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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Amatic+SC]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel+Decorative]

[center [size25 [Cinzel+Decorative The world has begun to crumble,]]][center [size25 [Cinzel+Decorative within a pit of its own [b filth].]]]
[center [size25 ✢ ✢ ✢]]
[center [font "hei medium" Those whom have once known what was a peaceful,]][center [font "hei medium" prosperous existence have been brought down to but a few.]][center [font "hei medium" Now, the world is in [i utter] [b disorder] and [b chaos].]]

[center [font "hei medium" In what was once a [i Utopian land],]][center [font "hei medium" the economy has crashed and all manner of resources to survive have been depleted. In a war of greed which followed shortly thereafter, attempting to pursue the futuristic means of replicating these resources, they too were lost in the confusion of luxury vs necessity.]]
[center [font "hei medium" All that had once been green and bountiful had been abandoned and left to decay, in such a short matter of time. Mothers would release their children from their care to ease financial burden - Fathers would shoot their families to save them from suffering further. Disease had spread, tearing the numbers of populations from billions down to the mere hundreds or fewer. Starvation had left not a single human being untouched. ]]
[center [font "hei medium" What had once been common pleasures, now seemed to be a far-off dream from a previous life.]][center [font "hei medium" A glistening memory, in this [b dark world].]]

[center [size25 [Cinzel+Decorative This is [i The End].]]]

[center [font "hei medium" Within six years of [i The End's] beginning, the world had become practically inhabitable - rotting to the point of less than one half of the planet's large surface to be habitable.]]

[center [font "hei medium" That was, until a [b single man] whom had the means to alter this disaster that had befallen humanity,]][center [font "hei medium" had stood up. A voice whom many had forgotten, for he had spent many a year in the cell of a mental asylum.]][center [font "hei medium" A professor-[i turned]-protester, whom warned of what was coming for several years. ]][center [font "hei medium"He foretold the destruction of this utopia, and, as the reality of his research had shocked humanity -]][center [font "hei medium" it had become a means for his escape. Where he had prepared for safety for years, he retained much of what others had lost. Once more, he would face the remaining world leaders - a man whom had been of no ability or power, ambitiously standing up for what he believed. His belief, to [b permit the world to rest.]]]

[center [font "hei medium" Any remaining nuclear matter that had been converted into assisting building this utopia, ]][center [font "hei medium"would be disposed of - for it had been slowly destroying the world for decades. The devastation left between remaining, pathetic rebellions of what had once been proud countries would cease. He declared the lands that had been plundered in an attempt to survive, be left. The few remaining fertile lands, would be divided evenly. ]][center [font "hei medium" He would recycle what could be saved to create a safe haven, for those whom deserved mercy. ]]
[center [font "hei medium" For a time, they would revert to the 'old ways' and retrain themselves. To his greatest supporters, he awarded a small portion of land and titles of Lord and Lady. With a small village's worth of people, they would rebuild their homes. To those who looked after these villages, he awarded titles of royalty based upon their merits. To loyal villagers, he promoted them to become well-paid individuals, despite their rank of servitude.]]

[center [font "hei medium" To those who served this purpose the greatest, he would personally summon their children to the Academy he had built. Therein, allowing them to continue their interrupted schooling to be trained to be unspoiled. To move past the pride and selfish arrogance, that their parents had allowed. To learn to overlook greed and malice, to save the world; to permit spoiled children to experience the hard work, of the olden days. Their lives would become what he had them study, in old history text books. An era they would only roll their eyes toward, as it had been recognized ad nothing more than frills and white wigs.]]

[center [size25 ✢ ✢ ✢]]

[center [font "hei medium" Welcome, to the [b New World]. [#ffffff _______________]Welcome to[#ffffff _____________]]][center [size32 [Cinzel+Decorative [b T R E L E A U [#ffffff x] A C A D E M Y]]]]

[center [pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/20ggysw.jpg ]][right [font "hei medium" [size10 A roleplay by [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=38996 [font "hei medium" Mikaze]]. Coding by [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=4297 [font "hei medium" Apt]].]]]

[center [size25 ✢ ✢ ✢]]
[center [font "hei medium" Please note that this is a historical roleplay and is not to]][center [font "hei medium" focus upon the utopian Old World, or the dystopian world of The End.]] [center [font "hei medium" In the event you are interested in partaking, then please visit the link below for more information.]]

[center [font "hei medium" [i | the roleplay will begin at the start of Treleau Academy's]]][center [font "hei medium" [i first year. Servants have been invited to begin moving]]][center [font "hei medium" [i themselves into the castle at their leisure, over the last]]][center [font "hei medium" [i few months - until now, they have been permitted to]]][center [font "hei medium" [i leave the grounds thus far. With the approach of the beginning]]][center [font "hei medium" [i of the semester, they have been rarely permitted to leave.]]][center [font "hei medium" [i They have been expected to prepare the castle and be there]]][center [font "hei medium" [i in time to receive their Royals' luggage, which would have]]][center [font "hei medium" [i been sent during the previous months. Servants will be]]][center [font "hei medium" [i expected to receive their Royals formally and introduce]]][center [font "hei medium" [i themselves for the first time, face-to-face. They will]]][center [font "hei medium" [i settle them comfortably, before attending a banquet]]][center [font "hei medium" [i in the evening and a ball afterwards as a formal welcome.]]][center [font "hei medium" [i The following morning will be the first day of each roles']]][center [font "hei medium" [i duties. We will begin on the day of the Royals' arrival. |]]]

[center [font "hei medium" | rules and information are found at [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=378004 x] |]]


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