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[size11 After a while, McCree wasn't trying to hide his bleeding nose any longer. And pulled it away from his face. He then told him that he always managed to find himself in "nasty" situations.]
[size11 Genji wasn't sure whether he knew, though.]

[size11 McCree then asked him how his classes were.]
[size11 "It could have been better," he said, "I had to write an exam. About fencing." As he was saying this, McCree opened the car door.
"Sit with me, while I get this taken care of then we can go do something or I can take ya home? Whatever ya want,"]
[size11 Genji was thinking of what to do. They could go and get a drink somewhere. Genji was quite thirsty.]
[size11 "Sure." He should be ok until the evening. As he sat, McCree asked him about his arm; to which he replied "no".]
[size11 McCree then told him the story of how he got his arm. To which he looked surprised.]
[size11 "I'm sorry to hear that." he said. But nodding to the new arm. He was going to ask a question. But then he thought better of it. He wondered why McCree was telling him this story, it wasn't as if they went to same college, and every time he spoke to Genji he would go red. Maybe it was because he knew him longer than Gabriel.]

[size11 Shortly afterwards, Genji looked outside whilst McCree was cleaning up his nose. He asked if he could put on the radio.]
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[center [size12 Jesse knew good and damn well that he wasn't going to be able to hide his nose bleeding for much longer. There was a small pool of blood in his hand as he pulled it away from his face. He offered a kind of goofy, yet bloody smile at Genji before leaning his head backwards. [i [#FF0000 "I always manage to find myself in nasty situations, y'know?"]] He reached around behind him and grabbed an old towel, dabbing up the blood from his head. He pulled the level on the side of his seat that let his seat fall all the way back and soon pressed the towel against his nose.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Anyway, how were your classes today, Genji?"]] He glanced at Genji through the corner of his eyes. He reached across the passenger seat and pushed the door opened. [i [#FF0000 "Sit with me, while I get this taken care of then we can go do something or I can take ya home? Whatever ya want,"]] McCree was more desperate for the attention and company than making his nose stop bleeding. It was kind of sad though.]]

[center [size12 Jesse looked up to the ceiling of his truck before sighing heavily. He reached out his mechanical hand and chuckled, [i [#FF0000 "do you know what happened to my arm?"]] Very few people knew exactly what happened to him. All they know is it happened when his parents died, but not how it happened or even what had happened to his parents. Gabriel Reyes and the Amaris were the only ones knew where Jesse came from and how everything happened to him.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "My parents died when I was really young. They were a part of a dangerous gang that were stealing from large military warehouses and I was caught in cross fires. It wasn't pretty, but I lived and got a pretty cool, new arm out of it,"]] he laughed from underneath the towel. His voice sounded slightly muffled, as well.]]
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[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 When Genji had arrived outside, he saw McCree waving at him. And covering his nose.]]
[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 Genji waved back, but he couldn't hide the frown on his face. [i "Hiya."] McCree said.]]
[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 "Hi," Genji replied, then paused, "are you alright?"]]
[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 He wondered what was wrong with McCree, since he wasn't covering his nose five minutes ago.]]
[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 Genji couldn't help but feel like this was his fault. If he had stayed with McCree, then perhaps he could have helped.]]

[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 After a while, he saw his nose was bleeding. And swollen. He wondered who had hit him, and how he got hit. As he had only been away for five minutes.]]

[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 However, he wasn't irritated, just curious. As he thought that McCree just sat in the car park all day. Smoking.]]

[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 He knew McCree needed ice, but McCree didn't want him to find out that he had got punched. So he didn't say anything. But this just made him feel uncomfortable. As he watched McCree bleeding. Even though this wasn't the first bloody nose he saw. It still made him feel uncomfortable.]]

[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 Instead, he decided to change the subject.]]
[font "Palatino Linotype" [size12 "If you're not busy, then I have some free time." But not for long, as he needed to get home quickly. Otherwise he would get punished by helping his Father.]]
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[center [size12 When Genji declined his invite to sit and stay awhile, Jesse felt a pang of pain in his very soul before nodding in understanding as to why the Shimada couldn't stick around. [i Class, of course,] he thought to himself before sighing softly. He gave a kind of half hearted wave at the Asian before slouching back into his seat with a pout. Jesse sometimes had forgotten that other people, especially his friends and peers, are actually making a life for themselves, while he sticks to living outside of his truck and bar tending for spending money. Kind of sad, but Jesse made it work for himself.]]

[center [size12 The truth of Jesse's situation wasn't what people believed it to be. He glanced down at his phone and sighed softly. [i 16 missed calls from 8:30 A.M. to 3:15 P.M. From Gabe.] His phone was filled with missed calls, unanswered test messages, and the voicemail was completely full of Gabriel's angry voice telling Jesse that he needs to come home. Jesse lied to everyone and Reyes was too private to discuss what even happened between them.]]

[center [size12 Jesse had gotten back into what his parent's started. Not a smart decision, but Jesse wasn't the brightest sometimes. The bar he worked out was a popular hangout spot for some of the Deadlock gang members and they instantly recognized the little cowboy and the metal arm of his. He was almost immediately brought back and Jesse kept it all a secret, but Gabriel found out and that didn't end up going over very well at home. Jesse left and found himself doing nothing, but illegal things and living inside of his car.]]

[center [size12 As Jesse was staring at his phone, someone ran up to his side of the truck. It wasn't who I thought it would, it wasn't Genji. No, it was a man who was dressed in kind of motorcycle gear, leather jackets and combat boots. He had a cigarette in his mouth and his hands gripped the opened window as he quickly spoke to Jesse about a job that he was doing and needed McCree to come with them. Jesse shook his head, [i [#FF0000 "not tonight, man. I got things to take care of, y'know?"]] Jesse set his phone aside, sitting up in seat as he felt a slight weird feeling that something bad was about to happen.]]

[center [size12 Jesse clicked his seat belt, letting his fall off of his body when he was attacked. A swift, but clumsy punch to his face. His nose began bleeding, but that punch would be the last hit that the man would get. He pulled out his revolver and placed it in a very threatening, but hidden way that the man could see, but no one else could. [i [#FF0000 "I told ya, partner.... I got shit to take care of, ya hear?"]] Jesse wasn't very amused and the man held up his hands, nodding as he backed away.]]

[center [size12 Jesse pushed the gun back in between his seat and the console in the middle of the front soon. He laid back into the seat, hand on his head as he let out a breathe he had been holding the whole time. His nose still bleeding, but that was the least of his concern since when he looked up, he spotted Genji walking back towards of his truck.]]

[center [size12 Scrambling to find some tissues, he pressed them to his nose before offering a wave at the Shimada boy. [i [#FF0000 "Hiya,"]] his voice was muffled by the tissue as he let out a nervous chuckle. He really didn't want Genji to know what kind of stuff that Jesse messed around with.]]
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[size11 As soon as he had stated that he didn't know that McCree played the guitar, it seemed as though McCree had jumped. He didn't know how he had made McCree jump, as he thought that Mccree could see him. But it seemed as though he did.]

[size11 Genji frowned; he must admit, it was getting a bit annoying that McCree was always panicking when Genji was around. But he had known McCree for ages. And so didn't let it bother him.]

[size11 Suddenly, McCree took a long look at him then said, "I don't really play guitar, I just kind of strum it like an idiot, y'know?"
"Strum it like an idiot? It didn't sound like it." Genji replied. After all, why would he be here?]

[size11 Then McCree chuckled and chucked his cigarette away. Perhaps he noticed Genji's dislike for cigarette's. Especially that close. His Father didn't even allow them in the house. Mostly because he didn't want to ruin the smell. He knew it was because of the "secret" guests he invite's. The reason why he says"secret" is because his Father often changes the subject when asked about them.]

[size11 "You know, I got kicked out of the old man's house, right?" Genji didn't know that, and so said "No, i didn't know that." He was about to sigh, but then Genji knew about McCree's relationship with Reyes. And He knew about Reyes' rules. So Genji sympathised. "Kinda fucked up and now I'm stuck 'ere, tryin' to make somethin' of myself," McCree sounded defeated.]

[size11 Genji was thinking about inviting McCree to his place. But then Father wouldn't like it. And he forgot about Hanzo.]

[size11 "Oh," He watched as Jesse began moving his stuff "Did you want to sit down? Maybe talk some more? I don't know if ya got anythin' important t'do," Genji knew that he wouldn't have time to talk and sit down, as he had to get to class. "I actually do, I have to get to class. But i'll be back." He replied.]

[center --]
[size11 After Genji had finished class, he saw Hanzo in the hallway and asked if Genji wanted to be driven home, to which Genji said no, but instead told Hanzo about Jesse's situation. He asked if it would be ok if he could stay over. And Hanzo said it would be ok. If he stayed in the basement. As he knew that Father wouldn't like it if he stayed in the temple. Mosty because of his "business".]

[size11 When Genji had said goodbye to his Brother, he left the college and went to see McCree. Hoping to find him in the usual spot.]
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[center [size12 Jesse had done and seen a lot of messed up things in his short, twenty one years of living and couldn't seem to every get his life back on track since the day he was orphaned and handed over to the Blackwatch leader and God Father, Gabriel Reyes. Even in middle and high school, Jesse was a certified fuck up, but Gabriel had a power over most everything and managed to keep him enrolled. Jesse was the type of kid that did and said things without clearly thinking it over before. An open mouth, insert foot kind of thing.]]

[center [size12 Jesse thought over his past from the day his parents died in front of him and to the present. He had done many good and bad things. When he was younger, he was immediately put into the Dead Lock Gang, a notorious group of outlaws that trafficked illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the southwest United States. He was a kind of surreal experience for a young kid, but nevertheless, he was perfect for the job. Who would check a child for illegal weapons and military hardware? He was small enough to fit through tiny spaces and even hide easily. His parents were smart, but not smart enough since they ended up dead and he ended up losing an arm. But things kind of changed when he came to live with Gabriel Reyes, a man who knew his parents, but not in a good way.]]

[center [size12 The relationship between Gabriel Reyes and the McCrees was kind of strange in a sense of good and evil being in a relationship, you know? Gabriel was a part of the organization that wanted to bring the Dead Lock Gang down, but yet, he was Jesse's God Father. It was because of the type of person Reyes was. A good man, but stern and strong. He knew that Jesse didn't know any better and offered to help when things had gotten worse for the McCrees. He did take very good care of Jesse until he decided to go down the path that he did. Gabriel isn't one for free loaders, obviously.]]

[center [size12 Jesse sighed at the thought of even speaking to Gabriel at this point, but decided to not think further on it before glancing down at his metal arm. He sometimes could remember the pain, but never what had happened. His mind had blocked it all out. He winced before jumping as if he was startled. He looked over and to see the youngest Shimada standing besides his car.]]

[center [size12 Jesse pressed his lips together and closed his eyes, looking like he was in pain. In a sense, he was. When Genji had walked up to him, it had actually scared Jesse pretty bad, but he had made himself hide the startled expression behind a pained one. He chuckled softly, shaking his head. [i [#FF0000 "I don't really play guitar, I just kind of strum it like an idiot, y'know?"]] He found amusement in his statement and continued to chuckle. He flicked the cigarette away, feeling as if the smoke bothered the Shimada. He had never seen the kid smoke before, so it was polite to toss it away.]]

[center [size12 Jesse took a long look at Genji before noting that Genji had seen the large amount of things in the back seat of his truck. He sighed softly, [i [#FF0000 "you know, I got kicked out of the old man's house, right?"]] He felt like Genji and him were close enough that he could tell the male that without feeling like Genji would judge him. [i [#FF0000 "Kinda fucked up and now I'm stuck 'ere, tryin' to make somethin' of myself,"]] Jesse felt like he sounded defeated and really, he was. The expression on his face was too real for him to hide it or lie about it, so he just shrugged.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Oh,"]] Jesse began moving things off of the front seat, carefully holding his guitar before gesturing for Genji to get in. [i [#FF0000 "Did you want to sit down? Maybe talk some more? I don't know if ya got anythin' important t'do,"]] he chuckled nervously before unlocking the truck.]]
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[size11 After Genji had left class, it was break. So Genji went to his locker and got his lunch. He didn't often eat at the canteen, as that was where he would find his brother. And they didn't sell Japanese food. So he ate his own lunch.]

[size11 After he closed his locker, he ate his lunch on the way to the field. Which was an open green space that the college had. He preferred it there to the canteen as it wasn't full of people.]

[size11 As he finished his lunch, he opened the entrance door to the college. As soon as he had exited the college. He heard an acoustic sound. He wondered where it was coming from.]

[size11 It sounded like it was coming from the car park. So without further ado, he walked towards the car park. When he had arrived at the car park, he stopped. It took him a while to notice Mcree playing the guitar. As there was a lot of other cars in the car park. But when he had seen the truck and Mcree playing the guitar. He wondered why Mcree was playing his guitar in the truck.]

[size11 He was thinking about walking up to him. But he had noticed in the past where he would speak to him but for some reason Mcree would panic and walk off. Perhaps it was because whenever his brother walked into the room. But still, he thought it was a bit pathetic that Mcree would just let Hanzo mock him. After all, isn't he raised by Gabriel Reyes? The leader of the Blackwatch team?]

[size11 Now that he thought about it, he had seen that truck in that car park a lot. Did Gabriel kick him out? he wondered.]

[size11 At any rate, he was walking in that general direction anyway. So he decided to walk up to him.]

[size11 "Hey MCree, I didn't know you could play the guitar." When he was opposite his truck. He noticed that there was a lot of other stuff in hs truck as well. And the stench of cigarettes. The smell was making him feel nauseous. But it wasn't that bad.
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[center [size12 Jesse McCree was never one of them privileged children, like the Shimadas were. He didn't really even have a family from around the time of middle school and onward, but he was taken in my an excellent man by the name of Gabriel Reyes, a close friend of the McCree family that had agreed that if anything were to happen to Jesse's family that he would take Jesse in. Though, Gabe really had never planned on something actually happening until a social worker showed up with little, 13 year old Jesse standing behind him with tears welding up in his eyes. His arm had been removed and replaced with a mechanical one. A bad situation that had gone far worse than anyone had planned on it. The boy had gotten hurt, as well as his parents being dead. Gabe's only words were, [i why didn't anyone contact me sooner? The boy's arm is missing.] His family had been a part of a gang, the Deadlock gang, which had gotten in some trouble and things lead down a worse road for the McCrees, leaving Jesse in Gabe's care. Gabe had a soft spot for the little cowboy, so even though he looked unwilling, he actually did not mind taking the boy in.]]

[center [size12 Gabriel got Jesse through the rest of middle school and onto high school, in a more privileged setting, so Jesse could experience the best and that was how the Shimadas had been introduced to Jesse. He met Hanzo and Genji, a couple of intimidating looking Asians that made Jesse mildly uncomfortable, maybe it was the mild attraction that Jesse held towards the younger of the two Shimadas. He knew, for sure, that Hanzo scared the shit out him, but he wasn't going to admit to it or anything. He would just make awkward jokes and walk away when he felt like he was being a tab bit too weird, but that was his high school career which was a total waste since he took around 2 and a half semesters of college and immediately dropped out. Was Gabriel Reyes proud? Oh no, he was not. Kicked Jesse out of the house and told him that he had to figure things out on his own. Jesse took this as a challenge and tried his hardest.]]

[center [size12 Jesse did odd jobs until he found himself a small gig at a local bar, bar tending, which wasn't his favorite things, but the chicks digged him and he couldn't complain too much about the money. He was still homeless, currently living out of his shitty looking, red truck. [i Ol' Betsy] as he called her. Gabriel would try to contact Jesse to see how he was doing, but Jesse ignored him. He felt like he wanted to do this on his own and didn't want Gabe trying anything like helping. Jesse was a stubborn one and Gabe soon remembered that and stopped bothering the cowboy.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Jesse was reclined backwards in the front seat of his pick up truck when he heard two very familiar voices that were passing by. He tipped his signature, dusty hat upwards, opening one of his eyes and stared at the two Shimadas walking by. They weren't so much arguing as they were having a slightly heated debate over the whole [i family business] thing. He had witnessed a few conversations about this before, but nothing too detailed, obviously it was a kind of secret-y thing. He chuckled to himself before sighing. He figured it was time to move his truck anyway. College campus was the best place to park and not get tickets for sleeping in his car. He found himself a pretty nice spot, creepily close to where the youngest Shimada always had his classes, but it was on purpose. He was going to work up the courage to actually talk to him again, sooner or later. Hopefully sooner rather than later though.]]

[center [size12 Jesse rolled down the windows of his truck, the ol' crank handles before lighting up a smoke with a heavy sigh. He was clad in a simple, red flannel that showed off his mechanical arm, and a pair of simple, faded blue jeans and his boots. He seemed comfortable enough. He made enough money not to have to worry about much, other than the fact that he didn't have a home. Rightfully so, he couldn't complain since it was his doing. He could afford his favorite things and manage to keep his truck in good conditions. He held his guitar against his body, propping his feet on the dashboard as he began strumming a gentle tone, puffing away on his cigarette with a chuckle. What fun to spend his day doing this. Hopefully, it might catch the attention of the youngest Shimada. Jesse doubted that though.]]
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Today was just another ordinary day of college. He would wake up, get changed, have breakfast, then go to college. Apart from the usual lecture from his Father to stay in and carry on his family business, but Genji would never listen, and instead went to college.

Now, it seemed as though his brother was resuming his Father's lecture. By following him to school every day and saying it was important to continue the business. As it was a family business. But all Genji wanted to do was to have fun.

Since ignoring him didn't work, he decided to say, "Look; Brother, I don't think I'm ready for the family business. Besides; I'm the youngest, so why do I have to continue the family business?"
Hanzo frowned, "Because it's a [i family] business,"
Genji went silent for a moment, "well, I'm sure you can cope without me until I finish college."
Hanzo didn't know what to say to that, and simply shook his head. He knew Father wouldn't be happy.
With that, the bell rang, and Genji went to his next class.
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