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Wolfe laughed softly. "No, but parents do train their kids at a very young age how to stay safe."
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 362d 6h 35m 17s
"She's only four. What are they training her for? To be an assassin?" He asked as he lifted his head.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 1y 362d 11h 26m 53s
"Its because they train her how not to get seriously injured." He explained
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 362d 17h 56m 24s
"I don't understand why they let her be alone, she could get really hurt." He said as he relaxed.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 1y 363d 1h 50m 48s
"They don't." He answered. "That's why they let her run outside like that. In order to drain her battery."
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 363d 1h 53m 29s
"How do human's keep up with her?" He asked closing his eyes
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 1y 363d 2h 3m 0s
Wolfe lay Staz on the bed and curled up around him.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 363d 2h 4m 26s
"Your right." He said as he blushed and yawned. That little girl plays hard.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 1y 363d 2h 7m 23s
"Maybe." He said softly kissing Staz forehead. "Let's not make any permanent plans. What if her parents don't let her out to play tomorrow?"
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 363d 2h 8m 57s
"Thank you...I can play with Yuki Tomorrow right?" He asked as he finally shifted.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 1y 363d 2h 32m 2s
"Not at all my pet." He said lovingly. "You looked like you could use some help getting up here."
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 363d 2h 34m 40s
"Did I do something wrong?" He asked as he looked up.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 1y 363d 2h 52m 31s
Wolfe grabbed staz by the scruff of his neck and carried him upstairs to his room.
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 363d 2h 57m 26s
Staz nodded but didn't change he was out of to much energy to.
  Staz Rain / Zaida / 1y 363d 4h 51m 53s
Wolfe laughed gently and locked the door and took his necklace off turning into a large Wolf. "Did she drain your energy?"
  Wolfe / JohnnyWolfe / 1y 363d 4h 56m 28s

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