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The last of his kind, Unairu's ruling family had been driven to ruin. Between humans and the lower, impure demons, the pure-bred Kyuubi demons were driven to extinction, all except Unairu.
Unairu was forced to flee, alone and hurt. It was only by chance did he make it to the surface, slipping through the ranks of humans. It was rather simple, the foolish beings thinking he was one of their own while in his human form, to be sent back due to his injuries. However, the demon had no need for their care, once again running as fast as he could, away from what was once his home, his kingdom, his family.

Staz, a spoiled rich kid who gets his way, and gets anything he want's has to share his castle with a new boy. He's not happy with the idea and is no friend to him. Saying little to no words he would push the boy out of his way and pick on him. He wanted the boy to know who was in charge. He was the prince and He knew it.

Unairu of course worked his way upwards, then remembered that the kingdom where Staz lives in was one of the human kingdoms that came, taking over Unairu's homelands
Unairu will want vengeance, and with his army he had built up, does indeed take over, making Staz into a slave. Will Staz listen and do as he's told or will he end up killed?


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[center [h3 Demons & Paladins]]
Velkan heard the hostility in the half-breed's voice. Yet, despite it, the paladin kept a calm air. The paladin had rolled the parchment, tying it with a fine string.
[#ff0000 "You really are in no position to be ordering me when to leave,"] Velkan stated. The paladin's voice was completely emotionless, there was no hostility at all.
He turned, looking directly at Staz, [#ff0000 "Remember, I can easily put an end to both of you right now, but if what that 'messenger' told both your leader and myself is true, then I need his help. Tis strange that a time such as this would come upon us...demons and paladins, sworn enemies to each other, having to work together. No matter, I'm sure the gods and goddesses have something planned and this is just part of their grand design."]
Without another word, Velkan turned, armor clinking. He went over to the rest of the paladins that had come with him. Bryce handed Velkan his helmet. The man took it, slipping it over his head. He then turned, giving a last look towards Staz and Unairu, then turned, leaving.
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Staz landed under Unairu when he fell and looked at the others. "[#800080 Leave us.]" He said in a low growl. He brought his wrist up to his mouth and bit into the long vein and waited for his blood to drip into his mouth. He but his wrist to Unairu's lips and waited for the blood to work.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 1y 348d 3h 36m 2s
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[center [h3 Demons & Paladins]]
Velkan rolled his neck to the side, causing it to pop. There was a slight twitch from Unairu as he heard the sound.
[#ff0000 "I suppose most 'formal' alliances would require either side to sign a paper agreement."]
A drop of sweat slowly rolled down Unairu's face. He was afraid of something like this. He knew the alliance would need to be properly made, and the demon expected it to be somewhat different than when demons did it.
[#8b0000 "I-if that is w-w-what humans do, then I-I guess it is w-w-what must be d-done,"] his voice was shaking badly. The demon honestly appeared ready to fall over at any moment. The tension and now the nervousness/fear all at once being with this paladin.
As for Velkan, he simply pulled out a piece of parchment. He looked at the demon and the half-breed. The man knew fear when he saw it. He was rather impressed though that the other had managed to hide it for so long, but nerves eventually break down.
[#ff0000 "Yes, now then,"] Velkan glanced to the side. Bryce was soon standing beside him, holding a case. He opened it, revealing two quills, one black as night, the other the purest white.
[#ff0000 "I had the liberty of having feathers from the goddess herself and her brother chosen and given to me. Understand, I only use these on occasions such as this."]
The paladin took off his gauntlet, handing it to Bryce. Velkan then picked up the black quill. He didn't look over as he spoke again, [#ff0000 "The black quill of the dark god, I have pretty much become immune to the pain this causes me using it."]
He then started to sign his name. As Velkan did, the black quill started to glow red. However, it didn't take long for him to finish. The man returned the quill to it's case. When watching, his wrist had cuts, bleeding profusely. Once the quill was returned, Velkan held his other hand over the wound, uttering something. A soft glow appeared, the wounds instantly closing. Bryce offered his mentor's armor back.
Once he returned the gauntlet back, Velkan turned to Unairu, holding the white feathered quill. By this time, Unairu's entire body was shaking. He was lightly leaning on Staz, to try and keep from falling over. The demon didn't want anything to do with the thing! He knew what was coming if he were to touch such an item!
[#ff0000 "The white quill of the holy goddess. Demon, you will be using this to finish the alliance. I assume you know what is going to come, the pain that this will inflict upon you."]
Unairu swallowed hard again. Sweat was dripping off his face now. He reached towards the quill. The heat it was emitting almost had him pull away, but he somehow managed to get a hold of it with a shaky hand. Almost instantly, as it touched his skin, the sound of sizzling flesh could be heard. Unairu suddenly howled in pain. Yet he continued to sign the paper. The quill's light was almost blinding, the pain unbearable.
The demon couldn't take it any longer. He dropped the quill, the pain subsiding. However, it was too much for him. Unairu keeled over, passing out.
The paladin sighed, picking up the quill, putting it back in the place. He looked at the parchment, nodding to himself, [#ff0000 "Well, least he managed to sign it before he fainted."]
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Staz stayed quiet and stood tall next to Uaniru. He didn't like this one bit and fidgeted a little when Bryce got close to him. It's not that he didn't like Bryce, he just didn't want to be touched.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 1y 363d 2h 41m 43s
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[center [h3 Demons & Paladins]]
[#8b0000 "Yes...but I cannot help but fear this man before us even more..."] he whispered so only Staz could hear.
Velkan led them a few feet away from the opposing sides that were still glaring at one another. The paladin stopped, turning to look at the pair. The man's eyes showed no emotion. His form was indeed imposing.
[#ff0000 "I know you are afraid of me demon, and you have all right to fear me, but I shall give my word, as the one who carries the Goddess Araura's holy seal and her sword, I am with you. We will need to stand beside one another when the time comes."]
Unairu knew that goddess's name. He also knew what she stood for, etc. The god who created his own kind was her brother, but also enemy. Appeared the siblings were going to have to work together if the demons were going to be forced to work with these holy sources.
[#8b0000 "I suppose I only have the option to trust you...though I know of the gods and goddesses. Despite the hatred, we do have to put the differences aside to take down my kin."]
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Staz followed and listened to every word. He wasn't going to leave Unairu's side, not now. Not ever. He kept his hand in the lords and looked up at him. "[#800080 Don't worry master we will put an end to your brother.]" He whispered.
  Zaida / 1y 363d 7h 29m 42s
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[center [h3 Demons & Paladins]]
[#ff0000 "Yet, as with all agreements and whatnot, there are...requests to be set down on the table, looked and thought over, then decisions finally made."]
Velkan's eyes suddenly narrowed. His grip seemingly tightened on the hilt of his blade. The markings on the sheath seemingly started to glow, but went dark.
The paladin's voice was low, holding authority, [#ff0000 "As for what I ask of you; Once your brother is taken care of, you are to free the people you have enslaved. I am willing to...make exceptions to the people who are still wanting to stay under your 'protection', if that is what you could call it. I also advise not returning to the surface for a very long time once your kingdom is back under you control in the world below this one. Do I make my requests clear?"]
Unairu barely felt Staz's touch. Despite the other's usually calming aura, it did nothing to put the demon at ease. He listened to the paladin's words. The demon didn't like the offer, but finally growled back.
[#8b0000 "I...I..."] Unairu lifted his head, forcing himself to look directly in Velkan's eyes, [#8b0000 "My requests; Once this is all finished, you leave my kind alone. All the demons that are under my rule, leave them. Just a simple rule, nothing big. You leave us alone, we will leave you alone. However, I can not guarantee that a few demons will come back to this surface..."]
The paladins seemingly huffed softly. Velkan released the grip on his sword, [#ff0000 "Very well, but as you said, there is no guarantee that other paladins will leave the demons that do come back to the surface alive. Oh, and before I forget, if you could kindly let my apprentice return to me. I need him if we are to succeed."]
Unairu released his grip, allowing the boy to run back to the paladins. The demon somehow managed to keep standing tall instead of curling into himself. However, his eyes were dull.
[#8b0000 "There...I'm going to assume you will want to discuss battle strategies, etc., and to question me about my brother."]
Velkan nodded, [#ff0000 "In due time demon, but as of now, this talk was enough. However, I request your presence, so if you will follow me."]
Unairu instantly bristled. He didn't like the idea, not one bit. Then again, who could blame him. The demon looked to Staz, hoping he would follow him. Unairu swallowed hard, following quietly behind the paladin.
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Staz was now at unairu's side with his hand in his. He was trying to get him to calm down. "Shhh Master." He whispered as he looked up at him.
  Zaida / 1y 364d 2h 45m 50s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/5F8ODEc.jpg]
[center [h3 Demons & Paladins]]
The tension in the air was almost suffocating. Both sides looked ready to leap at the other's throats. Yet, despite the negative energy, Velkan kept his calm and relaxed air.
[#ff0000 "A certain 'messenger' appeared to me last night..."]
[#8b0000 "Aye,"] Unairu growled, [#8b0000 "I'm going to assume the same one that stepped into my room, however he appeared during afternoon for myself."]
Once again, the paladin simply shrugged, [#ff0000 "Most likely, I do not keep track of the Divine Ones' schedules."]
The demon snorted softly, replying, [#8b0000 "None of us do, only ones that really do are the dragons, but this conflict does not concern them."]
Velkan only nodded. The armored male shifted his weight, metal clinking once again, [#ff0000 "Either way, by the sounds of it, however, we both are facing the enemy."]
Unairu grimaced, knowing exactly who that 'same enemy' was...[#8b0000 "As much as I hate agreeing...we do indeed...my own kin."]
The paladin suddenly raised an eyebrow, [#ff0000 "Really now? How interesting."]
[#8b0000 "Yes, the time was not the most pleasant for us, before the great war even happened,"] Unairu hissed through gritted teeth. The demon's gaze was on the ground. He did actually fear this man before him.
[#8b0000 "I would prefer not speaking about it."]
[#ff0000 "Fair enough,"] Velkan replied, [#ff0000 "Anyways, this demonic menace needs to be stopped...and from what was told to me, Paladins and demons will have to set aside their differences, in order to fight this new menace that threatens both of our people."]
Unairu was silent, then finally uttered a sentence, [#8b0000 "Yes...despite the hatred that is between us, we must bring a stop to my brother's growing power..."]
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Staz stayed still where he was. He knew better then to move from his spot. His hands where still folded in his lap but he growled low waiting for anyone to even twitch a muscle. He did what he had to do but now he was getting pissed off and wasn't sure why.
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[center [h3 Demons & Paladins]]
Unairu appeared to still be in shock. How could he be so foolish. That voice, those eyes, he knew those. This was the very man who had taken everything from him. His fear must've been evident....
[#ff0000 "You need not fear me...at least for now,"] the paladin suddenly said.
His eyes shifted as he saw what appeared to be a massive demonic looking wolf come bounding out of the doors, carrying none other than his apprentice. As it did, several other paladins suddenly stepped forward, unsheathing their blades.
Instinctively, Syke gave a snarl. In an instant, several demons appeared on either side of him and Unairu. The half breed was growling low, fangs bared. He glared over at Unairu, becoming rather annoyed. He was itching to just rip these holy wannabe's apart, completely forgetting several important factors that left the demons at a major disadvantage, despite their massive headcount.
As for poor Bryce, he didn't have a chance as he was suddenly picked up and carried away. He yelped, still slightly in pain. Course, he couldn't do much, suddenly being dropped in-between the lines of two sides. He looked up, seeing the one paladin.
[#cd853f "Lord Velkan!"]
Bryce made an effort to get up and try to run to the paladins, but Syke suddenly snagged the boy by the shirt collar. The half breed's voice was a snarl, [#4682b4 "Not so fast runt!"]
Almost instantly the group of paladins had sprung forth, only to be stopped by their leader, Velkan. The group looked at him, surprised. As for Velkan, he simply looked in the direction of Syke.
The male's voice was completely emotionless, [#ff0000 "I suggest you tell your half breed friend to unhand my apprentice."]
Unairu seemed to snap back to reality. He growled, kicking Syke hard in the side, making him drop the boy. However, the demon quickly grabbed Bryce, but was a lot more gentle about it. Unairu curled his lips back, showing fangs.
[#8b0000 "There, he's unhanded by him...however, I am not going to freely let the child go, especially since there is other...'business' that needs to be discussed...I am sure you know."]
Velkan sighed, [#ff0000 "If it is the message that I am thinking of...then yes, unfortunately it appears we do have things to discuss yet..."]
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Staz sighed and grew impatient. He turned to his wolf form and picked the boy up by the collar of his shirt and made his way to the front door. One he was at Unairu's side he dropped the boy and phased back to his human for shaking a little bit of fur out of his hair. "[#800080 Master.]" Was all he said as he folded his hands in front of him.
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[center [h3 Demons & Paladins]]
[#ff0000 "You have taken my apprentice...and only the gods above know what you have done to him..."]
Unairu gave a soft snort, growling, [#8b0000 "I am not going to lie and say we didn't...it was rather painfully obvious."]
The paladin only nodded. The heavily armored male's eyes narrowed. He looked the demon up and down. He was silent for several moments, then suddenly spoke again.
[#ff0000 "Intriguing...I thought we destroyed the last of the Kyuubi demons during the war long ago."]
Unairu's eyes widened. His posture changed completely. It took quite a bit of control to keep his voice from shaking, [#8b0000 "How...how do you know? I do not remember you around then."]
As for the paladin, he simply shrugged, [#ff0000 "Our paths never crossed, despite the war being several hundred years ago."]
The male's eyes looked directly into the demon's. At his gaze, Unairu couldn't help but cower slightly. Those eyes, piercing, knowing everything almost.
[#8b0000 "A paladin with a Holy Seal...that explains quite a bit,"] Unairu hissed weakly.
[#ff0000 "Very observant, least makes things easier for me."]
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[#cd853f "Y-your master?!? I-I-I'm so confused!"]
Bryce didn't quite trust Staz, not after what he could remember. Due to not trusting so readily, the boy ignored the offered help, instead pulling himself up using the nearby bed.
Despite the evil, he could feel that familiar light. Staz did mention something about people waiting for him...did the paladins come for him? It would be a relief, but he wasn't quite ready to believe it.
Bryce staggered a few steps, but mostly managed to keep on his feet.
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"[#800080 Calm d own boy I'm not going to hurt you.]" He said as he stood up and walked to him. "[#800080 come on now we have people waiting. The master doesn't like to wait.]" He said as he help out his hand and waited.
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/5F8ODEc.jpg]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/P5TEfQD.jpg]
[center [h3 Tension at Breaking Point]]
The paladin shifted his weight, armor clinking against itself, [#ff0000 "Introductions have been made, now then, shall we get down to business?"]
Unairu was constantly growling under his breath. Beside him, Syke was practically bristling. The half breed's body was tense, ready to leap forward to protect his Lord. Despite the hostile energy Syke gave, Unairu made no attempt to try and calm him.
[#8b0000 "Yes...business."]
[hr ]
Bryce was forced to sit up, causing him to groan. The boy reached a hand up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He blinked a few times, looking around.
Well, this was already nicer than where he had been earlier...to where he almost thought he was back in the tents....till he noticed the one sitting next to him.
Course, after trying to help someone, then to instantly have them turn on you, would most definitely leave trust issues...
[#cd853f "Y-you!"]
Bryce instinctively tried to get away, but ended up falling out the bed. He stumbled away, back hitting against the wall. The boy curled up, body starting to shake uncontrollably.
[#cd853f "I-I already t-t-told you everything! P-please...no more!"]
Appeared Syke had done a number on the poor child.
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