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Just the conversation was making her head pound. It wasn't as if she needed her head and shoulder pounding, it was truly inevitable, the medicine and the tiredness was beginning to do some work. Perhaps for a few hours she would not be as bad off, the thought made her smile just that much.

How she wanted her tent, with the sleeping bag and clean clothes. That did involve getting up and moving over. "Uh're a terrible liar," Zara answered. Drawing her back pack closer she used it for her head before giving a small sound.

Even if the ground was uncomfortable and she was partially cold, she was exhausted. Hearing the question she thought vaguely. "Anything a park ranger could tell you. What to eat, not to eat, tracks, make shift, survival..." she shrugged followed by a wincing. "Mom sure hated it when we'd come back all dirty with dirty items. Abulita thought he was trying to raise some mountain men."
  Run / faust / 64d 16h 54m 49s
“No.” he lied quickly, too quickly. Licking his lips, he backpedaled. “I was able to hold it off with a stick. I nailed it on the nose and it took off.” He amended. He laid back as she did, tucking his feet to the side. Sorely he places his own hands behind his head and tangled them in his hair. His eyes grew heavy as he drifted to sleep, the fire dying finally and draping them in the moon’s silver light. Through a hole in the tarp he could see the stars. A single shooting star dashed across the ebony sky, leaving a bright streak behind it as it did.

“What else do you know about the woods?” He questions suddenly from the dark opposite end of the makeshift tent.
  Jasper Wierson / shesmorethanamemory / 64d 17h 5m 24s
Hastily, Zara placed on the over sized sweater. Her clothes was in her own tent, three pieces of clothing that was now destroyed. Lamenting the sweatshirt, she pushed it to the side before flexing her arm a little to get the blood flow going. Jesus, this was not a good first day, but she wasn't deterred, not yet.

"Thank you," Zara said afterwards. Throwing her long hair back she slowly laid down, not caring it wasn't her tent. Going back there didn't feel safe whatsoever. Like a toddler she didn't want to stray far from him in this moment.

Softening at the reason why he hadn't been there. She gave a soft sound, not accepting his reason of the wolf. It had been disgusted at her taste, that was strange. This had been what Zach had been researching and the reason she came, now it was here.

"I still don't believe you," Zara told him, in case her facial expression didn't do the trick. "But thank you...did you get hurt, Jasper?" She asked. If he was, would he even let her help. "I do photography and journalism, but I did try to be a nurse before I found out the smells are really gross."
  Run / faust / 64d 17h 14m 54s
Fuck. She wasn’t going to let it go like any other normal human being would. Jasper mentally cursed himself for letting himself get dragged into this type of situation. Why couldn’t she be normal? Why couldn’t she just let this go? The questions continued to race around his mind as he finished dressing the wound and gave her his own oversized sweater to wear.

“It won’t touch the wound as much.” He mentions passing the dark colored worn sweater to her. Gently he shakes it free from a tangle of clothes. “I’m not avoiding any subject.” He murmurs in response. He pulls away from her and sits, pulling his knees up and looping his arms around them. Tilting his head to the side he twists his bloody fingers together. The drying blood made them sticky. Politely he looks everywhere but directly at her. When he does look at her he is sure to lock his gaze with her eyes.

“It is different up here. For hundreds of years people have flocked up the mountain to see the beautiful landscape, the animals. The fear of humans has been breed out of them at this point. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you better. There was another wolf.” Like a child pouting his gaze drops to the pine needles and dirt below them. Three sets of paws stood out to him, among the scratches and long slashes in the earth. He could tell his paws from the other wolf’s easily. A scar running the length of his right palm set him apart from other paw prints. The scar was from a blade sharpened to gut fish. Jasper, being a teenager of sixteen forgot what his father had told him about moving with the grain of the fish. Naturally the blade slipped and bit into his hand in a fluid swipe. Jasper’s father smelled the blood before he’d seen it. In an instant, before the pain could register, Jasper’s father had ripped the bloody blade from his left hand and seized his right. Dragging a squirming teenager to the streams edge he threw his son’s hands into the water. The boy had yelped and begun to cry, though his pride and budding manhood prevented him from sobbing. Yanking his son’s hands deeper into the clean water he nearly dislocated Jasper’s shoulder.

Now the thin pale scar split the pads of his palm in half, the scar like other small details of his face were transferred to his physical wolf form. Somehow the scar was a happy memory for him. One of the few times his father nurtured him.
  shesmorethanamemory / 64d 17h 56m 3s
What was clear that the next few days was going to be the worse days of her life. The pain was clear and it was impossible to tell if it was going to be infected or not. Hell, if there wasn't even a small infection she'd be surprised. In that moment her mind went to the moment of the bite and how the wolf look disgusted and let go. That was unusual.

Returning back to the moment, glad to only hear the natural sounds of the woods. Looking to him, she was surprised of how polite he was being. "Well, that's your loss then," Zara tried to chuckle, but it was weak. Still, she was finding it easier to joke now. Right now she just wanted the answers, no crap.

Leering her eyes at him she gave a small sound. "Yes, not a lot, and some antibacterial stuff for redressing. You're avoiding the subject though. I'm only going to drop it right now because this really hurts and I'm cold."
  Run / faust / 64d 18h 37m 13s
Her natural humor surprised him. He would have thought her the last person to joke at a time like this. He gives her a smile in return though keeping his eyes adverted. Her humor couldn’t hide the pain in her voice and the grimace from creeping onto her face. Carefully he presses the bandage on her wound again, this time taping the edges down with one hand while holding it place with the other.

“It doesn’t feel right, checking out a wounded woman. Something about her being in pain is a huge turn off. Personal preference.” He smiles softly, securing another edge down with a strip of tape.

“Do you have any pain pills, have you taken them already?” He questions, returning the conversation back to the pain point.
  Jasper Wierson / shesmorethanamemory / 64d 18h 51m 46s
As Zara looked down she frowned at the blood on the bra. It wasn't her good one, it was just the most comfortable for walking. Maybe it'd be fine...she had no clue. Keeping her attention away from the bad thoughts she looked towards him cracking a half smile.

"Under all that callouses is a gentleman who this morning was opening checking me out, what a surprise," Zara teased, though weakly. The touch alone made her wince. This was going to be horrible.

Listening to him talk, that smile disappeared as the wind picked up a bit. "Bullshit. That's not what is going on here. My dad is a park ranger, I've been around this since I was little. This is different up here. I don't care though, I need to see if Zach is just know..."

Her face and body grew quiet at the end of that, even slumping. If it wasn't for the stabs of pain she would have all but laid down and went to sleep right there.
  Run / faust / 64d 19h 9m 25s
“The wolves are…” He pauses ducking back into the tent and then quickly looking down at the soft needle flooring. A light red flush colors his cheeks briefly before his thick eyebrows arch. He hadn’t thought to prepare himself for her half naked figure. Keeping his eyes carefully away from her chest, he kneels next to her and pulls a clean bandage from the first aid kit she’d pulled from her backpack. Thankful she had it.

“Brave.” He finishes. “The more popular the mountain gets for hikers the worse they get.” He continues. The lie is smooth and well delivered. Things like this happened. Rarely. Occasionally, a rogue band of wolves would start attacking humans. Their reasons always varied, usually it would be something to do with protecting the mountain itself. Tenderly he pushes the bandage on her wound a little more, applying more pressure to mop up the blood and clean the skin around it so the tape would stick better.
  Jasper Wierson / shesmorethanamemory / 64d 19h 27m 9s
If she was attacked here and with Jasper...what happened to her brother? Zara dreaded that question even though it was bound to happen. It was either the question of the events that had her feeling feint. Giving a weak nod she removed the light jacket she had been wearing and then the shirt. It wasn't a big deal now, later it might be. For now she was just in pain and scared.

"Ready," Zara calmly called to him. Using one hand she dug for her first aid kit, pulling out some pills and her water bottle. Swallowing the pills and drinking she looked to her shoulder barely resisting the urge to touch the wound.

At least the bleeding was slowing down, the throbbing was picking up though. "So...I take it...that this possibly happened to Zach...only he's alive. I just know. I only though it was exaggerated story. Fuck..."

Running her clean hand through her hair, she really felt as if she could faint. That wasn't very bad ass at all.
  Run / faust / 64d 19h 46m 16s
“I can’t get to the wound through your shirt. You’ll have to wrap it yourself to get the bleeding to stop properly.” He answers her hostility with staying on track while also ignoring her question. How do you tell someone that you turn into a giant wolf and that you just protected that someone from other giant wolves trying to kill her for some reason? Everything about this trip smelled like a secret. Softly he withdrew his hands from her blood-soaked sweater and nodded toward her.

“I’m sorry I’ll let you do that.” He murmurs awkwardly as he moves to crouch-walk out of the tent. Lazily the ripped side of the tarp billows in a soft breeze. The shadows caused by the dying fire tighten his muscles. His night eyes search every break in the trees and every blade of tall grass for curious yellow eyes. Stretching and arching his back, several loud cracks escape his joints and bones. He grunts fatigued.
  Jasper Wierson / shesmorethanamemory / 64d 19h 56m 23s
The emotional range in her head was the equivalent to a flash flood in a canyon. It was strong and volatile leaving nothing in it's wake. It was the pain that kept her grounded instead of flying off to God knows where. Barely registering Jasper's presence until she heard his voice. That question, it was really one of the stupidest thing she ever heard.

Without meaning Zara gave him an extremely flat look before grunting as he tightened that. Stop the bleeding, clean the wound and dress it properly. The new twist in pain kept her from asking about what the hell happened and most importantly where the fuck was he.

"I am not close to fucking okay," Zara finally said, her tone low and annoyed. At what, she couldn't say. She was at the liberty to feel a strong emotion and not understand fully why. Giving a frustrated sound she looked towards him trying to relax, though it wasn't working. "Just...there's no words right now...This really hurts...what happened?"

Attempting to reign in the emotions, most importantly not trying to think of Zach in this moment. That mere thought made her physically sick.
  Run / Faust / 81d 17h 15m 17s
Gradually Jasper let his bones slide back into place. Like peeling open a sardine can his fur separates from his skeleton. Sickeningly his stomach churns and then quiets as he sheds his wolf body. The dark brown fur starts to decay quickly without a blood supply to keep it alive. On his hands and knees staring down at his hand he watches his claws turn yellow and then milky white. A thin line breaks them at a normal human length. Within minutes he’s back to a human body, he eyes remaining a soft glowing gold color. The glowing color would remain for several hours after his transformation. Shaking he manages to stand and stumble his way toward his discarded clothes. As quickly as he can without toppling over he dresses. Once dressed he takes the time to take care of his shed fur, pulling it far into the bushes away from the campsite. He could smell fresh blood in the air, hanging on the wind. A dark crimson circle forms just above his ass. The blood seeps into his pants and soaks his belt. Pulling his shirt tail down over the spot, he hopes to hide it from Zara until he can take care of it himself. Limping he makes his way to the tent. Poking his head into the mouth of the tent he can see that she’s holding a dark grey sweater to herself. Forgetting his own injuries, he goes to her tenderly taking the sweater from her and wrapping it around the wound before tying it firmly.

“Are you okay?” He questions. He knows that asking her is probably pointless. From her pale face and sweat peppering he could tell she in fact was not okay. Giving her the opportunity to choose if she was okay seemed like a good idea though. Jasper has to fight the instincts to brush hair away from her forehead.
  Jasper Wierson / shesmorethanamemory / 84d 21h 1m 21s
Instead of a tall, rugged man there was another wolf. It was a reflex to try and get away from this wolf as wolf. As Zara watched through a pained, confused mind it was [i protecting] her. Why was a wolf protecting her and after saying Jasper. Where the fuck was he anyway? The panic and confusion was rising, threatening to take her with the wave. If it did the pain would grow worse, possible more blood loss, and whatnot. Even now she could feel the warmth of the blood on her skin. The strong scent making her sick to her stomach.

Watching the wolves leave one by one, rather, forced away. The first thing she did gag a little before finding something for the bleeding before it got worse. The old, gray sweatshirt had fading letter saying Sherwood Athletics Department. It had been Zach's that she used so often over the years that she adopted it.

Pressing the sweatshirt to the wound she groaned. Stop bleeding, clean out the wound...God..she was going to die out here in search for her dumb ass brother.

"I'm going to kill that asshole brother when and if I see him next..." Zara muttered to herself. Before hearing the sound and nearly jumping a foot in the air. The same wolf that protected her.

"No, more wolves..." she said pressing the sweatshirt harder into her shoulder with a visible wince. The connection ought to have been there. Still, she was blind to it. People didn't change into wolves.
  Run / faust / 85d 20h 5m 46s
Zara’s voice calling out to Jasper brought his attention to behind him. Backpaddling to the campsite with the black wolf snapping at his face and throat Jasper rushes to protect her. Every animal instinct refuses to let him turn his back on the injured wolf, but his duty to his client screams for him to protect her. Lunging backward away from the wolf’s long sharp teeth, he enters his tarp tent behind Zara. Hunching his shoulders and hips, he steps over her protectively covering with his body. Yelping in pain and feeling his knees buckle, Jasper lets the black wolf claw at his back legs and hips. Jasper’s thick fur protects him from most wounds. The little grey wolf yips in surprise at Jasper, kicking pine needles and dirt into his eyes as she leaves the tent in a hurry. Stretching his neck along his right side, Jasper snaps at the black wolf. Pushing forward and exiting the tent through the other end he frees himself and wheels on the large wolf once again. Dragging him from the shelter and from Zara.

The small grey wolf, having distanced herself from the commotion points her muzzle to the stars above them. Her haunting howl echoes throughout the dark forest. Blackbirds take to the sky, their wings flapping hurriedly. The black wolf snaps at Jasper’s sloping hips and bent legs a few more times before turning and looping up the small hill the grey wolf had found. Together the pair leave just as mysteriously as they had appeared. Groaning mentally and panting Jasper lowers himself into a sitting position. His hind legs are bent with human decency to cover himself and his head is hanging limply behind his shoulders. Blood drips from his mouth and nose mixing with clear thick saliva in the dirt. A cut ear flicks toward his shelter as concern for Zara rouses him. His gleaming eyes search the shadows before he stands and limps his way toward the tent. He peeks around the corner, checking on her before completely letting his guard down.
  Jasper Wierson / shesmorethanamemory / 86d 6h 28m 23s
It wasn't so much as an 'oh my God' moment as it was more of a 'what the fuck' moment. One minute she was hearing her mom give light curses for not calling sooner, the second the phone was dropped. It hurt like a bitch, she noted, before giving a yelp of pain. The wolf didn't seem eager to let go at first, then it destroyed the phone, not that it mattered that moment.

Somewhere in the back of her mind the words of her dad came back. He was a park ranger, from a young age they had been drilled about animal attacks, first aid and survival. They would spend a great deal of time in the Washington woods. There hadn't been a dominate threat, still he made sure they knew what to do.

The pain of the bite was life fire in her arms, muscles screaming in pain. It wanted to have her panic but she had to keep her cool. Taking deep breaths, her slender hand looked for anything heavy.

Finding something heavy and cold, it didn't matter what the hell it was. She swung it with her good at the wolf with a good whack. Retracting her limbs to her torso. If there was only something sharp nearby...not that she wanted to resort to that.

[b "Jasper!"] Zara called out, a tone of close panic in that single word. Grunting in pain she refused to look to the wolf, as survival guide, if she had to she'd cover her face. Just not yet.
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