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I want to do an MLP:FiM rp, but dont really have an idea for a plot. My oc arrived to Ponyvill from a far off land, maybe we could use that in some way?
OC are VERY welcome and encouraged. I can play many types of rps. And am willing to try one i dont usually do.
Could the rp be about an adventure to find our cutie marks? Could it be a first love tale? The everfree forest is taking over Equestria? Really, ill try anything. PLEASE pm me! And thank you!

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"Princess twilight was the princess of friendship she ruled along side princesses Luna and celestia years ago the princess and her five closest friends disappeared while in the evergreen forest the princess's castle still stands on the end of town" Mrs cake explained as she worked to doctor the young alicorn in front of her
  Loststar Blackstone / kenbloodmoon / 2y 206d 23h 40m 17s
Rocksanne placed the young alicorn on the indicated table. She looked at Mrs. Cake. "I was walking through," she explained, "when she just sort of fell out of the sky." Rocksanne looked the alicorn over. She had hit the ground pretty hard, was she injured? She then looked to the other earth pony. "Who's princess Twilight?" she asked. "I'm not from around here." Using her muzzle, Rocksanne nudged the alicorn, just to make sure she was ok.
  rocksanne / 2y 218d 7h 33m 14s
The young filly continued trying to lift herself off the strangers back using what little of her strength that had returned to her up. She passed out again from the struggle of trying to fly. As she limplycollapsed back onto the strangers back she nearly slide off.

Mrs. Cake stepped out of her shop Approching the two younger ponies "quick bring her inside " she said leading the two into hers and her husband's shop. "Put her down over here sweatie."she said pointing at the table in front of her. "We have seen a alicorn in these parts since princess twilight and her friends disappered. Just were did you girls come from?" She asked as she thought about how ponyville had been before the disappearance
  Loststar Blackstone / kenbloodmoon / 2y 220d 9m 11s
"You need to rest," Rocksanne told the young filly. "Please, just take it easy." She continued walking. The pair were now in the small town. Overhead, pegasi were starting to bust up the storm clouds. Glorious sunshine poked through the holes in the clouds. Ponies started to come out of their homes now that the rain had stopped. They gave one look at rocksanne and the young alicorn. Some gasped at the sight of the injured filly. "Please!" Rocksanne tried to explain, "She needs help!"
  rocksanne / 2y 226d 4h 15m 39s
The young filly opened her eyes slowly and realised she was being carried by another pony. She flapped her wings in a futile attempt to become airborne and free the other pony from her added weight. "I'm alright now I think." She said weakly still trying to become airborne agien.
  Loststar Blackstone / kenbloodmoon / 2y 226d 14h 10m 9s
Stomping through the mud, Rocksanne felt something fly by her head. There was a thud as the thing hit the soft, muddy ground. Peering through the rain, she saw a mound in the dirt. As she got closer, she saw that it was a young pony. Walking over to it, Rocksanne started to ask if the pony was ok and started to lift it onto her beck. The extra weight made her sink more, but the pony clearly needed help. Crossing another hill, the ponies made it to the edge of the town.
  rocksanne / 2y 227d 5h 32m 34s
Loststar flew threw the rain towards ponyville her adoptive family said she couldn't stay anymore because of her uncontrollable magic as a young alicorn. She had been named loststar because her adoptive parents had found her abandoned by the castle of the two sisters on a starless night. She was tired and hungry from having flown for days without knowing were she was going. Exhaustion and hunger finally over powered her will to keep going and she passed out plumiting to the ground below.
  Loststar Blackstone / kenbloodmoon / 2y 227d 7h 47m 8s
The sky is a dark, depressing grey. Rain is coming down in wind driven sheets. On a muddy dirt path, a dark red earth pony is walking along. Mud is splatered halfway up the mare's legs. Around the pony's neck is a guitar, her most prized possession. Coming to the top of a hill, she sees the small town of ponyville. Steeling herself against the rain and wind, she continues to the town. "Finially," she said to herself, "a town." All too slowly, she got closer to the town. There wasn't a pony in sight, all of them were inside, staying out of the tempest.
  Rocksanne / rocksanne / 2y 227d 9h 58m 6s
Hi I'm interested in this rp ad block won't let me use real time chat
  Firestorm Blackstone / kenbloodmoon / 2y 229d 8h 28m 45s

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