped a single arm around Staz pulling him closer.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 9h 55m 32s
Staz nodded and did so. He pulled his knees up to his chest and curled up in the corner.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 10h 15s
Wolfe sat on the couch and sat back. "You can join me on the couch."
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 222d 10h 1m 43s
Staz sat on the floor closest to the stairs again and waited.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 222d 10h 19m 31s

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