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"Well, it hurt, but it was more of an annoyance than anything." Finn replied with a shrug. "I still shouldn't have reacted like that. You were clearly too shaken up to properly respond." He said softly. "It doesn't feel like enough Jack." He switched on the heater as he spoke, death grip on the steering wheel abandoned after another glance at the shivering man next to him sent another pang a guilt through his gut.

Finn laughed at the cop's next question. "Yeah. I'm surprised you didn't already know... But then you didn't know who I was, which I'll have to say was another surprise. It's not often that someone trespasses on land owned by Cavan enterprises." He cast an amused glance Jack's way. "Of course, I wouldn't have told her anyway, even if you are a gorgeous fella." The fact that his mother had only just gotten him back after years of searching for him meant that, at times, she tended to be hypersensitive to things that he did. Getting himself locked up would be counterproductive to the charges that they had gotten dropped for him. That, and how dare he run about doing crimes? He was supposed to be an upright citizen. The thought, despite the implications of ass kicking if she found out about his hobbies, made him smile in spite of himself.

"I think you're a pretty good cop, at least you could be." Finn replied. "I don't recommend breaking and entering though. That tends to get things sticky." He fell quiet and considered things. It wasn't that Jack was a bad cop. No, it was more likely that he was too young and eager to prove himself. That could end up blowing up in his face though- like earlier. "See, I wouldn't mind getting arrested by you, but... Only if it didn't land you reprimands."

"I don't know about that description lad." Finn said with a grin. "That would imply that you could swim. Nah, it was more like you were dragged out of the water by Lassie. Me being both whatever bozo threw you, little Timmy, down the well and Lassie."

"Hm?" As he rolled down his window Finn raised a brow curiously. He'd chosen well? "Good to know." He pulled up to the speaker and listened to the worker greet them and ask what they wanted to order. "Ah, give us a minute." He turned to look at Jack. "What do you want?" Once he told him what he wanted, Finn relayed the order and added on a few things that he wanted as well. After being told the total, he pulled up to wait at the window to pay.

Throughout the transaction Finn couldn't help but think about the situation. It wasn't the most glamorous of dates, but it looked like Jack was excited about the drive thru he'd chosen. A man after his own heart. Forget the fancy fare and just get the greasy, terrible for you food. Though, he was planning on taking him to nicer places later on. Baby steps. Once they had obtained the food, he handed the bag to Jack so that he could go and park in the empty parking lot. "Well, at least they didn't ask why we're soaking wet." A lame attempt at a joke. Finn was suddenly nervous. What was a fast talking smart ass to do when words failed him.
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Jack's eyes lowered when Finn apologized for almost killing him. It was partially his fault too. "Yeah, well, I shouldn't have shot you. I was jumpy. You had reason to push me in, even if it didn't hurt you." And...Finnian. "Finnian, really, saving me afterwards made up for it enough." And to hear that the other [i liked] him, the blazing heat in his cheeks was up again. He liked Finn too, he was cute, and tall, and even though he had nearly killed Jack he had also saved him. But being a cop, and one investigating his would-be killer, Jack wasn't sure a relationship would work.

Unless he dropped the case like so many had begged.


"Your mother is part of homicide?" That explained a lot, particularly why so many had worked so hard to get him to drop it. "Well, I appreciate you not telling her. That'd be embarrassing if I ever knew who she was and I actually met her. I'm sure she knows who I am. I'm kind of...not a great cop," he laughed, "which I mean, I don't give up when I should. Kind of like when I came to arrest you. It was a dumb idea."

"But who knows, I would have never been [i The Little Mermaid]ed out of the water if I hadn't pursued your case."

Jack turned back to look out the window of the car. He didn't usually come to this area so he was scanning his surroundings. He doubted after being saved that Finn would actively try to murder him being as apologetic as he was.

Besides, it sounded like he was going to make up for it in a few minutes. He was starting to recognize this area, food stops galore. Jack loved food. That'd make up for it real fast if Finn chose right.

And it was a [i Taco Bell.] "Well done, Finnian, you've successfully made up just by pulling into this drive-thru." The excitement on Jack's face was hard to miss. The sparkle in his eye that had been lost when he woke up from his near drowning, the subtle gripping of his pants when he realized he was about to pretty much get free food.

Was this a date? Finn had literally just said he had meant to ask him out. [i Oh, this was a date.]
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"Jack." He repeated. Now he had a name to put a face. A name to think about as he planned how to court him. A name to- Ah, baby steps. There was time for those thoughts later. Finn got into his car and started it up, turning on the heat before he bothered with the safety belt. "My name is Finnian. Finn if you want. It's what my mates call me." He sat for a while and contemplated just what he was going to do now. There was a cop sitting in his car. A very attractive cop- a smart one, but without the authority or the appropriate papers of the law behind him. Would trying to date him really go over well? Ah, well, he did like to play along the edge.

He should probably get some food in him. Drive thru as he'd thought earlier. There was a Tacobell pretty close by. That'd do. Finn started driving as he considered what Jack had said about his binder. "Y'know, I might not know much about it, but I do know people that do. Apparently the cheap ones are the worst." he didn't bother to glance at him. "Let me make amends for this catastrophe." He sighed and drove through the gates to the dock. Really, he should have closed these. It might have prevented the debacle, but then he wouldn't have met Jack. No, he would have been overseeing a haul and, as fun as that was, he preferred the cop's company.

"I have to say that this is not how I thought my night would be going tonight." He told him. "Getting shot by a cop that caught me off guard." He laughed softly. "Mum would have a field day if I told her. She works homicide." That said he glanced over at Jack; he looked so small and cold. A pang of guilt worked its way into his chest. "I won't tell her. For a couple reasons, but the one I'll tell you now is that I like you. I wasn't lying when I said that I was planning on asking you out. Things just... Got out of control." Finn gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles turning white. "I..." He struggled with the words. Apologies really weren't his strong suit. He'd been taught that he shouldn't be apologetic after all. "I thought you could swim. A stupid assumption that." He said tersely. "I was a feckin' idiot. I could have just lifted your taser and chucked it and the danger would have been null, but no. I pushed you in the water." His voice went soft. "I almost killed you."
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More blushing, more embarrassment. Shooting had never been his intention, but he supposed if he was going to pull a gun he'd better put it to use. This was his fault. He sat up and readjusted his hands to clasp the coat together so he wouldn't have to hold it closed. It wasn't much bigger than him, but enough to cover his dripping body. The very action was difficult, as he hadn't quite caught his breath, but the wave of nausea subsided after a few lungfuls.

Jack watched him stand, appreciating the view now that it wasn't life threatening and certainly not as terrifying anymore. [i 'Jack. Come on. This is not the time, place, or situation, or PERSON to appreciate viewing,'] his mind chimed in, as he quickly looked away when he was picked up off the ground. The blush was setting in again, the cold air was practically null. And even though they were both wet, Jack could still feel the heat coming from the other. He liked how the other had said that, [i 'My love...'] that sounded pretty nice, and it didn't help with his blush.

He had no choice but to accept the ride. The binder was something he'd have to figure out later. "Alright," he whispered, climbing in the [i very nice] car. Much nicer than his, this guy was rich. He waited for the other to climb in as well, and through the silence he was getting antsy. "My name is Jack," he muttered, head lolling to the side to get the other in view. He had questions, not about the obvious, but about the scar he had seen when his assailant and savior had picked him up. He had to get there first. Maybe the other would ask questions back.

"Don't worry about the binder, they're pretty cheap, the ones I get. I can just get another easily." His face had cooled down significantly since getting in the car, and he couldn't believe he was getting a ride to God knows where from a pretty known criminal. Well, he had worse days.
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Finn glanced at the man when he spoke and wrapped up the call. "I was actually going to plan for that, but... You did shoot me." He sighed dramatically and looked the officer over. Dinner wouldn't be such a bad idea given the current state of things. Given that they were both soaked and probably stank it might be best to go with drive thru. Or, he could take him home, but then he would have to explain everything to the butler and then his parents and that was just a mess he couldn't deal with right now. Drive thru it was. "My love, I jest. Hold tight." He instructed.

He was still fatigued, but he could do this much. All of that endurance training growing up had to be to some use didn't it? Finn grunted softly as he forced himself to get up and then pocket his phone. Whisky toned eyes stared down at the cop contemplatively before he stooped down to pick him up. The man was very light in his arm- even sopping wet. "I hope you don't mind if I drive you home. This has been a right bloody mess." he grinned apologetically, the movement accentuating his scar now that his hair wasn't obstructing it. Considering that his cop wasn't in much of a state to protest he ignored any of the feeble remarks and carried him off towards his car.

There weren't any blankets or even spare jackets in his car, but that was all right. He'd just have it cleaned while he tried to piece this clusterfuck back together. It was an older model car so he wouldn't have to worry about the key fob being soaked. Still, despite it being 'old' it was a sleek beast of a car. It wasn't the oldest, being a 2005 Aston Martin DB9, but compared to what his parents drove it was ancient in comparison. Finn set his cop down next to the passenger door and rummaged in his pockets for his keys. Well, he still had his wallet at least. Further searching bore fruit and a rather barren looking set of keys was triumphantly fished from a pocket. He unlocked the passenger door and held it open for the shivering man. "You don't have to accept the ride, but I'd feel better if you accepted. At least let me make up for destroying your binder." And there was the topic he'd been wanting to avoid. Most likely the topic they both wanted to avoid. "I didn't have to do much though. It was dangerously tight."
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The burning sensation he felt as they surfaced was a relieving feeling, but the freezing cold - he thought the water had been cold - afterwards left him gasping for more air. God help him, he couldn't get a good lungful of air if his life depended on it. Which it did at his current state. Well, he had been warned. He had been offered backup. This could have been prevented.

His body felt gross by the time he felt his back touching solid ground. He didn't get a moment before he felt everything being ripped off him in a methodical manner. Was he breathing? No, apparently not. Nobody would be that eager to get him out of these dirty soaked clothes. He smelled horrible, like algae...maybe fish? Well, that was obvious.

[i 'You're dying, Jack. Focus on breathing,'] he thought to himself as he struggled to breathe. All that left his mind when his binder was cut free. He could feel the cold air on his chest and grimaced as water easily came up and out of his mouth as he coughed the rest of it out. He found himself unable to move for a while, but was grateful for the coat despite the wetness of it. As he became more aware that he was in fact alive, he slowly brought his hands up to his face to brush away the water in his eyes and then back down to wrap the coat tighter around himself.

He had never felt more embarrassed in his life as he pushed his arms against his chest as hard he could with the coat covering him. There was no doubt he was blushing, either from anger or from being exposed in such a way.

"You could have bought me dinner first," he murmured jokingly as he looked at the man next to him. He didn't understand...chinese? But he knew that it was probably something to do with what he just tried to bust.
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The water was bracing as he dove down after the cop. There hadn't been much time to think, so he hadn't even considered that the shipment might arrive without him. Oh well, this was a little more important. It was a struggle to keep his eyes open, but he somehow managed and kept his focus on the rapidly sinking figure. It looked like he was reaching out to him, so he was at least semiconscious. He still had time to save him.

Fin reached out and grasped at the cop's hand, attempting to pull him closer until he got a better grip and hooked both arms under the cop's armpits so that he could haul him back up to the surface. By that time his lungs were starting to burn and Finn counted himself lucky that he'd learned how to swim in colder waters than these, if he hadn't, it would be likely that the two of them would die right then and there. Death by flirtation gone wrong. How humiliating would that be? Not to mention that there was so much that he hadn't even done yet. Hell, he didn't even know this man's name.

With that thought in mind he pushed onward to the surface. Once he finally broke the surface he gasped for air and struggled to catch his breath. There was no going back up onto the dock, so he'd have to get to shore. With very little time to waste he struggled to tow the other along until he reached the shore. Next time, he'd punch whoever it was in the gut. That would be so much easier and wouldn't necessarily carry the risk of death. Or, maybe, he'd ask him to get some coffee if they lived through this. Coffee sounded nice.

By the time that they made it to shore, Finn was exhausted, but there wasn't time to rest. He had to make sure that the cop was breathing. The situation didn't look good, in fact it looked like the guy had died. With his luck, he had. Finn leaned down to rest his ear on his chest and could barely make out the sound of a heartbeat. There was still time! It did sound like he was struggling for breath though. That would be the heavy Kevlar pushing down on his chest. There wasn't time to fumble with the buttons, so the box cutter he had on him was the only option. Finn carefully cut through the shirt of the uniform and slipped it off to reveal... Not body armor. This was much too thin and there wasn't a way to remove it that he could see. He was going to have to cut it off too.

Finding a place to cut off this next layer took longer than the first. Since it was right against the skin he didn't want to risk hurting the cop. Once he started cutting, however, it was quickly over. He made a small tear then set the cutter aside to rip the fabric with his bare hands. The small amount of strength he put into it was enough to split it along with the tension that was clearly on it. At first he hadn't understood why there needed to be so much tension, but it became [i very] apparent when he saw the breasts.

They looked sore and desperate to be free. This would explain why the cop was having so much difficulty breathing. Thankfully the release of what he now understood to be a binder allowed for his cop to start coughing up the water. Finn watched him with worried eyes for a moment before shrugging off his coat to drape it over him. Thoroughly exhausted, he snagged his phone from the pocket and sat down next to the cop to assess the damage to the device. If not for the waterproof case he had for it, it would have been totaled. With a sigh he dialed up the crew member with the shipment and softly began to speak to him in Mandarin to tell him to go with plan b. He was busy now.
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What. The. [i Fuck.] When Jack came to do this job, he never expected to be greeted with a entirely suave being, seemingly made of metal - [i 'Was that a clang I just heard?'] - which he learned when the man moved and he accidentally shot. His mistake, really, he shouldn't have been so jumpy in the first place much less distracted. He lowered his gun as the man walked towards him, accent going the whole time.

He had already messed up, not that it did any damage, so there was no harm in listening just a little longer. Though Jack did try to keep his distance, in the end he was met with just how tall the culprit was, and some fairly strong hands on his shoulders. [i 'Oh god,'] he thought as he could practically feel the heat on his cheeks. No doubt was he blushing. And furthermore he felt like he was already out of breath.

And then, in an instant - though it felt like an eternity -, he was hitting cool water chilling his face and the rest of his body as water surrounded him. He didn't even get the chance to take a breath before falling in. His heart was beating rapidly as he realized he had been pushed into the water, [i 'He tricked me.']

But it was far to late because as he went to open his mouth to gasp in air all that rushed in was water, and he couldn't find the strength to calm down the panic that ensued. He couldn't close his mouth at this point, what was the point, and he was sinking fast. The movement from his arms just about stopped altogether when he tried to swim up before. [i His chest hurt so badly.] It must of been his binder. Jack didnt know how to swim very well, but he could if he tried hard enough. The only logical explanation? His binder. He opened his eyes, not realizing they had been shut tight for the experience so far. How long had he been under?

Once again Jack sought answers as he looked towards the surface. Someone had dove in after him. Strangely, perhaps it was his mind playing tricks on him, it looked like the man that had pushed him in. Of course, it wasn't that simple was it.

Jack closed his eyes again when the water began to burn them. His entire body was on fire, just from his lack of air. He tried to move his arms again, managing to get one out just enough to reach for the figure swimming towards him, straight up towards who he wanted it to be, before there was nothing.
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Under arrest? That was rich.

With a bemused expression Finn turned around to face the person that had spoken. Ah, a simple cop. No, scratch that. A simply [i gorgeous] cop. One that had a gun trained on him. Poor fool. If only he knew. Finn considered him as he began to walk forward slowly, hands up to show that he had nothing in them. If it were the FBI, this would have been a problem, but the police force? They were easily paid off. This wouldn't be one of the ones that was paid off. No. His superior would be paid and then poor lil copper here would be leashed. So simple. "Evenin' officer." He replied cheerfully. "What exactly am I under arrest for? I'm not trespassin' in fact, I own these docks, so if anyone is trespassing, I'd wager it was you. Unless ya have a warrant on ye." He grinned and stepped even closer to the man.

Normally this would have been a dangerous game, but Finn wasn't normal. Oh no. He could see the little tics that the man had that gave away how utterly distracted he was by his response. And not only that, but- A sharp bite of pain hit him and he staggered a bit. Oh, he'd shot him. Finn looked down at his shoulder with a look of mild irritation and shook his head, tsking softly. "Were I in the position, I'd have [i you] arrested officer." He told him matter of factly.

If it weren't for the graphene armor that had been implanted under his skin, it would be very unlikely that he would make it through the encounter. The cop had already shot once and in his experience, people tended to try and go for broke when shooting him. Never mind that the most the bullet did was nick the surface and drop down harmlessly. It was mostly out of shock and fear that people continued to shoot. In a way it was amusing to him. At least his cop friend hadn't tried to take out the taser yet. Now that would have killed him. Graphene was great at stopping bullets and knife blades, but electricity? It was a super conductor; which was why he wore rubber lined boots and gloves more often than not. No need to accidentally electrocute himself.

While the cop freaked out about the shot that didn't take he stepped right up close to him to get a better look at him. Now that he was face to face with the cop he could see just how short he was. How cute. Speaking of cute, those eyes had him captivated. Finn almost forgot what he had been about to say. "Let's see, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for one." He grinned. "Breaking and entering for another." Amber eyes glanced down at their position, good, they were close enough to the edge for his next move. "And finally..." He leaned down and took the officer by the shoulders to look him straight in the eye. "You stole my heart."

"Alas, we'll have to discuss that another time." Finn told him with a sigh. Without warning he suddenly shoved the officer to the side. Hard. Even if he didn't go over the edge, it would buy him enough time to get in touch with his crew and tell them to drop off the pay load elsewhere. By some happy accident it seemed that the officer would be going over the edge.

Aaaaaand wasn't coming back up.

The ocean wasn't stormy today. In fact, it was very calm. The cop shouldn't have any trouble breaking the surface. Unless he was wearing body armor. Finn cursed to himself and dove off of the pier after the officer. He wasn't about to have another death on his hands.
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He knew that he would be found out eventually. He had lied on his records, which was easier than it sounded, from the time he had the ability to start writing his own signature. He left his parents at sixteen years old and took to the streets after gaining independence. This ended up being a terrible mistake and ended up enrolled in service just to have food. He wouldn't be begging on the streets for a meal. He had to lie then, and now he still had to lie.

There was little money out of his job as a cop, even though they had promised large wages for him to comfortably live on. Risking his life wasn't worth the pay he got, and he felt as though he were lying even though he wasn't. His very job was at risk just because of his gender identity and all he could do was wait. The contract was long and complicated but they promised they were a non-discriminatory workplace. Jack found that this was a lie. And he found out very quickly.

He refused to use the bathroom at the same time as the others, or while anyone else was in the bathroom with him in the very least. He made sure to shower at his small one bedroom apartment just barely within his price range and made it through the day without having to shower at the station. Recently he figured out that his black coworkers had been considering leaving the force, but he convinced them to stay on, because he needed friends to distract him from the reality that he might be next.

Jack's job was to research old cases in relation to new cases. An outcropping of heists in paper form - even though hard copy was extremely outdated at this time, it was helpful to have in a no internet crisis - stacked its way up on his desk and he slowly but surely found his way through the pile. A series of heists had started back up in full force since they stopped a couple years ago. Surprising, honestly that it was so soon, and Jack - now apparently a detective - could wonder what happened from then to now where it was a dead period.

Regardless, Jack pieced together bit by bit where the next area that would be struck was. The docks. This was no issue for Jack, he'd been to the docks before, several times actually, and practically knew them like the back of his hand. It'd be no issue to waltz in, do a little recon, maybe take down a couple of people and ruin the heist, and then waltz out with perhaps a couple of culprits. Or maybe he could just get some information. Profiles, faces he would recognize with just a second glance. It wasn't long before he left in the cover of night, pulling up around the back of the dock warehouses where his car couldn't be seen or heard and walking the rest of the way.

All he could see once he got there was just a single person. He hadn't expected there to be just one person, but he wasn't complaining. He pulled his gun and aimed it at the back of the man. It'd be bad if he got into a wrestling match with someone much taller than him. "Put your hands up, you're under arrest," he called out.
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Changing his ways was incredibly difficult. Having been raised to be a criminal, Finn found it very difficult to follow the rules. Behaving properly was so difficult for him, and given who his parents were that was a problem. His mother was, of all things, a cop and his father was the head of a multinational organization that his foster father had trained him to take down. An organization that he was likely to take over eventually. He wasn't particularly keen on doing such, but it would be easy enough given what he had been taught. Business wasn't the difficult bit, keeping his toes in line was.

He had a knack for technology and in particular hacking. This knack came in handy when it came to stealing shipments meant for other companies or organizations. Something that he found to be incredibly fun. It was the best thing about being raised in the criminal "underground" in his opinion. Finn could leave the torture to professionals and he disliked death, but stealing? Now that was his cup of tea. Not that his foster father had cared. He had wanted him to start killing, starting with his parents. Learning the truth had appalled Finn and he and his foster father- his kidnapper- struggled which ended in Finn killing the man. After that experience he turned himself in. He was willingly a thief, but a murderer? That wasn't something he could have on his conscience.

Somehow he'd been pardoned for that and was being treated as if he were a victim- perhaps because he had still been underage at the time. Or, it could have been the fact that he was kidnapped as a child and raised by a criminal to be a criminal and he couldn't exactly be held accountable. Either or. In any case, he'd been sent home with his parents and a tentative relationship had been formed between them. They wanted to be close to him, but understood that he was very wary of them and wasn't quite sure what to make of the two of them, having been raised to be distrustful of the both of them. Eventually he did relax enough to start calling them 'mum and dad" and even enjoyed spending time with them. It had taken just about a year and a half of the five years that they'd been reunited, but they were finally a family again.

Despite becoming close to them, he couldn't tell them about his criminal activities. Sure, his father had been very much in the criminal underworld in his youth, but with the possibility of his son becoming a target or dying the man wasn't too keen on encouraging him. He didn't, however, stop him either. The man wasn't oblivious to his son's hobbies and Finn had gotten his knack for technology from someone after all. The only one he really had to worry about was his mother, but she was busy with investigating murders more often than not. Unless he was caught by the government he doubted anyone would stop him.

The particular heist that he was working on currently was a simple side project, but it was the first thing that he had personally joined his crew on in months. After his foster father died they had begun to follow Finn as the new leader. It was disconcerting and there were those who were still loyal to the dead man, but the core of Finn's gang were men and women that he had known and trusted for years. They all worked well together.

This heist was supposed to be simple. It wasn't art or electronics- or even drugs. No. It was coffee of all things. The price of the stuff had begun to skyrocket again what with the climate change and the demand. If sold to the right person, they could turn a tidy profit. Finn had already rerouted the shipment and one of his crew was already on their way with the stolen shipment, having already subdued the original crew of the ship. They were essentially home free.

Who said crime didn't pay?
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