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[center [font "Hei medium" Hello, beautiful people. ]]
[center [font "Hei medium" I don't think very much needs to be said here, apart from thank you so much for your interest - and most of all, [i WELCOME!]]]]
[center [font "Hei medium" I'm certain that you're all with the basic ettiquite of please get along and play nicely with one another here! Please come in here to keep in contact with one another and use this as a chat! ]]
[center [font "Hei medium" Just a notice that you are not limited to the use of only the realtime chats or roleplay responses - I am certain both will be used! ]]
[center [font "Hei medium" A kind reminder that [i skeletons are to be posted here in the form of links to your character profile, with the skeleton on it.] Please do not post your entire skeleton; simply link the character. Thank you! ]]
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